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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  June 18, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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a pastor, and eight others dead what police believe to be hate crime at charleston church. the shooter on the run right now. more details in this developing store. >> i plus, new surveillance video this morning shows man and woman arguing with he punches her then slashes her arm. now septa police are searching for this guy. >> already wet outside. grab your umbrellas, how long will the rain stick around before the heat cranks up? sue has your soggy forecast. >> good day it is thursday, june 18th, 2015. i have all sorts of problems this morning. >> really? let's start with two. >> my hair. >> your hair is perfect. >> you are sweet. >> it is on sleek. >> my eyes are burning and i can't determine if it is allergies or lack of sleep. >> or just plane hot ness.
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>> they hurt. >> sue serio, she's complaining with a face like this. >> ninety-nine problems. >> we got two hours to get through the next 97. >> and the weather is one. we've got ultimate doppler showing what's going on here. we've got rain, got to go pretty far south to find any thunder and lightning both seeing the steady heavy soak being rain. don't need to water your planter today. pretty steady rain. where you see the dark green around philadelphia, delaware county haverford trediffryn, up there they have some rain. over to chester county, looks like very heavy rain, around london grove east nottingham, down in delaware, watching the dover area, because of the fire fly music festival. and the folks camping it is not a pleasant situation there because they are on and off showers there. very heavy rain, looks like it is moving into stone harbor right now wildwood, right down the road, avalon of
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course nearby, ocean city, atlantic city getting rain as well as cape may. so pretty much everywhere this morning. if you haven't gotten rain yet, you will be. 68 degrees the current temperature, humidity back up there, so another bad hair day, 87% 5:32, your sunrise time only 5-mile an hour winds, so the rain will definitely slow you down today. and you could have some visibility issues again as well after a clear and beautiful day yesterday. it was a wonderful wednesday, high of 86 degrees. today, we only expect a six out of ten because of the rain that's around, and high of 77, tonight's low around 67 as the showers taper off. we'll talk about the weekend coming up in the seven day forecast, so bob kill, still doing some construction out there in the streets? >> construction everywhere. you are right it, will take little long they are morning. i lost ten minutes i didn't do anything different this morning, i didn't talk to anybody at my coffee spot. >> really?
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>> okay? i didn't hit the snooze button just slower than normal speeds this morning. so that same scenario you're going to find when you step out the front door, wet roads and construction as sue mentioned, live look at the vine street expressway, where they are working in both directions the westbound lanes are open, however the eastbound side is closed between the schuylkill and broad street this morning. here is a live look curbside at the 42 freeway where you got the steady rain, heavy at times the ponding on the roadway of corks just got my car washed yesterday so naturally it will rain. but working your way in toward the city the wipe remembers in full force here, this morning coming in toward philadelphia. the next camera shows the blue route 476 open but you will find the spray coming up off the cars. you have the five fly music fed val today through sin day campers went in yesterday. hopefully sue will turn the spigot off through the weaken
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here so we can get some of the acts in without getting wet. going for a fly here, we ride on the pennsylvania turnpike where there is an accident eastbound near the norristown interchange. mass transit at the moment looking good with no delays. back to you. >> thanks so much. bob, there is a developing story right now, nine people dead following the shooting at historic african-american church in charleston, south carolina among the dead the church's pastor state senator clemente pickme. police call g the shooting at emanuel ame church a hate crime. white man in his 20's is the shooter. remains on the loose right now. >> these people were in church. they were in church. they violated the sang at this at this of. that will the ramification also way john what happened tonight. this is just unacceptable, unacceptable. >> the church traces its roots to 1816 when several churches split from charleston's methodist episcopal churches.
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>> back here at home, police investigating a shooting in north philadelphia. >> two women told police they had been shot but when they arrived at the hospital, no serious injuries were found. the bullets may have just grazed them, we say just. scene last night 600 block of type owing a street, bullet holes found in four parked cars 49 shell casings on the ground and a 19 year old taken into custody and semi-automatic weapon recovered. >> police say this man started a conversation with a woman at the margaret orthodox septa station wednesday morning that quickly turned into an argument. suspect became angry punched the 50 year old in the face near the fair line, then sliced her arm with a box cutter. cashiers called police but gone by the time they got there. they want to find him of course before he strikes again. >> the man punched her she does not know that man. has never seen almost before. she defended herself, fought
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back at which point the man drove a razor and cut her. we don't have these casino of things occur on the system. we rarely have an incident of violence. and this is disturbing to us. >> the victim walked to nearby hospital for treatment. the five-inch gash. if you recognize the man in this video of course call police. >> philadelphia police want to find the man who dragged a woman from a bus stop sexually assaulted her early in the morning. >> scary details of the attack have some neighbors of course rethinking how they get to work always an issue when you talk about safety and standing there a the love times without any defenses. >> i know. >> so of course we're going to keep an eye on this for you, as well. jennifer joyce live at police headquarters gathering new information on this developing story, jennifer, what have you learned thus far? i know it is early, only 4:06 in the morning. >> reporter: we know she as you mentioned was waiting for a bus it was 3:00 in the morning yesterday morning.
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and a lot of people in the area say she was likely going to work. so it happened at 3:00 in the morning. according to police, a ma'am approached her with unknown object put it to her head, grabbed her, brought her to back driveway. that's when police say he robbed her of her wallet and sexually assaulted here. people in the area say it is very scary they didn't hear a thing, and now they are pretty worried. >> that's too close that's right in our backyard. that's in the yard. and i heard nothing. we heard nothing in the house. >> it is a tragedy. >> but you know, you have been young consideration at that time in the morning, you got to be so careful. >> at lows bring someone with you until you get the bus. once you get then go home. but by yourself, too dangerous. >> kind of sad. kinds of messed up, you know? people living trying to go to work that time of day sad.
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nobody should have to be that unsafe specially where they live at. >> so people in the area say they didn't hear anything usually no activity at 3:00 in the morning so many for those people on their way to work. police still looking for the man who commit in the assault and robbery described as tall large man in his 20's, 30's, light complexion and slight facial hair. police say he was wearing black sweat apartment, pant black sweatshirt able to recover surveillance video being hoping will provide clues in the brutal sex assault. >> thanks for the update. >> 4:08. another case of evidently mistaken identity. bag put over the head after resident of congress hall amounts on arringer place early monday, forced into a mini-van at gunpoint when his girlfriends came out they took her keys, ransacked the house, then put her into the van, as well.
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let him go after making a phonecall, that quote, they had the wrong guy. >> they may have selected the wrong people, in terms of maybe mistaken identity situation here. >> it is crazy because that could have been me. you know mistaken identity, when they found they had the wrong person, they let him go. >> i would be petrified. >> evidently they got away with a ipad jewelry about 400 bucks. the suspect's vehicle described as either a gray or silver mini-van, anyone with information of course is asked to call police. >> search continues for last of four suspect wanted tore brutal home invasion. tyree eric mantes he will and three others attack and robbed family in marple township monday, all arrested, young us suspect just 24 years old. >> rite aid offering $5,000 reward in connection to camden county robberiment haddonfield police released image of haddon avenue tuesday.
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police say man dressed as a road crew member jumped over a pharmacy counter stole prescription drugs. haddonfield police now comparing notes with other local police departments to see if the man might be connected to other drug store lobbies, an em emmaus well protesters making for bringing outside atlantic city casino last night. block traffic sitting down in the street outside the trump taj mahal. they're upset about the elimination of employee benefits and pension plans. members of the local 54 union staged similar protest last year blocking traffic at the mouth of the atlantic city expressway. billionaire now owns the took, says. he won't reinstate those benefit. >> coming up police release new photos of the escaped prisoners in new york, what they could look like right now. >> and the search for answers investigators reveal a possible cause for that deadly balcony collapse in berkley california.
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♪ ♪ >> i think i know who this is. >> right. tell me in my ear. >> not. >> go ahead. give them the thing. >> ♪ ♪ >> i know now, led zeppelin. >> what albumn? their last albumn.
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lie how are you doing there, bob? >> doing good. talking music because a lot of the eyes on the first state. >> did you see all of the groups playing over the weekends? big business for the folks down there in delaware this weekend, of course talking about the fire fly festival, campers rolled in yesterday the concerts begin today, through sunday, so, we'll see a lot of extra volume, in and out of dover into the speedway area there later on today. hopefully we can get some dry roads, for them to head into the concert and of course some dry concert weather. right now though, work crews have the rain jacket on here. live look, at the vine street expressway westbound open. crews are working however the eastbound side remains closed. coming into philadelphia, that eastbound vine expressway closed between the schuylkill and broad street. everything wet and slow. factor in extra time and little extra wiggle room between you and the bumper in front of you there specially through the work zone, tough to see those lane markers as
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you roll through 95, 202 even the northeast extention, here is a example that far spray. coming up off the cars and trucks here, live look at the 42 freeway headed in toward philadelphia. we do have accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, it is eastbound, right near the norristown interchange. so be aware of that. the crews on the turnpike pick it up and they headed home early, if you are watching us down the shore, i know sue said we were getting heavy rain along the shore roads here she is standing by, come up with an update on. that will so the parkway the expressway, route nine, the back roads watch for some ponding out there as well. and i know the drains are clogged, we see it every time we get a storm recently where we get the heavy downpours and the rain can't make it into the drainage great fast enough. and then of course we get some flooding. ninety-five, work crews out here near girard, then also up near cottman avenue. but again did some lane restrictions working your way northbound up toward cottman avenue. all of the bridges looking fine at the moment.
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mass transit looking good. no delays there. i know they made some changes at that septa 69th street terminal. but will this rain be with us for most of the morning rush hour? >> looks like we are going to get a little sloppy of a start this morning because we have decent amount of rain in the forecast you can see it casino of all along the coast, just all associated with a warmfront that's going to warm us back up again after a little break from that humidity yesterday. so ultimate doppler shows west goshen getting some heavy rain at this point london grove, around the wilmington, delaware area, and to the north of that, along the border between delaware, and pennsylvania, delaware county. we have heavy rain, in philadelphia pretty steady outside our window this morning, we go down the atlantic city expressway, a foremen seaned shore months, avalon getting heavy downpour at the moment, but rain all along the jersey shore all of cape may county and cumberland county for that matter, as
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well that's where the rain is still watching the tropics, still watching what's still a tropical depression. it is bill. it is now northern texas. it is north-northwest of dallas right now, still classified as tropical depression with the 30-mile per hour winds, so we are dealing with wind, very heavy rain from this storm. look at the path of the storm. making a bee line for philadelphia, by the end of the weekend which could have effect on your farther day plans. raining about everywhere, 59 in mount pocono, 68 in dover, 67 in wilmington, atlantic city. winds are changing direction. they are now coming out of the southeast, so little stickier out there. even when it is not raining we have 14-mile per hour winds in wilmington delaware. so we have had our share of 90's over the past seven days, but yesterday was pretty comfortable 86 degrees, with decent amount of sunshine, and your foxcast has high of 77 degrees today with some
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rain, and maybe thunderstorm popping up later on in the day. 67 degrees, the showers taper off tonight. we'll have that weekend forecast for you coming up in just a little bit guys. >> thanks so much, sue. >> 4:18 is the time. balcony collapse that kipped six student in berkley california appears to have been caused by rotted wood bees. says investigators think the wood wasn't caulked and sealed properly and was damaged by moisture over time. most of the victims were irish, and their relatives are now arriving in the u.s. >> this morning, we have new pictures whatever those escaped prisoners in up-state new york could look like now. >> so the images are enhanced showing both richard matt and david sweat with longer hair, and less body weight. authorities are now casting a wider net in the search meanwhile the district attorney now confirms joyce mitchell has admitted to murder for hire plot to kill her husband. the prison worker faces charges of helping the killers escape.
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>> second college student sent under arrest in connection to terror plot in new york. being held without bail on attempted murder charges. he is accused of trying to killing an f.b.i. agent. investigators say he pledged allegiance to isis, another college student had been arrested on monday. >> the misery continues, the phillies lose again. have you given up hope? we'll head to the ballpark for some answers next.
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles have one more day every mini camp. that's today. then off for training camp which starts august 2nd. new players to play new roles. one of those free agent walter thurman signed as cornerback, but has played mostly safety in the mini camps. >> the same road that i had when i was playing you know, same thing you're in the box you have to make those tackles, everything is a little more short not really covering the shortage, not comfortable with what position. >> oh, those phillies. they just keep on t won't stop. to the ballpark second and third, nobody out they are down five-one in the fourth inning. all right just put the ball in play. don brown strikes out looking camera, strikes out swinging. codey strikeout looking. didn't even put the ball in blame. six-four, in the ninth. one out. jeff the phillies lose six-four lost nine straight, 19 out of 22.
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>> us open starts tonight on fox. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> well, good thing you and i went to opening day together. >> yes. >> so much hope, right? >> the only game we'll to. >> yes, like nine straight now. getting hard to watch flight. >> it is. fox's bruce gordon was at the ballpark last night to see if nip of the fans out there still have any hope. >> it may have been an illusion, yes, baltimore's an easy drive but it sure seemed like there were more orioles fans than philly fateful at the turnstiles, either they came to rub or noses in tuesday's night's 19 to three pacing in camden yard, either way the robotic trash can with the phils cap was a met a for for the season so far. >> feeling of hopelessness right now with the theme. it is easy to throw on the orange rather than throw on the red. >> long time phillies fans have seen their share of bad baseball but this last place team on its way to 100 losses, just four years removed from a
4:24 am
hundred win cam shane. >> more than 06 years you've been coming to phillies games. how bad is this? >> this is probably the worse that i've seen really. >> i don't even know if these guys are trying. what is boa and sandberg doing? >> as recently as 2012, phils attendant averaged 44,000 a game. this days, struggle to reach half that, even with lots of out of towners. those who do come seem embarrased this tight took all of three batters for the orioles to take the lead. >> not feeling the pain. it hurt. it hurts. specially after you know, the run we had. >> what we had is no more. ryan howard, chase utley were the heroes of 08. now, a run on wild pitch qualifies as an offensive explosion. >> it is a shame what they've come to. and that probably time to move on. >> story speaks volumes.
4:25 am
hear what their daughter claudia though grew up in suburban philly now lives in l.a. gets her phillies updates from her dad. >> what's your dad tell you? >> worried about camp for the eagles. always next year. >> labron lost, basketball over. phillies are whatever. look forward to football season. >> here is the thing. do you have sends a message to the fans there. has been no big trade season's obviously gone, it is over so david montgomery bill giles, they basically have to do something with the front office to send a message to the fans hey we care. we're still here. >> that something has to be probably the general manager or the manager have to go, right? >> something has to happen. >> something. >> all right 4:25, the time. coming up: a father risks his life to save his son after a carjacker takes off with the eight year old inside. but the boy wound up saving himself. amazing story to stick around for. >> two young boys putting
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their lives on the line. how many they rescued two other children in their neighborhoods from a fire.
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>> a prayer meeting interrupted with gunfire. >> this morning, nine people dead including the pastor, more on what police are saying a hate crime for the search for the shooter. >> this thursday morning off to pretty soggy start. will the rain stay? what will the heat return? sue serio has the answer. >> woman gets into a,ment at septa station. moments later shoe is he punched and cut. now, septa police are searching of course for her attacker. good day everyone. it is thursday, june 18th 2015. wet thursday at that, lauren dawn johnson. >> i know. and the rain always means allergies for me. i don't know y most times it washes things away but kind of stirs it up for me. >> maybe you have a mold allergy. >> maybe. >> but you're no doctor, sue serio. >> i don't even play one on tv. i know, i don't know anything about anything, but -- >> she is a mom. >> that's right, doctor mom is one commercial said a long time ago. well we have ultimate doppler radar to show you such different picture than yesterday when it was so beautiful for most of the day. we have got some rain around the philadelphia area, right
4:30 am
now. we zoom in, show you what we got. we've got some rain, that's pretty steady, in the city, little heavier out to our west in chester county, and in parts of delaware county. and even out toward lancaster county. it is easing up little bit out there. we are of course keeping our eye on the dover area. because of fire fly that amazing music festival that starts today goes through sunday. and they are off to soggy start there. the poor campers with hopefully they have all of their rain gear with them. stone harbor, light rain right now, ocean city, it is very light, cape may, we see some steady rain at the moment. and it is very wet here in the city 67 degrees. 90% relative humidity, and on one of the longest days of the year we start as 5:32 with our sunrise time. and sun doesn't set until after 8:30. wonderful wednesday it was with the high of 86 degrees, it was nice to get a break from the humidity, have those breezes out there well weather by the numbers today will give us six because of
4:31 am
the soggy start. and we expect high of only 77 degrees today that's actually below the average of 83. pop up thunder store not out of the question for later on in the day 67 degrees as the showers taper off overnight. so we give you the forecast for tomorrow. plus the whole weekend including what could be a very soggy father day. thanks to former tropical storm, bill. from bill to bob high bob. >> how about umbrella for fathers day? >> there is an idea. >> i don't need one but i'm okay. 4:30 just passing that along. live look at the vine street expressway downtown, we're open for business, all of the crews have pick up and gone. westbound heading away from the camera, over to 30th street, eastbound, coming in so we're good to go. the guys were troopers out there last night. they have working against a time line here, so rain sometimes doesn't stop them. live look at the spray that's coming off the cars and trucks here an example of what's ahead of us here this morning
4:32 am
wipers in full working order this morning. just one of those yucky starts. here is a live look at 422 what a mess this was last night. folks heading home, there was a sinkhole that developed on 422, out near collegeville. over an hour delay last night heading home, from king of prussia out to collegeville. good news is that repairs have been made, and we are in good shape for the morning rush hour. however eastbound on the pa turnpike accident right near the norristown interchange. so, look out there. and again expect weather delays at philadelphia international airport. nothing right now. but when we have the rain like we did this morning i'm going to bet awe jelly donut that we will have delays eventually start to pop here at the airport. expect slower than normal speeds and that of course will translate into taking it a little longer for to you get there this morning. so do factor in some extra time we will run down mass transit and the bridges next time around. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you so much. developing right now, at least nine people are dead, following a shoot-out at
4:33 am
historic african-american church in charleston south carolina. >> among the dead the church's pastor state senator and police calling the shooting at emanuel ame church a hate crime. they say white man in his 20's is the shooter gunman opened fire while church members were at bible study. the shooter remains on the loose right now the fbi now aiding in the investigation. >> back here at home, teenager in custody following shooting in north philadelphia. >> so, two women told police they had been shot. >> but when they arrived at the hospital, no serious injuries were found. bullets may have just grazed them there is was the scene after 10:00 last night 600 block of west yoga street. bullet holes found in four parked cars, 49 shell casings were counted on the gown, semiautomatic weapon was taken in as evidence. philadelphia police want to find man who dragged a woman from a bus stop and then sexually assaulted her early in the morning. >> scary details of this attack of course have neighbors rethinking how they get to work. jennifer joyce now live at police headquarters with more
4:34 am
on this, jen? >> good morning it happened yesterday around 3:00 in the morning. as a 22 year old woman was waiting for a bus and her neighbors do believe that she was on her way to work. it happened in southwest philadelphia, in the area of 65th and dick street. and the woman told police that a man that she did not know, a stranger, came up to her with a unknown object forced her into a driveway, grabbed her as ousted her and also stole her wallet. now, people in the area say they didn't hear anything, it is scar toy think all of this happened right outside of their homes while they were sleeping. >> got to look around your suggestion, be aware of what's going on at all times at all times. you know, i have children, grandchildren, i have five grandchildren, you know that's crazy. >> i don't come up at night not really not unless i am driving. even for me and i am a man. too dangerous. >> from what i understand the young lady lives around here.
4:35 am
can't feel safe in your own neighborhood, you know casino of messed up. >> police are still looking for the man who committed this crime. they believe that he's in his 20's 30's, with a light complexion and light facial hair. also wearing black sweatshirt and black sweat pants. police are going through surveillance video now hoping that that provides some additional clues, and if you have any information, you are urged to call the special victims unit. chris, lauren? >> as always, jennifer, thank you. >> police say this man started a conversation with a woman at a september station wednesday morning quickly turned into argument. suspect became angry punched the 50 year old in the face, near the fair line and sliced her arm with a box cutter. cashiers called police, but he waist gone by the time they arrived. they want him found before he strikes again. >> the man punched her she does not know that man. has never seen him before. she defended herself fought back at which point the man drove a razor and cut her. we don't have these casino of things occur on the system.
4:36 am
we rarely have an incident of violence. this is disturbing to us. >> walked to treatment for 5-inch gash. if you recognize the man in the video you are asked to call police. >> 4:36. >> some lawmakers wore at this will hurt americans. we'll tell you why. >> and popular wireless carrier hit with a huge fine. the new accusations against at&t this morning.
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>> at&t hit one w a $100 million fine. customers going into unlimited plan and then slowed the internet plans down after they reached a certain amount. it will affect the charges. if the company can provide evidence the fcc allegations are wrong, the fine could be reduced. otherwise, if at&t refuses to pay, it is possible, the two sides will ends up in court. >> unlimited minutes? some fast. some really slow. >> oh that's terrible. i have that unlimited data plan. >> it goes so well until you get to a certain point. and then it takes 18 minutes just to get through. 4:39 the time. house scheduled to vote today on bill that would help president obama negotiate trade deals with pacific nations. now the bill is a top priority for the president who says it will help the united
4:40 am
states' economy. >> as fox's jacky inch and owes reports somehow democrat worry it will harm american workers. >> president obama's trade agenda which appeared all but dead last week, is once again showing signs of life. this after the president and top republicans joined forces wednesday, to rescue the stalled plan. >> i think we're just trying to make sure we are talking to un one another everyone has the latest information circulating through the building, and then based on information decide whether or not it is a good idea to move forward, in one form or another. >> the house is scheduled to vote thursday on bill, that would give president obama fast track authority to approve new trade deal, with pacific nations. now, law makers have criticized the bill in the past claiming it would hurt american workers but in return, for passing the legislation, gop leaders say they will pass a separate bill known as taa. which provides aid to affected employees. >> we need it.
4:41 am
aa. get them back into the economy again, so not just these trade agreement, that are causing this displacement. that's why hopefully we will get the support we need to get it. aa. >> the movement in congress comes just days after house democrats led by minority leader nancy pelosi derailed the trade deal. but the white house says the president has no hard feelings for those who voted against him. >> the strength of their personal professional relationship more than enough to with stand difference over one particular policy issue even one that's as important as this one. >> if the trade bill passes the house on thursday it, will then head to the senate, which is expected to approve it. jacky ibanez, fox news. 44:00; still to come, farther and son carjacked at a gas station how some quick thinking saved both of their lives. >> later kangaroos don't count. why city's fight to ban them as service animals has left one woman pretty frustrated.
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>> ♪ ♪ you know what i love about you? >> what? >> no matter what song it is, you have the same exact dance. and it always starts with -- it always starts with the head turn to both sides as if you're crossing the street.
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(laughing). >> and then it goes from there. no matter what song. >> ya, feels better just to do stevie. >> it looks better for you too. >> get outta here. >> you know, lauren chris people say to me how can you get up so early. well this is what makes it worth it. there is the entertainment. there is a floor show in the studio every day. and it name is chris murphy. thank you you make us -- >> thanks for laughing with me, and at me. >> oh, so much fun. all right we've got a look at ultimate doppler radar and it is green and in some cases yellow. now the yellow means heavier downpours and they're happening in delaware county, around west goshen in chester county, here in philadelphia, seeing that steady rain we just showed you cherry hill where i was for a sing along with some real cute kids.
4:46 am
we'll tell but that later on. but they're getting rain, too and we jump to fire fly dover delaware campers getting rained on this morning. hope the tents are really, really waterproof. tropical depression bill, still around. for texas 50 miles from dallas. another update on that pretty soon. but 30-mile per hour winds big deal about it is the rain. that will rain will car at this self all the way across upper midwest through illinois indianna bee line for philadelphia, and that will be for father day. so i think you might ends up raining on us, on fathers day in fact, looking pretty sure. under marginal risk of severe thunderstorms today to the south, and the southwest of us a larger risk of severe weather, and the future that is shows more rain lasting through the rest of the morning rush hour it is on and off. but when it is on it, could be really on, with some heavy downpours, just like we're experiencing right now. get little break in the action, in the middle of the
4:47 am
day, we see few isolated storms pop up slight risk of severe thunderstorms later in the day through 6:00, 7:00, once again, if you have a game tonight keep eye on the sky. you may miss the thunderstorms this evening but some lust get some. they could be pretty strong. so when we get into friday, things look a lot better at least it is dry but it will be more humid because this is a warmfront coming through right now. so it is letting in the warmer and more humid airment mix every sunday, clouds for friday. really doesn't look that bad. it is late in the day on saturday, and on sunday, when we have a look at what could be a very wet situation so looking at the past seven days 86 degrees yesterday. and we're going to take a look next time at that seven day forecast, but it does have some rain for father day on sunday so, the ultimate doppler radar tells the tail, started out with the intermittent wipers think i could get away with that. but it didn't last for long.
4:48 am
>> no, no, no. >> of course if you have one of those wipers just kinds of flapping in the wing there you know you have to get a new set of wiper blades. good morning, everybody. got the wipers working on the jam cams. life ac at i95 careful if the constructions zones here at galley. first every all the lanes become narrow once you work into the zone. it is tough to make out the line markers here. that is the traffic pattern shuffles, a mess. girard cottman up and down here on i95. live look at the 30 bypass, good morning to downingtown as you roll out of downingtown, headed in toward king of prussia again. roads are wet so factor in that extra time, this morning. accidents, one northbound lanes of 295 right near the black horse pike. that's all part of that, again, bellmawr construction zone there. there is also a crash eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike right near the norristown interchange. so accidents on two of the
4:49 am
major roadways, so far this morning. sue talk about fire fly of course hopefully the wet letter cooperate. nonetheless, the acts will go on. we will see a lot of volume up and down route one and 13, especially today today the first day the big push. if you are headed to the delaware beaches this weekend, heading down toward rehoboth or dewey you have to put up with that, have that crunch time there that crunch of volume as you roll through the speedway. speedometer readings will be affected and the travel times will go up today. 422 we had the speed bump yesterday, or the road buckle, i should say that developed. that's been repaired, 422 and 202, again slower than normal all around the board this morning and just blame it on the rain. chris, lauren, back to you. >> ♪ ♪ blame it on the rain ♪ >> look west, look right. >> look at these two kids from florida, not just best friends, these kids were heroes. playing video games. they saw smoke coming from a neighbors how. they ran outside to get help. as the homeowner tried to gather enough water to get
4:50 am
the fire out himself the boys ran and then tried to save the children. they admit they were pretty scared. >> it was dark, like all could you see was black and orange and green everywhere. it was kind of scary doing. that will so i was scared. i went in there but then i got the house. >> i grabbed the infant, and he grabbed the one and a half year old isiah did you see any fire? >> ya, it was really close to the baby like because it started by the couch. >> that's great. they even called 911 when firefighters got there they pulled two more kids from that burning home. the parent of the children, they can't thank these two enough. their own parents say they are trying to come up with a special surprise to reward them. you know, we get a lot of like cell phone video we run here on the the news. would it be the greatest cell phone video of all time if someone were there to watch those two kids bring the infant and the one and a half year old out of the home? greatest video you would ever
4:51 am
see. so cool. a father and son are safe after carjacking at a georgia gas station thanks to quick thinking from the bo of them. >> fox explains how many the eight year old boy got away. >> malcolm's fractured elbow painful reminder what it took to save his eight year old son ray sean. >> i didn't care how did i turkey didn't have to break my hands, lose my elbow to get to it. >> after pulling into this gas station sunday morning, carjacker jumped through the open window with raysean still sitting in the back seat. >> i was thinking who is he? what is he doing? >> surveillance video shows malcolm grabbing on to the car, as it tries to speed away. he says his only goal was to rescue his son. >> i hit the window probably about six eight times. >> malcolm figures he was dragged about 500 feet as the alleged carjacker pick up speed. >> at the moment, i didn't really realize how fast i was going. >> with malcolm still clinging to the car the carjacker
4:52 am
eased off the gas just for a moment giving raysean the split second he needed. >> and once he slowed down, i jumped out. >> like my son really showed some resourceful necessary that i didn't know he had. he is only eight years old. he's never been in a life or death situation. >> malcolm knows his injuries will heal, and ray happens sean knows things could have been so much worse. >> i'm glad my dad's not dead. could have been ran over. >> wow. 4:52. >> coming up, one woman's fight to bring her kangaroo where ever she goes. why people are saying this is just not okay. >> you bring dime with you everywhere. >> sure. about but that's a dog.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> one free meal a week foreign tire year at chick-fil-a, montgomery ville. they think this is all worth it in the rain. >> chick-fil-a is good, though. >> are they still closed on sunday? >> all the time.
4:56 am
will not open on sunday. and, i think, i read somewhere, even though he's closed on sunday he still does much better than all of the other fast-food restaurant, as far as profits go. >> good sandwich. >> waffle fries are my favorite. >> i love fries any fries and shoe string, steak cut waffle you name it. >> go ahead. >> i'm like oh so one wisconsin city he can banding ban on certain service animals, now includes kangaroos, and the move has left at least one resident there really frustrated. >> her name is diana moyer. she says she's had a kangaroo in her house for about eight years now she says jimmy is a therapy animal. thereto take her mind off her battle against cancer. but, her animal problems started in february, when she took the kangaroo to mcdonald's. customers inside were upset and of course they called police. >> showed him my paper that i
4:57 am
had proved that he was my therapy animal. and he said, okay. i don't know what their problem is. taking my rights away from me to be happy and to have jimmy. >> seriously? >> lot of laughs in the studio. okay, so unfortunately the town no longer says jim say service animal, but still giving thumbs-up to dogs. what? dogs and miniature horses but not kangaroos. >> that poor lady. >> that's the thing you know, are you crying? >> just think it is hilarious that laid. >> i you said i take diamond everywhere. >> you do. but tiny little diamond -- >> you don't take them to restaurant, assume err markets, you don't do that. >> paris, france, but evidently people bring their little dogs with them everywhere they go, restaurants and everything. >> we don't do that. >> not here. >> not how we roll. >> all right coming up in the next hour. move over hamilton. we'll explain the big changes coming to the 10-dollar bill.
4:58 am
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>> a person slashed on the platform. steve keeley live with the search for who did this? >> wet roads on


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