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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  June 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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after heavy rains are more storms on the way. just all this rain. we can tell you what to expect this day ahead. >> here in washington we will focus on train safety what lawmakers want to necessity about that deadly accident right here in philadelphia. tsa making big changes after new report find airport screeners consistently failed to detect weapons and explosives. >> it the is tuesday june 2nd, 2015. >> speaking of tsa i was reading on twitter just a few minutes ago. laguardia airport lga up in new york, well, worst airport in the world. >> laguardia. >> yes, worst in the world. >> would you rather fly to jfk. >> yes, but they are under going some major renovations going up, probably because they are the worst. those hallways are like this big and there are tons of people rushing through them all the time. >> those in glass houses, it is in the like philadelphia international airport is the
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the best, all things new if you walk through that airport. >> we didn't make that list. >> it is better than it used to be. >> oh, yeah. >> we're have a five out of ten today because in the only do we have rain around but it is a lot cooler out there then it was. we have got the flash flood watch continuing until 6:00 o'clock this morning. we have had scattered showers around, yesterday with lightening and thunder and heavy downpours. we have a few of those up toward poconos mountains but mostly just light showers, some moving into chester county right now. we do have that rain down around the maurice river that steve keeley was talking about a little bit earlier and then there is he will being ton maryland east nottingham and chester county and around wilmington delaware some light rain as well. breezes are blowing out there 15 miles an hour, northeasterly wind, so that is keeping us cloudy, 54 degrees, our current temperature and it is still damp out there with 90 percent relative humidity
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even when it is not raining. the cloud showers much cooler then it was yesterday this morning we're about 20 degrees cooler in some cases, a little bit sun at times today, 59 degrees by lunchtime, high temperature in the the low to mid 60's by the end of the day. your sunset time 8:24. don't look for a lot of sunshine. have that rain gear with you. a as we mentioned with you sweater weather is back. >> definitely need a sweat shirt or light jacket for kids getting ready to step outside the front door this morning. good morning everybody. 5:02. everybody is wet behind the ears. we have puddles along the the way, live look here at ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia and the wind, you will feel it rocking coming across the benny there this morning. so both hand on the wheel. live look downtown philadelphia where the rain last night, pretty much washed out the construction project. we were supposed to have a crew working last night on the vine, they did not work on i-95 schuylkill, even the
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turnpike. we are off to a good start as far as cones are back on the truck and we're good to go. live look at the conshohocken curve here the the headlights coming around the curve as we get ready for sunrise out there in king of prussia light volume so far this morning but just watch out for left over puddles and high water down in franklin, new jersey, route 40, right here near tuckahoe road and in marlton a accident route 70 westbound between 73 and cropwell road. mass transit looking good with no delays. chris and lauren, back over to you. national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for south jersey last night. >> heavy wind, were spotted on the radar crossing the delaware river causing that alert. fox 29's steve keeley live from atlantic count which what is happening there. when we check in a half an hour ago there was rainfall. how is it looking right now. >> reporter: it seems to stop raining for us when we do these live shots but it starts raining as soon as we get in the van. is there still a lot have of road hazards out there. we were caught in the road
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rage sandwich. we had a guy in front have of us being super cautious stopping in the middle of route 54 a 55-mile an hour road and dump truck driver who was being overly crazy wanting to do 80 and passing us in the double yellow lines while the other guy has come to a complete stop because there are large orange road flooded signs out still even though the water has receded the at least in this stretch here in buena and we can see to the left here we are at buena regional high school where school will be okay because the sunnies coming up and you will be able to see a lot more but you can see a lot of debris in the road either income down during the thunderstorms and heavy wind that came with that. they have also got road construction over 322 here which thinned out route 54. buena is far corner of atlantic county, and this is where we only had 3 inches of rain last two months. we have wineries like bellevue winery here, hammington, blueberry capitol of the road those farmers were praying for rain, inches in two months. we have got more than double
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that in two hours last night, seven and a half to 8 inches of rain. they have got more they were asking for over last three months in two hours. when all that rain comes down these streets cannot handle it,es specially streets under construction. you can see route 54, a main drag just one lane in each direction and it the is also the not sewer systems every where so that is why this road flooded last night. so we will go into cumberland county right now and we will have some sunlight the next time we see you and we will see more improvement like what we saw here driving through atlantic county over ac expressway and black horse pike lauren and chris. >> all right steve and again i love the pronouncing of buena, now buena in south jersey right. >> reporter: yes it is boone buena vista township and maurice river. you can tell new people in town in other places because they mess those up pretty bad but that is why i'm telling everybody, i lived down here. this is where i have started my career in hammington in a daytime only radio station
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that went hispanic at 5:00 p.m. every day. so, i got the to know both in english and spanish. >> boy it is boone it has got to be. >> reporter: you know what, even those folks said buena because they knew better. >> yes exactly. >> all right steve thank you, sir. happening today a congressional hearing will focus on safety technology that will slow down speeding trains. >> lawmakers, of course, they want to know why this wasn't in place before the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia last movement fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at the site of the accident in port richmond, jennifer. >> reporter: derailment has asked many questions about rail safety this morning around 10:00 o'clock congress will convene to try to get some answers as to why the speed construe troll system was in the in place at the the site of the derail many. they will try to get these answer from his federal safety regulators and amtrak officials. again, related to this speed
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control technology. according to federal accident investigators amtrak train 188 was traveling 106 miles an hour, just before it derailed on a curve with the speed limit of 50 miles an hour. eight people killed and 200 people were injured. for years amtrak has used automatic train control technology, on its track to ensure that as trains approach curves, they are traveling at the the reduced speed limit that technology was not installed at the scene of the derailment otherwise ntsb officials say the crash would not have happened. decision on where to install the train control technology was made by a special committee of experts formed two decade ago after speeding amtrak train tea rail around a curve in boston's back bay neighborhood n1 was killed in that accident. but 450 people were injured. so the hearing by the house transportation committee, comes amid these rising concerns about rail safety. there have been seven major
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passenger and freight train accidents this year. again hearing for this morning will begin at 10:00 a.m. lauren and chris. >> all right jennifer, thanks. police are investigating a shooting in the 5700 block of hazel avenue in kingsessing. they say a victim in his mid 20's was hit once in the chest around 8:30, p.m. and rush to the hospital in extremely critical condition. there is in are would on you hot patient is doing this morning. detectives say they have in the found a weapon or made any arrests owe far. police in will mink in ton are investigating a shul ago this sent one man to the hospital there and it evened with a bullet in the child's crib. fortunately the the child was not hurt. police say the man is in stable condition this happened just were 6:00 last night on bedford drive. one of the round went into a home, a and hit the crib, and police are looking for two men who were seen running from the scene. investigators await the the autopsy of the baby found in the duffle bag social workers head to that home to remove the the mother's other small children. social workers escorted the three young kid from a home on norfolk street, monday night, it is the the same home
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where a baby was found on friday. neighbors watched, and dhs workers placed the mother's children in the waiting van. they did not comment on why the kids were being removed from that home. i seen a baby running out about four hours ago. i seen her and her kid they came out running out here, and she didn't know what was going on. she was in shock. >> investigators from the special victims unit and crime scene units executed a search warrant at that west philadelphia home, but there is still no word on how the baby died. we're still waiting to hear about funeral plans for former delaware attorney general beau biden son of the vice-president, joe biden died saturday, at the age of 46 from brain cancer. biden attended the university of pennsylvania and work as a federal prosecutor here in philadelphia flags are being flown at half staff in philadelphia to honor him. funeral arrangements are set for the new jersey state trooper killed in an accident over the weekend, 24 year-old anthony raspa will be laid to rest thursday morning at saint
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matthews church in somerset. race pennsylvania died saturday morning when his cruiser hit a deer, careened off the highway and hit a tree on i-95 or i195, excuse me in, upper free hole. 5:10 is the time. two philadelphia law maker enter guilty pleaness harrisburg yesterday. former representative harold james pleaded guilty to one count of conflict of interest and representative ron waters pleaded guilty to nine counts. they were built on secret recordings by informants posing as a lobbyist, the informant offered cash or gifts in exchange for promises or official favors. both men were sentenced to probation. veterans affairs department suspended two officials saying several philadelphia employees were pressured to attend a psychic reading event at their boss's home. so lucy philipo the the assistant director of the philadelphia office and gary hodge, who heads the pension management the center are on suspension while a review is
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conduct. the employees were charged to attend this party inspector general report alleges philipo misused her authority for he are her and hodge private gain. james and early len mccarthey were severely burn after their villas home exploded back in 2013. sure guys heating and air conditioning will pay mess of that for in the properly locking that propane tank after they did work the pipes in the home. south jersey fuel and propane will pay nearly 300 you this dollars toll couple. 5:11. a boat off the coast of chine sinks and rush to help victims. the alarming new report how problems at tsa checkpoints and major changes coming to airports all across
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yeah. >> we're not talking about your dog. >> no. >> we could. >> i saw roofus, did you see sue's picture roofus was in the window yesterday at her house during the storm and then sue had to banish him to the basement because he was barking. >> barking for about an hour. >> was it around bedtime for you, sue. >> it was getting close. >> neighbors, how are they dealing with that. >> luckily they are in the too close, there is a little
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distance between our houses. >> neighbors know her name, though. >> they take care of little roofus. he got out the other day. anyway, we will show you a map color coded for rainfall estimates and where you see orange and purple is where we had the most rainfall yesterday. for instance, in new castle county delaware, localized 5.3 inches of rain estimated around vineland over five and a half inches of rain. buena vista 7.4. closer to follow come but you see the color coding helps us figure out just these little micro climates of where the heavier rain, fell. most places got around the 2-inch range but around mulika along the atlantic city expressway that little will a area got 7 inches of rain. in wonder there was so much flooding yesterday. so far today we are not seeing a lot of rain since midnight
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in philadelphia but we sure did in dover delaware. the since midnight over an inch of rain down there and millville, close to an inch of rain, third of an inch in wildwood. we have had a lot of record set yesterday and all because of the stationary front meaning it is this front that will stay here trying that high pressure system to the north that will be trying to move in and trying to push this off shore but so far most of the the computer models are telling us that it will be unsuccessful, flood watch, flash flood watch in effect for a little while longer until 6:00 on this morning. we will see widely scattered showers throughout the area we will check the seven day forecast. yesterday a's high was 76 degrees. today, 10 degrees, cooler, with a high of 66 degrees and some rain around, at times and again, not every minute and as we look at the the rest of the seven day forecast, rain almost every day, but not every minute. we will warm up in the 70's by wednesday and thursday. eighty's by friday and
5:17 am
saturday. back to the 70's on sunday. so far it is looking like sunday may be the better weather day of the weekend but we have just got to get that frontal system out of here and get rid of the rain. we did need the rain though bob kelly. >> yes, grass was getting brown there in the beginning. now we will get it all at the same time though. good morning everybody. 5:17. live look at ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia, no problems or delays a at all but you can see the the glare from the overhead lights there and road surface. everything is wet steve mentioned there could still be some left over barriers, or cones, in the area, so may have been the closure from yesterday. just because you don't see rain, maybe the road is opened but there could be some debris on that roadway that could be dangerous. so it the is a obstacle course out there in the areas that were closed yesterday and with the rain. here's a live look at 422 making your way towards king of prussia, it looks like we have some fog as well. that could be hit and miss out of royersford and
5:18 am
collegeville. here's a live look at some fog here along 422 working your way out of the collegeville interchange in passed our camera at route 29. over letter win, new jersey, route 30 sink hole on the ramp to had on avenue that is shut down this morning. we will go for a ride southbound i-95, passing stadium area, no problems up a and over girard point double decker but at 9:00, we will set up a cone, cone zone today southbound i-95, from broad street to 420, they will be working all during the day so right after the rush hour expect delays heading south, keep that in mine going to the airport chris and lauren, back to you. five people are confirmed dead in central china after a cruise ship capsized in a river. desperate search is underway to find hundreds who remain missing. 458 people were on this ship when it fledded in stormy waters last night. alarming fine goes from an inspector general's report
5:19 am
that shows tsa failed to detect fake explosives and banned weapons in dozens of under cover tests. in 67 out of 70 attempts under cover agents were able to get prohibited items through tsa checkpoints. they were conduct at airports all across the the country and new home land security chief has ordered tsa security chief to revise security procedures and retrain those officers but not everyone is convinced this will mean much. >> everybody understands that 95 percent of the tsa activity is a farce and theater. everybody in the line looks at little kid being inspect and they know it is a waste. that i think is worse than failure rates. you expect a high failure rate. >> you do? >> home land security secretary jay johnson says he takes fine goes of the report seriously, but also emphasizing what ising well saying all air travelers are subject to the security system with multiple layers of detections. today the debate will
5:20 am
continue on a congressional extension for surveillance laws that have been now allowed to expire. the national security agency for now has suspended its controversial collection of american's phone record. new bilk pushed would give telecom companies to store phone call information instead of the nsa. south carolina a senator lindsey graham is running for president. he is the ninth republican to launch an official campaign. graham is prominent senate voice and he says he has more national security experience then any other candidate including hillary clinton. former house speaker dennis hastert will face charges against him in the hush money case later this week. hastert is expect to enter a plea before a federal judge this coming thursday. hastert is accused of greek to pay 3.5 million-dollar to assure someone from the illinois town where he caught and taught high school stayed quite about his quote prior misconduct. a college friend of the boston marathon bomber facing
5:21 am
seven years in prison, sentencing hearing is scheduled for today for dzhokhar tsarnaev's friend. he was found guilty of obstruction of justice and conspiracy. prosecutors say he help remove tsarnaev's backpack from his dorm room several days after the bombing. jurors in the colorado movie theater trial heard a taped conversation between admitted shooter james holmes and his psychiatrist. holmes talked about his depression and explains were he carried out the massacre. >> the shootings were supposed to increase myself is worth and the deprecious... >> despite this chilling confession the the psychiatrist testified yesterday that holmes expressed sadness when he learned a child died in the a attack and 12 people were killed and dozens others were injured during 202 shooting
5:22 am
spree. holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of inn ant. coming up on 5:22. funeral services were held yesterday for wealthy washington d.c. family found murdered inside their home. hundreds of family members gathered to remember, sap lust and his wife amy and their ten year-old son philip. daron wint is being held on first degree charges but investigating believe he had hell carrying up the crimes. wal-mart kicks up next phase of pay increases.
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publicly a will guys in washington. their defective air bag deflaters were linked to six deaths and american one hundred injuries. a top executive says takata plans to replace chemicals in the air bags in an agreement with u.s. regulators. that number has been determined to be over 33 millionaire bags. and speaking of takata ford is calling back 1 million mustangs and gt sports cars because their driver side air bags could potentially explode. air bags are made by to cat a ford recalled nearly 500,000 mustangs and gt s's for the problem back in december. 5:25. wal-mart kicks off next phase of wage increases for its employees. the retail giant is raising the wage starting wages i should say for more than 100,000 department managers and workers.
5:26 am
its deli and other specialized departments this follows it's a nuns. back in february that by next february minimum wage for entry level and long time hurley employees would increase to at least $10 per hour. coming up call him caitlin, yes, vanity fair article went viral and everyone talking yesterday. this is more of a reveal then an article. how kim kendell and rest of the kardashians are reacting to her debut. after rain overnight will flooding affect your morning commute. what to expect as you hea dear fellow
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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we saw wild weather overnight heavy rains coming in my windows because i left them overnight. what it means for your morning commute. >> you have a lot of drying up to do. >> hearing today on that deadly amtrak train disaster in philadelphia what lawmakers want to know. graduation ceremony dress code, but this is not the for the students, what parents to have wear or miss your child walk across that stage. good day, it is tuesday june 2nd, 2015. i'm going to have to say i don't blame the schools because i have seen some... i don't know. >> interesting things. >> to say the least. >> parents that pick clothes that i think are mom inappropriate. >> a t-shirt and jeans is not appropriate. >> like a crop top and daisy dukes. >> wait a minute now... >> sue serio, is what bus stop
5:30 am
buddy wearing today more rain gear. >> we have had rain gear but i wanted to put the the sweat shirt on him so you knew how cold it was outside, at least colder then it was yesterday in some cases as much as 20 degrees cooler, make sure kid have a sweater on maybe underneath the rain gear because there are some showers around this morning. in weather by the numbers. we will go with a five today. it won't rain every minute but it is a lot cooler then it is supposed to be and it is a a lot cooler then it was yesterday. flash flood watch in effect until 6:00 o'clock. another half an hour for this as we get residual flooding from all have of that rain that fell yesterday and there is more, in the area today. you can see area of lighter rain moving in chester county delaware county, new castle county delaware, salem gloucester counties in new jersey about to arrive in our doorstep here in philadelphia. but it is not heavy rain at least not that round. it is breezy.
5:31 am
16 miles an hour wind out of the north east with 54 degrees 90 percent relative humidity, 5:34 is your sunrise time. plan on a high of 66 degrees today, that is chilly compared to the 92 degrees that we haddon sunday and occasional showers, a little bit of sunshine here and there but a nice long day with sunset time of 8:24. we have got the seven day forecast on the the way we've got bob kelly right now good morning. >> good morning sue. 5:31. lots of extra time with that sunset the at 80:00 in the evening. we are dealing with fog, with fog at roosevelt boulevard headlights cutting through it working your way southbound over the the twin bridges here toward the the skew you kill expressway. a live look at i-95 near the airport. we don't have that steady heavy rain like we had this time yesterday leaving the house, but just enough to kind of make it ayuky start. you will deal with the spray coming up off the cars and trucks maybe a puddle or two
5:32 am
along the way. we are dealing with fog out here on 422 near collegeville interchange. in franklin, new jersey route 40 near talk help road, some high water blocked from one of the lanes. keep in mind even though you may not see that high water on the roads that was blocked last night barriers could still be up, cones could still be there and there could be debris in the roadway left over from yesterday's flooding. the the first once out of the the gate the here this morning, we have to navigate that obstacle course n berlin, new jersey ramp from route 30 to haddon avenue knew a sink hole developed yesterday with all that rain. marlton westbound 70, watch for an accident near route 73. ninety-five looking good in and out of the city. just remember that new traffic pattern north bound between girard and allegheny avenue, chris and lauren, back to you. police from camden count up are looking into who torched three cars overnight. one car was found on 3900 block of royal avenue in pennsauken.
5:33 am
another car was reported at garden and wood land avenues also in pennsauken. third was found in camden at garden and highland. police believe all three are relate. happening today a congressional hearing will focus on safety technology that can slow down those speeding trains. >> lawmakers want to necessity why this wasn't in place before the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia last movement jennifer joyce looking at the scene of the deadly crash good morning jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, that is right a lot of questions remain so that congressional hearing will get underway around a 10:00 o'clock this morning. according to the federal accident investigators amtrak train 188 was traveling 106 miles an hour around the curve at the site of the derailment, when it should have been traveling 50 miles an hour. eight people were killed and about 200 were injured. for years amtrak has used automatic train control technology on its track to assure that its trains as they a approach curves are traveling at the reduced speed limit. that technology was not installed at the scene of the
5:34 am
derailment otherwise ntsb officials said crash would not have happened. the decision where to install train speed technology was made two decades ago after a train derailed around boston's back bay neighborhood no one was killed in that accident but 450 people were injured. so, the the hearing by the the house transportation committee, comes amid rising concerns about rail safety. owe far there have been seven major passenger and freight train accidents. again, congressional hearing will get underway around 10:00 o'clock this morning. chris and lauren. >> all right jennifer, thank you. police say a man in his 20's was shot in the chest around 8:30 in kingsessing. the shooting happen in the 6700 block of hazel avenue. the the victim was rush to the hospital, in critical condition. the detectives say that they have in the found a weapon or made any arrests. the not so far. police in wilmington are investigating a shooting that sent one man to the hospital and it ended with a bullet in
5:35 am
a child's crib, fortunate thely, the the child was not hurt and police say man is in table condition this happened before 6:00 at bedford drive. one of the round went in the home and hit that crib. police are looking for two men ran from the scene. social workers removed three small children from the home, same home where baby was found inside a duffle bag on friday. police air waiting a an autopsy on the baby. they say new born boy was pronounced dead a at a nearby hospital. investigators from the special victims unit and crime scene unit executed a search warrant at that west philadelphia home. dhs workers did not comment on why the children were being removed from that home. we're still waiting to hear about funeral plans for former delaware attorney general beau biden. son of the vice-president joe biden died saturday at the age of 46 from brain cancer. biden attended the university of pennsylvania, and work as a federal prosecutor, in philadelphia. flags have been flown at half staff in philadelphia, to honor him. 5:35. coming up, a trip to a lion
5:36 am
park in south africa turns deadly for an american tourist, we will tell you what went wrong. >> wow. plus, much different story here lucky to be alive the the horrifying injury a man suffered when he fell out of the hot tub and into a (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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the french open roger fedderrer and rafael madal both won.
5:39 am
but one upset in paris france. serena williams not happy she loses one-six but she comes back against sloan stevens and wins one-six, seven-five, six-three. the the other defending champion gone, and that is maria sharapova a. she did not have a good day. she lost in straight sets, seven-six, six-four to lucy, sapro va. >> phillies made within player transaction official, grady sizemore out righted to the minor leagues but phillies decided not to release him. so the fill difficulties hold their annual phillies festival to raise money for als. the entire organization including alumni that included mike schmidt phillies raised 786,000, and have raised over 16 million since they started in 84. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. the cincinnati bengals devon still and his daughter lea will receive jimmy v perseverance honor at espy
5:40 am
award in july. >> lea was diagnosed with the stage four cancer. still says his daughter had a pretty serious complicates last week after getting a stem cell transplant with her liver, that has been affect by so much chemo. defensive tackle posted this picture of him with his five-year old on monday and said she could not talk, she had been sleeping for four days but she's still able to give a thumbs up. you can't see it there. it is name after the the a late jimmy v died of cancer less than two months after receiving the the honor. stewart scott received it last year. look at it, so cute and a adorable. stewart scott also passed away. all right. 5:40. coming up caitlin jenner on the cover of the vanity fair how kim kendell and rest of the kardashians are react to go her debut. ladies listen up christian gray is back, special twist for the 50 shade of premiere book.
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really fancy right now. >> yeah. >> i showed you the bling. >> ten carat. >> total because eight center cut, yellow diamond and surrounded by like two caron the and white diamond, and nick young popped the question. i have not seen the the video but it is all over twitter.
5:44 am
>> remember when people were body shaping her and they said she had cellulite welcome to america, we all have cellulite. >> exactly. >> she can just say, i don't care. what you any me. >> would i never want to wear that thing. i would be afraid to wear it in public. anyway lets take a look at reduced visibility in some location this is morning. bob kelly talk about the fog. we did get record rainfall yesterday in parts of the city. i will go over here so you can see it. 3.8 inches a record for that date june the first, in wilmington delaware. a record for june the first in atlantic city 2.22 inches and 1.96 inches was a record for philadelphia for june the
5:45 am
first. most rainfall we have ever had in one day and it is still raining in a lot of place these morning. we still have flash flood watch in effect until 6:00 o'clock anyway. and here's the light rain that is falling, right now you can see heavier rain way out to the north and west, and that is not expected to make it here, and we will probably get a break in the action before we will get more rain, later on in the day. so, it looks like around washington township i guess it is there or whatever it is in philadelphia, we are about to see light showers and up in mount pocono we have heavier rain this morning. the here's the future cast. you can see just when you think it will dry out here's some more green popping up on the radar on and off throughout the rest of the day but not every minute and not every where but it is not looking good for the sunshine in between the the bought of rain. i think it will stay cloudy, which is why we will stay so cool today and that situation continues into tonight and into tomorrow, and again lighter rain, at times and
5:46 am
times when it is dry but the rain will be nearby because of the stalled cold front that we have been talking of course, when it is stalled it is in longer a cold front it is a stationary front. we will show you that next time. when we see on and off rain that is continuing all the way through thursday and even into a little bit of friday morning. so, it is as far out as we will go for now. temperatures in the 50's, as much as, 16 degrees cooler then it was yesterday, at this time, at least that is the case in philadelphia, and 13 degrees cooler in wilmington delaware, and add in the wind and you can really feel the difference when you walk outside the door this morning. here's your seven day forecast with a high of only 66 degrees today. seventy tomorrow. that ever present chance of a stray shower or a two on and off throughout the day and tomorrow and even through friday and maybe even saturday morning when we finally hope this front will get out of here, if that happens, we will get sunshine and 82 degrees in the afternoon on saturday and a mix of clouds and sun on
5:47 am
sunday. so i wouldn't wash out the weekend just yet bob kelly but you might be tough to see where you are going this morning. i see a lot of fog. >> this morning is a rough go. first of all we're dealing with the wet road and now we're throwing fog in the second half of our morning rush hour here. a live look the the at the benjamin franklin bridge, just in the last half an hour, the fog started to roll through. the roads are wet, we have wipers on intermittently, we have spray popping up off the cars, trucks in front of you there and in jammos out here. this is a live look at route 30 the bypass coming out of the downingtown so far so good, but we are socked in with some fog just a few miles away, long the the bypass as you work your way up in to route 202, heading in towards malvern. so a little bit of everything rolling out of the front door this morning. the west philadelphia, fire location at 54th and walnut, and with some local detours and heading to the airport lucky you, getting out of town for a couple of days no problems just yet at the the airport but again now that
5:48 am
fog is going to start to play a factor, all bets will be off. just check with the airline if you are going to head down to philly international today to catch a flight. and then south of on i-95 watch for work crew is today between broad street and route 420. that will slow you down heading in toward the the airport this morning. they will set up the cones around 9:00 o'clock on that southbound side. chris and lauren, back over to you. bob, let's take you to the west coast where new mandatory water restrictions are now in effect in california, the rules are designed to beat the state's historic drought. governor jerry brown's executive order requires a 25 percent reductions in water usage throughout the state but some cities and businesses are being asked to reduce their water usage by even greater than that. >> we will do what we have to do. we have to. i mean everybody we're all in the same boat, we've got problems. we have had a drought for four years. >> not following water restrictions could mean fines as high as $500 a day.
5:49 am
a 22-year old american woman dragged to her death the by a lion during a wild safari adventure. the american tourist was mauled to death by a popular lion park in south africa. 22-year old was in the car surrounded by free roaming animals when she rolled window down to take pictures. witnesses say lion lunged at the car and attacked her. officials say dangerous close calls happen too close on safari's. a zoo keeper was bitten by a 10-pound large lizard. she was reportedly in the cage with two young dragons when within of them bit her on the hand. zoo officials say saliva of that dragon is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly but not common for them to bite. investigators say a man was drunk when he tumbled out of the hot top and fell into a metal fence. >> police in one minute so the a town say they have never seen anything quite like this. the hot tub was sitting on a second story and the the
5:50 am
sharp fence below. emergency crews used jaws of life to cut the man free from that fence. part of the metal went through his leg but spared any life threatening injuries. >> i have been an officer for 27 years. i have seen impalings but never from a second story hot tub. >> he was in pain and wanted to get that part that was stuck inside of him out. >> you think. >> police say they have been to the home for noise complaints in the past, neighbors call that home the party house. just call her caitlin bruce jenner's transition into a with man is now complete. >> call me caitlin was head line on the cover of the vanity fair july issue dressed in a strap less course set legs dressed with her long hair caitlin mirrored a 50's pin up girl. they were captured by annie liebwits caitlin premiered a new twitter account and it
5:51 am
broke president obama's record for the fastest time to reach 1 million volume followers. kardashian tweeted her support calling her stunning a free bird and strong. espn has announce that had caitlin will receive arthur ashe award one of the highest honors ates py award next month. it will be her first public appearance. the ratings forestpys in the typically, you know, the the greatest of all time but this will be. >> do you think it will be. >> oh, yeah. vince vaughn makes a bold statement calling for guns in every school. >> vaughn told gq magazine he supports people having guns in public and inside of schools. mass shootings happen in place that he is didn't allow guns. he then said politicians they weapons at their own children's schools and all americans deserve that same exact right. wait is almost over for 50 shades of gray fans another novel is coming out in the series and there is a a twist.
5:52 am
>> the author el james is relosing the the fourth novel in the steamy series june 18th simply call gray, and it is told from the point of the view of billion cray. the thrilling has sold 125 million-dollar copies since coming out four years ago and the 50 shades movie grossed more than half billion dollars world wide. >> did you read it. >> nope. >> i still have it though. >> all right. coming up a local school district has a dress code for graduation not for students but for parents and other guests will come on campus, we will explain why they are cracking down.
5:53 am
♪ there's nothing wrong with being flashy. ♪ so long as you've done the work to back it up. ♪
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5:55 am
5:55. 54 degrees. i love this new song. leaders in a south jersey high school say they will turn parents away from graduation if they're not wearing the right thing yes parents and guests are not permitted to wear jeans shorts, t-shirts, but instead colored shirts are now required. washington township new jersey says that the dress code is a long standing policy, however social media seems to have encouraged parents to voice their dislike. >> as a parent i don't agree
5:56 am
witt. i could have just came from work hard construction job rush there to get to see my child graduate. i don't agree. >> people look decent and formal while wearing shorts, polo, it is a little far-fetched. >> and she's all flyered up. the school told us in a statement they believe that the code sets an a appropriate atmosphere in setting a standard is important. the the school also says that the policy is in effect. man gardening in his backyard makes a disturbing discovery what they found under ground to make him rethink his living situation. and a new way to get to space? what nasa is testing that looks like it the straight out of the sci-fi movie.
5:57 am
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at here's what it looked like in, south jersey, when will this roll out of here, even though we're left with very pleasant, cool temperatures, it is a little dangerous last night. a boat capsizes off the coast of chine, more than 450 people were on board the major rescue efforts there. and, call me caitlin you know the story by now introducing the world to
6:00 am
formally known as bruce jenner this is now caitlin on the cover of the vanity fair. what a huge article this is written by a local guy and buzz will be on our show tomorrow the man who wrote the article about caitlin jenner. >> good day philadelphia. >> good morning everybody. >> hello. >> put a shrimp on the barbie and join us for "good day philadelphia". >> sweater weather. >> yes, it is. >> boom. >> look at you. >> i love a good sweater. >> any chance not to wear a tie. >> you know you will need in addition to the sweater the rain gear today because for the next couple of days, you cannot rule out a chance. >> a pop up then are storm. >> yes good we have a few around this morning. >> that is why it is a five out of the ten today cooler temperatures plus the occasional showers and all of the clouds we will have around today. the is there bus stop buddy


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