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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  June 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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harassing joggers. >> the woman who shot this video said one of those boys even slapped a woman on the behind. she says, this is just one of many times something like this has actually happened recently. g evening everybody i'm jeff cole. >> i'm dawn timmeney. police have a warning for those young people tonight. fox 29's dave schratwieser live in university city and dave, police want people to take theirs kind of harrah's many very seriously. >> reporter: yes they dork dawn. police and a member of a local runners club who shot that video she tells us as you said this is happened many times. she says, these young teens on bikes are not only harassing but they're also smacking and hitting joggers and she wants it to stop. >> have a great today. >> reporter: gwen wilson and georgia king out for a morning walk friday along kelly drive shock to do hear reports of a group of teenaged boys allegedly sexually harassing women joggers and walkers. >> it's a shame. really a shame. why would someone want to do that? >> i hope they get caught.
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>> reporter: fox 29 viewer sent us a video tape of a group of teens as they drove passed her when she was jogging along the drive. she says they allegedly slapped the woman jogger on her behind. and just kept on going. >> they are very inappropriate with women especially the touching the cat calling just stuff you do not want to see when you're out there trying to do your thing. >> that is humiliating for somebody come up and touch you on your back side. i probably -- i don't even want to say what i might do. >> reporter:doreport philadelphia police have no reports of alleged incidents but they worn teens this type of activity could constitute a crime like indecent assault. >> it may be funny for the kids that are involved but it's certainly not funny to the victims that are involved. >> where are these kids? how they being raised today? moral values of what you need not to do. somebody can really get hurt behind that. >> reporter: none of the women we spoke to had experienced this but they were clearly concerned it could happen to them. >> may not even want to walk again because they're afraid
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something like that is going to happen to them. >> you kind of caught in between what do i do? go forward? do something going to be attacked? is this going to escalate to a higher levels? frightening. >> they could get hurt, too. somebody could hurt them and retaliate and they'll get something they're not looking forward to getting. >> reporter: police say if this happens to you, you should call 911. if they make an arrest they will prosecute. coming up at six why this could have a long life impact on teenager if he gets caught doing something like this. dawn? >> all right. dave, thank you. scary moments foreman working on roof in center steam witnesses say zimmerman roofing employees were going down a ladder in front of a home on fitzwater street near 21st street and that's when one of the roofers came into contact with electrical wire. neighbors say his clothes caught fire and other workers quickly jumped into put out the flames. zimmerman roofing says the man was not seriously hurt but did go to the hospital to get check out. the man charged with killing nine south carolina church members makes his first appearance in court this day.
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in a startling move the judge allowed the emotional victims families to actually address the accused killer 21-year-old dylann roof. listen to the families cry and some even offered him their forgiveness. fox's joel waldman is in charleston tonight. >> reporter: judge sets bon at $1 million for dylann storm roof. but right now he has no chance of getting out of jail. 21-year-old dylann roof making his first appearance in a south carolina court appearing on a video link from jail. >> mr. roof is charged with nine counts of murder and one count of possession of a weapon during the commission of the crime. >> reporter: the million dollar bond comes with an understanding that roof will remain behind bars until his bond hearing on the murder charges. during his brief appearance, some victims family members offered words of forgiveness for roof who remains stoic. >> i want him to know i forgive you. you took something very precious from me. i will never --
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>> prosecutors scarlet wilson says her office will try this case to the fullest extent of the law. >> my mission is to bring justice for this community and especially for the victims in this case. >> outside the courthouse, the naacp called for more racial sensitivity especially from state leaders. >> symbolically we cannot have the confederate flag waving in the state capital. >> while traveling abroad, first lady michelle obama shared her thoughts on this senseless shootings. >> there is something particularly horrifying about something that happened so senseless in a house of worship. >> reporter: while the department of justice investigates this as a hate crime it might also consider it a case of domestic terrorism. roof's next court date october october 23rd n charleston joel waldman fox news. >> in a chilling of turn of events dylann roof is being held in jail cell next to the former
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north charleston police officer who shot and killed a black man was running away from him michael slager has been champed with murder in the death of walter scott. slager's shooting of a fleeing scott following a traffic stop on april 4th was recorded on a bystander's cell phone. police say each man is a lone in his cell it's unlikely they can talk to each other. we'll keep following this story online. just check for the very latest information right on our home page. a pretty nice end to the work week. but trouble ahead in your fox 29 weather authority. here's a live look at jim thorpe from our pocono mountains camera camera. it isn't quiet and hot and humid today and we're dry right now. but rain could threaten our father's day plans. chief meteorologist scott williams with a look ahead. this is not what people want to hear for father's day. scott? it. >> looks like it is going to put a damper on a part of upcoming father's day weekend will it ab complete washout? well, we're watching right now satellite and radar take a look at the remnant moisture from tropical
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depression big. it continues to kind of churn through the midwest the ohio river valley you can see a lot of those rain bands even some tornado warnings right now to watch with this system off to the west. for us, you can see the track over the upcoming weekend we'll watch some of that moisture move in right now it look like the timing of the heaviest rain is going to be saturday night into early sunday morning on father's day but take look at concern. we're talking about a flash flood watch already posted for the entire area. some locations could see up to 4-inches of rainfall so that is a cause for concern. more on the timing of that system as well as what to expect for the entire weekend and the seven day coming up. back to you. >> all right thank you scott. he built comcast from a small cable tv system in mississippi into one of the nation's largest entertainment companies in the world. head quartered right here in philadelphia. and tonight people are mourning the death of raffle roberts. comcast releaseing a statement
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today saying that roberts died last night in philadelphia of natural causes causes. roberts jumped into the cable tv industry when he bought american cable systems then acquired other cable systems changed the name to comcast and ran the company until he was in his 80s. he handed over control to the company to one of his sons brian roberts who is now comcast's chairman and ceo. raffle roberts was 95 years old. >> happening right now crews are back at the site of a massive water main break. millions of gallons of water turned a shopping center parking will into the a murky lake in hunting park. a 120-year-old water main ruptured shortly before 3:00 p.m. yesterday and now the big cleanup begins. fox 29's bruce gordon is live in hunting park. bruce, an all too familiar scene in this city. yeah, a city with an aging crumbling infrastructure. shop rite supermarket behind me is open at this hour at the bakers square shopping center,
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but some 26 hours after the ticking time bomb that lies beneath our feet went several stores are still closed. the hair buzz was open for business friday. but all throughout the store they were cleaning up from a wet and wild thursday. >> you see that water and what goes through your mind? >> um, i'm stuck. i can go nowhere. >> reporter: mid afternoon break of a 48-inch cast iron water main installed back in 1895 flooded the bakers square shopping center with roughly 7 million gallons of water in just two hours. the water department says it will be monday before they can even get to the broken main, 25 feet down and buried under collapsed sidewalk. we need special equipment to wretch down there. >> before you can even begin to try to replace. >> before we can assess what is broken. >> reporter: the water department has money to replace less than 1% of its aging pipe system each year. the result, more than 900 breaks
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a year. roughly three per day. state senator vincent hazy, hot and humid serves this district he says the city, state and federal government must work together to make the fix. i think we've got a marshall to will. we've got to put together the coalition that says this is important. this is significant. our infrastructure in our major cities is falling apart. >> reporter: bakers square is just four years old by all accounts a successful urban shopping center. but it's now cleaning up from its second major water main break in just the past ate 18 months. with half a dozen businesses losing business in the process. says city councilman curtis jones -- >> brand new development based on old bones equals catastrophe. >> reporter: the good news here is that because of the nature of that water pipe, water service was uninterrupted to homes and to businesses. but several of these stores the bakers square shopping center are likely to remain closed into tomorrow. dawn? >> all right, thank you, bruce.
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firefighters searching for clues tonight as to what sparked a fire at a home in east germantown. flames breaking out on the 5600 block of lloyd street just after 1:00 o'clock this morning. firefighters say the place was filled with debris. there were fear that is someone could be trapped inside fortunately that did not turn out to be the case and no one was hurt. two construction workers checking out a pennsylvania bridge get a whole lot more than they bargained for the it came tumbling down. what happened next is even more surprising. and today is his 18th birthday and this local teen's wish is coming true. he's an artist and we've got it before he makes his big debut. >> the storm formally known as tropical storm bill weakening big time but it's still causing major problems in the midwest. how the situation could get worse before it gets better. plus -- i look over and i seen the car and it looked familiar to me and i wondered why now as i look back --ing. >> it didn't take long for this north carolina woman to figure out this car next to her looked
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familiar. she was driving beside the man accused of in the charleston church massacre. what she did next to help police catch him.
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♪ police are hoping that surveillance video will help them track down a convenience store burglar. this footage is from last friday morning inside the carolina market on west lehigh avenue in north philadelphia. police say this guy got in by pushing air-conditioning unit out of the window. he took 10 cartons of cigarettes and $2,000 in cash. if you recognize this crook give
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police a call. pennsylvania's high court rules a man convicted of killing a philadelphia police officer cannot be executeed. it's because of his iq. that up holding a lower court ruling made against edward brace see he killed officer daniel boy back in 1991. he will continue serving a live sentence without the possibility of parole. the 54-year-old based on his iq is considered intellectually disabled. u.s. supreme court barred such executions back in 2000 -- 2002. boil's family and the philadelphia fraternal order of police say they are disappointed by this decision. an investigators are trying to figure out what caused a century old bridge under repair to collapse in northern pennsylvania. the north broad street bridge is about 100 miles northeast of pittsburgh. thee workers were hurt when the bridge cap came crashing down this afternoon. two of them were walking the bridge when it collapsed. >> the ones that sustained
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injuries were the workers the subcontractor that was doing the saw cutting underneath the bridge. the two workers on top of the deck, you know received bumps and bruises as they slid down the deck and into the backhoe. >> one lane was open to traffic but no cars were on the bridge when it collapsed it was built in 1912 and is in the process of being replaced. investigators now wander to know why it fell through on this day. our coverage of the charleston church massacre continues now alleged shooter dylann roof appearing in court for the first time since his arrest today for a hearing. a judge setting bond at $1 million just for the weapons charge that he's facing. fox's joel waldman is live in charleston tonight. joel, what exactly happened in court today? >> reporter: dawn, good afternoon to you. dylann storm roof 21 years old did in fact have his first court appearance today. magistrate charging him with nine counts of murder. but did he not have the
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authority to set a bond or even issue a bond as far as it goes pertaining to the murder charges charges. however there's also a weapons charge so as it relates to the weapons charge the magistrate in this case setting a $1 million bond. but because of the issue with the murder charge is not being able to set bond, the million dollars bond is sort of a moot point. no chance for dylan roof of getting out of jail at least not now on any sort of bond. all done via video link. he's actually being held in north charleston at the detention center watch was quiet interesting is that some of the victim's families were able to speak at that and it was quite emotional. dawn? >> obviously there's whole lot of sorrow and anger across the country tonight. i know there's a growing memorial behind you. give us an idea how people are responding there in charleston. what's on their minds? >> reporter: well, we're obviously here in front of the
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emmanuel ame church where this all transpired wednesday night around 9:00 p.m. so very dramatic spot here in town. charleston is just absolutely beautiful city. you haven't seen any sort of the fracturingfracturing that we saw in baltimore here a lot of unity and people comeing together paying their respects periodically down this street here an calhoun street throngs of people coming by with flowers and notes and messages and they're placing it down right in front of the church over here. obviously you've got a huge media presence here as well. but what's interesting to note i talk about those victims families speaking at this first court appearance. and they were in a courtroom obviously not with roof who's at the detention center but some of these family members really quite amazeingly already offering their forgiveness to the 21-year-old. just sort of showing you sort of emblematic of the human spirit
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right now. >> fox's joel waldman thank you very much. we're going to keep following this story for you online. just check out for the very latest information. it's right there on our home page. in other news a former pennsylvania senator turned presidential hopeful for the second time is trying to dumb up some votes in our area. he did it today. that's rick santorum posing for pictures and photos at the sheraton hotel on north 17th in our beautiful city. he's taking part in the northeast republican leadership conference that kicked off yesterday and runs through saturday. santorum told the crowd he's the candidate for working men and women. one of republicans hoping to win the party's 2016 presidential nomination. he had a dream and this 18-year-old philadelphia student is seeing it actually come to fruition. >> avid photographer he certainly knows way wants and this talented teen is going after it in a big way. >> i like to capture people.
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people change and so like when i take a picture of someone it's not ever going to be the same. >> 18-year-old quill lemons of north philadelphia has a passion for photography. he started taking pictures when he was just boy getting his first camera in eighth grade. >> those first pictures he took, i said, oh, no, he's dead on. i knew he had talent. >> quill's mom jade always encouraging her son to reach for the stars no matter what. pregnant at 14 with him she stayed in school, graduating from masterman and going on to get 2 degrees. she credits her grandma for helping her take care of quill while she pursued her education. >> you don't have to fall victim to your circumstances. and you can always, you work hard, keep going. you never give up. >> reporter: quill knows that mantra all too well. he graduated from the charter high school for architecture and design yesterday. today is his birthday and tomorrow he opens his first art show at james oliver gallery on chestnut street.
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today quill and his family setting up for the big night. gallery own are in james oliver says he knew in the first 10 seconds that quill was special. >> he just came in very confidently, shook my hand. lookinged me right in the eye and said this is what i want to do. i i thought it was great. >> what's his secret to great pictures. >> i feel like you have to figure out your own style of photography and figure out what you want to take pictures of want catches your eye. because that's going to be the most instinctive thing. >> of the thousands and thousands of photographs that he's taken his favorite, this one of his little sister zuri. >> the first i ever seen her in her ballet stuff. i had to take a picture and it came out really nice. >> i seen now it's going to become a life passion. he loves it. it's him. so this is his dream. >> quill starts college at parsons school of design in new york city in the fall where he plans to major in photo
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journalism if you want to check out his art show it's tomorrow night from 6:00 until 10:00 at james oliver gallery at 725 chestnut street in philadelphia and quill says you got to come. she's got great surprises but i have to tell you there are four flights of stairs so be prepared definitely worth it. >> all right. very good. peco by the way is doing its part to help senior citizens beat the heat this summer. first day of summer is just days away and with that in mind peco is making a special donation about 600 of these fans will poo find their way into senior care centers. besides helping seniors stay safe and cool peco employees also are provideing energy-saving tips for the summer. and deflate-gate far from over. now everybody is talking about that infamous ball just wait until you hear how much money it could actually bring in. >> and charleston is not the only church to come under fire this week. the erie coincidence at a another southern church that
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happened at nearly the same time as the massacre in the holy city city. >> a small new jersey farm is making quite a name for itself. not because of what it grows but because of who is growing it. how maggie's farm is changing lives. ♪
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>> first lady michelle obama reflecting on the shooting in south carolina as she visits united states troops in italy. first lady says she's praying for the victims in charleston. she added she's also reflecting on the many mass killings during her husband's time in the white house. >> we seen too many tragedies like this and there is something particularly horrifying about something that happens so senseless in a house of worship. >> the first lady has been traveling in europe this week with her daughters. a scary situation for the congregation of a memphis church church. someone shoots at the building right around the same time as the charleston massacre. deacon james smith oversees saint matthew missionary cap bit of church. smith says he found bullet holes
5:26 pm
in the church's facade and doorway after choir rehearsal on wednesday. >> i was walking outside the door and we had some people outside. some of the members was outside talking and i saw the bullet hole in the door and i told one of the deacons somebody shot up in here. >> fortunately no one was hurt. police are still looking for those responsible. it could be a weekend of all nighters readerring sessions that is. the new 50 shades of grey book is out and it looks like the grey craze is going to continue for awhile. >> the storm formerly known as tropical storm bill has weakened big time but it's still causing some major problems in the midwest. how things could get worse before they get better. scott? >> jeff, that same system could bring some issues our way. a flash flood watch has been posted. the timing of the heaviest rain next.
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♪ how's it progressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were...
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♪ prayers and forgiveness and side a south carolina courtroom today. 21-year-old dylann roof the man accused of of gunning down nip people in a charleston church on wednesday appearing by video for a bond hearing today. the judge set that bond at $1 million for a weapons charge only. roof is also charged with nine counts of murder. bond on those charges will be decided at a later date. family members of the victims speaking during today's hearing. able to address the man accused of of killing their loved ones and many told roof that they actually forgive him. >> i will never -- ever again i
5:30 pm
will never be able to hold her again. but i forgive you haven't mercy on your soul. >> you have killed most -- people that i know. every fiber in my body hurts and i'll never be the same. my son was my hero but as we learn in bible study we join you and may god have mercy on you. >> so heartbreaking. roof is due back in court on october 23rd. water department crews were back working on the second water main break in philadelphia this week. this time 7 million gallons of water turned a shopping mall
5:31 pm
into a mini lake in hunt park. firefighters used inflateable boats and carried nearly one stranded shoppers to safety. similar scene on sunday where 500 -- 500 -- the 500 block of north 52nd street in west philly was underwater after massive water main break there in both cases aging pipes burst. back now to your fox 29 weather authority. although it's no longer a tropical storm bill is still causing problems throughout the midwest and southern plains. at least one death is now blamed on the storm which is still bringing heavy rain to many communities out there. >> now states including miss sorey illinois indiana break breaking for flooding this week. jackie ibanez shows us the threat. >> parts in midwest and sun planes are reeling after the remnants of tropical storm bill move further north the weather system still bringing heavy rain to several states from texas all the way to illinois. >> i hope we have flood insurance.
5:32 pm
no problem. it's covered. >> reporter: one of the hardest hit states has been oklahoma two-year-old boy died after being swept away by a fast-moving creek. >> one of the relatives was a item to go leave with the child and at some point they got swept away by the water. >> reporter: some areas receiving more than 10-inches of rain with the water turning street noose rivers and damaging a number of homes and businesses businesses. >> the used car lot happened to be the lowest spot of the facility anything that gets wet the insurance company will pick up here in the next couple of days. >> reporter: wet weather also triggering a rock slide south of oklahoma city. the incident forcing official toss close a busy inbound state after boulders fell on to the road. >> a couple of vehicles were struck by debris causing flat tires. >> reporter: near san antonio three teenagers had to be rescued after their car got trapped in rising water. >> when the first unit got up here the water was up to the window sill.
5:33 pm
>> missouri also been hit hard by this week's storm and is expecting more rain this weekend weekend. the governor there declaring a state of emergency thursday for affected areas in that state. jackie ibanez, fox news. scotty williams here now. we'll feel a little this later in the weekend. >> we are looking at potential flood threat out there jeff and dawn from that same system and as we look at the satellite and radar, you can see it's churning through northern arkansas as well as southern missouri moving into sections of the ohio river valley. but it has a lot of moisture to work with and that will be the concern for our area for a part of your upcoming father's day weekend. so you can see those spiral bands the feeder bands continuing to wrap around this area of low pressure which has really been holding together that circulation. it will continue to move toward our area most of the heavy rain looks to arrive saturday night into early sunday. so it doesn't look like a complete wash out for father' days however we're looking at
5:34 pm
some heavy rainfall that could cause some lingering problems throughout the day on sunday. we'll talk about that coming up. looking at ultimate doppler most of us dry however lancaster berks county looking at a storm and also northeast philadelphia saw some heavy rain. that cell has now moved into sections of burlington county right now around the evesham avenue mt. laurel looking at some downpours right now but that will continue moving on off to the south and east. but you can see around delran also moving toward mt. laurel medford lakes be on the look out for downpours headed in your direction. once again it's not going to last but about 30 minutes or so. 87 degrees right now. it's hazy, hot humid out there as we look at the temperatures right now. 85 in wilmington. 84 dover. low 80s right now north and west west. so once again sun and clouds l might be isolated storm but most of us just warm and muggy by 11:00 o'clock, 76 degrees. as we take a look at the satellite and radar you can see all of that moisture with this area of low pressure continuing
5:35 pm
to move in our direction. so as we time everything out we advance the clock to saturday night. here's 10:00 o'clock. watching some showers move in from the west. and then especially after midnight and by sunrise on sunday we're looking at some very heavy rainfall so you can see by 5am that heavy bulls rain so that's going to be the key where that act six of moisture sets up. it looks like it wants to move right to the heart of area. here's 9:00 a.m. on sunday you can see the pink and purple that's very heavy rain. we can see rainfall rates approaching 2-inches per hour with this system and by lunch time most of the heavy rainfall starts to move out we'll dry out but creeks and streams those could be strained and stressed as we take a look at future rainfall totals through saturday not a whole lot of rain maybe some west of the area but then overnight saturday into sunday you can see we'll watch out for some very heavy rainfall on the order of two maybe 3-inches of rain where that bulls eye kind
5:36 pm
of sets up. but some locations could over achieve and that's why we have that flood watch posted once again the main timing saturday late after 10:00 o'clock through about midday on sunday. tropical downpours for father's day. we're looking at 70 degrees overnight and then as we move ahead, that seven day forecast will show kind of warm and muggy, tropical downpours the first part of father's day then kind of steamy as we kick off the first full week of summer. so father's not day not complete washout. >> all right. >> we are looking at potential flood concerns. >> all right. >> all right. >> very good scott. >> nearly 14 years after the 9/11 attacks huge milestone is on the horizon at the world trade center. the sign of rebirth that will be here soon. and some sore bellies in colorado tonight everybody. check out this belly flop. ouch is right. showdown. why people are doing it. >> all new at 6:00 o'clock night all her friends were
5:37 pm
there why was this nine-year-old left out at a party at her school? what she's saying about what her mom did that kept her from all the fun.
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♪ the world' oldest known person has died 26 days after her 116th birthday according to her family she passed away wednesday night in her home in michigan. mrs. tally was born in 1899 the research group says susanna jones of new york city is now the old defendant living person at amazeing 115 years. nearly 14 years after the 9/11 attacks the transportation hub at the world trade center is nearing completion. the hub's entrance is designed to look like a bird in flight when it become fully operational. the center will feature 11 subway lines the path train and newspaper reusse retail shops. >> the project behind us is a very special project. it's truly an icon that will be here for decades.
5:41 pm
and specifically what you're looking at is the oculus the cornerstone of that facility. >> the total cost for the hub is projected to be about $4 billion. the 50 shades of grey series is back in the spotlight with the release avenue new book. christian grey's erotic row mons with young anastasia steal enter as new stage with the release of simply grey. released yesterday told from the point of view of billion nay christian grey. the author e hmm james says her latest story is based on fantasy which is something she says everyone can relate to. >> i think women like to really good passionate love story. this is about a very young strong woman who doesn't realize she's a strong young woman an guy very very fragile. isn't that what we women all want to do with their men. >> the 50 shades trilogy sold more than 125 million copies
5:42 pm
since coming out four years ago. book was later turned into a movie. that grossed more than half a billion dollars worldwide. north carolina florist on her way to work like any other day, but this day would become one she will never forget. she spotted at cued charleston church shooter. she talks about the heart pound poundingpounding moment that is followed. >> the future is growing for some very special people in south jersey. the mazing thing that are happening at maggie's farm next. >> sean. >> the phillies biggest trade piece is hurt license not be playing tonight. cole hamels talks about his hamstring and the timetable later in sports.
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>> talk about vigilant north carolina woman was running late to work when she notice add man who fit the description of the alleged charleston church shooter. >> now thanks to her keen eye the 21-year-old suspect is under arrest. that flor west talked to dave century about a day she will never forget. >> i was on my way to work and i was praying thor those people and those families. i knew they had to be hurting. >> reporter: nine people shot and killed inside a charleston south carolina church wednesday evening the suspect dylann roof on the loose thursday morning. that's when debbie dills pulled up to the intersection of highway 74 and sparrow springs road near gas stone ya as she was praying for the families of the charleston victims she says she spotted the suspect who police were reporting armed and extremely dangerous. >> and i was like oh -- no, it's still couldn't be.
5:47 pm
but yet what if it was. he just looked like a young boy. >> debbie says she actually drove her car off this exit after first spotting dylan roof until something inside her told her to get back on the highway and follow him. >> i kept thinking that was him. it was like, something was telling me i had the feeling and i believe it was the lord. i believe god intervened to help me know that it was him. >> reporter: debbie says she called her boss todd, they work together at a florist in kings mountain i just kept going and i got up behind him up in shelby and i was able to get ride behind him and good his tag number and i'm going to tell you i'm no hero. i was scared. i was scared. but i told todd i said i tell was if something happens here if this man gets out and shoots me you need to know i'm going to be in glory with my brothers and sisters in christ that left here here. >> sure enough the license plate matched roof's hyundai vehicle
5:48 pm
and within minutes officers had roof's vehicle surrounded. >> while she was on the phone i can hear the sirens passing her and they were, you know, pulled him over. >> i feel like god answered the prayers of those people that had their joined together in a circle on the streets. they were praying. >> there's a movement tonight on social media to have people order flowers from that flower shop to thank that woman for what she did. would you spend 25 grand for a football? one sports auction house is betting you actually will. one of the balls used during the new england patriots deflate-gate game against the indianapolis colts is up for sale. the auction for the ball starts at 25,000 bucks. it was one of 12 used during the afc championship game. the league found 11 of those 12 were under inflated. the ball hits the auction block next month. small new jersey farm is making quite a name for itself. not for what it grows in the earth but for how it is helping
5:49 pm
its workers grow into productive members of the community. >> i recently had the opportunity to take look at the wonderful things that are happening at this voorhees farm. >> so right here over where it's thick cut it out so you got more room and then it will be perfect perfect. >> matthew roach oversees a special team of workers at maggie's farm in voorhees, new jersey. >> mark key mark. can you hit the hot peppers for mow. >> they range in age between 25 to 60. >> perfect jess, perfect. >> they bring a whole lot of enthusiasm to the job. >> a little more. >> whether they're transplanting tomatoes or raking the field nice day out here. i like it out here. >> bruce chapin has part of this dedicateed crew for several years now. >> get another gallon jug. >> water all the plants. >> every day? >> every day yeah water all of them. >> the non-profit bancroft based
5:50 pm
out of cherry hill started this small farm in 2011. the goal to give people with autism and other intellectual and neurological disabilityies an opportunity to learn a trade in an outdoor and more relaxed setting. >> it's hard work. you know, i call them to the task but they do seem to just, um, smile a lot. we joke a lot. so that's always a good thing. that's very therapeutic. >> we don't like the weeds dork we. >> there is job for everyone. >> i pull weeds isn't what do you like best about working here on the farm? >> that i can grow plants and eat them. >> you going to do this guy. >> it's also a great stress reliever. digging in the dirt and just being outside in the fresh air and sunshine. >> give them a long drink mark. >> jessica collins says it makes her feel better. >> i don't mind getting dirty. >> eager pants pants get to show off the fruits of their labor to the public. maggie's partners with this
5:51 pm
wholefoods in marlton new jersey and periodically bring their veggies here and set up a mini farmers market. >> we feel proud. we get to show people how hard we work. i like to go to wholefoods. >> veggies are free but they accept donations which go right back into their beloved farm. >> one two three. >> this experience is about more than gardening. it's about learning new things and being motivated and engaged. >> if you didn't miss any then come back around. >> we work on self he is stream above everything. we also try and work on their intellectual skills while they're here. i challenge their minds. >> i like the friends. i like the best it gets you to, um get ready for job. >> that's right. besides waters and weeding they're practicing resume writing and video interviewing. >> i have more than one person who do not read and write at all and they're working on their reece assume.
5:52 pm
copying down every single letter. >> we write down what we did flew out the season -- throughout the season and use that in our resumes so we can get ready to go to low's. >> jess is hoping to get a job at a local garden center like lowes our home depot. not everyone is ready for the workplace and that's okay. >> we recognize for some of our folks what we're doing is helping them to have a good day. helping them to come and feel good about the work that they're doing and to be productive. >> raymond, how you doing over there. >> maggie's farm helping these folks to be their best. >> five, sick. >> the hope to possibly expand down the line so other which is have this unique opportunity to grow. >> then bruce we got to try and water out here. ♪ >> such a terrific program. that team really enjoys working together our whole crew left the farm with big smiles on our faces. i have to tell you jeff just
5:53 pm
made our day. >> wonderful piece. well done. >> thanks. >> fun and painful competition in colorado. >> the kind of contest where being a flop actually makes you a winner. that would be the 19th annual belly flop showdown. college students packing water world on wednesday to show off their skills. the tsunami wave pool the place where divers going stomach first some contestants brave enough to return from last year hoping for a better flop this time. >> didn't do so well. i didn't do so well. probably next year i'll have a better technique you know. hopefully it will turn out better. >> yeah you need a better technique to belly flop. apparently there is some skill in perfecting a good belly flop. this year's winners took home a variety of prices including laptops and scholarships and a big red sore belly. good for them. expect some heavy traffic in delaware this weekend. tens of thousands of music fans are in dover for the fire fly music vest festival kicking off
5:54 pm
last night at the wood lands of dover international speedway. mike weaving in and out of cars in a race music fans is hop from stage to stage to check out great bands all weekend long. >> probably like nothing you've ever experienced. so many people coming together to listen to music. >> tickets for the fest cal cost $300. >> paul mccartney the killers snoop dog will take to the stage over the weekend. >> we are two days away from the official start of summer. but the good day team you know of course, they just couldn't wait. >> they're all over it. they just recreated one of the most iconic summer music videos of all time called appropriately "summertime". ♪
5:55 pm
♪ summertime ♪ >> you can't work on that unless you can dance and that's just the beginning. mike alex, chris lauren, bob quincy take a journey recreateing will smith and jesse jess' 1991 hit summertime. watch all of it for yourself by going to look for a link on our home page. a slap on the butt on a popular trail. >> i got you on camera. >> tonight police are stepping in the warning to teens that this isn't innocent fun. plus a school party. everyone is invited except this nine-year-old little girl.
5:56 pm
why she had to sit inside while all of her friends had fun outside without her.
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
♪ right now at 6:00 o'clock, attack on a popular trail. teenagers on bicycles caught on tape hitting a woman on the behind as she jogs by. it's a story you will only see on fox. that woman says she's heard about it happening more than once along kelly drive. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm jeff cole. now police are also taking notice. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in university city tonight
6:00 pm
and dave, they're hoping to send a clear message about this kind of crazy behavior. >> reporter: jeff, police say this could constitute harassment or an indecent assault and they're warning the teens who are doing it to knock it off. a local member of a local run running club shot that video and tells us this happens all too often and she wants it to stop. >> you see one. the other you caught in between what do i do. >> this is video taped shot by fox 29 viewer cc, who says a group of teenaged boys have been harassing women joggers and walkers along kelly drive. in this case, she says they smacked woman on her behind as she drove past. >> i got you on camera. >> physically assaulting people and it happened to one of my runners in my club. needs to stop. >> i hope they get caught. >> it's a shame. really a shame. why would someone want to do that? >> reporter: gwen wilson and georgia king out for morning walk along kelly drive friday. they were shocked to hear reports of teenaged boys allegedly sexually harassing


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