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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  June 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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dance, does little jig. >> did i off the air. now that you have said that, i have to do it. >> ♪ ♪ it is a ten ♪ ♪ >> you know what, it is rare, once we get into june, july, and august to have humidity free day. celebrate while it is here. hardly a cloud in the sky. go to the south of us see some clouds go down to texas to see where the rain; headed toward dallas from houston from tropical depression bill. it is no long area tropical storm for us, you can see the sun is already starting to come up. it is official at 5:32, that sunrise time, we have 73 degrees so on the mild side not as sticky as it was yesterday. 64% relative humidity, ya. it was a soupy tuesday yesterday's high 91 degrees and you felt every bit that far humidity, today 83, which
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is an average high temperature for this day. so we're right where we are supposed to be, that's why we made it a ten. that is dry day today. have couple of clouds tonight as we get ready for some rain after midnight. over night low of 56 degrees. that takes care of your hump day. we will talk about the weekend coming up. bob kelly? >> good morning everybody. 5:01 this wednesday off to pretty good start we look live. hello northeast philadelphia. the sun begins to rise over i-95 northbound, here on the right. yep, construction zones there between bridge and cottman also the work zone, down near girard. no big delays at least at the moment. they have pick up the cones and we're open for business downtown philly. the vine expressway, both directions back in business here between the schuylkill and broad street. no problems to report there. that's good news, however accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, it is eastbound gang between willow grove and the philly-bensalem
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interchange, again all eastbound in through that willow grove work zone. so be careful there southbound lanes of 295 crews still working until about 5:30, now say quarter to 6:00 or so. southbound lanes between the black horse pike and the 42 freeway, looking good at the airport, i know we had big fog delays yesterday. but today's definitely good day to fly. coming into town on the schuylkill expressway, no problems to report, 14 minute trip and 95 as i showed you in the camera there looking good wood half mean downtown. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank so much. developing news this morning man assaulted then stabbed several times. >> it didn't end there. also shot and then robbed. jennifer joyce now live at philly police headquarters with more on the search for the suspects here jennifer, they think it is one person or several? >> well according to the victim, he was able to communicate with police and said that he believes that it was two men and one woman and told police that's who we need to find. they took off on foot while
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this victim is now in extremely critical condition at einstein medical center, according to police, he underwent emergency surgery after all of this happened around 11:30 last night at sixth and somerville avenue. again, when this man was assaulted, stabbed and shot, and then robbed of his cell phone while end watch. police say again the victim was able to talk to them. said he was attack by multiple people. he wasn't able to give a real description of them. >> he is suffering from a combination of stab wounds to his back and at least one gunshot wounds to his thigh. he also has some puncture marks on his face, while en route to einstein hospital. he was conscious and told responding officers that he was robbed, and assaulted and shot. >> and the search for the three people we did this continues this morning. police say they are interviewing several witnesses at northwest detectives --ly
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working on retrieving surveillance video from area businesses there is victim is fighting for his life. and the other complicating issue is that police say they don't know who this victim is at this point. his wallet was taken returned into emergency surgery so police haven't been able to talk with him again. lauren chris? >> twelve taxies stollen offer the streets, six have been recovered, all of the cars bear that logo of the 215-get-a-cab. captured one person southwest detective think is behind all of this. now, authorities are hoping to identify him for using the video. >> you can see that individual walking up and down the street. he walks to the driver door, drives off slowly. >> suspect is described as an african-american male, thinly pilt washings beard, if you see him contact 911 immediately. >> south jersey right aids and local police are on alert for what could be the same suspect
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holding up the same drug store chain for powerful prescription painkillers. >> there have been two robberies this week alone. fox 29's steve keeley outside the last door that was hit with more. hi steve? >> there hasn't been a crime like this even remotely close to an armed holdup here in haddonfield in two years at least, according to the cops here. and that's one of the many odd things in this case. the other is how this guy with a gun leaping the counters was caring something else. that will would not appear at first as so threatening. here is what he is caring big traffic cone he turns upside down to put the loot in. no surprise, all south jersey rite aid store managers and pharmacists now being urged to be on heightened alert and security in stores including this one getting a bump up in security measures bran new locks on the doors already here.
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just hours after the holdup yesterday. three local police departments, are now going to compare notes, and try and confirm for sure that the same guy did the same kind of hold-ups at all three right aids. here yesterday in blackwood monday the day before and down in logan township may 22. and that one the robber also dresses road construction worker just like did he here in haddonfield yesterday reflective traffic safety vests overall his other clothes white hard hat safety goggles yesterday even carried in one of the orange traffic cones lept the counter at this pharmacy, pulled out gun demanded the pharmacist fill the upside down cone with the hole plugged with prescription painkillers. that's what's been take never all three, a dick tiff pain pills. going for the pharmacy, not for the cash register. gloucester township police say guy pink a similar description, thin, white male, with razor stubble as the logan in haddonfield holdup minus road construction outfit, pulled gun there as women. now the first two gloucester county were the same time of day, 9:30 a.m.
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the one here in haddonfield little later at noon. two hold-ups this week were close to schools. that had to go on lockdown, and go on high alert. he came out here into the parking lot in haddonfield then pulled hits gun on priest parking his car. he carjacked it, and drove it only couple of blocks. in the logan holdup the same road construction worker looking robbers stole rite aid workers car again only driving couple of blocks before getting rid of it. maybe police believe going to the robbers own car. >> well even though we're on the famous south jersey commercial strip haddon avenue, right across the street from one of the popular pj wheelihan's luncheon dinner restaurant, and right next-door you can see the rite aid to a 7-eleven this is still the right smack in the middle of residential neighborhood, look at the houses, so close by, and that's another one of the reasons so many people here in one of the safest, nicest, wealthiest philly suburbs were asking: what? they heard about what happened here yesterday in the middle of the day look behind where
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greg is shooting, people outside having lunch yesterday so this guy really did a gutsy thing by robbing something with so many witnesses around, and so many schools closed by. and by the way chris we were within a quick walk to where phillies world series famous names brad lidge and charlie manuel owned homes. so this is real nice around here and this kind of stuff doesn't happen around here. but now as you see it is possibly happening by the same guy in a lot of spot in south jersey which has all of the right aids, and all of the police departments now looking for this guy and being on alert for him. >> yes, we could bring brad lidge back out of retirement for the phillies, that's whole separate story through the last pitch 2008 world series championships here for the phils thanks. philadelphia police say this man, take a look at this guy christian rosario robbed eight businesses at knife point, stabbed three store owners all just in four days,
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rosario arrested after police say he nearly killed the owner, joe of cold cut monday morning, another alleged victim told fox 29 he feared for his life when rosario pulled a knife on him. >> big night. >> night like this, doesn't matter, one hand is gone, still my life. >> grab for the knife give me money, give me money. >> in all detective say rosario stole about a thousand dollars from those businesses the owner of joes thankfully recovering. >> what came in is threat of imminent terrorist attack ended with an all clear two philadelphia naval facilities, skyfox over the navy shipyard in south philly, and the navy depo in the southeast yesterday. i should say the northeast part of philly yesterday. swat teams deployed, and all non-essential personnel sent home for the day. but the fbi later ruled the threat non-credible. >> bio technology becoming camden county's newest theft prevention tool. >> so police departments in the county are teaming up with
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applied dna sciences, that tech company helping launch what's called the dna home asset marketing program. here's how it works. homeowners mark their valuables with a special invisible liquid containing unique plant based dna mark. you can only see it with ultraviolet light. police say this new tool will prevent theft and help officers return stolen property. >> nare nutter outlines new details for pope pran cyst visit to philly. you might want to get yourself a good pair of walking shoes. >> so the mayor says septa will be stretched really thin, with 2 million visitors expected for the world meeting of families, only 18 regional rail stations will be open, all of them, will be on an express basis. no stops until final destination, which could be miles from where you actually need to be. to board the train ride letters need special $10.01 day pass. >> this is a very different event, so what would you normally do, to go, you know, to an eagles game or something, forget that.
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this is different. >> just to give you an idea, last meeting of families people had to walk an estimated 3 miles. >> those shoes better be real comfortable. >> help you get there real quick. >> true. >> drake reference. >> one of those teenage that's was attacked by a shark in north carolina speaking out about his terrible ordeal. what he says happened, just moments before the shark bit him. >> plus tropical storm bill making its way over texas not texas again? they are dealing with all of that flood damage mostly in houston. >> i know. >> some of the latest damage for you straight ahead.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> it texans bracing the center of the storm expected to move closer dropping four, 5 inches every rain on central texas. the emergency operations center in austin says, it is ready for another flooding event. >> we have to emphasize, flashflooding in texas these rain bombs as we call them can occur with little or no warning, and any time there is a flashflood warning it could be a worse case scenario. >> the lone star state still recovering from memorial day weekend floods that left 14 people dead, two other
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missing. >> wow. sue will we see remnants, or this moves not anywhere near the north? >> it is going to move our way. >> oh, no. >> yes. we will show in you just a moment. but that's why we are watching it so carefully. but by the time it gets here, there will still be rain, but nothing like the flooding rains we're seeing in texas. we hope. so it is tropical depression bill now 45 miles south of wako texas wind of 35 miles an hour, moving north at 13 miles an hour, but it is the rain that really is the issue, with this storm now here is the projection, chris of where we are going with this storm the track is going north, and then northeastward. so it is head in the this direction, by the time we get to maybe sunday, we may be seeing some of that moisture, but we were going to get some rain anyway. so we will talk about that in just a second. flashfloods, but for us taking
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break from humidity high pressure in control. and this is the system that came through yesterday with the thunderstorms, not everybody saw them, but they were around, and it gave us the cooler air. but, the thing that's going to happen is it will move northward, as a warmfront starting tomorrow. so we'll have to keep an eye on it, as the renmant of bill hook up with it, so here is the future cats, and you see that moisture moving toward illinois indianna, ohio, through tomorrow, through friday and eventually, headed our way even when it would have dried out for us, watch the moisture maybe headed in here on sunday, see if it decides to go to the north or the east, or the northeast. 73-degree temperature in philadelphia, so it is still on the mild side, but it is not as humid as it was yesterday. 65 degrees, in wrightstown, 68 in dover delaware right now winds are out of the northwest at a mere 6 miles an hour, but it is a nice breeze, as a refreshing breeze, today.
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but, as we said it is a one day special because things will change tomorrow over the past seven days, we've had quite a few temperatures in the 90s, but we couldn't string three in a row together. so we haven't had an official heatwave yet. not going to get anywhere close to that with 93, 83 i should say. seventy-nine tomorrow with some showers, thunderstorms around. friday we dry out again briefly, high of 86. then we start to get unsettled over the weekend with 84 degrees saturday, some late day thunderstorms and then our wild-card day is sunday. we've got father day, we've got the first day of summer, a lot going on, all weekend long. as we get some of the moisture from bill, may be making indoor plans for sunday. and it does cool off by the middle of next week. >> good morning problem on the pennsylvania turnpike, right now here we go. all eastbound lanes are
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closed between willow grove and the philly bensalem interchange, and then the westbound side, right lane open because every accident eastbound about 3 miles east of willow grove. headed east this morning over toward philly been salem for dollars off at willow grove. go up up to street road, street road will take you back to the philly bensalem interchange. not going to be easy alternate. no eta how long the lanes will be block. again, eastbound lanes closed, westbound, they actually have the left lane block so they can tend to the accident near the willow grove interchange. otherwise, we are in good shape. schuylkill looking good coming into downtown no problems yet on 95, starting to see some volume build as we get ready for the rush hour, get ready for some volume over the weekend. fire fly music festival flies into dover here. campgrounds open up today.
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festival and a lot of extra volume here route one route 13 right by delaware state university right at the dover speedway there and keep this in mine, if you are going to be head down to the dover beaches this weekend do you have ride through all of that extra volume, and then going for ride south on 295 watch for the crews still out here southbound, between the black horse pike, and the 42 freeway. otherwise mass transit and the bridges looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> such a sad story out of cam call. 5:19. investigators trying to determine what caused a balcony to collapse in berkley. killing six young adults, the victims had been celebrating their 21st birthday party in berkley when the fifth floor apartment house balcony collapsed. five of the victims killed, were from ireland the sixth victim was from northern california from so no ma'am a. that was the only one who wasn't 21. that person was 22, student
5:20 am
among irish young adult working in berkley on visas over the summer. >> hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the people killed and injured. it was really a shocking set of event. and we're now trying to recover from those and understand what we can do to ensure that things like this don't happen again in the future. >> seven other people were seriously hurt. meanwhile, other balconies at that building of course have also been tagged for inspections following this tragedy. >> new york state police plan to expand the search for two escaped murders beyond that 16 square mile area. >> manhunt has been most intense in the woods. fields and swamps near the clinton correctional facility in far northern new york. this is up near the canadian border where the men escaped. but authority admit they don't know where 35 year old david sweat and 34 year old matt may have gone after escaping back on june 6. donald trump officially running for president.
5:21 am
yes dollars made the announcement from one of his trump towers in manhattan yesterday. he promised to spark the economy saying he will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. >> well now. >> trump is doing just well enough in early public opinion polls potentially to earn place on stage at the first gop presidential primary debate in august. he raised some eyebrows when he state that he would as president build a fence along the us mexico border, and have the mexicans pay for it. 5:21 the time. republican presidential candidate jeb bush looks to set himself apart from his father and brother for that matter when his campaign now official. he held town hall meeting in new hampshire where he set his sites on democratic rival hillary clinton. the former floored governor, criticized the former secretary of state and in record of service asking what it was she really accomplished during her tenure. a teen attacked by a shark in north carolina speaking out following the terrifying ordeal. >> so he says despite losing
5:22 am
his arm he plans to live a normal life. >> hunter says he was playing in the waves sunday when he first felt something on his calf. then the shark bit his left arm. he said the shark bit him again before he saw it bite his arm completely off. the teen was then able to get to the beach, with the help of his cousin, a 12 year old girl was also attack by a shark about 2 miles away just an hour before she also lost part of her arm. still to come, if you are thinking of buying a tv, or a grill, on line, better do it right now. when ups plans to increase shipping prices on those large purchases.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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plans to ends big discount over size packages this holiday season, and in some cases, of some retailers slash delivery prices will be gone forever. journal is reporting that the move could hit consumers really hard here, forcing them to get their items at a store or observe some of the shipping charges which could be as much as $06. >> the fda cracking down on those heart clogging but oh, so pace i trans fats yesterday. the food and drug administration gave companies three years to eliminate achieve source of those fats. partially hydrogenated trans fats cheaper than and mail base fats, extends the shelf life. officials say the new ruling
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will cut down on cardiovascular disease. >> for the first time in seven years, bert are going up becomes 53 more babies going up births up for nearly every racial ethnic group as womenment historic low and there were fewer c-sections and pre-term deliveries. >> still ahead a brutal attack overnight in philadelphia, a man robbed, stabbed then shot the latest from investigators coming up. >> plus someone stealing tabs in philadelphia. how police think he's braking into all these cars. ambulance
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a man stabbed in the back and shot before being robbed of his cell phone and wallet. carjacking in haddonfield, new jersey the victim
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>> live look if he blue route 467 looking good, coming out every mid-county, headed down to the airport actually in good shape. in south jersey, no problems coming in toward the city however if you are headed into new jersey, over the walt whitman bridge just watch for this guy here, the work crews taking out the right lane south on 42, near creek road. otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris, lauren back to you. >> bob, thanks so. man is fighting for his life following a vicious attack. victim shot, stabbed police found bleeding on the the sidewalk at sixth and somerville avenue. just before midnight. man told police he was robbed by three people, one of them
5:33 am
including a woman before losing consciousness. police are now looking for two males, and that female, but have little information about those suspect jenny joyce will have more in a live report coming up at 6:00. >> may be robbing south jersey rite aid local police on alert this morning steve keeley live outside the last store hit. steve? >> chris, outside the last store hit in haddonfield. armed robbery here in haddonfield. there is this is the headline none of just ever uttered before on the show. haddonfield more known as home to some famous phillies players, not infamous crimes, one of the safest suburbs for sure in our viewing area. no crimes at all like this, at least two years but now the same crime and same criminal very likely may have pulled the same daring heist in usual ways village people bands member look in three local towns in the past three weeks.
5:34 am
>> no surprise, south jersey pharmacists being urged to be on heightened alert. getting a bump up in security measures including brand new locks on the doors already here. just hours after the holdup yesterday. >> now comparing notes, try and confirm for shore the same guy did the same kind of hold-ups at all three right aids. here yesterday, in blackwood monday the day before down in logan township may 22. that one the robber also dresses road construction worker just like did he here in haddonfield. reflective traffic safety vests overall of his other clothes white hard hat, safety goggles and yesterday he even carried in one of those orange traffic cones. lept the counter pulled out gun, demand the pharmacist fill the upside down cone with prescription pain kale ers what's been taken addictive pain pills going for the pharmacy not for the cash register. gloucester township police say
5:35 am
guy pink similar description thin white male with razor stubble as the logan in haddonfield hold-ups minus road construction outfit, pulled again there as well. now the first two in gloucester county with the same time of day 9:30 in the morning, the one here in haddonfield just little later at noon. two hold-ups this week were close to schools. had to go on lockdown and go on high alert. he came out here into the parking lot in haddonfield then pulled his gun on a priest parking his car. he carjacked it, drove it only couple of blocks. in the logan holdup, the same road construction worker looking robbers stole rite aid workers car again only driving a couple of blocks before getting rid of it. maybe police believe then going to the robbers own car. >> they don't expect to have crimes like there is because this ride aid wondering why we don't have any surveillance pictures no surveillance cameras outside this rite aid look for that to change as early as this morning i would not be surprise today run into
5:36 am
a surveillance camera company installing cameras first thing for some reasons had to change the locks, weren't even worried about fixing the lock until held up here yesterday. whole different way of looking at the world foul, for the resident here in haddon fields that never had a look at this stuff except for watching our show and seeing it in other places before now at the end of their block. >> as we always say crime happens everywhere. >> no where is safe. >> thank you steve keel. >> i new surveillance video that said capture person southwest detective think is behind the disappearance of dozens of taxies. of the 12 taxies stolen, only six phonal, this is the man described as thinly built with a beard. >> only on fox suspect behind bars accused of stabbing business owners during robberies. >> philadelphia police say over the course of four days, christian last air yo, three
5:37 am
stabbed, arrested monday after police say he nearly killed the owner of joe's cold cut frandford avenue. all told, police say he got away with about a thousand dollars. >> coming up major league scandal. why the cardinals allegedly attack the houston astros. >> rachel dolezal responds what she has to say about the controversy that's brewing over her race claim. >> ♪ ♪
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fbi lands of the an investigation, hacking into a computer base of the houston astros to get information on trade discussions, scouting reports, and players statistics. major league baseball officials say they are cooperating with the feds. >> obviously any allegation like this, no matter how serious; of great concern to us. but, it is just too early to speculate on what the facts are going to turn out to be, when what actions if any is necessary. >> this is uncontrollable for us for the club. but, we will wait and get all of the information before we make more of the statement. we don't have any clues what's going on here. we will focus on what we do and that's play baseball. >> cardinals one of the most successful team, best records in major league baseball, astros in first place in their dif us. >> you saw man the major league baseball commissioner, he's brand new to the job just took over in january.
5:41 am
>> can you imagine there is new commissioner, having that on your plate? >> huge. >> happening everywhere. >> i know. >> so, rachel dolezal the former leader of the naccp in spokane, washington speaking out about her racial identity. >> she same some of the discussion was her have been viciously inhumane, she said she identifies with being black, in fact, the 37 year old told nbc matt lawyer stopped thinking of herself as white when she was pretty young. >> this goes back to very early age with myself identification with the black experience. as a very young child. >> whether did it start? >> i would say about five years old. >> you began identifying yourself as african-american? >> drawing self portraits with the brown instead of the peach, you know, black hair -- >> rachel dolezal lost her position as studies
5:42 am
instructor her freelance job as newspaper columnist and then there is the city itself. its ethics commission looking into whether she lied about her race, foray appointment to the police oversight board. said it earlier spokane washington is 86% white 2% african-american. >> yes, all of my social media sites are filled with the story. >> flooded time line. >> african-americans? >> both, on both sides i think some people don't really understand what the issue is, well if she wants to champion the issues of the black community, what's the problem? and then some people saying well she can do that but she didn't have to pretend to be someone else to great it done. people on both sides of the issue not under standing her thought process? and her way of pretending in many ways was her physical appearance i mean, she got permanent, evidently look at the picture of her straight caucasian hair, then spray tan lotion whatever. so coming up: golden state warriors knock off will he bron to win their first championship in 40 years. talk about that with big daddy brown, and weighing in on
5:43 am
phillies lows as well. >> oh. lows. >> low. >> drake song. >> really? >> yes. >> ♪ ♪
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>> that's paul mccartney singing. >> you know you can hear him sing live in dover delaware, friday night at 5:00. >> so are you going? because you keep looking at the ad, thinking about it. >> what a line-up. kings of leon, the killers morrisey from the submits. >> host err. >> what is hostier singing? >> ♪ ♪ >> you are the coolest. >> now, that's mike jerrick. >> all right well we all have our nitch. you can see the bright sunshine out, there accompanied pipe the beatles remember, yesterday when we were looking at the atlantic city cameras, we couldn't see anything. it was that foggy so, high pressure has taken over. there is the cold front that came through last night. taking a break from humidity for one day and one day only. we have stationary front out to the west, and that's going to come our way as warmfront and that will happen tomorrow.
5:47 am
with some rain. probably at this time tomorrow morning we will be seeing some rain. remnants of tropical storm bill will hook onto this front and probably be with us in time for the weekend. i know. so as we track the tropics, we watch the renmant of bill, continuing to move into eastern texas it is now tropical depression with 35-mile an hour winds, continuing that movement to the north. here is the projected path what's left of the storm. a loft rain with it, five, 6 inches every rain in some places and by saturday, it is edging toward indianna and ohio eventually, maybe sunday monday, we could get some of the rain here. a lot of flood warnings down in texas we may see some flooding when that renmant gets to us. getting closer to the weekend we got the rain tomorrow. we got some rain early friday morning, clears out for day on friday and then on saturday and sunday we watch the remnants as they edge a little closer to us.
5:48 am
temperatures 73 degrees, in philadelphia. a loft our stations, little problem with reporting this morning, but getting enough of an idea of comfortable temperatures that are out there and winds out of the northwest, for today only with the high pressure in control. >> seventy-nine tomorrow, showers, storms, maybe few breaks of sunshine inbetween mix every sunday and clouds friday, high of 86, saturday the pop up storms probably won't arrive until late in the day. sunday is our if-ee kind of weather day it is not if-ee about weather it is fathers day or not. it is father day no matter what the weather we just have to watch for the renmant of tropical storm bill coming in on sunday bob? >> it is here now. >> sue good morning 5:48. update from the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound lanes, closed between willow grove bensalem because every accident now the vehicle
5:49 am
that was involved, sounds like van of some sort, was caring dogs and those dogs got out of the van and the course of the accident. so police have all eastbound lanes blocked don't have any words of any injuries, no words if there are any dog injuries or whether everybody is okay. we'll pass it all along. bottom line, all eastbound lanes remain closed between willow grove and the philly bensalem interchange. so if you are leaving say ft. washington king of prussia area eastbound best bet north on 611 then take street road. that will swing you back to philadelphia interchange. they have open up the westbound lanes westbound lanes open. starting to seat beginning of rush hour for the gang coming out every downingtown, turnpike, don't forget chris mentioned the fire fly music festival begins tomorrow through sunday, campgrounds for everyone that will set up shop all weekend campgrounds
5:50 am
open at noon today. that will bring a loft extra volume along route one 13 all weekend long, chris lauren back to you. >> you know who else i would love to see snoop dog that would be fun. this time yesterday i was sleeping. you guys talking about how former flyer kimmo timonen won the stanley cup with the chicago blackhawks. another former philadelphia prominent player bringing home a ring. >> talking about the story of andre iguodala, not only did andre win the nba title with the golden state warriors, he won the final mvp award let's bring in big daddy graham, so big daddy i've seen people been on social media being haters is what i call them, saying a guy off the bench, not big superstar, shouldn't win the mvp. >> you know what? that's what social media people do. it is easy to hate when you're typing away. let's talk about people who called into my show last night yes andre iguodala was not well likes when he was here.
5:51 am
formulate tutted every reasons, moles not his fault. but every caller i had last night felt happy for him they did. >> i don't care if he won the mvp. man that he wanted, first of all, he deserved it. had a horrible series and set curly good series, not great. they don't win that series without andre iguodala. so congratulations to him. i'm happy for him i am. and it was a great great performance. they don't win it without. simple as that. >> first time they won it since what 1975? >> that's right. forty years 40 years. >> good for them. >> phillies haven't won game in 40 years. >> little history we don't want to make as phillies fans, for the first time since the inaugural season, in 1883. >> phillies completed road trip eight games without winning a game.
5:52 am
un believable. >> that's not even the big story, from -- you would think that in itself would be the big story. orioles hit eight homers in a game. their franchise record. they've been around a long time too. phils lose yet another game. they won 22 innings without scoring a run. none of this is the big story. looking at it right now. they had to bring in jeff, actually, i don't think they had tonight but brought in right fielder jeff to pitch. i think he threw records amount of pitches in the last 25 years 48 pitches he threw, and at one point the pitching coach comes out chase utley visibly unhappy that jeff is still in the game pitching the word utley dropped once before you might all remember. >> oh yes. >> and very unhappy mccord leaves him in anyway. it is complete joke.
5:53 am
after the game, sandberg says he wanted to make a movie, wasn't sure who was up in the bullpen because the bullpen was off phone was offer the hook. first every all al, over there at wip he lovers to say why is there still a bullpen phone? >> text? >> just text. who looks good, whatever. but, debockle. and i'm telling you i don't at this it will happen. but i think there is a chance that finally somebody's heads going to roll today. i don't know if amaro jr. sandberg they both should go. i'm not the kind of host to call for people to lose their jobs but enough is enough. >> when the bullpen phone is off the hook, enough is enough. it is a joke. and i know utley is having horrible season, but i don't care. he was right. you don't throw 48 pitches in
5:54 am
a inning and two thirds when you are an outfielder. you don't do it. >> you could go on about this forever. >> i could, i could. >> we have to wrap it up. hey, thank you for joining us. >> all right buddy. >> we'll be right back. i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's a good song. look at that golden sunrise, gorgeous on this wednesday morning 5:56.
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the fu fight remembers cancelling the rest of their european tour, frontrunner managed to finish their sweden concert over the weekends, fell on stage broke his ankle. surgery, and doctors say his recovery time is pretty unclear. he unleashed a statement to fans saying it killed him to cancel. but just not physically possible to continue that tour. we wish him well. coming up: young deputy steps in to help stop a man who opens fire on police. how a dream prepared her for what was about to happen. >> swat teams storm into neighborhood shocking people fast asleep in their homes. how thieves trying to hang out sent neighborhood, into chaos. mike alex, are up next.
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>> someone around philadelphia stealing cabs. police think he is using one key to breaking all into these cars. >> a quiet neighborhood woken up by army tanks. >> well, this actually is a story, left for dead, the search for the man who


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