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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  July 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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ent has ever done. coming up, we'll tell you what it has to do with his push to reform the criminal justice system. >> accused bank robber chased down on philadelphia street, only on fox what police say she stopped to pick up, that landed her in cuffs. >> and pump the brakes. that's what new jersey transit ride remembers screaming after learning news of a price hike. just how much more they'll have to pay to hop a ride. >> today is july 13th, it is sherrie's birthday. >> and it is also -- wait. this is the 16th. we haven't updated. that will it is the 16th. that's sherrie's your aunt's birthday? >> and one of our twitter followers, sherrie, like your relative, wish me a happy birthday too. >> a ten today right sue perfect birthday weather. >> absolutely. we don't often go into double digits, but we did last friday if you remember. and we're back at ten today. and here's why. all of the rain is gone. boy, ultimate doppler, sure looked different at this time yesterday, with all of that
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lightning all over it and all the flooding rain that we had well things have dried out. you will get couple of days to really dry out from the rain that fell yesterday in some places, close to 5 inches. starting to see the first glimmer of sunrise, it is official at 5:46 this morning. northerly breeze at 9 miles an hour you're going to walk outside and say hey i like this. 68% relative humidity. maybe not those exact words. but you get the idea. it was a wet wednesday high of 82, and the average hi, 87. we will be below average again today, but boy will it feel nice with the refreshing breezes and the high temperature of 83 degrees, mid 70s by lunchtime sunset time 8:28. that's your planner for thursday, from the weather authority. can we keep this going through the weekend? find out in the seven day forecast. right now we start traffic with a look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound. this is just around south street. and the cars are moving along just fine. let's go to the ben franklin
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bridge. and check the trip into philadelphia from new jersey just few cars on the roads free and clear, come on over. now, check next horsham road, horsham township, one lane block, and into new castle, delaware 259 northbound tell wear memorial bridge, construction with the right lane block. that's going to be out there until tomorrow afternoon lauren? >> thank so much sue. president barack obama was at the naacp convention in philadelphia this week. he talk about the need to sort of reform the criminal justice system. >> well, today republican presidential candidate and current new jersey governor, chris christie, of course, makes his first policy speech in his home state. we're told he will talk about the relationship between drugs and crime. delivering the speech in camden, steve keeley live now more of preview what we can expect. steve? >> yes it, will sound similar but you can bet his speech writers and advisors are going
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over everything he's going say to avoid plagiarize g the president or even agreeing with the president on non-violent offenders. but similar theme, governor christie keeps claiming camden not as violent and dangerous as it used to be, so he brags about it as his success story in speeches like his state-of-the-state that was covered by national reporters you will remember, january because he was running for president. he is coming back their camden to try to kick start his campaign before he drops out of the top ten in polls where he is barely hanging onto tenth place now, and the last podium spot in the first republican debate in two weeks, on fox news channel only including those in the top ten. yesterday, down in maryland, the governor there joined maine's endorsing christie's returning favor that christy delivered as part of the national republican governor association. when the riots broke out right after i made my state of emergency address the very first cawley got was from
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chris christie. who offered me all kind of great advice. cup old of weeks ago when i announced that i had cancer, one of the first calls i got was chris christie. he's been in communication with me almost every day. i was amazed as i was in the hospital getting chemotherapy, i get a text from him he says i'm on my way and i'm thinking of you and praying for you. so, he is a tremendous friend, guy avenue tremendous amount of respect for, but that's not the only reason why i am endorsing him. i'm endorse him because i think he's done great job as the governor of new jersey think we need a real leader. i think the folks in washington have messed everything up. i have a lot of great friends running for president, i know everyone every these guys on republican side. i like a lot of them. but i can tell you that in my opinion there is nobody that has the strength of character the strength of leadership, the guy who is honest, who tells it like it is, which is the thing i love about him. >> so, as governor christie
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keeps going around the country, down in maryland yesterday, back in new jersey today, a lot of people her in urge new jersey -- new jersey, see, this bus stop, just outside of police headquarters here, full of people, they would like the governor to taught some success stories here in his home state rather than worrying about higher national offers like why didn't he stop that 9% fair hike that new jersey transit just approved yesterday, along with a lot of decreases in service. soap these people certainly not happy can barely afford a bus fare as it is, not having to dig out somehow pay more if someone is making more, stems like salaries not keeping up with everything else going up. chris, lauren? >> that might be the best and strongest political bro mans of all time right there, chris christie larry hogan what do you think receive? >> first of all, did he a lot for larry hogan, he knew, almost new he was going to run for president, when he was head of the governor republican association helping all of these guys get elected, so they have no choice but to turned around and endorse him.
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that's why you saw that yesterday. but, larry hogan certainly sounded sincere, especially, saying that governor christie texted him as he's on his way to when making had i presidential campaign announce the just saying he is praying for him. so it sounds nice, and hopefully governor christie was just doing that to be nice, not to remind him hey i am running for president you better back me as soon as you get out of chemo. >> why the fascination with the folks at the bus stop from your photographer? why are we not seeing the face? >> they're more important, that illustrate the problems here in new jersey, we've got a lot of economic problems. these people are barely getting by. i grew up in this town. this is still a very poor town, and i used to have to take a bus, and i know 9% fare hike, just keeping so it is not double digits, changes your life, less money you will spend on food. a loft these people will probably not buy the bigger sandwich at subway now because they have to pay more for this bus ride. >> absolutely, and more on that story this, mo, steve thanks so much. interesting. speaking of politics, president obama will become the first sitting president to
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advice ate prison when he makes a trip to oklahoma. this comes after the president addressed the naacp convention here in philadelphia. part of his speech focused on changes that need to be made in prisons including not tolerating rape, and he also criticized the use of seoule tea confinement. the day before the speech the president also commuted the sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders and called for changes to minimum sentencing laws. and yesterday former president bill clinton also addressed that same convention saying he supports reforming sentencing laws. >> in his speech, he admit add bill he signed during his presidency, he made the mass incarceration rate worth, and concerns about police brutality. >> i support smarter sentencing, what you are trying to do. but that won't solve the other problem we have been living with on our street, which is the greater likelihood that young african-american men will be arrested and as we see
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sometimes shot or choked. >> clinton says america must address racial division, and also tackle concerns about changes in voting laws pushed by some republican lawmakers critics say those laws are intend today decrease minority and youth voting who are more likely to vote democratic. >> former presidents george h.w. bush is recovering after breaking a bone in his neck. the 91 year old fell, while at his summer home in maine and is now wearing a neck brace it is unclear when the 41st president will be released. right now he's the old he living former us president. he's confined to one of those sort of motorized scooters right now, just in previous years on his birthday, as recently as just few years ago, he would sky dive, and he now suffers from parkinson's so he hasn't been sky divingment hopefully speedy recovery for him. >> now a story you'll see only on fox philly police and fbi agent catch accused bank robber. search on for another suspect who is still on the loose. >> jenny joyce in front of the
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td bank that was robbed. good morning. >> good morning lauren, chris. on look kearse see the female suspected bank robber running down ridge avenue, caught shortly thereafter. second man remains on the loose this morning. that woman was pick up by police, and taken away. police say the suspect held up this td bank at the intersection of hermit and ridge avenues. she was with a man who was caring a gun the pair tried to make their escape, but one of them dropped the money on the way out and red dye pack exploded. the woman went back to pick up the money that's when she was caught. the gunman got away. all of this happened before noon yesterday. only fox 29 was there as f.b.i. agent arrived on the scene and collected the bag filled with money and a black scar that far was apparently recovered from the female suspect. investigators have not said if this could be the so-called burqa bandit who held up four banks in the northeast in a month. she was caught on tape robbing
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a citizens bank last week after getting away with $6,000. agent also looked through surveillance video for additional clues at this hour, again, they are still looking for that second suspect, a man, who had a gun here at this holdup yesterday. >> lauren, chris? >> she'll start talking soon. jenny joyce thanks so much. >> victim lies in a hospital this morning fighting for his life after being shot multiple times in the arms and neck. philadelphia police say it happened just before 11:00 last night the point breeze neighborhood. when they arrive to the 1500 block every south taney street detective found the man seriously wounded, police are now looking for two suspect, seen running from the area, that shooting happened. >> so new jersey transit riders fuming over decision to increase fares. fare increases of about 9% were approved yesterday for new jersey transit rales and buses. they will gay into effect in october. transit officials say the increases are necessary, to cover $60 million budget gap. and that's after it cut
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$40 million internally. for some passengers, this is just too steep. >> i break my neck getting my bus passes every month. so i don't want them to jack the prices up any more. that's crazy. here in camden? give us a break. >> already $85 as it is now. so, you know, and -- >> ridiculous. >> and i'm getting minimum wage and it cost more for me to get back and forth to work than what i do to get paid. >> well, new jersey transit ride remembers not happy frequent e paws computers are getting little discount. yesterday the delaware river port authority approved 18-dollar a month credit for drivers who use the benjamin franklin bridge, walt whitman bridge, betsy ross, commodore barry bridges at least 18 times a month. that will requires that you have a car. >> 5:11 is the time. rescue crews in kentucky are still looking for missing people after the area's hit hard with flooding, more on the death toll and the conditions search teams are dealing with right now. >> presidential response to critics who say bill cosby
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should be stripped of his medal of freedom. is this likely to happen, though? we'll hear from the president.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> great song. lots of birthdays today. >> being look back at the history of this song. >> sylvia moore, henry cosby ... interesting. >> sue serio? take it over. >> you know, there are so many classics. i would love to know if there is a statistic how many people name their daughters sheree after that song came out. just thinking. there were probably a lot. because it is such a beautiful name. all right, temperatures in the upper 70s, at the shore today. oh what a day you're going to have, if you're going to the beach, because yesterday was certainly a wash-out. we've got northeasterly breeze, little bit of sea breeze at ten to 15 miles an hour, so little breezy, 75 degrees, our surf temperature. moderate risk of rip current watch out and only swim where the lifeguards are, and reply that sunscreen because it is a nine out of ten and your uv index. ultimate doppler radar nothing to stop you from doing anything really today. at least not weather wise. we've got plenty of sunshine
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in store once sunrise is official. 65 degrees right now in philadelphia, 58 in lancaster 56 degrees reading, 52 mount pocono, 66 atlantic city, 68 degrees, in wildwood. a delightful morning because the dew points are down. that means lower humidity, so with dew points in averaging kind of in the mid to upper 50's, and in our measure of moisture, that put us on the scale of pleasant. yep, refreshing to pleasant where we are this morning and you will feel it when you walk out the door. we have 9-mile per hour breeze coming out of the north, cooler, drier air usually does, come from that direction, 10 miles an hour, in dover, 8 miles an hour, in atlantic city, so yesterday with all of the clouds, and all of the showers we were below our average temperature of 87 degrees, with high of 82. and we'll be below today. but plenty of sunshine, just got the cooler air moved in after the rain ended. ten today and even ten tomorrow. might start to get a smidge more humid.
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but still gorgeous day on friday with a high of 85. then comes the weekend. we zoom into the 90s on saturday. with chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, and that's the drill, typical summertime weather pattern with the bermuda high park off shore things casino of getting a little more humid and unsettled saturday. sunday monday, tuesday, and wednesday, we should still be in the 90s. that's your weather authority forecast. all the more reason to enjoy today. let's start off traffic with a look at i-95, at girard avenue. so far so good. we're getting more volume headed into the city. in new jersey, we check the route 42 freeway and that's moving along just fine. yardley, bucks county, we have north main street near west as ten avenue. an accident there, two lanes are blocked, wires are down, so that situation will be out there for a while. troy to avoid it if you can. now, we go to horsham horsham road at walnut avenue. an accident there has one lane
5:18 am
blocked this morning. chris? >> sue, thank you. a 18:00 the time. after spending the past week in the infirmary recovering from gunshot wounds, david sweat, a new york inmate, recaptured after daring escape last month, you are well aware of, has been sent to solitary confinement at news prison. sweat was shot while being apprehended by police. he and fellow inmate richard matt escape from the clinton correctional facility on june the six. fed rag agents killed matt two days before capturing sweat. >> clean up and recovery effort underway in kentucky following strong storms that dumped heavy rains on that state. >> at least three people at this point have been killed in that flooding, with several others still missingment fox's jacky inch and owes find out how people across the state are stepping up to help. >> the death toll from massive flooding in kentucky is rising. this, as crews find the body of a third victim wednesday. search teams are also looking for several others, who have been missing since flood waters swept away homes earlier this week. >> going to be continuing on
5:19 am
with the great type searches that have been perform over the past couple of days, and going systematically through the affected area. >> the search has been challenging with crews having to stop for awhile when another storm moved through the region. and one worker was injured when he got stuck in waist deep mud. >> very, very us a tear conditions. it has hindered a great deal by very large debris fields, and, i mean, personally going through seeing piles of foliage, other kinds of debris 12 15 feet high, so it is very difficult to get through. >> the hardest hit areas are east of lexington where at least 150 homes have been destroyed. >> still sort of a moving target in terms of people that need to be check on their well-being, maybe they are stranded, in their homes without utility, without phone service. >> the flood has left many without the most bake i can of necessities. relief efforts are ramming up with the high school gym being transformed
5:20 am
into an aid distribution center. >> i think if we could help one person, then we're sharing god's love through that, that's what we're all about. >> kentucky governor has declared state of emergency for assistance tans to affected areas. >> violent protests break out in greece, to begin bailout negotiations, roster at the bill imposes major tax hikes spending cutment country needs new bailout package worth about $93 billion. police arrested at least 50 people after they were caught smashing storefronts setting vehicles on fires and hurling gas bombs at officers. greece now faces monday deadline it repay $4.6 billion to the european central bank. a missing monument in new jersey. all that's left this morning are memories. more on the effort to bring it back. >> and just two days after its release, we'll tell you how setting records. >> do you play the lottery at all, lauren dawn? >> no. >> neither do i.
5:21 am
if you do, here are last night's winning powerball numbers.
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when we go to the store i find my box of honey bunches of oats, and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. he says "it has a certain code that's my line, this is the date." if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
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>> anticipating this will be the top selling book. >> only out since tuesday, go set a watchman, first day records of sales at barnes and noble, and is now the top selling book currently on
5:24 am the book has generated enormous amount of attention this is the first book from lee since 1906 release of the class took kill a mocking bird. amazon prime member set their watches to cash in on the much anticipated prime day deals yesterday. participating merchants saw 80% rise in us sales and 40% increase in europe. but not everyone is pleased. the doby digital index calculated 50% of prime day social media posts expressed disappointment. shoppers said deals were not attractive enough, and complained that the good ones sold out too quickly. >> okay, get your taste buds ready, lays potato chips rolling out new flavors. released the names. new flavors in the do us a flavor contest here's what you can taste and vote on. ready? southern biscuit and gravy, kettle cooked greek town yiro, whatever, new york
5:25 am
rubin, and wavy west coast truffle fries. voting start later this month runs through mid october. makes me want to throw up. >> ugh. >> here is the deal, if i want some southern biscuits and gravy, i don't want it in a chip. >> you want the real biscuits and gravy? >> don't dumb down my biscuits and grave toy a potato chip. >> so the potato flavor; there anything that you like that is enhanced? do you like barbeque. >> i'll take it. >> sour cream, onions? >> no salt and vinegar. >> how about new york cheddar? >> no. >> you don't like new york cheddar? >> , no i don't like my cheese to be fake. like i'm not -- the only cheesey like on a chip or popcorn is the smart food popcorn, white cheddar. >> okay. other than that, i don't need cheese on chip. >> do you like kettle corn. >> it's all right. >> just popcorn or cheddar? white cheddar? >> in the black bag.
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>> you're an enigma. you're an interesting girl. >> the way you are looking at me. >> every day something new is revealed about lauren dawn johnson right here, at fox 29. >> best professional athlete hon orders at the espy awardment last night little lea still was among the greats. see her touching honor coming up. >> and don't forget mo'ne was there, too. >> mo'ne was therefore best break through athlete. >> if you want to take the kids on day trip, why not head to harrisburg, home of the monument of corruption. that's what the mayor there is calling a certain -- find out which one, and why, straight ahead. >> the monument.
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and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> find out what governor christie, what issue he will focus on speaking about while visiting camden. >> symbol of pride and tradition stole friend burlington county town, now police on the hunt for those who destroyed 117 year old piece of history. >> and the president responds as critics demand bill cosby be stripped of his presidential metal of freedom. good day everybody, it is thursday july 16th 2015. >> thanks for being with us, thanks for waking up with us. bus stop bid what's he up to today, sue serio? >> pressed the the snooze
5:30 am
button. >> did he? >> it is summertime, he's entitled. that's right. we'll check in next time. ten out of ten weather by the numbers today because there is nothing left to show you on ultimate doppler radar. unless go down south of norfolk, virginia or way out in the middle of the ocean the only places, closest places we can find precipitation this morning so that's a good thing official now at 5:46. these days are starting to get little bit shorter as we move now into the second half of july. but, what a refreshing morning. 65 degrees with 68% relative humidity northerly breeze, at 9 miles an hour, so your morning commute looks pretty nice, green light all the way a cooler start we're in the 60s, breezy, with plenty of sunshine this morning, do not forget your shades, you can leave the umbrella at home for couple of days, we should top off 83 degrees by 5:00. very lovely day and hopefully, the weather will give you a lovely day as
5:31 am
well. things go well. so that's your commute for this morning and this evening. now we check morning traffic right now on the roads. 5:31 the time. i95 southbound, approaching the blue route we have an accident there that's definitely slowing down traffic, you can see whole bunch of headlights there again, this is southbound 95, approaching that exit for the blue route. now, camera, i95 at cottman avenue, things are moving along just fine there now we go up to bucks county yardley. there is an accident main street near west aston avenue. all lanes blocked now, so you can't get through there that part of main street, yardley. finally the lansdale-doylestown regional rail has been suspended between doylestown and lansdale. they are having equipment problems out there this morning. chris? >> sue, thank you very much. at 5:31, later today, new jersey governor, and presidential candidate, chris christie, will bring his
5:32 am
campaign to camden. he'll focus on criminal justice reform, and helping non-violent drug offenders get back their lives. it will be his first policy speech in new jersey. in this year's state-of-the-state christie congratulated camden for dropping violent crime following reorganization of the police department. >> and today president obama will become the first sitting president to visit a prison when he makes a trip to oklahoma. this comes after the president addressed the naacp convention in philly on tuesday. part of his speech focused on changes that need to be made in prisons including not tolerating rate. also solitary confinement. also commuted sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders and called for changes to minimum sentencing laws. >> now, to story you'll see only on fox, philly police and f.b.i. agent catch an accused banker rob remember, now the search is on for her accomplice who is still on the loose. >> let guess to jennifer joyce now if front of the td bank that was robbed with the latest hi jen.
5:33 am
>> reporter: good morning, lauren, chris there is first arrest happened very quickly according to police. onlookers could see as the suspected foe mail bank robber came running down ridge avenue, then she was pick up by police and taken away. however, a second suspect, a male remains on the loose. police say the suspect held up this td bank at the intersection of hermit and ridge ridge avenues. the woman was with a man who was caring a gun the pair tried to make their escape, but one every them dropped the money on the way out, in a red dye pack exploded. the woman went back to pick up the money. that's when she was caught. and the gunman got awayment all of this happened before noon yesterday. only fox 29 was there as f.b.i. agent arrived on scene and collected the bag filled with money and the black scarf that apparently belonged to the female suspect. investigators have not said whether or not this could be the so-called burqa bandit who held up four banks in the northeast in a month. she was caught on tape, robbing a citizens bank last week, after getting away with
5:34 am
$6,000. agent have also recovered surveillance video again they are still looking for that male suspect involved in this incident. lauren chris? >> all right jenny joyce thanks so much for the update. >> delaware governor jack markell will release details about the state's clean transportation incentive program today in new castle, rebate, grants, will be issued to persons in businesses who use vehicles, cleaner alternative fuel, and make investments that improve air quality and row deuce greenhouse gas emissions. >> 117 jerold new jersey marker, it is missing, all that remains is the visible hole where it was laid. >> this monument now stands bear with four holes visible in where the thieves applyed off the plaques. they were descendents dents of the first settlers of new england to maple shade in 1682. post commander across from where the marker once stood is specially upset. he says, this site was recently spruced one park benches and paved walkway to the monument, which used to be hidden by overgrown grass.
5:35 am
>> it is a shame for the sake of the couple of dollars it will bring somebody that now something of historical significance is gone. it is lost. >> police believe thieves took the bronze plaque for scrap metal. they say it was taken sometime over the weekend. >> 5:35. the best professional athletes were honored during the espy awards last night but last night, little lea still was among those great. see her touching honor coming up next. >> and at 5:35, a presidential response rare one at that, to critics who say bill cosby should be stripped of his metal of freedom. is this like throw happen? hear from the president himself.
5:36 am
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5:38 am
>> i'm sean bell, we can see what oak core can do, now it is time to see what the other guys can do. sam has made million second round picks few of them in action, in yesterday's summer league game out in vegas. they signed free agent point guard perrier jackson yesterday, look at this, jp oh freak i shallly athletic kid. second round pick, out of unc. later jackson with the rock. 's little guy. but he finished strong in there. look at. that will and one bucket, actually second round pick by the sixers in 2013, coming off achilles injury looking health think, though, the sixers lose, 75 to 68. dzhokhar bryant, getting what he wanted. he's getting paid, threatening
5:39 am
to sit out has signed five year 70 million-dollar deal. 45 million guaranteed. that makes him the second highest paid receiver in the league by only mr. mega tron, calvin johnson. that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> annual espy award held last night in los angeles. >> philadelphia team was the phoning us right off the beginning of the show. >> tonight the world's greatest athlete and the philadelphia 76ers. have gathered with hollywood -- >> you know, co-have said and the philadelphia phillies. same response, right? bengals had a good day devon still took the stage to except the perseverance award. his daughter lee who could not attend the awards due to weakened immune system, but appeared via video. >> thank you for supporting me
5:40 am
hit beat up cancer. hey, daddy. >> dad would make you cry in his heartfelt speech he said children battling cancer every day, and never giving up for the real hero's. >> all in perspective yes. >> ♪ ♪ >> all right, time now is 5:40. a scary scene in los angeles armed men break into chris brown's los angeles home. his aunt tied up forced into a closet. more on this straight ahead. >> truly out of this world images coming in from billions of miles away. what was just revealed about pluto coming up.
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>> all we had on ultimate doppler yesterday oh, you know what? did i not put us in play. okay starting off where i wanted to start off. we might be okay. it is refreshing out there with high fresh in control most importantly lower humidity, with high pressure bringing the breeze in the
5:44 am
from the north now a stationary front not affecting us at all. everything bodes well for a beautiful day, in fact, beautiful two days today and tomorrow don't expect midwest mess until maybe saturday afternoon. we'll see how that works out. there is your look at live ultimate doppler radar, one more flood warning in effect, and it is until about 8:15 this morning the morris river down there cumberland county, still at flood stage. so get little worse before it get better, but things will start to recede today. because we have no more rain in the forecast, and here is the future cast to prove it, high pressure in control plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow now into friday. and reminder that we will be in stone harbor tomorrow morning, as we go down the shore, stone harbor shore town tomorrow. we have few interesting surprises, fun surprises for you tomorrow morning. hope you can come see us at coffee talk on 97th street.
5:45 am
saturday afternoon that's the next chance we have of some pop up showers and thunderstorms, but that's not until after we get to 90 degrees. what do you see in the seven day forecast? here are temperatures right now, how refreshing, 58 degrees, not pawn, 57 in allentown, 62 in trenton and 65 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-seven dover, 63 wilmington wildwood has 68 degrees right now, and all of the breezes as we mentioned with high pressure to the north of us, coming out of the north, 9 miles an hour, just enough to casino of clear the air after messy gloomy day yesterday. so with all of the clouds, still warm, now today sunshine, get to around 83 degrees, we give it a ten out of ten, and we give tomorrow a ten out of ten high of 85 and we hope you can join us tomorrow in stone harbor, for saturday, well not the ideal weekend humidity
5:46 am
will be pack saturday, chan of pop you are showers thunderstorms, all afternoon but, saturday, sunny, even monday nine, a extends into wednesday of next week. start i95 southbound approaching the blue route and what happened is all lanes are blocked because of an accident there i don't know it is the breeze, but i need a drama mean now. so to the next one here is a look at the ben franklin bridge moving smoothly. we go backs to bucks county, check what's going on in yard lip, because we had terrible
5:47 am
accident there north main street near west as ten avenue. all lanes are still blocked because we have wires down avoid main street in yardley this morning finally lance town doylestown septa regional rails line service suspended between doylestown and lansdale due to overhead power problems. >> harrisburg's current mayor wants to close the national civil war museum after state prosecutors file corruption charges against the former mayor, of pennsylvania's capitol city. prosecutors say former mayor steven read diverted money to fund museum project under the guides every quote administrative fees. current mayor eric, says, the civil war museum, quote stands as monument to corruption, it needs to sell off it's et cetera to help pay down the harrisburg debt. >> nasa unveiled new images of
5:48 am
pluto, so remarkable to see these come in yesterday after none. >> we got the up close look. >> that closer look: >> take a lock at this. nasa has revealed never before seen images of pluto the furthest planet from the sun. the new horizon spacecraft traveled past the tiny planet on tuesday 3 billion miles away from earth. it launched back in january of 2006 taking 99 and a half years to reach its destination. to put it into perspective it, would probably take a car nearly 5,000 years to cover the same distance. bringing what was previously a blurred point of light into folk us. >> the pictures were taken as new horizon swept within 8,000 miles every pluto making the spacecraft the first visitor in its four and a half billion year existence. images show methane gas mountain ranges as tall as the rocky mountains out west, and
5:49 am
water. >> this means that those the bedrock that make the mountains, must be made of 420 of water ice. we can be very sure that water is there in great abundance. >> images every pluto's moon have also been captured showing deep controversy and canyons, analysts say the new look at the distant plan let have far ranking veer. possibilities. >> pluto turns out to be the biggest, brightest, most complicated of thousands and thousands of worlds like it out of the edge the solar system the third solar system whole third solar system that we didn't even know about. >> researchers add pluto is covered with so-called chemicals of life, similar to earth, likely giving scientists deeper insight into our own planet. rich danson, fox news. >> president obama is speaking out about bill cosby who some say the comedian should be stripped of his presidential medal of freedom. but the president said it could be impossible to make that happen. >> there is no precedent for
5:50 am
revoking a medal. we don't have that mechanism. i'll tell you this. if you give a woman or a man for that matter, without his or her knowledge a drug and then have sex with that person without consent that's rape. >> surprised the president would way in and he was clear on his thoughts. nearly 40 women have come out to accuse cosby of sexual assault at this point. since the scandal broke reruns of the cosby show have been pulled by various networks and disney world removed cosby's statute from its theme park after recently released court deposition, admitted giving quaaludes to give to women for sex. >> three armed men break into los angeles home owned by r&b singer chris brown. his aunt was lock up in a closet while robbers ransacked the place.
5:51 am
she wasn't hurt. thieves got away with a undisclosed amount of cash, electronics, other personal items. police searching for surveillance video and questioning neighbors there. >> brown was not there at the time. >> in the first episode of the second season of who is this girl? who, do you know who this is? >> lee remming. >> a reality show? can you go on, please? i don't see reality shows any more. >> oh, king every queens. maybe i saw that once. >> well, she's opening up about her decision to leave the church, talking about the church of scientology. she says part of the reason she left was out of fear, causing vibe between her and her daughter some day the actor called all consuming says it has to be your everything. >> do i have a feeling tom cruise might be stepping away from that shall as well? he is kind of the most ardened scientologist still, right? >> yes, the most popular. >> and travolta has been involved with it, so many
5:52 am
stars. how about spike lee, will direct amazon's first movie. how would you say the name of this? >> shyrack? >> will focus on violence in chicago's inner city, samuel l. jackson wesley snipes jennifer hudson, nick cannon have signed on for this project, e commerce giant intends for studios to produce 12 films a year, that's ambitious. scott will not beheading to the jersey shore this weekend. >> he canceled that appearance in atlantic city, the reality tv star was supposed to host pool after dark in harrah's, second night club appearance. he has nixed since breaking one long time love, courtney kardashian. rumor has it friends have been trying to get him to go to rehab, and actually stay there. he has three children with that reality tv star. >> so you remember the ice bucket challenge right? >> we took it. >> everyone from politicians celebrities, doing everything they do to raise money for the charity. now we know just how successful that viral mission
5:53 am
was. find out next. >> mike! dear fellow citizen, kids are a great thing. before you know it they're in college. if you're lucky, they get a degree in finance and figure out how to pay for it. could happen. but just in case it doesn't, i can help. we have new student loans others don't offer.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sue is giving today a ten! >> more money to raise money for als millions of americans did the ice bucket challenge, right, over the summer last year. so whatever happened to all that money? well let's take a look at t more than 17 million people all over the world took the challenge, nationally, 2.5 million people donated $115 million to the cause. including our own mike jerrick. the organization said probably the single largest episode of giving outside of a disaster or emergency. there is quincy doing t hey one year later the at ls association says 40% of the ice bucket, around 47 million, has been budgeted for five spending categories. they are research, patient and community services, public and professional education external processing fees of course then more fundraising. >> earlier this week, the als
5:57 am
association announced 58 winners of smaller grant these researchers from the us and abroad will each receive between 40 and $500,000. >> president obama was in town this week of course giving his opinion on the criminal justice system. now, new jersey governor, and presidential hopeful, chris christie, is adding his two sent. he's bringing his campaign to camden. more on that straight ahead. another honor for mo'ne davis. more highlight from last night's espy awards. good day is neck. come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. get unlimited visits with a season pass for 6 payments as low as $18.50 sesame place. ♪ go before they grow. ♪
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accused bank robber caught by police, she could have gotten away, but she turned back for something she left behind. george bush hospitalized after braining ago bone in his neck at his summer home. the latest on his condition this morning. and this: >> i've never felt more pressure than i ever have felt in my life. and over the last couple every months. picking out this outfit, okay, girls, i get it. >> yes caitlin jenner having some fun at last night's espy awards but her speech soon turned serious. what she had to say about young transgender athletes, boy, that was the talk of the country last


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