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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  July 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> on this hump day our hometown hero is home. army lloyd arrived pretty early this morning. we caught her and she talk about all of the excitement following the big win on sunday. >> on the campaign trail it should mean and does mean for chris christie out of the office. who is now calling for his resignation this morning while he run for president. >> sexportion, involves teens and the internet, the fbi
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warnings parents were an investigation that involves 100 unidentified victims. >> good day everyone, it is wednesday, july 8th. it is humid out there. >> so sticky. it is another bad hair day sue serio for a lot of us. >> it is true, we need the industrial strength hair spray today. just to get us through. oh, the trials we have. yes, we have 79% relative humidity. we have little bit after breeze at 11 miles an hour, and we have 78 degrees, now when you're starting off at 78 even with some clouds, we have good chance of making it to the upper 80s maybe even 90, 5:40 your sunrise time, coming up pretty soon. leading edge of cold front bringing some showers to the central part of pennsylvania, but when we zoom in, we don't see anything in our viewing area. here are the pocono mountains scranton getting some showers that's the closest we can find for precipitation. soap just deal with these warm temperatures, it is mild to start 76 degrees, in reading, 70 mount pocono,
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trenton has 76, 77 atlantic city wilmington, delaware, at 76. so everybody's pretty humid and warm this morning. and we give you another seven out of ten today because most of the daytime hours will be dry, then get the pop up thunderstorms, and it will be hot, close to 09 degrees, going for 88 today because of the increasing clouds. then 74 degrees, tonight with pop up thunderstorm or two and lots more humidity. so that will take you over the hump. we'll have the weekend forecast coming up. >> bob kelly? >> it is hump day. 5:02, good morning everybody live look the vine street expressway, we got the 50-50 going here, open on the westbound side, and it looks like we are just about ready to open up on the eastbound side. but again downtown, crews are still working here, on the vine expressway, and your ship is coming in, and it is headed for the talcony palmyra, in the middle of an opening as i promised. all traffic stopped on both sides of the river. if your honor headed out the front door, head for the betsy
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ross or watch for just minor delay for another five to ten minute or so. patco high-speed line, been rough couple of days, new construction schedule, folks still getting used to it, give yourself extra time, grab the timetable. and be ready for some delays into and out of philly. now, weather could impact our flights today at philadelphia international airport. so, check with the airline before you head down to the airport today. otherwise, schuylkill, i-95, looking good, no problems at all coming into center city, mass transit with no reported delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> there was no delay getting back home for carli lloyd this morning. >> she is back the worlds cup champion carli lloyd flew back to philadelphia international airport yesterday. everyone in delran waiting for her to show up. we will have live report coming up from jennifer joyce in just a bit. here was the arrival. dressed casual flying from vancouver to filly? >> looks like two briefcase cents, full of money. >> from all of the endorsement offers she's getting. good for her though, i'm sure she is glad to be home.
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she said she lovers being here actually, let's hear from him. >> it has been unbelievable moment. i think it really start today sink when we got back to la, had the rally with everybody been pretty amazing, now getting back to philly, probably only be here for a day and a half, back home, and then it is world wind roller coaster just riding the wave and enjoying the moment. >> even without sleep at 2:00 in the morning, carli lloyd stopped in the airport to sign autographs and to take pictures of his people there, you can even see having her re aoun juan her fiancee who she hadn't seen in 42 days. that is brian hollins he was thereto pick her up, and we're told that it will be a quick reunion, she is coming back home to unpack and re pack. she is headed up to new york city tomorrow. they are having a parade for the team on friday. lauren chris? >> all right jenny joyce thanks so much. >> she was -- he was always
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smiles to get her back. >> forty-two days, long time. the fall out continues this morning in the wake every bill cosby's admission he gave women drugs. >> now, two tv channels have pulled his iconic show from their schedules bet has decided to pull the cosby show reruns off the air. bounce tv says it too will stop airing the cosby show ndc the smithsonian institution standing behind museum that relies in part on the art collection every bill cosby and his wife. the smithsonian museum says the exhibition is about the art not about the owners of the collection. meantime, attorneys for cosby are expected to release a statement today in court document that came to light yesterday, cosby admitted giving drugs to women and then having sex with them. >> yesterday, marks the fifth anniversary of the duck boat crash that killed two young victims at pens landing. >> this past may the tour ride hit and killed a woman as she was crossing the street in chinatownment fox 29's sabina kuriakose at race street here what the victims' lawyer is
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saying. sabina, good morning. >> good morning chris. calling for all-out ban on duck boats in philadelphia. sixty-eight year old elizabeth carnegie was visiting the city from texas back in may when she stepped out on to the intersection at 11th and arch when she was struck and killed by a duck boat. the driver told police he didn't see her and investigators concluded he had the light. witnesses say the victim was looking down at her electronic device when she was hit. the driver was never charged. now, attorneys for carnegie's family say the boats are designed dangerously with, quote, huge blind sides, and driver distracted by trying to entertain tourists on the bus. >> he doesn't want anybody to experience the horror of watching his spouse of almost 40 years get crushed to death before his very eyes. you don't promote philadelphia tourism by drowning and crushing to death tourists.
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you promote philadelphia's tourism by keeping tourists safe. and this is dangerous on land and on the water. >> reporter: this is the same lawyer who represented the two hungarian tourists in 2010 who died yesterday was the fifth anniversary that far accident. now ride the ducks the company that owns duck boats here in the city and across the country have publicly said that their driver was not distracted that he was never cited or charged by police n their statement yesterday they've told news outlets that they stand by their driver. guys? >> interesting. >> former eagles star donovan mcnabb facing another dui charge this morning the latest arrest happened around midnight june 28th in gilbert, arizona police say mcnabb rearended another car that was stopped at a traffic light. gilbert police did not say whether he took a field sobriety test or what his blood alcohol level was.
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but this is the second time mcnabb arrested for dui his first arrest came back in december of 2013. >> so as you look at this mugshot, really here, the booking photo we should say big daddy graham will come in and way in on this at 5:45 this morning about that very expression on his face, in light of -- >> the psychology behind the mugshot. >> has a lot to say about it, eagle's fbi warning parents teenagers, crime they're calling sextortion about teens and the internet. >> case dates back to 09. ashley reynolds, 20 years old, sharing her traumatic experience when she was just 14. it started as an on line conversation, with who she believed to be at the time a 15 year old boy. turns out, it was a 26 jerold guy from florida this guy ashley sent him nude pictures, and personal information, that he demanded. she did it out of fear until her parent found out then told police. >> had over 80,000 child
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images of child pornography on his computer. but that he had extorted approximately 350 victims in about 26 states in the united state, canada. >> this guy convicted last year now serving life sentence investigators say more than 100 victims have not come forward or been identified. go to, click on seen on tv for more information on this investigation. >> all right 5:09. philadelphia police caught the man they say shot up a crowd in kensington, on june 22nd. they arrested 36 year old dennis tindal yesterday. police say he and another man, opened fire on crowd of people on the 700 block every east hilton street with a shotgun. seven people were hurt, including a child and police say they're still after the person tindal was with at the time. >> manna cured every killing a woman and her three children in a north philadelphia drag racing accident has waived his right to a jury trial. in exchange, prosecutors agree not to press foreman did a torrey life term for 24 year
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old hussein. accused of driving the car that hit 27 year old sam ear a bank and her three young children as they walked across roosevelt boulevard in july of 2013. prosecutors say he and another man were drag racing, and he's charged with third degree murder and other related offenses that second driver in the case, pleaded guilty on monday to four counts of vehicular homicide. >> no signs of an agreement yet in harrisburg, as the budget impasse begins a second week. democratic governor tom wolf rejected the republican's budget plan last tuesday with all-out vetoment since then, lawmakers, have been few time, but no concessions on either side at this point. wolf says the gop budget does not provide enough money for schools and other priority issues. republicans say they won't support attacks increase of any kind. >> in new jersey, will it be the state house or white house for governor chris christie? the two democratic lawmakers working on a bill that would require the governor to resign if that person decides to run for president which christy
5:11 am
is dock, spending too much time campaigning, not enough time in his primary job as governor. christie was re-elected new jersey governor in 2013. >> coming up: you know him alleges the face of subway. but now the fbi hats barged right into jared fogel's home. and they walked out with a lot of stuff. we'll tell you what it is. and measure moves forward in south carolina to remove the confederate flag from the capitol grounds. but, even with calls to take it down there is still some casino of controversy. we'll tell you about that.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> you know, this is kanye west. >> here is a challenge that i have for philadelphia, sue serio. >> i want us all to clean up our acts before the pope arrives in september. >> okay. >> yep, as i'm wacking down columbus/delaware avenue. >> right? >> along the waterfront with davedafnee, we see a man relieving himself on to the
5:15 am
street. >> in the delaware or on the street. >> on the street. can't do things like. that will we have the world watching us right now. >> cut it out. >> trash, throwing things out the window, you can't do that. >> no. >> all right, well, think i lauren has just launched a new campaign. >> clean up philadelphia! >> yes, that's right. >> and if you have a caned bar, just put the wrap nerve your pocket. >> not on the sidewalk. >> there you go. >> good luck with that, lauren. high pressure in control today, at least for little while, but we've got approaching cold front, it is moving pretty slowly, leading edge of it, has some showers what will happen there is will casino of stall today and tomorrow, keep giving us unsettled weather, still be warm, still be humid still sticky but we could be stormy later on in the day. doesn't lock like any showers thunderstorms are here just yet. we will watch lancaster county, watch the pocono mountains, to see if these showers edge in, before the morning is through and you know we're here with you until
5:16 am
10:00. so we've got a lot of time to watch all of this. scranton getting some light showers this morning scranton. fox future cast has the showers slowly moving in. and it seems like with the build-up heat, humidity, getting close to 09 degrees again. see thunderstorms fire up maybe 4:00, 5:00, through 7:00. by 4:00 in the morning tomorrow, back together again it will be drying out for the time being. but here comes some more rain rolling in, and the evening hours, on thursday, we could see some soaking rains as well. so by friday, things should be drying out. have at least dry start to the weekend. maybe a little bit after break from humidity, but not from the heat. uma see in the seven day forecast. so, there is your future cast lasting through about saturday afternoon. right now back to now 78 degrees, in philadelphia. pretty warm to start. so we don't have that far to go to get close to 90 degrees. seventy-one in allentown trenton has 76, 77 atlantic
5:17 am
city, and wildwood, and dover delaware and 76 degrees in wilmington. as we look back, before we lock ahead we finally made it to 90. hadn't about there in a while. ninety-one, in fact, was our high temperature yesterday after 88 degrees on monday. we are going to go back to the 90s, it could happen, just depends on how much sunshine we get. go with upper 80s for today possibility of those pop up thunderstorms we mentioned. and tomorrow, looks like, sticky stormy weather as well. then we head into friday, no rain in the forecast, 87 degrees, got plans for saturday? that's looking pretty good. in fact, at this point sunday looks like we might not see the thunderstorms until sunday night, into monday. so things are improving as far as rain for the weekend but not with the heat. it will still be a really hot july weekends, 91 saturday, 90 sunday. >> so do you still suggest i
5:18 am
put off my chores? because of the heat? >> don't hurt yourselves. >> so that to do list, on the frig when you get home? here is the problem with that though. >> what's that? >> then you are inside, do you have clean toilets sweep the floor -- >> oh, i'm not coming to your house. good morning everybody live look at i95 nice cool shot of the hot and muggy skyline here in the background, as you come into center city. air-conditioning is cranking, and 95, looking good royal southbound in the city. live look at the benny no at all coming into counsel town at least at the moment. get ready septa riders, the regional rail lines today is day number one of that maintenance and fleet upgrade process, they're going to be dealing with. so some of the trains will have fewer cars, therefore, it will get a little tight on the cars that are running there again, it is a sprinkle throughout all of the regional rail lines, it is a matter of
5:19 am
doing some general maintenance, and then of course some of the cars will be pulled out of service with a upgrade and put back in. so things could be little tighter than normal, on one of your regional rail line trips this morning. patco high-speed line, already, tempers are hot because of this new construction schedule we're trying to get used to, again only single tracks coming across the benny during both the morning and the afternoon rush hour, coming in on the 42 freeway, out of the south jersey, starting to see pockets of volume, working it way in toward 295 and of course that walt whitman bridge and the benjamin franklin bridge. bridges look fine, talcony palmyra, earlier opening complete, back to normal. midday work, shutting down frankford avenue between castor and venango today, from 9:00 to 3:00. chris, lauren, back to you. >> fbi and state police arrived with search warrant yesterday at the home of one of indianna's most famous residents, long time subway spokesman, jared fogel. >> he lives there with his wife and two young kids.
5:20 am
fbi sources say the raid was part of a child pornography investigation. investigate earth spent all day going in and out of the home taking computers dvd's, then around noon fogel walked out alone got into a car driven by his attorney. >> this is definitely going to affect not only jared but the subway as a company. it is just sad to happen. just somebody saying they're from the area, sad day. >> the raid comes few months after the former director of the jared foundation was charged with possessing and producing child porn in the wake that far investigation. subway has suspended its relationship with the long time spokesman. south carolina house will begin debate today on bill to remove the confederate flag of the grounds of the state capitol building. >> senate already passed the bill, but even as the bill moves forward, some lawmakers looking for way to preserve the flag. fox's jacky ibanez has more. >> efforts to remove the confederate flag from the south carolina state house are
5:21 am
gaining momentum. this as the state senate gives final approval to a bill tuesday to take down the civil war era symbol from a pole in front of the capitol building. >> i want us to talk about the future because that's why we are going to pass this bill and lower the confederate flag from the state house grounds. >> the bill now moves to the house, where law make letters begin debate on the issue this morning, if the house approves a bill, it then heads to governor nicky haley's desk. she, herself urged law makers to remove the flag last month after white gunman shot and killed nine black people gathering to pray inside a historic church in charleston. >> my hope is that by removing a symbol that divides us, we can move forward as a state in harmony. >> meantime, other areas in the south are also debating the future of the confederate flag. in mobile, alabama the city council voting yesterday to remove the flag from the official seal of it city government. >> had the con fed rasi won
5:22 am
flying the flag today i would be relegated ... the same as a mule and the same as a hole. >> but in central florida, a county commission voted unanimously to again fly the confederate flag in front of it government building just weeks after it had been taken down. >> it is a part of a lot of people's heritage. and it was sad to just see it taken down. >> county leaders there say they're planning to place display alongside the flag explaining its historical significance to the south. jacky ibanez, fox news. >> 5:22 the time. get ready to cough up more money for your commute. coming up: how much more you'll be paying to travel the turnpike. >> governor wolf budget battle continues in harrisburg, what top priority is on his agenda. >> look away from the screen, because you don't play, but here last night's mega millions numbers.
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>> turn commission says money needed to replace money borrowed to make road row pairs. governor chris kiss at this has signed legislation increasing tax credit for lower income resident in new jersey. the new law increases the
5:26 am
state's earned income tax credit from 20% to 30% of similar federal rebate. the christie administration says this will benefit about half million people who live there. they'll see their credit rise from roughly $420 to $630. >> that's significant. 5:26 the time. it is a hot commodity. so much so, that new jersey lawmakers are trying to regulate breast milk. yes, lawmakers looking at how to oversee the buying and selling of breast milk. one bill calls for the state department of health to set up licensing requirements between non-and for-profit companies t would also crow ate procedures for selecting and screening breast milk donors. >> starting next spring, you will be able to set sale off to cuba. >> that's cool. carnival says they'll offer week-long trips from miami to cuba aboard its smaller ship, the adonia. the cruise company the first to visit cuba since the 1906 embarrass owe prices will
5:27 am
start at more than 2900 per person. cuba remains closed right now for general tourism for americans, however, carnival license is part every recent approval for trips, combining volunteering and vacations. i think the embargo technically start in the 1962. >> well, guess what? carli lloyd is back home this morning. and we were at the airport with our cameras in her face. so welcome her home. what she has to say just days after her world cup win. >> no shortage of a list guest stars, next season get ready to see kelly roland.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ >> hometown carli lloyd back home. >> governor wolf visits chester county today as the budget battle continues in harrisburg, we'll tell you what top priority is on his agenda. >> ex-eagle donovan mcnabb facing another dui charge. we're talking about his arrest with big daddy graham. that's coming up. good day everybody, it is wednesday, july 8th, 2015. wednesday, cruising over the hum up. >> nice to get on a cruz ship,
5:31 am
go somewhere less humid. sue serio buzz i likes like he's ready to get all aboard. >> that's right. and he's staying hydrated all day with his little water bottle there. look who is back, muggy the dog. yep, that means thank you oh he's how long today. it means off to very humid start this morning we can expect high humidity, typical for the rest of the day temperatures in the 70s right now 79 at philadelphia international airport. starting to get few clouds, but we'll see some sun 11-mile per hour winds moments away, about nine moments, from our official sunrise time. leading edge of cold front bringing some showers out to our west, but nothing significant yet in our viewing area although, just now this rain edging in, looking at the at a few moment see what's going on in that. 76 degrees in reading
5:32 am
lancaster, 75. there is your 78 in philadelphia. seventy-seven atlantic city right now. walking out the door, so expect it to be pretty sticky already. seven out of ten. your planner for the day clammy and muggy could see pop up thunderstorms by lunchtime, more likely later in the day high temperature of 88 degrees, if we get enough sunshine, we could even make it to 90 again yesterday's high 91. that's your planner for wednesday, from the weather authority, what's going going on out in the roads? >> 5:32, still left over work crew here on the spring garden street bridge, above the schuylkill expressway. so right now, there is no traffic coming off the schuylkill expressway. if you are coming into philadelphia the spring garden street exit is closed, you can just go to the next one, which is vine street expressway. that will get new downtown, here satisfaction ample whatever we're dealing with this morning sue had
5:33 am
mentioned, just muggy social security i stormy start. live look the talcony palmyra bridge had earlier opening. but you can kind of just cut through the steam there with a knife, bad hair day stepping out the front door, and going to be rough go this morning possibly, if you use septa's regional rail lines. here's the deal. they are doing that maintenance and fleet upgrade, where they are taking a karat a time, off out of the system, to install the ptc the positive train control system. so each car individually has to come off of the run go into the maintenance yard, do fleet upgrade. so some of the trains this morning, are going to have fewer cars and could you feel you're going to feel the difference possibly, instead of six train, six car train could you have five car train this morning. now, the patco high-speed line again this new construction schedule, give yourself extra time. single tracking over the benny the next couple of of months,
5:34 am
weather, sue mentioned, the stormy start here this morning, could impact flights those thunder boom that's roll through this morning, this afternoon, could cause delays at philadelphia international airport. off to good start, eastbound schuylkill, 14 minute trip into town, same deal south 95 rolling through delaware county, chaddsford, no problems heading up route one into 476. but midday work coming to frankford avenue this morning. they're going to be shutting you down from castor to venango 9:00 to 3:00. otherwise mass transit looking good, no delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> exciting news for us world cup mvp player carli lloyd back at home. >> jennifer joyce live in carli lloyd's hometown delran, new jersey. >> fresh off world cup rally in l.a., world winds few days for carli lloyd and her teammates. she back here, arrived at philadelphia chris just before 2:00 this morning she
5:35 am
said she really hasn't slept in the last few days, but regardless was incredibly nice to our cameras and nice to the fans at the airport. she stopped to sign autographs on her way to baggage claim. she posted for pictures with fans. carly said again it has been a crazy few days sense wing the world cup against japan. finally all starting to sink in. she said life has certainly changed when they went out to eat in los angeles at the restaurant, they pick up the tabment something she and her teammates are not necessarily used to but she said is so proud and so is her fiancee brian hollins, at the airport seeing carly for the first time in 42 days. >> slowly will sink in. i think i got to get my brain just relax my brain little bit, and go home and enjoy it with friends and family, when i get time but has been
5:36 am
unbelievable ride, journey fantastic moment. >> i'm really proud of her. she has work so hard for this, and i know what she had to put no this, to be able to get this far. and the last couple of years she's been really digging deep and working harder than ever. >> certainly sweet reunion for our couples that our cameras got to see first-hand, quick reunion. carly said pretty much coming home to unpack, re pack, leaving for new york tomorrow. she says she has some personal things to do up there as well, as attends that parade, that's in her team's honor on friday. chris, lauren? >> jenny joyce i think it is inking endorsement deals. >> up in new york? makes sense result? >> signing the dotted line. >> hopefully. she didn't get into it but we're hoping that's what's happening up there. >> i'm sure it is. >> is she going to get too big for her brims, though, not going to come into the good day studio and eat all six donuts, one for every goal in the torn (. she's so cool. >> she is very hum job
5:37 am
incredibly humble, such a nice person. >> super nice. >> jenny joyce thank you so much. >> happening today pennsylvania governor tom wolf pushes his budget priorities wolf on school that teach tour of the state. pushing for state budget that includes more money for education, it has been a week since wolf vetoed republican backed plan that did not include money for school. >> he was in charge of children now former principal is facing charges john simmons was arrested and charged in chester county friday. police say the wilmington, delaware man had inapropriate contact with a teenage student while principal, and teacher at the concept school, private school in westtown. simmons had been head of the school since 2012. the school says he was fired and officials are cooperating with that investigate. >> kill roland latest celebrity to join the empire ranks watch character she is being cast to play, on season two. >> she is your doppelganger. >> she s you agree that is?
5:38 am
>> does the defense get this case dismissed? we'll tell you how a judge ruled.
5:39 am
♪ how's it progressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir.
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as you were... where were we? 13 serving 14! service! if your boss stops by, you act like you're working. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >> this years comedians, susquehanna bank center sunday september 13th, more changes are in the works at a
5:41 am
bc -- >> at abc. >> at abc the view, oh, the view is on abc? they are losing another voice to table discussions. rosey perez leaving the daytime talk show, in a memo, executive producer confirmed perez has decided on acting. balancing her host duties while performing in broadway play. plans to give rosey proper send off in a few weeks when its current season wraps up on the ab cnet work show. >> okay, now kelly roland, from destiny child you remember her she signed onto play the mother of lucious lion in flashback episode on the fox hit empire next season. she is the latest a lister sign on. show creator says chris rock and marissa tow may even oprah will be making
5:42 am
appearance. debuts september 23rd. >> serious stuff here, 5:42 for you this wednesday morning, los angeles judge rules former music he can tech tiff suge knight will stands trial for murder. knight's attorney hoping get the case dismissed key witness refused to identify him in court. however, the judge said suge knight was the only person with a motive. and the witness also said that it wasn't knight. former death row executive arrested and charged with the january fatal hit-and-run that killed 55 year older it i carter. >> former eagle donovan mcnabb facing another dui charge. we're talking about his arrest with big daddy graham coming up after the break.
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>> this is your "shorecast" keep an ear out for the thunder any time after 12:00 noon today because if you hear thunder, lightning isn't far away, and the beach is one of the worst places to be during a thunderstorm. so, having said that, mid 80s for our beach temperature. no sea breeze today southwesterly wind, 10 miles an hour, 73 degrees ocean
5:46 am
water temperature low rip countries being, and the uv index will be about a seven. that's it considered in the high range. but not the highest. so here's ultimate doppler. here's what we're talking b seat rain starting to edge in carbon monroe counties. we zoom in little closer, see right around mount pocono, some very light showers definitely cloudy and looking like it is going to rain even if it is not raining where you are in the poconos this morning. 78 degrees, here in the city, already warm at this hour, and only going to get warmer even with limited sunshine, 70 degrees, in the mountains 71 in allentown and 76 degrees in trenton 77 degrees in wildwood and atlantic city. so shore points not getting a break with temperatures, probably ends up in the upper 80s, thanks to cloud cover today. we got to 91 yesterday. but, i don't think we'll get quite there today. there is a chance, though, and dew points, right now upper 60s, and seven's just about everywhere, and once that dew point hits around 70 degrees,
5:47 am
we are definitely in the oppressive humidity range so, somewhere between uncomfortable and oppressive, pick your poison this morning 90s returned yesterday with the high of 91 degrees, above the average of 87, today will be right around average with 88 upper 80s for thursday, as well, both of these days, little bit unsettled especially each afternoon, and then it, does dry out in time for the weekend. friday's high, in the mid to upper 80s on saturday, we may edge back into the 90's, same for sunday, but it looks lick we'll hold off the next front until monday, maybe even sunday night into monday, with a chance of thunderstorms so that's what we've got going on in that seven day forecast. quite a few 90s there, bob kelly? >> yes, reaching the 90s good morning, everybody, 5:47. live look, hello malvern 202 right near chesterbrook boulevard, disable there off to the shoulder, but otherwise light volume, folks still have the headlights on rolling out of the driveway this morning
5:48 am
we head in to the 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia, not bad at all light volume so far this morning really nothing out of the ordinary. but going for a ride on the schuylkill expressway, coming eastbound, around your conshy curve, guess what today is? >> today is wednesday. >> yep, it is national video game day. >> okay. >> remember pong? >> yes. >> remember pong? boop, boop boop, boop. that was big time, if you had pong radio shack's pong, back in the day. >> my favorite was pac-man. >> pac-man was good. >> that was later. >> that came with a tar i. >> pong, by the way late 70s? >> late 70s radio shack the big thing when you had pong, man, boop, boop, boop, my facebook twitter page, what's your favorite video gamey? was addicted, ya. i was addicted to frog err. >> that was good. >> remember the frog? >> how about hit tress? >> there you go. having some fun this morning
5:49 am
maybe you can take one of those video games on your phone now and ride along on one of the regional rail lines. here is the deal. septa, over the last couple of days started taking a car out of service sprinkled throughout the regional rail lines. some of the trains today are going to have fewer cars. in other words a six-car train may only have five. their purpose is the maintenance, fleet upgrade and installing the positive train control system. they're going to be one of the first systems in the country to have this complete by the end of the year. so they're going to start sprinkling one karat a time pulling out of service will do it during the summertime, which traditionally has less riders because of vacations. chris, lauren, back to you. >> phillies pick up win last night in l.a. over the dodgers, big story happened few hours before the gamement general manager rubin amaro jr., told reporters he doesn't necessarily see chase utley as the team's every day second baseman. >> went ton say once chase returns from injury, ceasar hernandez will remain the starting second baseman.
5:50 am
let's bring in big daddy graham from wip radio boy what a change. >> hey, it had to happen. look, i just got in a argument over 94wip about the difference between hitting 220 and 179. al morgan i saying not much difference. first, 41 points difference, second of all even the chase utley loyalist, which most people watch right now love chase utley. you can't defend 179. you can't, there is no defending it. if amaro jr. would have taken hernandez out of the line up hitting 301 by the way, his tal won't have went nuts even chase utley loyalists would have went nuts. you can't do it when hitting 179. what this means is he's not going to get the at bat what this means is chase utley tour
5:51 am
for philly comes whether he comes back. >> if he doesn't get what, 500 plate appearances in. >> yes, which he won't get there. was a chance he wasn't going to get it once they put him on the dl watch some people would suggest to you that's yes was put on the dl, if you remember, there was a little problem with sandberg and amaro, jr. about the dl and utleyment sandberg some people didn't even think they new they put him on there. and that had something to do with the at bat. but you can forget it now. but he doesn't deserve them. it is a shame. he was a great phil, one of the most popular phillies in history in this town. but come on, lauren, chris 179. >> but if he doesn't get the 500 plate appearances then it doesn't trigger yet another multi-million dollar extension whatever. as much contractual stuff going on behind the scenes here. still you can't play a guy way below the line. >> specially when hernandez is hitting 301, young guy might
5:52 am
be your second baseman for the future certainly looks it at the moment. you can't play him. so chase love you but sorry. >> all right, big daddy from baseball, to another big name philadelphia and in sports, in the news, donovan mcnabb, arrested. >> for the second time now, his statement which i printed it out here, i'm just going to read the second part of it, he said this on the air yesterday. but at this point, i have no further information and as we continue on with this situation, will let it handle as it will hand it will s i have no idea what that means. but what it clear lie means is he's layered up. because in arizona your second dui mandatory 90 days in the slammer. ninety days! so this means he's fighting it. this is his future really. because if he is convicted of thinks this second dui does have to go to jail, he will no longer be with the nfl network
5:53 am
or fox. i think there is even another working for mystery to me, i don't think he's any good on any of these shows. i don't know how he got any of these jobs. but, you know, hey. >> big name. >> yes, big name, but not particularly good at what he does. but it won't matter. if he gets convicted he'll lose those jobs for sure, as well he should. >> well, he is lucky he didn't kill anyone either. could have been a whole lot worse. he needs to get help obviously. >> and who gets the first comment? to. >> big daddy thank you so much. >> to gets the first comment. >> buddy we will be listen. >> all right,. >> thanks, big dad. >> i many of just a fear of spiders and some brown spiders popping up at homes around the country. we'll tell you what steps you can take to get rid of the bugs.
5:54 am
the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus.
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5:56 am
>> brown recluse spiders are popping up under couches porch lights, they can penetrate human skin with venamous bite, exterminators say using vacuum can suck up the spiders and they recommend turning out porch lights, may help keep them away. coming up on good day, carli lloyd is back after bringing home us title in women's
5:57 am
soccer. jennifer joyce live in her hometown of den ran, new jersey, after the break. >> ♪ ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. >> hey, carly came home. yep, she's back, fresh off her world cup win. carli lloyd comes home, but not for long. we'll tell you what is neck for the champ. donovan mcnabb is facing dui charges again. what the former eagle allegedly said to police in
6:00 am
arizona. >> and the fbi is is her clinic for hundreds of under age kids, who they say were pressured into sending elicit photos. how investigators say one man pulled off this crime. good morning everybody, it is wednesday, july the eighth, 2015. they finally paved seventh street last night. >> they it. >> i have picks i'll show you, but that meant cabs couldn't get down seventh. shaking the back of my head. just ringing wet from humidity . gross. >> looks like gel. >> it is not. >> ugh goodness. >> oh, don't shake my hand. >> oh, seriously mike? >> slimy the point i'm making. >> pure he will purell? >> clammy is the word, close is another one, women, you think of your own synonym, is that the right word? seven out of


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