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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 16, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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i will tell you i like it just like that. have you ever seen a twin walking contact knoll he is. >> they are so cute. >> that is how i want it. >> it is not cannoli day and it is also, tupack's birthday he would have been 44. >> 75 million records. >> that is my favorite song by him. >> do you like that song. >> you know how to jam to it. >> is that how you jam to it. >> yes. >> yeah, please do that. >> i was holding my sharpe. >> they cannot see it good this is funny part right here.
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>> yes. >> oh, my god. >> please don't dance like that. it is called a cow milker, no twitch. tuesday, june 15th 2015. take a look at this cover. >> my goodness. >> that is tina knowles, beyonce's mom, 61 and stunning on the cover of the ebony magazine. why she's breaking in this morning, look at her. >> she's freshly married. >> yes lawsonnies her new last name. >> yes. >> alex, looking for love are you. >> nope. >> okay. >> anybody else out there looking for love? well, there are three questions, i want you to play along now, there are three questions you should ask on the first date, and one of them has to do with horror movies. >> yeah, yeah. >> and talk about high standard kate middleton she's always wearing high heels even when she was pregnant but are her feet in pain. you know it hurts. it turns out she has a secret. how you can walk a mile in her
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shoes, pain free. >> okay. >> men are reacting and recoiling, over this particular study on twitter this morning because we did this once before. study is released just before fathers day. >> what timing. >> that is hure to put a damper on dad's day or some of the dads out there. >> mike is not happen bye this one. >> researchers say it is moms who determine type of parent a child will eventually become. >> yes. >> so they watched 146 families from infancy and watch how they respond todd their wants and need and they later gave a survey. it showed that moms, not dad molded their future parenting style. moms who were warm, supportive reared more stable children while those who were harsh ended up having more aggressive kid.
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this he were passed to the next generation. even said that dads, you know, no matter what type of dad you are has no effect how your child will grow up and how they will teach your kid. >> we could have done anything, carol, swinging every night, and had no effect on them becoming a good mom or dad. what do you think. >> it is a lie. clearly a mother does this. i am who i am right now this great human being standing right in front of you i am here because of my father i am totally my mother will even tell you. you are just like your dad. my dad was in the army. there were certain strict rules that he implemented. my mom wasn't in the army. no disrespect mom. i love to you death. you are a great person. i wouldn't have had things i have had today if it wasn't for my father. this is the problem. this is the problem with fathers day. we always get overlooked like we're not there. say if a father listens to this and say i don't need to be around, let me just not be in my kid's life. this is a wrong message we are sending. it is hard to be a father.
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you can't be emotional. you have to deal with the emotions of your mother, of the mother of your child. it is a lot you have to deal w you have to guide her. you have to give her certain rules certain energy so she can go out and be a productive person. there is a lot of things we have to do a lieutenant of things. she wouldn't be the same person if it wasn't for your father. your father was a great man in texas. i loved him. he is like my father. good man. i think we should pick up our men. pick up our great fathers. let's not just discount them, a study says. come on this study is bologne. this study is bologne who made this studdie that is true. >> it is bologne. i don't even eat bologne. >> especially in a town like this where especially african-american families where lack of a father presence in the home. >> yes. >> it really is important to have a father figure. >> hey quincy... >> yes good last year you and i did a fathers day convention
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basically, they are having it again this year this weekend did you know that. i think so. >> yeah. >> so it is such a event try to get out there, there is great seminars on how to be a good dad and all that. >> let me just say a appreciate you as fathers quincy and mike. you have done wonderful things for your children. >> quincy, we will come right back to you in the second. >> the way i am 95 percent because of my mother. >> really. >> yeah. >> so you a agree with the study is what you are saying. >> no, because my dad was a real quiet dude. >> yes. >> you are not quiet at all. >> he would go to work, come back and that is it. >> i'm a lot like my father. >> great greg gary just personality. >> yes that is my daddy. >> but sharon your mommies fantastic too. she has a big personality. >> that is true. >> she's more civilized. >> compromise it is a combination of the two parents. >> that is true. >> do you know people that
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make the soap. >> dove. >> yes. >> i didn't realize they have a mens what would you call it. >> care line. >> skin care line, wouldn't you think. >> yeah. >> for men. >> so they put out another one of their infamous commercials, this time on her father's day get ready. >> yes. >> they can make these commercials. here we go.
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>> the last guy got me. >> real strength means showing you care i like that line. >> wow. >> okay. >> stop crying. >> close-up on mike. >> it was beautiful. >> it was great. >> they didn't look fake, did they. >> no. >> they looked real. >> yes. >> how were you told then. >> i cannot even say because then nobody would ever watch this show ever again. >> i particularly didn't want to be a dad. >> so... >> welshing when you have to be. >> i know my mom, she put a bunny on a noose. >> you could have gone all day and not said that. >> doesn't that mean you are pregnant right sue, somebody back me up. i will google it. >> while you do that i will say something even worse. >> so, when my wife comes into the living room, i'm sitting
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there really young. she goes i'm pregnant. i got up, i went in the bathroom and sat in there for about an hour. i said oh, geese. how am i going to do this. i'm a kid. but we did it. in the only that, but she was pregnant with another kid, so i didn't learn a lesson, did i. anyway but that was really sweety remember something really we are. hopefully my parents are watching and she can text me. she said that is how you told my dad what does that mean. >> yes. >> i will move on to this because this is, really cool. i want to you try this on a first day. singles out there do you have a list of things that you want to check into, to determine if you aring to have maybe a second date. this is what you do. there are three questions that you should probably put on a list of first date questions. so lets say you are it ising
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over a meal or something like that. it will be an important personality trait indicate or. >> okay. >> the top three questions. >> yeah, that was worst explanation in the history. >> three questions you need to ask your man on the first day. >> yah. >> hey wouldn't it be fun to chuck it all and go live on a sail boat. >> okay. >> number two. >> have you ever traveled around another country alone. >> okay. >> number one. >> do you like horror movies. >> yeah good now lets go through them. these three questions all reveal how you might deal with stress or how you plan things out. how similar your answers are to your date, could be helpful in determining how you would function in a relation ship. >> list put together by comedian really steve harvey is a comedian. he has rules for what you should ask men. >> he writes relationship books. >> he is on that show parks
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and recreation. >> he says he is a social scientists and he work on this book called modern romance and says she is questions have work for him over the years. >> i know steve harvey says you should ask what is your plan for the next five years for your life. if the plan doesn't have have a plan how do you know he has a plan for you or have a relationship with you. >> you know what i said when something ask me that on a first date, check please. >> really. >> he has a list for the next five years you want a man with a plan. >> i don't have i plan for next five days you need a plan for when you get married. >> i know you need to set a date. >> tina knowles, yes. >> tina knowles lawson. >> that is beast an say's mommy. >> doesn't she look good. >> she's red hot in ebony sexy forever issue. so in the article she dishes about being fierce at 61. look at these pictures. >> hello. >> finding love after divorce
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and having great sex in your 60's. so clear where queen b gets her hotness. >> is it ebony is the article out yet. >> i don't think owe. >> she recently married richard lawson in a lavish yacht wedding. they called beyonce queen b, it is queen t she started it all. >> my gosh, my girl. >> have we found on you. >> so my dad said it was a stuffed toy rabbit with a noose around his neck, she left it on his side of the bed when he came home. i don't know what that means. >> what does that mean. >> i asked my dad why. >> hurry daddy good keep us updated on this. >> three generations of the first ladies family, arrived in the united kingdom for two day tour of britain. >> so first lady michelle obama is enjoying her lon on trip with daughter sascha and mallea and her mother merion.
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they will meet at a all girls school as they promote education for young women. they plan to sit down with prince harry for tea maybe afternoon high tea. >> we have five women. >> so there is sascha, mallea the first lady, the grandmother. >> okay. >> and somebody else. >> okay. >> they are going to visit military families and go to the milan expo where she will encourage healthier diets for children. >> ladies and gentlemen i give you the stylings of one -- >> wait, i got it, i got it. >> a apparently so sue, i don't know if you heard of this my dad say used a stuff rap to it use a noose because is there an old saying to dough note pregnancy is rabbit dies. >> shorible. what a way to do it. >> you made animals. >> yes. they would justin joke the
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rabbit into the dye you were pregnant. >> yes. >> thanks, mom. >> we don't do that anymore. >> no, we don't. >> you go on the bathroom and, go on the stick and find out yeah or no. >> yes. >> okay. >> so, yeah, lets look at the seven day forecast. it is really hot. it is really humid. it is 90 degrees will be the high today but a break tomorrow at 85 for wednesday and then 86 degrees on thursday. so if you have tickets to one of those games with the orioles and phillies here at home you will be okay on wednesday ape probably thursday as well. scattered showers might come early in the day. friday high of 87. mix of sun and clouds. weekend not perfect but not a wash out, 85 saturday. those storms won't come until later on and it looks unsettled for sunday but we can promise you hot weather
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for first day of summer the 92 degrees. alex, it will be steamy out. >> yes, it will. i will be outside on this steamy day. >> celebrating blooms day. so the rosenback museum and library are celebrate nothing three different locations. it is james joyce you listes, so there is people reading from three different locations, parkway central library, rittenhouse square and rosenback museum because it has james joyce own manuscript. i will be reading in rittenhouse square park at 12:30 near 18th and locust. we will all read. different people will read a page from the book. i have my page here. i will make sure i will be able to read it and come out well. come out and enjoy my. we are celebrating this great work of art. sue, they say this is one of the most second hardest books in the english language so wish me luck. >> yes.
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>> large print. >> yeah, really. >> read it over and over, make sure i practice here. >> 12:30 rittenhouse square i would love to see you there. >> so imagine being able to travel to cuba and see country and its people up close. it sound like a real good time and, of course, eating cuban cuisine but you can do all three, um, tell me how mike. >> i know how to get to cuba. you know how you get there you go down walnut street, alma day cuba, you have been there for how many years 13, 14 years. >> fourteen years. >> you have been there the whole time, haven't you. >> i am, the founding chef. >> douglass rodriguez. >> good to have you here on good day. >> thank you tomorrow night is the event. >> tomorrow night is the event. >> what will happen. >> we will do a five course menu and we're doing all these great dishes inspired from my last few trips to cuba. >> owe what is that right there. let's start there. >> that is a pastel, wrapped
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in pastry. >> what is that. >> it is a pastry wrapped in very crunchy dough. >> yes good that is an octopus salad and that is a figure salad but i want to make this cocktail because i brought this very rare, rum from cuba directly from cuba and we're serving this tonight i brought six bottles with me. it is not illegal to bring anymore. you can bring it. i brought it back myself. >> is it rum. >> it is a couple with a little quave yes. >> yes. >> i have ice in the blender. i have fresh mint. it is similar to the mohito. i will pour a good amount of the rum in here. i will pour a little will bit of lime juice. since this is made from quave i will add quave juice to it. >> yeah. >> and as you noticed i didn't put any sugar in here
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because there is honey on the bottom of the class. and this is a chanchilla. >> yeah. >> wow. >> so this is just to make it very cold. >> then i will pour this. >> there is hon any these glasses. >> i will pour this right over the honey. >> you get sweet mint by taking as much or little from the bottom of the glass. >> i never had honey in the cocktail. >> let's try it. >> okay, honey. >> like i said, grab as much, if you don't want any honey you don't have to. >> look at the color of it. >> i see what you mean. >> good way to start your day. >> if you pull the straw you don't get honey. >> exactly. >> i like the honey. >> yes. >> would you think it is too sweet but that is really good. >> we will see you tonight.
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>> tomorrow night. >> what time. >> it starts at 7:00 p.m. >> alma day cuba one of the most prettiest restaurants in the cuba, 100 block of walnut. >> seventeenth and walnut. >> it is kind of in between. >> good to see you. >> thanks very much. >> you cannot go to cuba, go to alma cuba. isn't it all white. >> and projections of different images. >> yes. >> cool place. >> thank you mike. >> young boy stuffed animal nearly gone forever after he leaves it behind at a florida airport. six year-old owen says he loves his tiger hobbs from calvin and hobbs but he almost lost his best buddy at the airport in tampa. they were heading to texas and hobbs was supposed to be along for the ride. >> he said where is hobbs at and i looked at my husband and i just knew exactly where he was but i could not do anything.
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>> you can do anything. he is just my friend. >> don't worry there is a happy ending here. after calls to the airport hobbs was found safe and sound, look at that. >> so cute. >> okay. >> well, do you have the moves like jagr, well, i best mike has moves. he may have four super bowl rings but can tom brady the awkward video you must see next. he cannot be great at everything, right.
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we wanter opinion on this, new england patriots. >> yeah, the cheaters. >> famous football deflaters cheaters. they have decided to get out and celebrate even though they are cheaters, they get the rings. they all go over to robert kraft house, he owns the team. everyone is talking about the way tom brady was dancing at his house. >> they had a dance party. >> a little bit. >> ♪ >> owner robert kraft was short guy being blocked by the
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other dude, is there tom now tom, go for it. you know you are doing a lot when everybody is crowded around you cheering you on. >> there is bob kraft do you see him behind this guy, he is worse than tom. >> tom was sweating up a storm. >> even better if there was music yeah good maybe they are just dancing to the music in their head, mike. >> maybe so. >> not add bass as elaine on seinfeld yet another seinfeld reference. speaking of dancing kim kardashian best friend posted a rid yes have of northwest the kid, yesterday for perfect second birthday, and it is kind of cute. >> yes. >> okay. >> i could not say what i really said. >> ♪ >> scottie pippin's wife
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inform basketball player scottie pippin, his wife posted this instagram video of north in her pennsylvania yam as having a dance party. video has been like more than 21,000 times in less than a day. >> what do i do what do i do. >> now i would like to know if kim knows that she posted this. >> i'm sure she knows. >> i would never post anything without kim's approval. >> why not. >> because she can be such a... >> watch it now. >> such a good loving mother. >> yes okay. >> it is not cannoli day. >> okay. >> so out with the old flavors, a apparently there are 20 new kind of cannolis. >> hold on a second. >> twenty-one new flavors. >> oh, yeah. >> i have a taste test, i have an idea good okay. >> we will clear our eyes, we will shove cannolis in our face and try to guess the flavor. >> let's do it. >> lets go outside.
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welcome back everybody we're at fourth and market right now. we're giving out can old ills, because it is national can old i day . >> good to see you. >> what's your name? good to know you have you ever been a canoli before? >> ya. >> ya. who is this guy? already has his own mike. >> that's matty. >> nicely done. >> your kids? >> yes. >> good seeing you. >> how did you come up, 20 new flavors? >> twenty new flavors national can old i day.
9:30 am
any location, freehold yum canoli launching new flavors. >> how many places do you have snow. >> four locations. one in philadelphia, center city 13th 15 walnut st. the original in south philly, mayor found 547 north 20th street and also in north wildwood. >> okay look, we will do a test. pick one out of there. >> okay. >> alex, closure eyes. >> pick one out of there of the new flavors 20 new flavors, and let her lick it, and she is going to tell you what flavor it is. don't look. >> okay. >> i'm not looking. >> here you go. >> up to urenas now. right there. >> cheese cake, something? >> close. >> red velvet. >> aha. >> like cheese cake taste to it. cream cheese. >> you want another one? >> you do one. >> i'll do one. >> i'm not looking. >> all right closure eyes. >> no. closure eyes.
9:31 am
>> what is it? >> it has almost gong a tang to it. what is it? >> raspberry. >> tangy. >> i've never had raspberry can old. >> i how pick some of these flavors. >> rig got a canoli still king best of philly, been around for 50 years but they ask for different flavors they love the shells so much. summer flavors peach strawberry then traditional,. >> your son has a question. >> sure? >> oops, do you have a question? whether what's the question? >> oh, look at that, flavors you tried out that didn't work. >> yes few. >> like what? >> little bit of mouse, little bit mouse lemon lemons work,
9:32 am
but lemon cello little tough. >> your favorite? >> pistachio. >> okay. >> let's see if an intern can guess this. >> what's your name, where are you from? >> my name is jewel gentleman from west chester pa. >> okay closure eyes,. >> temple university. >> closure eyes. let's see if temple grad or soon to be grad can guess the flavor. they have 20 new flavors closure eyes, open your mouth right there. >> cookies and cream? >> exactly! >> look at that! >> great. >> okay? >> what's the most important? if somebody -- what's that? >> what does she have? >> samples for everybody. >> oh freebies? all right, here is something mattie. if somebody just land from the author space how would you describe a canoli? what is it? >> can ellie is a nice flakey pastry but also the shell is a little hard, and i would say
9:33 am
signature it alien pastry. >> is the key the shell? >> it is. >> how do you make it? >> five different ingredients flour, water shortening, and then it is made with -- actually family line, five people takes four hours. >> are you kidding me? >> okay, i think you have some future newscasters here, they love the microphone. >> mattie, turn around. >> you've been wanting to talk the whole segment. just take the microphone. vukovich it the rest of the day. all right? >> what do you want to say to people in philly? anything you want to say? >> petittos pastries. >> so cute, so cute. >> kit cat what did you say? >> good morning quinn i. eat more canoli's. >> oh chocolate mint? carmel? >> what's in there? >> rick could the a. >> oh! >> what's going on, brother?
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>> guys really hot outside. at love park. can you feel the love? we were at his old high school and now out here, seating people, giving them drinks. what you do, flight. >> yes i love doing it. seven years now strong trying to make a difference, stand for change. >> going for the community leader award. >> yes. >> for the neighborhood award steve harvey presents, right? >> yes. >> neighborhood awards. com/awards show we need your vote right now 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. please we need your vote. guys and if you're near love park come on by. giving out stuff. giving the love. put a shirt on. put a shirt on. more good day coming up next.
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ready to leave sticky sunscreens behind? new neutrogena cooldry sport. micromesh technology lets sweat pass through and evaporate so skin stays comfortable, while clinically proven protection stays on. new cooldry sport. neutrogena.
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>> just look at that. so nasty and foggy outside. my goodness, so last hour we saw quincy helping to make sandwiches over at mathematics civic and charter school in philadelphia. now they're ready to give the sandwiches out. quincy? >> reporter: and we're giving out water because it is so hot outside. we're at love park. you can feel the love. this is what this guy does, man. >> i love it i love it. trying to make a difference, guys. we had so many programs for the youth for the community
9:39 am
check out the foundation. we don't want to stop making a difference and standing for change. we're here. everything is free today. free waters for everybody. >> you know, you actually -- oh ya, he is giving out juice and stuff? right now over at the fountain wood love park. >> led over, there they'll be handing out i think at love park. >> that's good dude, i'm telling you. >> make sure to vote. specially because the neighborhood awards, steve harvey. >> gave you a challenge. >> what? >> what was the website that you go and vote for this guy so he wins the award and appears on the steve harvey show? >> we'll be sure to come back and let people know. do you remember what it is? you're asking me steve harvey award/neighborhood awards. >> it is not that. >> we'll figure it out. let's go to jen.
9:40 am
>> you wish that you could wear high heels like her all day long, kate middleton apparently she has something going on in her shoes and our favorite superstar podiatrist from the eagle will tell us what it is hashtag we'll tell you what kate has in for shoes.
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the
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elegant swipe of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean you can't dunk us or scoop us up. enjoy every single sol-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. let's get back out what a great kid vote him for what's it?
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>> neighborhood awards.come/awardsshow. neighborhoodawards. com/awards show. >> they're giving out the sandwiches they made. >> free waters to everybody. >> sandwiches and water. since the last time esiason a given out 60 waters and like 30 sandwiches already. >> you do this all the time. >> all the time. rain sleet snow, we have been doing this for seven years, we passionately love it. all about the people. >> you also have a hashtag. >> in sunday every other sunday free chess champ 16 to 15 at the urban art gallery 52nd and you are and, free, 2:00 to 4:00. >> fawn i out here giving/weighter, people looking; there a catch to this? >> free, no catch. no catch. we doesn't want nothing in return but support. >> now, the steve harvey neighborhood awards, national awards show, you are the only local guy. >> yes. >> going up for community awards how can they vote for
9:44 am
you? neighborhoods award. com/awards show, click my face put your information in, and there you go. >> and when will we fine out if you actually win? >> actually august 8th at the actual awards show. >> yes. >> that's in atlanta? >> atlanta. flying me and my family out. going to enjoy our good time and make it happen. >> listen hopefully you'll win. we'll stay out here, give out more free water, all of your information, nehemia. com. vitamin store at 52nd and girard. >> thanks, thank you guys in the studio. we will give out more waters, guys. >> today. hey, 9:44. now, we told you before this kate middleton even when pregnant no matter what she does in life, always has high heels on, you would think man there is woman's feet must hurt. >> yes. so we've all seen kate in those heals. she even plays field who can any them. she stands for hours in them. well it turns out she has a secret she's wearing those
9:45 am
fancy inserts in pumps like this one here. >> or thought innings basically, gel right. >> yes, guess it makes it that much easier. so we get to jen. >> if there is a guy that knows about or thought innings, it is the superstar poe tie trist doctor lee cohen of the philadelphia eagles good morning. >> thank you. >> we look at these ladies, and, look, they're gorgeous, they're tall. but i bet they wish they could be wearing high heels right now agreed, ladies? >> i agreed. >> give us the stuff in terms of when we wear high heels like there is just a mess for our legs and our feet? >> what happens is you really have so much more pressure on the body. seventy-seven, 78% more pressure on your foot your hips are off your back is out. your butt is backward. your chest is out. so there is a natural imbalance. and it all starts from the foot. >> up when heard that kate middle ton wore insert, what a surprise. >> you make them for high
9:46 am
profile women? >> we sure do. all about balancing the foot. >> so this right here is sort of what kate, these brown ones? >> sort of kate. >> and this is custom? >> custom. this is you have to have a mold made by either a doctor or a therapist someone will make you a mold that will match your foot out of plaster. then they convert it into the device. >> you say if you are wearing heals to work, every day you're a lawyer, or someone that you swear to heals you recommend people having this? >> right. doing it every day it is accustom. >> if you're just one of the ladies come to workout as urine turn ship, a flat, you want to wear heals on the weekend, get away with something over the counter? >> great little device that i saw in nordstrom. >> cool. so it could go into one every these type shoes? >> it goes -- the only one that can go into an open tie show has little adhesive on the back it, cushions the heal and cushions the front of the foot where all of the
9:47 am
pressure goes, and no one sees t so i thought this was great idea. >> one of the things i noticed tough back there not by the toast, did the same thing when you put this casino of -- you want it back toward the ball of our foot? >> back toward the ball of the foot. because if you put it too close to the toast you'll compress the toast then get sore little toast and they'll all shrivell up on you. >> we can't have that. >> can't have shrivell toast. >> what's this? >> trim one. this is little low profile so if you have to trim, it comes in multiple sizes, and i thought this would be great even if you're going to use this with a little velcro on the bottom, in a four-instill it owe. >> really? >> yes. >> okay. and then, talk to me about this. >> this guy here is perfect if you're using a sand he will. and you can have the pad of the sandal come out. this is go right into the sandal. you pop it. and have customized device in your own sandal. >> how do you know with over the counter stuff how do you know if it fits or not? like should it be exactly
9:48 am
around the edge, little smaller little big? >> well i think it is all about cosmetics too. so you don't want it to show? so you want it thinner than the shoes? >> now, you can go this way. but you want to in a shoe. i like the idea with the clear so it doesn't stick out. the customized now these are done in multiple colors so you can have tan black do marine do red cover. to match the bottom of your shoes? >> this thing right here? >> sport version of it, have like a soccer something like that. >> okay? >> i love the ladies in high heels. >> but you say you think i know it is hard to say. do you say that sometimes when you run around with sam bradford. >> don't have to wear them. >> so do you think every woman, no matter what, or if you've already had some trouble walking or feeling like tired?
9:49 am
>> right, right. i like it, strengthen muscles, calves, hips, always keep your core. if you are going to do high heels, your core has to be strong. >> really? >> yes. >> okay, so get those planning going. >> and you say out of all of these shoes, this is the type of shoe that you say might be a no-no? >> the most dangerous because the open heal. so you're not protected in anyway. the back here at least you can have the heals controlled when you're moving. >> okay. >> so this guy, you know you're going to use it, get something to go with it. >> i love it. thank you for shopping at nordstrom's for us. >> you're welcome. i love that place. >> so our into the girls shoe department looking foreign sets and no one flags you? >> i was going to buy some shoes. >> i think we should stop there. nothing you can say that won't be embarrass bars g thank you doctor lee cohen philadelphia eagles. just 28 years because you will probably get fired after this segment. thank you laid ills, you look adorable.
9:50 am
mike you and and him can go, single. you could go to the ladies shoe department nordstrom and have some fun. >> who says i haven't done that weekly? >> you can meet someone in the shoe department. mike says he knows people that met there. >> 9:56. big change for one every michael jackson's children. why one of his sons is changing his name. well if that was my name, i would have changed years ago. you
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york
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will the 53. >> being michael jackson's son can't be east. >> i no. no even worse if the whole world new your nickname was blanket. >> exactly. so he changed it. prince michael janszen the second ak blanket was reportedly so sick of being bull i had that when he switched schools, he told everyone his name was bg. >> man of all of the names. >> he even says it in his year book bg jackson just finished seventh grade in sherman observation california. >> very fancy school. who would strap a kid with a name blanket? >> that's true. >> i'll call you otto man. >> because he used to cover his kids remember all the time. people couldn't see? >> so it wasn't michael who did that? >> no, i think well -- >> paparazzi started naming him that? could never see him? there is blanket with michael. >> i think michael actually called him blanket. >> hey, throw rug over there
9:55 am
how are you doing? my god. of all of the names to choose to change it, he went bigi? >> yes. >> bigi? >> what else would it be? >> buyge (. >> i don't think it is that. >> cared for by his grandmother and his cousin, tj. the name bigi is german and means idealistic, sensitive inspirational. boy, good name, then. i apologize for everything. >> terrence howard? what are you looking at? >> flying to see why michael jackson called him blanket. >> terrence howard keeping his family's empire growing by welcoming his fourth child. it is a boy. >> the and corcon firmed he and his wife miranda named their first child together, well? >> this name is qirin.
9:56 am
>> love howard. >> oh the middle name is love? >> and the last name howard, so he calls his new bundle of joy beautiful strong, and whirlwinds. >> q i am rin. >> new parents say they divided out the baby duty. oh don't you use diapers for that? baby duty? >> oh, i get it, cute whens it comes to parenting the child. >> ya. >> the night shift he takes over the night shifts while his wife -- oh it is probably lies forget it. >> so he's named after mythical creature you scrolled past it. >> oh, creature? >> chinese history or something. >> how much more of the show do we have? >> i don't know, how much more show do we have? yes. >> here we go. suck it up. i love this girl. ten years now we've followed her story bethany hamilton, remember her attack by a shark. >> now she has had had her
9:57 am
first child. she showed off her son tobias, along with husband adam. the they picked the name after the baby's great grandfather t means goodness of god. that's beautiful. congratulations. >> one brave woman. >> oh, my goodness so there has been pitch perfect two and now just announced another one coming. >> it is a movie, right? >> number three, pitch perfect the movie. so several cast members have already signed on for the project, anna kendrick, rebel wilson of course will do it again, elizabeth banks will produce and the same writers working on the script. no hint yet on what it might be about. >> really, these pitch perfect movies are making a lot of money? >> will come out july 2; 2017. i've never seen any of these mover us. >> no. the trailers, as they call them, look very funny. >> they do look funny. >> but i have not seen one. >> well we need to go do that. >> let's do it right now. >> our movie list is adding up jurassic world never seen
9:58 am
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