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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  June 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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pretty day today with a lot of sunshine. we had enough sun to get us to 95 degrees yesterday. before the thunderstorms hit. so steamy, then it was stormy, and we ended up being 10 degrees above average, and also, that made it an official heatwave. because that was our third day in a row of 90 degrees or above. planner for today cooler start than yesterday. we were already in the upper 70s, at this time, not as humid, 80 degrees by lunchtime. and about 86 or 87, so pretty nice afternoon in storm with your sunset still at 8:33. these days on either side of the first day of summer are the longest of the year. and this is one you can stay outside and enjoy, all the way up until sunset time. that's your wednesday forecast. now, we are getting closer to the weekend. and we've got some big weather changes coming up. we'll talk about them just ahead. bob kelly what a lot you have to tell us today. >> yes, good morning everybody, 5:00 o'clock straight up. it will be crazy morning rush hour. watch for obstacles rolling
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out of the driveway, maybe just trash can lid, maybe downed tree, downed wires but respect the closures, that are in effect this morning, they are out there for a reason. the biggest problem this morning, is going to be for commuters who use mass transit. the patco high-speed line service suspended this morning, for at least through the morning rush hour. so no trains running this morning, on patco. here's the latest from septa. service suspended on the fox chase and media elwyn regional rail lines from ends to end. the paoli thorndale regional rail lines service only between malvern and the center city stations. the rest of the regional rail lines are operating, and again, expect some delays, especially, out of the gate for the first couple of trains this morning. norristown high-speed line, service suspended norristown over to radnor, best bet for the buses the trolleys go to click on system status button. you will be able to see if there is a detour related to your individual bus route throughout the neighborhoods. now, new jersey transit says
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the ac rail line suspended that's the line that runs from philadelphia to atlantic city. new jersey transit buses are cross honoring tickets with that rail line. now, amtrak, regular service has resumed on the northeast corridor, expect some delays, especially, on the keystone line. that's the line that runs from philly out to harrisburg that was right in the bee line of the storm last night. they expect delays of about 45 minutes this morning. philly international, could be rough go this morning. a lot of planes were either canceled, or re-routed last night, during the height of the storm. so again check with the airline, because if that plane did not come in this morning or last night, it is not going to be therefore your departing flight this morning. soap check with the individual airline for your flight status. let's go to the neighborhoods lower merion, city avenue, at 71 street. some downed wires. also route 70, at springdale road downed wires. the 73 ramps to route 130 are blocked this morning. so again, a lot of leftovers
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from last night so respect those closures that are out there this morning. the new jersey turnpike, they have speed restrictions, in play between exits number three, and two, there are numerous downed trees through that stretch the traffic lights are out steve's over here in south jersey this morning, along 42 at the black horse pike, and in all of the areas, chris lauren, where we have the power outages obviously the traffic lights are out it could be at major intersection, or minor intersection, but when the light are out that's a four way stop for everybody all around. chris, lauren, back to you. >> huge mess on our hands after bad, bad weather. team coverage this morning of the clean up effort. >> jennifer joyce live in delaware county. first steve keeley live in washington township new jersey. and just as bob said, steve power outage means traffic signals out you name it. >> reporter: boy, i am about as nervous as it gets. i'm so afraid i'm going to see something awful here. we're seeing some gridlock when these new jersey transit buses are pulling out of their
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terminal. the only place with lights on, because they got power generators, humming real loud across the street here, but they're going to be extra busy. you heard bob say that. they are cross-honoring all of the train riders, no patco service, 4,000 people a day ride patco. so that's 20,000 more you figure, to work, and then another 20 home from work. so another 20,000 people either on a bus or in their car, adding to the traffic problems they're coming down route 70, where you said all of the traffic lights are out. so traffic light out here. what we have seen here is some real close or as george carlin would say near misses, but he would say that's not near miss, it is a near hit. people going 45 at least that's the speed limit here. people at a loft intersections, major intersections here on 42/black horse pike through washington township the biggest busiest, suburb in all of south jersey, and nobody is slowing down when they get to the traffic light. that's a problem. now, these new jersey transit buses a lot of them headed south toward atlantic city, they're stopping here, nobody's letting them in,
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also headed southbound, so this bus will block all the lanes headed toward philly, and you're wait to go see if somebody will not see the side of the bus because there are no headlights on the side of the bus and please, stop, slow down, stop and see that bus, before you smash into the side of the bus as it is pulling out of the terminal. seeing a lot more busy conditioning conditions out here now that it is after 5:00 as opposed to 4:00 look at the headlights coming at us here. here is the other problem people as you drive. go to the left show them the shell station. no power out here. so all of the gas stations aren't working because the pumps run on electricity. so a lot of people are running out of gas likely, because they can't get gas at their normal symptoms. the one station steaks that was open had half mile long line probably because they had emergency generators. whole host of problems because the storm is 12 hours old there are still fresh problems that you are dealing with, and fresh dangers you're dealing w look at the poor guy probably drove a bus all night.
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now he can't get across to get home because of all of the traffic. nobody letting anybody in. you can see all of the traffic. he has to be very patient. take it easy out there. we got little sunlight coming. that will will hopefully help visibility. now we go for some of the damage reports to jenny joyce where she is out in the philly suburbs. >> reporter: thanks, steve, in as ten delaware county, you were mentioning thankfully the sun is slowly coming up because all the way here we were on some main roads that didn't have any traffic lights. we saw live wires, right across, we were up very, very close to those wires not knowing, they just kind of creep up on you out of no where. you can't see anything. you can't see where you are going, lot of trees down, like the one here behind me, take a look at that deep root. that extended all the way down this block eventually coming down to where the cars are. thankfully, didn't hit any houses. but did hit some of these vehicles on this other side where the leaves just completely covering the trees with the branches, over these
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cars, and also, if we take a look up a little bit higher, you can see where the actual trees snap. into is similar to what we have been seeing throughout the area, even last night we were in the brookhaven area. which is neighboring town, where we saw not only trees down not only power lines down but also, various accessories, backyards, like grills, pool covers strewn across yards, even one of our executive producers lives in this area, he was posting some pictures on twitter and facebook of some swings that are in the side yard, completely apart and flipped over, as the wind speeds reached roughly 70 miles an hour in this area. and, as many neighborhoods are, completely in the dark, 95,000 power outages in delaware county, alone. chris, lauren? >> all right jennifer, thank you. >> and this was the scene along akron street where half dozen trees came down.
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damaging roofs porches shattering car windshields yesterday's storms ripped trees up from their roots. resident in the frankford section of the city lost power because of the downed lines. >> lobing most i have type of freight train type every thing coming boom, boom, boom, boom. the wind just like out of control, born and raise in the philadelphia, this is something that happens in the south. >> a lot of description. love it. fast and fears storm many say caught them off guard on bridge street. fallen tree slammed into a transformer, set off what neighbors describe as an explosion. >> remember, you can get breaking weather alerts sent right to your phone with the "fox 29 news" app. also watch our news streaming on your phone if you have lost power, just search for it in the apple or google play stores. >> here is a look what else is making news this morning police investigating deadly shooting in the fair hills section of north philadelphia. >> this happened at front and wish art street around 11:00 last night. police say it looks like there was a shoot-out. the victim was shot in the chest. he was taken to temple hospital where he was later
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pronounced dead. firefighter suffered minor injuries battling a fire in southwest. flames broke out at a storefront on the 6300 block of woodland avenue, shortly before midnight. the firefighter was taken to fit gerald hospital with minor injuries. crews had the fire under control, nearly an hour later and no word on what caused that fire. >> bicyclist still fighting for his life after being hit by a truck. >> this evidently happened in north philadelphia. fifty-five year old julio torez was riding home, down east erie avenue, monday night, when he was hit by a truck. investigators say the driver actually stopped to see what happened. but then, took off. the driver then pulled up the block, parked the maroon ford f150 pick up, simply, walk away. investigators found the car abandoned, and they say they know who the owner of this vehicle in fact is. >> we would like to talk to him, see what he knows about the crash. he is a registered owner of the truck right now. police tell us if he new who had the car and can provide some information.
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>> police now say the car is owned by 36 year old raymond ladies of the 4600 block every penn street. police have witness who can identify that driver. and the city of philadelphia now is offering a big reward to help solve two recent shootings. someone opened fire with a shotgun at a cook out on augden street saturday night. the buck shot hit ten people, then two days later, an unknown man shot seven people on east hilton street. the mayor's office is putting up a $10,000 reward in each case for information lead to go arrest and conviction in each of these shooting incidents. high wanes, heavy rain, hail, bad weather slams the east coast, clean up continues right now in the midwest. more on that coming up after the break.
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>> storm caused amtrak to suspend service between philadelphia and washington, d.c. for several hours. high winds heavy rain and hail, battered state from maine all the way south to virginia knocking down trees cutting power to thousands. >> hurried up, shut the door, that's when the tree came down. >> locomotive freight train type of thing like boom, boom, boom, the winds out of control. >> i put so much work into this car couldn't be more upset. >> and the threat of severe weather not over just yet. meteorologist, saying parts of the midwest could see more strong storms on wednesday.
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>> crews will be out inspecting the billy penn statue on top of city hall this morning, they are checking for damage after it was hit by lightningment look at this. >> wow. >> yes, we were live on air when a bolt of lightning struck the statue. a lot of our viewers tweeted us asking if it is okay, so we reached out to the mayor's office and they say they're not aware of any damage, but of course they'll make sure, they'll check later this morning. amazing pictures. wow. that's all you can say right? >> sue, you said the midwest might get bad weather today. not us in philadelphia? >> we're fine for today. we show up in the future cast a little bit in store for tomorrow. not today. so looking back over yesterday, we had a 75-mile an hour wind gust, hurricane force, in medford, new jersey, philadelphia, international airport, recorded a 71-mile an hour wind gust, and they had all of the flights on hold for awhile there in the afternoon yesterday. nobody was going anywhere during the height of these storms. and you can see, some pretty high wind gusts now we've
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been showing you all morning the local storm reports. pretty impressive. most impressive of all how many funnel clouds were cited people report that they saw funnel clouds. now, whether we had actual tornados touching down is another story. weather service will get on that. and assess damage today philadelphia, siting of funnel cloud, lightning knocking down chimney in lower providence township, going down the shore we are hoping for a lot less drama on friday morning, it will be mike and alex and yours, shower possible in margate on friday morning. not specking a deluge, but i got to be aware that we might see shower or two on friday. now, ultimate doppler showing where the storms went. they're gone from our viewing area, but down around the outer bank of north carolina around kill definitely hills, a loft lightning, thunder down there, getting the noise we had yesterday. talk about tomorrow. >> early morning thursday
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tomorrow with rain moving in from the west, i think by morning will be fine, it is evening, maybe around 7:00 we start to see rain mover n then see thunderstorms fire up thursday, into friday morning. by the time broadcasting from the shore starting 6:00 friday in margate just seeing few dribs and drabs around, probably see cloudy skies. but we hope we see you at lucy the elephant friday morning. friday little wet as well, getting ready for bit of unsettled weekend right now we are in the 60s just about everywhere, 56 degrees though, mount pocono, trenton has 66, allentown 63, 72 wildwood, 66 in wilmington, delaware. >> we had official heatwave, 91 sunday, and monday, tuesday, high of 95. today, no 90's, oh no. 86 degrees today.
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and nine out of ten look lick pretty excellent weather day and if you have to clean up, at least you have got decent weather for that, now tomorrow we talk about the rain moving in late in the day, and it is around probably for part of friday, as far as the weekend is concerned cooler weather pattern dramatically cooler, and blow average for sure, temperatures in the 70s ironically first full weaken of summer coming up officially, but back into the 80s by the middle of next week. that's your seven day forecast, i guess the big headline today is the patco service, bob kelly? >> exactly. >> or lack thereof. >> lack thereof. patco service here is a example, one of the cameras we used last night during our five p.m. and 6:00 p.m. news. i59 in center city philadelphia, as the sun begins to rise, over the city, no problems on 95, if you are coming into the city right now. the schuylkill expressway, looking good, getting ready to step out the front door, but along the way the schuylkill, i noticed it this morning call it downed trees but tree
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limbs casino of laying over on the shoulder of that schuylkill expressway. so as you step out the front door, there are some obstacles ahead of you this morning respect the closures, that are out there, they are there for a reason. let's run down patco sue mentioned, service suspended for at least the morning rush hour. do not count on any trains to get to work this morning. we will keep our fingers crossed, that we will have service for the afternoon but for right now no morning rush hour service on the patco high-speed line. here's how we stand with septa's regional rails. service remains suspended on the fox chase line, the media elwin line, from ends to ends, the paoli thorndale line, service only between malvern and center city. if you can make it to the malvern station or get dropped off, you will have train ride into downtown. here's the situation with the norristown high-speed line. service suspended between norristown and radnor, there is also no bus service, to the chester transportation service, transportation center, for all of the buses and trolleys, especially, in
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the neighborhoods, that may be block for a downed pole, a downed wire, a downed tree go to, you can click the system status, and you'll see the exact detour for your individual bustline. new jersey transit, the ac rail line suspended, new jersey buses are cross-honoring tickets this morning, regular service expected on amtrak. however, expect some delays, especially, on the keystone line. that he the line that goes from philly right out to harrisburg, they're going to run with about 45 minute delays, last night pretty much had shutdown service at philadelphia international airport at the height of the storm. so, check with the airline this morning, a the love flight were either outright canceled, or diverted, so that plane may not be there this morning to take you out on your flight. check with the individual layer line for the exact status. and then the neighborhoods lower merion, city avenue at 71 he street, some doubted wires, problems in south jersey ramps from 73 to 130 some downed wires, wires down
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along 70 and springdale road. also, look out for the power crews. peco pse&g obviously with all of the power outages they're out there working trying to restore power so they have either maybe street blocked, or far right lane, or left lane, they got the cherry pickers up there with the guys trying to make the repairs. soap, it is going to be an obstacle course for the morning rush hour, so give yourself some extra time, and respect those closures or detours from the crews out there. south on the new jersey turnpike, kind of the same scenario i mentioned with the schuylkill. a loft downed trees, downed limbs, and could be blocking portions of the right lanes between exits three and two so, they have speed restrictions in place there. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> thanks so much, bob. this is dash cam video of the arrest of the manna cured of opening fire inside charleston church last week, recorded by police crews nerve shell bee north carolina dillan roof emerges from the car is handcuffed, led away. then officer searched the trunk every his car. he is accused of killing nine african-american church
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members, during a bible study last wednesday. and since then, south carolina law makers have vote in favor flags from the state cap top grounds. >> of course, the issues gain steam in the wake of the charles ton church shooting. gathered at the capitol demanding that the flag come down, on monday, came out in favor of moving the flag, and putting in a museum. south carolina, lawmakers will debate this issue later this summer, in a special session, both chambers have agreed remove t critics of the flight say it is a symbol of racism while supporters say it is about southern heritage. >> meanwhile, more businesses are taking a stand against the confederate flag, a mid the debate. we told you yesterday wal-mart removing the confederate flag merchandise from its stores. other retailers including amazon ebay, target and sears, are all following in their footsteps. announcing they will no longer sell merchandise featuring the confederate flag. and valley forge flag company says they will not make those
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flags any more. 5:21. head to the frig for breakfast this morning look inside, how much will you end up throwing away? the shocking cost of just how much we throw out. coming up in a new report. i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave
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of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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>> let's talk politics. louisianna governor set to enter the 2016 presidential race tonight.
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will make had i announcement tonight in new or league -- in new orleans, 15 people are going to be vying for the gop nomination. >> the united states will no longer threaten to prosecute the families of hostages who seek to pay ransom to terror groups. obama administration is softening a long standing policy, will tell families of americans held by groups that they can communicate with captors, can even pay ransom without fear of prosecution shift comes as part of a broad review of us hostage guidelines that will be released later today. >> president obama calls for every day citizens to make more action against climate change. the president made his remarks during a white house summit on climate change, and health. >> so, there are a whole host of public health impact hitting home. while there is a lot of wok to be done by countries and corporations to combat this threat, we also need doctors nurses, and citizens, like all of you. people who care enough about
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your communities to roll up your sleeves and get to work to raise awareness and organize folks for real change. >> soap, those at the summit also discussed cost effective ways to slow the impact of global warming. >> according to the american chemistry council we're wasting hundreds of dollars worth of food. expert say, we throw away about $640 worth of food every year. while many of us live on leftovers, many still end up throwing them away. but not over in the murphy household. not much get tossed out. >> in my house whatever is left over i eat f my daughter doesn't finish the mac and cheese, that's what i eat. so then i notice things starting to bad. so i take them to work. >> and you usually come in here with almost like grocery bags full of things, it is like some yogurt, almost spoiling to cottage cheese that kind of seems -- it is all kind of stuff that you eat. i don't know how you don't get sick? >> me either. i got a steel gut.
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back to my point this was the grapefruit i brought n i i said oh, it has just another day of viability. i can eat it, right? >> right. >> not even coy eat t so i left it on my desk, and brought fresh one yesterday. i still haven't eaten it. so that's gone. >> and this one i better eat soon. so i resemble that report. >> all right. >> thanks for playing along. >> we continue to follow the aftermath of the storms in our area, we have team coverage in some of our harders hit sections, we will be back with live report. >> and check out this video you have to see this our cameras caught this light show during last night ace big storms. wondering what happened to the historic statue atop city hall. we'll talk about that coming up.
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>> good day, it is june 24 2015. >> don't look now but the phillies have won three straight. sue, they went into new york, and bombed the bronx bombers? and have been scoring a lot of runs every game. what's going on? >> could it be a fluke? because they're due.
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>> they're due. enjoy it while it lasts. now shall here's our bus stop buddy tab low of the morning. notice muggy the dog is gone. we only bring him out when it is going to be obviously muggy. just a t-shirt today. it will be in the 80s eventually, some temps are in the 60s, and 70s this morning but yes buddly wear his phillies cap. we give him sunscreen and sunglasses, coming up. so that's the casino of day you can expect. a nine out of ten with 69 degrees, got sunrise happening now-ish at 5:33, a 75% relative humidity reading and 7-mile an hour winds out of the north-northwest. so the northwest winds are coming in, and pushing away our cold front, that touched off all of that noise all that damage, from yesterday we will talk about that coming up. but we are seeing the clouds clear, from north to south so it is pretty clear and cool, to the northwest of us. it was steamy, stormy yesterday. high of 95. not going to be anywhere near that today. we will lose about 10 degrees,
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which is where we're supposed to be on june 24th with 86 degrees, and plenty of sunshine. sixty-six is the overnight low tonight. so it stays dry today. but there is more rain on the way. and some cooler temperatures, as welshing we will tell you how cool it get this weekend coming up in just a few minute. but, pay attention to this report with bob kelly because there is a lot going on, or not going on. >> obstacle course this morning, depending where you begin and end your trip. talking to folks on twitter on facebook, you know becomes county, down in delaware, little storm last night, if you were right in the center line there a lot of debris, a loft closures. a live look at 422 in problems or delays at all roads little damp, getting ready for sun glare this morning, live look at i59 out of northeast philadelphia, open all of the majors are open. see some debris -- debris, around drainage great maybe
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on the schuylkill, downed branches along the way no problems on major roadways, problems on mass transit. path co-this morning service suspended for at least the morning rush hour. no train service for the morning rush hour, on the patco high-speed line. here's the latest from septa. service suspended on both the fox chase and media elwyn regional rail lines from ends to end. the paoli thorndale line service only operating between malvern and center city. make it to the malvern station, you will have a train ride into downtown. for the norristown high-speed line, service suspended norristown over to radnor, your best bet, for the septa system, the buses and trolleys, go to click on the system status button, and you can check the individual bus route. because there are some detours in all of the neighborhoods too many to mention individually here, and again respect those closures, they're out there for a reason. you heard thousands of folks still without power. the power crews have street blocked, so they can make their repairs this morning.
5:34 am
new jersey transit ac, rail line service suspended amtrak running this morning they hope to run regular schedule or close to it, expect delays. how much, keystone line, the line that that runs from fill toy harrisburg, have about 45 minute delay. that will was right in the bee line of the major storm that came through last night. philly international got hit hard too last night. a lot of planes were either canceled, or diverted away from philadelphia, during the height of the storm. so, check with the airline the plane may not be there this morning because it didn't come in last night so that's just going to have domino delay throughout the day. lower merion, city avenue at 71 street, downed wires also south jersey, 73 on the ramps to 130. route 70 at springdale road, some downed wires. and over on the new jersey turnpike southbound, speed restrictions between exits three and two and the lights are out hundreds of places across both pennsylvania and new jersey, especially, here,
5:35 am
along the 42 freeway right near the black horse pike, and that's where our steve keeley has been setting up shop all morning long. steve, has it gotten any better out there? >> reporter: one thing bob maybe it was me jumping up and down being so exasperated on the air but or maybe it was just somebody finally had time to do something. but, one of the cul-de-sacs just got blocked off. so people can't take their lives in jeopardy as they cross the black horse pike. soap no more jug handle here, in front of the new jersey transit bus depo to make a u-turn here. but you can still use the jug handle on this side in front of the closed shell station. major problems out here, we're right at the foot of the a.c. expressway in the busiest south jersey suburb washington township on one of the busiest travels, the black horse pike where it molds into 42 freeway. see this new jersey transit bus. he's got to somehow without these traffic lights, because all of the power is out through all of the major intersections down the black horse pike, just the first one, and maybe the worse one,
5:36 am
because you have the new jersey transit bus depo here with buses coming out as you see, every few seconds, and more buses than usual because these buses are replacing what you talk about bob no train service down to the shore no patco service so maybe more people riding more buses. but look what these bus drivers have to do. they have to wait for traffic to clear both ways, sometimes they'll go across the northbound lanes and then just sit there and cause a little bit of gridlockment look at this this guy is nice enough to stop. but watch. nobody else is stopping. so the guy if the silver pick up symptoms, he knows the lights are out but everybody will just keep going through and this poor bus driver, job stressful enough look at him inning across the black horse pike people do 50 miles an hour and thank god those people stop going the opposite way. here comes the guy in the left lane, finally jams on his brakes. so it looks line every man for himself. every drive for himself. every woman for himself. very dangerous out here with all of the light out. police are judge tuesday busy it, put the cones out to pro
5:37 am
event anybody making the u-turn there. no cones on this side, and people using the bus terminal. so major problems out here, chris, lauren, all morning and it is a compound problem because with the patco high-speed line down, 40,000 people ride that every day you heard bob say route 70, traffic light out. a lot of those people, woodcrest station, ashland station, the busiest stations, haddonfield, not only driving route 70 with the light out here, so major dangers at major intersections throughout the philly suburbs today. >> let's hope people are listening to you, steve keeley and take heed. thank you so much. >> fox 29 was in brookhaven delaware county last night where 06 year old tree fell on top after fence cutting unwanted path through a neighbor's yard. shingles torn off the home, downspouts blown to the ground. power lost. not just inconvenience with all of the unbearable heat. it can be dangerous. silver lining here, no serious injuries have been reported. >> gloucester county new jersey storm took its toll,
5:38 am
the viewer in swedesboro sent us these pictures showing the damage in their yard. >> and take a look at this. the ben franklin bridge, huge bolt of lightning strikes this incredible video showing the bolt touching down as the storm moved right into philadelphia. that's what i was seeing from my window. >> you're along the waterfront. what a show must have got glenn very scary. remember you can get breaking weather alert sent right to your phone with the "fox 29 news" app. you can also watch our news streaming on your phone if you lose power just search for it in the apple or google play stores. let's switch gears and go to sportsment the phillies, play at yankee stadium game that goes past the midnight hour. probably because of all of the weather delays. how the phillies first baseman helped hang the yanks. you like that?
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well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake.
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red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today. >> at the ballpark last night franco homered again, had five rbi's the second straight night, sent the phillies onto 11 to six victory over the yankees. philadelphia which began the night with the worse record, fewest in runs scored, 31 runs in winning three in a row. that's amazing. >> they've been saving up. >> sports related.
5:42 am
>> true. sean ditty combs speaking out against yesterday's assault scandal. he said the incident that led to his arrest, in his mind. >> right? >> was self-defense. >> there are two sides to every story. holmes was taken by ucla campus police inside the athletic training facility, according to "tmz" the school's conditioning coach sal was yelling at combs' son just ton on the football team. he went to the office to talk and reportedly then assaulted the coach with a kettle ball. we'll see what happens with this. lawyers will get involved. oh a mess. >> all right, if you live in new jersey you know you pay some hefty taxes there. you might be surprised how much of your money though, is being spent for the governor to hit the road to take trips. staggering chris christie travel bill. >> his travel bills might be higher than yours, lauren? true. >> and also, on serious note, chilling new details emerge in the freddie gray murder case
5:43 am
against six baltimore police officers. gray's autopsy results straight ahead.
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>> national weather use this is week, getting into thunder summertime, what you should do when lightning hits, lightning safety week. fear of lightning, so when thunder roars, go indoors.
5:46 am
hopefully you did all of this yesterday. if you hear thunder and lightning or lund err and thightning. stay away from water and object that conduct electricity. so we try to do that in our house yesterday. next time it happens hopefully won't be that dramatic. drama now moved to the south of us, and just along the coast of north carolina, really the outer banks there getting the brunn every those thunderstorms at the moment. and it won't be too much longer for them before everything pulls off shore. so now we look ahead to the next system that moves in. not today we expect dry day today, it is tomorrow, that we start to see this system casino of move in from the great lakes area. and it is going to stall that's the thing that's going to get us over the weekend with clouds and unsettled weather. so, we don't see the rain move in until evening tomorrow. maybe about 6:00, 7:00. could get heavy overnight. specially to the south of us. because with that system stalling to the south we will be on the cool side of it. and that's why we expect
5:47 am
cooler temperatures over the weekend, for friday morning you know headed down to the shore to margate i think we may have sprinkle or two. probably won't be the heavy rain that we will see few hours earlier. and then rain moves back into the area friday afternoon as we mentioned, it will be an unsettled weekend, see that in the seven day forecast, as we look at temperatures throughout the region, it is a cool 56 degrees in mount pocono. we have 63 allentown 69 degrees in philadelphia, trenton, 66, mid 60s in wilmington, close to 70 in dover, still hanging on with the milder temperatures in wildwood as the last of the clouds get out of here. mostly northerly wind, so that's what's going to dry us out, it will take away the humidity for a day. and then things will cool off after that. in case you hadn't heard we had our official heatwave before the storms hit when we hit 95 degrees yesterday. that was three days in a row of 90 degrees or above. but don't look for 90s in our seven day forecast, you're not going to find them. it is 86 degrees, average temperature for today, and
5:48 am
tomorrow, as well, before the rain comes. and then over the weekend we expect cooler temperatures, in fact, for the first full weekend of summer, we see temperatures in the 70s. so it definitely cools off. but it warms back up by the middle of next week. nice to see that sunshine after all that rain yesterday bob kelly. >> for sure. starting to see some sun glare this morning, which is a welcome start. 5:48. live look at the sun bouncing off south philadelphia, the target down there off of south street, off delaware avenue there. no problems as you roll north or south up and down i-95. here are some of the new problems just popped up near media, delaware county. route one closed between school lane and thorn on road because of downed trees also, route 55 the ramps to route 47 blocked with a downed tree. and again as folks wake up and head out they're coming in a dozen at a time. closures detours, the power crews are out there blocking some of the street to make
5:49 am
repairs. so respect the closures, they're out there for reason. patco this morning service suspended, through at least the morning rush hour. no train service on the patco high-speed line. septa regional rail lines here's the update, service suspended on the fox chase and the media elwin line, from end to end the pay own i thorndale line, one of the big ones here service only between malvern and center city. that's because of some downed trees up near thorndale. the rest of the regional rails running probably with minor delays. the high-speed line service suspended from norristown, over to radnor, for all of the individual buses and trolleys, through the neighborhood, go to, and click on the system status button, you can click your bus route and see if there is a detour along that route in the neighborhood. the atlantic city rail line suspended, from philadelphia, down to ac. amtrak regular service on its northeast corridor, probably some minor delays, the keystone line, those running with about 45 minute delays shall that's the line that
5:50 am
goes from philly out to harrisburg. and that casino of is the same route that that storm followed coming in from the west yesterday. check with the airline if you are head today philadelphia international airport. there are a loft concellations, and planes were rerouted yesterday during the height of the storm. so if that plane didn't come in it would then sit overnight to take you out this morning. there is going to be domino delays at philadelphia international airport this morning. then lower merion, city avenue at 71st street. some downed wires. again, in the neighborhoods there is a lot of small closures, it could be a downed tree it could be a live wire. the crew are out there trying to make repairs this morning. some of the ramps here, route 73, the ramps to 130 also route 70, some lanes block, as springdale road because every downed wires. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank youment time 5:50. two month after the death of freddie gray new details emerge being his at err case with baltimore police. >> baltimore sun has released information from the autopsy report. here's fox's jacky inch angles
5:51 am
learning new about the death of freddie gray, 25 year old black man who was injured during a altercation with baltimore police. his death sparking weeks of protest, riots throughout the city. the baltimore sun publishing details tuesday from gray's autopsy report, which is not yet released to the public. >> the autopsy has to be fully released so that we're not looking at somebody's spin on it. >> according to the sun, the medical examiner found gray suffered a quote high energy injury while riding in a police van april 12th. the injuries most likely being caused by the vehicle suddenly slowing down. >> the very few cases like this where somebody gets a fatal cervical spine injury from decelaration in the back of a van and causing death. that's very unusual. >> the report also finding officers didn't follow safety procedures by not buckling gray's seatbelt making his death a homicide not an accident. the six officers involved in gray's arrest are now facing various charges all have
5:52 am
pleaded not guilty. >> if they can proof that the driver slammed on his brakes intent lip knowing this guy was in a very, very vulnerable position, we all agree he was on his belly hands behind his back, that's on them. that's a problem that the office letter have to answer for. >> the baltimore sun isn't saying how it obtained the autopsy. the state's attorney, marilyn mosby, denying she had anything to do with this release saying quote i comdemn anyone with access to trial evidence who has leaked information prior to the resolution of this case. attorneys for the officers refuse to comment on the reports release saying they've yet to receive a copy. jacky ibanez, fox news.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> recent report shows new jersians are paying big bucks for transportation, taxpayers shelled out whopping $184,000 on travel costs for chris christie in operation the first throw month of this year. regularly makes trips outside the garden state to meet potential supporters every his expected presidential candidacy. total does not include over tight, tape trotters or the use of state police vehicle
5:56 am
and helicopter fleet to transport governor christie. >> high win, heavy rain, hail, you name it, heavy weather slams the east coastment clean up continues in our area. remember, you can get breaking news weather alerts sent right to your phone with the "fox 29 news" app. you can also watch our news streaming on your phone if you lose power. just search for it in the apple or google play store. we will be right back with good day philadelphia.
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studios, this is "good day philadelphia". fast and furious. where were you when this moved through? funnels, near philly, it is rare and a little bit scary. and now we're dealing with the damage. >> the storm so fears, it managed to flip over this car at the depford mall. >> well, you are going to see it eventually. that mall got slammed. >> yes, the mall was damaged so we'll take a look atmore incredible video from across the delaware vale. >> and get to go work by car bus or rail may be a problem this morning. patco is shutdown, and some septa lines are as well. but, don't worry bob kelly is here and of course, sue serio's here. that was video last night at 30th street station. it was a mess, it was a mess all over the place and this, what's this sound? you're going to be hearing this all day today. crank it up. >> chain saw! >> oh, we've got a lot of limbs to take care of today.
6:00 am
june the 24th, and the 23rd will be remembered for quite a while, sue serio. >> so we want you to send us your storm damage, use the #fox29goodday. seeing some incredible things this morning. >> a lot of people talking about funnel. but we have to wait to figure out if we towelly did have a tornado. >> right. one report of funnel that never touched down, somebody saw, bob kelly and i in separate houses were watching scott williams last night both decided, you know what, we will go to the basement. tornado warning in chester county at one pointy think around 4:30 in the afternoon and -- >> the alert came across my phone. i saw that, and i look outside. and i said, you know what, i think we better go to the base many. the tough thing is trying to keep the kids calm, dad why with we going to the basement, why stopping dinner and going it the base (. >> why don't we do this little bit later in the program? i grew up in kansas, where you're supposed to go down in the basement. a lot of people did it for the very first


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