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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 9, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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we one, have a nice day. >> a sodomite is the bond practice worthy of death. >> even offensive to me. >> the bible also says love one another. >> this is no ordinary chicken. not this pink chicken. >> as we all no, set to be here in philadelphia. we wanted to no. >> a philly cheesesteak. >> law enforcement is after him. >> what did he say? ♪ bill: you are chasing the story of a pastor that a small church in harlem. he is winning. >> if you are in harlem,
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this is the sign that you are faced with. it reads, the judge rules the cross of jesus. we one. we one. there is a back story. >> you tell me. >> that's right. >> and interpretation. are you crazy? >> preaching at this church for the past 30 years. >> the bible says being a sodomite is a practice worthy of death. >> the bible also says love one another. >> and often he puts of anti- gay messages.
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>> i am not sure what he is trying to do. at a church this should be more accepting. >> a city landmark. they found there were violations in the building, and the judge did find the church $1,850. >> been here for over ten years. it is the sodomites, digit fires, jesus haters who want the sign down. they are employing conservancy is a tool. >> he can preach only once in his church. the sign is offensive to me. >> people have the right to respond. jackson created a campaign. they might make some people uncomfortable. >> the pastor believes this is just a campaign to get
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him to take this lying down. >> the poor people in this community have no one to advocate. they are being pushed out. >> over the past few years in california proposition eight was passed 70 percent of voters voted for that. >> freedom of speech, but people go to the church. it is not just one person. there are members of the church might not be bothered by it. >> that's why the court have problems. those people,people, that is where the court will have a problem. ♪ >> we have all seen some pretty crazy stuff. i think this might top the list.
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she saw a chicken and posted a video on youtube. what pink chicken with writers subway without her pink card this is diva across the top? >> the lawyer is swinging after gunmen sprayed bullets the 1st deputy general counsel was shot in the head cuomo admitted to feeling helpless and that he was on life support at king county hospital. >> congratulations to our two friends who got engaged over the weekend. democratic party strategist proposed to republican party strategist and said yes.
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congratulations and good luck to you both. check out that ring. ♪ >> i have a great update. they were born in may have just 24 weeks and unfortunately though hudson has passed. the family was stuck in portugal for about four months while hayden built the strength to take the flight back home. on sunday the parents took a private medical flight home. i was there on sunday were met this amazing family in person. a family member took footage of hayden being taken off the plane. i got a chance to speak with
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the father. >> after our son passed she had all of our pressure. if something would have happened it would be devastating. she pulled through. the father spoke about how much portugal did for the family. >> i am especially proud of the people in portugal. >> what they did, they were amazing. the people in the country should be very proud of them. i am stuck in a state of new jersey. i can't get they're, and they acted like a father for me. bill: what are the thoughts on portugal and going back? >> well that family was in portugal they received a tremendous amount of support
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, including people making meals for them. what they are trying to do now, a friend has set up a page. you can donate, deliver because hayden is still in the hospital. her mom and dad still need to be there. we can help by continuing to promote there go find me page. they are a lovely family. it has been great. >> philadelphia right now near center city. polarizing figures of philadelphia. >> i grew up in the theater. i was always in auditions in place. let me use my passions for the theatrical arts to bring the story of christ to the street. >> pope francis is set to land here in philadelphia,
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but we wanted to know where philly jesus would take pope francis if you were the tour guide. first, his favorites. i asked him why. >> it is all about love. my pulpit. >> from they're we went to the oldest structures in philadelphia. >> this is where philadelphia mayors, city councils, government, and the architecture of city hall. >> walk around the building and talk about where philly jesus came from and why he is preaching the word of god >> heroin, crack struggle with drug addiction from a car accident pushing forwarding got clean and sober. >> what do you think about pope francis? >> it would be an honor and a pleasure.
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get a philly cheesesteak with them in a glass of wine. >> where do you like to get your wine and cheesesteak? bill: of course. >> the oldest bar in philadelphia. you would not believe what was at our table, a cut out of pope francis. bill: i'm shocked. >> divine intervention. bill: i want to understand the point of the segment, to show where he thinks the pope should go. >> over he would take him or someone else. >> a lot of cool, fun things happening. having a pope palouse of that will be a charity event where you can drink. >> that is not appropriate. >> does he find that law-enforcement is afternoon? >> what did he say? >> haters can hate.
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bill: doto 60 have a ticket, or we will you just wander the streets? bill: there you go. ♪ >> governor christie appeared on fox friends. he spoke about the fact that if he becomes president he will restore law in the country. >> this is the president's problem. >> and on msnbc he came on right after mayor deblasio who made the claim that new york city was safer. >> i am stunned that this has been the safest summary new york. no one else believes that. i guarantee you, this guide is not believe it. >> today was the 1st day of school. awkward pictures, awesome mom lunches. if you don't remember,
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parkway school district strapped to go pro on a kindergartner. it is pretty adorable. ♪ >> start your engines. nascar race experience. allowing thrill seekers and chasers like me to drive nascar on an actual professional track. ♪ >> another day in the life of being a chaser. >> we report the news. when it comes down to it, it's not just about the story.
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[inaudible conversations] ♪ >> i went to try the nascar racing experience. they allow thrill seekers to drive nascar professional track. >> okay. >> you suit up in a race suit. ♪
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>> and then you go to a 45 minute class where they explain the and announce. then they say, who here has not driven a stick. only me and my husband raised our hands because you're supposed to know how to drive a stick. >> drivers start your engines. >> with your right leg 1st >> i was taken to car number one. you get in through the window. i had my earbuds and because my crew captain is going to take me the entire course. he sit in the seat. it is hot. your heart is racing. you know in just a 2nd you will be going top speed command you are not alone.
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there are other people racing and professional drivers. then my captain says all right. start your engine. it was not the easiest start. >> you look scared to death. >> you can see. bill: white knuckle on a chasing your car. remember that? >> and you are taking these turns. all right. petal down. go faster. >> speeds. >> speeds close to what the real nascar racecar drivers go to.
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>> really fast. >> come around the corner is so cool. >> what do you think the top speed was? >> sixty. >> 160 miles per hour around the curve. thank you. i be some of the guys there. i went faster than some of the men. i'm going to give a shout out. it is an experience you will remember. bill: anyone want to do it? >> i totally would. ♪ >> for many years newark has been called the food desert. what was of food desert is turning into an oasis. it is going to have a shoprite.
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located on the corner of springfield and joan street, an estimated $92 million project which will include retail stores, banks, restaurants, and 152 apartment complex. i spoke with a resident who told me is excited. >> you have to travel to east orange. >> i also spoke with a dr. dr. who told me he is excited but it is about more than just a lack of resources. >> often times people do not know what is healthy and what are optimal nutritional choices and make the wrong choices because there looking for convenience and immediate gratification
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rather than picking things it will be healthy for them. >> they have more than one job. he believes the community needs to be educated. >> in this was so much more. an area where you see empty buildings. you're talking about apartment buildings, shopping centers. >> it will be huge. have a 9.6 percent unemployment rate. new jersey is a 6.5 percent. >> for most people the concept is alien. communities like this it is difficult to have access. >> i met with andy williams, president and ceo of edison in denver, colorado.
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>> you are not going to be the president. >> this is a lot of the reason
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>> called the war on drugs a failure so much so that he released his 4th presidential campaign had speaking about his passion to tackle the drug epidemic. >> i firmly believei firmly believe the way to win the war on drugs to treat the addict. >> i want us to try to save those lives. >> he has made his position known. >> every bit of objective data we have tells us that it's a gateway drug to other drugs. as long as i am governor of new jersey there won't be legalized marijuana in the state. >> he said he will enforce federal law and stop the sale of recreational marijuana in states that
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legalize the drug like colorado. i was just there for vacation and met with andy williams, president and ceo of medicine man. they claim to be denver's largest single marijuana dispensary. give me a tour of where they grow, show me the retail space where you can legally by medical and recreational marijuana. we spoke about his future with a growing business. is he worried about president -- >> probably seven million dollars that we have reinvested in the company and years of devoted service to building this company and industry. if he became president, what i worry? probably. >> he does not think governor christie will when the election. >> i think the cat is out of the bag.
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you are not going to be the president. >> a large portion of his recreational business is from pot tourism, and he welcomed new jersey's. bill: this is a lot of the reason why he is struggling right now. his message is a little confusing. he is saying the war on drug is a failure. these for state rights and wants to use federal law to come down on the legal marijuana that colorado's voted for themselves to have >> in the conflict creates problems. they are not allowed to put the money in a bank because it is in violation which creates a risk of being run. >> not only stressing the fact that he calls it a gateway drug the says it is just about enforcing law. >> the biggest gateway drug is alcohol. >> can rats crawl up your toilet and you know?
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bill: we put this creepy mists of the test. ♪ >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, everyone, i'm fox 29 chief meteorologist, scott williams. as we move into the overnight look for mild conditions. going to be kind of muggy as well. that will allow for patchy fog to develop. upper 60's in the suburbs, 74 degrees in the stow by tomorrow morning. beginning at 4 a.m., the timing and amounts of rainfall headed this way. we'll see you then. (plays throughout)
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