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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 31, 2015 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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ultimate doppler radar lit up right now. we need the rain but there's a problem. your week forecast is next. >> plus breaking right now an accident at a major airport that has a little girl in critical condition. keep it here. your news starts in 30 seconds. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. right now at fox 29 doppler radar showing heavy rain moving in. we need it but it could be too much too quick. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. it like your monday could be a washout.
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let's get over to meteorologist warren. >> look at marilyn calling in tomorrow. the rain culling down is a the big concern. the problem we're getting a break but more rain that is going over the same area that had heavy rain earlier. this is inches of rain and more inches predicted here coming across the lehigh valley and portions of the carbon and mow row county. that's the main area of concern. this was from earlier the radar estimated rainfall. some of this little over estimated right there because of hail but generally one to 2-inches maybe a little higher than that. that's the amount of rain coming down right now. and we have flash flood warnings in effect. look at where they're in effect. portions of berks county lehigh carbon and monroe. from that rain. getting more moving inform this is the type of setup that leaves very bad flash flooding. it's caused training because you get one area of rain, another going right over that same region so that will be the big problem overnight tonight. now there is more rain coming in. this was mostly confined to areas north and west of philadelphia. a line is developing. this will give a lot of rain to
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philadelphia, delaware and south jersey overnight. but it's that area moving through the lehigh valley here in the next hour that will be the big problem because dumping more rain on areas we don't need need. here is the computer forecast this is a high resolution forecast picking up actually what's happening now and this moves right over the lehigh valley by 1:00 o'clock here's that line developing through harrisburg, into the western suburbs. by about 2:00 o'clock in the morning. here's rain coming down through philadelphia and this is what we like to see it's not going over the same area actually clearing out. so we will get a little break through philadelphia, get something heavier rain by 4:00 o'clock in the morning. this is what you'll wake up to tomorrow. not completely dried out but more showers coming in and some heavy rain clearing out of the east. so this is not quite done yet they'll be more rain coming in after this. additional rainfall one to 2-inches and areas they had 2-inches looking at two to 3-inches of more more rain that flash flooding a big problem overnight tonight and there's another area of rain coming in.
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we'll track that haven't that in the seven day forecast later. ♪ >> remembering beau biden family family, friends and the people he served shane by his death. >> it's just hard. 46 is awful young. it's terrible. it's tragic. >> tonight the former delaware attorney general is being described as an extraordinary human being taken far too soon. >> oldest son of vice-president joe biden passed away last night beau biden was diagnosed with brain cancer less than two years ago. fox 29's dave kinchen life in wilmington and dave people just reeling from this loss. >> reporter: absolutely a very sad day here in delaware. colleagues of beau biden say that he was a humble public servant but they also say delaware lost its biggest political star. flags fly at half staff at
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wilmington police headquarters in honor of former attorney general beau biden. the most popular guy in delaware politics according to governor jack markell. >> bow was an extraordinarily wonderful human being. he was easy to talk to. he was respectful to everybody. >> reporter: beau biden died saturday after a battle with brain cancer he was only 46 years old but the governor says biden made a big impact in his young life leaving behind a legacy of advocacy. >> he brought an incredible passion to the issue of protect protecting children including protecting children from predators. it's really one of the reasons he ran for attorney general in the first place. >> reporter: born joseph biden the third he was the eldest son of vice-president biden and was planningplanning a 2016 run to be the state's next governor. >> he was the most popular elected official in the state end earned that. it wasn't handed to him. he made that happen day by day
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by doing a good job at work and by just connecting with people. >> reporter: health issue mired those political add bigs. he had a mild stoke in 2010 and was hospitalized for cancer treatment three years ago. doctors gave him a clean bill of health but the cancer came back. he was admitted to the hospital earlier this month. >> beau biden was dedicateed to improving wilmington. his last tweet from february february 4th praised a new york times article which documented efforts to bring young professionals downtown and battle crime. >> walked the entire city. he tried very hard to find a way to turn the crime around. >> he was a family man a lawyer and soldier serving as a major in the delaware national guard most notably he was remembered for increasingly rare kind of politic the kind that doesn't tear others down. >> i also think he leaves a powerful legacy about being a good guy in politics.
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about, you know, being respectful to everybody. never, never demeaning people. >> reporter: beau biden is survived by his wife and two children. iain. >> dave, thank you. the president and mrs. obama visited the bidens at the naval observatory this afternoon. the second time the vice-president has lost a child. his first wife and daughter died in a car crash back in 1972. bow and his brother hunter were seriously injured and there were prayers and tears this morning at the church beau biden attended in greenville, delaware delaware. >> many church goers at st. joseph on brandy wine new biden since he was a boy. monsignor joseph says bow his wife and two young children were dedicated members of the congregation. parishioners are devastated by the loss of such a beloved member of the church family. >> it's incredibly sad. he was the nicest person. just genuine. and he truly cared about everybody. >> monsignor redman says
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vice-president biden attends services at the church as often as he can. about once a month and the entire biden family is always there with him. we have continuing coverage at you'll find statements from politicians and other who's new beau. >> who stabbed and killed a 36-year-old man in east falls. that's what philadelphia detectives are trying to solve right now. police got a call sending them to a home on the 3100 block of berkeley drive right around 7:00 tonight. they found a man stabbed in the chest and arms and he died at temple university hospital. in over brook a call to action against gun violence today. it comes two months after police say two teenaged boys murdered 51-year-old james stole man as he was walking his dog. fox 29's brad sattin at philadelphia police headquarters and, brad, the overbrook community is just remembering this life cut short. >> reporter: yeah, lucy for sure it's one of many weaver heard about this year. today is may 31 the 151 is the
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day of the year so far in the city of philadelphia there have been a total of 97 homicide victimsvictims. that comes to one homicide victim 37 hours. many of them have the same thing in common. >> no family no have to suffer a loss like this. >> my life was changed forever. my 18-year-old charles johnson was murdered in a case of mistaken dent at this time. >> cheryl pedro suffered through it too. >> he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and the bullet him in the past been he -- back and he passed. >> two guys came in and cornered him, put a gun to his head. >> reporter: but didn't pull the trigger. james stole man wasn't so luck see while walking his dog in philadelphia's overbrook section. the 51-year-old was shot to death young teenaged boys accused in a botched robbery. and so today in his memory, at the spot where he died, the
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three women and several others came here to pray. >> we want to end the killings. >> listen to our voices. >> reporter: to march and to sing. >> ♪ >> reporter: all of these cases they say had one thing in common -- >> those people are being killed by illegal guns. >> reporter: reverend david wesley brown organize the rally he says the guns were bought by someone legally but then sold or given to someone illegal. it's what's known as straw purchasing. >> these guns were bought on the street. so our mission is to get in the way of straw purchasing. >> reporter: no get the guns off the streets. >> these moms and dads have their children in their hearts but no parent should have to wear them on their chest. >> i will never see my son again. changed my whole life. >> reporter: now this is an inter faith group called heeding god's call that put on this demonstration they do it around the city. they've been to the state capitol in harrisburg and rallies in the nation's capitol
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in d.c. and they say they are already planning the next one. iain and lucy. >> all right, thank you very much brad. the faa may be getting involved in something that happened at a phillies game today. eagle security member stopped a man flying a drone. they confiscated that little aircraft. eagles and phillies security got involved along philadelphia police. investigators say they're turning over all the information they have to the faa. not a lot of regulations govern drones as of yet but the faa does have rules that ban the use of private drones near stadiums. we're waiting on word funeral arrangements for a new jersey state trooper killed in a crash in monmouth county. 24-year-old state trooper anthony as pa died when the police station cruiser he was driving hit a deer careened off the highway and hit a tree. it happened early yesterday morning on interstate 195 in upper freehold. the trooper in the passenger seat is recovering from minor injuries. rasps's family said he took great pride in his work hadn't a
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passion for it. >> at the stroke of midnight hit part of the patriot act goodbye at least for now. national security agency, nsa is losing its authority to collect your phone records in bulk. an extraordinary sunday afternoon senate session failed to produce an 11th hour deal to extent the fiercely contested program. intelligence officials warn this amounts to a win for terrorists but civil liberties groups are rejoicing. at least for now. the program is all but certain be revised in the a matter of days it does face an overhaul. one program became public when edward snowden brought them to light. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is spending the night in swiss hospital after breaking his leg earlier today. kerry originally planned to come back to massachusetts today to see his own doctor but decided to stay overseas for observation. kerry broke his leg after hitting a curb while on a bike riding outside of geneva. doctors say he will make a full recovery. a spokesperson says the secretary of state hopes to fly back to the states tomorrow.
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glass and debris dropped 28 stories and crashed on to a new york street. what went wrong high above that put tomorrow seal in danger. and protesters clashed with police armed with tasers. the violent confrontation caught on video. >> enrique he know gray sis starts to crowd when he starts to bleed on stage. what happened right in the middle of a show that let him hurt and flying to los angeles for surgery. >> dave. we're looking at some areas of rain coming through the region. this one right now. this one tomorrow. could there be any more that could cause more flooding? a look at that in the seven day forecast coming up.
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>> breaking news out of las ang. a nine-year-old girl is in critical condition after a car crashed into lax. that's los angeles international airport right there. officials say that car jumped a curb and hit a girl who was walking right there. the driver and passenger inside the car are also at the hospital. we don't know how they're doing. this happened just a couple of hours ago. the car actually wedged itself into the building hitting a utility room. a crane accident in new york city sends equipment flying 28 stories to the ground. 10 people were hit by falling debris and they had to be sent to the hospital. as fox's lisa evers tells us officials are trying to figure out how this all happened. >> reporter: skyfox hd over midtown and caught this view of the gaping hole in the madison avenue building between east 38th and 39th streets. officials tell us the crane was moving large piece of air-conditioning equipment into the opening when the line tethering it to the crane broke. that sent the heavy chunk of
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metal crashing more than 20 stories down to the street below. >> they're trying to put this piece of mechanical equipment into the mechanical equipment floor which is on the top floor of the building. >> reporter: falling equipment also brought debris and dust with it. 10 people were injured. two of them construction workers workers. but their injuries were all minor. even for those who were in cars in of on the street when it happened about 10:45 this morning. >> obviously a serious incident but thank god at this moment no life-threatening injuries. our thoughts and prayers with those injured. >> reporter: first responders flooded the area to make sure there was no other danger to anyone on the ground or structural damage in the neighboring building. many restaurants were closed as precaution. >> i saw stuff flying. >> we eventually left we gone to work any more. it was too dangerous. >> city officials allowed the work to be done on sunday so it would cause the lead disruption from the neighbor.
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from what they can tell so far the crane was in good working order and the job was being done by the the book. >> all the permits were in place. we're going to investigate further just to see the chronological of things but the work for this building has been permitted since february, we have no complaints at all about this device. >> reporter: building commissioner says they'll conduct a full investigation to determine what made that line snap. in the meantime, a lot of the people we've been talking to here all day are telling us that this is doing nothing to allay their fears about the many cranes they see all over the city. in midtown lisa evers fox news. >> taliban five aren't going anywhere any time soon. u.s. freed the former get mow detainees last year in exchange for army sergeant bowe bergdahl who now faces charges of desertion. under the terms of the deal the former detainees have been under surveillanceville their release. their travel restrictions were set to end at midnight but the state department says qatar has
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agreed to extent the travel ban for i don't know we don't know yet note know. >> a mother in minnesota is demanddemanding answers after her six years old daughter was put on the wrong bus. it didn't happen once gut twice report there's nothing bancroft elementary leader which is do to make it up to her. they put they are daughter this week and less than six months ago after reassuring her it would never happen again. >> someone could have been sitting right there. my baby could have got off the bus. no parents around. she's gone. then what would -- >> see err ya mckenzie is tipped. her six-year-old daughter was traumatized not once but twice after she was put on the wrong schoolbus from bancroft elementary. >> she's supposed to get off the bus -- get on the bus from school to go to the daycare. >> reporter: wednesday afternoon her bus driver left her on the corner of 37th and snelly instead of the sunshine tree development center. oblivious she left work to pick
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her up from daycare. >> where is she. >> she walked across the street and threw an alley alone. >> the apartment right there police constantly called. people constantly in and out of that apartment building. i don't know if she would have seen my baby boomier self whose to say what would have happened. >> she was in tears. >> i heard someone calling i want my mommy? >> wednesday and back in december when it happened the first time neighbors heard her cries. >> when i got up i looked out the window, and i said, not again? >> how do you do this twice a row. just really doesn't sit well with me. i have five year old getting ready to start kindergarten here in pep. >> the daycare see err ya rushed to bancroft. >> it's no big deal. it happens all the time. something needs to be done about it that's how i feel. >> reporter: now that losing hold of her hand is that much more difficult for see err ya to do she's pulled her daughter from bancroft for good. >> if my daughter gone for the
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rest of my life, there's no way you can't ever bring her back. >> that was fox's iris perez reporting. the school is refuseing to comment citing student privacy laws. they say they do take student safety extremely seriously. her mom still has not received an apology. incredible news for elizabeth smart. she is now a mom. a homeless man kidnapped smart from her utah home when she was just 14 years old. she did not escape until nine months later and now works as an activist for missing children. smart's father says she gave birth to a little girl in february but want to do keep it private for awhile. mom and baby are doing great. on stage accident has henre eighty three fans gasping and him on a plane to los angeles for surgery. he was performing a concert in mexico when he sliced two of his fingers. pretty severely on a drone of all things. the drone was flying around to get crowd shots. something went wrong and he cut
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his hasn't. you can't see the blood since everything is blood out it was gushing from his fingers and the show afterwards he had to hop a plane to la to see a specialist. >> a special mass in one bucks county church today. ♪ >> saint in holland celebrating give teeth anniversary. current and former pastors came back to the church to celebrate the milestone. five priests have served as pastor since it opened back in 1965. big showing for little girl in bucks county. fighting a rare diss or. dozens of people headed to simply stunning hair studio in yardley to support three-year-old ella deangelo she has a brain rare disorder and doctors at chop are treating her her. her family has a facebook page you can check out where you can track how ella is doing. police making quite a rescue in montgomery county. abington police had oh rescue a
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duck from a sewer great. the officers were able to free him with the say help of good samaritans. they relocated him to nearby creek and the little guy swam off. flood waters receding in texas pretty incredible scenes are surfacing. what residents face tonight as they head home. >> and one woman's electronic junk turns out to be worth a bundle. she walked away from an apple computer worth 200 grand. what makes it so special that's next. well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice.
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a woman in los angeles somehow got stuck in a chimney at a middle school. why? how? no idea. but this we do know. firefighters had to get her out and she had been stuck there for two hours until someone heard her screams for help and it took firefighters another 90 minutes to rescue her by pull her up through the top. police use tasers or eight black lives matter protesters in downtown st. louis. they were charged by police for impeding the flow of traffic and resisting arrest. this video was caught by a demonstrator who claims the officers used excessive force. eight hour swat standoff ends with four people shot at a san diego biker bar. cops call to the bar yesterday for reports of shots fired when they got there they found four people shot inside. police thought they saw suspect run inside the bar. police used a robot to sweep the inside of the building but it was all clear. investigators say he may have escaped through a back door during all the chaos.
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>> swiss pilot right in the middle of the most dangerous leg of his mission to fly around the world without using a drop of fuel. 62-year-old is flying five days and nights by himself no help, very little rest. he's taking his solar powered plane from china to hawaii 5,000 miles across the pacific. aviation experts are calling this the moment of truth. this two-man mission began in march in abu dahbi. >> one woman's electronic waist is someone else's treasure. recycling center is looking for a woman who dropped off an old apple computer. it turns out a collectible worth $200,000. >> ooh! >> the first generation desk top by steve job steve wozniak and ron wayne in 1976. when it find the woman they will give her a check for 100 grand. >> that's huge! >> taken more cowboys to get these cattle to higher ground in texas.
10:26 pm
high tech keeping these cattle moving. >> dozens of folks including fox 29 staff members plunge flood a mud pitt why they did it. >> dave warren is one busy man. >> more rain coming into areas that don't need it. tracking that additional rain with the forecast. i'll have that next.
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♪ death toll still rising in texas after floods devastated swaths of the lone star state. seven-year-old girl died after the suv she was riding in crashed and fell in the flood waters in dallas, texas. investigators say four children and two parents were inside when they lost control of that car in highway i75. it went over an embankment landed in flooded creek and how it happened is still under investigation. in wimberley texas take look at this video. it shows the force of those flood waters an suv float aid way and ended up right there
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just feet away from a home. the rising river wash it away. at least 31 people have died in texas and oklahoma since the storms rolled in over memorial day weekend. it's not just people at risk. in liberty county texas video shows cattle crossing the trinity river. cowboys on horseback and hover craft hearing dozen of cat tells to try to get them through higher ground this morning. >> a fisherman gets impaled and killed by a sword fish. it happened on friday off the big island of hawaii. the 47-year-old man jumped off a pier to try to get the fish to try to shoot it with a spear gun. the 3-foot long fish with a 3-foot bill impaled the guy in the chest. he died. experts say sword fish are not aggressive but she can be dangerous especially when somebody is trying to kill them. >> very solid object. sometimes three 4 feet long. pointed at one end and propelled
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at great speed. they're one of the fastest swimmers in the ocean so yeah, they can easily, easily superior a human. >> the fish weighed about 40 pounds. nearby residents are mourning the loss of the man. he was a well-known fisherman in the area. you just get back from weekend down the shore? well, you may have been sharing the water with mary lee. >> that sounds so nice and happy happy. mary lee is 16-foot great white shark i'm sure she's probably nice. happy. don't want to run into her. mary lee has gone to avalon. its website tracks her path. she's been checking checking out area. what greats are docile. she has tracker on her and pinked off the coast of delaware in the delaware bay. she's off the coast of the jersey shore again. she spent sometime in the water off wildwood earlier this morning. she has absolutely fantastic taste in areas she's picking. >> also has her own twitter account. >> i know. >> i know. >> you know what, your twitter account has been very very
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active people want to know what's going on. >> a lot of people tracking these storm not only here but pretty much across the entire northeast. a lot information coming in. we're not done with this yet. dealing with this rain out there. this is the radar picture. this is the current picture looks like it will a few hours ago. areas north and west getting heavy rain but it is spreading to the south here. starting to spread a little farther south. the problem, this rain is going over the same area. that will change overnight tonight. you can see those showers and storms right over the lehigh valley carbon and mow round tee. two to 3-inches of rain additional rain moving in. but this is areas that have not seen rain yet this is all start starting to push south going through bucks county into montgomery county, a little farther west here in lancaster and chester county. we are seeing that rain slowly start to slide south but these are tracking to the northeast. that will hit areas that have already seen about two to 3-inches of rain. flash flood watches and warnings in effect. heavy rain setup here. cool air to the north.
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warm muggy areas to the south. areas of low pressure moving along it. there are two. first one now. we'll get a little break tomorrow. then we'll deal with the second one before this all pushes to the south and clears out slowly. we're not done with this yet. just getting started really. this heavy rain moving through now. here's this little break. there's the next storm. let's focus on what's happening tonight. a line of showers developing. now this is is not going over the same area like we had when the lehigh valley this will be pushing through overnight tonight. but not quite cleared out by tomorrow morning. so we're dealing with heavy rain rain. computer forecast picks up exactly where it is. so starting off pretty well. picking up the features with this storm. moving through philadelphia. but here it is by 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning still some rain coming down but it looks like the heaviest is across south jersey and delaware. it tries to push off the coast. and here's this little break. i think the problem here will be we'll get a little sunshine a lot of moisture in the air so we can see showers and storms popping up. very isolateed by 1:00 o'clock
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tomorrow afternoon. but by the evening rush hour, that second area of low pressure moves in. we start to see the rain filling in becoming more heavy. with the front pushing to the south, the area of the heaviest rain focused across delaware and areas of knowledge. still could have problem with that flooding getting the rain going over the same area but tomorrow's focus will be across south jersey and delaware. tuesday morning still some rain around but this is all pushing to the south. then it could be a tricky forecast. starting off in the 70s. some areas may not even climb out of the 50s or mid 60s on tuesday. that cooler air will come in from the northeast. that could be the big drop in temperatures. a lot cooler that wary seeing now. mid 70s. 60s with that rain cooled air by tomorrow climb up to 85 degrees it's warm with showers and storms. storms will be heaviest late. once that wind goes northeast that's the indication that the rain is pushing to the south. rainy and cooler weather on tuesday. high of only 68.
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72 the clouds could linger a lit bit this would be slow to clear out by wednesday maybe a few showers especially to the south. there's the dry weather on thursday. and friday although late friday there could be a chance of a shower. looks like it's warping up next weekend but at least we're not talking about heavy rain and flash flooding that's just the big concern tonight especially with the areas that have already seen the rain and tomorrow again unfortunately. we're taking the rain we need it. >> a little too much too quick. >> all right. thanks, dave. >> the fox 29 team getting filthy today in delaware county members of our team including our reporter anchor chris o'connell in newtown square for the ms muck fest they made their way through hours of middle been different obstacles to raise money for multiple sclerosis research. >> good stuff. >> fox team raised over $1,000 for the cause. >> all right! there you go. >> nice and muddy. that will do it for us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> keep it right here for sports sunday. ♪
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all right. tonight on sports sunday, the phillies may have reached their lowest point of a bad season. it's time to move on to the eagles. we're already there. there are many questions from sam bradford to the holes that needed to be filled going into this season. joining me in the studio to help with all those answers would be dave spadaro. that's coming up next on sports sunday.


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