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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  June 3, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> coincidence? probably not. for the third time in five days, fire fighters chester dispatched it the same street, residents are worried investigators looking for answers right now. >> jerk chicken, and i'm not talking about the food. what a jerk, and a chicken. a man pulls a gun, everybody starts running, he enters a west philadelphia bar that serves jamaican food, one bullet landed dangerouslily close to one of the patrons.
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>> she loves the phillies, loves the dance, had setback, back in the hospital, update on how she is doing. >> and i don't know that i have ' ever seen sue so excited. see loves pinterest. guess what, sue serio? >> what? >> you can now buy the items on pinterest. >> yeah. >> yahoo. >> and free delivery in some cases. >> i can't take it. >> computer screen right now, of all of those items line up. >> exactly. >> real quickly here, guy just sent me on twitter, it is a website called game meats. >> yes? >> you name it, if it is in the wild, you can order it and eat it. >> you can get quake? >> there is squirrel -- >> joining us, talking about eating snake. >> i don't see any possom. zero oh, whole another side. snake, alligators, rattle snake. >> rattle snake. >> let's order up.
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>> category, rattle snake cut bone in jumbo boneless, 8-ounce. boneless. >> really. >> snakes have bones? >> so if someone makes awe snake, you'll teeth? >> i can hear the kids now getting ready to eat breakfast. mike's eating snake? >> well, if you bring it in, i'll eat t. >> she's a chef. she said i'll make you rattle snake tacos. >> oh? >> wow. >> sounds good. >> all right. >> smoked. >> let's get to the number of the day, still pretty dreary out. we think it might be little better than yesterday. bar is not that high. six out of ten for today. bus stop buddy has the sweatshirt on, phillies cap, they won last night, walk off win in the bottom of the ninth. really you should have your rain gear again today. see some green on ultimate doppler radar, specially to the south. 56 degrees, at the moment. 84% relative humidity, and a high later on, will probably
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be in the 60s, you see, mid 50's everywhere right now, thinking about maybe 65 degrees if we get little sunshine, drizzle around, as well, 59 tonight, few showers, and little bit of fog, well, will things improve by the weekend? because it is getting closer. talk about that, coming up in just a few. hey, bob kelly? >> sue, good morning, everybody. 7:03. some improvement here on the kelly drive, traffic moving again, after early accident. now the crash is still there being worked on, kelly drive at strawberry mansion, at police police and fire crews are letting traffic through here. just heads up. roads still little damp and wet from all of the rain yesterday. specially roads like the kelly drive, winding, maybe leaves on there, could be slippery and dangerous this morning. >> rough go, school bus accident at girard, pothole near bridge street, so back up
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from academy in through girard avenue. rush hour underway, here's a live look for the blue route. 476 right near route one. an accident at the onramp from route one to hit 476. here is a live look, right where that pothole comes into play, i95 near the bridge street interchange. another few location this morning, this one southwest philadelphia, elmwood blocked between 68th and 69th. and a crash along the white horse pike, at somerdale. mass transit, and the airport looking good, mike, alec, good morning to you. >> one person taken to the hospital with burns after house fire, happened 100 block of charles avenue and pleasantville, new jersey, the fire was placed under control in about an hour, no word on what caused it, of course, as of yet. or the condition of the vick time. >> fire officials are wondering how three separate fires broke out on the same chester city block, and this all happened in less than one
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week. >> started last night in the back of a row home, jenny's been on the scene learning anything new out there. >> not really, mike, at he can, very quiet on this block after very busy night, another busy night, here on bickly street chester. last night, fire happened at this row home on the end of the block, house number 410. which was previously damaged by a fire monday morning. all dels tried, by three separate fires in the last few days, previous two fires started in vacant homes, no word on whether or not anyone was home, i did see people going in and out of the property monday morning when we were here. the latest incident happened just after 10:00 last night, it was place the under control by 11:00. we now the fire marshall is investigating, all of these fires, at this point, we don't know the cause or have official word on whether or not these could be cases of arson, and all morning long, we have seen chester police here just keeping an eye on this block, mike, al next.
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>> keep us updated. >> gunman opens fire and bullet just misses somebody, a guy just in there to get some jerk chicken. >> can you imagine? >> someone pulling out a gun? >> two guys being chased by a third guy. so, they run through the restaurant, and try to get out the back, and then the guy comes in behind them, just opens fire, without even looking around. >> and then to top it off, there is video of it, so you can see it all happen. steve? >> yes, table for one, supposed to be just for the 46 year old guy who came in to eat alone, saturday, at 10:30, at 60th and spruce, let's get to the videotape, show you what happened. so, he is sit there there, he has view of the front door, sees these two kids run past them. wondering what's going on, then sees third guy come in, lock at the flash from the gun. only one shot fired, but great george carlin said, there is no such thing as near misses, in airplanes, stray bullets, they're near hits. you can see how near this guy
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was almost hit, the bullet goes right into the table he was sitting at, then right into the wall next to where his head was. and, as we always say, stray bullet are like stray cats often find good innocent people. >> the bullet hit the table, obviously is the g down, having dinner, i mean, that bullet, if it ricochets the wrong way, go right into his stomach or chest, could have had devastating maybe ending life result by this shot. >> your thought? >> i would say very lucky guy. >> people should know who this individual s we believe the individuals are from that immediate vicinity. so we're asking anyone who knows these individuals, whether two people running into the restaurant to please contact our tip line, which is totally confidential. unseam tonight have that happen in these communities, people should be outraged and needs to do the right thing and get these individuals off the street.
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>> since, they likely knows this guy, and certainly know why he wanted to kill them. and would have been wise to tell the police that, since he missed, but maybe just waiting to try again. meantime, that 46 year old guy was back at the restaurant sunday night to try again, for a good genuine jamaican dinner , and hopefully his jerk chicken ankara meal was not his last meal. there is no way he figure could somebody try to kill him again accidentally two nights in a row. went with the odds, good food, and fortunately came out good sunday. >> again the food must be fantastic, thanks, steve. clock 08. funeral arrangements set for former delaware attorney general beau biden. fox 29 wants to make it easier for to you watch the memorial on line, vice president joe biden died of brain cancer saturday nearly two years after he was first diagnosed. the family will honor bo with services on thursday, friday, and saturday you can see the mass saturday on
7:09 am, and on the "fox 29 news" app. we will also bring you president obama's eulogy at the service live right here, on fox 29. >> we will break into programming. 7:09. >> top amtrak executive was questioned yesterday on capitol hill about the safety technology that could have prevented last month's deadly derailment in port richmond. >> amtrak ceo joseph board man, told a house transportation committee hearing that the technology which can prevent trains from derailing because of excessive speed, will be put into operation. >> already installed this from dc to boston, but was not in operation when amtrak northeast regional train, 188, derailed may 12th. >> i promise you, that by the end of this year, the system, which will dramatic enhance safety, will be complete and
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operational on the nec. >> officials say positive train control. that's ptc. would have prevented the crash, while it was already in place on the south side of the track, that day, that evening, it was never activated on the northbound side. ankle the train derailed going around the curve. >> took police firefighters five hours to find, somehow, he jumped out of transport car. now investigators want to know how 25 year old ceasar lockly escaped from a cumberland county vehicle, while he was in handicuffs. >> three mike's from where he had taken offer, one parent said, the news, very frightening. >> everybody nervous, my girlfriend's little girl, just called about it, and said to
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come pick her up. she scared to come pick her up. >> so the lockly guy, who has been arrested several times, is being book for failing to notify authorities of a change of address. now, prosecutors will figure out today hopefully, how he got out of the car. >> james holmes con testimony plate dollars calling a crisis hotline before the attack. holmes lingered outside the aurora movie theater for movie or two, phoned meant at hell lane, but the call disconnected before anyone answered. in a videotape played fuse for jurors said if the doctors treating him before the shoot hadding lock him up, the attack may have never happened. he said he asked repeatedly to be taken away. >> yes, blaming other people. blaming doctors, blaming hotline for not picking up. new document obtained by fox show officials at the national archives, passed up numerous opportunities to secure hillary clinton's emails, the
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documents showed during clinton's final days of secretary of state, the chief records custodian at the national archives and records administration emailed his colleagues to sound the alarm. that, hillary clinton, might runoff with her official records, and documents. also show the agency exercised little oversight overhill hill and her emails. the e-mail is one of 73 documents, that the national air caves and the state department turned over this month. news broke three month ago that hillary clinton kept private e-mail server in her home. she used to send professional messages. >> bus crash in chicago killed one person, injured eight other. collided when five vehicles, in the sit he's downtown business district, yesterday, around 6:00 p.m. the bus was said to be turning a corner when it hit the
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vehicle's and jumped the sidewalk. the female pedestrian who died was pinned underneath the bus. the driver was the only person on the bus at the time. >> fine 410 missing victims from that cruise ship crash. but hope certainly is running out here. the ship capsized monday night, on the river in stormy waters, at least 26 bodies have been recovered, 14 survive offers, were also pulled from the wreckage, but the vast majority over 400 other passengers remain missing and probably lost. 7:13. well, a roller coaster, bad news yesterday, in the uk. >> the amusement park, the teen suffered serious leg injuries, and 12 other had minor injuries. >> the ride was closed down earlier in the day, because of technical problems. it is called the smile err.
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has been shutdown twice due to mikhail call problems. >> problems earlier in the day, sue. >> and they still ran it. >> and still ran it, one car runs into the other one. >> look at. that will my goodness. >> rearended it. >> nobody smiling any more. we check, did some math this morning, and added up our rainfall totals, since sunday, because for many, especially in mount pocono, rains started late sunday night. two and three quarters of inches of rain in atlantic city, and we erased our deficit from the month of march in couple of days, monday and tuesday add up to 2.26 inches.
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and we're close to inch and three quarters in trenton. and this is with a we have right now. more rain, the front, just been sort of meandering since sunday night. and has settled a little bit further to our south, but it is still throwing out some clouds. so we've got dreary conditions continuing out there. at least it stopped raining, not the case southern delaware, cape may, in new jersey, so, they've been getting some rain this morning, bethany beach, lewes, delaware, dewey beach, all getting some rain this morning. a look at current temperatures, way to the south, 66 degrees, in charlotte. below that frontal system, but only 47 in buffalo new york to start the day, mid 50's for just about everybody in our area right now. 50 degrees in mount pocono, 56 philadelphia, mid 50's to the south of us, wind out of the northeast, that's what is keeping us cloudy, especially, along the coastline, with 10-mile per hour winds in wildwood, 13 miles an hour
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atlantic city, spec it to keep it cloudy specially there during the day today. tuesday's high only 58 degrees today, if we get little sunshine mid maybe even upper 60s throughout the afternoon, but can't rule out the shower, thursday showers, looks like friday now probably mostly cloudy, hopefully things will stay dry throughout the weaken. we are forecasting sunshine at least, for both saturday and sunday, and storms returning on monday. so, it is an optimistic forecast, eventually, bob kelly. >> live look at the schuylkill expressway, right near the zoo, a loft folks head that way. we just saw couple of school buses sipping on by. traffic starting to pick it up a notch coming into and out of the city on the schuylkill schu. roads are damp like the ben
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franklin, coming into downtown, no problems yet, patco high-speed line coming across on cue head in the toward downtown. but the big jam on i95, heavy academy, pretty much all the way dawn into downtown, earlier accident, we had pot hot, sinkhole along the way, so had rough start on 95 this morning. time to make the donuts live look south jersey, volume headed south, from route 70 on down. now, fire location southwest philly, along elmwood avenue between 68th and 69th. that stretch of elmwood rolls the 36 trolley. so septa putting bus service in play, past that fire scene there accident near strawberry mansion, near the sharp curve so just let that be a warning
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sign. that even though it is not raining this morning. roads are still wet and slive are you, from all of the rain we've had over the last couple of days. penndot south, setting up the cones between broad street all the way down to 420. so that's going to tie you up as you head south to the airport after 9:00 a.m. mike, alex, back over to you. >> sad news, a friend of good day, julie kramer, you may remember her, she has a rare form of soft tissue cancer. she is a huge phillies fan, generous, her on the show, she brought out chase utley. she loves to dance and had her on the show, she stopped by on good day, also threw out the first pitch on opening day this year. well, yesterday julie posted this picture to her instagram page. julie says her cancer has returned, and it has spread to her right lung. she had surgery yesterday at the university of pennsylvania hospital. now, julie then tweeted yesterday evening, that she was watching her phils win
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from her hospital bed. >> and i hopefully she was able to stay up until the last of the bottom of the ninth, because they had that walk-off single. might have been a double. i don't know, walk off run. and the phillies were all excited and all of that. >> so julie, we are certainly thinking of you, praying for you, our friend and i hope you are still dancing. >> yes, and please come back and see us as soon as you can. really thinking about you. all right, 7:19. gone but not forgotten, how beau biden's legacy will continue to protect children in delaware. a foundation's been set up. >> but first, deals on pinterest? how you can score your -- how you can score on your favorite do it yourself app. buy some of the stuff and take it home. living with chronic migraine
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>> tell me about principal. >> go on, pin it, that's why it is call pinterest,. >> if see crafted something, like you stick a pin in it, like it, but now, she couldn't buy the stuff? supposed to be for ideas. >> how does it work, lauren? >> usually, and i would say nine and ten times, someone pins an ate team their board. so basically, a board is my guard edge boards, so everything i see on the site about gardening, i pin to that board. i obviously have garden, so you buy this stuff that you pin, or you look for it, at least. now, there is going to be these buttons, these little blue employs tags that are going to show up later this month, next to the item. so when you pin it, you can actually buy it right there. and then on the site you don't
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have to wait for future wish list if you will. great way to make money. we'll spend a lot of money, but honestly will save you time. either trying to find the item that you like, or trying to make it yourself, and it is difficult. now you can just shop it right there. >> that way you don't have to worry about getting a pinterest fail like everybody gets? >> dive to pay for the shipping? >> i assume. apple pay right at check out. i haven't heard anything on shipping but i am pretty sure whatever that store -- >> if you don't want to pay for shipping, you could just go to amazon? >> hello i think amazon will start paying us to shop on their site. any user have it ship for free, big if, if the item less than half a pound, less than ten pucks. >> so eyeliner, string, cotton
7:25 am
balls, well, right. >> what ways more, a hundred pounds of feathers, or a hundred pound of rocks? which ways more? they way the same. >> nicely done. okay, avenue question for our viewers here, good day philadelphia. i found this on pinterest. how much would you pay for the bottom picture here deviled eggs, how much would you pay for that. >> priceless, made attempt to getting deviled eggs, supposed to be cute. >> pinterest fail. >> they melted. >> everyone, did i it last week, everybody's noticing it today for some reason. i don't know why. maybe it is a color? >> or the style, color of your
7:26 am
dress? >> i like it. >> new show, new do. >> you there go. >> you know her husband cut her hair. did you realize that. >> he is very talented. >> he went on amazon -- >> no, he really does. >> bip, lauren? she never knows what she will get when she talks to us,. >> 6:25, call it 6:27. 7:26. my goodness, i need to be fixed. nobody likes getting a parking ticket. so, how would you like to get an app that will come, write the excuse for the traffic court for you? >> doorbell we are bea to show you, about to pro tech your home. >> he has a doorbell. trust me, that man has a
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>> breaking news, your order has been shipped. >> yes, must have had another late night. >> what did you order? >> i ordered non-stick color seven cup multi pot by muck charles. >> what?
7:30 am
>> you can cook your snake in that! >> and it won't stick. >> the only reason i got them? because they're all different colors, and i wanted to put off like a piece of artwork. >> and every now and then, boil some spaghetti. only need one pot. but now five colorful pots take a picture when they arrive. >> are they going to be green? plum colored, purple, they call it eggplant on qvc, of course. >> and blue, orange and red. >> each different colors. >> check this out. only one mug, not whole set, one mug, from little nine year old christina, who loves how the folks send us their mugs, favorite the big giant one that they september us, her mom said when we were on vacation in after rube, a she said i have to buy bob kelly this mug. so she bought the mug.
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>> awe. >> my coffee in there, so, christina, so cute. >> mike, would you like this to go with your pots? >> i lover you, bob. >> all right, there go. christina, thank you, nine years old watching us every day here on "good day". >> we don't have aruba like temperatures out there today. it is chilly. just like it was yesterday. that i why bus stop budd i would probably want to be in aruba like the rest every us. >> ♪ and roar a, jamaica ♪ >> they can see you singling while we talk about the weather, wear a sweatshirt today. have the rain gear close by. it is going to be another day where we'll have few showers around, but going with a six out of ten. because for some of us, we might actually see a little sunshine peaking through the clouds, maybe later on this afternoon, not right now. sock in, 56 degrees, 84% relative humidity, head today high of only 65 today. but that's higher than yesterday when we only made it
7:32 am
to 58. it is still on the cool side, for this time of year. when do we get back to june like temperatures? we'll tell you in the seven day forecast. coming up. so now is the time when our roadways get casino every crowded there, bob kelly. >> definitely hoot of the rush hour, good morning, 7:32, this wednesday. what day is it? hump day. >> oh, hump day. >> it is hump day. >> i'll be darn. >> you would be thinking it is hump day all week. there you go, wednesday, jam up from academy into girard avenue. southbound 95 bumper to bumper, about half hour on the clock there. roosevelt boulevard, southbound, heavy as well, from broad street down through the schuylkill expressway. jam malvern, heavy working your way up through route 30 into the construction zone, at 401. holy family university, good morning to you, again, south 95 heavy cottman avenue on down.
7:33 am
freeway heavy, black horse pike in toward the approach of the 295 construction zone. fire location, southwest philly there is along elmwood avenue between 68th and 69th. septa using bus service, and although the accident offer to the side, strawberry mansion, just watch yourself out there this morning, not raining at the moment, but all of the roads still wet and slick from all of the rain we had on the overnight. mike, alex, back over to you. >> 7:33, funeral arrangements set for former delaware attorney general beau biden, tomorrow, beau biden will lie in honor at legislative hall. that will will be in dover. that's tomorrow. >> catholic church in wilmington, then saturday, public mass will be held at the same church and president obama will deliver the eulogy. >> chris murphy joins us now to explain little bit more about this and a foundation,
7:34 am
chris? >> new charity, ceo, joining biden's wife, haley, to honor bo, fred sears, launching the beau biden foundation for the protection of children. >> for kids, as well, it was the oldest son, i should say, he was the oldest son of joe biden who prosecuted one of the worse pet file cases in american history, sears said biden would often take the time to talk to kids at school about not being safe on line. >> well spoken, always there to help. and the casino of son that basically most people would just love to think that there are something to look up to. oh, avenue thousand friends. he said not so fast, you know? he gave that message everywhere. any time a kid gets to read or benefit from the programs, people in the state are going to know it is because of beau
7:35 am
biden. >> program directors from other organizations will be able to apply for grant money from this new charity honoring beau biden's work. by the way, you can see beau biden's mass saturday on and the "fox 29 news" app, we will also bring you president obama's eulogy right here on fox 29 of doors that's on saturday, guys. >> okay. >> nice job, chris, thank you. 7:35. >> app to help you out, app to help you fight it, going to gave you a excuse. >> i want one.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> that's market street across from the tv station here around fourth street. no ticket et cetera out there. but, oh, almost every day you see tickets on that street. >> there will be one eventually before the show is over. how about this? >> there is an app to help you fight parking ticket. if you live in the city like we do, it comes with the
7:39 am
territory getting parking ticket, no question about it, now there is an app that promises to take the hassle out of fighting the ticket. >> so the app is called fix. free app algorism, like google maps, fine tune, letter, and double check your tickets. now, it is already launched in parts of new york city and soon it, can be coming to philly, we shall see. >> it is six to seven times the size of san francisco, 10 million issued a year, which is parking ticket every three seconds. not all are fair or just tickets? he want to expands it to every major city in america. see if it actually works.
7:40 am
>> the the first day i came here if philly, i got a ticket, don't even have a car, it happened, right? i always tell that joke. i got a ticket. yes, my moving van. we paid for it but it wasn't properly displayed. >> why are you laughing? >> horrible. very first day here. >> welcome to philly. >> you really wanted to come and work here, and live in philadelphia. >> so excited, walking around. oh, it is lovely. then i see this blue and white thing. but wasn't properly displayed. as a pros, we went to the offers, with my parent, toyed mail in some information, wait for them to put it in the system. mail me something back, like a long thing. >> what do you mean it wasn't properly displayed? >> they say they couldn't see it. ted right there. >> oh,. >> you're a little -- >> tickets proof that i paid. >> tickets from the kiosk wasn't properly displayed? right. because it was moving truck. so i get it was made up? >> supposed to be right there by the curb, so that the person -- >> it was on that side, mike. >> did you win? >> yes, did i. but like two month process was my point. so this app can make it
7:41 am
easier. >> that's what i mean. >> well, they want it to be a long process so you give up and don't pay it. >> i would not give up. >> really? >> yes. >> that's good. you are better than me. i give up. >> i paid. i paid. >> for a truck like that? >> it was probably around 40. >> about the going rate. do you ever feel run down in the afternoon? you're not alone, the least protective hour of each day, and why you better off doing all of your important stuff at another hour of the day. what the most productive hour of the day. >> you know the new movie spy? >> melissa motorcycle carte? >> our jenn fred talking with some of the ladies, including melissa. >> okay. >> you ladies, please, come and beep visit me in philadelphia beep we will.
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>> the pocono mountains, kind of gloomy everywhere, even that far north, although, the pocono mountains have the best chance every seeing some sunshine today. stalled frontal system still right here, along the coast, and it stalled a little further to the south, now, just little bit, but on the cool side of the front, so still going to get temperatures far below average. just depend on whether that high pressure can nudge in just enough to give us some sunshine later today. keep us socked in with clouds, the rain, where it is right now, most to the south of us northeastern maryland right now, it looks like the delaware beaches, are getting the brunt of this, other parts of southern delaware, as well as saulsbury, maryland, cape may county, the southern part, we've seen few showers around this morning. rainfall totals have not been impressive, but adding to what
7:46 am
we've had over the past couple of days, we've had close to a third of an inch, in wilmington, delaware, about tent after inch in wildwood, so far today, probably little more before the day is through. most of russ seeing temperatures mid 50's this morning. >> stay there, probably for the rest of the day, temperatures didn't rise much above this at all yesterday, we only got to high of 58 degrees. so we do expect to get a little milder today. >> pretty cloudy. 13-mile an hour winds, in dover, delaware right now. fifty-eight as we said was the high temperature yesterday, so supposed to be at 79. so, yes, little ridiculous the way things have plunged with temperatures since sunday's high of 92. of a today. sixty-eight tomorrow. few showers around, think friday will just end up being mostly cloudy, we hope to keep the showers away as the front
7:47 am
gets out of here, and warmer temperatures roll in, for saturday and for sunday. hoping to keep the rain away, until monday, when the showers and thunderstorms return, because you know there are so many graduation parties, and things this weekend, bob kelly, some family event. >> right off of the route one interchange, and street road. you can see what's left of it only here. got the firefighters, got some white smoke, luckily, they got it off into this parking lot here, live look, route one, off the turnpike and street road. then let's roll some video from news van, when we arrive up on the scene of the kelly drive, accident here, right at the sharp curve, you can see the orange arrow there at the strawberry mansion bridge. >> this happened about hour ago. although the roads are damp, still little slippery, nobody
7:48 am
hurt, traffic getting by right now on the kelly drive. but that's example every how slippery the kelly drive can be. that's mess to begin with on dry day, let alone day to get some rain. northbound coming up from the state line, up toward the commodore barry bridge. the blue route little slow coming out of mid-county headed down through the schuylkill. and downed tree, along mount leffler none road, all just on the wilmington side of the board err, and now there is local power outage, pretty much from route one all the way down here, with the traffic lighting impacted. >> melissa mccarthy in this. >> jude law. >> a loft great people. so jen, in the sneak peak of the interview, sounds like you guys had little potty mouth going on. >> potty mouth. by the way, i've seen the movie, it is awesome, melissa mccarthy, rose burn, kristin,
7:49 am
they've all joined the director paul acting crew, if you l you know bridesmaids, spy is the up coming is the movie coming up this week, but even ghost busters, doing them all. paul says reason he's pick this group of actors, not only are they super talented, actually nice. >> so, hammy. >> jerks don't win. they don't get hired on my movies. see my movie, verified nice person. >> ladies and gentlemen, that's nice director says you have to be cool in his fun project. other thing you will likely have to do, get ready to swear. yes, he loves a potty mouth on camera. >> swedish meatballs. >> i'm not going to cry. >> you're crying now. >> i'm not.
7:50 am
>> it is funny, with our accent, too, it sounds even more bizarre. >> yes. >> coming out of mouth. >> tends not to swear, and me and my -- swear, i don't know. >> there are a loft actors, who can't pull it off. because it the to sounds too harsh. but, melissa, and then rose we discovered, rose swearing before, they just make it like poetry. just becomes almost like this jazz music, swear, and she is like i have kids. like i know. >> you and paul are buddies.
7:51 am
why can't i slide in there to get a piece of this? >> listen, everybody want a piece of ps. get him beautiful suit. that's great way to get in. >> ya. >> i bought his love. i'm not afraid to say that. >> yes. >> he is lovely. and he's so nice we talk about this, the man candy in this movie. it is like you're going have a sweet tooth. because between jason there, judd law, really good movie. again, the movie opens friday. and it is bleeping awesome. >> it is bleeping awesome. >> come up 8:45, because i don't know if you have notice in the previews, mike, alex, they turn her into a spy. right melissa motorcycle carte? but they make her like her spy persona is like cat lady, lunch room monitor, library aid. so, the crew turns me into a
7:52 am
spy. >> what do you predict? what do you think my back story is? >> how could you blends in as a spy? because you're so out there. >> by the way, could you give me little bit more information on this rose burn? who is she? >> she is dating bobby canball. you've seen her, she was in bridesmaids, she was the witch i friend. >> oh,. >> remember, she -- >> oh, didn't recognize her. >> yes, and it is interesting because she, too, works with her boyfriend. remember? then jude law there. >> thank you, see you next hour, whether we turn new a spy. national running day. do you think they're still running around the art museum? we started singing, you know, running themes, movies, of course rock. >> i yes. >> speaking of the art museum. start thinking of other movies there was a running theme. >> also, ask preston and steve.
7:53 am
i bet they have some good ones. we'll talk to preston and stevie would say? about two minutes. yeah, i'm married. does it matter?
7:54 am
you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm.
7:55 am
get to a better state. ♪
7:56 am
we got to thinking, what are your favorite running themes in major motion pictures? talk about it with preston and steve. >> hey, morning. >> of course you'll start with rocky. >> the question is do you like the extends one in rocky one? also substantial one in rocky two. and then there is the up the mountain in rocky four, when he decides to go bare bones training. >> even rocky balance bo, a ends up really going for run. >> running to the pharmacist, though, for his arthritis. >> cents he's alone, like that one the best. >> run forest run.
7:57 am
there is of course he runs across the country. >> which is extended sort of the montage running clip. i like the action, i like there is a great running, we were talking about point break. has a great running sequence, so-so move aloft fun. the marathon man, don't know if you remember that one. >> central park, yep. i know those are little weirder, but, yes, so, what the hell is he talking about? >> little known movie, the jericho mile, great one, as well. >> i think it is better if you're being chased. >> one of the most iconic, yes. lots.
7:58 am
>> so many ways we could go with that. >> goodness. >> but, today's national running day. i mean, supposed to get out. >> yes. >> around at all? >> i hike. i'm not built for running. he like hiking, i don't look good in the outfit either. >> i run, but i hate it. >> i used to run, and i got to up where i can do about 6 miles, and then i'm like okay. 10 miles should knob problem. i can get 6 miles. i ran 8 miles. i thought i was going to die. my legs, my knees, my hips, everything just said you're an idiot. >> halfway out, 4 miles from your home, you have to poo? >> no. oh, ya. >> mike? >> no, that's what your neighbors' lawns are for. >> oh. >> my god. did you guys ever see steven segal in a movie? >> steven segal runs with his arms very low at his side. very low. and you bring up a good point,
7:59 am
the dumb he is run, almost like a captain kirk run from the original star trek series. the arms are locked in place. like nine time akito master but runs like a little girl. >> he does run like a little girl. >> like they're stiff or something. >> i don't get it. >> you know who is really good, good runner on film, or does it a lot? tom cruise. >> yes. >> true. >> every movie. he's running. even rain man. he doesn't run in rain man? >> he's always running. >> i'm running to see wapner. >> right. >> guys, see you next week. >> take care, guys. >> straight up 8:00. good day to you, it is wednesday, june the third, 2015. >> three fires in one week,
8:00 am
familiar block in chester in this morning, is this a coincidence? the developing details right now. >> hot water, tom hanks criticized over his use of the n word. how he's defending himself in some videos this morning, but first up, sue serio? >> lauren, you no hoe chilly it is outside. it is drippy, dreary, when will the sun return? we have the answer eventually coming up. >> hey, well it, doesn't matter if it is raining or it is snowing or it is whatever. i'm here with a work group called work on a mission. and they are changing their community one work out at a time. i'll try to work out with them. back to you in the studio. >> oh, man, one day a year i can play this song. and dow it every year. >> here comes. listen closely. owed to billy joe.
8:01 am
>> ♪ >> now, what, doing today, right? >> this song so depression. did he jump in. >> , no i think the song is depressing because he jumps. >> oh, i got you. six out of ten, better than yesterday's five. still clouds, showers around, right now. >> moles of it to the south of philadelphia, but, you got to be ready for shower that could pop up at any time. we're still in the same stupid weather pattern, 56 degrees. right now. sixty-five, is our high. and it is a little better than yesterday. hoping to see little bit of sunshine, later on in the day.
8:02 am
>> that takes care of wiper wednesday, bob kelly. i love it literation, and gout it. >> 8:02. goods morning, all of this rain. >> we send mike out to cut the grass here later this afternoon. 422, eastbound, starting to see delays, backed up on the benny, all four lanes. from mid-span into downtown. everything still damp from all of the rain we had over the last couple of days. accident eastbound on the atlantic city expressway, right ought route 73. police are on the scene there. and fire location, southwest philly. hassle many wood avenue shutdown. sixty-eighth over to 69th. and the trolleys are using shuttle bus service, along the route 36 line. and a downed tree, pulled down some of the overhead power lines, knocked out the power here, local power outage, along route 202.
8:03 am
right in the area of mount lebanon road. just south of the delaware anyone heading south, you'll have traffic lights out along the way headed south along 202. and then, northbound on 42, coming in toward the city slow going from the black horse pike, in toward philly. mike, alec, back over to you. >> let's update you on what happens overnight. >> one citizen taken to the hospital with burn injuries after house fire. this happened on the 100 block of charles avenue, in pleasantville, new jersey, the fire was placed under control, about an hour later, no word on what caused the fire or the condition of the victim. >> speaking of fires, this is a head scratcher. off initials delaware county say last night's fire, that happened in a row home, in the back of it, which was prefer justly damaged by a blaze, monday morning. so, for the third time, in five days, investigators are looking into a fire, on the 400 block of bickly place.
8:04 am
>> the fire marshall investigating all three of these fires. >> funeral arrangements for beau biden set for this weekend, the 46 year old died on saturday from brain cancer, diagnosed almost two years ago >> we'll be liver streaming it on and also on the "fox 29 news" app, also bring it to you live here on fox 29, we'll bring you president obama's eulogy right here. >> speaks, goes up to the pulpit, we will break-in. a new jersey law maker is pushing to ban smoking in cars if some of the passengers, violators would be fined $100, but, it could be a secondary offense. meaning, officers can't pull
8:05 am
drivers over. >> supporters are hoping it gains traction, two monmouth county communities, already have similar ordinances, in place. >> pull you over. >> ticket. >> sad news to report about one of our friend here on "good day" philadelphia. >> we are talking about julie camer. >> we first met her when we saw her on the ellen show when she professed her lover for chase utley. >> hey, chase, bring it out, will you? >> shut up. shut up. >> yes. julie kramer. oh, i just fell in love with her when i saw this. she has been fighting off soft tissue cancer for years. he will hen her on the showment look at chase. did he great job. they invited her to come to some games.
8:06 am
>> then she came on good day. >> yep. >> we talk with her, had a great time. she also threw out the first pitch on opening day this year. >> yes. >> well, yesterday, julie posted this picture to her instagram page. julie says her cancer has returned, and has spread to her right lung. she had surgery yesterday, at penn hospital, now julie then tweeted yesterday evening that she was watching her phils win from her hospital bed. of course such a huge phillies fan. >> yes. and thankfully gave her a win last night. >> yes. >> all right. >> thinking of you julie for sure. >> yes. thoughts, prayers, you come back and see us in the studio as soon as possible. >> you know, she known for dancing, every time i see her, oh, she knows i love to dance, we'll dance together when you come back, okay? >> the whole country is talking about the son of tom hanks. not tom tom hanks. but one every his sons, and maybe the son you've never heard of, his name is chet. of course he had chet with rita wilson, the actress, okay? he professes to be a rapper,
8:07 am
he does have a cd out. he says he should be allowed to use the "n" word not only in his rapping, with his hip hop friends, but also in the general public. >> yes, just when you're out walking around and talking. so his use of the word, gotten an lot of people upset, especially because he used on social media in a post recently. >> lauren, give us the up-to-date information, as of this morning, on chet. >> we all know this, one. most offensive possibly devisive words in the english language. because's part of the hip hop community, and it is a part of the culture and the music, he say he gets a pass. hangs says he uses the words as a term of endearment, and he's making no apologies about. >> this here ' a picture of chester with his parent. but it started with a picture he posted on his instagram page standing next to a friends. posted in a picture, he wrote, check out the song me and my just drop my sound cloud.
8:08 am
trent haze his name, gave him hard time for the photo caption, when he lark out he used the word again and again and again, in writing nan videos. 's wife, right at school educated, basically he asks the question who is to say only black people can use it and then he goes ton say this. >> look, i know the majority of you all will not get this, because the history is still so fresh in our country. but hip hop isn't about race. it is about the culture you identify with. and can't no one tell me what i can't say. >> i just want to clarify one thing. under no circumstances would i ever go out to somebody that i didn't know and just be like hey, what's up my beep. it is an unspoken thing between people who are friends who understand each other. >> welshing tom hanks is not replying to his son's social media rant. at this point there isn't much he can do. 's grown man. at the end. day i think this boiles down to who you ask. because the words closely tied to history, hatred, hurt it,
8:09 am
might offend one person, but be socially accepted in some circles, and then people don't take off tones it, because you know we've heard some people say rap music gives people the sense maybe using the word is okay. then some people say because african-americans use the words it is okay for anyone to use the word. and then the younger generation, because they are a little bit more removed from all of this, don't know the history, heritage behind it, they use the word sometimes and don't even understand that it could be offensive. they think it is a buddy or friend or just a dude. >> chet there is chester hangs, using it, hip hop friends. >> correct. >> they have an agreement to call each other that, and it is okay. he's going to get his face punched in. in that circle? in that circle, i was going to ask, you ask my 84 year old grandmother she would think it is offense: my mom who lived in the heart of the civil rights movement might think it is. someone younger man me might not see it the say way as though two do. >> go read a history book.
8:10 am
go with those alive from the 50's, 60s, went through all of that hell. i think i have a feeling what he is, and who he is. >> chet? >> he is a tool. >> oh,. >> we call them tool in this business. >> put him in the tool box, mike. >> he and bieber, right in the back. >> happen keeps defending himself. >> and keeps saying it over and over and over again. >> oh, he's so column. >> right. >> and using a lot of bad grammar for private school educated kid from southern california. >> tom hanks ways add lot of monday. >> i i would like to know what tom hanks thinks about this. >> embarrased i would think. >> thank, lauren? your welcome. >> home security should be top priority. it doesn't mean you need to spend all of this expensive equipment. see this guy right here? is he supposed to be the part of a thief? there is doorbell that has a camera in it. i'll show it to you.
8:11 am
it is not very expensive. >> and later, ghost is going to be on good day? >> brandy? >> ♪ >> such a girl sometimes. when this would play, i would watch it. i love this music video. >> it is a good music video. you know, she's been doing a lot since then, mike. you know the show the game? the final season, starts tonight, and she is spilling some secrets. >> she is spilling about chardonae? >> look at you. >> oh, ya. see her rename is brandy. >> oh, ya. see her rename is brandy. that's
8:12 am
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8:14 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> it is national running day. i get the sense co-worker jim maybe watches this over and over again, from ten? >> more than co-worker, mike. he is the bringing boss. >> we don't need to get into. that will i just wanted to reveal that. but way to go, alex. the weather. >> all right, you might run
8:15 am
through some put unless your a out and about today. it is the front that will not go away. slithered in on sunday night, and it is still with us, today. and it is spreading some rain, showers around, mostly to the south of philadelphia. right now, but it in my pressure can nudge in little closer, we metage get tiny bit of sunshine today. still much colder than average. high temperature of 65 degrees today. tomorrow, little bit milder, with clouds, still some showers around for friday, we're looking at cloudy skies, but maybe not as much rain, high of 78. then we do warm up over the weaken, with a mix of sun and cloud, that's the way it looks right now, cross your fingers this holds up for brighter weekend, and warmer weekend, and then, some storms returning on monday. there is your seven day forecast. , folks having a problem right now. >> tell you what.
8:16 am
>> vehicle fire, so we got tour bus, two of them, southbound lanes of the blue route. right at ridge avenue. so i don't see any flames, i don't see any smoke, looks like the bus drivers walking back to what would be the second bus in line here. but bottom line, causing a gaper delay, call it, coming out of mid-county headed south on 476 down toward the schuylkill. coming in from philly or toward philly i should say on the freeway heavy black horse pike in toward 295. and then, down here swedesboro, kings highway, sounds like six vehicle accident right near route 322. right near the college campus there. accident eastbound, on the atlantic city expressway near route 73. and then, 95 southbound, watch for some delays today. they'll be working between broad street and route 420 on the southbound side. mike, alec being back to you. >> let's set up scenario here. put your video together. imagine strange nerve your home sifting through your stuff and ready to rob you, and but you can see it on a little camera, if you want to
8:17 am
be safe from this, you should turn to guy named steve. save us, steve. >> that's right. new home security products. >> good morning, guys. yes, that video, down right creepy i have to say. i heard you guys talking about it on the tease, no, that's somebody breaking into somebody's home. june national home safety month. so in honor that far, talking about home security systems won't tether you to the contract month after month and all of the monitor fees. these are all in one, all you pay is the purchase price. this is called arlo. smart home security system, hd cameras, over from the folks at net gear. 100% wireless, which means super easy set up here, full hd recording, weather proof so you can use it indoors, outdoors, compatible with android or ios systems. so you can get notifications on your smart phone, and see exactly what's happening in your house. so this is great even for things like baby monitoring in your home. if you don't want home security system based on there
8:18 am
is still use it for other applications. 199 bucks, also has free cloud storage up to one gig, with us lively -- roughly seven days of recording. if you want to customize the echo system how you monitor your home, from arco, smart phone. all sent right to this 7-inch tablet that sit on your counter top. so you can hook up this system to whatever it is that you want. you can expands it to include cameras, it can mount around your home, little magnets on them, weather bugs, motion censors, whatever it is you want in your home, it all works by blue tooth with your home internet system, as well. let's look at the video we showed during the tees, from the folks at canary. now, this product is brand new to the market. in the less than two month, they've actually been at retail, dan airy has captured 16 burglaries, and one arson. okay? this is actual video, of can airy working, and here's how it works when it senses something going on in your home through its motion detectors, instantly get notification on your smart
8:19 am
phone, full hd video sent to you, as it streams live from your home, so you can see exactly what's happening. then you have the option to do kim of depth ren things. you can sound alarm from canary, you can call the police, whatever it is that you want to do to keep your home nice and safe. >> having people come over to the front. house, they ring the doorbell, the ring video doorbell, push button, same system here, uses wyfi,. >> it is like face time, so you know is coming to the door. similar system, wired system, little more difficult to install. but also, home security compact 1500. this is full suite of security stuff, so talking cameras, motion censors, water detection, key chain fogs, smart alarm, as well.
8:20 am
starts $249. all of these dyi. none of them require any of those contracts, link, right now on your station website. >> canary, wow. >> the canary footage, actually guy robbing a place. it was color, clear. >> you can see, my goodness. >> brewing your morning cup of coffee. listen to. >> this we found new survey of the five top things you should never put into cup of coffee if you want to stay healthy at all. you'll be surprised. >> but first, just waking up? are you full of energy, ready to take on your day? well, get your work done. because it won't last long. we will tell you the exact time of day when we are all just not productive. >> well, and the opposite, we'll tell you the hour of the day w
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>> giving away free college. >> what? yes, health insurer anthem offering 55,000 full and part-time workers on line agree, as college for america at southern new hampshire university. >> where? >> the college for america, at southern new hampshire university. >> really? >> only catch, classes must be in business and healthcare last have to go to the american college. >> footing the bill for their higher educating, hopefully seeing more trend here, more options, more companies doing. >> this i think it is great. >> i think fox should do. >> this and coy go back to college. >> what would you study, mike? >> i don't know, culinary arts or something. >> you can do your own, go to the try this segment. i have all of these pots coming from qvc. >> drug analysis company says more employees are testing positive for drugs. >> everything from marijuana to methamphetamine, to prescription pills, found in nearly 3.9% of the 9 million
8:25 am
tests in 2014. now that's up 2% from last year. >> before 2014, positive results dropped here lie fosh 24 years. >> snow back to doing drugs? >> going up, mike. >> oh, no. good thing we get working on this emmy award winning show as early as possible. it takes all night to craft something that looks like this. >> we found this research that is suggesting later in the day, the least productive you become. afternoon swoon. >> well, particular time, mike, everything is the least productive. ready for this? 3:00 p.m. >> yep, 3:00 p.m. reason is our brain is a muscle, only lasts so long. so each time we make a decision, we are using up mental energy. researchers say the most productive time to work within two hours of waking up. >> of waking up. >> so wake up at 4:00.
8:26 am
>> do you really wake up at 4:00? >> okay, 4:30, if i wake up 43 i should be at my peak at 6:30 every morning. >> thank goodness we start at 6:00 now. >> yea. >> but then at 6:30. so fading already? that's only 8:30, so i'm way down smear. >> that's right. >> by 9:30,. >> -- why we're so crazy. >> brain's tired. >> scientists say leaders like the president of the united state, they wear the same thing every day, because it is one less decision to make. >> i guess no way the president of the united state wears the same thing every day. >> other day notice he is wearing a gray suit rare he
8:27 am
wears a gray suit. >> remember he wore the tan suit? >> and everybody freaked out. >> hi, quince. >> i i can hardly hear you guys. i feel like you guys are teasing me about something. but it is okay. guys, guess what? no no excuse way to work out. i have free workouts here in philly. how you can do that, we we on the mission, let you guys know after the break. i can't do
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> dancing with the raindrops, bus stop bid, the possibility, there seeing just mostly cloudy skies right now, you will need the jacket or sweater again, with temperatures in the 50's, and in your weather by the numbers here we go with another low i shall number, but at least hire than yesterday, six out of ten. this is where the rain is this morning, mostly to the south of us. and mostly in southern delaware, but you see little
8:31 am
area in northeastern maryland, of rain, we could see another area pop up again. >> about six a, might see peak or two of sunshine here and, there not much, but take whatever we can get, can't rule out of course the chance of pop up shower any time today. >> weather pattern persists, another day, we'll see when things warm up little bit coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. good morning, 83:00; accident for this time around, 295, this is 295 northbound, right near route 30, tractor-trailer, looks like rearended by vehicle here, in the center lane. 295, right near route 30 this is a live look at 422. >> eastbound right near the observation interchange, a combination of slow moving traffic, and then a crash, that is off to the shoulder, and we're backed up on the benny coming into downtown, rough go, from pretty much the
8:32 am
toll plaza up and over into downtown, at eighth and vine. >> take a look at this two year old eat being his waffles. >> art or, who is that? who is that? >> child talking. >> who? >> popular with the younger ones. little two year old little arthur eating his waffles, this morning, getting had i traffic report, for mom and dad, before he heads out the front door. good job, arthur, good job. >> owe sure knows his bob kelly. so cute. >> even with his mouthful too. >> ya, okay, so, if you've needed reason to work out, look no further than your own television. because, this morning, our quincy harris is checking out group that is determined to help you get in shape. summertime fun, quincy.
8:33 am
>> why did you start we on a mission program. >> started 2013 started that because i needed lifestyle change. friend of mine got killed. i needed something to keep me busy, keep me active. i started working out, i didn't know working out would be the answer. here we are today on a mission just community based organization here to motivate the people that inspire them to work out, bid them up through fitness, nutrition, at the end of the day it is free. >> free. and you guys do workouts all around the city. and we can go to we on a mission. com to find a work out? >> we on mission for the workouts. it is free, six days out of the week, some days two workouts, and two different locations, every day except thursday is the work out. we just try to inspire, motivate people to come out, live this active healthy lifestyle. >> so really no excuse. >> no excuse. >> next hour we will be doing, say i come out, i want to work out we on a mission. this is like circuit training. what about these guys?
8:34 am
>> jump squats on the ladder being lunging back trying to keep it clean, trying to keep clean form. out here just try to focus on form, focus on focus burning calories and just doing things they don't normally do in the gym which is push themselves a lot of people go to the gym, work out, spray the machine, and then, you know, act like they done something. out here they actually are working. >> what are they doing up there on the hill? >> up there on the hill? let me see. hueper doing cool work. so planning, crawling backward, if they're bear crawls, strenuous work out, full body work out of the i see a lot of brothers and sisters that go to the gym, lift the gym out the billing but tap on these type workouts. it is full body and all about core. it is all about your core work. >> man, okay. now we have some ropes down here. >> billing up back strength, arm strength, these guys running back and forth doing five pushups, so we all like
8:35 am
to burn calories. >> most straight g and inspiring. folks get distracted on the phone, in the gym taking selfies, answering texts, you're not focused. getting a full work out here. people appreciate it. >> six workouts, free workouts, six days a week, free. >> six days. >> all around the city? >> all around the city northeast down wets philly, yep. >> mike, alec, they have to come out. >> where is mike anal next. >> well, they are in the studio why aren't mike and alex working out? they do everything in the morning. >> they are working. >> i need to see you out here. you guys are seemed. >> okay. >> six days of the week, for free, i need to see you guys in the summer, no excuses. >> free, for us. >> next hour, guys i'll jump in. >> do you guys do burden of proof east. >> yes, how many burden of burpo you do during a day? >> i've done a hundred during this segment.
8:36 am
>> mike can do it. >> cool, see you how the here, mike. no excuses. >> next hour on a mission, guys. >> i'm planning right now below the ways. >> are you? >> yes. >> dock leg left. >> okay. >> businesses know that we ignore it, tip jars, now they have a new way to get to you tip. how local places, calling it guilt tipping. ya, guilt touching up, brinking in more cash, mike. >> first brewing your morning cosmea? listen up, put down the creamer. yes, put it downment top five thing you should not be adding to that cup of joe. >> what about vodka? >> no,
8:37 am
♪ ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™.
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>> i've had three cups of
8:40 am
coffee. >> what type of coffee? they make fun of you. >> it is fairly girly. >> okay. >> i would say skinny, vanilla latte, no whip. >> oh, look at that. >> so, there is some things you shouldn't be putting in it, because it will harm your health, and i'm pretty sure a loft stuff you put in your coffee every morning. >> top five things you should never put in there. and here's the surprise, in this survey, skim milk, which is what this latte is made out of, skim milk is on the list of the top five things you should never put in coffee. that's because more research shows there are benefits from drinking whole milk, such as evidence it might lead you to consume fewer carbs. >> but then there is pure sugar. >> yes? >> i'm guilty of this. it adds up if you drink several cups of day. but also using sugar substitute. >> right. >> it is not safe. >> splenda, sweet and low, the cravings, increase the risk of diabetes.
8:41 am
and oh, second on the list. >> vanilla? >> the amount of sugar they also contain, but the worse thing to be putting in your coffee? >> your finker? >> no, non-dairy creamer. like coffee mate. not good for you. because of corn syrup. >> oh, the corn syrup in it. >> i love the french vanilla, hazel not. >> not fan of the hazel nut. i don't know. they always make fun of me because of how much sugar i put in my tea. >> seeping tea spoons? >> i put in six, seven pack. >> the we're not lying. i've seen her do six, well, to up ten splenda. >> i try six, seven. no, i do regular sugar. >> is that better? >> i hope so. >> either way i'm sure it is not good when you do six packets of it, but i like sweet things. >> oh, ya. you're a sweet thing. >> oh, goodness. all right, chaka can a. here, put your fink nerve my coffee. sweet ten up little bit. >> my goodness. >> all right. >> oh, that's good.
8:42 am
>> do you think could you drink it just black though? >> no, i've had one zip of black coffee in my whole life, probably when i was nine years old from my dad. i hated it. and it never again, never again, black coffee. all right, it is 8:42, already forgot what jen doing. oh, still talking about movies? >> i think still talking about move ills. she will become a spy, mike. >> here's my new spy thing, i'll bring it down to you, by the way, my enemy, oddly enough, something were you just talking about. >> mike jerrick? >> what? >> more than that. come on back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ there we go. ♪
8:45 am
lease an mkz for $289 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $500 bonus cash, only at your lincoln dealer. dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> great nap taking temperature yesterday. glorious to take a nap. once again, great nap weather. but, it is kind of gloomy, cloudy once again, most of the rain we're seeing this morning, to our south. temperatures, mostly mid 50's, we got whopping 58 degrees in reading, coatesville, 55, 52 in in williamstown, 52 in
8:46 am
pennsville, it is double nickles in woodland, new jersey, mt. holly has 54 right now. so, we will rise to 65 degrees, hopefully, maybe even get a smidge of sunshine. sixty-eight tomorrow, 78 friday, hope to clear this stubborn system out of here, and get back into the 80s, by saturday. guys? >> so you have heard about this new movie, spice, chose melissa motorcycle cart toy play a spy, turned into a spy. >> yes? >> so, jen, also a spy, though. jen? >> you guys are so good at this. >> in the movie, paid for my trip, awesome movie, but we say -- in the movie, melissa mccarthy goes glorified office worker to a field agent, so, yes, she needs a spy all just,
8:47 am
cat lady? no too much of a rock star. >> divorced housewife from iowa. >> great undercover beep. >> is jude law going to come in and help me get that done? >> beep. >> ya, ya, okay. >> under the covers. beep. >> ya. >> he can help you. >> thank you. >> did i forget -- >> need someone to find the bomb without being detected. >> okay, thanks, lunch lady. >> you're going. >> okay. >> or job to infiltrate a can i smug little ring. people worry about her in there. not something to worry about any more. >> all tooth decay. >> yes. >> former piece corpse volunteer. >> yep. >> not married? >> no. >> nope. >> possibly confirm
8:48 am
bachelorette? >> can i have boots? >> boots? >> booze. >> booze and boots, ya. we'll get you a boob job before we go. >> you'll only be able to find -- but, i feel like you're resourceful. i feel like you are the master -- >> i'm and toy candy anyway because that beep sugar is killing all of us. >> so true. >> you'll be given new identity. hey,. >> the confidence builder. >> okay. this movie is really good. i have to tell this, when i told melissa motorcycle cart that i i like this movie, better than heat, and i love that movie, she got mad. she got little weird about it, i think it is because, you know, threes both her babies, if you will. but i said, melissa, like the
8:49 am
new baby. like in my family, we have laundry. >> did they gave you a disguise? >> they gave me disguise. that's what's on the thing that you have there. >> your badge? >> my badge. lynn is my middle name. miniola the street i grew up in in clearwater florida yes, i will ' take that to the airport, see how far it get me. >> you might stand out little too much in afghanistan with that outfit. >> never know. never know. by the way, if we take nothing else from my journalism this morning, it is this. sugar is the real enemy. >> sugar is the real enemy. >> like the other thing we were talking about. >> your stripper name or whatever, your porn star name. what was the name? >> runge. >> and your first pet's name? >> bernie, bernie runge. >> please, welcome to the
8:50 am
stage, bernie runge. >> it is more after spy name, mike. >> the wait is over. talking about this other movie, people want to see this entourage movie, man, out in theatres today. is it worth seeing? we sent our kevin mccarthy, i think you saw the midnight showing. fu few hours ago. >> everyone talking about entourage. >> all of the people back in
8:51 am
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! good morning, 8:53, live look at 295 southbound, look at that, crash off to the side there. right near route 30. here's your travel times. getting ready to leave the house, eastbound, on the schuylkill expressway. coming into downtown, about 24 minute trip altogether. south on 95, still stacked up, wood half tone downtown, put about 30 minute on the clock there. and we're still dealing with that local power outage in the traffic light are out along
8:54 am
route 202, just south of the delaware state line. >> now a spy. >> well, mike told me he is a former spy. >> he still has his badge. he keeps it in his wallet, in case he nodes to pull it out. look here. >> is that your spy face? >> that actually is my second security card their get into the fox 29 studios. >> and why are you making this face? >> because if i'm being chased by our security guards, that's probably how i will look. you know what i mean? >> that's how you look trying to get in the building every day. >> pretty scary face, mike. >> thank you. >> okay, so, we're gearing up for the world cup have, it right here on fox, looking forward to watching the women play soccer. you know my favorite soccer player, i've got two. heather myths and carli lloyd.
8:55 am
>> so the latest issues sports illustrated features, carli lloyd. yes. she is from delran, new jersey, and fox 29 already airing the woman's world cup starting next monday. she looks great. she looks lick she is red. >> i she is so much fun, too. she as been following me on twitter. >> and on instagram. >> told heather about our deal here. >> oh, if she wins the world cup, she's going to eat dozen donuts with us. >> no, that's not it. >> wasn't that it? >> she will eat a donut for every goal she scores. >> oh,. >> during the entire lent of the world cup. >> okay. >> we'll bring in many. if it is a dozen, it is a dozen. >> hopefully it is a dozen. >> oh, that's a live shot of a horse that i recognize. look how muddy it is up there. yep. belmont triple crown hopeful american pharaoh. i know, its mother was a mother. and its dad was a mother. >> my goodness. >> you know this horse, did
8:56 am
run in the mud, right, at the preakness. so a lot out of this belmont steaks. think i down to eight horses, that almost, well, i shouldn't say this, but makes it a really good chance. >> we haven't seen one since the 70s. >> is that right? who won? who was divorced, a firm? >> what, since 78? seventy-eight? >> so do you want a triple crown? >> oh, we want a triple crown. >> do you? >> i believe american pharaoh >> do you? >> i believe american pharaoh will do
8:57 am
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next time you have a question about how to pay for college, ask me. sincerely, jared duemling, fellow ninja and fellow citizen the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay!
8:59 am
bleigh august 15th, called
9:00 am
the shirt corner apartment. >> well, you should live there, that way we can spy on with you our camera. >> she showed me with a balcony, you can see about our camera. >> that would be great. >> i'm sure you would put on a show. >> is bob running the camera today? joe, if you widen out, i'll tell you the terrace i'm talking about. good day, it is win, june the third, 2015. >> tilting down, new building. okay, zoom out. >> those are terrace cents right there. >> oh, what they are working on now? >> see the yellow scaffolding? >> yes. >> that would be my terrace. you can see me, you know, sunbathing thereon my terrace. >> oh? >> yes. >> that way we'll know what happens when you call out sick, we catch you sunbathing there. >> out there, yes. >> having nice drink. >> oh, ya b


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