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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 20, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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this is fox 29 morning news. >> we are beginning the show today with a story that will allow me all morning to say the town ran cho cookamoga. >> sounds interesting, and the search on foreman who philadelphia police say is praying on women in cobbs creek, where investigators say they're focusing to crack the case. jenny joyce, good morning. >> good morning, lauren, former malvern prep swim coach and counselor is fired after she is accused of police by trying to seduce 16 year old student watch she promised the teen in exchange for sex, we'll tell you, karen? thank up, it was horrific crash, happened in burlington county leaving a two year old child dead, the reason police say no charges are likely to be filed. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, august 20th, 2015. karen hepp joining us here, bright, dark and earl.
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>> i oh, dark and early. chris murphy is off today. good morning to you, lauren dawn johnson. >> good morning to you. >> it is like asonia outside. condensation on the windows. >> it is gross. sue serio, what are we in store for today? >> you could look at it another way. instant facial. >> always the bright side. thank you, sue. >> yes. that will last for about two minutes, then it is like ew. there we are, 88% relative humidity. 77 degrees already so we didn't lose a lot from yesterday. even though we did get into the 90s yesterday, weaned dollars up with five day heatwave. southeast wind at 7 miles an hour, and 6:17, your sunrise time this morning. so, we have to wait a while to see the sun. might even have to wait longer. there are some clouds around, and couple of isolated showers just sneaking in, to lancaster county. now, we have comings around washington, d.c., baltimore area, but the nature of the showers that popped up
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yesterday, and what you will see this morning, and the rest of the day, again, the word is isolated, because, they may just be in one area, and go 10 miles away, and there is no rain at all. so, we will keep an eye on radar with you this morning. we have 68 degrees, in mount pocono. 75 degrees in trenton, 77 as we said here in the city, 76 degrees in reading. it is also 77 degrees in atlantic city international. 75 degrees in wildwood. no one getting a break from the stickiness this morning. a lot of folks asking about the jimmy buffet concert tonight in camden, new jersey, at the susquehanna, parrot heads will be out. now, we have to mention, there is chance of stray storm. it will be until the 80s during the concert. but that's very tropical. it will feel like margaritaville. see, i put jimmy right there. okay, so that's your forecast for the concert. eye on the sky. i think you will be okay. just be very, very sticky like it is right now with 87 degrees, and pop up showers, and thunderstorms,
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really possible at any time, humid tonight with a low of 74. then we will talk about the heavier rain in store tonight into tomorrow coming up along with the seven day forecast, so we made it to thursday, bob kelly. how are you doing? >> i'm doing good. maybe the parrot heads can use the little tiny umbrellas. and you know what, huey lewis and the news is opening up for jimmy buffet later on this afternoon, 4:00 concert. you know you are getting old when 4:00 is a concert time. >> because people bring their blenders out. they have to start their tailgating early. that will will be about 2:00 today people will be out. >> oh, easy. you know what, i bet you my check there is somebody wait to go get in the lot over there in camden. >> live look, i95, still working southbound 95 over there in northeast philadelphia between 413 headed down toward woodhaven. i-95, they are working here, near girard avenue in both directions. so again, that over night work
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crew still out there. and there is also paving along columbus boulevard back in the day we called that delaware avenue. but they are doing the repaving here between race and spring garden street. we talk about it, sue just mentioned it, jimmy buffet. now, huey lewis opens up at first, then 7:00 concert for jimmy buffet for the start time. that's going to bring a lot of volume, up and over the ben franklin, as we mentioned, tailgaters all day long over here in camden, new jersey, then down on the beach, 4:00 concert with rascal flatts on the beach down there in atlantic city. folks expect a lot of volume headed to the shore on the expressway and the parkway, especially up and down the beach towns, folks down the shore this week, we'll see them on the move for that concert later on this afternoon. otherwise, mass transit looking good. lauren, karen, back to you. >> thanks so much. another phillies favorite will be packing their bags, chase utley getting traded to the la dodgers? so last night of course there at the ballpark for his last time in a phillies uniform.
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he did not play but he did tip his cap to all of us. steve keeley, sad to see him go. >> reporter: well, it is happen anyway, because he's going to a first place team. so his career will end possibly with another world series championship and also right next to the guy he spelled world series champion with, jimmy rollins, the combination is back together out on the west coast. so phillies flying south to miami for their next series, chase utley flying west, reunited when jimmy rollins going to the first place dodgers. he is from long beach, california, and for you non-californians, that's essentially a suburb of la. so he is going to his hometown. graduated ucla for you non-chase utley bio fans. so, good news for chase utley. and he had to okay this trade, because he played so long. he had a no trade clause. and he thought, you know, what let me finish my career possibly with a good team and let the phillies start their
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rebuilding process with my help, as well. >> a team i grew up watching, the other teams that i was consider going to would have been great fit, as well, but i think ultimately phillies felt that the best deal is with the dodgers, and i can respect that, and i think it is a good fit for me, as well. >> i thought he might be the one guy that really sticks around and spend his whole career here, mike schmidt a classic philly, but best of luck to him in los angeles. >> it is really sad, yes, everyone was expecting it. the rebuilding, we all need, but, i mean, chase, i mean, it is chase utley. he is like our hero. he is like the face of the phillies. >> i'm literally going to start crying. this is for him and the whole team. really upsetting to see him go. >> well, chase tipped his hat as he came into the dugout after the phillies game, and the trade was not official until after the game.
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but everybody new, that's why he didn't play. they didn't want him getting injured during the game and then ruining the trade. so he sat out, and the fans that went to the game thinking they would see his last at bat as a philly, sadly didn't see him, warm up, nice gesture knowing it was his last time in a phillies uniform at least facing these fans before he comes back to have his number 26 retired for sure some day as the greatest second base baseman in philadelphia history. why did i say in the tease i get to say that crazy town in california? because the phillies get two minor leaguers for chase utley, an outfielder, darnell sweeney and right-handed pitcher john rich how is actually doing pretty good right now at single a ran cho cookamonga tide for the california league lead in wins and ranked fifth in innings. not doing so bad as 23 year old thirds rounds choice as the university of nevada las vegas. so, this guy, i'm told, could pitch for the phillies, jump up from single a now that
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they're in the non-caring time of the end of the season for the phillies. see what he has for the major leagues, may be pitching down in florida as early as tomorrow. >> all right, steve. thank you. >> maybe good prospect. time is 4:08. do have this warning for you, investigators think serial rapist has struck at least twice near a local golf course. only our cameras there as members of the special victims unit collected evidence yesterday, this is along cart inning ton road. there was 39 year old woman who tells police a man dragged her into the cobbs creek golf course and attack her last friday night. that is the second reported sexual assault there in just over a month. >> a lot going on there, a lot more than that. >> but unfortunately, you know, when the sun goes down, danger rises. >> the victim went to the hospital after that assault, and reported what occurred. on july 10th there was a 26 year old woman who also reported that she was dragged on to the course and sexually
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assaulted. police believe there is one man responsible for both cases. >> a counselor and a swim coach at prestigious school in chester county charged with trying to seducer her own students? we have jenny joyce, what do we know? good morning to you, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen, we know that the counselor was immediately fired, and we're also told that malvern prep is fully cooperating with police, this after investigators tell us, that 40 year old school counselor, emily feeney, was working here for the last two years, she was also a swim coach. now she is charged with trying to seduce a 16 year old student, the chester county district attorney says sweeney kissed the boy and sent hundreds of emails and texts including even topless photos. it started a year ago, he was on her swim team, prosecutors say feeney used her power to seduce the teen. she is harvard graduate and prom ills today help get the victim into harvard in exchange for sex with her. the 16 year old finally came
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forward after feeling too much pressure. >> she was using every type of persuasion and power at her fingertips to try to get to him. she ratchet dollars the up your and said look, if you will go along with this, if you will engage in this physical relationship with me, i'll get you into harvard. and of course the message in back of that is if you don't then you're not getting into harvard. that's enormous amount of pressure on a kid. >> we stopped by feeney's home in wayne. no one answered. we are toll she lives at the house with her husband and children. also know she has been released on $7,500 bail. karen? >> jenny, thank you. >> and police in burlington county say a driver involved in a deadly crash will not face any charges. investigators say the car hit a teen and three young children as they walked along buddtown road in southampton township. that road has no sidewalk, no shoulder, and no street light.
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the youngest victim, a two year old boy, died at the hospital. two other children and 18 year old who was watching over them are in critical condition at cooper hospital. police say the driver did cooperate with the investigation and was not speeding. rosey o'donnell wants everyone to know the type of man police found her daughter with after she was missing for more than a week. new york police pick up the comedian's 17 year old, her name's chelsey. she was at a new jersey home. police found her inside the home of 25 year old steve shearer. she was upstairs in the attic and shearer is no stranger to police. they arrested him in 2012 for heroin possession, and endangering the welfare of a child. police say they found no drugs when they pick up the teenager, o'donnell reported chelsey missing on august 11. >> and it is being called an unusual agreement in the iran nuclear deal. what the united nations is allowing now when it comes to the site inspection of developing weapons. >> well, so the member of hillary clinton's team revealing some new information about her personal computer.
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what the feds are now saying about how this revelation may impact their investigation.
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cook among.
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utley, right field, it's deep. it's over. >> you may remember this, diehard philly fans, a little over a year ago back in june
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of 2014, chase utley came through in extra innings against the marlins. it was the 14th inning, i think, ended the game with a two run homerun deep into right feel. you got to love it. high five. we love it, man. sixth homerun that far year. phillies beat the marlins in that game five to three. i'm crying. >> i know, this morning, on my facebook page i shared a facebook page that dawn timoney had publish every jen and chase utley, because of their animal advocacy all through the years. they've done wounds russ job throughout the philadelphia area, to increase awareness, and as a result, many animals have found forever homes because of jen and chase utley. we are going to miss them for many reasons, include that one around here, so check out my facebook page, sue serio, fox 29. >> all right, it ended up being a five day heatwave. we got to 92 degrees yesterday, aren't sure we'll get enough sunshine, but we
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did, so that one's going down in the books as a five day heatwave. the fourth one of 2015, it may end up being the last, we'll see. but we don't think we'll get into the 90s today, then again, some sun could come out, could happen again. but we're already at 77 degrees, so we are making pretty good start. sixty-eight up in mount pocono, mid 70s, just about everywhere else. upper 70s at atlantic city international. checking the dew points, now they are well into the 70s, a 75 degrees dew point, 74 degrees dew point in atlantic city, dover, delaware, really, really humid right now. satellite and radar picture, this is our cold front moving through michigan and western ohio right now. that is on the way for tonight into tomorrow morning n advance of this all of this instability, all of this moisture in the air, we had a lot of pop up showers, storms yesterday. isolated heavy downpours, with just isolated light showers headed into lancaster county from northern maryland. and you can see, on the future cast, a lot of those scattered
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showers, are around, for the rest of the day, and then the heavy stuff comes in tonight into tomorrow morning. so, checking our first look at the seven day forecast, 87 degrees, for today, 80s through the weekends, still think we'll be less humid saturday for the eagles pre-season game with the ravens, and then, some late day storms possible on sunday, hot weather, returns, so does the humidity, monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. and our phillies, minus chase utley, will return on monday, to play the met. bob kelly, this is the end of a longer a. >> i know, especially for us older folks that had been around for all of those years, dairy say, that right, remembering chase utley, but good morning, everybody, live look at i95, construction in the work zone right near center city through girard. of course, you had this new traffic pattern, anyone leaving center city headed northbound, everybody pushed over to the center of the roadway. good morning to the benny. we'll get a lot of action here
4:18 am
today. first of all, have the morning rush hour coming into philadelphia. and then we're going to have the parrot heads heading up and over the benny in toward the jimmy buffet concert, which is taking place at the susquehanna bank center. just keep in mind, too, if you are going to be going to the concert, there is construction on the ben franklin during the day, there is only the two lanes, there is also overnight construction for when that concert is over later on tonight. >> south on 95, work crew, 413, headed down to woodhaven, only one lane open, but again, light volume at least at the moment. coming in from south jersey, same deal. light volume working your way north on the freeway head in the toward philadelphia. just watch for that active construction zone there at 295. nothing out of the ordinary there. and it is move in day. one more day, we will move all the junk into temple university here. watch for delays along broad
4:19 am
street all day up until about 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon, karen, lauren, good morning to you. >> thanks so much. exactly 4:19. a look at your top stories. iran will be allowed to use it own inspectors to investigate a site it is use to go develop nuclear weapons. >> part of secret deal made with the ooh needed nations according to the associated press. agreement between the international at tomorrow i can energy agency and iran has not been provided to members of congress or the obama administration who suggest the move is nothing out of the ordinary. but, news of the secret side deal has further ignited outcry from republicans and israel who have been critical of the broader nuclear deal that was signed by the white house, iran and five other world powers back in july. hillary clinton's lawyer says her e-mail server was wiped clean before it was given over to federal authorities. in a letter sent last week to the senate homelands committee chairman, the attorney said the is her vest transferred to the f.b.i. on august 12th by denver firm hired to oversee the device. requested the server to
4:20 am
determine whether the data secured on it was actually secure, forensic experts say they can still he can tract from the server despite it being wiped clean. >> off initials washington state say three firefighters were killed when their vehicle crashed and was consumed by a wild fire. they've been battling group of fires in north central washington, four others also hurt, at least one is critical. four fires have consumed 125,000 acres, and counting. 4,000 homes in the nearby county have been evacuated. their thought aren't just with their home, they are thinking about those on the front lines. >> we went by one of the homes, someone had just put their sprinklers on, the house, they left a nice note for firefighters that said please this is just a house, save yourself, be safe. good luck fire fighters? the governor request add federal emergency declaration. president obama directed his administration to stay in contact with state officials and provide federal assistance as necessary.
4:21 am
>> it is 4:21, former face every subway pleaded guilty to pretty shocking charges in federal court. jared fogel pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography and paying for sex with minors. prosecutors say, not only did he view child pornography made by his former business partner, but that he also had sex with two minors during out of state trips. this plea agreement calls for jail term of no less than five years, and payment of $1.4 million restitution for his 14 victims. >> jared fogel sex suit, he'll go to prison, do his time, he expect to get well, he expect to continue to make amends to those people whose lives he has affected. >> let's call this what it is. this is about using wealth, status, and secrecy, to illegally exploit children. >> subway suspended it partnership with fog nel july after federal agents raided his home and the chain said earlier this week it is now
4:22 am
completely severed their relationship. 4:21, it is official, chase utley making the move out west. the sign he had been leaving the phillies before the actual announcement. >> sue, we want your opinion about this, agreed post a sponsored tweet, the staggers amount it will cost to you have labron james gave you a social media shout out. plus, lust, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. we hope you have them. good luck. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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good morning, i'm howard eskin, late last night the trade is now official. chase utley has been traded to the los angeles dodgers. chase utley when leaving the fields said good-bye to the fans with a tip of his cap. he didn't play. then in the lockerroom could you tell he was traded, his locker was cleaned out. little over an hour later, it was official. chase utley and $4 million, go to the dodgers, plus, the phillies acquire two minor leaguers from single a and triple a, chase utley's going home. >> a team i grew up watching. i remember going to the 1988 world series game with my dad. so there is definitely some family ties there. and it was a very, very difficult decision for me and my family to go. it is not so much changing uniforms, but it is really about leaving the city that has given so much to me over
4:26 am
the course of the 12, 13 years that i've been here. >> that is sport in a minute. i'm howard eskin. get used to following a new favorite player. >> get ready to follow a new favorite player. so celebrities make big money about promoting certain products on social media. >> the question is how much can our most beloved stars earn for just one, 140 character message? how about six figures? let me gave you a example. one tweet by labron james could fetch $140,000. this is according to espn report. expert say that's because messages from labron could reach at least 23 million followers. which is actually a bargain when you consider it, because the tv ad could cost five times more than that to reach that many people. now, despite that huge potential payday, the word is potential, james' representation, declined six figure deal for a single tweet. >> i wonder what it was for? that's interesting, right? if they're going to say now we will turn that money down, i
4:27 am
wonder what they are asking him to tweet? >> i don't know, just speculating all over the place. lips sealed. >> that's interesting. 4:26. local swim coach arrested, accused of exploit g texts, revealing photos to a student. what she prom ills dollars the teen in return in those scandelous messages. >> pretty excited about this one, just talking about this in the commercial break. south jersey beach-goers may have something new to dance about. the possible new atlantic city attraction that could be a high note. >> ♪
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>> another philly favorite packing his bags, number 26 chase utley get dollars trait being to the la dodgers? south jersey woman still in the hospital after her trip to west africa. what doctors are saying about the health scare involving ' bowl a good morning, karen hepp waking up early joining us with some fun on this thursday. how are you? >> fun to be back. chris murphy is off. but he will be back. >> i know, i haven't been with you sin -- >> the weekend, fox 29 weekend? january or february? been a while. >> good to to see you, girl power, lot every news on this morning. first every all the weather will be a big story. we have rascal flatts and the
4:31 am
parrot heads. >> hair the heads get started early. at least with margaritaville and all of that it, will feel very tropical today with the relative humidity of 88%, and already 77 degrees in philadelphia. southeast breeze, 17 now your sunrise time, watching just one area of convection, i guess, some showers, that are moving up from the washington baltimore area. most of that moving due north, but we will watch just to see if anything else pops up this morning. it could happen, you saw it happen yesterday in the afternoon could happen today. current temperature of 77, probably get to go 85 by lunchtime, topping off at 87 today. we will see some sunshine but the headline is how humid it is. pop up thunderstorms are possible later in the day. we have pop up shower really at any time. that's just how it is out
4:32 am
there, plan on sunset time of clock 516789 plan on seeing the seven day forecast in just a few moment, bob kelly, standing by, road report, is there anything to report? >> yes, i am here, present and accounted for. 4:32, sister sue. good morning, everybody, they are working along columbus boulevard here new paving project, been in the making the last couple every days, actually finally starting to pave it on the overnight between race and spring garden, out there for another half hour or so. also i59 southbound, live look at the construction, between 413 and woodhaven road. down to only one lanas you are coming out of bucks county headed into center city. curbside on the freeway, no problems at all coming in from south jersey, working your way up toward bellmawr, karen mentioned, jimmy buffet, carrot heads, jimmy lewis in the news, 7:00 teaming up for the concert over here at the susquehanna bank sent letter bring a lot of volume into and out of south jersey up and over the brennan of course
4:33 am
along the admiral wilson boulevard. factor that in, even if you don't have ticket to the concert. if you have to go in and out of south jersey see at benny you will be impacted today. >> rascal flatts, 4:00 on the beach in atlantic city, they expect to see a lot of extra volume up and down the shore towns, using the parkway and route nine also a.c. expressway for the 4:00 start time on the beach. karen, and lauren, back over to you. >> thank you, bob. it is 4:33 right now. another major trade for the fighting phils team announcing chase utley being traded out to the la dodgers? showing up at citizens bank park for the first or last time in a phillies uniform, only in the dugout. head today la in exchange for dodgers inch feel err out feel err darn nel sweeney and minor league jon ritchie. utley made the all-star team five times. but he was on the last year of his contract, it was not going to come back. >> also this disturbing news,
4:34 am
counselor and also switch coach at pretty prestigious school out in chester county now charged with trying to seduce a student. >> let's get taught jenny joyce live outside malvern prep with more this morning, hi, jenny. >> chester county district attorney tells us that the former malvern prep college counselor here kiss add boy and the only reason that it didn't lead to deeper sexual relationship was because of the good judgement of the 16 year old. investigators tell us, that 40 year old emily feeney was a college counselor at the school for two years. she was also a swim coach. now she is charged with trying to seduce 16 year old student at malvern prep, he was on her swim team. over the last year the chester county district attorney says feeney kiss the boy, sent hundreds of emails, texts, including topless photos. among the messages, this one, feeney telling the boy, quote, i add door you, i always will.
4:35 am
another saying: you are gorgeous. this is killing me. please talk to me. and if you just stop fight willing and let it happen, you would be a lot less uptight and much happier. the boy refused refuse her advas saying back to feeney i am not interested in you. i am 16 end of story. i'm not into you. investigators say the pressure eventually turned the student don't come forward to police. >> she was using every type of persuasion and power at her fingertips to get to him. she ratchet dollars the up the pressure, look, if you will go along with this, if you will engage in this physical relationship with me, i'll get new harvard. and of course the message in back that far is if you don't, then you're not getting into harvard. that's enormous amount of pressure on a kid. >> and we stopped by feeney's home in wayne, no one answered. we're told she lives at the house with her husband and children. feeney is out on $7,500 bail,
4:36 am
karen? >> thank you so much, jenny joyce. >> doctors are confident a south jersey woman who contracted malaria after her trip to west africa is not a threat to the public. we have skyfox up over the scene of kennedy hospital where expert tested the gloucester township woman after she reported symptoms that were sim floor ' bowl a it turns out she had malaria, and not miseries being to public health. 4:36. field goes dark, as philadelphia says good-bye to our chase utley. so we will countdown. remember some of the best moments, give him nice send off, as we say good-bye to our second baseman. >> and south jersey beach-goers may have something to dance about. the possible new atlantic city development that could be leaving a permanent musical note. look at the crowd. >> ♪
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4:39 am
>> it is out of here. grand-slam. >> we had a lot of videos, this one, shows chase utley's first major league hit. guess what it was? a grand-slam. >> this game of course was against the rockies. and it was at the vet. god, that was great old stadium there. so many wonderful memories. we say good-bye. >> dig them all out, flight. >> we'll have a lot of fun this morning, and another one, more than just second baseman
4:40 am
for the philadelphia phillies, back in december, chase utley surprise add very big fan on the ellen show. watch this. >> i'm a huge philadelphia phillies fan. i don't know if anyone is, but go phillies. >> yes, go phillies. >> who is your favorite player? >> chase utley. >> chase is your favorite player. >> oh, yes, yes, yes, second base, number 26, he is the man. >> he is the man. he is a good man, too, he does a lot of stuff for animals? >> yes, his wife is involved in that. >> yes, well, we got you the phillies heard about this, they wanted to bring you some swag and so who, hey, chase, bring it out, will you? >> shut up. ♪ >> he surprised one every his biggest fans who at the time was battling cancer. chasin cite dollars julie to as many phillies as she wanted including batting practice, so she could meet some of the other players. i love her reaction.
4:41 am
she came on good day, she it, she was so excited about that after it happened. >> he is just a classy guy. that's why he was the heart of the city. came up through our system. we would love him because woe do stuff like that. all right, we'll have a good future, watch him with the other team out there with the dodgers. let's talk about this, more concerts on the beach, that could happen. the new jersey casino reinvestment development authority would like to see that. >> and it is all thanks to maroon five. thousands, 50,000 fans, packed the beach to see the group perform over the weekends. now the development authority is considering building a permanent stage t says, it would make it easier to schedule five, six concerts over the summer, rascal flatts hit the beach this afternoon. well, it is about time, right? big concert? >> successful, like hey wait, this is a good idea. >> do ac. we'll all do it. so much fun. good news, we all know that dogs are man's best friend. but could they also save your life? why doctors are using pups to
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detect some forms of cancer. and it has been said that cheaters always get caught. in this case, it is true. the shocking first celebrity named after the ashley madison data leak. for life...
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>> the worlds goes wild. chase utley homered in 2008 to give the phillies two-zero lead when they were down in tampa. >> sue serio, easy to make him look good, right? >> i do. and remember when we used to fill the ballpark. just saying. >> that's true. >> doesn't happen much any more. but, you know, these things go in cycles. hopefully it will happen again. let's checkup on the storm, tropical storm danny, which is still pretty far away from the lesser antilles islands, 1200 miles away, still tropical storm. kind of main take its strength, 50-mile per hour winds, and this is projected path of the storm, the cone every uncertainty here. most likely path right toward puerto rico, we'll see what happens, that won't be from couple of days from now. spaghetti models have couple of different options, one, two, heads towards the east coast of the united state, we'll see what happens with that. now, soupy, soupy morning, it
4:46 am
is even more humid if you can imagine, than it was yesterday. 77 degrees, right now, in the city. 75 degrees over in reading, and up in allentown, and down in wildwood, and the dew points are well into the 70s, and that's what makes it feel so uncomfortable outside. 73 degrees dew point here in the city. so we've got couple of scattered showers down in washington, d.c. area. some are sneaking into lancaster county, but there is not much to look at right now. so we look at the future cast, see the possibility later on this afternoon of some thunderstorms popping up. any time after 12:00 noon. and then, that continues through the night, into tomorrow morning, we could have wet start to your friday morning, but it looks like things have a good chance of clearing out by friday afternoon, tomorrow afternoon, and then, we are on our way at least to decent start of the weekend. but look how much rain is potential through tomorrow night. we could get over 3 inches every rain in spots, if you get one of those heavy downpours, right on top of
4:47 am
your head, you will be very, very wet. so checking on our heatwave. ends up being one, two, three, four, five day heatwave, high of 92 degrees, thinking 87 for today. stormy, 86 degrees tomorrow. most of that action happens in the morning. still going with lower humidity for saturday, and saturday evening, of course, our next eagles pre-season game. the met come to town to face the chase utley-less phillies on monday. and it could be a hot one to start that series with a high potentially around 90 degrees. so, we may get break on saturday, bob kelly, from the humidity, but not right now. >> oh, it definitely, not the heat that get you, it is the humidity. 4:47. good morning, everybody, live look at the schuylkill expressway. no problems or delays coming into or out of the city this morning. we're off to good start. looking live there near spring garden street. coming in from the suburb, 422, is good to go, let's go
4:48 am
to chester county. live look at 202, as we start to see some daylight pop up over the construction zone, light volume so far there at the benny. good morning, no problems coming into philly at the moment. keep in mind, we got that jimmy buffet concert. that will will bring a lot of volume up and over the ben franklin bridge, into the camden waterfront. the show is not until 7:00. you know the jimmy buffet fans. have to get down there little early. have little soda in the parking lot before the concert. huey lewis and the news, also, over there, with him, as well. then, as we mention, down the shore, we go for a ride. a loft folks expected to hit the atlantic city expressway and the parkway. rascal flatts hit the beach at 4:00. with a big concert in atlantic city. so there will be a lot of unusual traffic patterns, concert traffic volume today, and it is a work day, for some folks, 4:13 and 13, up here in bristol, a crash, and still some delays on the turnpike where the work crew headed into philly bensalem. lauren, karen, back to you. >> thank you, bob.
4:49 am
doctors say there is a way to detect cancer that does not involve any machines. >> it involves our four leg friends. yep, dogs. >> charlie the german shepherd, anal fee the lab bra doodle embarking on journey at the uc cancer center in sacramento. the pup's noses 1,000 times stronger that that of a human. the duo will be able to find lumps and identifying cancer, working on throat and neck cancer by way of saliva, breath, your begin published studies, not only my research but from all over the world the dogs are accurate, more accurate than any machine or diagnostic device to date. >> that's awesome. doctors hope the dogs will start officially sniffing out cancer in patient by the year 2018. look at that face. in your money, look to go plan last minute end of summer get away? you're in luck. airline fares, saw the steepest drop in nearly 20
4:50 am
years last month. >> i heard also the week to book your vacation for fall travel. our airline prices going down because fuel costs have gone down, six year low right now, and as the kids are going back to school, usually families don't travel right now during the fall, so these low prices are expected to last into the fall. don't wait too long. economists predict the ticket price drop is only temporary. >> so your next trip to the movie theater might feel more like trip through airport security. >> movie-goers are going to have to have their bags inspected before they are allowed to enter the theater. new policy by the regal entertainment group. posted this on their website saying back passion, bags of any kind, subject to inspection prior to admission. it is not known how much the recent movie theater shootings in lafayette louisianna national tennessee and even colorado influenced this new policy. >> 4:50, details coming out about the hack on that cheating website ashley madison. >> so hackers releasing almost ten gigabytes worth of stolen data from the hook up website
4:51 am
for married people. >> this could be bad. the website gawker has named the first celebrity associated with the hack, supporting josh dugger, former 19 kids and counting star, two different subscriptions. >> all these names coming out now. hackers released member counts details, their log in's, their payment information, the owner of the website is investigating the type of customer information leaked, but many security expert believe this is the real deal. it is a genuine dump. the canada based website claim to have more than 40 million users, that's almost like a fifth of our country. cheaters never prosper. you get what you deserve. cheater face. we want to talk about this one. beverly hills 90210 shannon dougherty, she has breast cancer, suing her former manager. >> filed the suit yesterday claiming her former team failed to pay the premium for her health cancer it, got canceled, she had to wait several months to get insured again. by the time she got to the
4:52 am
doctor the cancer they found had already spread. she said she likely will have to undergo more drastic treatment such asomugha a masectomy. >> here is a question for parent, sometimes the bus can be late, get real worried. where are the kids? good news, there is an app for. that will what a local dad created and when this may be at your child's school. >> that's cool.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> you always have someplace to go when waiting for your kids. how many times parents have you wondered where is the bus? where are my kids? wouldn't it be nice to know if it was running on time, or if it was running late or it was having some trouble? dawn timoney shows us one local school district may be able to help with that question. >> 10,000 students ride the park land school district 165 buses and vans, and in a big district like this, some buses, are bound to be late. that's why school administrators are hoping to implement an app, that could let pass end know where their child's bus is. >> they would be able to see number of minutes until the buses get there. and it would be color coded. >> new this year, all the buses have cameras on board to see what is going on. adding this app would allow the school district to monitor exactly where the buses are,
4:56 am
using gps, and a system similar to google maps. par won't just download the app called safe transport, and shut their phones. >> realistically, it relieves i think some of the anxiety for parents, especially with younger kids, looking at, you know, when is that bus going to get to the stop so that they can be thereto pick their child up. >> it was actually a fit in the school district who came up with the idea. peter has three girls and thought there is got to be a better way. fellow parent love the idea. >> i think definitely fives of minds. specially waiting at the bus stop, you know, nowadays, you know, the bus shows up late, most parents get very concerned. >> he actually work in philly. so nice to know if the bus is running late. >> and in bad weather the app could be particularly helpful. >> this is the winter, to sit out near the bus stop, and wait, it gets long. >> the school district is still working out security issues and the app needs board approval. right now it look to be at least a year before it would be ready to roll. in allentown, dawn timoney,
4:57 am
"fox 29 news". >> well, sadly we know this all good things must come to an end. we're saying good-bye to number 26, chase utley. he's getting traded to the los angeles dodgers. >> also, there is a local swim coach arrested accused every sending explicit texts revealing photos all to 16 year old student. what investigators say she promised that teenager in a scandelous messages.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. well, 2015 certainly going down as the big year of big trades here in philadelphia. and the big names leaving philly. foles, mccoy, rollins, hamels, the entire sixers roster five times around, and now chase utley. lauren? >> man, that sounds big, steve keeley. search foreman who philadelphia police say is praying on women in cobbs creek. where investigators say they're focusing to crack the case. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. well, police tell us 40 year old college counselor here in malvern prep, seduce ago 16 year old student watch she promised him in exchange for sex. we'll tell you, karen. >> jenny, investigators shutdown a really popular main line restaurant, one of the most famous in the entire country. we go inside and found cockroach and worse. what local police say they've never seen before. good day everybo,


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