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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 13, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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orioles and the play players especially for getting out there. >> kenny: gregorius on one hop, two away. >> tom: because to me as much as we talk about the marketing, and the thing thass that we have to do to continue to grow the game, you have to get the youth playing and interest eded in baseball. i always think that once you are introduce introduced to the game at an early age, you are a fan for life. you may go away, but once you have kids and adulthood, you will come back, because the connection to the game, and the tangible connection early on, that is the payoff. it is not about marketing or the fancy ads, but it is about the kid s kids. i applaud that, and adam jones to me, absolutely, the definition of the franchise player, and on and off of the field. >> kenny: absolutely. he does so much for the community as pearce drives one into the left field corner. coming home to score is wieters. it is now 9-4, baltimore, and the 22nd run batted in for the
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season by steve pearce. >> tom: we talked about the hot hitting orioles' team the shgs, and hitting over .300 in the small stretch. you cannot leave the ball over the center of the plate to a hot-hitting team the. they are taking advantage of the hittable pitches in this inning. >> kenny: the orioles have scored five runs in an inning and two-thirds against the yankee bull pen. mar martin allowed three in the sixth, and santos with two near the seventh. ball one to ryan flaherty, and 11 runs in the game last night, and .419 batting average and
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five home runs. >> tom: getting healthy in more ways than one. jonathan the scope is not too far off certain lyly in terms of swinging the bat. this is a club getting healthy on the right track on the upswing upswing. >> kenny: hardy missed the early portion, and he is back, and wieters is back, and hardy is back and brady is coming back. he is hitting like he is 30 when he is 50. he is down there with jonathan scope in florida in about 90 degrees everyday working
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extremely hard to get that knee back into shape. actually chris tillman credits brady anderson working out together in the off season together a few years ago. >> kenny: flaherty drives it to left center but the catch is made by gardner to end the inning. santos allowing two the run, and the orioles leading by five. ♪ i've been drivin' a lincoln since
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10:06 pm at bat. you can get stats and live look-ins and you can get it now. david lough remains in the game at left field for the orioles. nolan reimold moves are from left to right. brian mccann is leading off for the yankees here in the top of the eighth inning and they trail the oriolest 9-4, and the orioles have won nine straight the. they swept the red sox, and the first series sweep for the orioles. mccann smacks a base hit into the left field against the shift. yankees meanwhile, they have lost two in a row after a seven-game win streak. >> tom: and the 0-2 fastball out of the strike zone away, and brian mccann says you will give me left field? i will take the
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we are down five. i will take a base hit. especially down five. >> kenny: and carlos beltran is 0 for 3. chaz roe has done a nice job for the orioles, and retired the only man he faced in the sixth, chris young with the bases loaded. then he struck out two in the seventh, and allowed a base hit to chase headley, and now beltran into the right field corner off of the wall, and fielded by reimold, and beltran is held othe long single, and moving to third is mccann, and the yankees have runners on the corn corners with nobody out here in the eighth. >> tom: fastball center cut, and he was off right away. and reimold, we saw him before
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delmon young skidded by, and he played that very well, and to hold him on. >> kenny: and pitching coach dave wallace is out for a visit with chaz roe. thursday the pacific golfers converge for the u.s. open championship begin at noon eastern and 9:00 a.m. pacific on fox sports 1. coverage then continues in primetime at 8:00 p.m. eastern on your fox station and streaming live on fox sports go. darren o'day is the right-hander up in the orioles' pen with didi gregorius up at the plate. he doubled back in the sixth inning. mccann and beltran are on the corners. gregorius takes strike one.
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joo>> tom: i am not sure how i would play first base holding on the beltran and see how they back him off and play behind and see if they can give him more range. he is not going to back him up but he should to give himself more range. the yankee are 3 of 19 with runners in score position, and now mccann with a couple of steps down the line retreats to first.
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>> tom: and saying my bad. you have to hit the cutoff man a, and the crowd is going to ooh and ah because the throw is to the plate, but the danger is that the ball bounces away from wieters, and mccann is going nowhere. >> kenny: so with one away, stephen drew 1 for 2 with a walk. doubled back in the second inning. yankees scored two in the first. the orioles would score two in the third. two in the fifth. three in the sixth. two in the seventh. so four runs with at least two runs porfor the orioles. >> tom: and chaz roe when he came in, the word i used was stable theize izeize izeize -- stabilize. he has had career high two
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innings in a game. they have been able to get him five outs so far. >> kenny: the biggest retiring young on the fly ball with the bases loaded in the sixth. >> tom: this is a danger pitch right here to stephen drew. we talked about him liking the fast fastball up, and it is looking like fa the teague setting in on roe in the last couple of pitches. >> kenny: now, 3-1. >> tom: not the same finish to the pitches and not the same command. taking a little bit more time in between the pitches.
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the thing about the yankees' lineup, they can put the runs up in a hurry with the home run ball. >> kenny: line drive clutch, shoveled to first for the double play play. flaherty with the shovel pass out of the glove to pearce. that is going to do for it the yankees in the eighth. mountain dew baja blast, a taco bell original, is back in bottles and cans. what!
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p.m. pacific right here on tuesday july 14th right here on fox. manny machado, 3 for 4, a home run and 3 for 4 with two runs sruns and four runs batted in. >> tom: well, buck showalter said that we don't have a prototypical leadoff hitter. they have one now, and machado dropped in there in the week of may, and he has found a home. >> kenny: he scored three runs in last night's game, and he has scored twice tonight. should the orioles hang on tonight to the win the game
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buck show waltalter would be all alone in third place in career wins among oriole managers. earl weaver of course is number one on the list. paul richard ss is second. buck is currently tied with hank bower who played for the yankees and then managed the orioles from 1964 to 1968 and won a world title in 1966. he would be replaced by hank bower, but currently tied with him. and buck told us that he got to know hank bower a little bit during the his days managing the yankees, and hank bower would show up on old timers' day and visit him. >> tom: what a great time when
10:17 pm
they would come back to visit in those days. buck was a fan and mickey mantle was his hero growing up. >> kenny: and ma chauchado sends this one down the left field line. over to make the catch is young. one away and he said that mickey mantle, and they would get mobbed by the fans and reporters and teammates, and the current yankees would sneak into the office to chat with buck and chat. >> tom: and tell stories that we can't pass along, but tell the store ris that i cannot imagine what is it like to have buck have mickey in the office just sit there and tell stories about the good old days. >> kenny: and nolan reimold taking a called strike. one of the turning point s ins in the game is his at-bat in the third inning when he popped one up in foul territory, and dropped in between mccann and teixeira, and he homered on the next pitch to
10:18 pm
tie the game 2-2. >> tom: huge point in the game, because sabathia thought that he had a strike on the pitch before, and then the pop-up which falls harmlessly and maybe not so harmlessly, because the harm arrived on the next pitch by reimold. we stau the statue earlier of earl weaver and watching this team i thought of another hall of fame manager sparky anderson who said, the first third of the season don't pay attention to it, because the good teams play well in june. you talk about this team, the orioles just now getting to .500 .500, but the arrow is pointing up. make no mistake, this is a good team that is going to be better as the team goes on. as the year goes on. >> kenny: we talked about wieters playing in the sixth game game, and they referred to him as the field general. coming into the game, the orioles are 5-1 with his return.
10:19 pm
>> tom: and sparky used to say, get me to 20-20 or 30-30, and i am good with that. >> kenny: reimold is down on strikes for out two. >> tom: i think about the kansas city royals last year. they were 50-50. they go to the seventh game of the world series. >> kenny: the royals are 30-30 right where sparky would want them. >> tom: perfect position for the long race. >> kenny: first time at .500 since they were 12-12. season high five wins, consecutively, 11-3 last night. they are 4-4 against the yankees this season after winning 13 of 19 from the yankees last year, and that is the first time that the orioles won the series season from the yankees since 1997. >> tom: a lot of losses in between. the yankees dominating the
10:20 pm
series until last year. >> kenny: the 0-1 to adam jones, and now the 0-2. >> tom: if you don't like the weather, it is go ging to change. just like in texas. they have gone from up stoppable to playing well, and then they come back hot. and now they are on a hop, but not as hot as the blue jays. >> kenny: jones is popping it up, and gregorius is under it. another win for toronto. they have gone ten straight. we head to the ninth here in baltimore. . januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that,
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>> kenny: pel out . >> kenny: pull out your esurance all-star game ballot and vote at darren o'day is going to face a pinch-hitter garrett jones. then brett gardner and then chase headley, and the orioles with a 9-4 lead, and strike one to jones who is 2 for 8 as a pinch-hitter for the yankees
10:24 pm
this season. four runs and 11 hits for the yankees and nine run ss and 15 hits for orioles. orioles broke open a 4-4 game with three in the sixth, and two in the seventh. jones down on strikes, one away. >> tom: ten-point command from o'day and this is going to seem like it is rising, because of the low relief point. and we saw the walk ss, and the four walks and the 29 punch-outs to give you an idea of the command of darren o'day. >> kenny: brett gardner is 0 for 4 and a great job by the entire crew here at camden yards.
10:25 pm
the technical director is gabe bell, and syd drexler and crunch ing crunching the numbers is wayne fiddleman and joe bann. the orioles are looking to make it six consecutive victories, and loss would drop the yankees into to a first-place tie with the tampa bay rays who won their game today. the yankees have held at least a share of first place for 46 of the last 50 days.
10:26 pm
yankee fans are tune into the yes network as the final game of the series has adam warren taking the mound against tba for the orioles. >> tom: that the guy gets around around, tba. >> kenny: buck showalter had a number of scenarios depending on what pitchers he had to use in tonight's game. >> tom: well, he didn't have to use mike wright, and so he is available if he has to go that direction.
10:27 pm
and now some extra arms thrown in there as they are entering a stretch of 20 konconsecutive days trying to build in the extra the rest. 17 saves on the season for the orioles' closer. chase headley with three saves tonight, and he has scored two
10:28 pm
of the yankees' two run and he fouls it back, 0-1. >> tom: a shot at steve pearce holding gardner on and once again, defending the range over defending the runner. >> kenny: right field, and coming on is reimold for out number two. alex rodriguez back in the sixth inning a two-run shot which tied
10:29 pm
the game 4-4. rodriguez is becoming the second player in major league his troy drive in 2,000 runs. yankees down to the final out. rodriguez now five hits shy of 3,000. following tomorrow's game the yankees will play the next four against the miami marlins. two in miami and then two at yankee stadium as rodriguez continues his pace at 3,000. >> tom: and you are saying that he is a pinch-hitter, and national league rules.
10:30 pm
rodriguez is 0 for 6 lifetime against darren o'day. >> kenny: one ball, two strike count.
10:31 pm
the 2-2 from o'day and rodriguez strikes out, and the orioles win the sixth in a row and buck showalter is now all alone in third place in the all-time wins' list for the orioles' managers. the yankees lose the third straight. five run ss for the orioles against the yankee pen and the yankees are tied for first, and the orioles are two back. and tom verducci and kenny albert saying good night. orioles win it over the yankees.
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. >> an just a note for you who are watching, it seemed like forever ago, the reds and the cubs, they are hoping to get back to the game, and if so, we will get the audiences back to that game. and we are going to talk about the orioles and the yankees and manny machado, three hits and drove in four and he has really found a niche. >> and the kid is a super star,
10:36 pm
and he has dealt with the injuries that have held him back a little bit, but the orioles are happy to have him back and healthy and when he is on the field, he is a dynamic player and a difference-maker, and as you said, they found a spot for him in the leadoff hole, and he has more power, but they didn't have a true leadoff hitter, and now they do. >> and now granted they are 7-1 since matt wieters has come back and it is not a coincidence and he is going to help the pitching, too. >> and the thing about matt wieters and the baltimore orioles' coming in, they were not making a lot of off-season moves, but they were planning on matt wieters contributing, and others getting healthy, and when he is there, he is an absolute difference-maker on both sides of the ball and you don't see that often on the catcher position. >> and just on a-rod, the season keeps on go g foring for him, and
10:37 pm
3,000 hits. >> and the opposite-field power. it is still there for him. >> and they are hoping to get the cubs and the reds to keep going, a ndnd when we do that, we will bring that for you, and we want to remind you that it is going to be tuesday, the usa and nigeria in the world cup can. and for c.j., i'm kevin, a sierra nevada a great night. we are! fox sports!
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up next, philadelphia police officers under fire. the shot that terrified a neighborhood. and sucker punched. an unprovoked attack that left an elderly man reeling in a department store parking lot. keep it here. your news in 30 seconds. kids are a great thing. before you know it they're in college. if you're lucky, they get a degree in finance and figure out how to pay for it. could happen. but just in case it doesn't, i can help. we have new student loans others don't offer. next time you have a question about how to pay for college ask me. sincerely, jared duemling, fellow ninja and fellow citizen
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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪ right now on fox 29, two bodies removed from a port richmond home tonight. just hours after bullets started flying at police. those officers are okay tonight but they came within inches of being hit. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. that gunfire led to a two hour long standoff with the presumed gunman. brad satin back from the neighborhood brad, there were a lot of people who saw this whole thing unfold. >> reporter: dawn for sure. scary stuff here. the officers in fact never fired a shot. police were called to the home after reports of gunshots. they pulled up and within a few seconds two officers nearly became victims themselves. looking at aftermath it could have been so much worse. officers jonathan ballinger and brendan bird pulled up to the 3500 block of emerald street responding to a call of shots fired when they came under fire. >> as soon as we pulled up, we heard shots fired at our vehicle.
10:43 pm
you could see either glass or some type of metal shrapnel coming off the side of the vehicle. we immediately exited, took cover. >> reporter:coverreport for officer ballinger his fourth day on the streets. >> scary moment. as soon as i heard the shots i wanted to get out of the vehicle. >> brothers michael and kevin collins had just gotten in their car when the officers pulled in front of them. >> i heard two shots. i saw the cops jumping over the car running back behind our car. bam, bam bam. saw it off the wall. whoever was shooting was shooting at the cops. >> the shots came from a window across the street. >> cops started flying. they came up. dude started shooting out the window. it's crazy. >> as soon as the cops pulled and the guy started shooting out the home. >> reporter: not knowing at the time where the shots were coming from the officer didn't return fire but instead waited for the swat team to arrive. fearing the gunmen may have had a hostage they tried for more than two hours to contact the man using a bull horn until finally getting no response and hearing another gunshot a robot was brought in and discovered the two men dead.
10:44 pm
the front door was broken down. and cell phone video then shows the swat team moving into the home. >> had the riot gear and had the crowbar i guess to operate door. they rammed in and went in. >> reporter: police still trying to get to the bottom of what happened but neighbors say drug deals and gunfire are common here. >> right across the street too close to o i'm out of there. like i'll sell my house. i'm getting out of there. i grand babies. i'm scared. >> police investigating the circumstances that led to those initial gunshots. for now they're not releasing the names or relationship of the men who died. but certainly two police officers tonight are thankful to be able to go home to their families. dawn? >> all right. thank you, brad. on your radar tonight heat and the threat of storms. fox 29 meteorologist mike masco is here witness timing on all of this. mike? >> it's a nice evening out there. start with good news, all right? very comfortable. it's mild, 83 in the city. getting north and west into the 70s and we're uniformly into the low 70s along the coastline. the good news again is the low humidity values our dew points a
10:45 pm
around 60 comfortable threshold. however as you work south and west you go over the delaware memorial bridge into baltimore and d.c. that's where we find a lot of humidity and that's where we do see some showers and thunderstorms forming. you get out towards western maryland back into the shenandoah valley you see the showers and storms. the good news here is, everything stays off towards the south. we'll keep the forecast dry for the overnight hours. into tomorrow morning and a first portion of sunday. however, there's a storm system. south of chicago that's actually some delays with the mlb going on right now. that's a system that will roll in our direction by sunday afternoon. it's a lehigh valley first around 3:00 o'clock. showers and thunderstorms popping up. then it's a soaking rain that comes in by tomorrow evening overnight hours into monday morning's commute. could even be a severe weather component to this outside of philadelphia all the lehigh valley back into the mason dixon line lancaster county dangerous lightning strong gusty winds. but i think the biggest threat with these storms are going to be flash flooding could be a buck to 3-inches of rain from
10:46 pm
the storms that develop into tomorrow. allentown lehigh valley humid conditions 6:00 a.m. 67 degrees. showers and thunderstorms will rocket in six 10:00 o'clock an area two to 3-inches of rain here in the philadelphia metro area and points south and east, i think the threat starts around six alcohol clock. 10:00 o'clock though that's probably the better window of these gusty showers and storms developing. it will ab nasty situation if you want to get a beach day in tomorrow i think you're good to go for the entire duration of your day. 78 in seaside. 74 stone harbor lewes and dewey beaches 80 degrees. water temperatures into the 60s. burn time will be 20 minutes. it's further north and west you go that's where there's very gusty showers and thunderstorms. guess what? this is going to be a pattern we lock into for three days. lots of rain and lots of weather to talk about coming up in just a little bit. dawn. >> thank you mike. you can be ahead of the storms it with the fox 29 news app. get alerts accept to your phone and watch live radar it's free
10:47 pm
to download just search for it in the apple or google play stores. residents are evacuated from their montgomery county high rise after a fire brokes out on the building. firefighters called to the 8400 block of lime kiln road in wyncote about noon today. crews quickly getting the smoke and flames under control. no reports of any serious injuries. still no word yet on what started that fire. and update now on the atm bandits who stole more than $150,000 a story you saw only on fox last night. investigators releasing this surveillance video today. it shows the men breaking into a wells fargo atm on the 7500 block of haverford avenue in overbrook park and just driving off. this happened early thursday morning. police say the same men broke into a citizens bank atm in southwest philadelphia back in may. if you have any information on these guys, give police a call. a 19-year-old man is shot after police say he broke into a philadelphia home and came face to face with a homeowner. fox 29's sabina kuriakose
10:48 pm
reports, news of that home invasion is leaving a quiet community shane. >> very scared because i have little kids, you know. sometime they don't lock the door. i'm surprised. >> reporter: this man raising his kids here a quiet pocket of flower lined family homes along b street in the olney section of philadelphia. the kind of neighborhood so rare these days, he says, where people don't bother to lock their doors. now left rocked by an apparent early morning home invasion. >> do you think you'll start locking your door now? >> oh, yes, oh yes, oh yes. more vigilant about it. >> reporter: terrifying ordeal started just before 4:00 o'clock saturday morning. when a 19-year-old man somehow entered a home along the 5900 block. investigators are still trying to figure out exactly how he got in because there wasn't any sign of forced entry. police say the alleged home invader made his way to a second floor bedroom. that's when the couple inside awoke to see a stranger standing
10:49 pm
in their doorway. the 46-year-old man jumped out of bed and confronted the suspect asking him what he wanted. >> without a word, police say the 19-year-old suspect then lunched at the man. who pulled out his gun and shot the teenager. police say nobody else was hurt. >> i've been here 20 years. i never heard something like this. >> they walk into your house. you don't know them. you have to protect your family. >> reporter: neighbors tell fox 29 the couple has lived here for 10 years. the suspect is at einstein with a gunshot wound to his recover. the gun was recovered as evidence n olney sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> undercover officers hitting the streets of camden and catching dozens of people trig to buy drugs. 41 people arrested during a sting on thursday night. get this investigators say 90% of them not from the city of camden. many of the suspects are from south jersey suburbs. police say camden is seeing an increase in heroin overdoses
10:50 pm
this month including four fatalityies. a prison worker pleads not guilty to helping two convicted murderers escape from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. meanwhile fox portion, peter doocy tells us hundreds of law enforcement officials are on an all out manhunt for the two escapees. >> reporter: we know they went under the tall prison walls behind me but we haven't known much about how until now. they used some hack saws, chisels and drill bits allegedly provided by joyce mitchell, the seamstress inside who has been suspended who could go from prison employee to prison resident in a matter of months. we saw mrs. mitchell in court last night to face charges of being an accomplice to the escape by bringing contraband in and the complaint alleges she provideed some of the tools on may first well over a month before richard matt and david sweat were in the wind. she plead not guilty but if the jury finds otherwise it could mean seven years behind bars for
10:51 pm
her. mitchell's hub has not been arrested but authorities are certainly very interested in what he may have known or if he may be even helped. as for the manhunt no productive leads lately and authorities seem confident fugitives are in a very concentrated area close to the prison possibly in the very thick forest that is tough to see out of once you're about 30 steps in. but they're can dade saying no confirmed siting of either man yet. one full week after the guards were surprised to see their cells were empty. and a night after a very long rainstorm during which authorities said they assumed these two are tired and wet and cold but the trail has also gone cold and we get a sense these two murderers could be anywhere every time we pass through a checkpoint because officers clutch their weapons tight as they politely ask us to pop the trunk as though they are expecting a prisoner to pop out. in new york, peter doocy fox
10:52 pm
news. six more detainees are released from the prison at guantonimo bay according to the pentagon. this is the first transfer of get mow detainees in five months. the men all from yemen flown to the country of oman. they were not returned to he yemen because of the instability there. among them three men alleged to have been bodyguards for osama bin laden and one who apparently had ties to bin dad latent's religious advisers. you decide 2016. comments from hillary clinton getting a lot of attention today. i will be the youngest woman president in the history of the united states. those confident words coming from hillary clinton in new york city today. she officially launches her second run for the white house. now the former secretary of state taking to the stage at franklin d. roosevelt park before scores of scream supporters.
10:53 pm
>> now, there may be some new voices in the presidential republican choir. but they're all singing the same old song. a song called yesterday. clinton was joined by her hub former president bill clinton her daughter chill seen her son-in-law. state trooper being applauded for his kindness after an unusual pursuit. what happened when elderly woman finally comes to a stop on the side of the road. >> john statement mows making headlines. it has nothing to do with a full house remake. what landed the actor in some serious trouble coming up. mike? >> dawn, beautiful evening out there. temperatures into the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. however the weather authority says get ready to get soaked by sunday. i'm meteorologist mike masco. these details coming up in the fox 29 news at 10.
10:54 pm
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all things mobile. all in one place. ♪ >> this burning van at the center of very tense and dangerous situation. a police sniper shooting the man inside after a shootout near a dallas police station. fox's casey stegall takes a look this evening at the aftermath of that shootout. >> reporter: getting a closer look at the damage to dallas police headquarters after a suspect's fired shots at the building early saturday morning. take a look at these shattered windows, squad cars pierced with bullet holes. the shots march roll missing several officers. pipe bombs exploding nearby. >> some officers say we're very
10:56 pm
lucky. i believe we're blessed that officers survived this ordeal. >> reporter: suspect driving an armored van crashing head on into a police cruiser. this man witnessed the whole thing recording the action on his cell phone. >> as soon as i hear a crash i just -- i'm like, i was about to step out and i go back into the corner and then that's when they started shooting away. as soon as that happened, i just kind of crouched down little bit. >> reporter: suspect led police on a chase to nearby hutchins. south of dallas. where a standoff lasted around 11 hours. local residents getting quite awake up call. >> all of a sudden i see like 30 cops pull in and i hear like at least 50 rounds go off of gunfire. >> pretty crazy. i was pretty scared. my first thought was to go in and lock the door. >> reporter: swat snipers taking a shot at the suspect not until police sent in robo they confirmed he was dead. the dallas police chief saying
10:57 pm
the suspect called 911 before the ordeal blameing police for losing custody his son. >> we need to rethink and relook at security measures at all of our police facilities as a result of this incident. we'll be doing that in the coming days and weeks. >> reporter: if there is a bit of good news here, it's that no officers or innocent bystanders were hurt in this several hour long ordeal. that's the latest outside dallas police headquarters, casey stegall fox news. a sketch-year-old man says he was minding his own business when he was punched outside a wal*mart. surveillance cameras caught the attack in san antonio texas. the man was punched so hard he was knocked to the ground. he says he never said a woman to his attacker and has no idea why he hit him. police are offering a $5,000 reward for information to leads to an arrest. secretary of state john kerry says he's ready to go back to work. kerry released from massachusetts general hospital yesterday. he broke his leg cycling near
10:58 pm
the presence alps two week ago. kerry was thrown back to boston where he had surgery to repair this femur. >> i want to begin just by thanking the folks in switzerland who did an absolute extraordinary job of patching me up and shipping me home and there's not enough that i could say about the team here at mass general. they've been absolutely extraordinary. >> kerry telling reporters that during his recovery he has been in constant talks with the president and with members of the cabinet on how to move forward in iraq and iran. he plans to return to washington next week. independence day celebrations for filipino americans in camden county today. hundreds gathering at cooper river park in pennsauken celebrating the 117th anniversary of philippine independence. the day beginning with parade and a wreath laying ceremony that includeed pill pinot organizations throughout the region and then it was over to the park for a fiesta.
10:59 pm
camden emergency responders and city leaders getting to know people in their community today. the camden county police department hosting a block party right near sixth and bailey streets. it was a chance for residents to interact with city officials on a more personal level as you can see. children even getting to play some basketball and football with police and firefighters organizers say they're strengthening their bond in the community through sports and food. soccer is certainly getting a lot of attention right now. the women's world cup is airing right here on fox 29. the game is part of the fabric of philadelphia sports and fox 29's bill anderson has a story of a group of players who simply play for the love of the game. ♪ >> reporter: world cup fever has many of us caught up in the spirit and pride of supporting our team and our country but i spent the day with athletes from the special olympics and their partners schools for the unified soccer championships. skill level may ab little below the world cup but the spirit
11:00 pm
and pride of the day was immeasurable. it's a day when athletes from the special olympics and local high schools they come together. they play together, and they compete together. >> unified sports bring together athletes with intellectual disabilities and partners who are athletes without intellectual did you abilities on the same teams to train and compete and the culmination is today. >> there were opening ceremonies where the teams marched into the stadium. the victory torch was brought in by local police, and the crowd offered really heart warming support. the day was clearly about competition but most of the athletes i spoke to said that competition took a back seat to the bonds that they have stabbed and the oath that they all take when they compete. >> tell me the oath that everybody believes in. >> let me win and if i cannot win let me be brave in our attempt. >> did you feel like that's what they were doing. >> yes, they were. very wonderful job to all the schools. >> the athletes were all having a great time. some of them wanted to take my


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