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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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d weather is going to stick around for a couple of days. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. let's get straight over to our weather authority chief meteorologist scott williams in the weather center tracking the heat. scott, just how hot did it get today? >> well, record-breaking setting heat across the area today. new information just in. right now you can take a look at this chris and dawn. 95 degrees. the official high at the philadelphia international airport and take look at that. it advertise the record from 1947 on today's date of 95 degrees. so that's the air temperature but today we had feels like temperatures right around 100 degrees. right now it's 93 degrees. the heat index how it actually feels it feels like 95 right now stepping outdoors. we still have the heat advisories in effect for feels like temperatures in the upper 90 toss near 100 degrees along the entire i-95 corridor. also we've been keeping tabs on few pop up isolated thunderstorms right now far north and west of philadelphia it's starting to weaken right now around the norristown area
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and you can see just to the north of conshohocken valley forge homes area watching out for downpours and then a cell exiting sections of northampton county. so the main story this friday evening is going to be the heat temperatures are going to be slow to drop as we take look at the air temperatures right now 93 philadelphia. but it's the humidity how your body reacts giving us feels like temperatures still 99 right now in dover. if we cool off this weekend details neck. >> all right thank you scott. well today's hot weather not stopping tens of thousands of people from heading to south philadelphia. >> devoteed fans flocking to lincoln financial field to see taylor swift. i know dawn you'll be heading down there in matter of minutes. >> i will. >> we find shawnette wilson. shawnette, south philly the mace to be tonight. if you're t swift fan. >> reporter: listen, in this type of heat, you have to be a taylor swift fan to wait outside for hours to get inside which is technically still being outside. just for a concert in this type
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weather. behind me you can see people are still arriving. many with snacks and of course water ready to get inside and sing along. when it's this hot you have to find creative ways to stay cool. he is special physical you're like this crowd waiting out side for hours to get inside the linc for tonight's taylor swift concert. they're drinking plenty of water and standing in any little shady they can fine. it is oppressive heat that's hard to beat no matter how hard you try but for taylor swift fans who came from near and far all say it's worth it. >> i'm here for my birthday just turned 10 may fifth. >> we didn't think it would be this hot. it's not this hot at home. kind of cloudy and we're like we'll be all right. we'll put the water in the cooler in the car we'll be all right. >> you brought crab chips which are very very high in salt, young lady. so what are you going to do about this? >> i guess we'll just buy water when we get in there. >> reporter: like a mom right right. i'm actually from baltimore i'm support tough of crab chips but it's so hot. any way people are just starring
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to arrive for the concert. everybody wants to be on tv. wave. yea. look who out found amber right? >> yes. >> amber it's her lucky day she found $10 just sailing about on the ground and you're at the taylor swift concert tonight. how excited are you and whose excited here with you. >> my parents are here with me. >> and yeah i'm very excited. taylor is such an amazing person. she's so inspiring and -- >> she's the neck taylor. >> who is the real fan? the three of you. >> i'm probably the biggest fan out of three of us. >> i asked where the parents scharr perones. you're a fan too. >> i'm a fan also. >> you have a favorite taylor swift song? there's many. there's many. >> there's many. i like 1989 album. she introduced me to it. ever since that i like her one song december. >> oh yeah. >> i like. i'm impressed. >> all right. >> so mom says you're the next taylor swift. do you sing? what do you do? >> i sing i play the guitar. i act.
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i right. i'm a singer song writer. >> do you have a favorite taylor swift song that you give us a verse or chorus or whatever you do. >> ♪ baby we got brad blood in what used to be mad love tow so take a look what you've done because baby now we got bad blood ♪ hay. >> look at that. i like it. good job. enjoy the show. >> thank you. >> they same here from hershey. she can really sing. i'm jealous. >> get her on american idol. >> i know. all right. chris. >> thanks, shawnette. staying cool just got a little easier. you can beat the heat with the fox 29 news app. you can track temperatures, see how hot it will get and when things will cool off. it's a free download just search for it on the apple or google play stores. tragedy in north philadelphia. a woman unable to escape her burning home this morning. it is a devastating loss for her parents. and tonight a community coming together to offer prayers and support.
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fox 29's karen hepp is in philadelphia somerton section tonight, karen this is so heartbreaking. >> reporter: it really is. i mean something that is devastating thing. it rattles everybody and entire community when you have a loss right here on your block. they have a program here in philadelphia hours after a fatal fire they come back out and they hand out smoke detectors. going door door they are installing free smoke dockets on avon street in somerton. there were no working smoke alarms at this fatal blaze this morning. investigators say the family may have been trying to fight the fire themselves. the 45 year old woman who died was found in a second floor bathroom her 75-year-old mother critically burned by the front door and the father was rescued from the basement by a good samaritan. >> one of the neighbors was coming by and saw the fire and kicked in the basement door to help the father escape through the basement. >> reporter: tears streaming down their faces a heart broken family is faced with inconsolable grief an community
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mourns. >> the woman that lost her life you just spoke with her yesterday. >> i spoke with her yesterday. >> it's a shame. they were nice and always said hello and everything. >> reporter: very sad. that's why the team is pounding the pavement to remind everyone to make a fire plan right now to prevent future deaths. >> unfortunately we're out here because there was one today. with that we knock on every neighbor's door and ask them do they have any working smack alarms. we go in and check and if they don't, we install them. we also ask about do they have a rescue plan or escape plan? we think that's just as important as having a smoke alarm. god for bid you have a fire in your house you need to know how to get out. >> reporter: if you need a smoke detector they are free. if you need them to anybody in philadelphia. just call through 11. they would be more than willing to come right out install that in your home. they do want to prevent these kind of tragic deaths. from somerton, karen hepp. dawn back to you. >> karen, thank you. we have breaking news out of upstate new york. authorities just announceing that
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they have arrested 51-year-old george are joyce mitchell. police say that she was involved in the escape of richard matt and david sweat from the clinton county correct al facility last week. mitchell was an employee of that prison. officials say she provided those two with materials that helped in their escape. of course we'll bring updates as we get them on a reward tonight to solve a case of animal abuse. we do want to warn you the image we're about to show you may be disturbing to see. a good samaritan found this female dog left dumped in a basket she was only waving pounds found tuesday in tacony creek park section of juniata -- juniata section of philadelphia. she is now in the hands of lee lou's promise animal group she named her not tee which means beautiful in hawaiian the group is offering $400 reward for information on who did this to noni. we posted all the contact information for legal lowes promise on website
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>> hopefully she'll be okay. heartbreaking case of animal hoarding after 30 cats and kittens are rescued from a home in newtown square that was just deplorable conditions. this is video shot a couple of days ago by rags to riches animal rescue as they tried to trap and catch more than two dozen little kitchens and about 15 adult cats. the man who lived here for years had to suddenly move after the property which belong belonged to his mother was sold at sheriffs sale. all the cats were left behind to fend for themselves. >> they were actually living in the floor boards in the basement but you can barely walk in the basement the smell of ammonia just takes over. we had respirators on. it was pretty gruesome. >> she from traction ridges rescue. fortunately the kittens are being properly feather fed and cared for by that organization. as for the add dull cats the chester county spca spayed and neutered them and helping to place them at an area farm that takes in rescues. if you're interested in adopting one of these sweet kittens go to
6:09 pm for more information. controversy in one gloucester county community after a student project on display offends local law enforcement. the students were ordered by school officials to take down the display. >> and that order has sparked quite a debate within that community. fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson is live in newsroom. bill? >> reporter: it's an interesting situation going on there, dawn. what started i was as a class project on community and police relations has turned into a social media fire storm involving sits in, letters from the police union and the good intentions of both students and teachers being questioned. ♪ >> reporter: students at clear view regional high school were doing a humanities project that also had some discussion on police brutality and featured a collage with an image with raised hands and the words hands up don't shoot. when the police union found out about it, they wrote a strongly worded letter calling the display misleading.
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offensive and a ridiculous display and asking for it to be removed. superintendent john horshack had the display taken down which launch add community and social media debate about appropriate lessons versus freedom of speech speech. >> the students responded by having a sit in to show their support for their teacher and also to question why high school students don't have the right to discuss controversial topic. >> i don't feel it needs to be taken down. i think eighths freedom of speech issue. i don't think it's fair to be bashing on the police that help our town every single day. >> as long as administration and the teachers were guiding these children through this it's createing a conversation, not necessarily sparking outrage. >> reporter: students i spoke to off camera made it clear that they were not protesting the police. they were just standing up for freedom of speech but the superintendent issued a statement saying that the images were taken down and now it's time for the community to move on. interestingly enough,
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superintendent horshack who i was told was unavailable to comment somehow found the time to approach me twice at a local convenience store and let me know that my presence was not welcomed near the school. the students manny taken they're not anti police. they just wanted to have this discussion and dig deeper into it and we do, too. tell us what you think. you can leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly. >> thank you bill interesting. story we have all heard before. >> you move in a great neighborhood, you think you have a great neighbor but then something happens. that great neighbor moves away. leaves a mess behind. so what can you do about that eye sore? bruce gordon tracking down answers for us tonight. >> sean? >> connor barwin was makeing dreams come true today and we had to ask him eagles questions while we were there. especially about the latest move to release his buddy evan mathis mathis. his first reaction later in sports.
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♪ fox 29 working to get results for neighbors fed up with a vacant home that's become a blight on their beautiful block. >> it's all too familiar story in philadelphia property owners move away or they pass away and their home falls into disrepair. bruce gordon spent the day in southwest philadelphia and joins us in studio with a frustrating and familiar tale. bruce. >> absolutely, chris and dawn. 6100 block of washington avenue is literally an award winner. philadelphia horticultural society's green nest block four years running. but that was 30 years ago. the block has plenty of well maintain homes. some could frankly sit op a golf course but right there mid block well there's the eye sore, 6135 washington. vacant for many years and falling apart. covered with weeds and trash. the city says there's not much they can do unless of course the place was about to literally fall down and so it sits. ruining the rest of this otherwise nice neighborhood. >> a lot of times the door is wide open. front door is open.
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you never know when somebody can go in there and start a fire or anything can happen. there are young children in this neighborhood. >> this is horrible. would you want to live on this block? no. if i wasn't living on this block now, i would never moved here. >> reporter: the city couldn't or wouldn't do anything but it took me just 15 minutes to track down the husband and wife owners of that vacant home. i spoke to the wife by phone. she admitted there was no excuse for the mess out there and promised an immediate cleanup. it is already underway. chris, dawn. >> all right good job bruce. well, a special treat for some eagles fans linebacker connor barwin surprising a new jersey family in helping to install their rooftop solar panels with nrg home solar. chris murphy was there for all the excitement. >> reporter: for patricia and lavar gram it's a day they will never forget. >> good morning. >> oh, no. >> how you doing? >> how you doing i'm connor. i'm here to install your solar. >> eagles star lineman connor barwin surprising the couple with a home installation of solar panels.
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why this cherry hill neighborhood and why connor barwin? that's where the surprise gets really fun. nrg home solar heard their customer patricia had boyfriend who was a huge eagles fan. barwin showed up to make their day live on "good day philadelphia". >> eagles on three. >> one work, three eagles! >> this is not the first time barwin has teamed up with nrg. >> i go to haiti with them every off season. and now we're doing this installation and hopefully it continues to grow in the future. >> patricia was in on the surprise the whole time to help pull it off. >> i didn't expect to see this many media people here, but this is more than what i expect expected. definitely. >> as for barwin, chip kelly might be the only person who doesn't want to see him cognition. >> in cherry hill, chris murphy, fox 29 news. ♪ great to see connor helping out the community. players like that do these type
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of things all the time. but while we had um we had to ask him a few eagles questions. the main topic, of course, the release of evan mathis. you have an quarterback a running back with a long history of getting hurt and now you cut your pro bowl guard. good job chip. ridiculous. we had to ask connor what his thoughts were on the move. >> i was surprised of course, but you knew -- i mean you didn't know. you new something was going to eventually happen. i wish evan the best. he was a great teammate for two years but i'm very confident in the guys that have been here all summer. tobin, garner, dennis kelly alan barber those guys had a good off season they've been here every single day we're moving forward. excited about who we have and obviously evan is moving forward begun luck to him in the future. >> now the phillies are still the phillies. they lost six out of their last seven and they had head to pittsburgh this weekend. so there's a great chance they're going to get swept again. they can't pitch, they can't hit
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and they can't get any consistency outside jonathan papelbon and the guys who are in the slump the worst is mainly chase utley. he's zero for the last six games games. see row for 19. one for 25 in his last eight. his batting average has plumed to .185 on the season. four homers. 24 rbi's. that's not getting it done phillies want to trade all the vets papelbon hamels howard and utley but it will be impossible to trade utley especially with 10 million he's making this year. nba finals it's tied up at two piece much the first four games were great but the warriors finally got on track finally got to their groove. head coach made several changes to the lineup but when the media asked him before the game about potential changes he didn't say anything that was true. >> tim asked me if was starting i lied. (laughter). >> no, i did.
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i lied. i don't think they hand you the trophy for based on morality. they give it to you if you win. so sorry about that. >> i love it. every coach lies to the media finally someone admits it and laughs about it i love it. >> too funny. >> good series going on. >> great zeros. i think the warriors are going to win. >> do you. >> thing they found their stride. >> all right. we ask for the heat and it has arrived. >> scott is back with a look at your full forecast neck.
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♪ hi everyone well cup back to the fox 29 news at 6:00. as we talk about this weather i mean it's been hot oppressively hot. the high today made it up to 95 degrees. the hottest so far this year. that ties the record high for today's date of 95 set back in 1947. right now at the philadelphia international airport it's hazy, hot and humid. 93 degrees. you factor in that humidity, it still feels like 95. thankfully there is a little bit of a breeze winds out of the southwest at about 16 miles per hour. but until 8:00 o'clock, the urbanized areas we're talking about all of that concrete kind of acting to really fuel some of the heat across the area. feels like temperatures are still going to be near 100 degrees until about 8:00 o'clock so take it easy in delaware wilmington bear, into south jersey. deptford mt. laurel, trenton looking at feels like temperatures in the 90s. as far as those air temperatures
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right now it's 90 in dover. 90 in wilmington upper 80s right now in trenton. a little rain cooled north and west. but take look at the feels like temperature right now in dover. it feels like 99 degrees. it feels like knife in wilmington and it feels like 90 right now in millville. so out ahead of this cold front temperatures are above average but behind it take a look at the cooler conditions. 60 in chicago. upper 60s receipt now in desmoines. it's not going to get that cool once front arrives during a part of the week bend but had we will see slightly lower humidity and slightly cooler temperatures. we still are tracking a few pop-up isolated showers and storms. one really rapidly diminishing right now as it move out of the conshohocken norristown area as we take look towards sections of lehigh valley and the poconos you can see one exiting exiting sections of northampton county but off to the we have, far west you can see a nasty line of some showers and thunderstorms a lot of that will weaken before it make it to our area.
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so as we go hour by hour, once again, maybe isolateed pop-up storm. otherwise it's going to stay pretty humid overnight for tomorrow a mixture of sun and clouds. like al few pop-up showers and storms as well. tomorrow if we hit 90 or better, that will make it official our first heat wave of 2015. so scattered clouds, muggy overnight upper 60 toss mid 70s across the area. take it easy. stay hydrated if you're stepping outdoors. maybe a backyard barbecue. either tonight or tomorrow and then 90-degree heat as we move ahead to the up coming weekend that seven day forecast is going to show temperatures stay pretty much above average over the next seven days. so summer not officially started but certainly feeling like it. all right. that's going to do it for us right here at 6:00. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. have great -- we have a great show up next. our countdown to kick off show which will lead up to the usa women's world cup match against sweden. have a great night.
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>> the following is presentation of fox 29 sports. ♪ >> it's world games and it's right here on fox. every kick, every minute, every game counts on the road to a title. >> standard is very high and that's something we all new going into this. yeah we accept it. >> tonight the united states faces sweden on canadian soil in winnipeg. fox 29's countdown to kickoff starts right now. ♪ this is fox 29's countdown to kick off. the u.s. and sweden coming up tonight from winnipe


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