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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  June 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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concert in camden. >> police say it wasn't accustom it err who fired shots inside this west philly market. it was the clerk. but that wasn't the only weapon he used. >> and the countdown is on folks for the papal visit. i'll tell you what the archbishop of philadelphia's zooming in on now. yep, in the weeks leading up to the arrival of pope francis. i even pulled out a three piece suit. >> look at you. >> pretty good. >> you talked to the archbishop you got to pull out the vest. >> and clean up your act. >> little bit. >> the pope is coming. >> yes, they said -- do you want to do a confession? >> ya? did you do it? >> no. >> why not? >> they also to to shore up the pillars inside the cathedral, they new were you coming. >> what's wrong with you? lightning. boom. when you see that shot of me wacking down the ben franklin parkway, i'm holding a pamphlet. it is a baltimore cathy kiss many. >> oh yes. >> from way back in the days.
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>> yes. >> all right. >> hey, dave, what's up? >> how are you doing. >> good to see you my man. >> good to be here. >> we like it when you're here. >> you look sharp. >> i clean up well. >> do you. >> dang. >> i love it. love the tie. >> thank you. >> you can't beat yesterday. so just give up. >> right. how good yesterday was minus the heat plus the humidity. numbers are coming down. no long area ten. we are at 71 degrees the relative humidity, fairly high. that wind has pick up out of the southwest, and weather by the number, welshing dropping it down to seven. heat plus humidity heat index, air quality issues, big story today. thunderstorms, later this afternoon. right now bus stop buddy, he's ready for the sun the sunglasses, 72 to 77, so very mild start. don't even need the coat. heading for the 90s this afternoon, few showers storms nothing real toy talk about right now on the radar. all clear. but 93 heat index 95 or higher. the storms developing later this afternoon and evening not happening now. but what is happening now on the roads well you have bob
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kelly. >> good morning everybody. 6:02 on this thursday morning. not bad at all real think morning. casino of light volume sofas we kick it off. live look at the schuylkill expressway inbound right near montgomery drive. we had disable septa bus that's what this fellow was helping us out with. they just gave him little push. good to go there. we go to the next camera, live look at i95 jammo out of northeast philly, from cottman avenue into girard. what a difference just ten minutes can make here on 95 out of northeast philly as you head into center city. accident sandy hill drive norristown. right off of kelly drive. it is not the kelly drive along the schuylkill river. it is the kelly drive up here, in norristown. so watch for police there. disable on 95 northbound. right near route 420 for folks coming up toward the airport, look out there. septa's wilmington line, running with delays this morning. and the septa buses for the city frontier and victory lines, begin new schedule, the new summer schedule, kicks in
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over the weekend. so grab new timetable and if you recognize this sign you're in luck. >> what is it? >> it is dolly's candy's down in rehoboth beach. that's where we will be set up tomorrow. here is the run down, live 6:00 on the corner doll's in the beach. trying fries next-door at thrasher's jen at the royal treat restaurant, we go over to fun lan. come on by, all day long we are take over rehoboth beach. >> take over. >> that's what i call my apartment, fun land. >> oh okay. 6:03. we are following breaking news this morning. police have been searching for the last several hours for a missing montgomery county teenager. >> yes, steve this is one of the more bizarre stories we've had in months. bring us to up date? >> we are hoping, and that means, the detective and uniform police, and the family everybody, hoping that she just ran away and upset about something last night. but, see that black grand jeep cherokee with the two uniform officers there? notice they are looking at the
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passenger seat. that is her dad's jeep. he pick her up at the susquehanna center over in camden concert last night with wiz kalif a and fall out boy, started at 7:00. she was kick out of the show. friends did not leave with hershey came w she had to call her dad saying i need ride home from the concert. that's how they ended up here in chestnut hill on the way home to their house in the suburbs of upper dublin, another 5 miles beyond here last night around 8:00. she tells her dad and you can see, right behind the jeep cherokee where the line of police car is, strip mall asian businesses, plenty of barnes to use. you can even say daddy need to buy something to use the bathroom. but she said i have to go relieve myself, stop this neice woods. so he let her out there. and she never came back to the car. he went looking for her briefly, and then called 911 right away, very smartly and the police have been looking for her ever since. go show her picture right now
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the good thing about the picture it is the latest picture of her. shing it it herself at the concert. so you're seeing the top of what her maroon halter top with spaghetti straps looks like that's what she was wearing along with jean short-shorts and converse all stars. local basketball player at local high school. so she's 5-foot nine, very tall young lady. anti concert, something happens there maybe fight with her friends as well, we don't know, but the detectives will certainly try to track down the security guards who dealt with her and kick her out last night. they said maybe she had some kind of intoxication level or caught her under age drinking, that's what they're going on, thinking maybe still up street that and just decided on the ride home to get out of here and go find somebody. here's scott small. >> fourth district police checked the area she was last seen. we had k89 officers with the dogs. check the wooded area,
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aviation unit overhead with their lights. and their heat censors. their thermal imaging devices, checked the woods. and with negative results. >> we did not find her. however we did find her purse we also found other personal items. i don't want to get into specifics. the purse and the personal items that were found in the woods were positively identified as belonging to the 17 year old female, by the father, as well as the mother who came to the scene. >> so not neatly placed in the woods either, but strewn about, like thrown as she ran away according to one detective so one thing she didn't take with her was her cell phone. that's why we have the selfie, because she left it in the truck or the jeep cherokee, with the dad. and show she didn't have a phone with her or her stuff that she had in her purse. so that's the other confusing thing, if you are going to run away would you take some possessions would you think. the question is does she know
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anybody around here, does she know how to get a right? come back to the live picture the trolley tracks run through here on the come stone street of chestnut hill. we just don't know. so they'll try to see if she was seen on any kind of septa surround veins as well, and of course, the obvious thing they are checking with all of her friends that they know of to find out if she's contacted them or tried to contact them, either through social media somehow, or knocking at the door or meeting up with them somewhere. none of her friends are mission, so that's the other thing. so there supt date. now sunlight. they will look into these woods little better now that they can see hopefully thinking well beyond the woods safely somewhere in somebody's house. >> okay let me try to figure this out. so you're in chestnut hill. does she live in chestnut hill? >> no. upper dublin. >> upper dublin? >> 5 miles from here. >> 5 miles, okay. and stop thereto pea or whatever? oh man this is odd. >> this is very odd. >> we'll check back with you steve. all morning long. >> 6:07 now.
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women, i would say frustration as investigators continue to push for answers about what caused the derailment that killed eight amtrak riders back in may. >> and a big bus where investigators found millions of dollars worth of heroin.
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>> largest dug bus in philadelphia over the last 20, 25 years. look at all of this. >> police photos of the drugs, they say drug dealers using house on the 1800 block of bergin street, in rhawnhurst to prepare and sort drugs and cash. a joint task force moved in, made three arrests and confiscated the drugs. >> in taking such a large quantity of drugs off the street we hope will be significant, in our battle to protect the lives of philadelphians. >> says this investigation is ongoing, and more arrests could come since 2009, 3,000 deaths in pennsylvania have been linked to heroin. yes, a loft young people, too. and a surprise inspection at the philadelphia international airport yields that. nearly 14 pounds of cocaine. customs officers were caring out a random enforcement blitz, is what they call it, of baggage arriving on international flights and that's what they found.
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they found six bricks in a bag coming in on a flight from the dominican republic. cocaine. federal authority say the drugs belong to an italian citizen. he's now in big trouble. >> and the pope will be here soon. everyone is prepping for the pontiff's arrival. i'm going to tell you what the archbishop of philadelphia is most concerned about. there is one dave -- no, bob kelly. >> exactly good morning everybody 6:12. it is early yet. we'll have another cup of coffee. looking live at the 30 bypass in chester county. no problems at the moment. but we're going down the shore tomorrow. i'll have the details and some thunder boomers from dave when we come right back.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> new showers developing up north, will drift south. big concern is later today. marginal risk for some strong storms north and west earlier, then dropping south throughout the day today. air quality big problem. that's everywhere except for those north and western suburbs. air quality index not that great. it is because we get this heat building up day after day with the sunshine. so if you're susceptible to
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poor air quality watch what you are doing in the middle of the afternoon when the air quality will be worse. 71 degrees at this hour, you know you're headed for 90s today. mid 60s in the surrounding circumstances, humidity back you can certainly feel that today. 7:00 8:00, 9:00 all clear. here comes the showers dropping south few isolated stronger storms between 3:00 and 5:00. 6:00 7:00 trying to push through philadelphia and then moving south and clearing out, it will clear out quickly get caught in the rainstorm, not going to last long. these are very isolated showers today. heatwave begins climbing above 90 93 degrees by 5:00. there is some cooler weather with the showers coming in, that's why allentown drops to 79 degrees. so the suburbs many areas climbing up into the nine the's one place where we'll see relief, upper 60s, atlantic city ocean sit cape may. ninety-three with the heat index, to 95, 100 three days in a row of 90, that's what you get. today, tomorrow, and on
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saturday sunday we have showers storms, still bit muggy, but that's relief coming in. monday tuesday we are dry at eight a degrees and up to 87 degrees warm, and humid. >> and how many. >> i that's called a stretch bob kelly. >> that's a heatwave. get the record cued up there. 6:17. good morning shall everybody live look at the bypass, no problems at all light volume sofas you roll out of downingtown. rolling in toward king of prussia. good morning to the benny. the ben franklin bridge looking good working your way in toward downtown no problems at all at least for the moment. got disable though, north on 95 right at route 420 coming up delaware county trying to get to the airport there the right lane is taken out. so watch for delays as you head northbound. otherwise, not bad. the schuylkill expressway, out of town, 15 minute trip, south on 95, we got the jam popping up here from woodhaven into center city, dave mentioned some thunder boomers later this afternoon that could impact air travel.
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we're okay right now but if you got flight set for this afternoon, that's where we could have some problems. come on, loading up the news van, putting on the flip flops. mike's driving. rehoboth beach tomorrow! >> hello dooley. >> you know this spot. you know this sign, if you go to rehoboth beach right on the beach right on the corner dolly's candy land. we'll be there tomorrow morning. i'm setting up shop beginning 6:00 a.m. just like last week. come on by. bring the kids. say hi. we'll have some coffee for you, thrasher's french fries right next-door also some surprises popping up all throughout the morning. then jen over at the royal treat restaurant, a stop at fun lands so rehoboth beach coming your way bright and early, all day tomorrow here on "good day". and of course septa regional rail lines running with delays on the wilmington line. >> well there is that. >> yes there is that. >> we have this. >> cannot wait n september millions of people maybe
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2 million will flock to this city here, for historic event. >> that's right. pope francis' visit for the world meeting of families. and philadelphia archdioces very busy getting ready. only couple every months away. so what's a huge undertaking like this require? >> i asked the man in charge. >> did you? >> the archbishop of philadelphia. and this is what he said. >> am i nervous, worried and excited, all at the same time. >> archbishop charles chaput also brutally honest when sharing his thoughts about pope francis coming to philadelphia. >> what are you nervous about? >> i'm nervous about the cost, projected to cost $45 million the archdioces of philadelphia, doesn't have any money any more. so we've had to beg that money from our community. >> and the community responded in a big way. >> people have been extraordinarily generous,
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business community and we've generosity from people who aren't catholics aren't christians but extraordinarily generous, because they think it is good for philadelphia, and they like the pope. >> so what else is thereto worry about? well security. the archbishop says that's high on his list. >> not only is security of the pope less about his security and the security of the crowd where we had the terrible experience in boston and that scared all of us in terms of protecting people who come to the event, as onlookers, really, so we have to as much worried about the people as about the pope. >> nearly 2 million people are expected on the parkway, first for the world meeting of families, then again for the papal mass, that's sunday september 27th. hey i keep saying it will be a million, but people who know a lot more about it than dow. >> secret service, the department of homeland
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security philadelphia police, and other will be ready. they've been planning for months and month, for this, historic visit which just might transform our city. >> i was the bishop of denver for 14 years. i went in there is the bishop two years after and the change not just the church but the whole city. denver the sit at this self, became -- reenergized church became very, very positive angelical in spirit and it grew. >> agarol welcomed in our local churches parishes struggling with singing membership. the closing of catholic schools, and churches. and, of course, sex scandels. >> i think that people are getting a sense of confidence in the decisions the bishop makes around these issues, whether that's already
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translated into coming back to church i don't know. there are many people who are very disappointed in the church stayed, actually, didn't leave. soy it is for those who stayed confidence in the church leadership. >> confidence. >> and i think it is happening. people need to take time to put yourself in trust with somebody again. >> you know, the archbishop yesterday unveiled official logo for pope francis' visit. look at that. the united states conference of bishops the logo reads. love is our mix. >> i like it a lot too. beautiful. great thing. i'm so glad that you dressed up in your three mist suit to go talk with the arch bishop. >> i was nervous i was scared. >> were you excited. >> he knew when i walked in. ya. >> oh, good. >> handed me the baltimore katichism. >> whatever hems. >> coming right back with sport.
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cat kim
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>> phillies have given up 17 runs in the last two games that's horrible. pitching has been terrible. they've lost four out of their last five games last night they tried to salvage the series against the reds by get at least one. first inning, started like the other. giants ryan singles to right. jeff can't handle the ball right here. a run scores. gets charged with first error of the season de jest us with
6:26 am
a blastoff williams, gives up four runs in the first inning for the second straight game. the phils lose five-two, their third straight lost. >> up by one check out this goal from behind the net. gets the pass, and scores for the lightning. one-all, third period, brendan, in traffic. blackhawks tied the series two-all, two-one win. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> all right thanks, sean. well high school softball catch is her raising eyebrows. >> wait. this is in texas this text and is getting national attention for the way she chose to block the play. now, she is the catcher. so when the other girls come around to score she knocks them down with her left arm. watch this. she is tall. watch this. boom. >> oh my gosh. >> she did it once.
6:27 am
same inning. watch. she does it to everybody who crosses the plate. here is another girl. boom. >> wow. >> make it is the same girl. >> no one said anything? >> well the next girl who gets knocked down, she goes up to her and says something to her and they get into a little verbal argument. somebody needs to go up and knock her down. you know what i mean? i don't know why the umpires didn't step in. or the other coaches. >> that's something. >> bamm. >> down she goes. >> yes, girl after girl she knocked down. >> that is the state 4a championship game. you saw it, not radio. >> it -- >> no penalty. >> wow. >> okay. >> ball hit to left field a ball hit the centerfield, she knock down the girl scoring. >> but i didn't see that anything was done about it, okay well, like most couple oh like most couples, that's
6:28 am
it homer and marge have problems. >> rumor has it this season their marriage isn't -- is in some real trouble mikement we'll tell you what those closest to the couple are saying. >> there are people close to homer and marge? >> ya. >> okay. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now. >> all right 6:30 maybe one of the weirder stories we're -- we've done in months. teen left concert in camden,
6:31 am
left it early. it is now missing. this is what she was wearing well can't really see it. there you go. once when she was last seen, when she got out of car in chestnut hill. >> suspect p this case is a clerk. >> a clerk? >> yes. >> tomorrow marks one month since the deadly derailment in port richmond. by an amtrak train we'll tell you what investigators are now saying about the engineer, and his phone. conflicting report. high everybody it is thursday june the 11 you know 11 is my favorite number. >> it is? i didn't know that. do you make a wish at 11:11. >> dow. i watch for the clock to go 11:11. >> can i ask you wish something? can i ask you to cool off. ninety's that's little hot. >> beautiful television transition. i'm wishing for it now dave? >> eleven is off the scale. we have to go with a seven today. maybe yesterday we were close
6:32 am
but, take numbers off. because the heat, humidity and the storms so not really talking about a perfect day today. the heat, and the humidity will make it feel like it is close to 100 than is just the start. we have more days to come of it. this will be heatwave here with three days in a row. seventy-one now and you start off this warm you are looking at temperatures into the 90s this afternoon. bus stop buddy 77 to 77, dress warm it will be hot by this afternoon. so sunscreen and shade what you need the satelite plus radar all clear right now just few showers north. we will talk about those storms developing, pushing south, they're isolated but in the forecast, heat index, 95 plus. could be close to 100. and those showers and storms are around this afternoon temperatures into the 90s with a stretch of 90 degrees, weather, starting today. how is it looking out there bob? >> good morning, 6:32 coming up on 6:33 on a thursday. got some jams already in the traffic cams. live look at i59 northbound.
6:33 am
>> disable truck near the blue route. north of 476 working your way into 420. so that's going to cause little bit of delay for anyone headed up toward philadelphia international airport this morning, coming the opposite way i95 back up here from academy in through cottman avenue. the construction squeeze squeeze number one at cottman then the other squeeze down there at girard avenue. coming in from the suburbs royersford 422 eastbound, about nine minute trip into king of prussia. 202 north not bad yet. coming out of west chester headed up in through the schuylkill. but if you use septa specially the buses a new summer schedule kicks in this weekend. a lou long the city, frontier, victory bustline so make sure to grab timetable today so you're good to go for the weekend and monday morning back to you.
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>> hey there is happened last wednesday, that would be. >> yesterday a week, week ago what are we talking about? >> we ac. >> okay at the nilo food market in the mill creek neighborhood, two got into this argument and then when the worker pulled out a bat and then a gun shooting the man twice. one woman left the store moments before this happened. >> coming out the store with the blood i heard the shot, i ran that way. i dropped everything i had in my hand. i ran so store own remembers not helping police, claim they don't know who he is suspect described as 50 year old hispanic male becomes 5-foot nine bald, wearing glasses if you know who he is, call police. >> more now on search for montgomery county teen who went missing overnight.
6:35 am
>> try to explain this. she went to concert in camden, what she got to drinking or something? what's going on? >> sarah's parent just showed up brought what appeared to be purple basketball jersey, she plays basketball, star at mount st. joseph academy. they probably brought that so the k9 dogs would have her scent to pick it up. so one of the cops has the purple jersey. her dad is talking to couple of white shirt uniform officers her mom back behind the tow truck tow truck here probably to take dad's car away because that's now evidence and can't make it out, but you can see in the hood the front of the tow truck it is a black grand cherokee jeep. and so dad drives her here, from the concert what happened is she goes to the fall out boy wizkalifa concert in camden supposed to start at seven: she gets kick out of the show before it even got going may have been kick
6:36 am
out for being under age and intoxicated, and maybe caught drinking. so this was 8:00 p.m. last night. so they want to talk talk to the security guards. that's how she ended up here chestnut hill. on their way to the home, the family's house in upper dublin still 5 miles from here. and even though we're in the business district here right at kresham valley avenue, you can see right next to where dad parked the car is a house, flower and garden center. which definitely has a bathroom. she could have used to ask to use the bathroom there then where we are strip mall restaurants in here could have used the barnes here. she tells her dad she needs to relieve herself. she can't hold it any more. and dad says no indication that his daughter was intoxicated or any evidence that she was under the influence of anything. and so, she do doesn't take her phone with her that's still in the jeep. she takes her purse with her. and she goes into the woods and she doesn't come back. dad looks for her he gets frantic, and then calls 911 and here is detective small
6:37 am
from there. >> she left her cell phone in her father's car right before she exited the car. so we can't call her. we've contacted male friends, as well as female friends, as well as other family members and no one knows where this female is at this time. so at this time it is a missing person, however due to the fact that we found her purse, and some of her personal items in a wooded area is concern for us, as to why we found her personal items, but we did not locate her at this time. >> because she with her dad last night. did she say she had threat phoned run away before, or was there a fight beforehand? because they were coming back, picking her up from the susquehanna bank center in camden for show obviously. did he say anything was problematic on the way back? >> northwest detective interviewed the mother and the father as well as other family members, and friends
6:38 am
and the information we are getting preliminarilly is that she has never ran away before. she is not a run away. and we're getting indications that she is a good kid. >> welshing like a lot of kids here is her picture and this picture courtesy of sarah herself and the last picture that she took of herself and the advantage to that you see the top she was wearing, it is a maroon spaghetti strap halter top. she had that on, very hot out yesterday. and she didn't have much on. she has this halter top on, jean short-shorts, and converse all-star sneakers. and again because we have this selfie, that was on her phone, she didn't have her phone with her because the selfie came from her phone left in dad's car, and doesn't have her purse with her. we learned what the other personal belongings were, but detective asked us not report that in case there is foul play the only person that would know what belonging there were was anybody that may be common countered with her in the woods. they don't think this is wooded area that anybody hangs
6:39 am
out in that she would encounter. so they are hoping she van awayment vanished into mid-air vanish into thick woods here, off germantown avenue chestnut hill. very vibrant business districtment you can see, a lot of easy transportation around here, you have septa buses going by, and you see the familiar trolley tracks inbetween the come stones, that run through here, as well. they'll check septa second at this see if anybody who works for septa on that shift last night around 8:00. bye questioning mark right now, big mystery hoping it all ends in a happy ending here in chestnut hill. >> we sure are. >> one of the most compelling shots you had over the last two minute, is that live shot of her father. he's over standing by the police car right now. i mean, he looks frantic. why wouldn't you be? >> he hasn't slept. he only left here to go get a shirt probably, so the k9's that we've been hearing barking in the woods would have definite scent of her. that's probably the last shirt that they know that she wore. she probably wore that to
6:40 am
school yesterday so it has fresh scent as she may have even had basketball practice, one of the top three-point shooters for girls in the area well known in the sporting community. she probably is one of the popular student out there. they are hoping some of the other student there may know something, and may call in nice tip. >> oh we hope so. >> really hoe sheep is okay. >> 6:40. ntsb released findings in the deadly amtrak crash, saying the train's engineer did not use his phone. >> but, philadelphia police say their investigation is still going on. not so sure. sources say philly police determined the engineer, brandon sent text messages after the crash and then deleted those messages before turning his phone over to police. now why would he delete the message after the crash? they say he also made a 911 call but did not identify himself as the train's engineer. as for why the train was traveling nearly twice the speed limit?
6:41 am
police are still working to figure that out. so the feds are working on this so are local police. >> could have been a mechanical problem. it could have been human error, just an accident it, could have been human error so neglect it could be criminal. >> eight people died in the accident last month. and almost 200 others were hurt. >> all right, now to the top national story. a manhunt still underway for two escaped inmate, from that new york state maximum security prison, the sixth day they've been gone? >> sixth day. also the search expanding. pennsylvania is now among the states now warning people about these two escape prisoners. >> fifty of those giant digital billboards with the mugshots of these two guys, richard matt on the right and david sweat on the left, are up across all of the northeastern part of the country. investigators say they have some knowledge that the fugitives might have their eyes on ending up in vermont. but, admit, they don't know exactly where these guys are.
6:42 am
>> just want to say to vermonters this is no time to panic. it is a time to be sensible. >> if you see suspicious people don't go near them. call law enforcement. >> let's work together to get these two dangerous men lock up once again. >> i mean, just about everybody in the northeastern part of the country was on high alert. i mean, there have even been reports of people seeing them here in philadelphiament meanwhile, investigators are still looking into what a role this woman h she is a civilian prison employee, she might have played a part in helping these guys escape. there is indications that maybe she was supposed to be in a get-away car when they came out of the manhole. she went into a panic attack, i mean, her son said she had panic attack, had her -- that her heart was fluttering, so she went to the hospital the night and early morning of their escape. >> wow. >> she knows a lot apparently. >> but the fact they are thinking they could be in our
6:43 am
state? >> oh ya. >> pennsylvania. i know vermont the governor's helping out the governor of new york because there was indication maybe from interviews with this woman that they had their eye on the state of vermont. so we'll see. 6:43 local man is being hailed as hero for his actions on board a flight to philly. hey, dave? >> hey, talking about the heat here in philly. and the surrounding suburbs today. temperatures climbing into the 90s, and we are in for a heatwave. three days in a row at least. see if there is relief in the seven day. i'll look at that coming up. ♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪
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sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars) dear stranger, when i booked this trip, my friends said i was crazy. why would i stay in someone else's house? but this morning a city i've never been to felt like one i already knew. i just wanted to thank you for sharing your world with me. it felt like home. airbnb. belong anywhere.
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philadelphia city councils sill going to vote on amended operating budget for l school district. talking $70 million here. >> councilman at large david o says the amendment will give the school district $105 million by saving money in other part of the city budget. just yesterday city council increase to up $100,000. facing a deficit for the 2015-2016 year. >> have to find out what the total is dave. have to find out. >> we'll work that out. we are looking at ultimate doppler keep eye on the radar today because there will be showers storms developing. and they could be a few strong storms likely, throughout the
6:47 am
afternoon, things are clear now, ultimate doppler clear this morning, but there is a risk for some stronger storms, not necessarily very severe, but, in this dark area here, could see few pop up storms, and could be fairly strong, with some heavy rain and the wind gust. air quality alert pretty much everywhere except for lancaster berks lehigh valley, notice the poor air quality, this will be in effect today most likely tomorrow. and possibly even saturday, as well as the host continues to build. watching temperatures climb through the 60s into the 70s at this hour when you see number of 71 in philadelphia, you know you're headed for 90's this afternoon, hot humid day today. showers storms, here's the timing and show you where expected to see them develop first. but, between 1:00 and 3:00 few isolated storms, north and western suburbs drops south through philadelphia, little heavier shower or storm likely, can't really pinpoint
6:48 am
this but when the computer forecast picks out that one heavier shower likely had happen anywhere along the i95 corridor clearing out this afternoon, this evening though so just quick burst of heavy rain that is what we're dealing w the temperatures climbing to the 90s heatwave begins today. 93 degrees in philadelphia, and it will continue in the seven day forecast, we have temperatures into the 90's tomorrow, 90 degrees on saturday and a little relief on sunday, with few showers storms but then we see that dry air come in, lower humidity no note at who is monday, tuesday, by wednesday we put humidity back in the forecast but at least we heat the temperature below 90 degrees. bob? >> dave morning everybody. 6:48 rolling out of the driveway. accident here on the schuylkill expressway. it is westbound right at the belmont avenue, right there salt shed there that's just west of belmont. the penndot salt yard there luckily police have everything off to the shoulder here. but, already a delay westbound, and it begins
6:49 am
around the boulevard headed west out past the police vehicles there headed out toward conshohocken. right shoulder taken out with the crash. ninety-five northbound, disable in the right lane, at route 420. that's causing delays for the gang coming up from say delaware county and there you go starting to see the beginning of some sun glare there as you head northbound. >> mike's front row here for the taylor swift concert. >> that's right. >> friday saturday night but then saturday night check it out barry manilow across the street, and i found out that if you take a new or used instrument down to the wells fargo center between now and saturday, new or used instrument. >> what the hell is that? >> a musical instrument, likes saxophone, guitar anything, a musical instrument, to the wells fargo center they'll give you free ticket to the barry manilow concert. he'll take all of those instruments and then donate them to local school. >> yes? >> i have an obo i could give him. >> there go.
6:50 am
>> making a cleaning out the closet. we even got the can i store tomorrow. here you go. dolly's candy lands is where we will be set up in rehoboth beach. coming to you live all morning long from the beach. kick it off tomorrow at 6:00. if you go to rehoboth, you know that's the sign, that's where we will be beginning tomorrow. stop in and check out the french fries, at thrasher's, jen will be down at the royal treat restaurant, also going to make stop at fun land. have some fun with us, visit us tomorrow when we're in rehoboth beach all day long. >> mike somebody told me that they saw you in a vat of jello yesterday. >> yes, they did what? >> check it out. ready? oh, i love every second of this. >> with whip cream on top. >> look at this that was 750 gallons of strawberry jello. >> oh my gosh. >> an event put together by the american heritage federal credit union northeast fill toy raise money for the kids.
6:51 am
we raised $22,000 last night. >> what? >> oh wow. >> and they wanted me to go down i said i ain't going for nothing, somebody raised their hand and donated thousand dollars for me to go down the slide. shake it off at the judge's table, they were not getting wet enough. you know what, if i'm getting wet with jello everyone. >> did you hug them? >> oh that's great. >> good times. >> what i am ' wondering, how did you get home? because you don't want it in your car? >> new york i don't if we have video, they actually hose you down with a garden hose. they just squirted me down. we'll try to get that video coming up in the 8:00 hour. my car still smells like jello, i took my contacts out last night and they were red. >> what? >> i had jello mike, everywhere. >> so are you seeing red this morning? >> mike everywhere. >> i know what you are saying. >> there was jello. i knew would you get that. >> oh i get that too. >> okay. >> hopefully somebody at home can help with you that. >> exactly.
6:52 am
>> oh have some grilled cheese. >> doctors always room for jello. wasn't that their slogan? >> is there? oh okay. >> man. working with older people or just retire? >> no. >> no? hey, let me tell this fistfight on the basketball court could cost rapper the game. millions of dollars. >> so according to "tmz" the rapper shrugged an off-duty cop during the pick up game. and now that officer is suing. so in a lawsuit he said he suffered physically, emotionally, financially for his troubles, he wants $12 million the game has not responded to the lawsuit. >> actually there is videotape of him hitting the officer. >> there is? >> at the basketball court. i wonder if we can show it? >> i bet we can at some point. >> all right. >> that would be good tv. >> i bet we could show. >> this say it ain't so. rumor has it, one of america's favorite tv couples is braking up. >> hold on just a second here. we found --
6:53 am
>> oh my goodness. >> they found the girl. the girl missing from camden, the concert that's herded hugging her. this is great. >> and her mom missing since last night after she went to con another camden. and then she stopped -- her dad stopped. she wasn't feeling well. she went to use the rest room. they have been looking for her since. >> oh god. the dad is crying. i would be too. i am bea to cry myself. >> i'm so glad this is a happy reunion, 17 years old. >> okay now you know, the dad was blocking her two people behind the dad right? the mom and the daughter. >> oh my gosh. >> where was she? was she just hiding in the woods? >> i hope she's okay. >> oh,. >> what a reunion aim he sure. what a reunion. >> there she is. yes. >> i recognize her from the picture, she took a selfie at the concert. that's what we've been showing you. that's her.
6:54 am
>> oh my god. >> amazing. >> and police say they've been searching, they said when the son you know once the sunlight hit they wanted to bring out more officers to help. >> so this is so great that they found her. >> so she must have been in the woods all night. you know, maybe upset? >> ya. >> laid down, fell asleep maybe, maybe upset? look at the look on the dad's face. oh man i have two daughters, this is just -- just fantastic news. >> hopefully, now steve is there on the scene probably get more information on him on what happened and how they found her and where she's been. >> but i bet the parent, i bet they are so relieved. >> oh you know it. my goodness. look at him. look at that dad. more hugs. i bet they can't hug her enough. that's for sure. >> no just hug hug hug tears. we'll come right back. look at the mom and daughter.
6:55 am
i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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6:57 am
>> police shaking hands hugging people and shaking hands her name is sarah wills. >> sarah wills, lives in upper dublin, flight. >> yes 17 years old, jr. in high school. >> her dad had to go over and pick her up at the concert, early on in the concert maybe some alcohol involved, and dad come and get me that kind of
6:58 am
thing. stops in chestnut hill. dad, i got pea. i have to go into the woods watch was that about 8:00 or snow. >> been missing since 8:00. you know, the dad got nervous he called 911 and all police were out looking for her. >> she never came back to the car, going out to pea in the woods. but just came out of the woods. all these hours later. and there she is. her mom is there. her dad is there. the investigators are scott small, standing right there. there is the dad on the right side of the screen. they've been frantic all night. not sleeping. she comes walking out of the woods about three minutes ago they're in chestnut hill. >> at one point they even had more than 100 officers out there just looking for her. so thank goodness there was happy reunion here. sarah came home. she's back. >> two minute break come back.
6:59 am
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