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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 4, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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ane makes a tough landing at philadelphia international airport. what the emergency means for others flights coming into the airport. major developments in the kidnapping avenue jewelry store employee. who just got arrested. your news starts in 30 seconds. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪ right now breaking news tonight. flights into philly delayed for hours after this plane forced to make an emergency landing. touching down without its landing gear. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page.
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>> good evening i'm dawn timmeney. lucy noland is off tonight. let's get right out to fox 29's chris o'connell live at the airport. chris, what do we know at this point? >> reporter: well, dawn that, hard landing happened about 7:30 tonight when a private jet skids to an emergency landing here on a runway at philadelphia international airport. we can tell you all five people on board passengers and crew are okay but the incident causing a ripple effect for people traveling tonight. the hawk kerr 4,000 aircraft could be seen on the runway shortly after the emergency landing. its nose on the runway and collapsed landing gear. the fire department was on scene as that plane landed. you could actually see the pool of fire retardant foam all over the runway. we now know the twin engine jet originateed in carlsbad, new mexico. it was on its way to monmouth airport in new jersey when philadelphia international airport officials got the call. the emergency call that that plane was in distress.
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luckily amazing until pilot was able to bring down that aircraft as the plane came to a stop all five passengers evacuateed safely safely. now, as far as that aircraft, we do know we're going checking thon aircraft it's a fairly new aircraft. went into service less than three years ago. it is owned by a company out of new mexico and from what we understand hasn't had any problems since. we can tell you there was a ground stop here at philadelphia international airport. that has been lifted about 30 minutes ago. but, again the ripple effect i was just in checking the rifle and departure checks, and a lot of delayed flights a few canceled flights and they expect those delays inbound and outbound to last through the evening. once again those five people evacuated safely after an emergency landing tonight here at philadelphia international airport. guys, back to you. >> all right chris thank you. flames shooting out of a tractor trailer on the side of the
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pennsylvania turnpike. incredible video. sky fox over the seen in bensalem earlier tonight. the fire caused major backups in the eastbound lane. the lanes are back hope tonight. no word yet on any injuries. >> also breaking to knotworks arrests. two new arrests in a hoe risk attack against a woman who was leaving her job on jewelers road. the suspects followed her into a parking garage last month kidnapped the woman and sexually assaulted her before dumping her in a cemetery. feds wrapping up a news conference. zahn net wilson is live at atf headquarters in center city with breaking details. sean net? >> reporter: well dawn atf agents say those two men had been under surveillance when they were taken into custody tonight they would not say exactly where they were arrested but we do know these are believed to be the last two men wanted in this crime. atf and philadelphia police have arrested the two remaining suspects in the kidnapping and brutal assault of a jewelers row worker and for the attempted
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robbery of national watch and diamond exchange in april. 26-year-old basil boo was arrested in northeast philadelphia. and 35-year-old shahid was arrested in south philly around 7:00 tonight. investigators say they are the two a accomplices to minored custody. they believe the trio targeted the business at seventh and chestnut and abducted the employee in a parking garage as she left work. >> the victim suffered but survived a brutal horrific assault. she was stunned repeatedly with a taser and beaten and thrown out of the abductor's van. they now join their alleged accomplice kyree gay in federal custody tonight. >> reporter: and we're told shahid and boo will have their first court appearance tomorrow afternoon in federal court. dawn? >> all right, thank you shawnette. new video just into our newsroom tonight. take look what these arson suspects did to three parked cars just blocks apart in camden
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county. police releaseing surveillance footage of one of those incidents in camden monday night. the two suspects break a window and then use a flammable substance to ignite the vehicle and did the same thing to two other parked cars in pennsauken later that night. on your radar tonight instead of a warmup to start your weekend scott we could see some rain. >> that's right. we are looking at up tick in those temperatures for tomorrow. but also, more spotty showers. look at ultimate doppler right now. we're looking at some light to moderate rain especially south and west of the philadelphia area. so we'll zoom in on radar right now. you can see around salem county, new castle county moving back into sections of chester county we're looking at pretty decent showers around the area. newark wilmington, salem down bear red lion, middle counsel delaware looking at moderate rain. chester county you can see this is moving towards the coatesville area, west chester downingtown around the west grove area. hokessin delaware looking at some of the moderate showers as
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well. so as we go hour by hour, we're looking at those clouds overnight for your friday morning. mostly cloudy, more of the same a few pockets of showers around i-95 as well as down the shore during the day tomorrow. but hang in there because by the upcoming weekend it does look like things will start to turn around as we look at your friday planner beginning at 6:00 a.m. mostly cloudy upper 50s by lunch time tomorrow mid 60s grab that light jacket. and coming up i'm going to talk a little bit about when we'll hit 90 as well as things heating up in the tropics. back to you. >> all right. thank you scott. the prime suspect in a sexual assault in point breeze is being charged with a crime according to philadelphia police sources. fox 29 learning that raheem felder was taken to the special victims unit to be charged with last week's assault on rosewood street. detectives say felder broke into a woman's home, stole several items and her car. then they may he returned and sexually assaulted her. a camden woman is murdered and tonight police are searching
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for her ex-boyfriend. 39-year-old carol brown was found lying in the driveway of her patton avenue home last night. that's in berlin township camden county. she a been stabbed several times. brown died a short time later at virtua hospital. police believe that her 45-year-old ex-boyfriend michael idol killed her during a domestic dispute. two arrests to night in a string of armed robberies that hit self temple students. the crimes happened late last night. one robbery was caught on video showing three students being robbed at gun point. today central detectives arrested a 16-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy for the crimes. they have not released any more information about the suspects. skyfox overhead heavily damaged allentown business. two alarm fire breaking out harry's u pull it warehouse on north plymouth street just afternoon today. a building and several cars catching on fire. fortunately no one was hurt. there's no word on what started that fire.
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and developing right now a massive data breach affecting millions of federal employees. hackers in china are believed to have broken into the us government's computer network. personal information of at least 4 million federal workers may be compromised. government officials are still investigating trying to figure out just how many agencies are affected by this. a heartbreaking image today. a mourning vice-president walking hand in hand with his family into legislative hall in dover. his son's cassette carried inside. the first of many public honors held today for former delaware attorney general beau biden. for hours people filed through paying their respects to a man who was loved by so many and taken too soon. fox 29's bruce gordon was there. >> reporter: a grieve stricken vice-president joe biden accepted condolences alongside wife jill and beau's wife hally and children natalie and hunter all beside a flag draped casket inside a packed senate chamber. delaware dignitaries filed past
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to pay their respects to the 46-year-old public servant patriot and father. governor jack markell said his goodbyes then comforted mourners outside legislative haul. >> beau was really good at everything he did and he was also extraordinarily humble. i think the fact that he was so grounded and so interested in other people, there wasn't a superficial bone in his body and when he had a conversation with you, he was all about you. >> beau biden died saturday after a two year battle are you brain cancer cutting short a life that included two terms as delaware attorney general service in the national guard and a widely anticipateed gubernatorial run next year. the hundreds of folks who stood in line to pay tribute included those who worked with and for the former ag. plus plenty of other who's simply appreciated this son of delaware's first family who built his own legacy of service to others. >> i feel for his children who
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he adored and his wife. just want to say goodbye. >> beau was just a person of honesty and integrity a person that everyone liked. >> kind of guy that was a friend friendly guy. that was a man's man. that was a people's person. >> i felt it was important to come out and pay my respects to someone who dedicated his life to service for not only the state but also his country. >> biden family including the vice-president stayed around for the entire afternoon to meet and accept condolences from each and every mourner. seemed like everyone had a story to tell about beau biden out here in the line one woman described running into beau at a labor day parade back when he was attorney general. she jokily told him i don't know if i can vote for you. you've never even come by my house to say hello. biden had an aide take down her address and a couple of days later, stopped by to do just that. in dover i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> on saturday we will live stream beau biden's funeral mass on our website and on our fox 29 news app.
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we'll also bring you president obama's eulogy live right here on fox 29. well more encourageing news out of temple university hospital tonight. that's where only a handful of victims now remain after last month's deadly train derailment. only four patients are still in the hospital's care tonight. none of them are listed in critical condition. amtrak train 188 derailed on the northeast corridor line back on may 12th. eight people were killed and more than 200 others were hurt. investigators say the train was traveling at over 100 miles an hour. more than twice the speed limit when it went off the tracks. this is not something you see every day. this guy hopped on a police suv and starts rocking out. dancing for several minutes. see what he did as he slid off that suv. >> young man goes to pick up his take out food and is shocked by what is written on his order. >> there were the words in blue ink black boy. >> you heard him right written right on the container.
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it gets worse. why the manager defended the label. >> he's known as philly g now he's looking for help. what he wants from you to take his profile to the next level. >> he leads the fight to help fine the missing. called the doctor house search rescue how one man's obsession is giving local families the answers they're looking for. if you want a paint with no harsh fumes. if you want a paint without harmful chemicals. if you want a paint that's safer for your family, and the environment...
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only this can. natura from benjamin moore. paint like no other. certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation of america. ♪ well this looks likes an ordinary scene at a south philadelphia 7eleven. police say the two men following the woman inside scammed her with some fast talk. the guys asked 26-year-old woman to show them how to use the atm
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at the passyunk avenue store. they stood on each side of the machine and ended up walking away with her money and stuff. if you know who they are call police. a fight between two students quickly erupts into an all out brawl and side a philadelphia high school. police were called to break up the violence and martin luther king high school in germantown. authorities say 25 to 30 students got involved in the brawl at some point this morning. the school was on lock down for about 90 minutes. no one was seriously hurt. six students were taken into custody. police officials say they may be eligible though for the city's diversion program which aims to keep kids out of jail. >> which takes first time offenders gets them behave hey your help services looks at the family through dhs. rather than give them a prison record. we look to give them services. >> the diversion program cut arrests by 800 and given some students a second chance.
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>> a police chase turned deadly in chester. armed robbery robbery suspect on the run run. police are revealing more details about what led up to the 25-year-old's death. dave kipp chen is live in chester and what are authorities saying about exactly how this happened? >> reporter: police are releasing few details rye right now. they've turned this case over to the delaware county district attorney as a matter of standard procedure. but they say this was a chase that involved multiple police jurisdictions and took a tragic turn. >> you didn't have to kill that little boy like that. he was a little kid. in his 20s. that boy he didn't live life yet. >> anger from man who saw a chester city police car run over a man on his bike near 13th and keystone last night. police say they were chasing the guy on the bicycle. a 25-year-old suspect in an armed robbery on the west side of town. >> 55-year-old female was robbed
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at gun point cell phone and currency while walking in the area 1100 block of meadow. >> report roar police commissioner joseph bail says a flash went out to police units telling them to be on the look out as a man identified by family members as sherman berg. a unit serving warrants picked up the chase with chester police joining in. before bird collided with a chester officer. >> the cop hit him. once the cop hit him he was underneath the car. all the cop had to do was just stop and drag him out of the car car. yet instead he kept going ran over and he died right there. >> bird was pronounceed dead at a hospital. his mother tells fox 29 he came up from north carolina eight days ago to visit his five-year-old daughter hadn't nothing to do with the robbery. police disagree. >> he had a gun and they were chasing him in the area. >> commissioner says they recovered the gun but could not say if officers found the stolen cash and cell phone. they have turn the entire investigation over to the da' office office for an independent
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probe while offering thoughts and prayers. >> we give our heartfelt condolences to the deceased's family. we know this a terrible time for them. >> reporter: police tell us the officer involved in the crash is a six-year veteran of the force. they tell us that he is on paid administrative leave. we're also told by investigators that family members of the victim some of the family members were arrested at the hospital where the vick testimony was pronounced dead following a skirmish that happened there. emotions still running high tonight. back to you iain. >> all right dave, thank you. some new jersey lawmakers want to make up skirting a crime. the assembly's judiciary committee approving mesh to make the act a fourth degree offense. up skirting when a person adds a camera or recording device to capture a person's private parts parts. >> philly jesus he roams the streets of center city philadelphia. he'll deliver a blessing or pose for picture he's making a name
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for himself online. but what does philly jesus actually have to offer and what does he want? >> fox 29's chris o'connell found out this guy has quite a history and he's asking for $70,000. >> god bless you. >> reporter: you may have seen him walking the streets of center city. >> gives me purpose. >> reporter: you may be one of to us thousands of followers on social media, that is. meet philly jesus. >> people who would never step foot in the church or pick up a bible i'm the closest thing they come to bible. they're like can i get a selfie with you and that's a green light for me to share my story. >> reporter: his real name a michael grant a 29-year-old recovering heroin addict from northeast philadelphia. >> if i was your best friend, during my drug addiction i would have stole your wallet and help you look for it at the same time. i was a scum bag. >> reporter: several stints behind bars for drugs let gnome weekly prison bible study two years ago something that change his life. he's been clean and sober ever since and has found a new
10:19 pm
calling. >> this is me wearing my like jesus' jersey if you will to get people to think about jesus to remind them of the person of jesus christ. >> god bless you. >> reporter: with his popularity now soaring on social mode ya, philly jesus is asking for your help to the tune of 70 grand. a gofundme campaign was launched to take his minute tree main stream including buying a car and renting office space. >> we want to use it for food drives clothing drives to feed the homeless and also so i can speak and share my story to the whole nation. >> reporter:nation. >> reporter: he knows he has critics. some call it a exam an fraud. >> they call me a white definitely and satan. i go up and i say i love you. >> reporter: he takes donations on the street and says he has no job non official home. instead crashing with friends and family. >> god bless you. >> i love you. >> no mother how unorthodox his message he plans to do this for the rest of his life. >> better than being addicted to
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drugs and i'm addicted to jesus now. one in a lifetime surprise bolt of lightning crashes into the ground right in front of this police cruiser. what the cop found when he went back to the site of the strike, and -- >> i said get off! >> a mom screaming admits she killed her nine-year-old daughter. what her son told the court that spark the outburst. >> plus it's normally a time to celebrate. why could cheering at a high school graduation is about to land some parents in jail. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody. a lot going on this weekend a big event nascar weekend up at the pocono speedway we'll see a lot of extra volume heading north on the extension tomorrow even into i80. and if you're ready for breakfast come on tomorrow morning meet me at 6:00 o'clock down at uncle bill's pancake house we're going to the shore. beach avenue in cape may. we'll have the beach we'll have the water.
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we'll have some pancakes when i go live tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. hopefully we got nice weather down there. sue and i will see you tomorrow morning. well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you.
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only this can. natura from benjamin moore. paint like no other. certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation of america. ♪ bleep. i said get off! >> a mother screams out in court admitting she killed two of her children. michelle blair accused of of killing her 13-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son and then
10:24 pm
storing their bodies in a freezer. in court today her surviving son testified he saw her murder his brother and sister. today's trial was to strip her panning rights for her two surviving children. in love land, colorado police are trying to figure out in a murder in their town may be connected to two other nearby shootings. officers found 65-year-old william couldn't nel bleeding on the sidewalk late last night. he later died at the hospital from a gunshot wound to his chest. investigators now say there might be a connection between connell's murder and two other separate shootings. a bicyclist was shot and killed in may and about a month after a woman was injured by gunfire while driving on the highway. both of those shootings remain unsolved. you can add another name to the race for the white house. former texas governor rick perry is the 11th republican to enter the presidential race. perry making the announcement today in addison texas. this is a redo of 2012 bid that didn't go so well for perry as he tumbled from front runner
10:25 pm
after series of embarrassing fumbles. fight against bullying gets a handful of tech text teens sent home from school. >> all stemming from what was written on their t-shirts about 27th graders started a t-shirt campaign aimed at promoting tolerance toward an openly gay couple. the shirt said gay ok but those students say school administrators told them to change their shirts or leave. >> i know that i'm not wrong and this isn't against the dress code so there was no reason to change. >> the school says big argument between groups of students started in the cafeteria all because of those shirts and that's why some people got in trouble. five of the students did change their shirts. the others were sent home. a step dad arrested accused of forcing a nine and six-year-old to take shots of vodka. so drunk they were getting sick. why he says it wasn't his fault. >> plus a young man goes to pick up his take out food and is shocked by what's written on his order.
10:26 pm
offensive label about his race and it gets worse. why the manager defended it all. scott? >> and are you making plans for the upcoming weekend? will we finally see more sunshine? what about warmer june like temperatures? new information next.
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>> a vicious attack with a gardening tool outside bar in germantown. surveillance video from tuesday shows the man police are looking for. they say he got into an argument with another man inside the southern inn tavern. when they stepped outside the suspect hit the victim in the head with a garden howo. that man went to the hospital with serious head injuries. suspect took off and police are hoping someone recognizes him. >> police are still looking for a man who led them on chase and then abandoned his car with a three-year-old little boy inside and a gun on the seat. this story was breaking news last night at 10:00 o'clock we told you officers tried to pull the karr over in west philadelphia but the driver took off. police say he ditched the car in upper darby and ran away.
10:30 pm
officers say the child was not hurt and he was turned over to familiar members. a young atlanta man ordered take out food from a national chain restaurant and was appalled by what workers hasn'ted him. >> the food itself wasn't shocking were you the words they used to describe him written on the container. fox's chris shaw explains those workers even defended it. >> reporter: it was the first time he had ever been to panda express. and because of what happened here it will be last time. >> just a very incentive thing to me. i couldn't believe, you know, in this day, you know, that people would identify someone like that. >> reporter: malik moss picked a busy time to stop by the restaurant to pick up chinese food to keep orders straight workers used customer numbers like this but in malik's case they also identified his meal another way. >> when i got to the table and they moved the plate off the top of mine, there were the words in blue ink "black boy" the. >> words together or separate were extremely offensive.
10:31 pm
as was the explanation malik says the restaurant manager gave him. >> her reply was i'm sorry that you were offended but that's just how we identify you here. it's like saying that you have a ponytail or that you have a green shirt. >> reporter: no, it's not. this was much different than describeing their hairstyle or his shirt according a panda express spokesperson who apologized for the incident saying it clearly does not reflect the company's standard procedure. the worker she says should have asked for malik's name. the company says it's using the mistake to retrain workers not just at this location but at restaurants all over the state. >> the fact that knowing it's probably happened before and if i don't say something it will happen again it's an injustice torque not just a certain race of people to any body that's been discriminateed against before. to sit on it and let it keep happening without being exposed. >> restaurant spoke person says the company is reviewing security video from inside the restaurant the day of this incident so they can tell exactly who was involved and
10:32 pm
discipline those workers. well who hasn't gotten a parking ticket or two? that dreaded paper left on your windshield. well tonight we're learning how many tickets the philadelphia parking authority actually hands out and it's a lot. listen to this. 4.8 million tickets in a three year period from january 2012 to january 2015. and that doesn't include any other kind of tick just parking citations. the city released the number to help people understand parking enforcement efforts citywide for a link to where the most parking tickets were issued in case you want to avoid getting them head over to our website or check out our fox 29 app. click on the seen on tv section on our website. >> what's on our radar tonight. maybe a little warming up of the temperatures. >> we'll warm things up as we head into the upcoming weekend but the cloud cover will stick around for friday. below average temperatures will stick around for friday as well as i expect a few spotty showers but a warming trend as we move toward the upcoming weekend.
10:33 pm
temperatures today 10 degrees below average. 70 was the high. the normal is 80 but it felt even cooler with winds coming in off the ocean. as we look at the satellite/radar, you can see we're still dealing with the clouds. there's an area of low pressure right now kind of churning around virginia. that's pinwheeling some moisture towards sections just south and west of philadelphia. so as we look at ultimate doppler right now, you can see the green showing up just south and west of philadelphia as you head into sections of gloucester county also, salem county moving into new castle county. this activity kind of drifting back to the north and also west. so we'll zoom in a little closer and you can see it's raining right now pretty decent showers around wilmington to newark, also salem right now in salem county and this activity is moving into sections of chester county as well. west grove coatesville downingtown, west chester looking at light showers right now. so certainly something to keep in mind by 11:00 o'clock most of that moisture still south and west of philadelphia. then by tomorrow morning it's mostly cloudy, it's chilly,
10:34 pm
we're still looking at temperatures in the 50s to start. pockets of showers out there. by lunch time more of the same. especially down the shore. that's going to be the best coverage for the rainfall pretty much the entire day tomorrow. so friday kind of damp and dreary down the shore. atlantic city, cape may looking at clouds and also showers. moving ahead to your friday night, kind of similar to what we're getting right now. cloudy kind of cool. saturday morning we're looking at clouds and showers down the shore. but watch what happens throughout the day. we decrease the clouds and clear thing out of here so that will set us up for a warming trend as well as more sunshine so you can see high pressure that's going to be moving everything out to sea as far as the clouds and the showers and give us much better weather. now, what about the tropics we're tracking a hurricane right now in the eastern pacific. that's going to be intensifying potentially and impact cab bow saint lucas sun or monday. down the shore you can see friday kind of gloomy.
10:35 pm
better though for saturday as well as sunday and what about the pocono mountains this weekend. a little cool tomorrow but near 80 on saturday. low 70s on sunday. and temperatures right now generally in the 50s and low 60s out there. so what to expect over the next seven days. we're looking at a high tomorrow 74 degrees. low 80s on saturday in the city upper 70s on sunday and then low 80s above average temperatures into next week and then it turns hot and humid by next thursday. i know you're excited about that 90 right? >> i am excited about that 90. thank you scott. >> i like the 80s. >> i don't mind the 80s. i'm ready for 90s. thank you. this is not something you see every day. this guy hospitals on a police suv and starts dances dancing out for several minutes. there's a philly connect. see what he did as he slid off the suv. >> plus it should be a time to celebrate. why cheering on a high school graduate can s about to land some parents in jail. >> and saying goodbye to a
10:36 pm
police k9 who spent his life serveing a grateful community. >> there's still there. they give us unconditional love. >> police officers travel several miles for the touching tribute to moki before his final walk. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients
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the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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♪ just released surveillance video shows a man showing off his dance moves on top of an suv in lee county florida near fort myers. christian, spent six minutes on the roof dancing to the hall and oats song rich girl and goodbye stranger from super tramp then he slid down the whipped shield ripped off the windshield wipers wipers. he was arrest add short time after that. police say he claimed he was being threatened by vampires and needed help from the sheriff of nottingham. in your money tonight egg prices are outprice rise and bird flu may to be blame. outbreak already affecting more than 30 million chickens. most of them had to be euthanized. that's translateing into big changes at the grocery store. the wholesale price of eggs increasing by more than 150% from the average cost back in april. experts say the spike in egg price cos last for another year.
10:40 pm
so much southwest airlines extend add sale by another 24 hours after their website slowed to a crawl from too many people trying to buy cheap tickets. the spike in traffic to the site that result of a sale on many of southwest shortest flights just $49 each way meaning a lot of those short non-stop routes across the country available for less than 100 buck round trip. so you got one more day to take advantage of the sale. >> coca-cola show off earth friendly plastic bottle made from only sugar cane plastic. no petroleum call the plant bottle. coca-cola says it's looking at converting fruit stem peels and bark into plastic as well p the company is not saying when it will begin selling coke in the new plant bottle. better not stand up for your high school graduate as they walk across the stage. at least not in one city. >> that's exactly what could land four people in jail. hard to believe at one school district superintendent was sick of friends and family getting a little two rowdy at ceremonies and taking attention away from
10:41 pm
the actual graduates. so he sent a letter home warning parents to wait until the end of the ceremony to cheer. he says he took unusual measures to make a point this year. he filed a noise complaint with the police and police issued arrest warrants. >> they yell out they excessively celebrateed during the calling of names once they heard their graduate's name, they celebrated that. when you make a conscious decision to disrupt that -- for that individual, what is too harsh? >> superintendent says he's determined to restore order to graduation. meanwhile the four people charged are expected in court next monday. a once in a lifetime surprise as a bolt of lightning crashes into the ground right in front of this police cruiser. what the officer found when he wept back to the site of the strike. plus he leads the fight to find the missing. trusted to track down our region region's most high profile cases cases.
10:42 pm
how one man's obsession is giving local families they long for. >> a step dad arrested accused of force ago nine and six-year-old to take shots of vodka. so drunk they were getting sick. why he says it was not his fall.
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♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
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♪ incredible video tonight from a police dash cam as a bolt of lightning strikes the road just feet from this police cruiser. we first showed you this video earlier this week released by officers in jackson county, mississippi. the department now says the officer went back to the same spot a little bit later and found a huge chunk of burned concrete. a step dad in minnesota accused of of getting two kids just nine and six years old drunk. police say 28-year-old oscar cruz forced the kids to drink shots of alcohol when their mom came home from work the kids were intoxicateed. cruz told police the kids must mistaken the booze forbade and investigators didn't buy it. >> their lives were potentially in danger when you're giving young children under the age of 10 shots of alcohol that easily, you know, take child's life. we're thankful they're still alive. >> police say the children were
10:46 pm
also covered in bruises and bite marks. cruz is now charged with child abuse. he's called the doctor house of missing people. a little bit eccentric and obsessive trusted to solve some of philadelphia's biggest mysteries. >> he gets the job done. fox 29's sabina kuriakose introduce us to the chief of philadelphia search and rescue. ♪ >> i just don't -- i don't suffer fools well. i used to be one. he doesn't hold anything back. >> i don't watch tv, no offense. >> there's good reason mark hopkins has a pension for cutting straight to the chase. more often than not he's in a race against time. >> he can get in really close because of his size. >> mark gives equal treatment to everyone that's missing. he can be rough around the edges at times that's how he gets his job done. >> reporter:. >> when we get back -- >> as chief of greater philadelphia search and rescue
10:47 pm
hopkins is a finder of the loft and missing. home grown -- >> philadelphia, jersey, don't put the jersey part on because that's embarrassing. don't put that on because that's insulting. (laughter). >> reporter: he's been called the doctor house of missing people. >> when we get back to the medicine. >> i can be obsessive. >> it's his passion. it's in his mind and heart to do this and he succeed at it. >> all volunteer 24/7. >> he's got to by for us because the experience we've had with greater philadelphia search and rescue. >> the cases he has been involved a who's who of the most high profile searches in our area. >> chris row tellly came in. >> gpsar has been on them all. the team found the young boy's body in nine minutes. after hundreds of other volunteers had searched for days
10:48 pm
days. >> that kind of has become our thing in a way. three days after them and coming in and finding somebody. >> it's a track record not lost on law enforcement. >> we're so appreciative. >> delaware county district jack whelan. gpsar has emerged as a leader in search of rescues. >> but for philadelphia greater search and rescues they would not have been able to do the job. we would not have been able to accomplish what we're accomplishing. >> hospital cups and his team trek across water and woods in search of the missing there's a new terrain they're learning to contend with. social media and the rise of the hash tag missing. >> i think there's been more high profile ones because of the internet, social media. >> this is going to create so much extra data and usually things are simpler than we make them out to be. >> reporter: hopkins says since gpsar leaves no stone unturned they're compelled to chase any lead.
10:49 pm
online that can prove difficult. >> i don't think at this time it's matured enough to have a constructive impact on things because it's too much -- it's too much -- they use it to put theories up there. i'm not saying there's no place for it but i don't know the place. popularity on social media should not dictate the emergency services level of response you get. that shouldn't be a factor. >> reporter: for the most part hopkins cases center around the distraught and desperate people planning on taking their own lives. >> he does it he says so everyone can have the comfort of knowing if you're lost someone will find you. >> just like you have that comfort that if there's a fire, the fireman will come. there's a comfort that the ambulance will come. we need that. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> interesting stuff. emotional mourning for police officers in fulton county georgia.
10:50 pm
>> friends, colleagues and many more gathering to say goodbye to a beloved k9 officer. moki a lab and former officer for the fulton county sheriff's office was put to rest earlier today. the 12-year-old black lab served for over decade and was department's first explosive k9. his handler says moki had been suffering from arthritis and other ailments for the past year year. sergeant kirk mark ham remembering his long time partner and best friend. >> we're with them 24 hours a day seven days a week. they know -- excuse me. they're still there. they give us unconditional love. >> tough time during their time together moki and the sergeant were often brought in by other agencies to help with crime scene investigations. and today officials from those same agencies came to pay their respects and thank the k9 for his service. let's get a look at sports. here's howard. >> the phillies, they had no
10:51 pm
late inning heroics tonight and sent a player to the minor leagues after the game. and tiger woods still thinking he can bring back the glory but not a fun day today on the golf course. all that coming up in sports. ♪ started my camry. remembered the choices i've made. to be bold where others are scared. to show her right from wrong.
10:52 pm
and realized my little girl had become an amazing human being who will make choices of her own. toyota let's go places.
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♪ the phillies two game winning streak has come to an end. no late inning heroics in this one. no big hits in this one either and the phillies sent pitcher jake diekman to aaa lehigh. what took them so long. phillies down one to nothing. with the score one-one franco hits a double gives the phillies a two-one lead in the first inning. fifth inning watch this. score tide two-two. bases are loaded phillies walk the batter to load the bases. short stop freddie galvis throws home a force at the plate. remember that. carlos ruiz tags him the rule is you cannot obstruct the runner's path. so the reds challenged it and what happened what happens they get it overturn let's go back to all he has to do put his foot on home plate and none of this happens. that gave the reds the lead.
10:55 pm
these announcers complain about that. they whined down the new rule. that's billy hamilton two run hit in the sixth inning. harang gave up six runs in six innings and chapman gave the homerun strikes out the side in the ninth. phillies lose six-four. i don't think we will ever see the tiger woods we saw before. today was another bad one for tiger in the memorial. all right let's go to dublin ohio. 13th which was his front nine, that's -- fore! almost went into the houses. 60 yards off the fairway what the announcer said he bogied the 13th hole. so now let's go to one it a. finished 86th after one round. tiger, i know you're mad. i know you're mad. 73 today. nine strokes back. you can count this tournament another one that tiger will not win. he's not the same player. legend in philadelphia basketball honored tonight. philadelphia university head coach herb magee spent his entire career at the university
10:56 pm
and is one of only two college coaches a thousand wins the other one is obviously duke coach. herb magee is trial al hall of fame coach and he was inn ducked in 2011. will he brown james playing in the nba finals and his son was playing in another championship. will he brown james jr. number zero he's 10 years old, 10 years old. he doesn't look 10 years old. obviously he's big for his age. he can pass, he can shoot. he can probably shoot better than his dad honestly. >> look at him. he's cute. >> i know. really is. but as far as tiger woods, i know, you know, people want to see the tiger woods of old but those days are over. you don't keep it forever. you only borrow that game. you can't keep it forever. i don't think he'll ever win another major and i don't know if he'll win a tournament again. >> too bad. >> he goes out there and tries. he has to cut the anger. >> what about weather if i'm going to may golf tomorrow? >> a little soggy. >> which we are you know. >> a little chilly. ultimate doppler tracking a
10:57 pm
little bit of activity south and west of philadelphia. some of that will kind of pinwheel back toward the city if you have a late night you might want to keep that umbrella handy, and tomorrow temperatures top out around 74 with clouds and spotty showers. >> all right. thank you so much. tmz is up next. have agria night. >> thanks for watching. ♪
10:58 pm
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♪ ♪ to you they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection kills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™.
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>> today on "tmz." >> jeremy piven is a full service actor. he not only stars in movies. >> you're buying everyone popcorn for everyone here. >> no way. >> that's a lot of money. that's $3 million to buy a theater full of people popcorn. >> we hired bar mitzvah dancers. >> trust me, i used to be one of those dancers. >> what is he talkeding about? >> it may be a jewish thing. >> it's a rich people thing. you don't think that snoop did it for his kid of course. >> the jews need it more. 50 cent is modeling drawers.


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