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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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detectives are trying to track down the killer of this 85-year-old woman here inside her east mt. airy home. 85-year-old regina bruner found dead inside the first floor bedroom this morning. investigators say the woman who has lived here for decades was beaten stabbed and her throat was slash. bruner's 2007 silver toyota was also reported missing from her driveway. police were called to the stone rancher in the 300 block of rumford road earlier today for welfare check but when police arrived, they found bruner's lifeless body inside that bedroom. there was no signs of forced entry, and it is not clear how long she had been there. but sources tell us they had seen her on saturday night. she has obviously -- this has shaken this neighborhood a very quiet neighborhood. including friends who say bruner was full of life. she was active and a fixture in this community.
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>> she's like one of those older people who were just like living life and she got to be 89 and someone cut her throw. i don't get it. it's just us rages much it's sad and it's outrageous. >> reporter: homicide investigators say they do not have a motive at this point. they say her house was not ransacked and there was no signs of force the entry. right now all they have going is they want to try to find that silver 2007 toyota with a pennsylvania license plate pd pd1402x. they also tell us they're talking with bruner's son and homicide detectives right now trying to come up with any leads to find a killer to 85-year-old regina bruner. guys? >> all right, chris, thank you. thousands of residents in gloucester county are still feeling the effects of last tuesday's powerful storm. about 2800 people still without power. it's got electric crews working
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around the clock clearing all those trees and repairing power lines. our shawnette wilson is live in gibbstown tonight. shawnette a long six day for those still in the dark. >> it has been. can you imagine? several trees are still down in this neighborhood and driving in we did see utility companies and tree services out but take a look behind me. you can see the trees uprooted from last week's storm are still down and crews have been up in buckets near power lines trying to move very large trees. now, in the area crews are working but we also noticed still quite a bit of power lines affected by fallen trees. that of course caused this week long problem for some people who still do not have power. atlantic city electric says it has assigned crews to all remaining outages. we also learned that pse&g the state's largest utility company is sending 100 workers to help out atlantic city electric. those additional crews will be here tomorrow morning all around south jersey i'm told. meanwhile people still without power are losing comfort, food and most of all patience.
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>> i've done my part. i've tried really hard to make sure i made all the right calls to the right people. taken care of my mom who's by herself in the house with my sister. so we're just checking on each other and trying to get through as a community. as far as the politicians helping us, haven't seen a whole lot state level wise. >> reporter: and so efforts are somewhat few till. we had that storm over the weekend saturday into sunday and that hampered crews efforts to try to get out. it slowed down the progress to get power back on. also utility companies point out when you get that kind of rain it continues to weaken the soil and also trees. so you could see more limbs falling which of course poses a threat of more power going out. but of course we're hoping for the best as more crews arrive here in south jersey tomorrow morning. back to you. >> yes, we are, shawnette. while a lot of people are still cleaning up, the weather isn't giving them much of a break. chief meteorologist scott williams is outside our studios looks great right now scott the
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last thing these folks need to here is more storms. >> reporter: that's certainly right, lucy, good evening. it's beautiful right now. clean up continues across the area. folks are still without power however, there is another storm off to the west that could impact us come tomorrow. let's talk about the temperatures right now much it's comfortable, 81 degrees. that's our high temperature. look at the humidity. only at 38%. look at the temperatures area wide. 77 in lancaster. we have 78 degrees in atlantic city. and look at that humidity. very comfortable area wide in the upper 30s philadelphia. and millville and atlantic city we're looking at 48%. so if you're stepping outdoors it's going to be pretty comfortable for the overnight as well. when i come indoors the timing of that system that could bring some strong and severe storms our way. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. if you're still without power a local grocery store chain is stepping in to help out. acme is offering thunderstorm power outage discounts to any customers through tomorrow. all acne supermarket stores will offer a 5% coupon to those
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impacted by the recent storms. we've post add link so you can get the coupon on our website at just look under seen on tv section. even if you don't have power the fox 29 news app is always there to help you out. you can get weather and news alerts sent right to your phone and the app is free. just search for in the apple and google play stores. >> shoot tag west philadelphia cook out has this guy in police custody now. police say dominic lamar turned himself in this afternoon. lamar is part of the incident that sprayed the crowd with bird shot from a shotgun on the 4100 block of ogden street. it hit 10 people. police are still looking foreman named can i lee harley. >> sink hole on a city street has folks dialing 911 actually 311 over and over again. residents say the city's patch job has only made a bad problem worse and driving them nuts. they're so frustrated they've turned to fox 29 to get results. and so our bruce gordon is in point breeze. bruce, quite a distraction for drivers.
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>> reporter: yeah, i've seen obstructions of all kinds on philly streets but this was frankly unique and the folks here on the 2100 block of moore street reached out to us when they decided somebody had to, well, kick the bucket. long-time earl jones looks at the plastic bucket mashed into the asphalt in the middle of his block and wonders about that papal visit to philadelphia this september. >> don't let the pope see that. (laughter). >> want the pontiff to see how we live around him or take him in the rich neighborhood. >> reporter: jones says the philadelphia streets department paved over a sink hole 2100 block of moore street a couple of months ago. but the asphalt soon began to sink win days a new hole developed so someone tried to help. >> i think the bucket was put there to let people know that there was a hole there not to ride in it. >> reporter: but in time flat the bucket was flat, mash into the asphalt by vehicles driving
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over it. now, cars and trucks even straddle the mess or have to veer around it. >> eventually someone is going to get hur. >> reporter: jones says he and his neighbors have called the city's 311 hotline repeatedly to no effect. he's fed up with the streets department. >> we'll fill it up, it looks nice. we'll go. now you got a bucket there. what else you going put there later? a person? >> reporter: high scene enough. i snapped some photos of the buck. sent them to the streets department. a repair crew was on the scene within an hour or so. they ripped the bucket from the street then filled the remaining hole with dirt and rock. then barricaded the sight to warn motorists. late in the afternoon more good news. the streets department e-mailed me to promise they will be out next week to fill the hole properly and complete the repaving. mr. jones' reaction -- >> and i thank you again. boy, that was fast. why couldn't we have just did that from the jump street fixed right and we wouldn't have to go
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through this? >> reporter: that's a good question. we're happy we could move the process along. schedule for the streets department to be out here to finish the job next week. we will be watching, iain. >> nice job bruce. >> camden police on alert after a string of sexual assaults along the broadway corridor. police releasing this sketch of a man they believe is behind the assaults. latest incident happening around 6:30 thursday when that police say this man force add woman behind a dumpster and then sexually assaulted her behind broadway lounge on the 500 block of spruce street. he hit and killed 18-year-old lacrosse star the one conviction a jury just hasn'ted upper darby man driving under the influence. jury roars found jonathan vander horse guilty in the january 2014 crash that killed donte dee simmon. vander horse was driving his truck when he lost control jumped a curb hit and killed dee sim moan. 18-year-old was hanging out with friends mcdonald's at that time. jurors veered vander horse of the most serious charges of
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homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence. aggravated assault while driving under the influence. vander horse now faces six months in prison and his sentencing is july 10th. do the time and pay the crime. tonight inmates could be giving back to their victim. >> not everyone is force it. tonight the people who say this should not happen. >> united, delta shuttle america and crown airlines all pull out. what's left of one local airport? the reason the answer is not much. howard? >> the phillies they finally have a new president but he won't take over right away. hear from andy mcfail and what happens to the general manager ruben amaro. hear from ruben amaro as welcoming up in sports.
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>> in in plane that crashed in massachusetts after refueling in lancaster, pennsylvania, a family. planeville massachusetts police say the pilot was joseph callister, his wife betty and their daughter nicole. the family lived in knoxville tennessee.
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minutes before the crash the pilot calmly told an air traffic controller he had lost engine power and was gliding. >> the plane come over the neighbor's house. the end jenn was sputtering making noise. that's what caused me to turn around. it bang hard left and followed the street. i thought it was going to try to land on the street. >> the medical examiner has to make positive identification much the family inside the homemade it out unharmed despite the fire. callisters were headed to boston for their daughter's college orientation. some criminals may have to pay back victims from behind bars. a bill quickly moving through the legislation that make that happen in pennsylvania. not everyone thinks it's a good idea. fox 29's weekend anchor bill anderson joins us live from the newsroom with more on the debate debate. bill, how would this all work? >> basically lucy montgomery county legislator is tired of inmates earning money and receiving gift money before they pay back people that they victimize. if this pending bill passes
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senate the state may stop asking for restitution and just take it. ♪ >> new bill in harrisburg has some people wondering whether inmates should have what they call luxuries while the people they victimized are left to do without. house bill 1089 would make inmates pay 25% of their earnings and 50% of any money put into their prison account by friends and family to pay back the victims of their crime. the bill sponsor says this isn't just a no brainer. >> before we allow inmates to go ahead and buy television in the prison commissary we ought to make sure they've repaid their victims the restitution they owed. >> social media and prisoner advocates aren't as clear on this bill. many seem to think that taking away money from friends and family give for basic necessities is just too harsh of a punishment. >> when family members send money to their -- to they loved ones that money is meant for
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them to buy and be able to care for themselves. >> reporter: they also question if the bill punishes friends and family members much more than it punishes the actual prisoner. >> really what you're doing is making it hard on the familyies. that's what you're doing. you're being tough on familyies who are presently living in poverty themselves that scraping up a couple of dollars to send to they loved ones. this legislation is not hard on prisoners. this legislation is hard on families. >> reporter: representative stephens acknowledges some of the money would come from family and friends. but to put it bluntly he's much more concerned about the victims of the crime. >> i don't think inmate should benefit from those dollars before the victim is repaid. >> reporter: now not surprising social media is evenly split between people who support the bill and people who think taking money from loved ones goes too far. but we want to know from our viewers think. they can leave their comments on our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly.
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iain we'll keep you informed if and when the bill passes. >> all right, bill, thank you. there's one less airline to choose from at the new castle airport. frontier airlines has pull out of the airport nearly two years after its first flight from delaware. the company says it didn't make any money but they say if conditions change they could be doing business back in delaware again. united dell tan us airways all come and gone. >> fox 29 weather authority right now. absolutely fabulously gorgeous day though a little cool for you maybe. >> a little bit. i'd love to see 90s but everyone out there loves it. i'm not going to say it was a bad day. >> it was 5 degrees below average. >> there you go. >> it was cooler than we shall are for this time of year. the high made it up to 81 degrees but it's been comfortable stepping outdoors. the normal this time of year is 86. look at the record. 102 degrees set back in 1934. so that is definitely safe. the sun will set this evening shortly after 8:30. get outdoors and enjoy. you can see it's comfortable. 81 right now.
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look at that humidity. only at 38%. unheard of really for this late in june. as we take look at the temperatures right now it's 78 in allentown. 77 in lancaster as well as pottstown. upper 70s millville, atlantic city so beautiful area wide. tomorrow we might have to watch out for a few gusty thunderstorms some of which could be strong to severe. we'll talk about that in a moment. the humidity builds each and every day this week as well then for the fourth of july looking ahead. there might be a few scattered showers and storms just keep that in mind but does it not look like a wash out whatsoever. as we take look at sat right and radar we're dry and quiet. high pressure has been in control but off to the west, you can see some nasty showers thunderstorms, severe weather actually as we take a look you can see southern sections of ohio right now tornadoes watch boxes posted there. a couple of tornado warnings actually as well as severe thunderstorm warnings. so this energy will head in our direction tomorrow afternoon and evening. you can see the areas
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highlighted in yellow. primarily west of philadelphia. we have the threat for some gusty winds or some hail with any of those thunderstorms that develop during the heat of the day tomorrow. so as we roll the clock ahead it's dry and quiet to start. the humidity starts to build. some breaks in the clouds. and then you can see by lunch time, far north and west we'll be watching a broken line of showers and thunderstorms approach the philadelphia area. but once again, most of the showers and storms are going to stay to the west of us throughout the day. south jersey it's fine as well as most of delaware. it's not really until about five 6:00 o'clock when some of the activity tries to move toward the philadelphia i-95 corridor sparing once again most of south jersey and delaware with tomorrow's system. but once again, some of those storms could be on the gusty side of things. so temperatures tonight it's 60 in the burbs. mid 60s in the city. fair skies it will be quiet and still pretty comfortable. tomorrow the humidity build as bit temperatures top out in the mid 80s. that's pretty average for this time of year but once again some
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of those storms could develop west of the area during the heat of the day. as we preview the up coming weekend down the shore, for the holiday, looking pretty good. temperatures upper 70s low 80s. there might be a pop-up shower or storm on the fourth of july water temperatures now climbing into the low 70s. as we look at that seven day forecast, it looks a little unsettled and ominous but once again not widespread coverage of the showers and storms. mainly pop-up and mainly during the heat of the day and as we move ahead to the fourth of july in philadelphia, a high of 86 degrees. that humidity really starts to ramp up though sunday into monday. it's going to be more like iain weather with temperatures shopping out right around 90 degrees. no heat waves this week and pop up showers and storms during the heat of the day. >> all right. sounds good. >> for warned. >> all right. hey, howard. >> a warning, all right. the phillies, they made news today even though the first team to get to 50 losses. they have a new president and ce
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ceo. andy mc phail and he talks about the direction of the phillies. hear from mc phail and finally one of the owners john middleton spoke about the decision and with all of that and the changes that will come what happens to the general manager? i spoke to ruben amaro about his concern for his job security. that's coming up in sports.
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those file lease they made move. they hired a new president and ceo it hasn't been a secret andy mc phail former minute money gm in '86 and former president of the cubs and the baltimore oriole. announced today at a news conference he will take over at the end of the season but will be here and get his feet wet and observe. he's been out of baseball since 2011 the announcement was made today by one of the owners john middleton who seems to have taken the lead with the two other partners that still remain in the group. and mc phail said all the right things. >> i really have to applaud this organization with the path that its taken recently. i think it's the right path. i think any team that really kind of devotes themselves to a rebuild gets rewarded in the end. if you stick with it and you go by that scenario you ultimately will be rewarded what doesn't work if you have a change of strategy every two years. we believed it was important to find someone who would work for different owners under different
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economic circumstances, under different financial constraints and using different personnel because a person who met all those criteria is somebody who shown his ability to think an captain to changing circumstances. >> i want to applaud the phillies much the first get to 50 losses this season. they are number one in something something. >> pat gillick said pete mccannan will remain the interim manager through thursday. boy, i don't understand that. but no word after that and the biggest question for fans is what happens to general manager ruben amaro at the end of the season when he will be evaluated. i asked ruben his level of concern. >> what i worry about is making sure we get our organization back to where it needs to be when it was in the mid two thousands and um, that's the most important thing to moore. i am, you know bullish about where we are. where we started this rebuilding process and i'm looking forward to working with andy and pat and others to get, you know continue that ball rolling. and today former flyers
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defenseman chris pronger has a new title. he will be hof hall of fame. he was selected today for induction with three other players. i don't understand why pete mccann nan can't be the manager the rest of the year. pat gillick says nothing any more and ruben obviously i think he's in trouble at the end of the year serious trouble a new president always brings in his people. >> kind of like our business. >> yes. (laughter). >> take long time for them though. >> exactly. >> they have a long way to go. >> be sure to tune in tonight for fox 29 news at 10:00. wedding photographer comes out in support of same sex marriage and it costs him a client. what he did next that has hundreds of couples lining to higher him. ultimate message of love that's coming up tonight at 10:00. >> and that does it for us here at 6:00 o'clock on this gorgeous evening. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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you're fired! >> nbc severs all ties with donald trump. >> is this the end of the miss usa pageant? and it's over! cheers as the prison escape nightmare comes to an end. keep sprinkling the pepper. >> did the escapees really use pep tore throw hunting dogs off their trail? then, she's back! janet jackson's big return. >> my heart is so full. plus -- >> there's a bear on my car! >> grizzly bear! he's trying to get into the car. then, he almost ripped his finger off. jimmy fallon's injury. it's worse


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