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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 8, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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that would be a good first song at a wedding you are making me are happy a and all had kind of stuff. >> all the way home from frank sinatra is a a happy one. >> at my wedding, it was a queen song, queen was very popular, another one by the the dust interesting yeah. interesting choice. we found this top ten list of spotify wedding songs this is number five, i agree with this ed sheeran. >> standing by, ready on one, tape six. >> yes. >> beautiful. >> all my x's live in texas. >> alex is off today. >> alex will be back tomorrow, alex holley. >> it is machine june 8th. it is my sister kathleen's wedding anniversary. >> family of 45 people. you just had a big family
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reunion. >> she was there as a matter of fact. you will see her in seconds june the eighth go a head, gossip all you want if you have nothing good to say sit next to me. talking behind peoples back will make you happier and healthier. i have never felt better. why you shouldn't feel guilty after you gossip about others. ♪ >> that is pretty good. obvious one. marry me is name of the song. >> it is number four, one of the most charming songs out there. we will count down to the top three, and keep yours coming on both facebook and twitter. >> did you watch the big she last night. >> that is performed by the group train. >> speaking of performances, broadway big night tony award were so good. we will bring you top questions and big moment from riley cooper's did he win the
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big award. >> he was presenter as well and kristin chenowitt had a great funny line to start the show. so we have been going through this top ten wedding dance songs list, and this is the music organization spotify put this list together. do you want to hear the top three and get it out of the way. >> here comes number three. >> ♪ >> elvis of course, can't help falling in love. that song was recorded in 1961 in this movie very cheesy movie call blue hawaii. >> but it is still a favorite after all of these years it is such a classic one out there. >> let's hear number two. >> ♪
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>> oh etta james, that is a a great one that is number two on their list by spoti if. y that song came out in 1961. >> we have so many tweets on that one people saying that is their song. >> here it is, number one song. >> ♪ >> that is number one. so some young people answered that question about wedding songs because that is from ed sheeran, great song. >> he was on good day right before he flew off and exploded to become so famous and he is so charming. >> now he won't even talk to us. >> but he was at man music theater last week. >> he was. >> great performance. >> now my wedding song. >> was drop down and get your eagle on that was another interesting choice on my part.
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now 9:00 seer he four. let's bring in jen and chris. jen, you kind of played a joke for your first song, at the reception. >> well yeah. my song was if you are going to make a ugly woman your wife you'd be happy for the rest of your life. >> what was the legitimate song. >> no, we came out to it, we danced to it. it was an upbeat song. my wonderful in-laws are visiting this weekend and i think they are still in my house, so that is all i can say about my wedding. >> that is what you want at your wedding to have a good time to laugh and have a good time. >> we did an instrumental song it is an old song, that was first done, by a the version by brian setser played by my uncle. so he was there. my uncle is a accomplished
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guitar player. he came. he rock out an instrumental song. it was really fun. >> kit cat kline. >> could you find jen's song on instagram or whatever. >> spotify. >> chris's uncle is a huge rocker. >> that is where he gets it from. >> so happy for the rest of your life. >> best line of that song, i a saw your wife the other day she is ugly but she sure can cook. >> yes yes that is how it goes. >> jen, let's get back to you. your in-laws are in the watching because i heard that they are not watching. what happened. somebody get drunk. >> hold on. >> okay, be quiet.
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>> that is ridiculous. >> so listen, there was a lot of people, that wanted to tell me how to do everything, on that day, so i was going to tell them. >> you are going back to the in-laws again. >> yes. >> are you still married. >> my gosh. >> i'm still married to may 1st husband. barbara and jack, hi, i am cool with you guys. >> you can't top that. >> chris, any closing thoughts. i just remembered my wedding song and this is legitimate. this is legitimate. i married a with man by pot name of joy and there was a song joy who was out then, instrumental. >> it took you two hours to remember it. you remember it because chris
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said he had a instrumental. >> yes. >> that is the fact that she walk down the aisle to joy but teddy pender grass had a song about joy. >> real quick i must be out of touch but ed sheeran number one. all of the guys think that is so lame for number one. >> you can tell there was a lot of young people that were asked that question, you know what i mean. >> remember, it is, spotify, it is in the like it is spotify so hoist using it? the guy that thinks that it is a bad idea, mike greenwich. >> you hat method man and marry jmary j. blige. >> mike said. van morrison is awesome for that. another great one. >> sue it is raining where she is.
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>> yes you cannot rule it out. >> you can never rule out a pop up shower. >> so, is one of you from mississippi. >> we just love this song,. >> jackie, who works with her she said i thought it was an original. >> all right. it is 9:08 on this monday. theaters biggest night i hate that term, anyway big stars on the board up on broadway. >> great white way. >> yes tone a ward last night at radio city music hall. difficult not see them because i was watching basketball, but... >> ♪ >> that was so weird. >> she's supposed to be. >> that is from fun home taking home win for best musical. that is the first musical winner in history to be written entirely by women,
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thank you, mike. is there your other favorite book thaw read you loved this one. >> curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. >> it won best play. >> it should have of. >> we have to check on our philadelphia native his first name philadelphia native bradley cooper gorgeous as he is arriving there. he brought his mom and he brings his mom and his sister as his dates. they are from bucks county. >> yes. >> jenkintown. >> yes. >> so he lost for best actor but he starred in elephant man. got rave reviews for that one. new comer alex sharp. that curious incident of the dog at the night time. >> hey keith. >> yes. >> come over here and try to fix my ear piece. >> yes. >> technical moment right here. >> yes. >> so this client eastwood remember when he went in the political convention and stepped in it. >> didn't dough the whole thing with the chair that was
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so awkward and odd. >> that would be the political event. >> client eastwood is stirring up controversy for a joke he made about caitlin jenner. >> well this was made during an appearance at spike tv guys choice award over the weekend. the show is not set to air until later this month but he was introducing the rock. reportedly he compared him to other athletes. >> the rock meaning the actor mr. johnson, whatever his name is. >> at one point he referred to jenner as caitlin somebody. spokesperson says they will just cut that joke out. it is not funny or right place or right audience. >> okay. >> get this, i have always had a fascination with that selma heyek, last night at this award show selma proves that she still has it. she's almost 50. she's 48. she was awarded the decade of hotness honor at spike tv's guys choice awards. >> talking about the same a
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award. >> she doesn't mind winning such a superficial you can show anybody with this award calling me beautiful. she is beautiful. women over 40 want to be seen as hot. her secret she says nothing makes me feel section year then having a hot for somebody. ain't that the truth somebody else wants you it just makes you feel good. she's married to a billion air that businessman francis. >> he is lloyd that had dude that she married,. >> that makes people section year apparently. >> as alex said her dad said this to her that there is no such thing as an unattractive rich guy. >> yes, just as easier to marry a poor man to fall in love with a rich man poor man. >> by the way i haven't looked out in about an hour, it is pouring rain outside. >> well that would be our little shower that i thought was not going to hold
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together and when it was in chester county about an hour and a half ago a. now, you can never rule it out it is summertime almost. i have a very special gentlemen would i like to you meet. this is ben watson. >> ben everybody. everybody ben. >> hi, ben. >> your mom and dad went to the mom prom and asked, not too long ago in aston. >> yes. >> do you remember what the mom prom was a benefit for. >> fundraiser for alex's lemonade stan. >> yes good what did they bid on that got new this very spot. >> a chance to do the weather where. >> fox 29 news. >> yes. >> okay. so how old are you ben. >> eight. >> where do you get to school. >> aston elementary school. >> are you married. >> no. >> not yet. >> so ben you have to help me with the weather here, is what going on with that green stuff on the radar that is rain in philadelphia. >> rain right here in
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philadelphia now can you find where you live on this map. >> right there. >> aston delaware county. they just had a shower, now we are getting showers here in philadelphia. >> good news for me. >> you are going to need an umbrella is what high temperature to going to be today. >> eighty-seven. >> what will we have. >> sun and cloud storms later. >> and what about this, the seven day forecast is what tomorrow looking like. >> p.m. storms and high temperature is 87. >> and then tuesday. >> showers storms, and 86, high temperature. >> he is good. >> what about wednesday ben. >> sunny warm, 87, high temperature. >> one more. >> thursday. >> sunny hot 92, high temperature. >> ben i think you will be a hit in the fourth grade. enjoy the rest of the couple days of third grade and your commiserate fame you will enjoy, you will go back to school today, right.
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>> yes. >> mom and dad said, oh, yeah. >> no, he is a big superstar. >> does he get the day off mom and dad. >> go over to dunkin' donuts. >> yeah. >> let's go ben. >> ben watson great job nice to meet you and mess of all thanks for helping out alex lemonade stand. >> nicely done, ben. >> you know i'm a big fan of seinfeld and jerry seinfeld himself. so now that he is least tired and he is a billion air he spent sometime with his creative juices. he needs to do something. he started this series mostly on the internet it is called comedians in cars getting coffee. he asked his comedian friend to drive around and they put cameras in the car and they eat and they get caught up. so, i have been waiting for this. he got julia louie dry fuss his co-star elaine to get in the car and go get coffee.
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here's one of the clips. >> do you remember. >> i love anything you will say today that starts with do you remember. >> do you remember when i was about five months pregnant with my youngest. you came up. >> here we go you came up to me and you said, hey, i have a great idea, how about if we ride in. don't get in the car accident from that, reminiscing. and so what did he do. first it is automatic. it was like a death sentence. i have there is two things turf say about. that you have no inter communications skills. >> that is in the true. >> second thing it is a great idea and we should have done that. >> i can't believe you should have say that. >> great story line. >> it would have been pretty funny. >> it shows what a great comic actress you are that you thought about it, and eventually got to, that was
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the funny direction to go. >> yes i regret it. >> that was good. >> they talked a lot about good old days, including an instance when the entire cast, went out on the town together. >> we were in new york because we did the rolling stone cover shoot. oh go out and we will all eat together, and we will sit on the sidewalk and people will freak out. and not a soul. >> one. >> except for one homeless man. >> one homeless man. >> god bless him. >> yeah he was a big fan good only person that recognized them was a homeless guy good there was a sweet moment, jerry told julia that she was really making him miss the she and rarely says that. >> so, what did you do this weekend. >> when were youing ago way you had a big family reunion. you have had a number of the family reunion over last six
9:17 am
months. >> you don't need that. >> there is blood coming out of my head. >> you went up to where they had baseball. >> that is exactly right. here was a it ways. i had a sister. there is the stadium. i watched little league world series but i have never been to the stadium. my sister was up in rochester. my brother was in d.c. we met in the middle. they didn't want to come to philadelphia a i just pick a spot on the map and it had happens ton williamsport pa. that stadium is just ridiculous fantastic. so manicure. i went down on the grass it is like carpeting. it is just beautiful. >> setting there it is build it and they will come. in the mountains in the middle of a beautiful area. it is like with the family. >> family was great. >> there is my brother tom his wife. butch in the middle and me over on the right. >> which one is the smart ones. >> the guy on the lefties a nuclear physicist, valedictorian. woman i'm hugging there she
9:18 am
was a valedictorian of her high school very smart and she's married to tom and ellen. and then there is me. >> was there alcohol consumed. >> there was some beer and yes, yes. >> there was maybe some vodka. >> reason why i wanted to go once we were in williamsport i wanted to see little league world series. i went down on the field and imagined mo'ne davis. here she is in philadelphia of course. we're in the allowed to run footage because we are frayed to be sued. so we will just run this. eating pizza. i thought about her being out in the same field. it was kind of cool to be where she brought so much interest and fame to philadelphia, with her fantastic baseball skills. she want to be a basketball player and university of connecticut. >> it was cool to be where she made all those headlines. so then i have to drive back, right.
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>> yes. >> i decide that i'm going to take the longer route back and go through harrisburg. i realized here on the radio the kentucky derby is about to run. so i pull off out in hershey and i run into a holiday inn express. i found this lovely location to watch the belmount steaks. look at that isn't it beautiful. >> carpeting, direct lights. >> head this way. >> it was are artistic. >> they are standing in the lobby watching the race. >> the woman in the black and white stripes i thought she was going to faint. she was loving it. oh my god she won. well she was very excited. then i drove all the way back and i got to get on 76 out of what harrisburg, right. i come around that kick of prussia loop there, get on the schuylkill, stuck in traffic stopped for over an hour after a three and a half hour drive.
9:20 am
all i wanted to do was get home. >> welcome to life in philadelphia. >> 9:20. we have some breaking news out of burlington county. >> a car crashed in the business this is in pemberton, new jersey. >> this is video wow. you can see that brick wall has been just pulverized there at ely's beauty supply near may tag laundry this happened a hour ago. scene is 200 block of hanover street. we know that the person driving the carries doing well enough that they refused medical treatment. >> jessica, do we know if the carries still in there. >> it looks like it happened a while back they have police tape up and all that. what sky fox is down low today, aren't they getting that great shot. >> we will figure out where car is in two minutes and come right back.
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welcome back it thinks week's you've got to try this one. tonight and every single monday of the entire summer is there a pig roast happening from around the studio in our cuba libre. they are having one every monday all summer long. mike had to check it out. mike says you've got to try this. >> i am pigging out on second street in olde city. it is chef gillermo here. good to he sue. live on second street between market just off market chestnut is down there. and, let me tell you how this will work. is there a pig roast every monday night on second street right in front have of your restaurant cuba libre. >> yes, every monday night good so what happens all morning. >> 9:00 o'clock in the morning we start firing up the coal. we put a pig on the flames. >> yes. >> yes. >> it is a cuban way of cooking a pig. >> and then this is how it is presented.
9:25 am
>> yes. >> you can eat it. >> you can see it. >> right out in front of everybody. >> yes. >> so, now we will cut a little bit of the shoulder. but first, what everybody wants, thatcrispy edge. you will never go back to regular way of eating pig. >> yes. >> so good. >> we also grill that. it makes this with a left over from last week. >> yes that is right. >> we grilled the spread and you can serve witt the sauce and energy. >> thank you chef. >> thank you. >> you have a's got to try this every monday night.
9:26 am
>> so, you know something that is absolutely unique and deliver thaws mike's got to try a place he should go to. come to my fox and click on the good day tab and scroll down to you've got to try this section and e-mail us what he should try. we have been promising it is breakfast with bob bob how is it. >> hey, good morning, everybody. we are coming to you live, from northeast philadelphia, one of the last of the mohicans, the family owned dining car, good morning northeast philadelphia. >> good morning. >> we're having some breakfast, when we come right back.
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test. test. test.
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welcome wack, getting so many of your tweets, first dance sons at your wedding, heatwave, great song, absolutely is, simmone. we have these others, heatwave. >> well, you know, the summer, it is warm, summer leching, nicole our wedding song take my breath away. jessica simpson. >> yes. >> the way you make me feel. michael jackson. oh that one is so much fun. upbeat and good. >> bj says, bob marley, with my wife megan and their wedding song there is past saturday. congratulations to you. >> my wedding song was great song another beautiful ♪ ♪ rocky, problems. >> i think -- i don't know how many comments i got over the week edge, about our conversation on friday. >> dreaming of me when you're having sex or are you thinking of me while you're having sex in that one.
9:31 am
>> please bob. save us. he's having breakfast. good morning to you bob. up in the great northeast. >> great northeast what are you up to, bob? why are you making out with a diamond? >> bob, you're on. >> i was slow dancing. >> oh? >> i was slow dancing here in northeast fill. >> i good morning, everybody, it is breakfast with bob time coming to you live this morning, from the dining car in northeast philadelphia. good morning, northeast philly. >> good morning. this is the spot for years and years where northeast philly, gets started. check out the special of the day. it is bob's butter milk biscuits topped with the chipped beef and home fries, plus we'll flow in coffee. we got special here for you 6.25. this place pack all morning long one of the most popular spots in the northeast say hi to my man joe. joe, thank you so much. you got this thing started. how many years ago? how many years nancy? >> fifty-four. >> fifty-four years ago joe
9:32 am
is a big good day philadelphia viewer thank you so much for getting up and you -- >> you made this crowd. i'm going to have so much money i'm going to retire. >> there you go. can i come with you? let's go shopping. we'll go slopping to woolworth's later onment come on back here, say hi, good morning, northeast philly. they're here. look we even got my mom came in this morning my mom comes here with all of her lady friends from the bridesburg rec club at least once, twice a week. >> this lady just came in. hey, sweetheart, what's your name? >> cast. >> i hi, cassy what are you ordering on the menu today. >> i don't know yet. a lot to choose f these guys, what are you having over here? >> eggs potatoes, toast and have cinnamin buns. >> oh is that what this is? cinnamin bun? >> great. >> looking good. we got all of the kids here too from northeast philadelphia. come on over here there is gang hey girlfriends how are you, hone? what's your favorite thing on the men knew. >> oh i got special order banana pancakes.
9:33 am
>> banana pancakes. gout to love it. i remember coming here after the prom this is one of the diners, one of the few diners, that were open all night long, 24/7. let's bring on nanciment common in here, nancy. and go down the line show me some of the most fame rid -- famous favorite things on the menu. >> first thing we have our banana french toast have it on the weekends, real popular. but i have to point out our special of the day bob's butter milk biscuit. we make the best chipped beefment and that's special in your honor today. >> my mom always made the chipped beef, we used to have it -- we didn't have it on the biscuits we had it in the toast, whatever was left in the frig. what's this? >> awesome cinnamin raisin french toast delicious this is scrapple watch person in philadelphia does not love scrap. >> i got to have scrap. >> i absolutely. this is our famous famous famous chicken crow deaths. stop by. >> let me stop you for a
9:34 am
certainly were you famous on one of those food network shows, right? >> indeed. >> for this item, right? tell me all about it and for our creamed chip beef. larry our chef makes them in house here, delicious, delicious. also our french onion soup, definitely famous for that do you have come in for that. best part is the cheese, and of course, one of the most famous burgers our onion ring burger. how do you not want to eat that? seriously, you do not want to get down on that? >> put them in to go bok. we're going back to fourth and market. if you would like me to come to your neighborhood and highlight your hot spot, all do you have do is sends us a facebook twitter hit us up there, on social media. from northeast philadelphia, the dining car the great spot and the great northeast back to you guys in the studio. >> hey bob? run around i see joan of port richmond in there in the diner. go back to where you started. >> she is right here. >> wearing the steve keeley
9:35 am
sweater. >> this sweater. >> this is your sweater she said. >> yes. >> come on, stand up, sweetheart. go ahead. she's modding. >> yes. >> talk to mike. >> hi mike. i think i look bet nerve this sweater than do you. i had to dig it out of storage for the summer. >> i toll her it is okay, because were you working the sweater couple of days last week she came all the way up from port richmond. what bus did you take? >> i took the 60 to three and 66. >> we'll send her back in a news van just for you mike. >> that sounds good. love joan. met her up at her home in port rip monday, gave they are that sweater. the only thing about the sweater the shirt is sewn into the vest, the sweater vest. >> i remember when you surprised her and she came out and was she wearing a house coat? she improvised. >> she wept. >> how about her taking three buses to up show to you say hi again to you. >> i appreciate her. she watches every day. i love joan. okay so, i went away for little family reunion and you
9:36 am
danced the weekends away, i understand it, some surveillance video of you in the news room. here's karen. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> that is you and bill anderson. before or after the snow. >> of about the show. fox 29 weekends, little cubby hole push over to the corner, our dance party before the show. >> like cockroach over in the corner. >> well exactly believe it or not zero, dave warren, pretty serious white dude, he has some moves. >> does he? >> surprisingly. >> i'm shock by that, matter of fact. >> tis ' -- he's a very good weather guy. friday it great job for us. okay, you know i like to goss up. >> yes. >> that's jim ' so healthy at this advanced age. >> regular steel magnolia.
9:37 am
>> we saw this sermon that said if you like talking behind other people's back and/or backs you might be happy and healthier. >> you're going to live to 100. >> there is no question. i'm already there. >> ♪ ♪
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> have you ever been told hey quick your gossipping? sometimes we get that around the station here, quick talking about karen behind her back. turns out it is good for you you should be doing. that will so i want to show our favorite scenes cruel intentions remember it? so everyone gets a hole of sebastian, here goes. >> oh no. >> i know he is looking down on us today and he would want me it say -- he would want me
9:41 am
to say catherine i'm sorry. what is going on? don't you people have any respect? >> oh. well that's the moment when everybody realizes that catherine, michelle's character was really not a goody two shoes after all and she had been lying toker. >> is that right? so let's take that moment annex trap late it out. >> all right i'll extrapolate right now. and sometimes that can be painful. but i'm taking penicillin. >> so professor says not only is gossip good for you it, could actually save your life. scientists say gossip helps us bonds with friends and learn who we can trust who we can't trust. gossipping also expands your social circle in having a loft friends has been linked to longer life. how about that, you get around each other and you gossip about your co-workers, or your
9:42 am
friends. >> do you have share. i think in life, i think the message here is do you have share. do you have reveal something put yourself out there when you have a friend. if you don't like everything is good, it is all good, i mean you are giving nothing n order to have something where you really know you have connection with somebody you give every day. >> it is a bonds willing moment when you start griping about other people. you do bond over some griping and gossipping. >> well, you can bond over shared experience, if bond about things with your family, and not little up, you say it in a joking smiling way your brother and sister were valdictorian. >> i am joking but somewhere deep inside it hurt me. >> the thing is people get it, not living up to the older siblings. i get it, michael. >> let's get a tent. whatever do you with a tent. that's it. what better time than the morning? high. >> high, hey we talked about the backyard, mike. now, we're talking about the beach. you know. >> this remember when we got
9:43 am
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swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your doctor about any medical conditions medications you are taking and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. >> ♪ ♪ >> so many classics, thank you for shaker. someone said the rose. do you remember that one. >> yes, bette midler. time in a bottle. wonderful one. >> beautiful. >> amy says the look of love.
9:46 am
>> the look -- >> time in a bolt, jim croce. >> oh thank you. >> time in a bottle. >> i time spends time in a bottles with my wedding. >> trying to include our facebook friends as well. >> i do remember now floater song i played at my wedding. song song. do you have time in a bottle right now kit cat? let's roll it. >> ♪ ♪ oh all right well, thank you for sharing some of those. >> whether on the board or on
9:47 am
the boardwalk sand on sandy beach, we want you to have fun, jen's got great ideas. jen, what do you have for us? >> a seizure. >> okay first of all look at joey and tell me what you think joey's wedding song was. >> iron butterfly. >> nope. it was the hum at this dance. >> the hum at this dance? >> ♪ ♪ >> all right now she has two beautiful children. two boys. so we've been talking about there is you say prepare for the sun prepare for the heat, prepare for the sand. right? >> right. and one of the things that absolutely drives me nuts, is a mom when your kids are like mom i can't stand it, there is a can be called joelio. cooling liner. now, if you look down here you can actually see this is it without it. this is --
9:48 am
>> baby ' body? >> that's with it. >> really cool. mike our camera guy wants one for the news car. >> great idea. it is actually cool. >> do you know how long this stays like this, like couple of snores. >> forever it, stays like that forever that's the way it is. >> you don't have it make it cold. just like this? >> like that. >> i thought you froze this overnight? >> don't have to do anything to it. >> you guys can't see this, but it is chilly. you can't see that either. >> that's what i mean there is right here. by the way you can see that my daughters did my nails last night. okay so that's pretty cool. the other thing that you have lived to up your stroller here are these bags. >> you know how you have a bag, and your stroller tips over when your kids get out of the stroller? that's the one step ahead anti-tip stroller bag it, comes on both sides sat l bass put up to 6 pounds both sides. >> love it. >> this i needed this when i had little kids, because my kids are so old now kindergarten but it is just little stuff that you might need but not big box. >> right. never know if you will have a bee sting bug bites maybe sunburn, cut. you just put it on the
9:49 am
stroller and good to go. >> good even to have in the console of your kareem if you have big kids. so we love this. i shared with you and teddy mike's granddaughter like three weeks old decided to bring her to the beach. she may have been two hours old. i said, mike, you neat -- need to rent one of these things, new idea of baby tint. >> one step ahead. they have this. it is called the infant cabana. it doesn't come with the cabana boy i thought maybe it would but part of the smarty line bug smarties repellent. so this is 50 plus, for the kids so if you can put the infant in, there you are totally fine, he will stay cool. good place to be. >> okay. this is another thing. if they're afraid in there casino of keeps them happy? >> it puts little clouds, little stars in there when trying to get the little guy to sleep. love that stuff. your kids are swimming, you know how you lose your minds when your daughter has long hair? little pieces that you can actually put them on your kid and hold the hair back out of their eyes. >> i love it, it gets all not i and don't want the ponytail in. for germophobe. >> big time.
9:50 am
>> i love this, you can put it on the tables, on the chairs, on the high chairs, on anything. >> what? >> it kills the germs run it over the top of t hands held uv sanitizer. >> mike needs that because he hates to be with people and all of that. the hat i love this, because it is nice soft hat. >> real soft. sun smarty line with one step ahead actually have the uhf or uvf, whatever it is, 50. so same with the headband. >> really cool. >> this is for young girls. >> and here is again i hate to intervene here but this is my jenn frederick mommy tip. yerkes show thus real quick. >> collapsible pail. you know how much space those things take up whenever going to the beach? collapse t it is great. >> it is great. >> so the kids don't want to wear the hats outside. because they've never worn a hat, rid? so when we go, when my kids were smaller like the week before we would go to florida or the beach whatever, i would make them wear the hats to target, just so they got used to wearing the hat because if all the sudden you're like wear a hat
9:51 am
air-conditioning at the beach is critical. you need to bring your air conditioner. >> really cook picks for a hot summer day yes. >> so -- >> karen, seriously how old is your fifth child? >> he's almost two. he thinks he is trying to potty train right now but that i have cab and a joey always has the best tips. >> do you have this thing? that keeps them cool? >> by the time you get to your third fourth kid, you don't do any of. that will we don't do strollers, he just walks he has to come with the rest of the guys. no sanitizers, he plays with dirt. >> what's his name? down owe even know his name? >> kale glenn we do have the hum at this dance, wedding song believe it or not. >> ♪ ♪
9:52 am
>> for the first time the port man's. >> ♪ ♪ >> and then? >> do you know one of the best basketball players in the country woman by the name of brittany groiner. >> yes? >> got march bid three minutes ago. and few days ago they are already getting a divorce. ya. how long did this marriage last? i'm give you the number of days. >> is it shorter than kim and chris humphreys? >> i will tell you after the braining. >> okay, all right.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the elegant swipe of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean you can't dunk us or scoop us up. enjoy every single sol-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. >> ♪ ♪ that's a good one barry white, yes. that's a good wedding --
9:56 am
>> my first my last, my everything. see one of the sexiest mans of all time, men of all time. >> miss him. but was he the first? that's for them to decide. you know, i love me some that far ariana grand how inapropriate it may be i think she is fantastic and very good singer. >> but says she belongs to know nan. >> i agree that's great good lesson early in life. it is a personal essay that she wrote. that ariana, said, it is about massageing. isn't she sweet? >> you're not listening to her voice, you're looking at her -- >> she does have great voice dressed as little kitty. >> but she is tired of people like you judging her and how they perceive her and women when there is singer, too much a double standards judging on clothes, she said she can't stand to live in a world where people are not valued for who they are but by who they are
9:57 am
dating or married to. what are you making faces at? >> i'm not. >> she said she very satisfied being single. happen at this stand on her own 2 feet, and woman of the world. ever since she ends that relationship with that rapper being big sean, earlier this year. >> perfect example of this, how women are object philadelphia international airport. did you see the minute that caitlin jenner on the cover instantly talking about here good they are about their looks. ever say that about bruce back in the day. >> well he was handsome man. we were in love with him. >> real quickly here, i have to do this. wnba brittany grinder filed annullment married 28 days to glory johnson. >> twenty-eight days. >> twenty-eight days. see, they got into a fight about three weeks before the wedding. and so probably not too surprising. >> that's not harbinger of good things. >> no. >> thank you for spending your monday morning with you us. al sex back tomorrow. >> alex doesn't live here any
9:58 am
more. >> but alex does. >> she will be here. good job karen.
9:59 am
10:00 am
announcer: live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." today, all of the latest, juicy "hot topics"." and the duggar family speaks out. rob shuter has the inside scoop. plus, kahlana barfield has the must have accessories. now here's wendy. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: welcome to another fun day of "wendy."


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