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tv   Chasing News  FOX  June 20, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> the horrific hateful shootings in south carolina. apparently churches might be a target. >> chasing the governor today. >> that's what you might think if you aren't by. the final exams. >> i can't blame the students. >> the atlantic ocean. it does not suck to bring your work to the beach.
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persistent rumors. >> the country is still reeling in the aftermath of the horrific shooting the other day in south carolina. nine people dead. team chaser coverage of how this has impacted outreach. in washington today. you are at a church in newark. preparing additional security based upon what they think is the topic crimes. >> the crimes. >> paradise baptist church on 50th avenue. inside right now. a vigil going on across the country. people affected by the mass shooting the security of churches.
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schedule more than a week -- more than a week in advance of the massacre. why? apparently churches might be a target. i spoke with the bishop who works in the new jersey department of homeland security and gets regular briefings about threats to houses of worship. worship. i asked her churches to be the next off target. >> churches are very soft targets. homeland security has identified that is off target along with day care centers. >> terrorism experts talk about soft targets as places that are not heavily guarded normally. malls, hotels and in this case churches. gets regular daily updates from the new jersey department of homeland security about any sort of
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threat. he says there has not been anything recently to suggest copycat attacks but he was parishioners. >> one of the ways is saying not to be afraid because homeland security was not issuing this brief, but to be aware. i think that is my job to make faith-based. >> what happened in south carolina, as an individual he sat in the church because the community allowed him to. that is church because the community allowed him to. that is not what he was doing. inventing and then shooting. so churches are soft targets for terrorism, but this is straight up races. >> it sounds to me like you have an isolated incident of racism, the horrific criminal. now you have homeland security involved. wait a minute. we do have this issue of soft do have this issue of soft targets and how you is. so turn to the woman chasing
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governor christie. >> i am chasing governor in washington dc and in philadelphia. today in his remarks in washington dc he mentioned the shooting. >> nothing more important today. the thing, pray for the families of those victims. the good, decent people. >> both about the power of prayer. and he did say that more laws are not the answer. >> laws cannot change this. only the field will have a love of the american people can live those folks no that accident was unacceptable, disgraceful, and that we need to do more to show that
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we love each other. >> is mentioned of the fact that laws are not the answer is the start of the discussion but certainly that is to be a lot more. >> in great contrast with gun laws, but what was the mood like in the room? >> just a summertime in america. that definitely could be solved the day. the governors are marked seem to be quite help file -- heartfelt been and well-received. bill: thanks, ronica. ♪ bill: "high speed chase" start us off. >> the police department that is apart. he decides. size it up walks away and it does not so fast. push it out. eventually down goes frazier call the police. >> that is a game that
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allegedly he was staying in new york city. allegedly said something on his blog. he wanted to marry an asian woman. projected on the street. once he spoke to an asian woman and was rejected he would come back and hit her with a hard object. ♪ >> schools out for summer. ♪ that's what you think if you walk by john f. kennedy high school in patterson. they are actually in class still. the tip that we got at jfk heart -- jfk high school plus after they took their final exam and still have six days left to go in the
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curriculum. >> about how many kids in your class? >> on the regular? >> yeah. >> fifteen or 20. >> how many today? >> zero. >> healthful other classes? >> three people. >> like three people? normally during the 1st and 2nd bell people are rushing to and from the school. when i was there there was barely anybody. only people that were leaving class and it was 9:00 a.m. this is because the high school took their final exam ending on june 12. for the curriculum the year is over. what a teacher supposed to do? right now they are having to improvise. but improvise. but after i talk with teachers no one would talk to me. trying to get away knowing they can't talk to the press. threats of retaliation. i went to the union president and asked him what was going on.
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>> basically what we had said. very few students in the school. nothing going on in the classrooms. the nothing going on with the classroom because there are no kids. >> i wouldn't show up after my finals. there is no. unless you are at a maximum of absences. with all these kids skipping class who knows where they are. to the parents now? what are they doing? this raises a lot of questions. >> you have to draw the line between school being disciplinary and day care versus the education, a structure for education. >> this is been planned for a long time. also one other topic, i didn't go to school.
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good luck. so tough my good area. >> hello, everyone. kaywun here chasing governor christie across christie across the state and beyond. making two appearances today i'm in a taxi right a taxi right now in washington dc headed to the governors for speech. >> nearly 200,000 private sector jobs. economic case and put it on the road to recovery. and those are now working or not working know the power of ideas and how they work for our state and country. that is country. that is what we need to fight for putting people back to work. >> the governor's remarks in washington dc focused on his record as governor.
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now i'm in philadelphia for the governor will be speaking at the northeast republican leadership conference. >> if i decide to run i will always tell you what i think, what i believe, what i feel. >> that's it for the day of travel. for all my updates chasing down the governor you can follow me on twitter @chasingrohan. >> they are only rumors right now. >> my laptop. >> another day in the life. >> we report the news. because when it comes down to it is not just about the story.
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>> the good news, a woman is finally coming to us paper currency. feature a woman who was a champion for our inclusive democracy. the public we will get a chance to weigh in on this through town halls and in public
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meetings. the final decision will be made in 2016 they going into circulation in 2015. >> heaven for. >> heaven for bid. ♪ >> guys, have you seen hank? hank? what are you doing? >> away from the fall. >> first to hank. >> when you are standing waist deep in the atlantic ocean just a couple of days from summer it does not cite to bring your work to the beach. the people here, hearing persistent rumors. we heard it too. they are only rumors right now.
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parents, adults that i talked to on the beach said don't do it for the sake of the children. ♪ >> another bring him down to the beach to sit here. >> here. >> stupid. i would not bring my laptop. a lot of work. >> this is exactly what you came down here to do. >> listen. i listen. i have been up and down the beach seen a lot of cell phones. i have not actually seen anyone kid on the laptop. you have wi-fi coverage. down here down here at the beach you still have cell phone coverage. no wi-fi just like. she tells me. >> because of the computers. >> starts on wednesday night. >> that's all because of the technology. >> a little spotty now.
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>> no one heard anything about wi-fi. >> nothing official. he doesn't know anything about it. >> a lot of change in the year since he has been here. >> growth that is just phenomenal. they write about it. they it. they write stories about it. it's hard to take when you live your. >> at the end of the day you can still have your wi-fi at the beach. you have to keep benign your cable subscription. a lot stronger than any other wi-fi you are going to find. waist deep waist deep in the atlantic. what are your thoughts? hit me up on twitter @chasinghank.
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♪ >> the most productive use of time. >> i'm a superhero, wildlife warrior. ♪
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>> why don't you want to talk to him? >> is a positive thing. >> in the infinite wisdom of the new jersey legislature they decided to make changes a drug addict is now a person with a substance use disorder involving drugs. >> are going to need flashcards. >> attention deficit hyperactive.
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and you this is being changed to an ability to speak. >> exactly. >> warrior woman. >> i'm a superhero wildlife warrior. >> in times square. the department of fish and wildlife. a gigantic round. i think it actually waited son. here today. the restaurants in new york and philadelphia. >> i don't know what to say about that. >> the department of fish and wildlife organize this event to raise awareness about the ivory trade and how is devastating endangered animals.
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i got here this place was absolutely packed. us officials the us secretary of interior as well as kristin davis. i'm sorry, i can't forget the wildlife warrior superhero. >> drawing attention to the situation. other beautiful wildlife. >> steve israel from new york got up and said not only is this about state security but there are the concerns. >> we now know funding. it's a source of revenue for terrorist groups around the world. ivory before the international law made this trade illegal was perfectly fine. it was grandfathered in.
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>> out of enough. >> you can't trade, traffic. they can confiscated. >> the real question is when do we start addressing the real solution? ivory elephant farming. if we can make this a commodity that is already his he can raise the elephant. you know, they take it out. they do the same thing command you drive the price down. ♪ >> strawberries is where the industry versus taking it off.
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bill: sorry. >> the sanitized robert file with the sonic vinegar. >> he vinegar. >> the only going to -- >> i can at least. >> a broad enough for everybody. >> they made a drink. four cups of water. it water. it could be. it's for cups of water one double images.
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>> this is incredible.
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>> how about twitter what. >> the entire -- >> look at this. ♪ >> coming up monday >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, everyone, i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist, scott williams. we are looking ahead to the upcoming weekend and yes tropical moisture is headed in our direction. we're talking mainly saturday night into early sunday. downpours across the area and also a couple of inches of rainfall is possible from the system that will be moving in.
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fox 29 news hd brought to you to you by x finity the future of awesome. >> ♪ >> right now on fox 29, this gloucester county woman left her home on monday and her family has not seen her since. as you can imagine they are incredibly worried. >> i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page.
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65-year-old lana was head to do a doctor's appointment but never showed up. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose talked to her husband tonight. >> lana' worried husband tells me the family is hoping for the best. preparing for the worst. john is waiting by the phone. hoping to hear from his wife as two decades 65-year-old lana mettinger left the glassboro home home monday in her car. nobody has heard from her since. >> i hope she's a strong person. if she's been abducted or something like that, i know she'll fight like hell to get away. >> reporter: terrifying thoughts keeping john awake at night. police say the petit 5-foot tall blond left home just afternoon monday bound for this doctor's office. but she never made it. there's been no activity on lana's credit cards or bank account. her e-z pass hasn't been used and her cell phone goes straight


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