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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 5, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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karen hepp is that a classic cape may shot. >> you have to take your family portrait there. you have to put on your white shirt and your khaki pants and no shoes. >> in shoes. >> can you do blue jeans and a white shirt. that works too. >> roll up the jeans. that is a federal trade requirement if you go to cape may you have to take pictures with the family there. relationship with your in laws can be tricky. i know you hate you are in laws but do you really understand what they are saying to you. >> i need a decoder. >> it is the in law translator. new web site will help you out. >> i have the best mother in law in the whole planet. alex is on vacation and she will be back. we will talk about this by what a phenomenon, he gave up his job traveling around the world, we will tell you the one thing that he is giving everybody that he meets along
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the the way. >> penicillin. >> no. >> there is national doughnut day what better way to celebrate then with, some dunkin' donuts. yum. they are with us every morning. they are one of our sponsors. everybody has advice on what the secret toys a long relationship. i talk to alex holley about this all the time. she has very good ideas. she's in london right now? what does she recommend. >> she has a list of things that she goes through. >> good communication. >> sense of humor. >> blah blah blah. but we found a new survey about intimacy. >> here's the thing researchers are saying that the trick to being a healthy couple, complain. >> complain. >> the more you complain is apparently a key or one of the keys according to the doctors. >> let it out. >> couple who have a low negativity threshold, tend to just thrive. >> what is a low negative threshold. >> when your partner is driving you crazy and you want
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to throttle it up. do not walk away, did not wait until a moment let it out. doctors explain couples who speak up tend to be more, successful. >> do you speak up with brian your husband of now ten years. >> it is true. we were thinking about this the other day. many people are celebrating their as well in june. we never did. we went away. we did. i think it is helpful. >> celebrating your anniversary. >> we were talking during a time when was the last time we spend this kind of time. we wine. you get a little closer. it was very special. >> really. >> where did you go, did you go to bora, bora, tahiti. >> poconos. it was fun. raining nice to spend that time. >> did you get in a heart shaped tub. >> did you get in a tub shaped as a champagne glass. >> have you ever been in one of those. >> i got into one of those ones. they are hard to get out of. >> who were you with. >> to tell you the truth, i do
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not remember but it was fun. >> anyway, 9:03. speaking of that romance stuff and, making whoopi as they used to say. >> the dating show. >> newlywed game. >> so when it is time to um-hmm get it on a new study find a lot of woman think about their male co-workers during sex. >> yes. >> it makes sense. >> a lot of times. >> and creepily you know this is the truth, it has happened and it is embarrassing when it happens. >> hold on. >> why am i speaking for that for a second. >> stop the show, i thought this was a study. you have had that happen to you. >> i have not with a male co-worker but with a female. >> any of your co-workers, almost all of your co-workers over the years. >> no thinking, i have had dreams about them. i'm not thinking about my
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co-workers during sex. well maybe kit cat kline. >> you know you totally have. >> i don't think during the act itself. i have dreams about them. >> that is what i'm thinking, i would never think of anyone aside from my husband. >> are you kidding me, really. >> researchers say half of the woman think about other people, while having sex and most of the time it is men from the office. 46 percent, take the camera off, off, off notice the creepy couple to the left of each other and grabbing each other from the back side. >> you know, oh yeah, okay. >> almost 50 percent of women and 42 percent have of men admitted thinking about somebody else, during sex and a lot of times it is their co-worker.
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>> yes. >> do we have it available. >> can we punch it up. >> you think about alyssa. >> she is really pretty though. >> a lot of the young woman i work with said they fantasize about that guy, right there do you see his head, sticking up, that is tom loudon. >> it is a nice pastie complex. >> there is alyssa, who we were talking about. >> but apparently this is quite the fantasy when tom loudon. >> i think that most women at one point you do have have a fantasy about your boss, as creepily as that it is. >> do you think our bosses are creepy. >> i think our bosses are lovely and wonderful. >> anyway, i thought that study was very weird. but 9:05. tricky part of the being in the relationship is dealing with your in-laws. >> sometimes it is you are out of touch and in the on the same page. it would be nice to have something, maybe from a
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partial kind of device to help you, to close that communication gap. >> is there a app for. that new app helps you decide what in laws say and what they mean. >> yes. >> inn law translator. for instance, if your mother in law asks you the question, how is my son, you know your husband, apparently what she really is trying to say is i have not seen him for weeks and it is all your fault. >> i hear. that i see that one. that is in the tone. >> this was created by voucher codes pro apparently and users can choose a partner's slender and select from a series of common phrases and questions you have been asked from you are in laws. >> chris murphy, do you get along with you are in laws. >> you know what, i love my in laws. i love linda and i love john. here's why? they don't tell me anything. they don't get involve. they don't get in anyway.
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they are polite. holidays are wonderful when we go to their house. >> they don't question but back in the day when you first got married they ask you when were you going to get grand kids and stuff like that. >> in of it. you know why, they are just laid back. they are cool. i don't think they wanted to be bother. they didn't want to get involved. my mom, on the other hand, played out differently. i love my mom but she changed, when our son was born so her first grandchild, very first one something changed and she started kind of offering advice, and let me tell you how to do this, that and other and how do you think my wife laura a responded. >> no, probably in the so great. >> so did laura talk tour mom about it. >> we did. >> yes. >> it didn't go over so great. we're still working on it. by the the way, philadelphia is about 2700 miles from palm
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desert california. >> by design. >> where your mother lives. >> yeah. >> you know, it is funny though everything was blissful until our son was born. >> yes. >> why are you in the wood, are you hiding from police or anything. >> hiding from my mom. >> nothing is new. >> all right chris, we will get back to you. >> we're right here along independent mall, waiting for special olympics torch. >> when you see the torch you let us know, we will get back to you. have you ever been out at a restaurant, bar just walking down the street like chris is right now and see somebody thaw fine very attractive. i will go from the guy's side here. i see a woman how find tracktive and you struggle to come up with a way to introduce your early is. you don't want her out of your sight. you want to talk to you. maybe even date her down the
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road. >> you were out last night. >> it turns out the best pick up line aren't pick up lines at all. >> women is a very simply best way to start a conversation just walk up and say hi according to mens health magazine interviewed a number of woman who told their stories about how they were pick up. >> hi. >> hi. >> i met my husband hi. one woman was at a grocery store and say what are you making for dinner. got the conversation started. he got her number. one thing led to the another. >> then they laid down on the grass. >> that is video of the couple i was begging. >> i think those people are dead this footage is so old. >> really just say hi. >> what works for you. >> i don't know. >> i one time, my fiance, my opening line to her was. >> what. >> i think i'm your husband. >> she goes, well, i think i'll be your wife.
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>> that was it. >> that is cutest. >> that was in a church at a wedding. >> well, we met in the church, at the reception. i didn't talk to her in the church. shook her hand in the sign have of peace. and then i saw her at reception. there she is again. >> is that really your first line, first thing you said to her. >> yes. >> we spent five minutes together. called her two days later, i text her honey, i'm home. >> she said well come on up. >> yes. >> australian man gives up his career to high five people around the world. we must talk to jen fredrick about this. she is a big high fiveer. i will tell her this story. hepp she's listening. there is a dude by the name of craig lou hoist traveled to 36 countries in an epic trip. he wanted to do this. he wanted to high five as many people around the world as he could. >> he documented the whole thing in videoing a up top
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look at that, how can you top that one. he work and saved for three years, before quitting his job and starting this journey. >> well, what is going on there does he have any hair. >> he jumped out of the airplane. >> he is hanging from them, that is a weird shot. >> he a has hitchhike, divide with sharks, traveled to places like south of france, and siberia, all over the place. thirty-six countries. >> that is so cool. >> yes. >> you have your passion for. >> that is great. >> what a monumental waste of time. >> when you are stuck at the airport for six hours because of weather delays don't you just want to burst into song. >> but you you would you would break out and do this. >> i love this. >> ♪
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>> i just got chills. >> you are in the theater. we have lion king in town right now. it is such a great show. so these are performances from lion king and a laden and they were stuck. and. >> a little bit. >> you know who was just name worst airport in america earlier this week, laguardia. i don't mind. after short runway and pirates. >> it is dirty, dark, ding i they don't have good restaurants. it has got to be the worst. >> i kind of like philadelphia's airport. it is basically a shopping mall with planes. >> cute little restaurants. >> yes. >> kids play area. >> yes. >> anyway the cast of a latin and cast of the lion king, stage show and they travel
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together. they traveled together, in this disney stage performance where they both, cast members. >> i thought it was kind of cool. >> great day. >> yes. >> do you want to do something. >> let's do some weather. >> let's do a little bit of weather. weather looks cloudy out there. so not too bad this morning. if you do step outside you will see a few showers out there ape those showers are moving through and they are clearing out and we will have a few more rain showers across the area today, so that is, the big issue this morning. close-up view shows that one heavier shower is moving out of the mercer county and further south in cape may, we are dealing with a drizzle. so not much of a problem this morning. just a few light passing showers. seven day forecast, has another warm day tomorrow, up to 82 degrees. seventy-two, with sunshine little will cooler on sunday, monday showers and a few then are storms but look at the heat coming back.
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heat and humidity, up to 90 degrees. hot and humid on thursday. >> so a week we will be back to 90 degrees. >> yes. >> it has been around for a while. >> it is the temperatures that will top out in the 07's i go with cotton. >> bob too bad you are down the shore, we have free doughnuts here. >> hold on. >> go for it, big boy. >> i'm here, are we on. >> i am here. >> we are on. and good morning shall. cross girls from malvern, how are you girls came down to have their pancakes we are having fun at uncle bill's pancake house in cape may. we have the the strawberry festival tomorrow. they have the craft show, all weekend long, on the promenade and also down there by the
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convention center. and, the best thing i came down here in december during the christmas holiday month and they have a really cool set up. all of the houses decorate for christmas. get a horse drawn carriage and go to open houses. looking for something to do around the holiday time would i certainly check it out. we all know that i love jelly doughnuts. dunkin' donuts sponsors our traffic. it is also national doughnut day. so take a look at this. dunkin' donuts brought doughnuts for everybody, save room for the pancakes, we have got doughnuts for everybody before you leave, is what your favorite doughnut. >> he wants the chocolate. what is your favorite. >> check late. >> is what your favorite doughnut. >> boston cream. >> that is down at the end. >> is what your favorite. >> check late. >> we have chocolate. >> what is your favorite. >> chocolate and cream. >> so do we have that.
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>> pick one here. >> my favorite of course is the jelly doughnut. lots of good jelly doughnuts chocolate cream the whole 9 yards, thanks to uncle bill's pancake house for allowing to us hang out make pancakes eat pancakes and bring doughnuts in the restaurant. best in cape may. guess what everybody the sunnies coming out. >> wow. >> back to you in the studio. >> that is great news for the weekend. thanks bob. >> i found this florida guy he gets his groove on, but it is where he does it, that gets him into big big trouble. now, by getting your groove on that could mean anything at this point. >> take a look. >> all right. >> this is surveillance video. >> he is simply dancing. >> yes. >> look what he is dancing on. >> a police vehicle. >> his name is christian. he spent six minutes on the roof of the sheriff's car
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dancing too this is why we brought to you because it a has philadelphia connection, he is dance to go hall and oaths song rich girl and good-bye stranger from super tramp. he slid down the win sheilas you can see there, he got caught on the wipers. that can always be painful. this is in lee county florida of course. >> what did he tell police what was the reason for this whole thing. >> he said he was being threatened by vampires and needed he help from the sheriff of this town call nottingham. >> the one in england. >> no, i believe that was florida, is that what i said? >> all of the weird stories come out of florida. we have caught up with the olympic torch with the special olympics. >> chris murphy what do we have. >> here we go guys, you can see runners will come up behind these police cars with sirens and lights and the torch that started this morning at the steps of the philadelphia museum and here
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they come, they are running up fifth street towards independence mall and they have a chant and there is the torch. >> wow wow. >> what is happening. >> so thinks exciting, guys. because robert wilson the third, who was gunned down in the line of tooth i on march 5th, his family will be there, and they evidently are going right now. here are mens of the police academy right now. >> they are running down. >> from here, guys, they will go from city hall and down broad toward the sports complex in a minute and heading west to go to harrisburg, pittsburgh and on to ohio after this all the way to los angeles where the games will happen this summer.
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>> yes. >> back to you guys for now. >> i think they will take a left i can probably see them. they will take a left. >> i can see them right now. i think they are going to arch because that is where our friend lily will carry the torch, and she will pick up the torch from the police officer at eighth ape arch. they will take a left on arch. >> she was on good day earlier, she's matt cord's niece. >> dealing with down syndrome but she is just a cute, wonderful, smart girl lily. she carries the torch at a half mile. coming up, the u.s. committee says kate lip jenner can change her name in the hall of fame record books. >> i wouldn't have even thought about that. >> that is interesting. >> all right. we will talk with tmz about that. >> all right.
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okay. welcome back. >> you know by now it is national doughnut day. u.s. olympic committee tells caitlin jenner she can change her name in the hall of fame record books. >> all right. lets get out to los angeles, we have casey carver joining to us talk about this one. hi casey welcome to philly. >> good morning thank you good morning happy to be here. >> um-hmm. >> so caitlin jenner, we spoke with the u.s. olympic committee. as bruce jenner was induct in the hall of fame in 1986 for his gold medal we are told that the u.s. olympic committee is opened to changing the name to caitlin jenner. it is up to caitlin, if this is something that she wants to do. they just said all she has to do is file a formal paper request and, they will be able to change it. we spoke with a representative
9:24 am
for caitlin jenner and it is unclear what she will even up doing but still not to worry, she has plenty of time. it is not until 2018 that there is olympic museum that will open and she will have the physical award. >> where is this museum, do you know the the location of it. >> i don't. i just know it is u.s. olympic one. >> we can look the it. >> oh, man the duggars, about 8 million people watched that interview with megan kelly. so what is in the blow back from this is tlc changing their mind would they put the show back on the air do you think. >> i think it would be a very, hard decision. i think that this time it is leaning toward cancellation. as you know sponsors have trooped left and right and in the show it is about making money. when you are in the making money things like this are happening people will tune into watch the show.
9:25 am
duggars are saying they had an agenda a to release these papers and files in the per lesstation case. we spoke to the police there. they say it is not the case h in fact, these document were never sealed. because molestation happened when josh was 14, but they didn't come forward, until four years later, so he was 18. so he was an adult. so obviously minor's names were redack in the paper work but these papers were never seal. they are saying there is absolutely no agenda against duggars. >> they probably can't be sued they may try but then they may try. >> casey thanks for joining us. we have to take off here, because we will take a quick break hear but when we come back. >> beer week. >> cape may. >> and then, the biggest event of the entire week here on good day.
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whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese
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and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger!
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karen, as you know we're in cape may today. anyway also philly beer week. coming close, goes through the weekend, now going to combine a spa segment with beer. >> i've done beer and shampoo how about beer and scrub. >> a beer facial? somewhat what do you? >> well i wanted to take my shirt off. then like quincy, please. we have a young man right here well, he has his shirt off. >> is he alive. >> well, move around little bit. can you move? >> okay. >> let me shake. okay essay life. this isn't a cadaver. essay life. >> here on 13th street downtown philadelphia, at the pa. penny how are you doing?
9:30 am
>> great. i hear you are on the round doing beer, beer, beer this morning? >> yes, having so much fun. so you guys do beer massage here? >> yes, actually what we're using is malt dollars barley, casino of pruney burnt sugar kind of smell. >> this actually is hops, which we do not favor when i was trying to develop the formula, i did use hops but it is just not the right fragrance here, if you smell this, this is actually our mixture. >> okay little citrus, little geranium. little lemon. >> we put it right on this guy's back. >> are you nervous sir? >> i've done this. >> so i'll help you out little bit.
9:31 am
>> barrel is he like magic. it is incredible nutrients in this. the sill end yum really is age defying. it has got acids do you know what that is? >> yes, it is -- >> it is not like battery acid. >> i know, it is a hilt acid. >> it is a hilt acid. it actually scavengers free radicals. so what's going to happen is your skin will look more youthful. you'll benefit from b vitamin phosphorous, all of this good stuff. >> beer over here. what's this concoction? >> okay so, to tell you the truth, there is no beer in that massage. >> really? >> but ingredients for beer. >> oh same ingredients. >> but this is momsae beer, if you look it, it has korea and err, brewers use all kinds of things quite amazing. >> can i put a little bit on our cadaver? >> how are you doing sir, are you okay? >> now now you're going.
9:32 am
>> get in there. >> now, i'm applying. now, i'm applying the beer. >> that's dijon mustard? >> ya ya. >> don't like the might meat. >> oh,. >> this is journalism people. >> this is getting good. >> now, when you gather massage, do you like a men or a woman? >> you know? >> am i too -- >> nice touch. >> he says avenue nice touch guys. >> okay you're hired quince. >> i thank you. ya guys this is the same ingredients that you can use for beer. yes, this is pretty cool. >> ex fowl yan. >> your hands will look amazing afterward. you'll like like you've five years old. >> yes, look like my little son there okay. >> he'll say dad what happened to your hands? >> mike do you have come down here for this. >> can we get some kind of music? >> how am i doing sir. >> what's your name, sir? >> what's your name?
9:33 am
>> don't you think you should know the man's name before you start rubbing him down? thirteenth street, center city philadelphia. all right 9:33. >> coming up: i'm going to show you the largest lemonade cup in the world. >> is it lemonade days? >> really lemonade. and another alex's lemonade stand. how cute are these girls? >> hi girls. >> there is something special out there. we'll show you the largest lemonade cup in the world. >> right onto cape may. we have our own jenn fred down there. morning, jen. >> oh hey i'm in this gorgeous mazda 3gt it, oops, stop real quick we had to change plans because the weather was really bad. so our great great sponsors at mazda are helping us out. where am i going to be? zoom zoom, let's let them guess where we will be. bye bye isn't this gorgeous
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♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk. all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. squeeze. stir. share. whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we?
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mini babybel is 100% natural cheese and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger! >> welcome back, it is 9:37. something so many of us will be taking part in over the rest of this month. lemonade days alex, from our area of course began here as national movement to raise money to fight childhood cancer coming up next week but first a special very grand lemonade stand taking place tomorrow. mike's outside with a really neat little girl. >> hey, yes. the whole adkins family is here. hi how are you doing? >> i'm grade. >> your name? >> i'm tricia movie of lou. >> i he's the mom and you're the dad. >> i'm dad mike, how are you?
9:38 am
>> you have big lemon on your face. so this is lilly here, right? >> that's little. >> i hi, lilly how old are you? >> nine. >> nine. and who is this girl? >> carl. >> i is that your sister? do you like her? is she helping with the lemonade stand? >> yes. >> cool. tell me about lilly. what's she going through in her life? >> when lilly was 14 months old, diagnosed with a brain tumor. so little so sick, and she had surgery at chop in philadelphia. then at m.d. anderson in texas she had follow up treatment. now she nine, she is hilt, cancer free. she us a awesome a rock star. >> it is a form of brain cancer? >> it is, it occurs in the brain and spine she just had it in her brain. >> cancer me? >> cancer free, awesome. >> ya right there. but now she wants to help other kids? >> that's right. >> so i think we all know what alex as lemonade stand is, but this is littley? >> this is little, yes. >> we will try to break a record. we will put on the screen now picture of the biggest lemonade cup i've ever seen in my life. how tall is that? >> 10-foot cup. will hold over 1600 gallons,
9:39 am
we will break the guiness world records for the largest cup of soft drink. it will be lemonade. >> when will we do this? i know tomorrow starting at 9:00. >> tomorrow 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at 9:30, we will officially break the park lindenwald park. >> where do we go? >> lindenwold park, 1,000 united states avenue in lindenwold, new jersey. >> tell me about the records watch kind of record would it be? >> it would be for biggest food largest cup of lemonade and we really want it to represent the giant cup but. >> and we want, doing this, to promote all of the other stands that are out there including alex's original stand, that saturday, thousands of stands all over the country, 1600 stands over the next week, all for alex's. >> is the lemonade any good? >> it is good. did. >> did you make it? >> just say yes.
9:40 am
>> yes. >> lemonade with a mix. >> really? made with a mix? >> and water. >> and the mix? >> ya. >> okay. >> so see you tomorrow morning? >> tomorrow morning. >> location? >> len ben cold park, lindenwold, new jersey, 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. >> where am i going? oh karen i know karen. >> hey, mike, weaver linda just tweeted in, look at the dunkin donuts people. do you see katy? she said say hi to katie at the dunkin donuts truck. hi katie. which one is katy? >> who is katie? anybody named katy?
9:41 am
>> you tweet us, we try to getting a for you, lemonade days going on for this month, support lilly tomorrow, what a great event. >> coming up next weekends, part of the national movement to fight childhood cancer, original lemonade stand will be serving up that lemonade and june 13th ben win elementary school. actually my kids school. they have a loft fun things for the kids, bring the whole family, wonderful event starts 10:00 in the morning runs all day until 3:00 in the afternoon there is honors tradition of alexandra scott, neat little girl and her annual summer lemonade stand. when the wept err gives you lemons, i'm in my jammies in my happy place. a vineyard, look at this, did you ever know that cape may had a vineyard? oh ya. ps: they like me in my
9:42 am
jammies here, so i'm staying here in my jammies.
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> 9:44 jen you asked people to guess with you are. we had someone just tweeted in facebook in, looks like the cape may winery says, lou ann. is that right? >> i'm going live with her. >> it is, that's right we're
9:45 am
at the cape may winery and vineyard, good morning. >> good morning. >> i have to say we called you when the weather wasn't ideal and you just planted all of these vines and made this happen? >> we got it all ready for you. >> this is so beautiful. i hate to gush about it, but the setting just you don't feel like you're in cape may new jersey. >> right. you could set up here on the deck look out over the vineyards, forget where you are, you think you're in france, nap a nice place to come. >> feels like vacation within a vacation. so as we look out here, you say, that you have a growers advantage, when it comes to the wine. and, as many people know, wine is made in the field. right? >> yep. >> what's your advantage? >> the advantage here that we have in cape may and if you look up and down the east coast, is we're a peninsula. we have moderating temperatures from the ocean and the bay. so it allows us to go into a nice cool spring, and it allows us really extra hang time to get the grapes ripe in
9:46 am
the fall. we don't really get frost until almost thanksgiving down here, which is just good wine is really made in the field. and i would say wine makers nothing more than a babysitter for good fruit. so the better the fruit the better the wine. >> we call it, i have to say the facility is gorgeous, see you have your wine making area downstairs another deck. there is like a whole fireplace area for the wintertime which is awesome. is there a wine that you are known for that people love you for of your group? >> well, pretty much our wines are more of the charred on a cab err nay classic wines most people heard of. >> yes? >> we do few of the hybrids but, pretty much our whole philosophy in wine making, you know when you come to the winery we have to have somebody for everybody. so from a dry red drinker to a sweeter blush drinker, we have sort of everything inbetween. >> just so relaxing here.
9:47 am
>> you want people to invest in the wine, but also to feel like they're on a vacation. >> our whole prem cyst setting up wine experience for you. we want you to come up, have the wine, enjoy the wines and experience the vinyards, just sit outside with your friend, family and just, you know, enjoy the wines and it really creates total experience, that's what will really bring you back. >> come back in the fall when you guys are making it happen? >> absolutely. you can come with us, if you want. >> this is our cabernay, heavier bodied red good fruit. >> i usually drink wine out of a box. do you think this would be better than that? >> just a little. >> all right. it is about 42,000 times better than my wine out of the box. it is really, really nice. thank you so much. this is so beautiful. karen, i don't foe if you have ever been here? >> i'm putting on my list.
9:48 am
>> if you haven't -- seriously, look around. you really feel like you're on vacation mike jerrick shame on you. >> i know it. >> for not bringing all of your good day girlfriends down here. >> i hate myself for. >> you can get married here. you can get married here. >> oh,. >> great idea. >> okay. >> you know what i like call that area? >> what? >> oprah could come. because oprah comes all the time to cape may. >> okay i call it a grape may. >> look at you. >> joke? >> one of your favorite shows we all know on good day seinfeld. >> yes. >> i just want learn interesting tid-bit. >> all over the internet. why did george casttansa's fiancee get kicked off the show? remember she died from licking poisonous envelopes. >> wedding envelopes sending out the invitations in. >> i'll tell you it is not
9:49 am
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>> will the 52. eight minutes from wendy williams. you know we probably roll a clip from seinfeld almost every day on this show, because i'm on zest with it. >> i thought it was so interesting, got rid of one of their tv characters, played pretty significant role as a girlfriends. >> oh yes his fiancee george casttanza remember susan ross, great couple of characters. well jason alexander who played george, was on howard stern show. he explains why they killed her off. remember? she got these wedding invitations, and put them into these envelope these cheapen develop opens george bought remember she died because there was poison on the ad
9:53 am
east i have. the reason why they had her killed off is because the actress who played susan heidi swineberg was, you know good actress funny all of that but was pain in the butt to work with. >> is that what he said? >> really difficult. he tried telling jerry seinfeld producer of the show that she was impossible to act with. could never get the scene right. he would try something she would change -- they never meshed as actors. so jerry said oh come on what are you talking about? elaine work with her and said she's impossible to work with. jerry, then work with her. let's get rid of her. isn't that horrible? >> i thought it was like a chemistry issue. >> that's chemistry. nice enough woman apparently, but a pain to work with. >> didn't give you anything you love? >> ya. >> so then the day after he said that he apologized profusely to this heidi swineberg, no, she is nice woman, just didn't work out. >> just didn't work out. >> that's what you say it is not you it is me. >> it wasn't her it was me.
9:54 am
>> that's very line from george casttanza in the coffee shop. not you, it is me. >> how much time do we have? four? >> we have to get our kim kardashian in each and every day, you know almost the law. >> fcc requirement, we have talk about kim kardashian. >> i miss she is pregnant for the second time, i miss that? >> maybe twins. pregnancy struggle for kim kardashian west, yes grievants cents about being with child. >> you know, ran this video about 1 billion times. we knew it was hard for her she gained a lot of people. people did give her a loft grief about her weight. and this dress is the most unfortunate dress i've ever seen in my entire life. she will try to make some changes for baby number two. she says she will try to compromise more, not try to dot ridiculous style thing maybe even believe it or not because she short as you know give up the heals began with flats, go into being into pregnancy. >> she is 34 now isn't me? >> thirty-four, and she's
9:55 am
going say she will really try not to over indulge into food, famously she lovers her hamburgers and all of those kind of things, and try to be more health. >> i i know she hired a nutritionist to get through the pregnancy. >> they have all of that mine, you're that rich maybe you can. >> why not? who is la golding? singer right? yes. he'll gold g. she is the reason why a certain pop princess has found a rocker prince. can we just tie right with just english? >> so explain what happened right here. she was match-maker basically for two famous people who we do care about reading native taylor swift. >> and that guy calvin harris mr. dj. world renouned dj. >> so she is the one that hook them up. and you know what? the reason was? she pick one reason why she would pick them together. do you think because of their personalities? >> probably personality? >> , no she picked it because of their height. >> oh he is tall enough to date her because she is tall? she is 25 years old five-ten.
9:56 am
and he is six-six. 's dj. very famous dj. they might get married. betty white i notice this yesterday, now on instagram. >> i love her. i'm going to follow her maybe you will too. that's her first post. cheers to you. she is so cute. absolutely love her. ninety-three years old now. and she still has that show, hot in cleveland. so she wrote for my first instagram post i wanted to say how much i love these girls dearly. >> the cast members. >> i love that she is always so classy, so she's been on twitter for awhile now ever since 2011. but that's her first instagram >> the new face, wet caitlin jenner of course, is all over the place this week. according to the website caitlin jen is her on track to earn five times more before her transition. her estimated earnings, as a motivational speaker, do you know how much she gets to go speak to a group for one
9:57 am
evening's speech? >> give us an estimate. what's the ballpark? >> $100,000. >> wow. >> before her transition she made about $25,000. okay? before we go here guys, i was over at plow on the stars last night on what's that second street? >> yes. >> guy walks to up me and says i live on elfreth's alley and i watch the show every day. i said what's it like to live on elfreth's the oldest neighborhood in america? he said come over tomorrow, saturday about ten of them their houses are going to be open. open houses. you can go into the houses you've always wanted to go into. >> ben franklin, a lot of the historical figures there. that's cool thing to do. >> this guy said i'll open up his house. he says the only, there is a down side to living on that, just jammed with tourists constantly any time you come out of your house people taking pictures of your house. >> it is a first friday. so we have wonderful one, have a great one of course join us tomorrow morning on fox 29
9:58 am
weekend. have a great weekend. 8:00 a.m. i'll be watching.
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