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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the north. they moved south and they just took down everything in its path. you can see these tree limbs down in a cemetery here. work crews are cleaning up today today. a big cleanup today and and probably even tomorrow and the neck day for some people. the sounds of downed trees being cut up and removed from streets and yards echoing through coply and much of white howl township today. this after wicked weather whipped that was here yesterday afternoon. >> glad i wasn't in the car. >> reporter: glad i was because this huge tree in bill's yard on ninth street came crashing down right on top of his work vehicle. >> i guess the power of the wind hard to imagine that it can just snap something off at the curb like that. good sized tree. you look around you can see there's awful lot of damage in the area. >> reporter: 15-year-old taylor who lives right across the street was home alone when she heard the winds how long and then got an alert on her phone. >> they said there was a tornado warning and then i saw like the clouds comeing and all of a sudden it just hit and it was
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bad. >> reporter: and scary. >> i didn't have service i couldn't call anyone mine power was out. i was freaking out. >> reporter: not too far away on willow street the same scene. trees snapping in half or pulled right from their roots. >> whatever it was that went through was strong. broke all the trees down and then right after that we started getting hail. it was something. >> reporter: next door neighbor dorothy's property took a direct hit. >> we in very scary wind, you know very hard wind. and very dark cloud coming down. >> reporter: dorothy and her neighbors are convinced it was a tornado. >> i think so because of the noise. the noise that it made like that humming, that loud humming sound. >> that's what i'm thinking because first time i saw something like that. >> reporter: now the national weather service did have a team here in lehigh county today and they did not find any evidence that a tornado hit.
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they said it was straight line winds but they certainly packed a powerful punch. iain. >> they sure did, dawn, thank you. whatever came through yesterday certainly create add lot of damage across the area. the national weather service already confirming a twister hit chester county. here's some of the damage roof curled up, torn right off a home mangled. other homes have damage that look like this. trees are down, fences knocked over. an homeowner we talked with actually saw the tornado heading his way. >> we could see it the debris from this area being sucked up into the funnel and then redistributeed. >> pretty scary. >> not every day you get that close to a tornado. >> national weather service says the damage shows the winds that ripped through the area were swirling. meteorologists looked at what happened four homes in honey brook before calling yesterday's weather event a tornado. >> septa has restored service to paoli thorndale line. downed wires had down service for hours this morning. everything is not back to normal though you may have delays as long as 20 minutes in each
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direction. so you're for warned on that. storms knock out septa's airport and wilmington newark lines. they are up and running again. so yes the storms behind septa's headaches and passengers headaches this morning. chief meteorologist scott williams out enjoying the beautiful weather though a day later in old city. scott, we're all just hoping that we can see a few days without any severe weather. it look like that is exactly what's going to happen, dawn over the neck several days. we'll get a break from the severe weather but some in our area could see some rain. let's talk a little bit about what happened yesterday though in parts of chester county much the national weather service survey team was outlooking at the damage confirming an ef1 tornado hit the honey brook area. it had winds up to 95 miles per hour and the path width was about 100 yards or about the length of a football field and it was on the ground about a mile and a half. now, as we talk little bit about that enhanced fugita scale, you can see it's right above the ef0 mark there between 86 to
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110 miles per hour winds making it that ef1 rating. now where dawn timmeney was the national weather service also look at the damage they confirmed that that was not a tornado but it was straight line wind damage had maximum sustained winds up to 80 miles per hour there to caused the damage. what's the difference between the two? well, in parts of lehigh valley n straight line wind damage was pretty much in the same direction. however, in parts of chester county they look at the damage, it was more in a chaotic kind of random pattern. so that's how they look at things to assess the damage. so one confirmed tornado in chester county and straight line wind damage in the lehigh valley valley. it's 85 degrees right now. beautiful conditions. when i come up doors we'll talk about the holiday weekend forecast. iain and lucy? >> thank you very much, scott. talk to you soon. right now searchers outlook fog a missing swimmer at a quarry in gloucester county, new jersey. sky fox fox over the scene that report came in close to two hours ago right around 4:30 and
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as the search continues we're working to bring you more information. intensive search for clues in east mt. airy tonight investigators still at the home of an 85-year-old woman days after she was robbed and murder murdered. as residents try to come to grips with the tragedy in their neighborhood, police are inching closer to finding those responsible for her death. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us at police headquarters tonight in philadelphia. dave? >> reporter: iain it now appears that the suspects in this murder left behind a trail of evidence that homicide detectives are now chasing down. there is no arrest to report at this hour. but they insist they are making good progress. >> my heart goes out to her family and all, you know. >> reporter: as candles and flowers line the front porch outside regina holmes east mt. airy home, volunteers pitched in to help clean up the front yard where detective has searched for the murder weapon. >> they time will come. they ain't going to run far. it's coming. >> reporter: across down crime seen investigators and homicide detectives spent the money
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trying to recover fingerprints, dna and other evidence from the get away car used by the killers of the 85-year-old grandmother. >> we're looking for any clues anything that will take us one step closer to catching the killers. >> reporter: the stolen 2007 toyota corolla belonging to the victim was recovered tuesday in north philly. the search for evidence came as investigators followed the suspect's trail using the victim's stolen atm and credit cards. >> it's very tragic and hopefully we'll get to the bottom of it very quickly. >> very sad when stuff like this happens. >> reporter: well liked senior citizen was beaten and stabbed her throat was slashed. police say she put up a fight. >> somebody that worked all their lives to be, you know, to be something and then help out in the neighborhood and hear all this bad sad news. >> reporter: police recovered some surveillance video of individuals they would like to speak with. again there's a $20,000 reward in this case if you have any
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information you can call the homicide unit. iain? >> dave, thank you. a sickening discovery in germantown house this afternoon that pspca seizing four pitbull dogs chained up on north lamb board street a fifth dog died after hanging itself with the chains. two snakes in a tank were also removed from the home. leaving neighbors with a terrible odor on the block. acting on warrant investigators think they have a motive. >> this is typical of a breeding and fighting operation. i don't know what happened here, why the individual all of a sudden absconded or disappeared and left these animals in there to die. so that's a mystery right now. philadelphia police were called in and removed several beebee guns and drug parafrenal y cops are looking for the owner of the home. possible new victims now in case against gloucester county high schoolteacher charged with secretly shooting up skirt videos of girls in his classroom. the case filed against
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37-year-old adam mayor in march involved nine teenagers. bruce gordon joins us in studio. bruce, two more people have come forward? >> reporter: yup. so says a south jersey attorney any way whose comments today suggest the case against mayor is about to get bigger and creepier. word that more alleged victims have come forward has former students at gloucester county institute of technology once again talking about the former long-time english teacher adam mayor. courtney mitt chum graduated in 2010. >> he gave off weird vibes. very friendly wive female students. >> he was charged in march with secretly shooting so called up skirt videos of nine female students in his classroom now a cherry hill based attorney says two more alleged victims young women who say they were video taped by mayor have asked for legal representation. william colarulo, jr. says the two former students were recently contact beside the gloucester county's prosecutor's office and shows still images of themselves.
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>> their reaction when they saw those images as they described the reaction to you? >> obviously they were horrified. their family was horrified. you go to school you think you can trust your teachers and when this stuff goes on, there's still processing it. they're in the process of getting to a psychiatrist to talk about it and try to work through this, and we hope nothing but the best obviously. >> reporter: mayor resigned from his teaching position after his march arrest we found him at his woodbury heights home but mayor was not interested in addressing the new allegations. >> hi, mr. mayor? >> um, adam mayor? >> yes. >> hi, may my name is bruce gore didn't i work over at fox 29. i'm justing. >> i could ask you a couple of -- questions. >> attorney colarulo putting school officials on notice a lawsuit may be on the way to help answer important questions about a teacher who spent more than a decade around teenaged girls. >> were there any warning signs? were there any red flags? what do we know and what didn't we know and could this have been prevent. >> no comment for school
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officials and no confirmation from the prosecutor regarding the apparent two new alleged victims coming forward. colarulo the attorney will claims mayor not only used a camera at his desk in the front of the classroom but may have used a pen cam rolled in paper that he could hold low in his hasn't. lucy. >> man, you would never know about that. all right. bruce, thank you very much. our cameras were rolling moments after a bank robbery at a wells fargo today. it happened on the 5200 block of frankford avenue. police surrounded the building after they say a man walked in harmed with a gun and demanded money. another man was waiting in the vehicle outside the vehicle. the pair did not get far. police caught up with them a short time later. several airlines making record profits. >> the u.s. department of justice is now stepping in to investigate all of this. the sneaky way airlines might be getting more of your money. it's the fourth of july weekend an lot of you are planning road trips. before you fill up the reason there won't be any relief at the
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pump. >> how about some players, they will never let those grudges go another eagles player now taking shots at his former team. how bad can someone look on the golf course? you be the judge coming up in sports. ♪
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>> several airlines are now under investigation for conspiracy to keep fares high. the investigation by the department of justice focusing on whether airlines illegally signal to each other how quickly they would add new flights routes and extra seats this would mean limited seats and higher fares during several mergers back in 2008 several airlines eliminateed unprofitable flights filled higher% satisfy much seats on planes and made public effort to slow growth so they can get higher airfares. all of that plus low fuel prices led to record profits for the industry.
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>> amtrak has lawsuit 19 lawsuits filed again it from the deadly plane crash in port richmond it would like all those suits consolidated. that's exactly what the lawyers have wanted. eight people died in the crash more than 200 were injured. amtrak says it's capped its liability at $200 million. the pending lawsuits include rock full death claims filed on behalf of two businessmen killed in the may crash. the parties have asked a court panel to assign one judge here in philadelphia to hear all of the cases. three people pleading guilty for their role in the torture of new jersey woman. burlington county times reporting ellen hairston, edward jester and lesley gaunt plead guilty. the torture happened back in 2012 all of the defendants were relatives of the victim that. western had gone to live with them after having a stroke. investigators say the three -- fourth person beat the victim with pipe and wooden cane, shocked her with a stun gun and assaulted her with pliers for several months.
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>> fewer students led to layoffs at drexel university. philadelphia inquirer is reporting the school laid off several dozen administrative employees. new admissions policy brought in fewer freshmen for the up coming fall semester. no faculty members have lost theirs jobs though. not sure this has anything to do with the drop enroll many tuition at drexel runs about $50,000 year. >> gas prices down across the country but that doesn't mean you'll see any relief at the pump. according to gas average price of gas ringing in at $2.77 a gallon this morning. alaska currently has the highest gas prices at $3.47. south carolina scott boasting the cheapest with $2.43 a gallon. right now to fill up in your tank in fill it will cost you two bucks 89 cents. across the bridge in new jersey, it's only $2.53. while in delaware a gallon of gas will run you about $2.70 a gallon. >> whenever i'm in jersey i always fill her up. hit my local wawa and get my
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hoagie. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. scott -- >> lot of people will be hitting the road for the up coming holiday weekend. it looks like the weather will cooperate for the most part, you guys but let's just kind of recap what's been happening over the last couple of days, of course yesterday we had that severe weather in parts of chester county the national weather service team was out there and confirmed an ef1 tornado maximum sustained winds were up to 95 miles per hour causing the damage there. but in parts of the lehigh valley that was not caused by a tornado. it was caused by a micro burst just some damaging straight line winds there. winds gusted up to 80 miles per hour causing that damage in around the whitehall township area in parts of the lehigh valley. it's ban pretty seasonal day. the low this morning 69 degrees. the afternoon high 86. that's where we should be for this time of year but kit get pretty hot this time of year. july 1st you can see the record is 102 set back in 1901. sun sets this evening shortly after 8:00 their. 85 degrees right now. so looking pretty comfortable
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maybe you'll be in the garden or on the back patio. 43% humidity a nice breeze westerly winds at about 20 miles per hour. as we look at those temperatures across the area, we have low 80s in wilmington millville 83 degrees. 83 in trenton. we have 79 right now in pottstown and 80 in the pocono mountains. so warm and quiet if you're stepping outdoors a little muggy overnight. 76 degrees by 11:00 o'clock. but it look like it's going to stay dry tonight. however, last month the third wettest june on record for philadelphia almost 9-inches of rainfall so you can see that the drought situation it has pretty much ended across the entire area thanks to a very wet month of june. so as we take look at satellite/radar, we're getting a break from the storms that we saw yesterday across the area. however, you can see some clouds a little disturbance off to the south, so that's where the showers and storms have been today a part of that will kind of scoot toward our area during the day tomorrow. so we'll be watching south and east of the philadelphia area for some potential clouds and
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showers tomorrow. so dry conditions for tonight but as we roll that clock ahead tomorrow morning it's dry quiet, a seasonal day and them you can see more clouds and better chances for some rainfall down the shore central southern sections of delaware tomorrow here's 1:00 o'clock you can see few pockets some of showers mainly south and east of the i-95 corridor. so it might be kind of damp if you're head down the shore for your thursday, but much improved as we move i was towed your friday. you can see those clouds start to clear out and it look like for the most part we'll keep the holiday forecast dry. 75 degrees for the high on friday down the shore. maybe a stray shower on the fourth. 77 degrees. 78 as we move into sunday but those barbeques festivals fireworks displays looking pretty good. whether you're down the shore in the city or the pocono mountains you can see forecast temperatures in the mid to upper 70s throughout the holiday period. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you not that bad friday. 83 degrees and maybe a pop-up
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storm, howard's favorite on fourth of july. and then it's hot and humid as we move into earlying in week. >> all right. there you go. >> you like pop-up storms. i like pop tarts. >> i'll stay on the other side of the i-95 corridor. >> i'll be fine. >> i don't know which side to stay on when i walk across the street. >> exactly. >> it's unbelievable. i found one of three golfers -- one may be the thee worst in the world. maybe as bev as charles barclay. you be the judge. desean jackson a year from being let go to the eagles taking his lesean mccoy shots at the eagles but going down a different road much that's all coming up in sports.
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♪ sometimes players just have trouble moving on. sometimes they feel compelled to take shots at the team that let them go. all right. the one that comes to mind first is lesean mccoy but now his close friend has joined that party. former eagles wide receiver desean jackson he didn't rip his team the same way as mccoy, but he has a new forum to do so. he has a new reality show on the bet network. desean jackson home team. and now desean decided to rip his former home team. >> i was at the top of the top. ♪ >> and in that i got released. >> desean jackson eagles wide receiver cut from the team.
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>> there have been all kinds of allegations. >> they said he was uncoachable. >> is any of that true? no. >> it was a smear campaign. the things the media said about me i'll bet you can say about the majority of people in the nfl. >> you were cut by the eagles. >> it's their loss. >> i'm a cowboy killer. i'm a giants killer. now i'm an eagle killer, too. >> you won four games last year with the redskins big guy. >> nba starting to explode. there's no reason to sign free agents with the state of this team now. but there was some big signings for big money. all right. kevin love goes back to cleveland for $110 million. chump change. leonard he goes back to san antonio 90 million for five years. damian lillard 120 million for five years. gore ran tragic. anthony davis five years
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145 million. golf a sport fun for most people. some people have a chance. some have 91. take for instance shaquille o'neal. let's go to greensboro north carolina the pro am am. this his first swing. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. try it again. >> you get a mulligan here. >> he needs another mulligan g come on. just hit the golf ball! >> look at that. >> he killed a fan but other than that -- i'm kidding. (laughter). >> i saw charles hit a guy in the note one time. >> charles did? >> yeah. in birmingham at a pro am. >> like the club fly out of his hand. >> charles has an excuse. he got something -- he's been to a psychologist. he's afraid to hit the ball. i don't know what it is. >> is there a diagnosis for that? >> the problem shaquille works with charles it's rubbed off. >> exactly. >> catchable. never hang out with them iain. >> he's fun on the range though though. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at
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10:00. inside edition is up next.
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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it just keeps coming! >> only at macy's. >> macy's dumps trump as he fights back. >> we have to fight like hell. then, security breach. how the heck did this selfie dude get past cops? >> what were you thinking? and ben and jen's big breakup. are they building an extension for ben in their big mansion? then -- >> deborah: letter from a monster. >> this is the letter that we received. >> notorious killer whitey bulger's letter to three high school girls. >> there are many people more deserving of your time. and paris hilton terror scare. she's really upset. plus, homeless in rags,


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