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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  July 7, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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what this could mean for case's begins him right now. homes evacuated after thick smoke from a fire at a pay less stores. crews work for hours to get this under control. one fire fighter sent to the hospital. more from the scene coming up. and shots for tots shut down after five kids received a wrong vaccine and the nursing supervisor in salem county had has resign. more on the mix up and what it means for kids there. all right. good day everyone it is july 7th. >> yes it is 7/7. 77 degrees you can see on the tv screen. today is a. >> a seven. >> i thought we would stick with the theme there it really does apply. we cannot go up to a ten because it is so humid and hot. i know it is seasonal for this time of the year in july in philadelphia it is supposed to be hot and humid. i thought seven was a good idea. split is 77 degrees. look at the flag, in the blowing at all, hardly a breeze we've got 3 miles an hour wind at the air port out of the south/southwest. 84 percent relative humidity.
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we will call this weather sometimes, close, very close this morning. 5:39 it is your sunrise time. ultimate doppler some scattered showers and it looks like delaware county is getting a few this morning as we zoom in, and so if you are along route one there you may be seeing some showers, around aston in delaware county as well. allentown, a stray shower and little, burst of a downpour there, and then, slightly reduced visability in the area. no dense fog at the moment, but we will keep an eye on that situation as well, a lot of moisture in the air, hardly any wind. those are some ingredients for fog. 6 miles an hour 6 miles visibility in lancaster and we keep doing that. we have temperatures that are already, in the in mid to upper 70's in some places, close to 70 in mount pocono. we have 73 in wildwood. seventy-four in wilmington and dover, in delaware, typical july day yesterday. we have had a lot of cloud cover but enough sun to take
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us to 88. average high is 87. today we will make it to, 90 degrees yeah, it looks like enough sunshine for that to happen. it will be humid and we cannot rule out a stray thunderstorm. we will save that for tomorrow. we will talk about that coming up in a few minutes. your sunset time is 8:32. it is 5:02, let's check with bob kelly good morning. >> good morning, getting up and out on a tuesday morning. we have an accident southbound on the new jersey turnpike, between exits number three and two, so all centered south of that 42 freeway so if you are heading south this morning, your best bet would be to use 295. now, tacony palmyra just completed an opening traffic moving again but the burlington bristol bridge is on stand by right now for an opening, any minute now so if you are are grabbing your coffee and keys heading out the front door and typically head for the burlington, shoot for the tacony palmyra or the betsy ross bridge as an
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alternate. coming out on the extension between q town and lansdale, a left over work crew taken out one lane. guys should be packing up. they have just pick up the the cones and opened up the vine street expressway. we are ready for a morning rush hour n problems at all between i-95 and the schuylkill expressway. so coming in and out of the city we're in good shape. for the gang coming in from royersford through collegeville, down to that within lane pattern between the two and trooper. the new construction schedule hit folks hard yesterday on the patco high speed line. they were talking about it. you had a new timetable but still it is rough because both the morning and the afternoon rush hours have an adjusted timetable and they include some, service gaps where there is in trains running but both mornings and afternoon. so grab a new timetable. take a look at it. adjust your tip accordingly. coming from the freeway in new jersey, light volume so far working your way in to
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philadelphia. we have a septa bus struck and killed someone around 1:00 this morning. the person hit at 11th and walnut. september bus driver said they didn't realize they hit someone until they were flagged down by a taxi at 11th and vine. court documents revealed bill cosby admitted giving drugs to women. >> cosby, for a long time now has for the to keep these documents private because they detail his testimony during a 2005 deposition. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at temple university, jen? >> reporter: live here at temple university where bill cosby had a strong relationship with this school up until the end of last year. now temple youth is silent hours after learning of bill cosby's confession, again he had a relationship with the school from 1982, until 2014. and following the release of the documents that were revealing cosby a's concession, the school says no comment. in the 2005 deposition, cosby testified that he obtained quaaludes with the intent to
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give them to young woman who wanted to have sex with. he also admitted giving the sedatives to at least one woman a judge unsealed the documents yesterday. three women who claimed bill cosby drugged and raped them for the to have the documents released, long with the associated press. cosby, thought having them released. we talk to an attorney who is not involved with the case who says that it is an admission but it is what cosby did not say that holds more weight for woman making claims against him. >> reporter: this may spark other people to come out this may light a fuse under some of the cases currently pending. it may bring this bubble this backup to the forefront of the public's attention but ultimately it may die back down again. it will go up and down like that quite frankly forever. >> deposition relates to andre a connstan the former temple university employees who sued him a decade ago. he admitted giving her three
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half pills of benadryl. we contacted the attorneys for the plaintiff and for cosby and we have in the heard back from any of them, chris and lauren. and, police have confirmed the shooting that left one person dead and another injured, is being investigated as a homicide. detectives say right around 12:30 a.m. bullets started flying in the 1200 block of south 28th street. two men were wounded, one victim was shot three times in the leg. the other died from a bullet to the chest. police are looking for answers after a child is shot, also, in south philadelphia, just before midnight on the 1800 block have of south 31st street, detectives say a have year-old was shot in the left foot, there is no other information at this point. we do know that the child was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. happening today it marks the fifth anniversary of the duck boat crash at penns landing. lawyers for two young victims killed in 2010 will hold a press conference today. they are claiming is there a major development in the investigation of the recent duck boat incident. bank on may eighth another
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tourist was killed by a duck boat crossing the street in center city. happening today jury selection will begin in the trial for a man accused of killing a mother and her three sons in a north philadelphia street racing accident. twenty-four year-old hussein ago do have is charged with third degree murder, vehicular homicide and related offenses from the 203 crash. prosecutors say he struck 28 year-old samara banks and her three sons ages four, 23 months and seven months. as they crossed roosevelt boulevard. a second man charged in the crash, three two-year old amen heilman pleaded guilty to four counts of the vehicular homicide and sentenced to five to ten years in state prison. two more men charged in the kidnapping of the center city jewelry store employee. prosecutors say that brings the total number of charged to three. they say men worked together to rob assault and kidnap the female worker in april. investigators say they waited in a parking garage and when would the man left work for the day they threw her into the van. she was dumped in darby f
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convicted, 39 could face a life sentence. many beach goers extended their holiday weekend by one more day along the ocean in margate. >> but fun in the sun turn to concern for some beach goers after a possible, shark sight goes sabina kuriakose is live in old city with more on this, all right, is a bean, they have seen what out there a fin, they think. >> reporter: that is right a couple of beach goers swore that they saw a both here in margate and then here in man avalon. that precipitated the evacuation of the people from the ocean to the beach. beach tacony control went out and check on these sight goes. they went out there in both avalon and margate and they cannot confirm whether or not it was actually a shark out there that is still leading people to be concern. obviously very frightening n avalon yesterday alone swimmers were ordered out of the water, three times in one day, and yesterday in margate just before 2:00 o'clock, people were ordered out of the water. so again very, very scary.
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we did talk to beach goers about what is going through their head while they are dealing with all of this and this is what they told us. >> i'm scared because the sharks eat people. >> i'm pretty concerned that it is up and down the east coast. a as far as me getting in the ocean, well, maybe to my ankle. >> i don't feel it anymore. they are all over. >> i never saw any sharks, so i'm going to go in the ocean by myself. i think i'm safe. >> i'm not worried bit. >> no. >> reporter: she's very brave. i don't think i would go back in the ocean avenue there were a couple sightings out here but again beach patrol saying they still have in the been able to confirm whether these were in fact sharks out there they say there might have been schools of bait fish that have come close to the shore and they say they kind of create a disturbance in the water and that is what people were saying. i looked it up and bait fish actually do attract sharks. not to be alarming but i looked it up national
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geographic they say sharks are following those schools of fish. but again not a lot of alarm coming from beach patrol. they are not sure whether this is a shark or not and if you were wondering it is not mary lee. she's in south carolina, i check her twitter page and tweeting from south caroline, so back to you. >> all right, is a bean, thank you. >> eight attacks happened down there recently. >> still the atlantic, still frightening. in salem county new jersey program, speaking of frightening, providing free vaccines to people living there it turns out really disturbing results. >> officials say the audit found at least five kid got the wrong vaccines. the county health department has run what it called shots for tots out of memorial hospital.
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well in, one case a two-year old little boy got an excessive dose of the h pv vaccine, which prevents cervical cancer in women. on top of the children being given wrong shots the vaccine were not properly refrigerated. the county is paying for medical monitoring of the five children who received the wrong shots. it has has shut town the program and nursing supervisor in charge of that clinic, both have resign as the employees of the salem county department of health. a week has passed since pennsylvania missed a state budget deadline but there does than the seem to be any concerns about that in harrisburg. democrat tom wolf and republican lawmakers met to discuss the impasse but nothing came of it no additional meetings ares scheduled either and house and senate are also not set to reconvene anytime this month. last week, wolf vetoed the g.o.p.'s no new taxes budget package all together. he didn't use the line-item. he threw the whole thing out. wolf is seeking a budget that includes higher taxes and money for education. fire crewness upper darby trying to figure out what sparked the fire along the business district on 69th street. >> some video captured massive plumes of smoke. you can see this fire started around 5:30 last night at the pay less store. employees said the entire store was up in flames in just
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minutes. more than 175 fire fighters for the this three alarm fire. one fire fighter was sent to the hospital for minor injuries. >> we smelled smoke coming from the back, so we went to go check the back and the whole back was engulfed with smoke. so we just ran out of there. >> we had fire break through the roof. another seven minutes later we had total collapse of the roof in the storm area. >> crews will be back on the scene to try to determine the cause of the fire. a shooting in san francisco has inflamed the debate over immigration reform. the accused killer is an undocumented immigrant with a felony record. how many times he was deport todd mexico. and a popular destination in the washington state the scene of the tragedy. we will have more on a possible ice cave collapse.
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hi. >> check those kid out. >> who are they. >> monday take and samara. >> and lauren dawn johnson. >> we were getting tables set up. it is like near seventh and jfk. it is like the circle near fountain. >> yes, that is where the new beer garden is. >> no, it is in there then. it is by the fountain in front of the free library. we were setting up the tables yesterday because we served home lesson monday. do you remember during the school year, i would tutor the kid, right on wednesday. but they are out for summer. >> so they need you to keep them busy. >> well, in, they are like, we will go serve the homeless. >> that is fantastic.
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>> great kid. >> how old are these kid. >> good day sunshine. >> because it was a a good day, and it was so sunny yesterday. yes. >> good for you guys. >> yes. >> you are such a good human being. >> i try. >> what was on the menu. >> well, hot dogs, there it is. >> there we go. >> yeah, it was like hot dogs. >> yeah. >> good stuff. we did all that work for about an hour. >> good job. >> you know, this band the beatles, richard starksy. he is 75 years old. >> you like that, don't you. >> yes. >> what did we learn this morning, chris murphy. >> that she hates the beatles. >> no, you know that we will to have forgive her for that because we love her so much but that is a a tough one. and then, he was the oldest of the beatles ringo star.
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>> i did google that. >> is there your little will bit of information for the day. >> now i am no longer going to be just a disembodied voice on the fox 29 morning news. >> yes. >> here we go, yes. >> hi, we have to do the introduction, right. in, i'm still a disembodied voice. you are just too smart. everybody is a comedy yan around here. they did it on purpose. we will look at some rain, some pockets of heavy rain that have moved into our area. delaware county get something rain, aston and probably my house, yeadon, glenn olden some heavy rain. this is a little pock it of isolated showers allentown and, still out there in berks county, this morning. now we will check that future cast and you are seeing what you need to see there don't worry about me. we have some sunshine in store for the day but it will be,
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cloudy to start probably, and then widely scattered showers starting at around noon time north and west of the city but you can see a pop up at any time this afternoon after we reach that high of 90 degrees. these are your current temperatures in the 70's, just about every where, 77 already in philadelphia, lower 70's at the shore. seventy-four in wilmington, and when will we reach 90? we think by 3:00 o'clock this afternoon as we look at our future temperature here. and then tomorrow we will get to a high of probably 88 with some showers and thunderstorms, around, as well. so heating up to day. i don't know we do this every time it gets really hot and we're in the 90's. we give you advice on how to deal with the heat. it is a little will obvious but sometimes we need to be remind todd slow down, take breaks and drink plenty of water, dress for summer, and stay in the shade. as monday as possible.
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>> avoid strenuous activities. >> listen, you don't have to tell me twice. 88 degrees yesterday. and today's high will be around 90. eighty-eight tomorrow. eighty-seven on thursday. mid 80's on friday when we finally take then are storms out of the forecast. so, two days that are pretty decent friday and saturday, and then we're back to heat and humidity, and, back to the 90's on sunday and machine. so is there your seven day forecast, take it easy, bob kelly. >> you know, this is type of the day i go to my fine and i have a marker for friend with pool. i start making a phone call. good morning. what are you guys doing today? i'm your friend with the pool and let's go. good morning, everybody. live look at pop up showers that are popping up on the schuylkill expressway, real quickly, heavy downpours here. this is a live look, at the cue kill expressway right here near girard avenue. so you will go from dry to the wipers on full force here, as you are coming into and out of philadelphia, same deal,
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long i-95, this is a a live look at i-95, right here near philly international airport. if you have an early morning flight we will keep an eye on the airport to see if we have any delays. coming out of the 422, we are dry as a bone as sun begins to rise up over collegeville. a little hit and miss as you roll out of the driveway this morning. southbound on the new jersey turnpike an accident between exit number three and two, on the southbound side, burlington bristol bridge, in the middle of an opening right now. so if you are getting held toy head out the front door be ready for some delays or maybe use the turnpike connection bridge. they are picking up the cones on the vine street expressway. so any minute now we should be back in business on the eastbound side, coming off of the schuylkill. yesterday's fire, right there along 69th street, in upper darby has three septa bus routes still on a detour this morning. obviously that means local traffic on a detour as well, threw upper darby, chris and lauren back over to you.
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in work ton state they say one person is dead, four others have been injured by a partial ice cave collapse. sheriff spokesperson told a local paper that the person who was killed remained there and under all that debris. three of the injured including a man in critical condition have been sent to a seattle trauma center. popular destination just 70 miles north east of seattle. now in 2010 an 11 year-old girl was killed at those caves, by falling ice. an illegal immigrant from mexico now charge in the shooting death of the san francisco woman in the crime which is generating an intense debate about so-called sanctuary laws. forty-five year-old francisco sanchez was a repeat drug offender and had been deported five times. he was free at the time of the killing because city officials disregarded, a request from immigration authorities to keep him locked up. san francisco sanctuary law prevents city workers from cooperating with federal authorities on immigration cases. >> the sanctuary ordinance like san francisco has it is
5:22 am
creating cities, sanctuary cities that are beacons in the night for illegal immigrants. >> cities should not try to write their own immigration laws contrary to federal law. >> sanchez, seen here is due in court this afternoon for his arraignment on those murder charges. okay. so this is why i admire, respect, lauren dawn johnson. she does not waste her money on coffee. your money business to go down the drain if you are drinking star bucks. we will explain. and a i don't do power ball either but i don't judge. if you play, new rules to tell but that may increase your odds of winning. >> and with that said as we head to the break lauren dawn lets take a look at last night's lottery numbers.
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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star bucks will cost you more starting to day. >> prices will rise from five to 20 cents for most drinks. this comes just after prices released last year at the coffee chain. company says it continues to evaluate pricing to balance running a profitable business. it is a need to provide for the customers. that is a p.c. answer, right. prices will in the go up on food products in star bucks. chain has been trying to get more customers to buy food items like sandwiches in the
5:26 am
hopes of driving these sales numbers up. >> then no one will buy them. or yes, sir went on a diet. get ready for oreo thins. >> what? >> on store shelves next week. you can get them in mints, golden and original. it is a more sophisticated take on the traditional cookie and cream sandwich but less cookie, same price yeah, oreo thins will cost you same as regular oreos. >> i think that is a diet milk shake, if you get an oreo get an oreo. say good bye to family dollar stores. eleven are closing in pennsylvania. he they were just bought by dollar tree, in a deal worth eight and a half billion dollars. dollar trees has 13 you this stores in the u.s. and canada it will be the largest dollar store chain with annual revenue of around $19 billion. dollar tree is said to trim annual costs bias much as 300 million-dollar in several years. >> um-hmm. >> one thing about dollar tree that i like, everything really
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is 1 dollar. in the like family dollar and things are nine or $10. >> i went to five below last week. i got a couple items all under five bucks. then there is a big tug a bazooka was like $23. you could take them out and they are 10 cents appease and you can pop them out. good news and bad news for you. >> lottery officials are changing out pay outs work. odd of winning small prizes is increasing but chance of hitting it biggies going down. thirty states participating in power ball at this point. officials say ticket sales have slumped since the last huge pay off two years ago. they hope that making it easier to win even at smaller levels will boost sales. >> maybe. >> coming up the president says we are in for the long hall when it comes to the fight against isis. hear how he says our military will help the terror group from gaining traction. what bill cosby admitted
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under oath about drugs and sex in newly released court papers.
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[sfx: bell] [burke] the more you learn about your insurance the more gaps you may find. [burke] like how you may be covered for this... [burke] but not for something like this... [burke] talk to farmers and see what gaps could be hiding in your coverage. [sfx: yeti noise] ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ bill cosby admits he got drugs to give to women for sex. 2005 court documents released just yesterday. what could this mean for the
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case's begins him right now. also president obama says we're in for the long hall when it comes to the fight begins isis. hear how he says our military will help, the terror group from gaining traction. delaware governor jack markell sets to sign several pieces of legislation into law this week. coming up we will tell you what the new law will mean for your health. good day, it is tuesday july 7th, chris wants to you know it is 7/7, it is 77 degrees, and sue serio gives today a lucky seven. >> hey sue lauren is smart because she's going sleeveless right new but she's showing off because she has been seeing a trainer. >> show those guns. >> i'm trying but they are not quite there yet. >> they are there. >> i'm working on it. >> boom. >> but you look fabulous darling. >> wear light clothing as lauren is today. >> and bus stop buddy, is today because he is at back at summer camp.
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he is ready for another day of camp fun but look who else is here muggy the dog. >> that is right. >> good boy. >> he is, showing us, that it is humid. we are off to another muggy start. we have included to start the day. he has got the water bottle bus stop buddy does to stay hydrated. we're starting in the 07's, we will end up some of us in the 90's but it is a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers with the 77 degrees, on 7/7. 3 miles an hour wind out of the south southwest and 48 relative humidity and sunrise happening moments from now at 5:39. little breeze at last. let's zoom into see where these pop up downpours are happening, one happened on jenny joyce up at the temple campus in north philadelphia lower merion we have got some rain and other parts of the north and northeast part of the city also in parts of the berks county, right there with some rain i think i said that right. so reduced visibility but in
5:33 am
the by very much. we are still looking for fog. we have not found it yet this morning. that is a a good thing. that won't slow you down. if you get a downpours it probably won't last too long. it is fast and furious with those. 72 degrees in pottstown. reading had 74. we are already at 77 in philadelphia 73 in wildwood, and yesterday, a high of 88 degrees close to 90, but not there, we will get there today hot and humid with a scattered showers or then are storm today or this monk as you have been seeing, southeasterly wind. that takes care of tuesday. we will get you through the rest of the week and see if we have anymore 90's in the seven day forecast coming up. bob kelly how is it looking. >> good morning, everybody. 5:33. these pop up showers are not as exciting as those pop up beer gardens that pop around the city. road are wet. here's an example the the roosevelt boulevard just experienced a downpour, between the schuylkill expressway, and ninth street, an example here, in the
5:34 am
neighborhood, a live look at ben franklin bridge toll plaza. it is dry as a bone. so a mile or two is going to make a difference whether we are using wipers or not this morning. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near girard. these downpours rolling across the area, popping up quickly as quickly as they come through, as quick they are out of here. live look at i-95, even though we have dark included over the the airport no delays at philly international at least at the moment but yesterday's four alarmer in upper darby has 69th street closed from walnut over to market. that will make things tough for folks trying to get to the 69th street terminal this morning. the septa has three bus routes on detour around that fire scene from last night south on the new jersey turnpike, and an accident between exits number three and two and then 422 for the gang leaving royersford, no rain but we are down to one lane between the two and trooper with construction. speaking of construction patco
5:35 am
high speed line entered that next phase over the weekend. make sure you grab a new timetable both morning and afternoon rush hour, times they are adjusted and they are single tracking and there are those gaps, the the service gaps from five to ten minutes during the rush hour. northbound on the freeway, a little will brake tap into 295. mass transit looking good with no delays, chris and lauren, back over to you. >> 5:35. developing news, about bill cosby. >> now, he admits to giving drugs to women who have accused him of sexual assault. this is coming out in court papers released yesterday dating back to the mid 2,000's jennifer. >> reporter: yeah, chris and lauren. yesterday we did talk to an attorney and what this admission means and fred says that the fact that bill cosby did admit to obtaining drugs with the intent to give them to women that he wanted to have sex with is not acceptable behavior but is it enough for criminal liability or increased liability within the existing cases? well, to that he says not
5:36 am
quite sure. these 2005 documents just unsealed, now revealed that cosby did obtain quaaludes with the attempt to give them to young woman he wanted to have sex w he admitted to give the sedatives to at least one woman. when he gave the the drugs to women without their knowledge his attorney objected to that question and cosby remained silent. attorney fred tecci who is not involved in the case said that question and answer is key in deciding criminal liability. >> this woman hoist questioning here is smart enough to follow-up and ask the next question, do you give them the drugs without their knowledge? and to that question she did not get an answer. so here he is admitting he gave women drugs. it is a step closer to where they were but doesn't get them over the line. >> reporter: 2005 deposition now unsealed relates to andre a connstan the former temple university employee who sued
5:37 am
him and settled out of court. in it cosby also admitted to give her three half pills of benadryl we contacted the attorneys representing cosby and the attorneys for the plaintiff, and we have not heard back. i reached out to temple university following this confession that we now know of bill cosby and temple university's continued relationship with bill cosby up until the end of last year and to that they said in comment. >> they want to distance themselves, of course, jennifer, thank you. a measure to move the confederate ground of the ground of the south carolina capitol moves one step forward. coming up we will tell you where it stand after lawmakers started the debate yesterday. plus an amazing pile up in stage three of the tour of france and leader suffered a serious injury, all that next in sports.
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this is first time they have seen jimmy rollins against them despite struggling much of the season, j role had winning hit lets go hit a go ahead two run hit, to rail his dodgers past the the last place phillies: with two out and two on, codey asche's throw pulls the catcher carlos ruiz off the plate. the game lasted four hours and 13 minutes. it ended just a few hours ago. rollins was two for four. that is good news. he is really struggling with the batting average about two hundred this season. they are hitting him ninth in the order behind the dodgers
5:41 am
pitcher. here's howard with more in sports. the phillies have the worst record in baseball. only because each team has to have one representative on the all-star team, phillies have one player. jonathan papelbon select as phillies only all-star. i thought the miguel franco should have made it but national league had 33rd base man. papelbon with 14 saves closers men for saves in tight games but papelbon has only three, one run saves baseball leaders and saves have 27. big time spill in the tour of france, in belgium, 21 riders involved in this accident and the leader has a broken vertebrae in two places, that is fab yan councilara hoist out after stage three. summer league nba basketball started last night to the sixers. brett brown on the left and master mind sam hinkie, how about that jahlil okafor playing against san antonio.
5:42 am
but, they still had 20 points and nine rebound. san antonio still had nobody and they won 74-71. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. delaware governor jack markell is set to sign several pieces of legislation this week coming up, we will tell you what the new laws will mean for your health. plus president obama said we're in for a long hall for fight against isis, hear how he says our military will help the terror group from traction. come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. get unlimited visits with a season pass for 6 payments as low as $18.50 sesame place. ♪ go before they grow. ♪
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come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. get unlimited visits with a season pass for 6 payments as low as $18.50 sesame place. ♪ go before they grow. ♪
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well billy joel. >> that is a new camera. >> i believe it is new right now. >> man, sue serio. >> yes. >> it is a very sad song about the demise of the gambling industry. >> still kicking not there in the lehigh vale that song recorded 30, 35 years ago. >> don't make me feel older then i already do. >> yes. >> love me some billy joel. >> we have weather authority forecast, that is hot and humid. shocking right it is july. we have some pop up showers and, not any thunderstorms but these isolated heavy downpours like this one in delaware county in lower
5:46 am
chichester in philadelphia, in cheltenham, we have got one isolated heavy downpours so you are experiencing heavy rain for just a little while. there and around reading there is one as well. that is how pop up, they are. these will continue throughout the morning. we will get period of sunshine through the early afternoon and then as we get toward the end of the afternoon here come more pop ups through five or maybe 6:00 o'clock this evening. so these will be early showers and maybe a thunderstorm or two, very, very isolated. a as we start the day with temperatures in the 70's, it won't take too long to get in the 90's or upper 80's. 76 degrees in philadelphia at the moment, and it is close to 70 in mount pocono. seventy-three in reading where they have had a few showers 74 in wilmington and then in wildwood. wind speed are not that great 5 miles an hour, it is not much of a breeze to cool you
5:47 am
off on this muggy morning and because wind are coming from the south that is why it is so warm and humid. we are stuck in that summertime pattern for a will little while. we have had temperatures in the 70's, and 80's for highs over the past seven days, 88 degrees yesterday, a and now we're inching in the 90's with a high of 90. we will be close to 90 on wednesday and thursday and then mid 80's for friday as we dry out take away humidity for a day, day and a half on saturday we're up to 87 and then back to 90 on sunday and 91 on monday. plenty of july weather on the way, we will get used to around here but it never stops from complaining about it. >> it does not. good morning everybody. 5:47. on a tuesday morning. here's a live look at i-95, coming in the city, an example of those pop up showers take a look at the cloud, hovering over the sky line here in center city philadelphia a. we are getting doused and
5:48 am
drenched quickly. but as quick as these showers pop up, they roll out on you the. be ready for wipers on the way to work this morning. southbound lanes of i-95, we're wet behind the ears. lets look at the tacony palmyra bridge getting ready for another opening set to occur at around 6:00 o'clock they say. guy are garage your coffee and keys head for betsy ross in the background. those pop up showers that just came across the city casing and quick jammo in the schuylkill expressway. this is a live look at traffic slowing down to the hall in the city between girard and vine street expressway and again, keep in mind too when these showers roll through make sure you turn your head lights on. headlights on, wipers on, that is the law there yesterday's four alarm fire right by the terminal there has left over delays and detour is here. walnut to market is close another point, and septa has three bus routes on the detour. give yourself extra time
5:49 am
trying to get in the terminal there, maybe even if you are just dropping folks off you will see a lot of confusion detours going around the block. southbound on the new jersey turnpike an accident between exits three and exit number two, 422 starting to see volume out of the royersford into collegeville. we have a work zone there at 29 into trooper ape that new construction schedule. grab a time schedule. it is all milk up with that new construction for both the morning and afternoon rush hours. chris and lauren, back to you. south carolina house is expect to vote today on a measure to remove the confederate flag from where it flies to the state capitol ground. yesterday the senate voted 37-three to remove that flag. south carolina's governor has come out in support of the taking the flag down. protests grew for the flag to be removed after the deadly shooting of nine church members at a historiccably black church in charleston. pictures of the accused shooter in the case reveals
5:50 am
him, wearing and waving the confederate flag. supporters say the flag represents southern heritage. day before an isis hearing on capitol hill the president held meetings. >> "fox news" correspondent rich edson has latest details on the president's visit. >> reporter: in a rare visit to the pentagon, military officials briefed president obama on the fight of the i islamic state. they are aiming to reverse gains in iraq ape syria the an bar province in may. >> this will not be quick. this is a long term campaign. isil is opportunistic and it is nimble. >> reporter: president recently authorized sending 450 troops to support iraqi forces fighting militants. move expand number of u.s. forces committed to the region to more than 3,000. series of u.s. air strikes over the weekend hit isis and defacto capitol and killing ten militants and wounding many others. >> over past year we have seen
5:51 am
this when we have had an effective partner on the ground isil can be pushed back. >> reporter: president met with his national security team while the pentagon, one day before defense secretary ashton carter and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey testify before the senate arms services committee. republicans in copping say they are skeptical of the ain't isis moves and g.o.p. leaders of criticized the president for not taking stronger actions. >> he doesn't travel to the other side of the river to the pentagon that often, so i think us foreign policy analyst could be forgiven for being excite that had maybe he will announce a new strategy that he is committed to. we're still waiting for that final strategy to key grade and defeat isis. >> reporter: department of defense says the fight has cost the u.s. almost $3 billion as of june. at the white house rich edson, "fox news". back here at 5:51. philadelphia fire department is kicking off in more fire deaths campaign today enlisting the help of the american red cross.
5:52 am
>> the goal is to eliminate fire related deaths. goal is to install working smoke alarms and educate people about the dangers of the home fires. philadelphia's department mayor and other officials will kick off the event at noon after fire fight's long with the red cross will go door to door and install ten year, battery powered, smoke alarms, completely free of charge. delaware residents who consult a doctor on line or on the phone can now get insurance hell. governor jack markell will sign legislation that requires insurance companies to cover telemedicine, just like a rel in person visit. people with mobility problems or use out of the state specialist now will be able to see the doctor from their home using technology. coming up, local dad gives the chance to thank the the heroes who saved his life when his car went into the cooper river, what he has had to say to the good samaritan next.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
we have all heard it takes a village but this morning this community is honoring those who helped those in need. adam nicely just thankful to be around. on fathers day nicely a dad had a seizure, his van careened into the coupe are river on south park drive-in collinswood, new jersey. a man having his morning cup of coffee saw a it all happen, dialed 911 raced over to help along with others. that is what police saw when they roll up. fit weren't for their help with members of the collinswood police and fire department nicely might not be here. >> i just think of people that are willing to put it all out
5:56 am
there to try to save someone else they didn't know who i was, and they tried to save me. >> nicely is still recovering, doctors are still trying to figure out exactly why he had that seizure. 5:56 this morning. coming up at 6:00 a possible shark sight goes off the jersey shore in two coastal towns we will tell you where people are afraid of what they saw. bill cosby add myths he got drugs to give to women during sex. 2005 court document just released yesterday what could this mean for the case's begins him right now? mike and alex are up next with good day.
5:57 am
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sorry. get a free quote at hey, hey, hey, bomb shell testimony, about sex ape drugs. words spoken by bill cosby back in 2005 just now coming to light. what that could mean for his many accusers. it has been five years since the deadly duck boat disaster and now lawyers for some of the victims claim they have new information about what really happened. and, an early morning accident, involving a septa bus leaves one person dead, in center city. what officials are saying,
6:00 am
early in this investigation. good day everybody. it is tuesday, july the seventh. it will be a lucky day it is 7/7/15. >> and for a while we were at 77 degrees. >> we have to stop everything at 7:07, it will be 7/7 at 7:07. >> we will do that. we will stop everything. >> yes. >> freeze frame. >> are we having a seven on a scale of one to ten. >> yes, we are. >> look at that. >> we will look at that in a minute. we have areas of pop up, downpours, actually to show you this morning. we're starting with ultimate doppler radar because we have a downpour in lower southampton. we have one around chester in delaware county. we have trenton with a little bit of the downpour as well, as that one disappeared, in berks county but see that is what happens five minutes ago it was fine, it was raining and now it is fine. as we look in the future cast we have some showers continuing, through the rest of


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