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tv   Chasing News  FOX  July 14, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> they're has been a rash of shark attacks in north carolina and sightings all up and down the shore. check out this picture. we saw then over they're. watch out. bill: stingrays jellyfish all kinds of stuff going on in the water. >> were you let them in the water? >> no. >> his friends call him jeff. fifty-six years running the barbershop. he we will have to closes doors. >> it is the big corporation coming in. >> now they're is nothing. >> zero, my god. it is a shark. bill: you went to the jersey shore for the weekend.
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>> a rash of shark attacks in north carolina and sightings all been on the shore. check out this picture. shark tony and his catch which he can't a few weeks ago on the jersey shore. i went to meet with this shark legend. his fishing spot. he is doing it to set the record straight. >> they are here all the time. >> as i pulled the kayak down to the water he told me why he is called shark tony. years ago. >> people i knew would your my name. the kids were deal shark. you know shark tony. >> he became known. and i sent him adrift into the ocean. we saw a fan over they're. >> way out past.
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it was right around this area. >> i don't want my toes nibbled by any sharks and made my way out of the water as fast as i can. bill: look at you backing out. >> my gosh. there is. i grabis. i grab my camera, ran the shore. he started trying to pull the shark closer. quite a fight. the sharp was biting obviously. he took the lookout. then it was more. bill: this is eating. >> yeah. go ahead. >> he took the lookout and then gently guided it out back. it was on the sand. then i made friends with the family that one of the previously. as we were standing there
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rick miller, the father of the family told me his grandchildren are coming up tomorrow and he does not want them in the water. >> are you going to let them in the water? >> no. >> that is the ball? >> yes. bill: no threat. we no that. when they had this close. >> you can't eat that shark. no. they're is only one that is actually edible. shark speed through there skin. you cannot eat sharks. okay. bill: either way. i am confused as to why you let them back in. >> that is why he is doing this and showing people that they're are a lot of sharks in the water. >> cited last week. jellyfish. a lot going on. >> twenty-three attacks so far this year. >> it has been an epic year. bill: don't play with the
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sharks. ♪ bill: "high speed chase" ashley start us off. >> that one time. luckily this did not happen what we did. sunday morning skydiving east coast. had to make an emergency landing in ocean county. literally part in the median of the highway. our routine triplet the pilot an instructor. actually my instructor. so the reporter loss of power somewhere. emergency landing. this power lines encouraged by couple feet. the federal aviation administration. >> donovan mcnabb suspended indefinitely. former eagles quarterback busted for dui in arizona
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his 2nd and 14 months. right now he will work out the legal situation. enjoy knew much i guess. ♪ >> hostilities do. >> hasta manana. >> are you want to put it. >> fifty-six years. in the parking lot. that is a disgrace. >> this is jimmy. fifty-six years running the likes barbershop in trenton. he's going to have to closes doors. why? the hospital wants to build a knew parking lot. >> it is hard. it is a big corporation. they put the parking lot. >> history is long and colorful. take a look at the wall.
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to the regulars it's a lot more than a barbershop. >> you don't need a haircut. look at this. >> they are all going to have them. >> a place to play cards. >> politics. now there's nothing. >> well,well he himself is not quite ready to hang up the 1st. he we will go to the heads of salon in hamilton. i mean, if he we will be out they're. >> that was the know-how. >> how many heads of hair do you think you got? >> the go, and general revenue. >> that i have to talk how to do it? no. the man has been cutting
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heads for 55 years he did. the only kind of barbershop i can go to is the old dudes barbershop. that is all they're is to it we've the fresher cut the sandwich. thank you, gentlemen. thank you for everything. see your plot now thenow, the last day we will be on the 15th. stop by for a tram or just to shoot the breeze. is somebody trying to pave paradise to put up a parking lot? hit us up on twitter. >> a great big television star. ♪ >> new jersey gun laws are widely regardless of the strictest in the country. now the governor christie is officially running for the nomination people have to
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address the issue on a national stage. i took a trip to elmer new jersey. shooting at an outdoor range and discuss the topic. he explained to me that he does not feel the laws make you safer. >> you know, my 1st question do you think governor christie we will be able to have staunch supporters? >> one of the biggest questions i'm receiving is why hasn't he met?
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bill: is he not your guy? >> he has done a lot of things in regard to supporting. he is also been instrumental in demonstrating that new jersey gun laws are ridiculous. bill: two recent cases. a father for north carolina was arrested. contractor work and he had a weapon his car told the policeman. i came up north carolina. arrested facing jail time. a young woman despite her exporter while she was waiting for a gun. >> absolutely. that was one of the things we spoke about. we simply want to take care of these people, want to make sure people don't have to show some form of need to
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apply. applying for a fire that was just a purchaser gun. eventually i did apply for a concealed carry permit. bill: why is the focus on governor christie? why not go after steve sweeney, ray lesniak. in charge of trenton for more than a decade and the guys writing is legislation. >> stephen sweeney is the senate president, he is not proposal supported anything i would've given her the right to defend yourself. i'm not saying everyone should own a gun but protect yourself with pepper spray, a baseball bat knife, i gun that's her choice. >> the thought of attempting to protect myself for the weapon is not on the table because it feels like an impossible issue to broach and it is unfortunate we have to recognize the
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governors say making something like that happened would be nearly impossible. >> i took a crash course in becoming a circus performer. let's see if i crash and burn's. >> no money on the floor. >> november want to be. >> while. ♪ >> another day in the life of being a chaser. >> we report the news. when it comes down to it it's not just about the story.
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>> swallowed up by a shark. it airs july 22. people post on saturday you and a little bit about the system. >> surveillance video. the 1st friday. ♪
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♪ >> at the new jersey circus center i take a crash course. let's see if i crash and burn. >> balloon animals to face painting. you name it we do it. >> i was excited to get started. as we did. >> started off with a staple of any circus performer juggling. started me off with handkerchiefs. >> if you get hit in the head. >> got you. >> left right. ♪♪
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>> , juggling the chaser. >> do that over and over and over. >> after the aerial fabric. climb to the top successfully and ascended. i'm alive. that was it for me. all of the professionals take over. it was absolutely amazing. >> that was crazy. >> we had the mats. it's a monkey roles which were pretty fun. they did not call me the flying hindu for nothing. [applause] >> board is that hurt your feet? i tried to where my shoes but that is circus now no. i've. i balance pretty well for five to ten seconds. surprising.
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not so much. >> i made it halfway. this was not the flying trapeze, but it takes an immense amount of strength and conditioning to be good. good thing i don't work out. i think i did pretty well. he hopped on right after me. he did it with ease. >> yeah. >> finally we have the stilts. you have to learn the technique 1st before you can move on. imagine a penguin walking in hot sand. that is exactly what i did.
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>> they're you go. >> a similar movement if you want to learn the circus techniques or have a killer workout the new jersey circus center is open all week. even big kids like me all year long. hit me up on twitter. you can always tweet the show. i will see you later. ♪ >> i don't know if i ever want to be. i enjoy my fingers. >> and augustinian priest. tackling real-world issues. >> we just no instinctively.
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♪ >> take a look at the surveillance pictures. looking for a pomeranian stolen right outside the market at north 11th street in williamsburg. now, he was gone. a blonde female left in a honda.
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the dog never had gone into the store. they found surveillance pictures. hoping additional footage will show voices played. a. a seven -year-old pomeranian. very nice card is not bark much the same. as to grant facebook flyers everything has been done. please contact the owners. >> father paul morrissey and augustinian priest. he has many duties. the priesthood at the church. secondly a chaplain in a philadelphia prison system. third he is an author. the black wall of silence tackling real-world issues and portrays so the similarities between them. >> the inmates in a waiver so touching and vulnerable.
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share with my own thoughts are. my god. i might be in a prisoner my own. >> lines of the church's cover up my sexual abuse case that may result in a life sentence. >> the actual silencing represented by the cover of the book a collar around the priests mouth illustrates an issue which i think is grounds for why sexual cues and the cover of might've happened. >> name the black wall of silence is derived from the blue wall of silence we often here in law enforcement. an unwritten code. the church is no different from that. he sent a copy of his book to pope francis the kind of promote the conversation about some of these controversial issues. >> we no instinctually protect the institution.
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what about honesty and integrity. bill: you can go back to the scandal. a very small fraction of people i got themselves in the trouble and did some awful things. no need to address what was done. the america for patients not only addressed it that were the 1st organized religion to address it. we will report anything to law enforcement, that was groundbreaking. to shower on that now and highlighted as a the problem is somewhat misguided because i do not no that it helps the greater problem which is still going on. >> the idea hopefully for the conversation is a great idea. it might make it easier to have a conversation but they're is still a bone amongst the catholic communitythe committee that many feel has not been
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filled it with his mother was the expectation of this pope addressing a more aggressively. it is a conversation that is not over that at a minimum is good to continue to talk about. bill: webcams hidden all over there home. >> the scandalous history of the house with a couple lawyered up. bill: inside new york's hottest party. >> why women ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, everyone i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. headed into the overnight the humidity starts to increase and then for tomorrow, get ready for some scattered downpours across the area. we could also see a flash flood threat if you're underneath some of those downpours. what about the temperatures? as we go hour by hour, it's going to be warm and muggy 86 for the high. most of the action into the early afternoon hours. sue will update this
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