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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  May 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] breaking news this morning, one person is dead, three others injured following a shooting overnight what police now know about as they search for had gunman. new developments in the search for predator in south philadelphia, a woman claiming to be the the suspect's mother, steps forward. her plea to her son this morning. lets look live outside this morning. it is still muggy but we have big changes heading our way. for the weekend. >> a lot less muggy then yesterday, my goodness. >> but still 70 degrees at this early hour. it is finally friday may 292,015th, good morning karen
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hepp. >> good morning to you. lauren johnson is off for this day and she will be back monday. >> lets get to dave in, for sue and sue is right the now heading down to sea isle city. >> probably on the expressway right now enjoying that nice weather we have along the coast. this morning she will start the at 6:00. next hour we are watching these rain showers now this is pushing to the south not moving north this area will be dry here, southeastern pennsylvania all of new jersey but right through delaware, just a few showers here and this is starting to fall apart as it push es further east. thunderstorm earlier not as intense but still rain coming down through central delaware. bus stop buddy short sleeve, sunglasses, nice and comfortable, low humidity, sunshine and few clouds at the 68. down to the upper 60's now. relative humidity at 63 percent. way down. nice and comfortable as that dry air comes in today cooler up north, 56 in mount pocono allentown. right up to 60 in pottstown.
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59 degrees. philadelphia just drop below 70 but still 07 in dover. millville at 67. today up to the 80's, lower humidity. heat is still here but humidity drops and start to creep back overnight. few cloud. 66 degrees. mug think weekend putting rain back in the forecast. how do the roads look this morning as you step outside lets get a traffic third update with bob. >> good morning, everybody. 5:02. light volume getting ready to roll out of the driveway, live look at route 202 near chesterbrook heading down in the construction zone down toward west chester light volume, again at the moment on the schuylkill, in problems on i-95 pennsy turnpike is there still some work crews between philly and fort washington, they are in the process of picking up the cones but that is you why go from 27 up to 66 there on the speedometer reading rolling into willow grove. sue on the news van in the way
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down to the shore setting up shop in sea isle. stop by and say hi n problems at all on the ac expressway, looking gup and down the parkway. keep in minding to go sea isle or any cher towns through the weekend townsend inlet bridge remains closed, stretch between avalon and sea isle, so that puts extra volume back on the schuylkill. staying in town throughout the weekend get ready for penndot shuffle, they will shuffle traffic lanes around northbound i-95 moving lanes in the center, portion of the roadway all through that construction zone here through girard and allegheny. so tonight into tomorrow morning down to one lane. if you are out and about for friday happy hour into friday evening, expect delays heading north on i-95. mass transit looking good on the rails in problems on the buses, and mass transit off to a good start chris and karen back over to you. developing right now four people from 14 up to 47 were shot before midnight last
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evening in chester delaware. police say -- delaware county. one of the victims was killed when two gunman began shooting near 2700 block of west third street investigators asked anybody who has any information to please call chester police detectives. officials say a can will sparked this fire in radnor overnight. a man in the second floor apartment above conestoga frame shop and gallery reportedly lit a candle and then fell over on the bedding. neighbors arrived to the 900 block of conestoga road before fire fighters arrived. >> i came outside and it smelled like fire works and i looked up the road and there was light every where and there was no fire fighters here they were just blocking off the road. so i saw the flames, the smoke was every where. >> despite all that luckily everyone made it out safely. is there a woman who says that she is mother of the suspect now wanted in connection with the south philadelphia sexual assault
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and she's speaking out. >> she really wants her son to come forward and talk to police. steve keeley is on this one for us good morning. >> reporter: we told you since tuesday there were links between the attack on two women within two months of each other, first march 26th, the second, may 25th, monday, memorial day. and, the locations just blocks away the the time, middle of the night what he said, what he would look like and most importantly what he wore that really stood out. red or hunter blaze orange gloves. well, those gloves one of the key items listed to be searched for in the warrant that special victims lieutenant tony mcfadden got and went in the home he seen in the surveillance pictures that mcfadden and captain darby pulled out just four hours before here at headquarters with the $10,000 reward offer that brought in real fast lots of tips, in little time. lieutenant mcfadden led u.s. marshals philadelphia police
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with the battering ram to go in and in the just fine those red gloves but hoping to find the gay that was wearing them in the two attacks. they didn't find him. he may have seen himself on tv and took off real quick leaving behind, lots of evidence gloves, shoes jackets seen and plus items stolen from the victim. he also left behind his mother sitting on the stoop pleading for him to turn himself in before his life end violently. >> rahim i want to you come home, give this up. get everything straighten out so you can be home here with me. i know you didn't do that what they are saying you are doing so please come home to your mother. >> my personal feeling is that is how sadistic and bold he is. that he found an opportunity to get in and out of that house without anybody seeing him or hearing him. he took the opportunity and he went back. so that is bold sadistic move of this gentlemen right here this offender.
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>> i mean it just goes to the boldness of this particular individual that he feel he could enter the property not once but twice and getaway with that. i think the community has to take a look at this and say we're not going to tolerate that. we will want to rid our neighborhood of this individual and assist us in taking him off the street. >> reporter: they did get a lot of assistance they went to this house and three houses, total so far that we know about, they are hoping to get the more tips, from people who either know him and are helping him hide out or people who are just recognize him and think they have seen him hiding out somewhere. is he still in the neighborhood? that is the question right now, they hope to get him off the street and back where he was before he moved back to chadwick street and that is in prison where he did 12 years for his last violent crime that they knew of before these two attacks and that was attempted murder. chadwick street yes it does sound so familiar in this case, that is same street that the victim lives on, this guy just walked down four blocks to go for his first victim and
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then apparently real lazy after he stole the car from the second victim karen and chris because he park it right around the the corner from chadwick at 1700 moore street. >> steve, thanks very much. 5:08. gruesome discovery in delaware county, a body was found inside of a suitcase, and then a man walking his dog near old westinghouse plant in essington found the suitcase yesterday and police think the the the man is possibly in his 20's. an autopsy will be done today to determine not only the cause of the death but the the victim's identity. also in delaware county a man facing charges for assault on two women earlier this week, paul curtis is accused of attacking woman as he ran along a trail on tuesday. he's also charge with the similar incident that happened wednesday in media near a restaurant at orange and pearl street. police say both women reported what happened, curtis, by the way remains in jail right now. >> 5:08.
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so many people excite because pope francis will be coming in of course, september but you may see more of him well before then. >> yes, the holy father will be the latest figure to grace an outside wall in this city of murals. >> hundreds of resident and visitors will create a special picture dedicated to his vice tonight late september. mural will go on the side of the wall that will be the new saint mal agoi street in north philadelphia. a lot of excitement there. >> it is exciting. so many kid from the catholic schools will be doing all of the painting. coming up people in several texas towns are keeping a close eye on the rising rivers as search for flood victims continues this morning. and the bomb shell indictment, did you hear about this against a former house speaker, why was he giving all this money to somebody, is there a role he played in an apparent black mail scheme.
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sunnies rising over our fair city, on this glorious friday, a beautiful start to this day. >> that makes me feel old. i was hoping she's 30. >> all right. thanks for being with us. dave, good morning to you. a lot of people making their outdoor plans of course, it
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will be net isably cooler. >> noticeably cooler with lower humidity. you will feel that today. plan anything outside now. one or two areas will watch for a shower, right over delaware, just go to the west of dover. looking out for rain in kent county slowly drifting north falling apart strong storm earlier but it is right now pushing across the state line there and just a light rain shower to the south this morning. a few sprinkles off of cape may county but in rain there all pushing south this is dry air coming from the north feel heat today but not humidity. nice change. temperatures in the mid 60's along the coast climbing in the 70's and then drop. see that sea breeze this afternoon. lower 07's with the uv index very high, plenty of sunshine but lower 70's and then drops in the 60's, sea breeze develops this afternoon and water temperature 6o still warm today but still dry lower humidity, nice and comfortable.
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showers coming back this weekend a few showers to the south now but they will drift back to the north this weekend and we are looking at cool weather. not really over weekend but start of next week, start of june temperatures will be stuck in the 50's, with low cloud, some drizzle a and some light rain. fifty's to the north 60's right around philadelphia, and then jump up to 07 in dover. wildwood and cape may county there is at 66. just cooler right along the coast. the here's dry air coming in, pushed to the south. look at what happens throughout the day-to-day. those showers stay to the south. they will drift back north overnight tonight as humidity comes back. we will put rain back in the forecast over weekend. eighty-seven, dry today. eighty-seven tomorrow. but there is rain developing tomorrow night early sunday, needed rain, we are still very dry but we have rain in the forecast sunday. monday and tuesday there is cooler air, 66 and 67. doesn't stay around long because we are back in the 70's on wednesday and thursday we will touch 81 degrees.
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we call that sunny and nice. speaking of sunshine what does that mean for the roads this morning. >> sun glare probably later on as we get in the second part of the morning but right now how is your curve karen? >> the conshohocken curve no problems or delays in or out of conshohocken. light volume, friday mornings are the lightes of all of the workweeks but if you are heading up to the poconos they will close the northeast extension saturday night into early sunday morning, the stretch between quakertown and lehigh valley, keep that in mind heading to the poconos this weekend. a lot of stuff in our area. we have a rug by week end town here tonight at ppl park tonight tomorrow, sunday, extra volume in and out of the stadium area there off of i-95, devon horse show continues to roll role true town here, lancaster avenue a big push through the weekend, a big spot for the kids with the ride and all
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that on the saturday and sunday. who is hungry are you red i they will be eat if you go in port richmond at the italian festival mother divine grace and thompson and cambria lets do that again together. >> oh, ah. >> biscuit day. >> it is national biscuit day. >> biscuits and gravy whatever you want to put on it, biscuits, gravy, butter, national biscuit day on twitter and facebook i'm looking for the favorite spot you like to get your biscuit. >> these national days was so dumb pop tart day. >> it is nascar weekend at dover speed way for me it is cracker barrel and red lobster. >> um, yum. >> cheddar in it when they put cheddar with the biscuits. >> i'm going to make a run. >> okay, i'll be right back.
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>> 5:16. hey, continue to travel through the river in texas, 19 deaths are now being blamed for the the back to back storms. this is what the damage looks like from above lieutenant governor of texas boarded a hell cooperate tore see devastation firsthand. those living, where there is no official evacuation order had to decide for themselves if they should seek higher ground. >> i was honestly a little concerned. i said i won't come up and iowas wrong this time. >> front end of my truck fell through the road and bounced back out and by the time i could get on the brakes and stop the truck the rear end had fell out. >> if you couldn't not tell from his hack sent that man fridays oklahoma where heavy rains caused treats to crumble creating sink holes in several towns. many area are still under the water and there is more rain in the forecast, can you imagine what they did through this past week. how about this former house speaker dennis hastert now facing serious federal charges. >> this is a bomb shell a
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huge fall from grace, he is accused of evading banking regulations and lying to the fbi and that is where they get you. illness republican was indicted yesterday for his alleged role in an apparent black mail scheme, a according to this indictment hastert agreed to pay 3.5 million-dollar in hush money to keep an unidentified person quiet about his quote prior in misconduct. >> the the indictment did not spell out exact nature of the prior misconduct but whatever it is, it is worth 3.5 million-dollar to dennis hastert. >> he was clearly desperate and was running scared. >> people are trying to distance themselves from him. resigned yesterday from the lobbying law firm where he was working in washington d.c. he was the longest serving g.o.p. speaker in history, hold ago this post from 1999 to 2007. at 5:18. republican race for president has yet another candidate it is like who is not running
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do you remember this guy george pataki now a once nothing he was running too. he was a three term governor who served during 9/11 and said he would authorize boots on the ground to go after islamic state terrorist. pataki had has not been in office since 2006. four lab workers exposed to live anthrax after the army mistakenly ship samples to their labs are not sick but they have recommended antibiotics as a precaution. the those workers are at labs in texas wisconsin and right here in delaware, about two dozen people in an army base in south cover reair being treated for possible exposure. meanwhile officials say human error was probably not the cause here, they say the problem may have been a failure in the technical process of killing those anthrax samples. fifa's presidential election moving forward today despite that wide ranging corruption scandal that broke this week surrounding the whole international soccer
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organization. seth bladder made his first public remarks yesterday since several other international soccer officials were indicted for bribery, racketeering and brought under his watch. he says he cannot monitor everybody and insists he cannery store faith in world soccer, as he tries to win his fifth bid as president. he has already served 17 years as the chief but the u.s. says it will vote for an opponent during prince ali bin hussein in the election. florida prosecutors want a man charged with shooting at george zimmerman to wear a monitoring tea vice out on one. hearing is scheduled in that case. investigators say matthew aferson had an ongoing feud with zimmerman and it showed that he had been admitted to the mental health institution before his run in with zimmerman earlier this month. two years ago zimmerman as you well know was acquitted in charges in connection with the shooting death of trayvon martin a case that capture
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national headlines. zimmerman has been in the head lines, subsequent to that, several times now. 5:20. man responsible for deadly colorado shooting is sorry for the a being to. touring james holmes trial a video shows holmes telling a psychiatrist that he sometimes cries before he goes to bed and he regrets the the shooting. they played it for jurors in the case yesterday. holmes was interviewed nine times for a total of 22 hours. still unclear tar washed up a along 7 miles of the southern california beach area came from. testing on collected specimens will take a week to figure out. u.s. coastguard clean up crews collect 30 cubic yards of tar since first spotond wednesday, and environmental groups are expressing concerns about the public health and add rised against reopening these beaches too soon but officials a say that they are taking every precaution and there is a good chance they will get them opened today. coming up, how about this one, how about getting paid
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this is breaking news i love this one amazon making their prime service even more appealing, cuss mers join can now get free same day delivery on a lot of products. lucky for us we are one of these eligible cities.
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no this is happening here. >> philly is a big city. >> we are a big city but they are doing it for us because we have am a son centers nearby as well. more than a million items including books electronic, tv, vacation gear, a all eligible for same day delivery. orders must be more than $35 and need to be placed, before noon if you would like to get it delivered by 9:00. >> you have a big anniversary coming up. >> ten yearsy could use this. >> yes. great news for google for those who love to capture every moment on cam contact use, google is willing to store and organize digital photos and video for free? company announced google photos yesterday. this will be available as an app on android and apple devices and web site. it is a variation of the photo management tool in google plus but that social networking site has struggled to compete with others since debuting in 2011. so executives are hoping the new storage service can give it a boost. every day flights
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worldwide are delayed canceled, over booked, but now a new company is giving airline passengers paid for that inconvenience. >> it is called air help and it is alternating the complaint process. here's what happened, takes second. company promises zero wrist income submitting your flight info to see if you are eligible. air help says thousands of air will travelers are entitled to compensation for their headaches but they just don't speak up. >> depending on the distance of your flight, it is up to $650. it is empowering pass evening tours get what they have been getting all along good log on to air help web site, submit your flight information from any trip over the pennsylvania past three years and the complaint company says it will handle all of the rest from there. >> i love it. new jersey governor chris christie says common core does not work, the teachers and parent kid, they have been complaining bit so what is he going to do about it? we will tell you.
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at philadelphia police are trying to find the person wanted for sexual assault and robbery in south philadelphia, of a woman who has a history of violence. >> a lot of parents and teachers in new jersey don't like common core standard and neither does governor chris christie, why he is calling for an end to it. and then this. >> n-u-n-a-t-a-k.
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>> correct. >> it is a national spelling bee, why this years contestant were so good, that the judges could not pick just one winner. second year in a row. good day it is friday may 29th, 2015. good morning to you. >> good morning toy, chris moviey getting ready for the last two weeks of school, my goodness, school is almost out, starting to feel like summer but new we have got cooler weather. >> it felt like summer yesterday and day before. here's the cool down. what is going down humidity. temperatures will be up there but lower humidity, nice and comfortable. we have rain out there. this rain is really starting to fall apart a bit. a few showers to the east of it the but that one solid area of rain over the same area flooding problems here, will continue to watch that over next few hours but this rain will be beginning to clear out as it drifts to the east over, delaware. now less humid to day, bus stop buddy has short sleeve shirts on with sunshine and glasses. lower humidity. feel it nice and comfortable
5:31 am
this morning. 68 degrees. cooler especially to the north. sunrise just a few minutes away at 5:31, sun comes up in five minutes. we are looking at temperatures in the 50's, and it is as low as it will get. sun will warm things up a bit. zero seven in dover. little warmer to the south cooler air pushing from the north but climbs up to 87 degrees. we are warm today but humidity is town. we will in the feel that mugginess like we have had the past few days. eighty-one tonight. sixty-six overnight tonight. mostly clear. humidity comes back with the storms, we will look at that in the seven day forecast, looking at the roads right new but for that we will go to bob kelly. >> 5:31. good morning everybody. live look at 422 not bad at all as you roll in toward king of prussia a friday mornings are the lighter of our five workdays, and a lot of unusual traffic patterns start to develop on a friday especially in the summertime.
5:32 am
looking good right here on the 42 freeway headlights coming in toward philadelphia, of course heading to the shore for the weekend crunch time starts building between 12 and 2:00 heading down the shore heading down the shore right now ac expressway, parkway looking good, if you are heading down there or at the shore stop by sea isle, our own sue arrow and rest of the gang will be setting up shop in sea isle city, telling but more in a bit. towns event inn hand let bridge still closed through the weekend here, everybody has to go back to the route nine and parkway to work your way north from avalon in toward sea isle. rest of the roadways are off to a good start in problems on the schuylkill, i-95 looking good but later on tonight get ready for penndot shuffle, penndot will purchase move lanes around, northbound between girard and allegheny pushing all three lanes in the center of the roadway. it is all part of the construction project between girard and allegheny. but tonight around 9:00 we will go down to one lane so
5:33 am
keep that in mind out and about this evening into early tomorrow afternoon especially on the way home from tonight's phillies game. otherwise tonight's mass transit looking g back to you. thanks so much there. developing right now a 21 year-old is dead after being shot multiple times it happened overnight in delaware county. chester police say two unidentified gunman began shooting right here near 2700 block of west third street just about 11:30. four people, including that 21 year-old who died, were hit by the flying bullet in that area. this is the seventh homicide in chester this year. officials say it was a candle that started a big fire in radnor. man in the second floor apartment went above the conestoga frame shop and gallery, reportedly lit that candle fell over, and that ignited the fire. this was the scene just after 11:00. 900 block have of conestoga a road. everybody got out safe, that is good news but obviously the
5:34 am
damage was extensive. police are asking for your help in finding a south philadelphia sexual assault suspect, on monday, detectives say rahim fielder broke in the women's home, stole several things, and then took a car. then he came back, and sexually assaulted her. police say fielder is scene in surveillance videos you just saw dropping off woman's car at chadwick and moore and coming back. fielder got out of prison a few years ago for attempted murder. new jersey governor chris christie is now considering this white house run. he makes a statement that will be hure to grab headlines. >> he said common core is not working and has ordered a full review. jennifer joyce is live in delran to explain this. good morning jen. >> reporter: yesterday governor christie says new jersey students do well in standardized testing and they rank toward the top nationally, however, the the test does in the tell the whole story. yesterday he made the announce. here in burlington county that
5:35 am
he wants to abandoned common core standard because while students can pass a test they are in the adequately prepared for college. the christie says new jersey students need standards designed specifically for them, so to push for higher achievement, in the simply bridge gap between economically advantaged and disadvantage. his plan toys develop a new curriculum, yet still insist that new jersey students take the parcc test as a means to receive federal education funding. parcc tests are designed based on common core standard. >> this will in no way effect our efforts to continue effective testing and measurement of our students through the the parcc test. we must continue to review and improve that test based on results, in the based upon fear and rumor and speculation but results. i'm not going to permit new jersey risk vital education fund because some would prefer to let the the perfect get in
5:36 am
the way of the good. we must test our children because federal law requires it and because it is the only way to objectively judge our practicing gress. >> in new jersey, teachers union says christie's plan, to over all the standard insist on parcc testing is a logical thing. if the governor is genuinely interested in new standard the state must abandoned parcc fiasco, which is taking a terrible toll on the quality of instruction and student learning in new jersey. he went onto say it is unfair for students and teach's like to test children base on standards that the governor says are simply not working. the governor also tells us that the department of education is currently organizing a group of new jersey educators, and parents to currently review, the existing standard, come up with some ideas of how to improve, future standard and this review must be done by end of the year, chris and karen. >> these parcc assessments
5:37 am
include just seven states in the nation which includes new jersey. you can see why christie is now speaking out. all right jennifer, thank you. coming up, husband and wife team beat the odds on the gulf course. what they both did on the same hole this is truly defying the odds. also defying odd, chip kelly actually spoke how about that, plus talking about a pretty hot topic. do you remember racistalled made by mccoy. chip says what happened when he tried to call that former eagle. and also my favorite tim tebow spoke yesterday, we will be right back.
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eagles hoping their mini camp to the media in the third day of ot a's. chip kill a dressed lesean mccoin's comments about chip being a racist but chip says lesean is wrong have the the tried to call mccoy twice, he did not accept a return call. sam bradford was recovering from his second acl injury and did not have full participation in the practice. chip kelly said he would likely play on the seven on seven drills next week and told not to worry and bradford would be in that club. >> overall process has taken longer the second time around but i think i told you when i first got here from everyone i talk to they say that is normal and what to expect. i think it really a has gotten a lot better in the past two months, month and a half. >> fans are crazy about tim
5:41 am
tebow but when he plays special teams it was a chance to make the team. >> yeah, everybody knows i would do whatever i can to help the team but i even why i playing quarterback. i really believe that is why i'm here as well. >> good luck. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. what do you think of, forget the spirals they throw and everything else, are they the best looking three quarterbacks, any nfl team has. they have mark sanchez sam bradford and tim tebow. >> really nice change for philly sports. we used to have people like animals, we will thing, all of the people not necessarily the best looking foulke. thank you thank you chip kelly. >> you buy season tickets now if i could offer them, would i love to. >> for the the girls at the stadium just got waste up, for the the eagles. >> coming up comedy central released a premiere date for the new host of the daily show when trever noah a will take
5:42 am
over. plus more fall out we will tell you which big name is dropping 19 kid and counting from their line up, in the wake of that whole josh douger scandal.
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frank sinatra, of course, singing a song so synonymous with the big apple and take a look at this, a live picture from the observation deck of the world trade center. the platform opens up to day to the general public. >> it looks like you you are in a helicopter from that vantage appoint can you imagine how high up that is, that is so cool, as we take a look over that city. i just saw a tweet our own sue serio is down the shore already, she's there in sea isle ready to have some fun. there is also a flower show happening in ocean city toy day. >> dave warren, you in for sue this early hour. >> yes, last weather hit before she takes over enjoying that cool breeze right along the shore there we are looking at some rain, just a few showers out there, one right over central delaware, this is drifting to the north east, really falling apart and it
5:46 am
dumped rain there across del marva. we have flooding problems there. that is current issue. but rain looks to be clearing out as it drift across kent county. things are clear across south jersey just a few showers pushing to the south story today will be lower humidity and cooler temperatures up north and along the coast here. in mid 60's while climbing in the lower 70's and then drops. uv index high with plenty of sunshine. lower 70's and then dropping in the 60's as that wind shifts the out of the sort east. water temperatures at 60. cooler up north this morning mid 50's, and start to go warm up with that sunshine. came up about 5:30, or 6:00 this morning. we are seeing these temperatures climb. upper 60's in philadelphia. still 70 in dover. dry air here pushed to the south but slowly begins to work its way back north. clouds and humidity come back. overnight tonight and tomorrow, so we have to put rain in the forecast this weekend. the needed rain come in late
5:47 am
saturday, throughout the day on sunday, off and on, in the raining every where all at once but we will see that and monday and tuesday much cooler and 60's for a high. much cooler weather machine to start the in of june. tuesday 67, and wednesday 76, and then on thursday, we are backup to 80 degrees, with plenty of sunshine, how are roads looking for that weak get to bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. we are not that bad at all good morning to the bennie coming into downtown philadelphia light volume coming down so far this morning, no problems on the bridgette self patco high speed line running their construction schedule today which could leave you with a gap of 26 minute in the mix there. keep that in mine yank mass transit. 422, 202 rolling out of the burbs heading in to philadelphia, who is ready for breakfast on monday. >> just giving you a heads up monday, i will go to nick and lou's pines dine are on providence road in clift top
5:48 am
heights at providence ape springfield for our breakfast with bob segment machine morning 9:00 to 10:00. make sure you swing by. great group over there they event us coffee mugs actually, yes. >> yes. >> this weekend they will be paving the schuylkill, ease won here between montgomery and girard. if you are coming into the city tonight or tomorrow night, expect big delays, down to one lane, after 9:00 o'clock tonight and, of course busy weekend off of i-95 rugby taking over ppl park in chester delaware county at devon horse show still here on lancaster avenue. we have a lot of things going on and port richmond here we go italian festival mother divine grace, we will be eating good down here in port richmond. thompson and cam bree, that is big event for gang down there in the parish. heading up to the poconos this weekend northeast extension closing saturday at midnight into early sunday morning all
5:49 am
part of the expansion project so, you will to have use 309 as the alternate between quakertown and lehigh valley a lot of racing going on nascar weekend in dover with a lot of extra volume beginning today through sunday, chris and karen back over to you. as if that were not entertaining enough, josh douger's molestation standard. >> all episode ape specials of the tlc show have been pulled from that streaming service. reruns of the show, were already pulled by tlc but network has in the said whether the show will return for a new season. >> how could they. >> that is what people are thinking. but there are these reports that maybe there will be some spin off series, featuring two of the girls and their new husbands. >> just no mention of josh ever again. comedy central announced premiere date the for their new host of their daily show trever noah. >> he is 31 years old and he
5:50 am
will take over for john beyond stewart monday, september 28th, and boy does he have big shoes to fill. stewart's last show august 6th. noah was a announced in march. he found himself in the center of the controversy over some tweets that some called sexist. stewart still publicly stood by his successor as did other comedians. >> yes. >> we will see what trever noah does. he has done some stand up. he is funny. >> he is a a good looking man as well, so i will be exited to watch him. in case you happen to be the next door millionaire we don't know bit you could buy this property, take a look home of the late king of poppies home for sale. neverland ranch. >> right there near santa barbara which was once owned by michael jackson is being listed at hundred million-dollar, according to the wall street journal, here's the deal, this is 2700 acres. i have been to the the gates of this when all of the controversy broke out before his death. the california property features amenities such as a six bedroom house a train
5:51 am
station, and a pair of lakes. the the home has been in limbo since jackson's death in 2009. jackson originally paid 19.5 million in 1988, before will california real estate went crazy and skyrocketed. >> i saw a house in our area for 20 million-dollar. >> can you imagine good that is common place in california, sadly. >> only one here 60-acre property. lets talk about the spelling bee little bit of controversy but these kid are so smart scripps national spelling bee and ends in the tie for second year in a row. >> thirteen and 14 years old are winners of the word most grown ups have never heard of, lets take a listen. >> s-c- h-e-r-e-n-s-c-h-n-i-t-t-e.
5:52 am
>> correct. >> n-u-n-a-t-a-k. >> correct. >> i have been using that word wrong all this time. >> break it dunn what does it mean. >> first, when my kid don't pick up their clothes i go you little... pick up your room. her word, means cutting paper. so i had it all wrong. by the the way she's the first sibling of the champion ever to win. that is a amazing. each of them walk away with $37,000. >> and bragging rights too. >> very cool. >> coming up, this story appeals to chris there is a guy in michigan he picks a hole in one. his wife is like in the so fast mr. you think you are so big time. we have the the rare thing
5:53 am
that happens next. >> that has to be extremely rare.
5:54 am
5:55 am
you too can see this view, this is the first look, from the observation deck of the one world trade center, yeah, 360 degrees panoramic view of
5:56 am
the city. this observation deck will open today to the general public. 5:55 is the time. husband and wife scored bigot golf course by scoring back to back, hole in one's. michigan couple says that they like to play a run of golf every week and i guess practice makes perfect. they made the perfect shots back to back. >> this never happens. i have been playing golf for a while i never hit a hole in one. back to back. the couple described how they felt scoring this together. >> it bounced straight up, went down and i looked at janet and just started yelling. i finally did it. >> he just started rolling and it kept rolling and went right in the hole. it was unbelievable. absolutely unbelievable. >> truly unbelievable right? by the way this was the second career ace for her and the husband says that she had been trying to catch up to her for five years for her only score
5:57 am
right behind him. that is a nation. the wonder what the odds are love to get some odds on that. coming up woman claiming to be mother of the man who robbed and raped a woman in south philadelphia is speaking out and what she has to say straight ahead. new jersey governor chris christie calling for an end to the common core tests what he says about it and why it doesn't work.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
investigation into what sparked this shoot-out in chester. >> i want to you come home , give this up. >> woman claiming to be mother of the sex assault suspect plead for her son to turn himself in. cops know who he is, now they just want to know where he is. he was accused of getting rid of certain black players certain black players and now eagles coach chip kelly is responding to what he says, happened when he reached out to shady mccoy. sue serio jen fred spending date in sea isle city. look at that sunrise. >> sue is at prom men nate and jen fred will be at maryann pastry shop starting at 7:00, so you have sometime to get there stop by and say hello. >> because on twitter why are you saying, look at that ship way out there yeah, way out at


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