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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 18, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪ right now rush hour mess is on the way. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's take live look at the vine street expressway in center city. scott, you are talking about heavy rain that you're tracking right now right as people walk out that door. >> yeah, that's certainly right iain and lucy. we're looking at the timing of this system moving in right for your thursday rush. as we look at satellite/radar. mostly cloudy skies a few sprinkles earlier this evening. off to the west you can see some steadier rain that continues to move right toward our area. so what about the timing? right now it's pretty dry quiet once again maybe one or two sprinkles but look at the clock as we continue to advance things by
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5am we're looking at some moderate to heavy rain south and west of philadelphia in particular moving into the wilmington area, also, into parts of south jersey. by 8:00 o'clock, you can see most of the rainfall around philadelphia to the south and west and continuing down the shore. so it looks like a wet thursday morning commute in fact take look at lunch time. still dealing with clouds as well as scattered showers across the area. 70 degrees right now pretty comfortable. you can see winds out of the southeast at 6 miles per hour. but take look at your showery thursday. we're looking at cooler temperatures, only a high temperature in the 70s tomorrow. so a noticeably different cooler air mass tomorrow than what we saw today and grab the umbrellas umbrellas. also, as we take a look at future rain, expected through lunch time tomorrow. some locations around new castle county could already have an inch and a half of rainfall this is just by lunch time tomorrow. coming up we'll talk more about
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that rainfall for tomorrow, but also take a look at the remnant moisture from bill around texas and oklahoma. how that system will impact a part of the upcoming father's day weekend with the seven day all coming up. >> all right talk to you then scott. make sure you stay he had a of this storm before you walk out that door tomorrow. download the fox 29 news app get live ray radar and weather alerts on your phone. >> search is on for a man behind attack with a box cutter. a woman was simply trying to catch a septa train to work when that guy struck. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at septa headquarters tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: we're told the victim is going to be okay. still this must have been a very scary ordeal and in the meantime police are still trying to figure out what made this man snap. >> getting worse and worse every day out here now. women aren't safe. >> reporter: riders we talked to getting off the market frankford el are uneasy. septa police just released this video of a man they say
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assaulted a 50-year-old woman as she approached the fair line. it happened around 9:30 wednesday morning at the margaret orthodox station. >> something like that happened the woman was simply going to work and to be assaulted like that it's horrible. >> reporter: septa police say the suspect started a conversation with the victim that quickly turned into an argument. what they say did he next is horrifying. >> the man punched her. she does not know that man. had never seen him before. she defended herself. fought back at which point the man drove a razor and cut her. >> the victim suffered a 5-inch garb and went to aria health where police went to talk to her her. cashiers immediately called police but at tack kerr took off. >> crazy. >> morris alexander is a regular septa rider. >> every day five days week, sometimes seven days week and i get up 6:00 o'clock in the morning to catch the train. >> reporter: he says it's hard to believe something like this happened at such a busy station.
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police also say it's uncommon. >> that's why it's a story. you know, i mean, we don't have these kind of things occur on the system. we rarely have an incident of violence and this is disturbing to us. >> reporter: and earlier this evening, police were unclear as to what the argument was about that led to the slashing. if you recognize the man in that video call septa police. iain? >> all right, shawnette, thank you. tropical storm bill has been downloaded now a tropical depression in lone star state the threat of dangerous flooding is growing as the second named storm of the atlantic hurricane system season plows through the area it's path will take it across the same region that still dealing with the aftermath of deadly floods over the memorial day weekend. >> now all i'm going to do is pray on it and wake up tomorrow gone from there. what do you do? you just got to wait. >> it's kind of scary. we're building a home out here. >> scott williams tells us the aftermath of tropical depression bill is headed toward the delaware valley.
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>> still developing to night what happened in a terrifying home invasion and an apparent case of mistaken identity. a man an woman kidnapped robbed by masked men in the middle of the night but tonight clues that the a attackers targeted the wrong people. victims are safe but the men who attacked them are on the run. fox 29's dave schratwieser talked to police who want ounces. >> it's scary. >> neighbors were on edge at the congress hall apartments after seeing this scary scene of a masked gunman escorting a 39-year-old fellow resident from his apartment with a bag over his head during an a terrifying home invasion robbery. >> i'm scared. i want to move now. >> scared because i have three granddaughters and now my daughter these questioning about bringing them up this weekend. >> reporter: the victim arrived at his home and was immediately attacked by two masked suspects. they forced him to the ground and demanded money. >> don't know what's going on. and don't know what they're going to do. >> reporter: victim's 35-year-old girlfriend then came out of their apartment here and
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was also ordered to the ground. the suspects took her keys and ransacked their apartment. both victims were loaded into a van and driven away. >> hopefully somebody can recognize the individuals or recognize the vehicle and give us a tip. >> reporter: investigators say the two victims were then removed from the van and forced to lie on the ground. that's when one of the suspects made a phone call and said, we got the wrong guy. >> they may have selected the wrong people in terms of maybe a mistaken identity situation here here. >> it's crazy because that could have been me, you know, mistaken identity because when they found out they had the wrong person they let them go. >> reporter: police are searching for the van used in the incident and two suspects. they made off with $400 in cash, jewelry and an i-pad. >> they need to have more police around here. >> if i was them i wouldn't come back here. i'd be so scared. i'd be petrified. >> get away vehicle was described as a gray or silver mini van. decks are still not certain who the actual intended target was supposed to be. at police headquarters, dave stratt wiser fox 29 news.
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>> the search continues tonight for the last of four suspects wanted for a brutal home invasion and robbery in delaware county. we are getting our first look at tyree eric manziel. police say he and three others attacked and robbed a family in marple township on monday. they've already arrested two brother and a 17-year-old. man says he killed his girlfriend and he called her family to tell them. they called police. this morning a north philadelphia officer found 29-year-old woman stabbed to death inside her home on the 4900 block of north warnock street. they did not find a weapon and now looking for the woman's boyfriend. dozens of puppies and in good hands tonight after escaping an early morning mess on the pennsylvania turnpike. these pictures from the bucks county courier times police say the van was hauling 80 puppies and collided with another vehicle near the route 611 exit. dogs escaped out on to the highway. firefighters shut down eastbound traffic and pulled the puppies out of danger. the courier times says the two puppies did not survive the
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crash. the bucks county spca is taking care of the rest of them. protesters making for big problems outside atlantic city casino tonight. casino union members blocked traffic sitting down in the street outside the trump taj mahal. they are very upset about the elimination of employee benefits and pension plans. members of the local 54 union staged a similar protest last year blocking traffic at the mouth of the atlantic city expressway. billionaire carl icon now owns the taj and he says he's not going to reinstate those benefits. season of what's been little more than pure misery continues for philadelphia's baseball team. phillies are back home tonight limping after laying an egg on their latest road trip. >> add in one of the worst losses in franchise history and you've got a situation that seems to be getting worse day day by day. bruce gordon is out at a half empty citizens bank park tonight. bruce you've talk to the fans that are there and are they calling this rock bottom? >> reporter: yeah. in fact, they are. and why not? this rematch
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tonight with the baltimore orioles drew announced crowd of 26,000 and change and i got to tell you there was enough orange and black in the crowd to make me think i was at a flyers game. just how bad is it? i call the phillies tick office this afternoon. what time is the game tonight? they said what time can you make it? it may have been an illusion and baltimore is an easy drive but it sure seemed like there were more orioles fans than philly faithful at the turn styles maybe they came to rub our notices in tuesday night's 19-three pasting at camden yards. either way the robotic trash can with the phils cap was an met for for the season so far. >> feeling of homelessness with this team and easy to throw on the orange rather than throw on the red. >> long time phillies fans have seen their share of bad baseball but this, last place team on its way to a hundred losses just four years removed from a hundred win campaign? >> more than 60 years you've been coming phillies game. how bad is this? >> this is one of the probably
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the worst i've seen really. >> i don't even know if these guys are trying. what is bowa and sandberg doing. >> reporter: as recently as 2012 phil attendance averaged 44,000 a game. these days it's a struggle to reach half that. even with lots of out of towners. those who do come seem embarrassed. this night it took all of three batters for the orioles to take the lead. >> trying to not watch as much. not deal with the pain. >> it hurts. >> it hurts. it hurts. especially after the run we had. >> reporter: what we had is no more. ryan howard and chase utley were the heroes of '08. now, a run on a wild pitch qualifies as an offensive explosion. >> it's a shame what they've come to and that probably time to move on. >> reporter: story speaks volume here with her daughter claudia beth grew up in suburban philly now lives in la gets her phillies updates from her dad. >> what does your dad tell you?
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>> he's like just worry about camp for the eagles. (laughter). >> there's always next year. >> reporter: for the record, beth and her daughter made it about five innings before bailing out on the team. lots of early departures tonight tonight. phils go on to lose this one six-four. nine straight loss on pace for 109 losses on the season. that hasn't happened since 1942. iain it's going to be a long summer. >> it is. when does eagles camp start? bruce, thank you very much. watch as a father clings desperately to his car. the thief behind the wheel with the victims young son in the back seat. how that eight-year-old saved his own life. >> what happened here? this truck's window shattered while the driver was on the highway. that's not the only time this happened. police want to find out before this mystery turns deadly. >> one woman's fight to bring her kangaroo where she goes. one place that had officials putting their foot down. >> one neighbor's note about these patio lights has the own are in fighting back. how she's turning hatred into a
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message of love. >> and -- how about you move that car. >> i'm not moving. take that ticket and should have it up your bleep. >> got to move the car. >> talk about parking wars. what the officer does next that may be the craziest thing these witnesses have ever seen.
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♪ neighborhood on edge tonight after a man sexually assault add woman in a southwest philly driveway. it happened early this morning ton night the hunt is on for that guy. it's the scary details of this assault that has some rethinking how they get ready for work every day. fox 29's is a beep in a
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kuriakose joins us live from the neighborhood where the assault happened and sabina detectives may have some new evidence in this crime? >> reporter: yeah, that's right iain. take look. this is the bus stop where police say the woman was allegedly dragged from and assaulted in a driveway just around the corner. well tonight we know detectives have gathered surveillance footage from nearby business and they are combing it looking for any clues that may lead to this guy and tonight neighbors tell us they want him off of their streets. >> that's too close. that's right in our backyard. >> reporter: adrian brown shaken after waking up to find her driveway along the 2600 block of south 65th street is the scene avenue brutal sexual assault. aid degree yann says her teenaged granddaughter just missed the horrifying crime as she was coming home from work at 4:00 o'clock this morning. instead finding detectives scowering the yard. >> she came in the house and was like grandma, did you see all the cop outside? >> they got everybody up. >> police say the assault happened at 3:00 in the morning. 22-year-old woman tells
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detectives they he she was waiting for the bus when a stranger grabbed her put some sort of object to her head and dragged her to the driveway where svu investigators say the perp robbed the victim of cash, de debit card and id before sexually assaulting her. >> i live here. >> mimi shares a driveway with adrian and says police were on the scene soon after the alleged assault. she says they questioned her family asking whether anyone heard the woman's cries for help help. >> i own a business. >> you didn't hear anything? >> no. i didn't hear anything. >> there's usually no one around here except the people waiting for the bus. >> reporter: craig davis is a cook at eddie s cafe he said there's usually airport workers waiting to catch the 108 septa bus to go to work. neighbors believe that's where the alleged vick testimony was headed when she what tack. long-time residents are horrified. >> first time. >> really. >> since i've been living here. first time. >> trying to go to work that time of day and it's sad. >> reporter: and tonight
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police are looking for a tall man with a large build. they say he was wearing dark sweat pants an dark hooded sweatshirt. if you know anything please police want to you call special victim. lucy? >> all right. sabina. crash in north philly closed an entire daycare and the driver of that van you see right there is recovering tonight. the person lost control and slammed right into the daycare center on spring garden street. now it didn't make it all the way through a. no one inside is hurt. medics took a driver to the hospital. it's a big year for the city of philadelphia. first the pope in september then a month later the dalai lama two of the world's biggest spiritual leaders are visiting philly. dalai lama will be here for the annual liberty medal awards. >> take a look at this guy right here. police say he used a syringe to rob the rite aid on west lehigh al avenue in kensington sunday. came in the store twice wearing a hoodie. came back a third time and cover his face that time and that's when police say he demanded money from an employee. so i know it's hard to tell. but if you know who this guy is,
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give police a call. new pictures tonight show the gunman police say robbed a new jersey drugstore and then carjacked a priest. we first brought you this story last night. now, police say the suspect outfit could connect him to some other crimes. fox 29's dave kin help breaks down the investigation. >> reporter: images released by haddonfield police show a man dressed as road crew member end enters the rite aid tuesday. he leaped over pharmacy counter with a gun and demanded prescription drug. >> i was glad i wasn't in the store. >> reporter: you come here all the time? >> oh yeah. i only live a few blocks away. >> one of the pharmacist that is works here is my friend's mother so i was worried about her as well. thinking about her safety. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect used this traffic cone to carry stolen adderall pills and carjacked a retired priest once he got outside. thief drove a block away before dumping the car and running. >> we immediately had the area flooded with patrol officers as well as k9 units. we were unable to track him. we're not sure exactly how he
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got away after that point. >> the priest was not hurt. detectives say the man in disguise was seen with a tape measure studying the outside of the rite aid and trees near the store before the noontime rob bro took place. >> i thought it was very deceiving i wouldn't think twice about seeing someone doing something like that or think they have ulterior motive. >> that's disturbing to see him like that. >> our investigators working with the camden countyi' prosecutor's office and logan county that had similar incident incident. >> investigators say a man armed with 95 and hammer jumped over the counter and allegedly stole oxycodone along with keys to a store employee's car. he's wearing similar gear and surveillance from that incident and police believe there's a connection. >> if anyone seen anyone wearing a similar outfit we'd be interested in talking to them. >> police are worried this suspect could strike again. and rite aid is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. in haddonfield dave kinchen
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fox 29 news. volunteer firefighter is recognized for his special save behind home plate. >> we're not talking about baseball right now. this 16-year-old literally saved a life when really nobody else could. 16-year-old michael brodzinsky a junior member of the darby fire company. we told you what went down last week. michael just reached second base during baseball game when he turned and spotted the umpire collapsing. so he ran over and he started cp cpr. nobody else knew what to do. that teen helped save that umpire's live tonight borough of fulcroft honored him with its hero ship award. >> it's been overwhelming but i mean i like it. it's pretty cool to be honored by everybody. it feels good. i feel like it's kind of my job. i feel like i should -- i know the training i feel like i should do it. >> humble guy. michael says he's hoping to make career of saving lives. in philadelphia or maybe another big city. >> a couple has little too much to drink out at the club why handing the keys to a sober driver landed the pair in jail.
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>> attacked by a shark. one teen lost his arm. why he says he only has two options now to live his life. >> plus kentucky fried rat? >> what? >> one guy says pulled this out of his meal tom night restaurant chain finally answers what this really is. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening everybody. whose ready for a concert we got a biggy for you the fair fly music festival begins tomorrow through sunday. jammo heading into dover on route 1 and route 13 keep that in mind if you'll be going to the dover beaches this weekend. and if you're out and about tonight into early tomorrow, so will the penndot work crews out there with you along i-95 between girard and cottman avenue. some rain on the way. sue and i will see you bright and early tomorrow at 4:00
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♪ >> mysterious crimes have colorado police on alert. crimes you can see them right there smashed windows. the latest happened to man while he was driving on the state last night. now police are trying to see if they can find evidence of projectiles rocks bullets or casings and they're not ruling out that there may ab sniper in the area. >> gunshots and rocks shatter windows very similarly. so that's why we need to see if we can finind what caused the damage to the window. >> there have been three recent cases of shootings. two deadly in the area around
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interstate 25. although police are still looking into whether those attacks are related to the shattered windows. the fbi is helping investigate the confirmed shootings. 12 days on the run and tonight we have new pictures of what those escaped killers in upstate new york could look like now. let's check them out much these are the end hasn'ted images showing both richard matt and david sweat with longer hair, less body weight, facial hair. authorities are now capping a wider search. da confirms joyce mitchell has admitted to a murder for higher plot to kill her hub. at least that's what the da is saying. prison worker faces charges of helping the killers escape. >> reports tonight brian williams will return to nbc but not as the anchor of the nightly news. instead the new york times reports he'll move into a breaking role. williams of course was suspended after he was caught embellishing a story about his time in iraq back in 2003. lester holt has been filling and he will become the permanent
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anchor of the nightly news. >> a teenager who lost his arm in a shark attack has one incredible outlook on life and he's sharing it. hunter recounted his horrifying encounter from his hospital bed in wilmington north carolina. a shark bit off part of hunter's left arm while he was swimming in the water off oakland island on sunday. hunter says he has two options left. let it bring him down or rise above it. >> out of those two there's really only one that i would actually choose to do and that's to try to fight and live normal life with the cards i've been dealt. >> another shark attack victim also recovering after losing part of her left arm. a shark bit a 12-year-old girl just miles from where hunter was swimming and the attacks were only hours apart. watch as a father dragged by his own car holding on as the thief tries to get away. the victim's young son in the back seat. what the eight-year-old does next to save his own life. scott. >> iain clouds and showers moving in for your thursday but what about father's day weekend?
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we could have some leftover tropical moisture in our area. new info next. >> u.s. open starts tomorrow but it was amateur hour at howard's club when he i took on goo
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>> dry roads across the region right now at 10:30. let's take live look at south philadelphia. looks really nice right now. you know all that that you see
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about to change. live radar shows the system moving in for the morning rush. >> scott williams got new information minutes away. >> clean up crews and electricians back out at the scene of that massive water main break. millions of gallons of water gushed on to the 500 block of north 5,252nd and west minster sunday morning. crews still are not sure how long it's going to take to repair the more than century old water main. the water damaged dozens of homes and cars up and down the block. father refused to let go of his suv carjacker tried to take off in it. that dad's young son he was sitting in the back seat. >> fox's trevor shirley explains how the eight-year-old boy got away. >> reporter: malcolm fractured elbow is a painful reminder of what it took to save his eight-year-old son. >> i didn't care how i did it. i didn't care if i had to break my hand or use my elbow get into it. >> reporter: seconds after pulling into the south fulton gas station sunday morning a carjacker jumped through the
3:30 am
open window of his fiance''s white suv with rashaun still sitting in the back seat. >> i was thinking who is he? what is he doing. >> surveillance video shows malcolm grabbing on to the car that tries to speed away. he says his only goal was to rescue his son. >> i hit the window probably about six to eight times. >> reporter: malcolm figures he was dragged about 500 feet as the alleged carjacker picked up speed. >> at the moment i didn't really realize how fast i was going. >> reporter: with malcolm still clinging to the car the carjacker eased off the gas just for a moment. giving rashaun the split second he needed. >> once he slowed down i jumped out. >> like my son really showed some resourcefulness i didn't know he had. he's only eight years old. he's never been in a life or death situation. >> tonight he knows his injuries will heal and rashaun knows things could have been so much worse. >> i'm glad my dad is not dead. could have got ran over. >> that was fox's trevor shirley reporting. he tells us plea did find the suv but the carjacker is still
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on the loose. southern wisconsin city expanding its ban on certain service animals. it now includes kangaroos a move that the beaver dam common council made monday night left at least one resident there very very frustrateed. van in a has had a kangaroo in her home for eight years. jimmy is a therapy animal there to take her hyped off her battle against cancer but her animal problems starred in february when she took the roo to a local mcdonald's and customers they got so upset they called police. >> showed him my paper that i had to prove that he was my therapy animal and he said, okay okay. i don't know what their problem is. taking my rights away from me to be happy and to have jimmy. >> jimmy even gives kisses. unfortunately beaver dam no longer considers jimmy a service animal. but it's still giving a thumbs up to dogs and miniature horses. let's get a check what's on
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your radar tonight. >> here's chief meteorologist scott williams. >> it was a beautiful day. we saw high temperatures around 86 degrees it was a comfortable evening. the cloud cover rolled in a few sprinkles as well. but big changes ahead right now it's 70 degrees and it's pretty comfortable still. the heat index is 70. last night at this time it still felt like the upper 80s as we take look at temperatures across the area right now 68 in millville as well as atlantic city. 68 degrees in trenton. we have low 70s right now in allentown as well as reading. so as we look at the overall satellite and radar perspective mostly cloudy skies, once again a few sprinkles across the area. but the heavier rainfall right now kind of moving out of west virginia moving through sections of maryland and that will continue to head in our direction some of the latest trends showing it looks like the heaviest of the rain will be south and west of philadelphia. but by 2:00 a.m. you can see clouds and showers off to the west. it starts to kind of move in from the south and west here's 5am so when you're watching sue
3:33 am
she'll likeing be tracking heavier rain through sections of delaware as well as into south jersey. say salem cumberland county and down the shore. so it will be a wet commute across the area with the mostly cloudy skies, damp and dreary conditions at least the first half of the day. that's when i expect most of the heavier rain. here's 10:00 a.m. you can see we're still looking at clouds and showers across the area but the heaviest looks like it wants to set up south and east of philadelphia. into the afternoon we get a little bit of a break from the showers but we keep the clouds and also cooler than average temperatures for tomorrow. so as we look at future rain, you can see some of the totals adding up heavier amounts as you move into new castle county and also into sections of south jersey and then as we move toward tomorrow night we might approach an inch of rain in philadelphia but heavier amounts once again south and east. take a look at the moisture right now through sections of texas some of the spa bet getty models showing that moisture moving right toward our area by the upcoming father's day
3:34 am
weekend. we'll watch it move through the midwest and sections of the ohio river valley eventually move toward our area it look like late saturday night into sunday. still watching the track and timing of that. but temperatures tonight in the 60s. tomorrow a high of only 76 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. most of the rainfall tomorrow morning. what about dover delaware? the fire fly music festival different weather each and every day. 80 tomorrow. some rain then humid on friday. saturday evening showers and the best chance for widespread rain looks to be on sunday. we'll keep you posted with that but the seven day forecast shows 70s tomorrow, upper 80s friday and then saturday night into sunday it looks like we could be watching some remnant moisture move our way. >> all right. >> hopefully just remnant and doesn't saturate father' days. >> hopefully it trends farther south. >> police say a man with a history of drunk driver hasn'ted his keys over to a sober driver who happened to be his 13-year-old daughter.
3:35 am
what they say tipped them off that something was just not right. >> plus kentucky fried rat? one guy says he pulled this out of his meal. tonight restaurant chain finally answers what this really is. how about you move that car. >> i'm not moving. take that ticket and should have it up your bleep. >> you got to move the car. >> talk about parking wars. what the officer does next that may be the craziest thing these witnesses have ever seen.
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♪ donald trump may have paid to fill the crowd for his presidential campaign announcement hollywood reporter says it got a hold e-mail from new york casting company looking for extras to beef up attendance yesterday. the pay 50 bucks. trump's camp is denying it. >> in your money ben and jerry's kissing cows goodbye at least
3:39 am
for one of its new products about to launch. ice cream company working on a non dairy version of its decadent flavors. it's all in the taste testing phase right now ben and jerry's says it's non dairy ice cream will have big delicious chunks in it. and the question, of course, when you can get your hands on it. ben and jerry's isn't saying as of yet. cfc has an explanation for california man claimed to have found a deep fried rat in his meal. executives at cfc say this object in question is actually just an oddly shaped piece of chicken. the person who posted the image said he bit into the rubbery more sell decided to take it back to the restaurant. manager at the kfc in los angeles apologized saying it was a rat and offered him a free meal. photo as you can imagine has gone viral since then. kfc has tried several times to get in touch with the guy without success. company officials say they're convinced it's a hoax. >> that's disgusting. >> well we've all been there.
3:40 am
you know that. you get your car just at the parking authority puts a ticket right on your windshield. >> new york city a fight between one driver and a parking enforcement officer took a turn that well pretty much shocked folks on the street. >> you got to move that car. >> i'm not moving. take that ticket and should have it up your bleep. >> all right. i'm going to give you some help, all right? >> what the bleep! >> are you kidding me? >> girl... >> what the hell! >> have a good day. how about that. >> i love the reactions. if you haven't guessed this this is a prank. but it sure has people on the streets -- the whole thing is an ad for a website to help you buy and sell cars. this was set up by the same group of people behind another viral prank which was the remote
3:41 am
control baby who apparently looked possessed. little head spun around that got 51 million views. more than a year ago. one neighbor's note about patio lights the owner fighting back how she's turning hatred to a message of love. >> u.s. open starts tomorrow but it's safe to say it was amateur hour at howard's club. when he and even took on good day on the greens. see t
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♪ the news is breaking right now. this is charlston, south carolina where we're hearing a gunman shot several people outside a church. charlston police are now at the emmanuel african methodist episcopal church. this all happened about an hour ago. the fbi is already on the scene right there investigating. right now police are looking for a 21-year-old man. we don't have many more details than that. we had keep updated as the news warrants. >> big problems for a mother and father after a night out on the town in austin, texas. police say a man with history of dwi a arrests realized he was too drunk to drive. >> so he handed the keys over to his daughter, problem was she's only 13 years old. cops spotted a pick up going about 25 miles an hour on the highway. that is way below the 70 miles
3:45 am
an hour speed limb. benito told officers he and his wife had a few too many. he thought it would be safer if his oldest daughter was behind the wheel. good thing he didn't pick his youngest one. she's seven years old and also in that truck. police say they found an open beer can in his truck. >> it's really unfortunate. actually very scary for those situations such a young child not lot they can do or say at that age. >> police arrested both mom and dad for a endangering their children. benitez has five prior dwi convictions. >> from yard decorations to a feud between neighbors much these are the ones that started it all all those colors right there. a mother wanted to bring what she calls a sense of warmth to her yard by hanging a line of basically rainbow colored solar lamps but it's a note she got from anonymous neighbor that has us talking tonight. this is the note later posted on facebook it reads basically your yard is becoming relentless gay.
3:46 am
myself and others in the neighborhood ask that you don't it down. after a show of support from her friends and other neighbors the mother is fighting back with a gofundme account. the money will help her put up more rainbows. at last check she raised more than $3,400 out of her $5,000 goal. fox 29 back on the golf course as the world's best get ready to play for the us open championship right who are on fox 29 howard eskin and i took on good day's jenn fred and chris murphy. last night we showed you the front nine at commonwealth national golf club in horsham. sean bell takes us along for the back nine to see if the good day team can redeem themselves. ♪ on the back nine the morning team finally starts to look like they played this game before. >> there you go murphy. >> chris finding his swing and jenn hitting it deep.
3:47 am
>> good swing. >> ask howard how he fools about that shot. >> just remember a broken clock is right twice a day. (laughter). >> remember that. >> this broken clock was right at least twice. she took a short cut. oh, look at that. >> jenn fred stepping up her short game, too. >> yes! >> boom. >> we tied one. >> we tied. >> never seen anybody cheer for a tie. yeah. they tied a game. i know what you're thinking but this isn't caddy shack. no center reel la stories. >> we sent a beaver out there running across i took a nice pelt on my approach. >> back to reality. >> couldn't get the ball in the air and chris found hisself in the golf trap. >> what's the fourth or fifth ball in the water? >> it got so bad jenn became a
3:48 am
trader begging to jump ship. >> tell howard that he needs to play with chris i get to play with iain. >> are you ditching chris already. >> i'm not ditching chris. i'm joining iain. >> say it again. where is my ball? >> i haven't seen it. kick right. come on. >> aim at the flag. see all these people here. that's not going to get there. no that's no good. >> it looks like it's about 10 feet from the flag. >> i used to work at a golf course. i'm really good at golf. >> that's no good. that's not going get there. >> i hate when that happens. >> and he continued. jenn and chris couldn't shake the morey len less heckling. >> johnny wait a minute that's not in yet. hold it. >> there's little meat on that ball.
3:49 am
johnny, i told you not to three jack. >> they have destroyed what golf is all about. the amateurs. >> i thought for sure that would be the one. >> you know what this is? this is how not to play game of golf. >> you know what, it's this camera. i get camera shy. ♪ >> howard explained this matchup the only way he knows how. >> you know what this is, it's a joke. it's a joke. that's what it is. >> keep score go with howard, go with iain go with matt and the hat is just annoying. >> i'd trade the hat for a hamburger i'm starving. >> this one was over before it even started. howard sinks the birdie. i beat you one hasn'ted. what else do you want me to do. >> who gets the trophy? it's pretty obvious. >> i believe in always being kind to my elders. >> right. >> i want month to make sure that the elders 10:00 p.m. -- >> is your grandmother here?
3:50 am
>> okay. listen it's a trophy. it's actually -- >> i noticed this. >> cheerleading trophy. >> nice skirt. >> none you are very pro like. >> i don't know -- (laughter). >> thankfully how war has been a member there for long time. >> you're not going to get kicked out right howard? >> i don't know if we'll be allowed back. >> i expect a letter shortly. >> might get a letter. >> letting those two people on the golf course. that is a joke. >> maybe they thought the higher the score the better in this one. was that it. >> they wouldn't then. (laughter). >> and they wouldn't easeily by 30 strokes. how do you turn 100 twice? all right. you can watch the open here -- is that beginning tomorrow. >> tomorrow, yeah. >> a lot better golf. >> eagles have players working in new positions. hear from one of the new eagles at a new position along with the phillies general manager talking about his manager's future and the phillies streak just won't
3:51 am
stop. every night it's a lot of the same. see what they did tonight to keep that losin
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
♪ phillies they're still on roll. a bad role. they have now lost nine straight. 19 out of 22. that's pretty hard to do. before the game the general manager ruben amaro said the manager ryan sand interring here for the rest of the season despite the outcry on social media. and more orioles fans here in the ballpark than phillies fans to the ballpark. they're playing here in philadelphia. all right. a first inning this is the third batter tonight. last night it was the first batter that had the homerun for the orioles. one to nothing. bottom of the first phillies score on a wild pitch. two out twos strikes utley scores from first base they tie it up. phillies down five-one in the fourth. phillies are horrible with men on third and nobody out. second and third nobody out. so what happens? dom brown strikes outlooking. cameron rough strikes out swinging. cody is a she good night g by. they don't score. it will come back to hurt them. five-one phillies still down and in the fifth inning that's
3:55 am
travis schneider that ball is so far out of the ballpark almost in baltimore. six-one the phillies are down. but they make the come back. they have a little fight. too little. galvis with a three run homer those runners they left on base meant something now six-four. ninth inning first and third one out. jeff francoeur with the trouble day. baltimore wins it six-four. >> eagles have one more practice in this mini camp before six weeks off. then the actual camp which begins on august 2nd. the eagles are trying to find the fits for players at certain positions. one position the eagles are trying to find someone for is at safety alongside malcolm jenkins jenkins. at this camp the eagles think they have may have that found. they signed free agent walter thurman as a cornerback. coaches seem to think he fits so does walter thurman. >> it's the same roll i had when i was make nickel. you're in the box.
3:56 am
you have to make those tackles. you have to -- everything is a little bit more shorter. you're not really covering the corners as much but i mean i feel comfortable at the position position. >> walt fits inform he'll real smart, um, picks things up very quickly and i think he's really done a really nice job at the safety spot. >> we are going to starve once eagles don't have camp. >> do we have to watch the phillies? i hate to be so blunt. >> yeah. >> that is the worst baseball team i've seen in 30 years here in philadelphia. >> wow. >> and they got nothing. i'm done. >> it's yours. >> all right. tmz is up next. >> back here at 4am for your fox 29 morning news. "good day philadelphia". >> sue serio and bob kelly got your weather and traffic covered
3:57 am
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3:59 am
4:00 am
a pastor, and eight others dead what police believe to be hate crime at charleston church. the shooter on the run right now. more details in this developing store. >> i plus, new surveillance video this morning shows man and woman arguing with he punches her then slashes her arm. now septa police are searching for this guy. >> already wet outside. grab your umbrellas, how long will the rain stick around before the heat cranks up? sue has your soggy forecast. >> good day it is thursday, june 18th, 2015. i have all sorts of problems this morning. >> really? let's start with two. >> my hair. >> your hair is perfect. >> you are sweet. >> it is on sleek. >> my eyes are burning and i can't determine if it is allergies or lack of sleep. >> or just plane hot ness.


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