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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  June 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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will storm a little later on and we may see some showers before the morning is through. so bus stop buddy is happy, philadelphia schools early dismissal today. temperatures in the 07's. we have clouds out there. but it is sticky, you will feel it the minute you walk outside the door, so we have a little bit of rain in berks county, this morning not too far from reading and maybe more to come, also watch out for fog especially traveling some of those back road in the suburbs. .3 of a mile visibility in allentown, foggy in trenton foggy in atlantic city as well but just these are not the only places where it is foggy we will see when bob kelly shows you traffic cameras 5 miles an hour wind. not much breeze to blow the air around. 75 degrees at sunrise at 5:32 this morning. we will have a high temperature of 90 degrees. it depend on how early those storms roll in, get in the upper 80's and we will feel hotter then what the actual temperature is because of the
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humidity. we are off to a soupy start this morning and we may see a stray shower before the morning is through sunset time 8:31 as we live through the longest days of the year leading up to the first day of summer on sunday. we will have that forecast and the other six days in the seven day forecast, as well, hi bob kelly. >> good morning. it will shower because i finally broke down and got my car washed. you know it will rain. i was putting it off because it kept raining and raining and car was just so filth i you know it is time when kids write wash me in the back window. good morning everybody. live look at route one up here near the pennsylvania turnpike an example of the fog that we're dealing w sue is right, some back roads coming from the suburbs you get to the top of the hill there and it is really dense at times and that is a live look here downtown philadelphia of an example of the vine street expressway. you can barely make out the headlights. good news is vine is opened all that construction is
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picked up and gone. we're ready for a morning rush hour. up to along route 202 at horsham road and example of the fog. with the fog comes that mist and, of course, wet roadways on those on and the off ramps just be careful of. that rolling north on i-95, construction crews near cottman avenue real dense fog along that whole i-95 corridor this morning. coming from south jersey we are socked with fog for shaders there on route 73, and also some fog on 55 and 42. we're dealing with light volume but the fogged in roads this morning. up in princeton a water main break blocking the northbound side of route 206 right here near mountain avenue. philly international i just check before i walk over here so far so good but there is only maybe one or two flights this early. we are starting to see number of flights on arrival and departures pick up at 6:00 o'clock hour. would i not be surprised if we out of a sudden out of no where we see 30 or 40 minute
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delays throughout the airport in the morning. pennsy turnpike still a left over work crew near willow grove. lauren back over to you. huge fire burns in the middle of the west chester late last night. steve keeley is their life with more live on the damage and clean up for people living in that area steve, it looks like it ownedded better than we thought it would. >> reporter: you hear the sound of plywood being sawed as they try to cover up all of the windows to prevent further water damage fit starts pouring later on but now with a little bit of sunlight you can see most of the damage in the third and third and a half or attic upper floors and new you can see the corner here where the roofies missing and burned through. not a helicopter needed here because we can show you the roof from the ground floor. the first floor seen mostly intact and seemed that everything is was occupied. maybe no one was in those upper floors. we thought this might be an apartment building but it looks like a business building and it looks like offices. at 9:00 o'clock at night
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mostly offices are shut down and closed. you can see the lease signs on the corner. maybe they were empty vacant offices and that is why we don't see debris outside like we normally do. the occupied floors employees businesses and probably has smoke and water damage even though they looked sealed up and good, considering what it looked like as we showed you the video at the height of the fire this burned from 9:00 to midnight, three alarms, three hours before finally getting it under control and good thing fire fighters also arrived too because conditions out here, still very oppressive. i have lightes clothing i have on and it is just hard to breathe out here right now. you can see a lot of guys out here working and i see sweat pouring off them as they board up this building. all of the fire fighters will be likely back in the daytime too. right in the downtown central business district of west chester where main road is opened right now. so that is the good news. most of the flames and damage being done at night out of everybody's ray but a lot of people took their own pictures
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and look at citizens journalist on twitter, saying that something is burning in the middle of the west chester and those flames were seen from far away because this building is tall for this area and those flames shot higher up then the building is. it looks as bad as you said, lauren but in the so bad at all and we can thank all of the fire fighters from the surrounding communities for doing a great job not only keeping this thing from spreading to other businesses, and other buildings but keeping themselves out of harms way especially considering the heat and humidity that we're battling which may have been just as bad as the smoke and flames out here. >> oh, absolutely and they have been so busy, steve keeley, thank you so much. police say a group of home invasion suspects knew exactly what they were going after when they targeted a family in marple township delaware county. the family owns a bar and police say four men hit the home on old cedar road just after 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. the family was rough up. jewelry and money was stolen from the safe before the men took off. a police officer spotted the suspect's getaway car ten blocks away. they tried to get away on foot
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but three of them were caught. >> we're there today or whether they are previous employees or whether they were followed there before, we will hopefully ascertain that as the investigation moves forward but we definitely think the individuals knew that they were going to hit the jackpot when they got into that house. >> police believe they know who that fourth suspect is and police are talking to a new federal and local task force investigating other home invasions that targeted asian business owners to see if this one might be connect. it will be a hot one. school district of philadelphia made plans to help students dealing with that heat and those plans could affect graduation ceremonies isn't that right jenny joyce. >> reporter: that is right lauren. the school district philadelphia says that is up to each individual school to deciding whether or not to stay open for those ceremonies. parents and students are supposed to school the individual schools to find out whether or not those ceremonies will still be taking place early dismissal
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was announced yesterday afternoon. advanced notice was appreciated by parents giving them 24 hours to make arrangements for the children. this is sending time in a few days that classes were dismissed by noon because of the heat on friday. students also had a early dismissal, the schools without air conditioning rely on fans but that is not always enough. parents we talk to support the decision to close early. >> i do have concerns they don't have no air in fans or nothing circulating in these schools. that is crazy. >> everybody starts to yell and say it ties hot. teacher says i am not getting no fans. we just can't focus on the work because it ties hot. >> it is necessary for schools to let children out, just give them notice to make sure their children have proper supervision after school. >> reporter: we have captured video of children playing in the fountains like they do all summer long. they will be back out there again today barring any of the
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thunderstorms that sue serio has been talking about. there is a lot to celebrate. there are only a few days left in the school year. thursday is last day of classes for the school district of philadelphia lauren. >> a little break. >> jenny joyce thanks very much. happening today representatives of the september amtrak and philadelphia international airport will join with mayor nutter at city hall to discuss transportation during the world meeting of families this september. this is video of the philadelphia delegation during the visit to the vatican back in march of 2014. authorities know measures must be taken to ensure influx of visitors and does not interfere with travel plans of people living and work in the city already. long hall for city crewness some west philadelphia residents cleaning up after sunday's massive water main break. this is what the emergency looked like at 52nd and west minister as 12 and a half millions gallons of water rush in the streets. basements were flooded many cars submerged in the path of the water. home care center was one of
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the casualties. is there mud all over their basement. >> my basement is a mess. everything is down there is like destroyed. everything is flipped over, everything is just demolish. it is very frustrating like, i'm just, a lot of cleaning up that we have to do. >> city has no timetable for when repairs will be complete. until then fifth second and west minister is closed while crews finish their work there. montgomery county man sent a birthday card layed with ricin to a row map particular rival has been sentenced. inning last helmond will spend 20 to 40 years in prison. prosecutors say he laced a card with a lethal dose of home main ricin and then put the card in the mailbox of the mandating annex girl friend. he is extremely sorry and wishes he could turn back clock. family of the man shot and killed by philadelphia police want the d.a. to reopen their investigation. brandon tait brown's family is
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asking philadelphia district attorney seth williams to consider new evidence that reportedly contradicts claims he was reaching for a loaded gun, last week city released new video showing 26 year-old running around the back of the car when one of the police officers fired at him. tait-brown's mother says her son would have never done anything to jeopardize his life. >> he would not have taken a chance to go to jail or be killed. he was happy with his life and it was taken from him by one person's judgment. one person made a desituation. accountability is all i'm asking. >> seth williams released a statement saying he stand by his decision not to charge officers calling the incident tragic but in the criminal. police are looking for guy who held up wells fargo bank in north philadelphia yesterday. they said man walk in the bank
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in the 2800 block of north broad street handed a teller a note and then flashed a gun. he got away with some cash. anyone who recognizes home from this picture is asked to call philadelphia police. pennsylvania and delaware are among three states granted permission by the obama administration to run state based insurance marketplaces under the affordable care act. third state is arkansas, approval reflects expectation that the states role in the marketplaces will start to take effect for 2016 policy year. federal government currently operates the marketplace necessary three dozen states but lawsuit proposed the supreme court alleged obama administration is unlawfully providing subsidies to millions who buy insurance through those marketplaces. coming up an naacp leader resigned have after being accused of lying about her race? plus, first lady michelle obama is in london today and we will tell but her visit and royal family member she's meeting with.
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take a carrier store detour at target and upgrade to a shiny new everything. now when you purchase one of these affordable plans get a $100 gift card. all things mobile. all in one place. this is perfect music for a rainy tuesday. sue serio, gets us wide awake with us this morning. monte g is up watching fox morning news. >> hey,. >> hey monte g is on twitter.
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>> we love when you early risers are moon kateing with us it makes us feel not alone. exactly. so before we get to our weather we will show you just tropical storm bill. we told you that there was something organized in the gulf of mexico. we told you that yesterday. indeed it happened last night, that we've got our second tropical system of the season it is 55 miles south east of port o'connor texas moving toward the northwest at a rate of 13 miles an hour. this storm has 50 miles an hour wind and that is bad enough but it is rain that will be troublesome for follow action long this path that the storm is expect to take and expected to lose its tropical storm characteristics as soon as it gets into as soon as it makes land fall so that by this evening we will see it a as a low pressure system with lots of rain, to areas just recovering from last months
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flooding rains. so there is where the tropical storm warnings are in effect along the gulf coast of texas. for us, this is the cold front that we're watching later on today but we are seeing showers out well ahead of it with a weak system in advance. steamy, stormy, unsettled, once again today but once that cold front clears we will have a day cross your fingers with low humidity. nothing much to show you right new but we're focusing on is what going on out toward pittsburgh some showers and thunderstorms out there as well, we will see if any of that holds together over the next couple of hours and makes its way here. so we're talking about berks county right now with some rain let's say between kutztown and pottstown. otherwise we are under alarming nal risk of severe weather. it won't be until later on in the day and here's the future cast real quick to show you the timing. we will get a break by end of the morning, we have a shower before the morning is through but after about 12:00 nunez
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specially north and west of the city risk of strong to severe thunderstorms moving through, isolated storms not everybody sees one but if you do you will not only see it, you will hear it with the loud thunder and even toward this evening at the jersey shore be careful because the thunder you don't want to be a lightening rod on the beach. get off immediately if you hear thunder. so visibility we have got some problems with fog in allentown and in trenton, reduced visibility in pottstown this morning. for us we have a high temperature of about 90 degrees and is there hourlies humidity day. one day only, wednesday with 85 degrees but scattered thunderstorms move through on thursday and by friday it is in the upper 80's and sticky once again. pop up thunderstorms on saturday steamy and stormy once again for fathers day. so it could be a little weather drama for you bob kelly but hopefully it won't interrupt you opening that tie
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you will get as a present. >> interrupt my nap on fathers day, that is it. coming up on 5:18 on a tuesday morning a live look, at i-95, socked in with the fog here in the fishtown section of the city, here's a live look southbound i-95 right through the construction zone you can barely make out high rise here in center city just an example what we are dealing with stepping out of the front door who took bennie? live look at ben franklin bridge trying to work your way up and over downtown philadelphia, so again hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip this morning. on the new jersey turnpike north bound tractor trailer accident at exit 8a jamesberg to the lanes are block there just watch it if you are heading north this morning. water main break up there in princeton township. route 206 north bound, right here near mountain avenue, again, fog delays or slower than normal delays because of the fog in south jersey on 42
5:19 am
and 55. i wouldn't be surprised bet you a jelly doughnut that we will see delays at philly international this morning because of the fog and then crew is still working out here on the pennsy turnpike near willow grove. mass transit looking good at least for the moment, back over to you. naacp leader will resign after days after ago cues of lying about her race. rachel dolezal announced she's stepping down as president of the organization's chapter in spokane washington. for years she claim she's a black woman but her parents said she admitted to the press she was white only after being contacted and they say they wanted to tell the truth. >> we spoke to the press about rachel's ethnicity was because she was under investigation from law enforcement in spokane for these for claims that she had hate crimes mail in the naacp mailbox.
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>> meanwhile beside stepping down from her position at naacp rachel dolezal lost her job as instructor of african studies at a washington university and her position as a freelance newspaper columnist. former florida governor jeb bush has officially entered the 2016 presidential race. he hade man a announcement yesterday. in his kick off speech bush said america is on a very bad course and blames democrats for the quote slowest economic recovery ever. push joins ten other republicans already in the race for the parties nomination. officials say prison employee accused of helping two quick killers escape from a maximum security prison could face even more charges if the duo committed other crimes while on the run. richard matt and david sweat broke out of prison june 6th. joyce mitchell a prison tailoring shop instructor told investigators that she supplied them with tools but got cold feet, never pick them up as plan because she realized she still loved her husband. arch bush of of st. paul and his deputy are stepping
5:21 am
down after prosecutors brought child endangerment charges against the archdiocese. they say the archdiocese failed to protect children from a pedophile priest who was quick of molesting two boys. this comes just days after pope francis approved the creation of a new tribunal inside the vatican to hear cases of bishops accused of failing to protect minors. the psychiatrist, who treated movie theater shooter james holmes will take the witness stand today. doctor len fenton saw holmes five times ape prescribed him medicine for anxiety and depression. holmes is on trial for capitol murder. defense is arguing holmes was insane when he fatally shot 12 people and injured 70 others back in 2012. three generations of the first lady's family arrived in london for a two day tour of britain. michelle obama was joined by her two daughters and her moth are marry. they will be students at all girls school as they promote education for young women. ladies witt sit down with prince harry for tea. still a ahead cvs taking
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over target's pharmacies, how this will affect the way you get your prescriptions.
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retail stores the gap set to close 175 stores across the u.s. and cut 250 jobs at its headquarters. company says it needs to boost its struggling brand, changes will not affect banana re public or old navy, those brand are performing well. when closings are complete
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around the end of january the gap will have 800 locations in north america. target's pharmacy and clinic will be run by cvs. they are buying target pharmacy and clinic business for around $2 billion. under the deal more than 16 hup target pharmacies in 47 states will be rebranded as cvs pharmacy. target customer will be able to use cvs health programs and cvs health customers will be able to grab refills at target stores. charitable giving in the u.s. has surpassed prerecession levels for the first time in seven years. a national organization says that americans have given an estimated $358 billion to charities in 2014, and that is almost $5 billion more than then in 2007 which was at previous peak of charitable giving in the u.s. are you not really a fan of your job? here's the deal you are not alone. it turns out people in the eastern part of the u.s. complain about their jobs a lot more than people on the left coast.
5:26 am and brand watch a social media research company just wrapped up a year long study of more than a million tweets from americans the top ten things where people are most likely to say they hate their jobs are in the eastern half of the u.s. delaware comes in at number three, new jersey number six and pennsylvania is number seven. for the most job haters, you have to head down to the sunshine state, on the other hand, hawaii, the state most likely to have people tweeting about loving their jobs. what can you not love in hawaii. coming up a bizarre incident at a home in florida. what happened when a home health nurse attack her patient?
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extreme heat we will tell you how today's weather is affecting the philadelphia school district. three alarm fire damages a number of businessness west chester, we will look at the damage this morning. three men are under arrest for a violent home invasion in
5:30 am
delaware county but fourth man is still out there why do they think they can find him soon. good day, it is tuesday june 6th event, 2015 and it is steamy outside we had a few issues in the studio this morning trying to defrost it out in here sue but we have finally got things under control. >> we had fog indoors there for a little while here this morning and that could happen to you if you move from air conditioning outside, and you wear glasses, your glasses will fog up immediately. the little things sometimes that can make a big difference. bus stop buddy is heading to school today. philadelphia public schools their last day is thursday but today is a day for them at least of early dismissal. make sure you check with your school district to see what is going on with the kids there. we have had a umbrella with bus stop buddy because we have thunderstorms in the forecast for later on and that is why we're going with a six out of ten today because even though we will have sometime of sunshine like we did yesterday, we also have a few stray showers around, this morning, and then more pop
5:31 am
ups in store for later on around red hill upper providence montgomery county, just a straw shower or two will show up as a few sprinkles on the windshield but be aware of the fog out there this morning. all that moisture in the air not too much wind. only a little over a mile visibility in pottstown, less than a mile in allentown and trenton and wright town, atlantic city we have been seeing fog there all morning long. not seeing much with the fog and then 6-mile visibility, not too bad at philly international. 75 degrees very soupy out there with 87 percent relative humidity 567:89:32 your sunrise time. we will see some sun today and we will get close to 90-degree. we will reach 90 but heat up decks in the mid to upper 90's today. pop up then are storms late in the day but then things actually clear out tonight the breezes will pick up, and we will get ready for a one day special of low humidity. we will talk about that coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly is here right now not
5:32 am
too much that you can see in those traffic cameras. >> do i need a coupon for that special? do i need a coupon. >> extra 10 percent off one day special. got to love it. we have a morning special here for you fog no extra charge on your trip here this morning. a live look at i-95, typically northeast philadelphia, we're not socked in but we're definitely sock in with the humidity and the fog here this morning up and down that i-95 corridor. here's a live look at ben franklin bridge, or at least the upside of the bennie, leaving south jersey and you will go about maybe seven or eight car lengths and then oops you will disappear coming into downtown. we cannot even see, the sky line here in philadelphia coming in on either the schuylkill or i-95. the fog is out at route 309 at route 202 not that far from fort washington and then another camera at a live look at 202 up near horsham road. so again it is hit and miss depending pneumonia where you begin and end your trip this
5:33 am
morning. we have dense fog along the 42 freeway creeping your way in toward the walt whitman bridge heading in toward philadelphia again be ready with those fog lights outside this morning. as far as septa buses a new summer schedule kicked into gear they had new boarding locations set up at 69th street transportation center and then route 15, 101 and 102 trolleys are shuttle busing for next couple months due to track work, lauren, back over to you. up investigators trying to determine cause of the three story building fire in west chester, late last night. sky fox was over the scene as those huge flames shot out of the roof of the building on north church street. west chester police department tells us 140 fire fighters respond todd that emergency from chester and delaware counties the good news is in injuries were reported. police believe a delaware county family was targeted in a home invation. family owns a local bar and police say four men broke in the family's home on old cedar
5:34 am
road in marple township early in the afternoon. forced the mother right to a safe where amen stole jewelry and money. three of the men have been caught have the police will continue to look for a suspect but they believe they know who they are looking for. excessive heat in the forecast prompting the school district of philadelphia a announcing plans to dismiss at noon today. fox 29's jenny joyce live at the district in spring garden. jenny, how will this affect graduation ceremonies is the big question. >> reporter: lauren, according to the school district of philadelphia, it is up to each individual school, they are allowed to stay opened for ceremonies but parents should call to make sure it is still on. early advertise missal for today was announced yesterday afternoon, advanced notice was appreciated by parents giving roughly 24 hours to make arrangements for the children. this is just a second time that classes were dismissed by noon because of the heat. on friday students also had a early school dismissal. schools without air conditioning rely on fans but it is not always enough.
5:35 am
parents we talked to support the decision to close early. >> i think that it is necessary for the schools to let the children out early. i just think that give some notice to make sure parents can make sure their children have proper supervision after school, you know, that is the most important thing. >> i think that is good because it ties hot. these kid be passing out of heat strokes. nobody want that. >> if the schools are not air conditioning, you run risk of children getting sick or other ailments within the air so it is just important that parent watch the news and know what is going on. >> reporter: this afternoon we may see students out and about in the fountain trying to cool off as we do in the summertime. only a few days left in the school year, classes are finished on thursday for the school district of philadelphia lauren. >> hot out there jenny we will see how school last for the rest of the week. thanks very much. later this morning we will learn the cities transportation plan to
5:36 am
accommodate visitors and residents during world meeting of families this september. this is video of the philadelphia delegation during their visit to the vatican in march 2014. representatives from september, amtrak and the philadelphia international airport will join mayor nutter at a city hall press conference later today. coming up, a big ruling in colorado on the use of mar jana in the work place we will tell you why state law in longer protection, um please. plus chicago black hawks were one win from the stanley cup did they finish off tampa bay lightening last night, we will have highlights next up.
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standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ good morning i'm howard eskin. it is a long time since phillies won six straight, since then phillies are five and 20, phillies are on other streaks. they have new gone 21 straight innings without scoring a run and they have lost 11 straight on the road and all seven on the road trip. lets go to baltimore. phillies down one to nothing. aaron harang the pitcher. that is matt wheater. three runs as many runs phillies have scored in the last 47 innings. baltimore up four to nothing. no outs here in the eighth inning. chase you the letter the hitter. he was one for 28 going into the game. if you are down four to nothing you cannot be out. you got to the bag but came off the bag. phillies lose it four to nothing. game six of the stanley cup finals to chicago chicago need this win. they are up three-two. and duncan teeth on his own
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rebound scores, it is the third cup for chicago black hawks in six years. they win it, final two to nothing. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. we new you know who will be 2015 merion anderson award recipient. >> the 2015 merion anderson award winner is, winton marsalees. >> wow wow. >> winton marsalees trum per player composer, teacher artistic director and jazz at lincoln center. he has promoted jazz music this years gallon ace held on november 10th. the a award is named for famed singer and activist who was born in philadelphia, merion anderson. previous recipient include been jovi, oprah winfrey, and mayy and glue.
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>> what city is issuing fines, for using profanity. and later little boy leaves a stuffed animal behind at a busy airport and it end up going on a world wind tour, what the airport did to reunite it with its owner.
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i like this song. it is 5:43 we have to keep moving forward on this tuesday. more hot humid muggy weather and thunderstorms. >> we could have some later in the day and couple stray showers around this morning but nothing like the rain that they're going to get in southeastern texas from this storm which is now officially a tropical storm, and it is a name bill. now, there is bill. just kind of swirling off the coast of texas there, with 15 miles an hour maximum sustained wind. it is moving toward the northwest at a rate of 13 miles an hour. it should make land fall by seven or 8:00 o'clock this morning and then moving in inland and then right toward dallas beeline and you will remember some areas, ready along this path that experienced severe flooding.
5:45 am
not too long ago. we will keep an eye on that situation. tropical storm warnings. we have wind and storm surge along the coast that will cause damage. folks are bracing for that down there in texas. we are watching rain in the western part of the state that is starting to move closer to us sort of getting close to the state capitol in harrisburg that rain but nothing much. just a couple rain drops in montgomery county it looks like for the most part. maybe a little bit in chester county just enough to make your hit the windshield wipers a couple times. marginal risk of severe thunderstorms later in the day. that is when we could get rocking and rolling here in the future cast here a shower or two, i should say before the morning is through a break for a couple hours after 12:00 noon we will see storms firing up to the north and west of us and a lot of them moving that way. that is where greater risk is but we could see a storm in philadelphia about four or five o'clock iron watch out
5:46 am
toward evening because we can see thunderstorms firing up there if you are on the beach taking a walk on the beach do you not want to be a lightening rod. minute you hear thunder, exit from the beach. that is the future cast for today. we will not show you future cast tomorrow because we don't have any rain in the forecast for tomorrow, yah. visibility is not great in allentown. we have been seeing fog there all morning. reduced visibility in pottstown and trenton and atlantic city this morning. it has gotten worse at philly international. so you have got to call ahead to see fur flight is delayed. 74 degrees in philadelphia very very muggy. reading at 73. seventy-four in lancaster. 69 degrees in mount pocono. we have 76 degrees and very sticky in wilmington as well. future temperatures, it takes us up to the mid 80's by about 3:00 o'clock. we could hit 90 degrees but more importantly the future heat index upper 90's that we saw right there before the day is through and then kind of
5:47 am
sticky overnight but the dew points are expected to drop as we get into wednesday. so past seven days we have gotten close to the heat wave but we did make it to 90 yesterday, just because it is an official heat wave doesn't mean it is not hot and humid. 90 degrees. eighty-five for tomorrow. break from the humidity. more storms rolling through with another system on thursday and friday we're a little hotter and more humid and saturday and sunday look a little unsettled. sunday though we can promise you a hot humid afternoon. so dad if you are firing up the barbecue grill and want to use those new barbecue tools for fathers day it will be hot behind that grill. 92 degrees on sunday, bob kelly. >> i think we will order take out then. >> keep those grilling tools in the package. >> good morning 5:47. live look at the schuylkill expressway, i will give you an example of how a couple miles can make a difference between
5:48 am
clear roadways, maybe even we will throw in possible sun glare right here on the schuylkill out here near king of prussia but hey, who took i-95. look you can barely make out headlights this is i-95, right here near cottman avenue. we cannot see bumper to bumper delays in there by girard but again only about 15 minutes within way or the other in your travel this morning will make a difference between some clear roads and some socked in roads. live look at route 309 up near fort washington interchange and then another roadway this is a portion of 202 up near the doylestown air. be ready the fog hopping shall eastbound in problems coming in philadelphia. southbound i-95 a little delay southbound in toward girard avenue. northbound on the new jersey turnpike an overturn tractor trailer, near exit 8a.
5:49 am
it is jamesberg. way up there. if you are heading up to north jersey or new york you'll to have deal with that this morning. and then in princeton a water main break on 206 at mountain drive a whole lot going on with septa they have kick in a new schedule. they are doing construction at 69th street terminal. they have relocated some of the boarding locations i talk to a few folks yesterday, standing there waiting for a bus why am i alone. there is a few other people, they have moved the boarding location. make sure you're standing in the right spot. fifteen, 101, 102 trolleys are using buses for the next couple of months. lauren back over to you. a massive wild fire in alaska is forcing hundreds of people to leave their home. the fire has already destroyed more than two dozen homes and up to 20 other structures. in one has been seriously injured in the fire. the fire is at 0 percent containment but crews are working around the clock. >> is what really significant is the group the effort on the fire fighters to do what
5:50 am
they can to protect the structure that are there. it was amaze to go see number of homes that were there that you know only were there because people risk their lives to fight for their homes. it is pretty powerful. >> the governor issued a difficult aster declaration for areas affected by the fire what actually caused it is under investigation. oak island beach necessary north caroline after reopened but officials say helicopter will machine for the waters there. this is as chilling 911 calls are released after two teenagers seriously hurt in separate shark attacks on sunday. a 13 year old girl and 16 year-old boy both lost arms during shark attacks. both happened in waist deep what the ber 20-yard off the shore in north carolina. marijuana may be legal in colorado but you can still be fired for using it.
5:51 am
state supreme court ruled employers can fire you if you test positive for pot even if you are not under the influence at work. brandon is quadriplegic and suffers from muscle spasms. he was fired by dish network after failing a 2010 drug test. company says it has a zero tolerance policy for drugs even though coats was not high on the job. the colorado justices say because potties illegal under federal law use of it cannot be considered a legal off-duty activity. coats says he a has been forced to choose between working and a medical need. >> i wouldn't be able to actually work if i didn't have it. i would be sitting here going, you know i would be doing like that. who could work like that. i can't even sleep like that. >> supreme court in california machine tan washington state made similar rulings against marijuana patients fired for pot use. a ten year-old girl, has died. jasmine martinez collapsed on friday after exiting the
5:52 am
revolution ride. according to the coroner's office she died saturday at cedars sinai hospital n word why she collapsed. her causes being investigate. bizarre incident unfold inside a florida home when a home health nurse allegedly strips naked, and then attacks her patient. sixty-eight year-old yvonne said her nurse 21 year-old martina walker was not herself that day. she said walker was pacing back and forth and then disappeared. she went looking for her. >> i went in my bathroom and she was in my drawer to get my items. she slapped me in my face and she turned around and kick me. >> oh, no. woman and man renting a room in their home called 911 for help. meanwhile the nurse went outside naked, laid on the back of the car. officers later took her in custody and under going a psyched evaluation at a nearby
5:53 am
hospital. it is a great city with a vibrant night life but if you are having drinks in the arlington, virginia you better watch your mouth. they are cracking down on cursing. last year arlington county police made 664 arrests for drunken people curse nothing public. so you get that number down, an ordinance was passed that increases the fines for over indulging in curse to go two and 50 bucks. not everyone is on board critics argued this violates freedom of expression. 5:53. still ahead airport adventure what some workers did with a children's forgotten toy.
5:54 am
new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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5:56 am
six year-old owen says he loves his tiger but he almost lost his best buddy last week even, at the airport in tampa. family was heading to texas. hobbs was supposed to be along for the ride. >> he said where is hobbs at i looked at my house wand and i just knew exactly where he was but i could not do anything. >> hobbs, he can do anything. he is just really my friend. >> well, this tiger tallies complete with a happy ending after frantic calls to the airport, they spotted hobbs safe and sound.
5:57 am
coming up a three alarm fire damage several office build initial west chester, steve keeley is their life. plus new construction in camden is a good thing, right? well not this time. why would woman says it is causing her a major headache mike and alex are up next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we start with a three alarm fire that damages a number of
6:00 am
businessness west chester. this forced people from their homes flames, video our viewers posted to twitter. the individuals knew that they were going to hit the jackpot when they got into that house. >> four men break in the home pistol whipped a teen and robbed the place of cash and jewels. now three of them are under arrest fourth man still out there, but why police think they will find him real soon. and then this... >> he scores. >> man, kimmo, only good thing about this is kimmo crying into his cup. love that guy. chicago takes home the stanley cup at home, in front of their home fans, first time they have done that in 77 years. the highlights, from that game. good for kimmo. what is he 40 years old. >> yeah, he got a cup good that is one way to go out. >> as a champion.


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