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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 18, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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the 18th, i have a question for you. >> okay? >> is it okay to be friends with your ex? someone you were in a very serious relationship? taylor swift seems to be pulling this off, the day, and night after she was in concert here in philly. >> oh? okay. >> her ex was there. but was her current boyfriend? >> at last. >> and actress causing fire storm in hollywood. why now mom so i is demanding that movie studios pay for childcare. >> i say zoe should get anything she want. >> yes, well, you're bias. >> here's chris. >> guys what better way to beat the rain than carlo's bakery. you know this guy from cake boss. hey, man cake boss has come to fill. check it out. common in real quickly here. bridgette? you're the general manager here. >> yes, i am. >> i can't wait to try the
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canoli. we'll talk about father day cakes coming up guys. this is fun. >> what's going on here? chris has been eating non-stop for like the past two days. >> he's pregnant. all right 9:00. are you friend with your ex, ex-husband ex-wife exboyfriend, exgirlfriends? >> we talked about. >> this if there are kids involved then it makes sense and good thing to do. >> well yes. >> but imagine there were no kids involved. okay? so can you or should you befriends with your ex? we'll see what lauren thinks. >> lauren johnson? >> hey. >> now, i've seen a young man walking around with you today from your past, from atlanta. >> yes. >> were you ever in a relationship? >> never, i've known him since fourth grade. >> never mind then. >> that doesn't count. to answer this question, i think it is complicated. so i don't think it is real a yes or know casino of thing i think it depend on a lot of other factors, so no kids, you said al next. >> no kids involved. >> okay. i think it depends on the time were you together i think it
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depend on how you broke up and why you broke up. i think it depends sort of on geography, if you are still in the sit at this matters. for me personally, my most recent ex, not friends w but people from before that i'm friendly with i would say, i don't necessarily they we were friends, like maybe i would see a post on facebook, or they might text every now and then but not necessarily friends. but here's what people are talking about now day after performing in philly berks county babe taylor swift through a baby shower for her friends, actress jamie king, invited her own ex, joe jonas well later she reportedly dined with joe, and his new girlfriends, this is out in l.a. well her rumored new flame calvin harris, no where to be found. >> oh? >> so, ya. >> wait wait wait, wait, wait. okay, so she goes to dinner with joe jonas. >> yes. >> who is dating one of the most beautiful models in the
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world gee gee. >> yes. >> but taylor dating this dj sal vin harris. i hear he showed up for little while you are saying no in. >> no he didn't go there. >> just her and joe. so that i don't know if that's okay. >> here is the thing. i do know that he went to the baby shower, flight. >> yes. >> so then he takes off. so he was in the same room with jolt they probably talked. >> right. >> but he had something to do he didn't go to the dinner. >> right. so you think that's okay? >> i think that's all okay. >> this is the real truth of the matter how off he is you are with the other person, don't you think that mat he is the most? because if you can be honest hey we're still friend, friendly talk or tweet or text or whatever, then i think if you have aunt standing, it is fine. >> yes, plus joe broke up with her years ago probably, seven years ago. >> yep, 2008. >> that's where i think it is key, when it comes to like being friends with your ex. for me time heals all wounds.
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>> one of my ex's, we're still friend, we dated long time ago. so i think the fact you had that space time apart you know you can go back to just the friendship part. >> i agree with lauren though, depend on how you broke up what the circumstances. i am friends with, i would say, friendly, certainly, and friend, with everybody i've ever dated. tamara for eight years. >> do you have to be friendly to be friends or another type every friendly? >> couple of times. >> wondering -- >> , no i don't mean that. like tamara i was with eight years we're friends i vine the her to my daughter's wedding, lorn, a still very good friends. >> yes? >> but that the talia, still friends with her. >> here is the thing though. like i'm still friends with one of my ex's, but the thing is we can hang out or text occasionally like you said, lauren, when it comes to seeing each other with other people, it is so weird. >> i don't want to see that.
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>> anal he can you don't have a new boyfriend because you can still talk, you don't have to explain who someone is. >> true. but i've known him since middle school. we've dated other people. just hey i am dating someone so lets at not talk as much whatever. but we found though we're in the same place say he comes bridges his new girl i bring aguirre, too weird. >> i don't like. >> hard to become friends after that. >> it is tough. >> i started a event and everything was very friendly. let's move on from there. >> probably putting on friend. >> let bygones be bygones. >> oh i know she does. zoe i love her. manny moore from hollywood studios out there, big actress of course. >> but not asking for more pay or even fancy trailer onset.
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>> zoe, new mom of twins matter of fact, boys. told usa today her team her attorney, her april, that's it her teen fought to have childcare include in the her contract. she defends asking for this, by saying, male actors get perks like bodyguards, private jets penthouses, so there is no reason childcare should not be up for negotiation. i agree with her. why not negotiate that in there? >> zoe said actress haves to spend long hours away from fare children when they are working on the set in different locations around the world. >> even sometimes they have night shoots, stuff at 4:00 in the morning yes. so sue? do you think she has point smear. >> absolutely. what i don't understand why she has to defend it. >> right. >> i mean, something to be negotiate in the her contract, if they want to provide it, that's fine. she probably has control though over who provides the
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childcare because i think for a lot of workplaces that provide childcare, it is a great thing, if it is good. >> so if you can pick the person who will take care of your child, it is great. and like you say about any negotiation, if you can get it great. >> well go, for t even if it is like green m and m's whatever. >> she good enough, should be able to get whatever she needs. >> i aglee what everybody else working on the movie? that's what i want to know. >> true. moms and dads. >> maybe it is a liability issue, too you know, too risky or something? i don't know. we will keep on. that will i would say that. >> well we'll let you know if something big happens with it. >> exactly. might be ground breaking at that point. >> do you ever search internet
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for locations but you known you won't take the trip? you never go on the trip. but you plant it out in your head? new survey says they pulled more than 9,000 adult from five different countries found 69% of americans, they research vacations during work hours more than any other nation, bad part, 42% of us never take the vacation so just looking but not going. >> normally ends up being too expensive or something? >> yes, looking at possible trips boosts your happiness more than actually there. i don't get. that will i would rather be there. another funny thing apparently when americans do go away, we often call up sick so you can have the one more day. >> i do that constantly. i factor in a day. >> watch it you're telling on yourself. >> , no i factor in being back 24 hours before i go back to work. >> you schedule it? >> yes. >> we're saying people call out. >> no i would never do that. >> always told me alec if were
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you on vacation, of the first day back you should never call out sick. like one time i came bang from south carolina, so i am you better about to work it, looks bad. it looks so bad. so i drag -- >> drag into work? >> yep. i came into work, i thought the racing. >> made everybody sick and then the whole station shutdown a lot of people turned out for done al trump's campaign announce: loud crowd. >> yes, but being report that some people were paid to be, there mike. >> i don't know that that's so unusual. extra mile casting a casting agency up in new york city, normally casting for movies. they reportedly sent e-mail to clients friday about 50-dollar gig to be in attendance when donald trump announced he's running for president. so would be actors, we're told that have to wear t-shirts and carry signs supporting donald trump. >> you don't have a problem with this seriously?
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>> i say it's been done before. >> they have the people of seat fillers like awards. >> sure. >> but this is politics. >> this is for the next president of the us. people sometimes gave this if the crowd is real loud, my goodness, they must really support donald trump if you are paying for people seriously, avenue issue with that this. >> i bet almost every candidate has done there is the last thing you want to do is throw a rally and nobody shows up. >> true. >> but pawed to show up k we pay people to watch show for better rating? >> oh, i would in a second. >> haven't you been doing it? >> in fact, i am make this promise, if you continue to watch the show. >> how much? >> i'll come to your house. >> , no we are talking about paying. how much would you pay to get people to watch? >> here is the thing he's so rich does he need to
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fundraise? >> , no he said that's -- he says that's why you should vote for him. he said he had $9 billion, which i am not quite sure about that. >> avenue problem with it, but $50, would you do it, show up? if you weren't a journalist -- >> if i needed money crashes way me 50 bucks donald. no i couldn't do it, just couldn't go over there and take it from him. fire fly is underway now down in delawarement becoming one of the biggest concerts, and festivals, in our country look at the line up. >> yep let's take a look at the lynam. kept going and going and gel. forty-eight perform respect are going to be in dover delaware over the next four days. >> already have performers today, but the big one starts tomorrow. >> morrisey, he is tomorrow. look at saturday. kings of leon.
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>> yes kid cut. >> i sing the kings of leon. >> i can't sing. >> ♪ ♪ heart on fire ♪ ♪ >> see i'm champing. >> snoop dog. >> sing something he does. >> what can you sing? >> ♪ ♪ >> why do you always put one eye closed? >> because our director likes it. that's my sammy davis jr. >> but you're in the doing same. >> i ♪ ♪ >> i can't. don't do that to sam. >> i you know mike is doing impression, he closes one eye like. >> this i don't get it. >> i don't either. you know -- >> can you do a popeye? little more fitting? >> popeye? >> (laughing). >> it doesn't make sense for people like -- >> can i say something, they are saying that i'm wearing off on you. which is not a good thing.
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>> who is saying that? >> people on twitter. >> oh,. >> because they know that i wear clothe hag has stained on it. >> no, no, don't call me out. oh my goodness. >> so people are saying is that -- is joe on camera? >> oh no. they are moving in on t oh, my gosh. >> were you frying fish last night? >> oh, my gosh. >> you know? i'm going to get you back. because the other week you came in, and you wouldn't go on with your pants. >> quit looking at my pants. >> he had a huge hole in the back of his pants. and he was league out for work all right alec, see you later and i'm looking like is that the hole in the back of his pants? at least i don't go to work with a gaping hole in my pants. know one can see it. >> listen, i tore it on the stinking chair. >> did you not. you told me -- he walk in here knowing he had a big hole in
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his pant. >> true, what's worst the fact you know you had a hole in your pant or that you didn't care? >> i tore it on the chair. >> ya sure. >> why do we have pizzas in front every us? >> because alex wants to rub it all over her blouse and make more stains. >> it is covered. there. >> i guess i should have opened this in the opposite direction. >> ready? >> just when we thought we couldn't get more bloated in america. pizza hut is putting little weenies in the crust. hotdogs on your pizza? wow. there are 28 mini hotdogs the crust comes with a side of french's mustard. it will be around for a limited time only will cost you $11.99.
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>> so you can get them today starting at lunchtime. >> yep, about 11:00. >> so yes, is it a pretzel dog? >> well basically is. >> one is pretzel one is dough. >> oh, i have the dough one you have the pretzel. my goodness. now can you eat more than one? >> here is the thing how should you eat it as a pizza altogether, or pop off the individual weenies and dip them? >> three wean easies per slice. >> three weenies per slice? >> wonder how they came one that. >> oh my gosh. >> oh i got it on my shirt. >> you know what? i really don't like you right now. >> this will be my bib. >> see what you can do is fold it over fold it over so you can get all of it together. >> that's too much.
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>> oh, my, take a bite. >> oh, i can't. >> i'm so bloated. nothing fits. >> we're been spending too much time together. sue, would you eat it? >> i think it is great for pavement you can pull out a weeny if you want. >> i wouldn't want you taking my weeny. >> that's what party are like at my house. >> the weeny is attached to my slice, i don't want you taking it off. >> all right. >> listen, i have to plug this tonight speaking of parties, there is big garden party at tyler arboretum tonight, it is tyler at twilight. and it is going to be this evening, and i have the forecast for you for no matter what you are doing tyler after read up in media and you know, i live in media. stray shower possible. we will have a tent so it doesn't matter. they have wonderful food from all over the area. amazing after ray of silent auction item, all to benefit the great programs at tyler
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arboretum, tonight six p.m. to ten p.m. showers will taper offment doesn't matter what the weather is, we have a tent, good garden party. do hope to see you tonight not too laid. seven day forecast high of 77 toed. sunshine returns tomorrow. it is with us most of the day saturday. it is a rainy day looks like, sunday unfortunately. for father day. not every minute but will be a loft rain if we get the renmant of the former tropical storm bill. so bill will be with us on sunday. >> so we can blame bill. >> blame it on bill. >> so, pizza hut was started in my hometown of wichita kansas. there is a pennsylvania connection to this new pizza they also give you a big plate of hershey brownies. just when you were not bloated enough. finish it off with gooey brownies. >> what's wrong with america? >> i don't know.
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>> my gosh. so, if you have it, did you get it yet? >> that's candy cane our new producer at 9:00. we have to go to break. but i have a picture oh, okay. >> like i said, we're going to chris. but she has found picture of the hole in my pan. i don't know and i'm very upset with you. >> i'm getting you back. you know, i watch this show all the time, about carl's bakery. >> yes. >> he's nationally known. cake boss, hoboken new jersey. he's moved one of his bakeries to rittenhouse square here in philadelphia. >> oh. i think chris murphy is there. >> do you have a father day cake chris? >> mike, ya mike, real quickly, did you live in hoboken. >> yes, i still have place there. >> ya? no kidding. did you go to carlo's? >> yes. >> you know what just stay in philly. who needs to go to hoboken. we also have bridgette. how are you? >> good. up the newest philly resident,
9:19 am
this is the tenth carlo's bake shop. tell us about this, look you guys don't just do cakes, because your boss is the cake boss, and he's phone for cakes. >> exactly. we have a loft cookies to offer pastries, canoli's. >> oh, canoli's what i got right here. >> how is that? >> oh, in is good. >> lobster tails? >> puffed pastry filled with lobster stale cream with lots of powdered sugar very delicious. >> iced cupcakes, why the flat icing? >> it makes it like a really sweet cupcake but just with less butter cream and fudge to go on top. >> mike jerrick who is our anchor he likes brownies and talking about brown ills. look at these brownies. do you think i could talk you into a brown fry micah? >> i think we could do that. >> isn't she knew how about the cheese cakes? oh my goodness. >> cheese cake, car a miss
9:20 am
ooh, a lot of cake to offer. >> last but not least on the cakes, you have father day cakes out for us. >> fathers day this sunday taking orders. >> how is your dad, good guy? >> great guy. >> do you always get him a tie or something create sniff. >> he is a cop. so he's down with anything for food. >> really? >> i. >> hey can you take us in the back? this will be fun. hey guys. keep it clean. we're coming through. so the coolest thing i notice bad this bakery it is an open concept here. most bakeries, the stuff is made down in the dungeon then they bring it up? >> that's right. >> here not only do you get to come inside and look at how you guys assemble, right here on 21st street you can check it out. >> exactly, open kitchen. we have a side window. >> who is that guy waiving to us? >> how are you doing? good to see you. >> yes, a lot of customers interact with us, they get it watch all of the magic happen. >> would you mind turning around around, show you what you are making? >> lady fingers.
9:21 am
just call them lady fingers for the tour a miss ooh. >> hi philadelphia. >> so tell me how the make this. >> egg, sugar cream and then we like mold it, we have to freeze it to un mold it, then we just -- >> okay, just too much. i can't keep it straight. that's why you're at expert. look at this guy though, you get into your job. you are making a mess, were you like the mess yes sir kid growing up? >> not really but my parent did say. >> what is this. >> our dark chocolate mouse. >> are you kidding me? >> guys, this is awesome. the cake boss store carlo's now opened two and a half weeks ago. good luck fathers day and everything else. come down to 21st and walnut. all right i'll bring you guys back something. >> we would love that. >> so buddy the guy who is the cake boss, has ten bakeries now. i used to walk by the one in
9:22 am
hoboken, could you go in any time of day and maybe two three people in there. and then once he got on tv, lines down the block. now he has ten bakeries. >> now too your pant. beaver this picture now. mike jerrick this is how he comes to work. >> ya. look that the. >> i didn't know it was that bad. >> then to make matters worse when i called him out this is the look he had on his face he's proud of it. not ashamed. look at that. >> i would not have modelled it had i known it was that bad. >> you new it, you didn't feel that air? >> i didn't know it had gotten that big. so big you can see the pocket of my pants. >> look, i got stains, you got holes. >> we're good day philadelphia. should be new promo. >> we're holy but -- >> okay, i want you to meet these kids. okay? two young boys, putting their lyft on the line to save other children from a fire in their neighborhood.
9:23 am
we'll take to you meet them. >> ♪ ♪
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>> will the 26. let's get to these florida kids. >> now being called heroes not just kids. so most kids their age pretends to save lives, play video games. so these kids, they actually did it. >> tell me about them. >> ten and 11 year old saw smoke coming from neighbor's home, ran outside to help. as the homeowner tried to gather enough water to put out the fire himself the boys ran inside the home and then came back out caring two young children to safety. now they admit they were little scared at first. >> dark, could you see black and orange flames everywhere, and i was kind of scared of doing. that will i was scared. i went in there but i goutily my fears. >> i grabbed the infant and isiah grabbed the one and a half year old. >> isiah, did you see any
9:27 am
fire? >> yes, it was really clogs to the baby. like just by the couch. >> how about this? even called 911 when the firefighters responded they pulled two more children from the home. the parent of the children could not thank these kids enough. their own parent say they are trying to come up with a way to reward them. cool cool store. >> i that is so great watch grade kids. >> all right, it is thursday, we call it here on fox fursday. is this one cute dog? hey look over here. in the 19 years of doing this show no dog -- >> oh, there you go. >> oh, no dog has ever look into the camera. normally the back side. but this dog is cooperating. that will dog adopt recall? oh yes up for adoption. >> take him home. >> you might get a tv with him.
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and, it is fox fursday this one will be so much fun it is an event happening this saturday and it is a local charity, 100 singers strong is the charity and it is called show time, and it is a performers and what happens is well, you know what debbie knight is here from show time and tell us what you do. you take a different benefit every year and put on a show. >> show time charities is a non-profit, and we do musical shows. we have done shows for the linda creed breast cancer organization, shriner's hospital for children, we will do one for veterans this year as well. everybody keeps asking why not do something for fur babies. >> animals yes okay. >> as if on cue we will meet that animal in just a moment but lets get details out there to make our plans.
9:32 am
it is this saturday. >> this saturday the 20th, starts at 11:00 in the morning until 3:00. >> at katie o'donnell's in the northeast. >> we were there st. patrick's day it is wonderful. >> it is near philadelphia mills mall. >> right across from the brand new wal-mart. >> an example of some of the stuff you will have that. you can maybe get a tv, as one of your auction items. >> we have a schwin bicycle we have beautiful jewelry, we have so many gifts that we're donated and we have a chance to win any of those. >> all kind of fun stuff do for the kid to do. >> yes a moon bounce, the fire department is bringing an engine okay. so jewels williams from the sheriff's department, is sending a k-9 unit. we have i a magician yes. >> so lets go over here, debbie. we want to meet the animals some have of whom have made themselves at home here. first rescue and you have how many rescues and shelters coming. >> rescue shelter we have
9:33 am
approximately 18. >> you guys are from brookline. >> yes. >> who do we have here. >> this is honey pie. >> honey pie good beautiful dog. >> yes. >> okay. >> beautiful, and how old do you think she is. >> eight and a half. >> yes. >> and who is this. >> this is hank, you have to will over there, hank, we want to see the front have of you, hank what kind of doggies hank. >> he is a two and a half user old yellow lab both a railable for adoption, and will be there on saturday, at katie o'donnell a's. >> he will there been from 11:00 to 2:00. >> if you want this dog better get there early i think there will be a line. >> thanks, i hope so. >> you will go out stage that way bye sweetheart yes, and here comes kitty cats also veilable for adoption. >> yes yes. >> you guys are from. >> northeast animal rescue good northeast animal rescue. who do we have here.
9:34 am
>> wyatt. >> what a sweetheart, beautiful cat. >> and these cats are three month-old. >> little kittens. >> if you want to have a kitten or two to your family they will be here on saturday too. >> katie o'donnell's. >> yes. >> and there will be more i bet. >> yes. >> spring is kitten season. >> yes. >> you have quite a few. >> hello baby, hello, do you see that face. >> whatever you are in the market for thank you so much i bet you are excited about this on saturday. >> yes good all right. now you may go exit as we enter with the pit bulls and this is from bell a reid pit bull rescue who do we have here. >> we call her abby for short. >> look at that face. >> mostly blind due to abuse. she's a pit mix. >> i'm's so sorry. >> she was strangled and hit against a cement wall. >> look at that sweet nature you brought her back to health. >> we have been working with her a lot good who do we have down here.
9:35 am
>> rip tied a five month-old pit mix. >> rip tied. >> he a has really good nature too. >> very calm puppy. loves to snug he will, grit with other dogs, kid and pets. >> all these rescues you are doing such important work and you are helping them all. >> i'm just hoping that everybody comes out that day to help these people, special people. >> we're working on really good weather for saturday. katie o'donnell's. >> katie o'donnell's on the 20th saturday from 11 to 3:00. >> rain or shine. >> rain or shine. >> we have also a lot of vendors that will be selling everything from handbags, to jewelry, to make up so it will be just a big fare, just a fun day for the family good we have just given you a small sample what is happening this saturday. for all of the information all you have to do is get to my fox and we have all of the information. is what the event called. >> the fur foley katie
9:36 am
o'donnell's. they are so supportive of all of our charities. >> thank you to show times helping out those rescue, 17 rescues, alex, that is awesome. >> you know what alex, i know, we will be buying ties for our dad this weekend. it is inevitable. we have a solution to the ugly tie problem get your dad a tie that he really wants. i do have the solution.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
i betty can guess what you got your dad for fathers day, um a tie maybe yeah. >> there is a a new way to give that tie just let your dad take it out himself.
9:40 am
>> ties, ties, ties, you know this sunday, a lot of dads will get advertise. here's the thing i hope you get a tie you don't to have lie about when you go i love it when you hate it. i have a solution, and his name is shariff good to see you. >> good to see you. >> shariff the tie guy that is what i'm calling you. is what the concept. if we give your dad a gift certificate, or you give your dad a give ter can i have kate. you can pick out your own tie. >> i will come out and in a more comfortable setting layout a selection for tie to pick his own ties. >> and then, all of this tough work is done, out of the way. >> yes good if i have you here can i talk about trend right now. is the skinny tie back in. >> the skinny tie has made a great come back. >> yes. >> it is back in. you want to be sure you get the right tie because every yes doesn't wear the skinny tie. one thing people can do to make sure they get in the right size tie is actually
9:41 am
about 6 inches. >> and, it has to be 3 inches. >> okay. >> you place it right here. each tie should be about 3 inches slightly over 3 inches. >> okay. >> standard size but you cannot go wrong. >> standard. >> but thin is okay. >> this is a little outing, but, a multi flowered, neck tie or your classic stripe, which is, blue, navy and purple. these are more conservative. >> i saw, is plaid, that looks like a plaid party. >> it is a plaid party over here and i think that, don't be afraid to pick out a plaid tie. plaids in our collection will make any style sue and white shirt and have is own party. >> this is the whole concept i'm talking about. it is impossible to pick out a tie for someone else. let him do it himself and then another thing to think
9:42 am
about this a all of the money is kept in philadelphia it is supporting philadelphia entrepreneur ship good is what the name of the company. >> drake place. >> one last thing i should be wearing a tie. >> yes how about a paisley. >> boom. >> see mike, that was fast. >> i know how to tie one. >> yes. >> much better look, i like that idea bob kelly might want to use that too. okay quincy, so here, ie you are outside what are you doing. >> guys, american helicopter museum this is v22 osprey, the only one on display in the country here in west chester and we will talk about father fest coming up when good day comes right back.
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anything. anywhere. anytime. anyone. spread the delicious taste you know and love. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate spreads.
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yes, the "good day philadelphia" players, back out at it again with another music video, that has its premiere right here on "good day philadelphia" tomorrow morning. i cannot believe you decided to do this again. >> yes yes. >> people in the audience have been begging us never to do it again but we're ignoring you and we are doing it. so tomorrow morning make sure you watch. >> i like this idea for fathers day gift, give him a ride on the helicopter. >> okay. >> interacting to spend time with your dad. >> now you probably can't do it on fathers day because it will be raining but you can get him a gift certificate right.
9:46 am
>> david douglass here at american helicopter museum and everyone is asking me why a helicopter museum david in west chester close to philadelphia. >> yes very interesting story people just don't realize that what happened was franklin institute decided to hold a symposium in 1938, to bring air nautical engineers around the country together to actually start developing helicopters in this country. they had not been flying before that. a as a result of that symposium a number of philadelphia people started to go off in philadelphia building helicopter, and they became early pioneers here in philadelphia building their helicopters. >> another thing that you were telling me about which was very interesting you were telling me, you guys come out to schools. >> yes. >> and we ago a you'll i have a helicopter called stubby that we trailer out to the schools and we teach kid on site how helicopters function right there if the school, they don't have to come to the
9:47 am
museum. >> so any you know school can reach out to the museum here and you guys will come out. >> we will go out there or they can bring the kid in here and actually see the helicopters. we do it both ways. >> your collaboration with the girl scouts can you tell us about that. >> we recently got involved with women and aerospace technology, so we decided to partner with the girl scouts to encourage young girls to come into the field and learn about all helicopters and all of the opportunities that are a available in this particular field. >> okay. were you telling me your father actually, created the patent for one of these helicopter. >> my father actually was designer, of the very large arm a i transport call the that nook as well as navy c-night and those flew around 1958 and they have been both extremely successful helicopters, and been here ever since. >> this helicopter right here, this helicopter is a large one
9:48 am
that actually is now built by boeing. >> i will go check this out. now, walter, this is a pretty cool helicopter. >> built by boeing right here in philadelphia and uniquely in this museum we have many helicopters that kid can get on and walk around in and that is really the big attraction i think. >> welshing you know what on sunday fathers day come to fathers fest and check it out and sometime next week i have to get to the helicopter and get in here and tackle it. back to you in the studio good that would be fun. >> um-hmm. >> with a cameras of course. >> that is cool. good gift helicopter ride for your dad. i have a perfect gift for your father. >> what? good listen to this, you must get this, your father glenn is coming to the city tonight. >> yes good he lives in texas. >> yes. >> where the the cowboys are i mean real cowboys, in the the football team but real cowboys. >> yes mike.
9:49 am
>> here it is, it is a combination boot and sandal. >> what? >> oh, my goodness. >> hideous. >> it is hideous. >> it is called red neck boot sandal and made by red neck boot sandal company. >> is this a joke. >> no, this is real it only cost you 50 bucks. >> that is because they put it together for you. send them your favorite boots and they will convert them into sandals. maybe if the boots are too worn. >> my goodness? can you imagine if you showed up back in dallas with that on you would be thrown out of the state. >> i would be turning head, that is for sure. >> i'm's sure he would wear it because i gave to it him. >> get it i want to see your dad in those. look at that. >> i don't think my father owns a pair of cowboy boots. >> i have one pair in my closet.
9:50 am
>> do you wear them. >> every now and then like cole hamels and his wife have that diamond and denim thing next week i will be wearing my boots to that, but i ought to show up in these. >> my goodness. >> this can't be real. >> you have to get your feet done. >> my feet are hideous. i have never had a pedicure. >> i bet they do look interesting. >> they are beat and not in a good way. can a dress be a sign of in equality. >> so while this picture we are about to show you now of selena gomez all glammed up is causing an uproar on social media you'll understand mike. >> what is wrong with that dress. >> once you see what the co stars are wearing. >> the rip in the front is probably not good.
9:51 am
9:52 am
what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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9:54 am
hbo made a new movie and they have released a bit of the trailer, it is called confirmation, and the star, one of them, playing anita hill is kerry washington. >> um-hmm. so anita hill is attorney who sued then supreme court nominee clarence thomas for sexual harassment in 1991. kerry served as executive producer on the film. >> she named herself to the role. i think, yeah. >> director doesn't pick, no executive producer only picks. >> the producer has a strong voice in who they hire. it is her film. >> she gets to do what she wants. >> good for her. >> there is a slight resemblance i guess. >> yes. >> of a a neat back from 1991. so say it ain't so, two very attractive oscar winners are parting way.
9:55 am
>> cher lease theron and sean penn they are history. it wasn't that long ago they were planning a wedding and so in love and adopt her son, jackson. just last in she call him the love of her life in an interview but people magazine is reporting it is over, and he has pull his mansion off the mansion. >> he will stay in the mansion. >> they began date nothing 2013. >> yes good they were friend for a while. >> for quite a while. >> a lot of people used to say that is an odd coming up, no locker together. >> yeah. >> let's talk about this dress from selena gomez. explain why this is a problem for people. >> sometimes there are double standard for way women and men look. she's on the red carpet and some of her male co stars proved there is definitely a double standard. she looks great on the red dress for the remere hotel transylvania two but sketch james and adam sandler showed up in t-shirts. >> that is all adam sandler has in his wardrobe, that is
9:56 am
all he wears. >> fans are saying this is a double standard because is there pressure for would hen to look good and get glammed up and dressed to the nine's but men get to roll out of the bed and go. >> as slobsy don't think i have he have seen adam in anything but a t-shirt. same for kevin james. >> maybe they said you can comcast you'll maybe she likes getting dressed up. >> sue can you google something for me. >> your wish is my commandy bet adam sandler is the producer of it. >> he is the boss. >> hotel transylvania too. >> yes. >> it sound like something he would be in. mom of two kate hudson's -- what. >> she's a mom of two kate hudson. >> oh, um-hmm. >> well, while vacation nothing greece, i have always wanted to go to greece. >> my goodness. >> is she wearing anything. >> my goodness. >> it is a nude. >> okay. >> wow. >> coming on up.
9:57 am
>> wow. she's 36, and she's raking with her mom, you know goldie. >> i know goldie. >> and her sons were there rider, he is 11 and bingham three. >> look at them. >> what do you call that muscle on the top there that is a thigh of course. >> what are you talking about. >> i don't know what you are looking at so we will move on. >> her quad, that is it, okay. >> quad accepts. >> well, she's apparently big with exercise. >> i'm sure she is? she has her own athletic line. we have found a better picture of adam sandler as sue gets that information to us. >> wow, look at that. >> not only a t-shirt sweats and kevin shows up with shorts. >> yeah. >> well, she looks good. >> there is that. >> so, tomorrow. >> what is it. >> we're revealing having premiere of our new video. >> call summertime, yes, we
9:58 am
initiated, well, we have a little snip. >> dj jazzy jeff. >> tomorrow. ready to leave sticky sunscreens behind? new neutrogena cooldry sport. micromesh technology lets sweat pass through and evaporate so skin stays comfortable, while clinically proven protection stays on. new cooldry sport.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today the celebrities are shining in a super juicy edition of "hot topics." and donald trump announces he's running for president. plus can you choose to be black? the latest on the rachel dolezal controversy. wendy is breaking it down with all the other big headlines of the week. and another lucky wendy watcher gets another floor to ceiling makeover in a room in june give away. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah!


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