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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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right now on fox 29 news at six sky fox is live, over the atlantic city beach, thousands of people crowded on to the the sand to hear some fantastic music, one of my favorite band maroon five is about to take the stage. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. those crowds are working up a sweat. we will check with fox 29's brad satan live in atlantic city any a few minutes. first fox 29 meteorologist dave warren is here. dave, heat is not going anywhere anytime soon. >> no, no where anytime soon. that is one place it would be cooler, just a little cooler thanks to the sea breeze. philadelphia hit 93. that was our high dropping to 91. right along 95. still many temperatures, reporting temperatures above 90 degrees.
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the little cooler in lewis, there and longneck in delaware look at these temperatures right along the coast that just dropped to 79 in beach haven. the nice cool breeze that comes inland, it is working through atlantic and cumberland county. millville at 84. that nice relief is working its way inland. not yet to philadelphia where it is 91. valley forge at 90. west chester at 88. close to 90. 1 degree shy across lehigh valley. humidity is trying to creep up but we're still not seeing it oppressive yet. that would be changing. first off heat wave, continues that is our first head line, air quality alert that continues, as air quality issues because that air just does not move much and we have bright sunshine, that causes problems, we will have that again tomorrow. and humidity, plus storms, so we are getting both of these, this coming week, in the many storms out there right now, ultimate doppler tracking a few light showers, just across lehigh valley and north jersey, maybe continuing in this area over the next hour
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or so. that is one place we could see any type of rain. air quality issues that has been expanded now, cross montgomery, bucks county, and chester county. overnight tonight, still very muggy. by about 11:00 o'clock it is still very warm with a temperature of 80 in center city. down the shore that number is nice, 78 degrees. people enjoying that nice cool breeze. seventy-three in the the lehigh valley. just a few showers there. everybody could see more rain, and, could lead to some cooler weather. we will look at those numbers in the seven day forecast with those numbers coming up later. from the fox 29 weather authority to our eye in the sky, sky fox over a just a huge, look at that huge crowd, for a red hot band, that red hot day on the ac beach m ruin five is head liner at the atlantic city beach concert but fans, both young and old are enjoying all kind of music this afternoon. look at that crowd. fox 29's brad satan live in atlantic city, i hope this concert will give the struggling city a big old
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boost. >> reporter: lucy, you are right, more than just a concert here but all eyes on maroon five. they just started playing a few seconds ago. this is a paid concert. a a lot of green fencing trying to keep people who didn't pay from, of course, they can hear it but not see the concert. we will zoom in, we will take you inside in a second. idea to get people to ac, not just on a friday or saturday and not just for gambling but anytime, as you mentioned it seems to be working. take you inside and take a look, 50,000 people on the beach. they started lining up early this morning, it was opened for swimming, earlier a a little will while ago we listen to nick jonas, maroon five again just getting started. last year was a free concert on the beach, this year there was an admission charge. the city looking at the bigger picture here. last year four casinos close that had took 8,000 jobs. this marketing effort is an attempt to rebound the city, seeing some sort of a rebound here and most of the casinos did have a better year in 204
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but with gambling easily found in earning states, this is an effort in atlantic city toy reinvent itself. >> we need to get more bodies here and let's be frank, atlantic city need more than just gamers and gamers are terrific. 2.5 million-dollar but we have 15,000 hotel rooms to fill every single night. the as governor christie and elect officials really grabble with the long term debt of the atlantic city they have big issues to decide. we will see whether happens in terms of the the future whether it is atlantic city a lines, events and marketing but for now we are having a great time on the beach. >> reporter: he and 50,000 other people having a great time on the beach. again, this concert been underway for a few hours now but maroon five is playing. it continues then on thursday with rascal flats and ashley monroe but a a lot of fun here. we will go inside and bring you highlights coming up, tonight at 10:00 o'clock. all right, brad, thanks. we will look forward to that. developing tonight fire fighters rush to the home in
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the city's brewerytown section after flames tear through it. it took fire fighters a little over 30 minutes, to get things under control. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live at the fire scene tonight, sabina. >> reporter: definitely silver lining is nobody was hurt. lets go to the active scene out here, police and fire still out here just about wrapping up after working to put out any remaining hot spots. let go to the video of the scene that we got just after we arrived. fire broke out inside of the three story row home on the corner of the 2,000 block of master street in brewerytown. it happened just after 3:00. neighbors describe thick, heavy smoke billowing down the the street, fire fighters blazed the blaze under control quickly. they had it income down to quarter to four. nobody was hurt. neighbors say row home was recently bought and under renovation to house a day care but there were people living there at this time. of course, it is a very hot take and with that heavy gear and heat from the fire we noticed several fire fighters
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using wet towels, to cool themselves off. we spoke with one neighbor who helped his friend move his elderly mother from the building jokes news door to the flames. >> it is quite frightening, you know what i mean? to see the flames and then realize it is beginning to spread, you know, as i said, we grew up together down here and i didn't want him, you know, his home to catch fire and i necessity they were working on it. >> there was construction on it. they rehabbed it. they converted to it a day care. it ain't got to that point, so... >> reporter: back here live, again, fire fighters and police just about wrapping up, out here after putting out this one alarm fire. there is extensive damage to a three story row home but again, luckily, nobody hurt. this sunday afternoon. iain, back inside to you. >> i'll take it thanks very much. also happening the investigation in the hot air balloon accident in lancaster
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county. balloon landed last night without any trouble on a farm in new holland but as it deflated the top blue on the live power lines, three people, in the basket were shot. a 48 year-old woman is in critical condition. the pilot and another passenger are stable. federal aviation administration is now investigating. scary car cracking in franklinville leaves two mentally disable men shaken up. police say men were sitting in the van, on 1300 block of hunt ing park avenue just before 11:00 o'clock, and, and, that is when police say, he jumped in the van and took off. he dropped passengers off after a few blocks on the 3700 block of ninth street. the men were not hurt and police are still looking for the van and the thieves. homicide detectives are trying to find a person who shot, and killed a man outside a northeast philadelphia bar. officers were called to the drop in on 10,000 block of cumberland street for report of the shooting that happened
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overnight just before 1:00 a.m. when they got there, the witness told them a man was shot and was driven to the hospital. police track the four two-year old victim down at temple university hospital, where he died from his injuries. police are looking for another shooter who shot a man in the back in spring garden. the officers on patrol in the 800 block of broad street, heard gunshots when a crowd started to exiting club 822. win gators say a 23 year-old man approached them telling them that he had been shot in the back. he was taken to hahnemann hospital and in word on his condition. search and rescue cruz are trying to find an indonesia air liner reported missing earlier today. fifty-four people were on board when it disappeared during a short flight in bad weather. villagers saw a plane crash in the mountaineer province, of indonesia. air traffic control lost contact with the plane as it flew through fog and rain shrouded mountains. search and rescue teams are heading to the area where the
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villagers saw that plane go down. former leader of the naacp julian bond has died at the age of the 75. >> he was a fighter for justice and equality and at forefront of the 1960's civil rights movement. bond first fonded the non-violence coordinated committee and later rose to be chair of the naacp serving in that role for more than a decade. the southern poverty law center says one, died on saturday, in florida, after a brief illness. he is survived by his wife and five children. the president of the philadelphia branch of the n double a ac p issuing this statement that reads in part, bond will be greatly missed and legacy of his deed and unfailing service to the cause of civil rights, never forgotten. may we work on in honor of all of his efforts for a better society. all right. the eagles are back. okay, sure only preseason but it was still football at lincoln financial field this afternoon. and the eagles they did not
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disappoint. it was super fun to watch. sean bell in the news room with more on the dominating win over the the indianapolis colts. good game, sean. >> yes, lucy, eagles dominated from the very get go. it is preseason but it is football. something to watch instead of the phillies. excitement was definitely in the air. both of the stars sat out sam bradford, marco murray, kiko a alonzo all taking time off. this game was about the young guys shining and they came through big time. first round pick nelson agholor had a few drops, maybe a little nerves but when he got the hand on the rock he was absolutely lightening. took the the pass from sanchez, put on the burners, 34-yard touchdown. right before the end of the half, under 30 to go, a couple missed tackles and barner puts on the burners, straight to the house. a long, way, right there, 92 yards. twenty-three-three at half. lets get to the fourth, defensive play of the game was second year guy, getting the
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the pick . he had two interceptions on the day. and then late in the game, guess what, there was tebow time. he struggles throwing the rock but he can always do this, run the ball in from 7-yard out. he went six for 12 for 69 yards. eagles win, 36-ten. despite missteps the coach likes tebow's activity. >> i like how tebow threw it. that is the concern with everybody coming in has he really changed and i think he is sequencing better. he has his feet underneath him. when guys run right routes an i thought he threw the ball really well. >> first time, over center and i felt we just want to continue to improve. >> i loved it. you know what i mean, you want to be focused and communication with everybody. but then, also, you know, it was a great moment. you don't always have that. >> tebow has the biggest
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cheers but matt barclay really was the best quarterback of the day. later in sports, check out what barclay did and what he had had to say about his solid performance. break out my tebow jersey. thanks, very much sean. still ahead on fox 29 news at six an unusual cast at the jersey shore what drew a crowd this weekend on the beach. plus new moms on a mission, they turned out to support a local woman, the message they are trying to send to a hotel. and a petting zoo heist, alligator stolen, and is very dangerous. why the manager said the thieves knew what they were getting into.
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the owners of a seaside heights amusement pier has approval to rebuild. casino pier was destroyed during super storm sandy back in october of 2012. it is the same pier where a roller coaster plunge in the ocean. asbury park press reports that the pier has been issued a permit to rebuild a 225-foot by 226 section of the pier. we're still waiting for authorities to release identity of the man died after a swim in the schuylkill river. it happened yesterday, in manayunk, witnesses say the five two-year old man was swimming on his back and then floated out of the sight. they called 911 when they had not seen him for 25 minutes marine units recovered his body at the the bottom of the river. medical examiner's office has not released the cause of the death. police have arrested a man for hit and run but injured a six year-old girl in northeast philadelphia they say 27 year-old marked wards was driving on mcgee avenue, turned on sylvester street and
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ended up on the sidewalk where he hit the little girl. police say he just kept on going hitting three park cars. they say edward ran away but they caught up to him. the six year-old does have broken bones but officials say that she should be okay. after morgan freeman's step granddaughter is murdered in new york city. three three-year old woman was stabbed outside herman hat on home earlier this morning. police telling tmz that heinz was found lying on the street, a 30 year-old man, had been taken in custody at the scene. the heinz was the granddaughter of freeman's first wife. more than 500 mothers have been marching in saint lou thinks week toned bring an end to violence. violence, they say has taken too many lives and tarnished their cities image. fox's andy baker has more. >> all of your loving kind, and... >> reporter: there is no one more fearless then a mom especially when it comes to her children. more than 500 moms and their supporters, marched from the
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the park to rosenbackpacker in st. louis asserting that motherly muscle. >> we are brothers against killing. >> this whole event was centered around mothers, and the the force that mothers have on the lives of men. >> reporter: pastor tommy tucker and his wife organized moth's begins killing, this march and community fair, seven months in the making, mothers responding to violence that has taken too many lives. and tarnished their cities image for too long. >> absolutely, hopefully one of these national guys that came in here, and they help give us that shadow, will also, see this film and say okay, maybe it isn't as bad as it looks. >> reporter: do you want to necessity how deeply these feelings run? a woman who had her son murdered more than ten weeks ago, moved away in her grief but this brought her back. this is still her town.
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>> i never imagined myself to be on this side of the camera. >> reporter: but her 21 year-old son jacoby taylor was shot in his car, june 4th during a mid afternoon robbery at greer and prepare any north st. louis. taylor graduated high school in 2012 and was studying to become a music recording engineer. >> it is our town but it is going to take more of this to come out. we will have have to come out all the time. like i said, if i had had to come here on weekend, i will do it. i am trying to do anything to get justice. not just for jacoby but you for everyone. this is just unheard of foolishness. >> keep up with this... >> reporter: for those who would take a mother child, andy baker "fox news". quite a catch in ocean city, new jersey. check this out a fox 29 viewer sent us pictures of the shark that was caught near 28th street in ocean city think weekend. the shark, attracted quite a
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crowd. you can imagine. a petting zoo target by a couple of thieves. >> these guys knew what they were looking for most definitely. surveillance camera caught them breaking in the arkansas, petting sue, yesterday. they were out with than three minutes. their hall, american a dozen little gators. it serves as a refuge for the reptiles. the the manager says almost all of the gators were less than a year-old. >> it blows your mind that someone would come in and take those babies like. that i can't imagine what they would do with them. i can't imagine who they would sell them to. >> reporter: arkansas game and fishing commission says having a alligator without a permit carries a $1,000 fine. classical music is piped in the popular bus station but instead of suiting, some passengers find it infuriating. why they say it is being used to drive people away. owner of fast food restaurant is generating buzz, generous move he made that his workers just might never forget.
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come and gone send the instant of world war two and fire works illuminate a sky over pearl harbor last night in celebration of the anniversary. honolulu and its japanese sister city, joined together to mark the moment. nagoaka is hometown of the japanese admiral who planned the attack on pearl harbor in 1941 launching the u.s. into
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world war. japan surrendered. thousands are being evacuated in japan over fear of the volcanic eruption. officials have pick up increased size nick activity a around the mountain. the the volcano was just off the coast, of a city more than 600,000 people, and volcano is also about 31 miles away from a nuclear rack or that was switched on, just this week. japan has restarted its nuclear program and it was halted after the the 2011 fukushima earthquake and tsunami. death toll continues to climb after wednesday's huge explosions at a chinese port. rescuers have been discovering more bodies in the ruins raising the death toll to 112. ninety-five people, including 85 fire fighters are still missing in the port city, and meanwhile, heart broken relatives of those missing are still holding out hope that crews will find them alive. officials say several hundred tons have of sodium cyanide were at the site at the time of the blast.
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that toxic chemical can form a flammable gas. if it comes into contact with water. however, they have yet to pinpoint exactly what set off the the explosion. no relief in sight from a deadly heat wave gripping parts of the egypt tonight. temperatures soared close to 100 degrees for past week and so far that heat is blame for at least 93 deaths. this video fridays cairo where people are doing anything they can to keep cool from using large blocks of ice. most of the middle east has been dealing with the heat wave since last month. he is shocking, sometimes over the top, and he has got legions of fans, what exactly is it that donald trump, is doing? that he has been doing so well in his run for g.o.p. presidential nomination? we will take a look at judge so many people like what he is saying. steadfast view across the the delaware river and soon a lot of people will be seeing a lot more the on the battleship new jersey. how this ship could play a major role in the pope's visit, dave.
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see more of the heat and plus humidity, so a little bit of both this week. when you wake up tomorrow morning it will be muggy, it does not drop below 70, barely below 70 in the suburbs. in the mid 90's at least but how long does it last? we will have the seven day forecast, and i'll tell you when coming up.
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outside right now we will look live at downtown trenton, it is a sweltering, 92 degrees right now. day two of the heat wave. we have one to heat when it will break in a few minutes. pope's visit to philadelphia just six weeks away and visitors looking for a place to stay will have a chance to sleep on a historic ship for a tenth of the cost of some local hotel rooms, visitors can rent a bunk and spend the night on the battleship new jersey. >> we say bunk, we mean bunk. fox 29's weekend bill anderson takes a look at the auction that will most definitely be
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an adventure. >> reporter: with the pope coming to visit philadelphia people are scattering for accommodations, houses are renting for about $2,500 a day, hotels as high as 700, and if you are willing to bunk up, well, there may be a better option. the battleship new jersey here in camden is offering people the opportunity, to stay here on the battle will ship during the pope's visit. it is kind of tight quarters but for the price and convenience you cannot beat it. >> normal cabin is usually $62. we have raised price to 75 during pope's visit because we operated the meals. we want to give people nice meal, you get dinner and breakfast served. >> reporter: sleep in the bunks, eat in the mess deck and enjoy experience of ship living. the groups normally rent the space for various events but they thought it was proximity with the pope being in philadelphia, why not. >> i think it was well done. interesting place to stay. why not in new jersey, why not an amazing experience where
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people can go back and say you will not believe this but i ship on board the world's greatest battleship. >> another selling point is ship is close to the ben franklin bridge. that will allow to avoid traffic, parking and basically walk across the bridge, to all of the events. >> it is reported that the bridge will be closed and people will be walking over it when the pope is in town. if you are right the here you walk right down prom men made which is a beautiful walk along the delaware river, go right up over the bridge and you are in philadelphia we are nice and convenient for anybody who wants to take the pilgrimage over to see the pope. >> i think that would be cool. bill says after touring the the ship wow love to spend a couple nights on it. there you go. you can find everything you teed to know about the pope's visit at my fox new information comes out every single week. we will find it on the home page. sites and sound of the caribbean drawing hundreds to pens land to go day annual caribbean festival celebrates culture of 14 caribbean island. visitors get a taste of authentic island food like jerk chicken and cod fish
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cakes and they have taken live entertainment. president sponsored by peco multi cultural series and last until 8:00 tonight. hurry up and get out there. if you go out there, it is okay for me, but you might want to have an umbrella for the sun. >> yes. >> it feels hot out there, doesn't it. >> yes. >> you know, ask people, for way to beat the the heat and we have a dog with the twitter page. >> bubbles. >> how many followers? >> there you go. >> they he is. >> he needs a drink. >> yes. >> temperatures climbed to 93 degrees. dropping down just a little bit but still a above 90 daze number two. so definitely a heat wave tomorrow. we could be even hotter tomorrow, and, looking at highs in the mid to upper 90's but we are falling right now to 91 degrees. we have a few showers, and a few storms out there they are
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like they were yesterday well north up across lehigh valley and poconos but that is where they will stay and they will die down. everything is being push to the north, as we just have this persistent area of high pressure that just continues to build up the heat day after day. a little will cooler along the shore, lot of people there are for maroon five concert, we have wind coming off the ocean. look at the how far inland it made it. eighty's all of south jersey. hot earlier. but it has dropped a bit. upper 70's right along the coast. the that is one place to beat the heat. hotter on monday, these temperatures start off the the day in the 70's, easily climbing up close to 90 by noon time, and mid 90's by afternoon. there is that cooler breeze again and does not the make it up to philadelphia. areas in south jersey like today will be dropping throughout the afternoon. when you factor in this humidity it feels like it is in the upper 90's. this is a significant day because it is no the all that humid tomorrow. that changes on tuesday. humidity starts to work its way in to the area, tomorrow
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night, and then the temperatures will get cooler tuesday, wednesday, and thursday but humidity is higher. it still feels just as uncomfortable. look up night space station flying right overhead you'll see it, brighter than any star in the sky, before 9:50. high pressure will keep it clear, humidity continues to build up as the high moves off, all of this moisture starts to work its way n we will transition here to a hot, humid pattern with showers and storms, each day. timing of this really not tomorrow, but we will continue to heat up tomorrow, temperatures in the mid 90's but showers and storms are getting closer. maybe an isolated shower north tomorrow, but then it is all this moisture pushing in, tuesday afternoon, a bet more widespread, showers, and storms and then this is the day where we go just hot and humid pretty much every day. the tuesday, wednesday, thursday, even on friday, it will not be quite as hot but humidity is just as high. that heat index will be the same in the 90's. hottest but little more humid tomorrow. showers and storms develop.
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isolated tuesday through thursday, and even on friday we could see those storms moving out so it is not quite as hot. temperatures drop back to below 90 but just as humid. the numbers in the seven day forecast, 96, going in the upper 90's tomorrow. easily see this heat wave continue tuesday and wednesday, and then not quite as hot but we have isolated showers, and storms, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday is the the day where we will see things change, more widespread showers and storms, and then we will start to see these rain showers clearing out, talking about some clearing, they will try to push to the south on saturday but that number of 85 is nice and pleasant. >> yes. >> a lot different. >> i said what time again. >> 9:45 to 9:50, overhead. >> we will go up to the roof, let's try it. >> do you have the key. >> absolutely, we will figure it out. >> you guys have a great time, i'll be waiting for you. >> so still ahead on fox 29, group of breast-feeding moms
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turned out to support a local woman, message they are trying to send to a local hotel. plus it is meant to be suiting but some say anything but why passengers at a bus station say classical music is being used to drive people away.
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a group of nursing mothers and baby are taking a stand for a mom who said a hotel fired her for asking for a break so she could pump milk for her baby. ariana gustard says she met with in managers at the hampton inn on route 206 and asked for two or three, 15 to 20 minute breaks. she told chasing news her manager says that the hotel could not let a front desk receptionist do that since they would have to hire
6:39 pm
someone to cover her. chasing news reports that the manager suggested that she apply for a housekeeping position but none were available. today people rallied for her defense. >> we organized this sit in here which is basically where we can come, feed our children, and show that we are, we are within our rights to breast feed and also, in support of ariana's right to pump at work. >> fox 29 called the hotel for a statement today and we were told the manager was not there to comment. a bus station in florida is trying to spruce up by playing classical music which sound like a great idea. >> not everyone thinks so. as fox's steve hair again reports some believe it is being used to, drive some people away. >> ♪ >> classical music has come to fort lauderdale central bus station where officials say, it is an attempt to improve the passenger experience.
6:40 pm
thirty hour loop of music is piped in over the public dress system speakers. >> we don't have a lot of dollars. we don't have a lot of money, it is public money, so music is easy, and pretty cheap so we said we can make a loop, put nice classical songs on and hopefully that will make it nice for our customers. >> to me i dent understand why they have to play it. >> reporter: homeless advocates say the music's real purpose toys drive them away from the bus station. similar attempts to reduce crime and homeless with loud classical music have been attempted before, newark, portland and indianapolis. >> there is nothing pleasurable about not being able to hear yourself talk or hear your phone ringing. >> reporter: so far, the the reaction is milk. >> the the music they are
6:41 pm
playing is irritating. >> unaudible. >> reporter: in between all of the sound and breaks, and pipes and departures, some passengers say they appreciate a little organ, before getting on board. >> it is suiting. >> reporter: if fort lauderdale florida, steve hairgan, "fox news". dramatic out there. >> some people are overjoyed, others are mystified, why is donald trump seemingly doing so well in the run for g.o.p. presidential election. >> we will take a look at why so many people like what he is saying, coming up next. a fast food restaurant owner is getting praise tonight. what he has, friend and employees, puzzled.
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nothing like live music, good food and amazing arts to bring out the crowds in camden county. artists took part in the tenth annual, collinswood craft and fine arts festival. more than 150 artists specializing in everything from jewel willry to woodworking, and, i just love that stuff. notorious reality show star and front runner of the g.o.p. presidential nomination for some the ride donald trump has been as baffling as it has been fast. >> so why is the donald doing so well? fox's charlie leduff takes a look. >> ♪ >> donald trump is leading in the poles and i understand why. he calls it as he sees it.
6:45 pm
>> you could win. >> i agree. >> did you hear what he said. >> you could win it. >> you are way out in front. >> i agree. >> i think a -- >> you want to be what, vice-president. >> now his question noise longer as good. >> he had great credibility until he said that. it is like where did he come from. >> i come from detroit. you might not live in the penthouse or work in the marble corridor, i might in the wear suits or make up or hair spray but i know this country, been traveling it for years. >> the iraqi city of mosul over run with buildings. >> reporter: i know veterans serve, come home and get treated like dirt by va, instead of fixing it bureaucratics throw more money at it that we do in the have. >> i want to feel like i went over there and/for a purpose,
6:46 pm
not just because we're bodies. you know what i'm saying? >> reporter: we know border is out of control, we caught a couple guys ourselves. >> there is two, right here. >> reporter: we know americans don't hate children coming in the country illegally looking for a better future but what we're asking is what about our own children's future and how do we pay for them? >> we know building a 30-foot wall, 2,000 miles long isn't going to work, we don't have the money, for one, or two, home depot sells a 32-foot ladder. >> reporter: we don't have to the american labor or. >> or the mexican laborers.
6:47 pm
we know american companies move overseas to avoid paying taxes while we, the people pay taxes through the nose and worry about losing our homes. we necessity is there not enough work in the ghetto. >> and enough resources for it. i am just taking from the next guy over. >> is that about right. >> yes. >> they always say that, why don't you leave. >> and go where, and how, by what means? >> reporter: we know politicians work for special interests, their own interests but rarely our interests. >> why didn't you know bit,
6:48 pm
you sent $50 billion of the american taxpayers money. >> this isn't about me, this is about gm, and the national highway traffic safety administration. >> reporter: that is the federal government as well. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: we know trump struck a cord in america but republican establishment does not know what to say. >> trump? >> talk is cheap anyway. what we want are solutions. you want to be what, vice-president. >> now his question noise longer as good. he had great credibility until he said that. now it is like where did he come from. >> reporter: sir, my name is charlie leduff, i'm an american and like everybody else, i want my country back. >> chick-fil-a franchise owner praised tonight forking ago above and beyond to help his employees, this franchise just
6:49 pm
reopened last week in austin, texas. wait closed for the past five months because of the major remodeling project. during that time the owner continued to pay his employees, and, get this, he didn't just pay them their regular salary he gave them each a raise. >> it was a real punishment for 50 families from the employees here to go five months without a job. >> i was than the expecting, him to do that. he is always taking care of us >> new improved restaurant is a whooping 5700 square feet making it the largest chick-fil-a in the austin area. >> and the the employees there are happeny great story. >> absolutely. >> speaking of great, eagles football. >> that is right, iain and lucy, a fly, eagles fly. only preseason, football is back, eagles displayed that chip kelly fire power against the colts and matt barclay was the star, he was clear winner of the day in the battle for third string quarterback.
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check out the barclay's performance and all that scoring next up in sports.
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the eagles, the last team in action but only team, we care about, football is back, preseason game number one, a lot of stars out today. no sam bradford, no demarco murray or zach ertz but is there still plenty on the line, bunch of rookies need to step up especially in the secondary and third string quarterback position is wide opened. first quarter, nelson agholor had a couple drops but when he got his hands on the rock, that boy is a closer. shifting his break away speed on display, 34-yard touchdown. sanchez, seven-three. later chip kelly's oregon boys coming to life, barner short cup up the the field, 9-yard touchdown. thirteen-three. eagles. another rookie, in the second
6:53 pm
quarter check it out, eric row grabs the wide on it route there and punch out to left. very veteran move right there. and right before the second half, this is how you know it is freaky when a couple of missed tackles and barner breaks out. see you this one because barner is going a long, long way. 92-yard touch return. eagles up 23-three at the half. second quarter tebow time this was always his power, throws the -- holds the ball too long and gets crushed. tebow struggled to throw the ball but, he can always do this. run the rock. he breaks out for the 7-yard touchdown run at the end of the game. eagles win 36-ten. they had 412-yard in total offense and nelson agholor explosiveness, absolutely stood out the the most. >> he is, a great player,
6:54 pm
great play by him showing his legs and showing he can run. just one move and you are gone. that is type of play that is we need on the perimeter, and he has shown that he can make play was this offence. >> that was crazy. like when he caught the ball, it was just a hitch. i thought he would make one move. but he didn't catching him. he is not catching him. it was great to see him get in the end zone. the first catch too. that was awesome. >> i'm not the fastest guy in the world. unaudible. >> better look at it was tim tebow verse matt barclay. barclay was clear winner. he was best quarterback the on the day, and that includes mark sanchez. what hes dropping dimes all over the place. he looked great from the very first pass. twelve for 20, 193-yard. he did have an interception but it was a tipped ball. chip kelly says weights not
6:55 pm
his fault. barclay talked about the solid, solid day. >> right now i know where i'm at. i feel great that i can lead this team. i can score point and move the ball down the field. i'm happy with how we throw the ball today. definitely feel like we left meat on the bone on some of those drives, and third downs but overall for first preseason game i thought we did well overall. >> great start for eagles. next week we will see sam bradford. to the phillies, after a hot stretch, they have cooled down, losers of four of their last five, trying to salvage a game verse the brewers. bottom of the fifth, and bases loaded, ryan brawn, gone. brawn tied it with the brewers franchise record for home runs with 261, the the phillies lose six-one. phillies have been swept by the the brewers for the second time, seven-o against milwaukee this year. they have lost five out of six, and that is the way to start football season,
6:56 pm
everybody is excited. i know it is only preseason game. >> exactly. >> but, all of the excitement. you saw guys, stepping up that you need to step up. they will be better. eric row stepping up. it will look good. >> agholor looked great too. >> speaking of that, yes, he can move left to ride and can explode. >> tonight at ten on fox 29 news a trooper on the highway patrols life and death the decisions what. found on the side of the road that had him screaming at a crash that may have saved the man's life. also tonight, teen choice award american idol hopefuls were sweating it out tonight in center city, one thing idol judge harry connnick junior is looking for a contestant in philadelphia for idol's final season. that is it for this sunday night, your live lottery drawing is next followed by family guy. >> your teen choice award start at 8:00 we will see you back a at ten.
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