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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 26, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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and, how many of them, hide money from each other. we will put a couple here on the beach. also this little girl, a fun day at the pool, right. >> somebody willing to shove you to the pool. >> always, every inning is will time. >> all right. and then we have jen. >> maybe. and then i'm officially retired from the ice cream business. i didn't do very well. you get ice cream in my hairy will freak out. the thing i am doggies i'm giving these moms something they always wanted, kid eating ice cream for breakfast. we will hang out next. but look at all these moms, i will be the moms most wanted because i bet the kid ice cream for broke fast.
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>> yes. >> we need to do the couples thing. >> yes couples. >> we have four couples that we will put to the test here. now, we will throw back to lauren. she will give us statistics about how many couples in america hide money from each other. why am i looking at the kids. >> yes. >> long way off for you guys. >> then we will see the stats. >> i will give you the info. experts say it is number one reason couples break up. we're talking about finances. according to a survey from fidelity investment, 43 percent of couples could not say how much their partner earn. 10 percent of that group was off by $25,000 or more. the report also suggested that couples worry more now about their retirement savings then ever before. but 36 percent disagreed on how much money they should invest in their future. researchers say that it is latest evidence that many couples, still are not on the same page when it comes to planning their financial future. so mike and alex, i hear you
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are putting four couples to the test. >> okay. let's start over here. lauren thanks for stats. about 45 percent of couples say they hide money from each other and they don't know. what do you do for a living. >> i'm an accountant. >> do you know how much he makes. >> not really. >> she doesn't. >> why don't you tell her. >> she does. >> she does. >> do you. >> i do. >> and you are not hiding money from each other. >> no, not really. >> do you every go out and buy stuff and put tonight different bags, like wal-mart bags. >> that is a good idea. >> gucci stuff and put tonight a wal-mart bag. >> you sound like you go begins the normal. >> alex. >> we have couples over here. >> is what your name. >> wendy and al. >> do you know how much your husband makes. >> approximately. >> yes. >> how come just approximately. >> i don't show her everything. >> are you hiding something.
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>> just a little. >> are you hiding something. >> i have a little stash. >> my mother told me you should have a stash just in case. >> rainy day is a wonderful thing and then she will surprise me with that cash. >> i know arlene has a secret stash. >> i do. >> i know about the stash. >> you have your own stash. >> no, it is all hers. >> in a safe, nice and secure. >> do you have a stash. >> no, i should. >> no, i hide all of the money. >> do you hide it from her. >> no, not from her from my grand kid my kids. >> that might be smart mike. >> well, i don't know. >> are you hiding something from a fiance, mike, some money. >> you know, i don't think she knows how much money i make and i don't know how much she makes. >> you never asked. >> i think i will ask her this weekend. >> hey everybody kids, do you want to take a walk.
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>> let's walk backup near lucy. hey folks you is it christine. >> caroline. >> caroline, like i said. >> so tell me about places to shop in margate. if you need a new set of shoes, like running shoes. >> you might be better one to ask than me. >> wenit witt a clothing and shoe store. >> cameo's is a good one for bathing suits. >> it is falling down. >> it is like tom brady's balloon, deflate gate. >> deflate gate in margate. >> by the way thank you for mazda, driving us to the beach, and look at this. >> what do you have. >> what is that? >> what is it? >> we came up. >> you know, welcome.
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>> thank you. >> people from florida here in margate. >> did you give away all of the gifts. >> no. >> we still have more gifts. >> people can still come outy need a smoothie. >> these are so good, california frozen yogurt, i love it. it makes healthy taste good. >> sure. >> now what are these. >> thinks called the brain teaser a and it has kail, carrots, apples, lemon and gingers. >> why do you call it the brain teaser. >> a little brain tease. >> would i be smarter if i drank it. >> well, what are those sandwiches. >> hold on, hold on. >> jalapeno and a salad here at ventnor avenue, of course, so go ahead, this is a all for you guys. >> what is this one, is that oranges. >> yes, it is a wheat wrap and
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it has orange, raisins chicken. >> this one has egg in it. >> that is a spinach salad wrap. >> what is that one. >> that is caesar. >> you know, some tuna there. >> sushi. >> a lot of varieties,. >> and quacamole. >> salads. >> i have been doing non-stop eating since we got out here. i love it. i love it. >> south of the border salad. >> where are you located. >> right here across the street in margate across from the fire department at 9213 ventnor avenue. >> sometimes we like to keep it healthy. >> i certainly like to keep it healthy. >> yeah, that looks real healthy. >> it is fun i chocolate here smells funny, what do you think. >> the icing doesn't even work. >> is that what you get. >> yes. >> what do you say hi.
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>> hi. >> wow kid. >> here you go, here's a doughnut for you. >> boom. what is going on, brother. >> man, you brought the whole crew out. >> yeah. >> we have two locationness margate on the corner of essex and ventnor and is there one at jefferson and ventnor. >> i know about you guys because i stayed down here one week went my friend david neff, he has a pr company in olde city, he goes i will go over to the hot bagels place. do you want to ride bikes. he took me to the one on the other side of town. we biked biked and it felt like i was in atlantic city. >> we have one in atlantic city. >> i was worn out. >> how many flavors. >> eighteen flavors of bagels. >> they are phenomenal. everything is hand rolled every day fresh bake daily. >> what time do you wake up. >> we wake up early.
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>> yes, our customers. >> it is good people in margate. >> yes. >> who wants a picture. >> this guy. >> hi, joel. >> hi. >> let's show him. >> look at you guys. >> yes. >> i'm mike. >> cool. >> i know you coal. >> hey. >> you guys look like surfers. >> yes. >> they really do. >> yes. >> what is this a class. >> it is a camp, whole week kind of program early in the morning, during the week, we have camps all morning nine to 11:00 and machine to wednesday we have camp from one to three. >> who is stacy. >> stacy is owner creator of this whole business, whole idea of stacy's surf cam top get kid out there and surf with them. >> they look like they know what they are doing. >> can i still come to this
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camp if i don't know anything about the surfing. >> that is the goal. >> teach them how to pop up. >> thinks a pop up for everyone watching, and you lay down on the board. >> kid, get on your board. >> ready to do a pop up. >> you get your hand on the side of the board. get your chest up on your feet. and then, get your feet under you, and then get up. and then, open your mouth while you are doing it. >> style point for that. >> it is a a snack for the ride. >> you need something to do out there. >> they look like they are out there. >> hardest parties the pop up, once you get pop up down you can surf right through it but hardest parties getting up. >> how can you tell when it is time, if i go out there and you need the wave coming you need to get the exact moment or second. >> when we teach the kid we usually tell them when to pop up. but you have to feel it. once we put you in the wave you can feel the wave start to take you. once you feel that moment that
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is when pop up and ride the wave the rest of the way in. >> how do we take lessons and how much is it. >> is there a web site. >> stacy's surf and she drives around in a big truck with her number on the side which i'm's not sure what the number is at the moment. >> stacy's surf camp three times room fast. >> how about sea shells by the sea shore. >> stacy's sells sea shells by the sees sees shore. >> fcc called and said be careful. >> i will show you a little piece of video speaking of water, and pools and swimming and stuff like. that we will play this and respond to it. little kid simply wanting to spend sometime in the pool.
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>> sometimes it is good not to have siblings. >> so true. >> nice little push. >> i do that to you mike. >> i know it. >> he shoved her right in the pool. >> tell stacy we said hello. >> is what a good surf term. >> hang loose. >> shocka. >> kind of like saying hello and a wave, how are you doing see you later. >> yes. >> okay. >> hey who are you guys with. >> is what up, brother you are back again. >> what is this. >> well, this is for you guys. this is beach sock. it is the planet's largest beach party and it was supposed to be tomorrow but because i didn't give sue serio a t-shirt and dance they have postponed it until the 11th of july. >> well, that is okay. >> it is a great day long event that starts at 7:30 in the morning with a paddle
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board race. thousands of people come. >> so it is like wood stock but at the beach. >> but at the beach. >> we have music all day too. two stages. one for all of the adults with the beer garden next to it. one for all of the kid on the other side with treasure hunts, magicians something for everyone. it happens all day long. 7:30 in the morning. >> right here. >> between grand villain huntington avenue, four blocks up. you won't miss it. there will be flags, kites, everything. >> 14,000 people is hard to miss. >> and it is a great volleyball competition. >> yes. >> hi. >> are you a pro. >> lou like you know what you are doing. >> is what key to beach volleyball. it seems like it is hard on your butt and your legs. >> agility for sure, speed. >> it hurts my wrist. >> no, no no. >> we will see you july 11th.
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>> beach stock. >> we have some shirts for you guys. >> thank you. the sign on the front of the table here. >> who is in charge. >> i am is it you. >> yes. >> how are you lou. >> good to see you. >> where is boca. >> it is on ventnor avenue and margate. we're all locals down on that end. thinks more like tourist area. >> we're tourist. >> yes. >> you are stopping by. >> we're happy to be here. >> how long have you been around. >> three years. >> we opened up, a place and we have made three restaurants in one a pizza joint doughnuts. >> it smells good. >> wow. >> i love scallops. >> atlantic city is where they come from, day boat scallops. a a lot of people when you go out in cherry hill, philadelphia they are not that big. >> i love this. >> are these on shells.
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>> yes. >> my gosh. >> what is on the top. >> that is a sauce which is like a french butter sauce. >> is that bacon i see. >> i love me some bacon. >> keep it healthy put bacon on it. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> my gosh. >> that is nod about ad. >> how long have you been around. >> three years. >> we have pizza to gourmet. that is our roast pork sandwich if you want to take a bite out of that. we have different ones there. >> don't you you have music too. >> we do. >> are you opened tonight. >> yes. >> what does boca mean. >> not in italian. >> hi, i'm mike, mike boca. >> yes. >> we will take a bite too. >> yes sue come get some food. >> in a minute, but we have to give folks their weather for the weekend as they are having a ball, here. we will go to the tall a ships forecast because it is the same forecast for all of us for weekend.
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it isn't every weekend we have these magnificent vessels in town. we will get a chance of a round of rain drops to enjoy that. today 78 degrees occasional showers, but also occasional sunshine. tomorrow it is not so much, we have rain in the forecast on and off throughout the evening, it gets heavy so high of 27 saturday. seventy-five on sunday. it will be clearing up by the afternoon on sunday but we will be left with windy conditions but at least it should dry out and wind in the sales of the tall ships so whatever you are doing including coming to the beach it looks like a pretty decent afternoon on wednesday. we will say second half is better than first half, saturday may be your go to the movies day because we could get quite a bit of rain on saturday night. that is how it looks here on the beach but hope you have rain gear with you all weekend long. there is your forecast. mike and alex, are you finish
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eating yet? i don't think so. >> we're over here. >> we're wait over here, sue. >> here comes tom beck. >> running to the stand with his camera. >> can you see it. >> there is a camera behind you. >> i love it. look at tom beck running with his camera. >> such athletism. >> this colorful place right by lucy the elephant and it is called el s cheese stake. >> does lucy own this place the elephant. >> i would think so. >> let's go in. >> let's go in. >> they have water ice too. >> you can step up to the window here too. >> come on kid. >> hello, is what your name. >> jackie. >> jackie. people just come up to the window and get whatever you want. >> thinks el's, located between the beach and lucy the elephant which is a perfect prime spot. we have breakfast food, the world's best cheese steaks and, of course, on a hot day
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what is bet are than water ice. >> you said world's best what makes your cheese stake so great. >> it is love that goes into it, you guys have to try it. >> okay, mike. >> may i talk to you. >> hello. >> he put a apron on and a hair net. >> we have a lot of flavors too. >> we have water melon man go which is my favorite, check late, green apple and what better than water ice on a hot summer day. >> i like cherry, do you have cherry. >> i think i have cherry in the back. >> how many flavors do you have. >> tons of flavors whatever you want. >> beside this cheese stake. >> in the morning afternoon we have tons of food between breakfast and lunch and dessert too. >> so we have the beach here, we have lovely cheese steaks what we need next is music. lets go to the band over here then. they have been playing all
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morning. you guys have been dancing right. enjoying it. so dylann maguire band. i love all of their sound. hey, guys, i'm coming over to you. you have been playing great music for us all morning. how long have you guys been together. how long have you been together. >> we have been together for six or seven years i have been playing with doug on drums steve on base, bill just joined us a couple months ago. >> this is dylann. >> the lead singer. >> yes. >> what kind of music do you do all kind of stuff. >> classic rock, alternative dinner. we have original music. >> we have two albums available on dylann >> is what the name of your latest one. >> it is called gravity or lack thereof. >> i like that. >> thank you. >> good friend of mine pointed on you the that the songs had a lyric alcon tenth about flying, or about and i came up with the title gravity or
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maybe not gravity. >> i know another guy floating around mike back there. >> i'm floating i'm floating. >> do you want to play something. >> what are you going to play. >> unis i 71. >> all right. >> well, thank you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ >> lucy is kind of in the sky. i for got what we were going to do. what are we go to go do? yeah, i know. it is an elephant show. i have a lot in mize trunk. okay. so alex has never been in lucy which used to be a hotel. alex, have you started your trip in yet i see you. >> hi mike i cannot hear you a at all but i'm excited to
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finally go up in lucy. rich will take me. he has a shirt on. we're ready. he is ceo of lucy. >> let's go up. >> how long will it take to go up. >> a couple second. >> i cannot had hear you but we're going this way see i don't know where i am going. >> we're going this way. this is entrance in the world. >> under lock and key. >> do you see these stairs. so we are going up. >> it is tight in here. i can see why mike didn't want to do this. >> how many steps. >> twenty-five into her belly. >> so there are some myths when it comes to lucy, people told me they said this used to be a hotel. >> lucy was never a hotel. >> no, she was not. elephant hotel was structure here in the early 1900's on the same site as lucy. it came down in the great hurricane of 1944 and never rebuilt. it was called elephant hotel. it is gone. she really never was a elephant. >> but i have to tell you it
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is pretty open. we are trying to find a window, where can we go so they can see us. >> we can go up top. >> let's keep going, we have more steps to go. now do these steps count in the original count you gave me. >> can we go up the back. >> we sure can. >> it is like a maze. >> how many space is in her belly. >> 150 square feet. we can hold up to a hundred people here for private parties. >> 150. >> how many parties do you have a year. >> a couple dozen. we have our first bar mivah in lucy's history. >> people said lucy has moved around a lot. >> lucy was born in 1881, two blocks away on cedar grove avenue. moved here in july of 1970. >> she has been here ever since. >> it is beautiful. >> now we have to find mike. >> mike is over there. >> mike. >> i'm over there.
9:26 am
>> there he is. >> hey. >> i see you. >> we made it. >> my goodness what a journey. >> it was fun lieutenant of fun. >> you should come on up, mike. >> the staircase is in the leg and up the butt. >> it goes around her butt in her belly and up her side saddle. >> we call her the paper in the butt. >> mike is spinning right there. >> we're 56 feet high up. >> we are 65 feet up. >> hi, everybody. >> hi, margate hello, hello. >> i'm the queen of the world. >> we will take a two minute break and coming right back. >> saturday juliett event. >> birthday party soon.
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>> i don't know what shot we have on the out sigh, if you've ever been in margate you know this place. >> greenhouse. >> what's your name again? >> jacky. >> ii was accosting you on the beach little while ago. >> yes, both together. >> is that right? what you are talking about l's right over there that place we were just in, high shall everybody what's up? this is a good place to people watch. isn't it? >> i love talk see out. >> yes, how packed does this patio get in the summer? >> so many things that you can get, mike. >> do you have pizza? >> definitely pizza our top story, so hard to choose from all of the options in our
9:31 am
menu. >> wraps, clam bar. >> not only pizza also fine dining, kind of ultimate casino experience here. >> wasn't this place a speak easy back in the day? >> , it was? you went around? >> i wasn't around, over 30 years we've been own here, but redid this deck and the particular i deck also. >> what's cool, looking at lucy. >> yes. >> people watch out here. >> and clone it when it rains cold windy open until 2:00 a.m. >> what's the sign? >> stay out here until 2:00 a.m.? >> dining crowd, and then they leave, then younger crowd comes out and parties. >> what happens out here on the deck? you take this and talk.
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>> it is a family kind of dining experience, and then, also on the teak i out here, this is where the party goes down. >> where the party goes down out on the particular i deck. i know, so this is where the night crowd comes out and as you can see right on the beach. >> we are definitely on vacation right now. >> look at the palm trees of course our rum buckets, the number one thing people drink. >> toll our rum buckets sundays, everyone comes up to grab. >> see the water? my goodness. >> look at the palm trees right on the water. >> beautiful. >> didn't have beach view. >> here is the other deck.
9:33 am
>> are you open tonight? >> open tonight. >> come get a rum bucket. >> be sure you can hang until 2:00 a.m.? >> rum bucket? >> a bucket of rum? i would never leave. >> how big is the bucket? >> get this, five to six shots of rum either share it, drink it, all by yourself. that's way too many. >> do you have a good police department here in margate? >> real friendly with them. put it that way. >> see you in about two.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪
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♪ ♪ take your dog to work day. this is a national holiday apparently. >> yes, it is. >> hi, doggy. what's that dog's name? >> couper. >> cooper is waiving back to us. >> hey, cooper. see the dude standing behind couper? >> that's david. >> he has neff and associates there in old city. take your dog to work day. so he put a go pro on some of the dogs in their office over there, in old city. >> to follow them around? now we'll see what they see. >> that's i guess what a dog sees running around. what are they anything? specially in the offers? dot dogs get any work done at all? it was a dog day afternoon. that's cute. that's great. >> dog days of summer. >> summer. >> because you're the number one stunner. >> that's you, that is you.
9:38 am
>> loving margate. having great time. >> is it your birthday. >> it is my birthday. >> get over here, woman. >> she has a crown on because she is a princess. >> i am a princess. happy birthday, where do you work? >> grill. >> can someone shut off mike's jen, please? do you hang out here in margate sometimes? >> yes. >> down here. >> so you chose to spend your birthday morning with us? >> yes. >> oh, we love that. >> happy birthday. >> thank you so much. i watch you guys every day. >> there is a cake over here, from what is it, steven cookies? >> steven cookies. >> high shall everybody. what's going on? good to see you. >> that's right. how are you? >> everybody looks all good and relaxed out here. >> her parent used to hang out at the greenhouse, then dump her over on lucy the elephant for five sent, watch out and then would drink. and the babysitter was basically lucy. >> well, lucy has a lot of jobs here. >> hi, guys. are you the beach patrol?
9:39 am
who are you with? oh, look at these handsome guys. >> oh, there you go. >> here we go. >> always starting something. >> what's going on? >> hello. >> generator? >> come on over here. what do you guys do? >> lifeguards in margate, new jersey. >> hey good, how are you? >> morning. >> who are you these dudes? >> new rookies they all pass lifeguard test, they came out in the top four. and we're doing our rookie training this week to get them ready for the summer. >> what's rookie training entail? >> rowing, swimming, running paddle boarding, observing the beach, ems emt medical training cpr. >> how long does it take to do all of those tests in. >> condensed weak version of it but throughout the summer showing the roams in's and outs. >> what's it take to being a good lifeguard? >> watching the water. >> but it has to be hard with so many people in the water all at one time? >> that's what they are learning, learning the roams
9:40 am
thousand watch the water the correct way. >> let's finds out who these dudes are. >> john bethel from mainlands. >> okay. >> gianni, from eht. >> cool. >> nelson from ventnor. >> look like a lifeguard or what? >> brad chris if from atlantic city. >> have you four guys ever thought about starting a boy band? >> they do look like they could be a boy band. >> can you do -- never mind. >> but to be little more serious, a lot of people this summer talking about a lot of the shark sitings, hearing about, when it comes to that, what do you guys watch for in the water? >> well, of course we watch the water, you know, constantly 10:00 to 6:00. look for any and norm tal at this, watch around the peers jetties. >> in myrtle beach we say dark spot, school of fish, may not be good thing to be swimming this that area. >> see anything abnormal i would notify your lifeguards or just take precautions. >> okay. >> check this guy out. oh man.
9:41 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> oh, lord. do you guys know him? >> yes that's bunch our lieutenants, john told around. >> good lord. >> you know what, if i was drowning, i would want him to come save me. >> good to see you. >> your name? >> john tolland. >> take it east. >> i you'll break your hand, mike. >> is that from swimming? >> this is all natural beef right here, grade a prime beef. absolutely. absolutely. >> good to see you man. >> thank you very much, thank you. >> hello. >> that's our great chief up there. >> i think we found jen. >> hi, chief. all hail to the chief. >> he scares me. >> all right, jim, where are you? i can sense you're near us? >> yes, i went right by you guys because i saw my two friends, jack and henry from last year, weaver to say hi to their mom annie who is a rock star. cameron is my new buddy taking me out there, we will go paddle boarding but in the surround in. >> it will be pretty rough today. it will be fun. >> it will be fun and chilly,
9:42 am
so come on back. sue serio on the beach and talk us through it, guys, good to see you again. ready to leave sticky sunscreens behind? new neutrogena cooldry sport. micromesh technology lets sweat pass through and evaporate so skin stays comfortable, while clinically proven protection stays on. new cooldry sport. neutrogena.
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>> nice to see you! >> o beautiful ankle bracelet. >> on top.
9:45 am
>> you're on tv right now. >> don't worry nobody's watching. hype folks. >> general fred. >> basically, just going to push me out cam's going to push me out and then we will hope for the best, expect this. >> you have got this girl. >> okay, here we go. >> thank you thank you. >> stay stacey, watch jen what's going on. this is really good exercise. >> excellent exercise, for your core, your whole body, do you have balance. >> take a look. >> so, cameron will get her out now getting through the surf little dangerous, so we will make sure she gets safely through the surf. and then -- >> how far out do you have to be for this?
9:46 am
>> where the waves are surround every the board but won't do that. >> surfing -- >> balance, paddle board. >> okay. >> but we're going to work on just getting her out there and balancing on the board. >> how young do you take people at surf camp? >> start them at five. >> jane is little older than five. >> i get them 60, six a all ages yes. >> i am credible recalling now what are they doing? >> get being reds toy stands up. get her standing. >> what happened next? okay. >> okay? >> she got upright away. >> okay.
9:47 am
>> and today is a rough day. >> she'll do great. >> all right, so they'll try to do it again. what's the objective. >> and just balance you on the board is a work out. >> whole bod. >> i core. >> all the way up. >> stomach in, do all of that, all right. so now -- oh, that's it. >> oh, it would be better if she was surfing. >> we start them in the bay. a lot calmer in the bay. >> for the paddle board. >> a lot start in the bay. it is a lot easier. >> how, who is teaching her throughout? >> that's cameron, one of my instructors. >> okay. >> great, great guy. >> how long have you had this surf camp? >> i've done for eight years and fourth year with the paddle boards.
9:48 am
>> how long have you been surfing yourself. >> about ten years. i started as an adult yes. >> good for you. >> i started as an adult. >> what a testament! >> you even get these -- oh, now, here we go. >> okay? >> looks like little bit after lull here between waves. >> so mike alex, what do you think? this is her third time up. i think she will make it this time. >> oh, yes she working it. >> on her knees. >> jen jen, jen jen! >> (cheers). >> that's great. >> oh, she is looking good out there. >> and she's still up.
9:49 am
>> still up. >> okay, let's not press our luck. >> you know, some people have been asking, mike. oh oh, just went down. >> people have been asking, where's your speedo? you said yesterday you would be out here in a speedo. oh no. my gosh. >> are you ready? >> no, i don't think so. >> oh, my gosh. oh oh! oh, no, no, no, no. we don't need to see that. don't need to see that. we will we'll push you. >> nothing to see here folks. >> nothing at all, nothing at all. >> did you hear her? she said that was a disappointment. >> oh, where is the love, margate? >> goodness gracious. >> all right, on that note, we're taking a break. and we're coming right back. >> you need a break. it is okay. we still love you. >> i'm having a breakdown.
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>> can i predict, that that would happen at exactly 10:00 when we were done. >> the sun will come out at so. >> bet your bottom dollar that at 10:00 there will be sun ♪ ♪ >> i have a quiz, you ready for a quiz? margate, are you ready? >> forks magazine put out this list, of the celebrity couple that both have to be celebrities, couple up. hi doggy.
9:54 am
who made the most money over the last 12 month now start your guests -- guess. >> who is the first? >> kim kardashian and kanye west. >> that's one guess. >> kim and kanye. >> jay-z and beyonce. >> i like that guess good one. >> top five. >> calvin hash is. >> oh, you gave it to her. >> yes. >> harris. >> i'm helping over her out. >> ii knew where she was going. she right. >> taylor swift, and calvin hear us. >> yes. >> all right? smarty pant. >> what does calvin do for a living? >> is he a dj? >> that's right. >> 's dj. >> you're so hip. >> look at you. >> i love you the most, alex. >> give nerve -- give her a hug, mike. >> okay, i'll hold it. >> oh, ya. now, he is engaged.
9:55 am
just saying. >> oh, my goodness. >> of two kids? >> what are our kids names? >> my daughter's name is tigan and my son's name is sethand. >> mom's miss behaving. >> but did i tell my husband to record this. >> oh, lord. >> he is watching right now. >> i'll watch it first. >> what is he like, a big policeman or something? >> no, you're safe. >> oh. oh poor husband. >> are you all right? >> i am in a. >> see? i don't even know, my make up -- >> you look great. >> you're going in the water. i have to admit i was not prepared. like surfing with a paddle. >> you thought you were going to be in the bay. >> i did. >> on the other side. >> but you took on those
9:56 am
waves, girlfriends. >> notice my instructor cameron also did it? >> yes. >> he said, this is how it works on live television. every time we try to go surfing, no waves we want to go paddle boarding, waves. that's how it works. >> but you made it look easy, though. >> thank you very much. like hiding over there. >> temperature, i am going to push in you. >> no, no. >> shrink and. >> take your shoes off. >> your lavender shoes. >> little chilly. sue, do you have a water ocean temperature for me? >> about 66, 67 degrees, it will feel like. >> sure did. >> let me tell you! >> love the wing lash. >> weany? >> take your dog to work day. so oh, doxin. cute. waist the doggy's name? >> daniel. he is a rescue. >> oh, good for you.
9:57 am
>> i do want to say one thing about stacey's surf camp, i don't know where stasis, i have friends in the suburbs they bring their kids down to do it on child size, you should do it next time. >> i don't know if i'm brave enough. >> instructors are great. i i feel like they don't push the kids. if a child isn't ready grown up person isn't ready they're really really cool about not making you feel weird. >> as we close here in margate, does margate have a song, a theme song anything? we need the right -- we need to write one. >> how about magical margate? no? >> magical margate ♪ ♪ >> magical lucy. >> oh, like that. >> ♪ ♪ i'll be adventurous. >> down the shore ♪ ♪ >> with lucy. >> hey, thanks for having us, margate. >> we love you margate. it's been so much fun. let's say good-bye to the fans here. bye to the fans. see you monday, everybody.
9:58 am
♪ ♪ i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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