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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 14, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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shots were fired at 15th and lehigh. we are on the scene as you can tell. it is a live shot. and i know, i know you are ready for some football after watching it all weekend, right ? lets watch our own team, eagles/falcons monday night football. don't forget, early game at 7:00 o'clock. we are remembering moses malone, looking back at one of of the most beloved athletes and how he is being remembered this morning. and then this. >> our officers are walking the beat, driving the car, it is common courtesy to let them use the the rest room if needed. we have never heard of such a thing. >> cop walks in the star bucks. no, not a joke. he is told he isn't allowed to use a bathroom because he was
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president buying any coffee. why woman behind the counter refused to let him in the bathroom. >> what? >> apologies are flying. >> oh, yeah. >> it is monday, 14th, 2015. >> i would not be upset that it is monday but it is also eagles game day. >> that changes your mood. game is tonight and it is 7:00, it is two games tonight. so show us some pictures. i'm getting a ton of pictures of people who got up early, dressed up and took a picture. >> so what happened with you. i'm's wearing green. i'm only one wearing green. >> well, they cannot because they are on the green screen. >> please. >> so we have blue, pink, purple, gray, black, every color but green. >> mix it all together you get green. >> i moved. >> there we go. >> there we go. >> money, money, money. >> i'm good, now lets do this. we have the on out of ten today. >> look at the color of our nine. >> it is green.
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>> there we go, sue. >> yes as much as we can. bus stop buddy has his eagles jersey on. you might want to wear long sleeves this morning because most of the temperatures are in the 50's, as we walk out the door, kind of deceiving sunshine. we're not quite used to this yet. it is still summertime after all until the 23rd of the month. 58 degrees right the now work 14 miles an hour wind out of the west. it will be breezy today, 65 percent relative humidity. that is an improvement over the the heat and humidity we had one week ago. satellite radar shows our weekend rain has moved far to the north. we have been getting ready for a high of 76 degrees. sunny skies, gusty breezes. the breezes gusting as high as 25 miles an hour. so, that is your weather, for today, we will talk about a bit of the warm up reminding us it is still summertime in the seven day forecast, so bob kelly, where is our sun glare taking us today right now. >> we will go to i-95, where
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only green is by girard avenue exit. green signs here. good morning to fishtown. a live look at i-95, crawling into the the city where we have sun at the your back but again, heading north bound we are dealing will with wick sun glare no complaints. it is feeling good out there. live lot a the freeway coming in toward the city. with the jewish holiday, some of the schools are closed. so we could have unusual patterns, righter than normal. school buses are parked today. sun splashed ben franklin bridge coming into downtown philadelphia we are starting to see volume pop, and clean up crews will be out in full force today, a along hunting park avenue the scene of the massive water main break from saturday. watch for some local detours, throughout the day, and septa routes one and r are on the detour this morning. light running crew is still working on a turnpike between valley forge and norristown, starting to see some sun glare working their way around that conshohocken curve. same deal east on 422 at saint gabriel's curve. the mass transit looking good with no delays. mike and alex, back to you.
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we will go and update you on a barricade situation going on in north philadelphia there were shots fired at police. barricade situation is not quite yet under control. we thought it was, sabina, what are you seeing right now. >> reporter: well, we want to update and show you a live look the at this scene. you see that police van there. we just saw a group of people who were standing outside on this street, earlier when we first came to you. they were just ushered into that police van. we know there were nine people inside that home when police were trying to survey warrant at 5:45 this morning. they say that shots were fired at the police from inside, of the home. nine people were out. we did just see a group of people ushered into the the police van there. it appears as though they are connect to the situation. we are awaiting official confirmation on. that you can see swat teams, they are just out here on the street. it looks like they were just taking their gear off.
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we did see them a little will while ago go back into one of the homes here on the left side, going into, one of the homes, in the middle of the block there. we saw fire crews actually put a ladder up against the building there and go up the ladder but we were told that these were just precautionary measures. swat team went back into take a look to make sure that everything was under control. it peers they are pulling back we did get pushed back. we were a a little bit closer at the 15th and lehigh. we're almost toward brought now where police widen the perimeter. swat teams, a appear to be leaving right now. fire crews taking off as well but police attempting to survey warrant when they were shot at. nobody was hurt, or hit by those bullets. we are told that we were told earlier that a suspect was in custody. but, we're still waiting on confirmation for that again around the 1600 block of lehigh avenue, between 15th and 16th street. possibly nine people were
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inside of the home. we did see some people, peering to be taken into custody or taken in for questioning, rather but nobody was hurt. it happened around 6:00 this morning. it looks like the scene, is starting to clear, mike and alex. >> so you are driving around north philadelphia, lehigh, in that section right there, it is going to be shut down but it will be cleared in five or ten minutes or so as the police vehicles are leaving. 7:06. more breaking news out of the state of of kentucky. police say a state trooper was killed in the shooting, about 10:20 last night. >> thirty-one year-old joseph ponder was doing a traffic stop, at 10:30 last night. the the driver fled, and so there was a chase. the news release said a chase ensued but the suspect stopped a abruptly causing the the trooper's vehicle to make contact with the rear of the suspect's vehicle. authorities say the driver then fired several shots into ponder's police cruiser hitting him several times. ponder was taken to the hospital in princeton, kentucky where he died. princeton is about an hour north of the kentucky/tennessee border. >> and they knew who the the guy is who shot him.
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suspect fled the scene on foot has been identified as 25 year-old joseph thomas johnson shanks. described as a black male, about 5 feet five, 140-pound. so he is still on the loose. 7:07 now. we are two weeks out from pope francis visit and a credible threat has been made against the holy father. >> yeah, the world meeting of families starts a a week from today. high ranking home land security officials say he was concerned about the the pope's safety. the steve keeley is on this story over on the parkway with the fences about to go up. >> reporter: a lot of fencing already up. i guess you can say all of the fencing and all of the security we have been reporting on for months now justified by the news we got yesterday from the chairman of the house home land security committee talking to martha raditch, making news on a sunday morning saying they are stopping one threat made
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against the pope. he said he could not give any details because the meeting was classified with the secret service but it is a week from tomorrow where the the pope's u.s. tour begins in washington d.c., coincidently, where he made that announcement on abc this week, we are skiing detours for morning runners and exercise team up and around. people are trying to figure out where they are allowed to go and not go right now. look at the the across the street. a all that equipment is being dropped off by the truckloads this morning. so very busy already. we're going to see parking noticing up. but here now is more on what was said yesterday. >> do i feel secure about the pope coming into america. >> i'm concerned, i was briefed by the secret service, and in a classified setting, republicans -- i'm cat the lick by the the way. the pope is a very passionate
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man. he likes to get out with the people. with that comes a large security risk. we are monitoring very closely, threats against the pope as he comes into the united states. we have disrupted one particular case. in particular, but as that day approaches i think we're all very much very vigilant to protect him as he comes into the united states. >> we will get more news in philadelphia a today. it will be on the happiest side of the pope's a visit. they will announce that the noted detroit soul singer and pretty good gospel singer, aretha franklin, hoist still very active, and still very good, miss re espect will a appear with bocelli on the festival of family day. very big a announcement coming today. again, it is not all bad news. other good news is last week we talk about how residents
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being inconvenienced and also having to fork out 20 bucks just to have the right to park on their street until next thursday? well, shortly after we were talking about that on the air, they reconsidered that $20 and they say you know what if you have proof that you live, or where you live, we will wave the fee and give that to you free. >> another nice gesture. it seems that they will rhea announce everything. >> thank you for. that i know were you alert with us yesterday afternoon, and a icon, basketball legend, one of the philadelphia's most beloved athletes has died. >> moses malone passed away yesterday morning at the age of 6o we have been able to confirm the cause of death, just yet. >> 1955, he was born. >> this morning we are helping remembering his life. moses brought a championship to the city in 1938 where he was finals mvp. he was chairman of the board because there wasn't a rebound he could not get. >> he was named one of the 50 greatest players in nba
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history. he played 19 seasons in the nba, four with the sixers, won three mvp award, went to the all-star game, 12 tiles and induct in the hall of fame in 2001. now big daddy graham from wip was on fox 29 morning news and he was talking about moses malone the legend. >> what moses malone will always be known for was for how hard he worked, okay, he was relentless there, wasn't a rebound that he didn't believe that was his. he was so inspiring. >> malone's death comes shortly after the the the the passing of another sixers center, and. >> rough couple weeks for sixers fans, to have those so close together. >> um, um, um. work is expect to fix a broken water main in philly's hunting park neighborhood. 120 year-old main burst over the weekend, flooding hunting park avenue near west more land street with 15 million gallons of water.
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water department warns it could take weeks to fix the broken main. federal trial is scheduled to begin today, for chaka fat to junior, son of the congressman chaka fattah who ace accused of bilking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the banks, irs and school district of philadelphia a fattah junior says charges are politically motivated because of his father. meanwhile the senior fattah is charged with federal racketeering. >> family of matt novac launched a new campaign because they want answers about the 2008 murder of their son. friend say he had just left the the puerto rican day parade when he realized his friend's car didn't start. he flag down a chevy impala for help but police say whoever was inside tried to rob him and shot hip in the hip. a $42,000 reward is offer in the case a. how about that bernie sanders. >> when he entered the race in may he was just a fringe candidate, but now he is, not going away anytime soon. >> not that he should.
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polls show him leading hillary clinton in several states, most importantly, new hampshire and iowa. early polls are not reliable but bernie sanders quality for all approach is rest mating with young voters a lot of young people at his rallies. the political experts say a big issue for bernie sanders will be name recognition which he is trying to overcome by all a of these appearances. the republican presidential field is gearing up for their second debate. that is coming up wednesday. that might be the most watched debate in political history, with donald trump. >> the 11 top polling candidates will take the stage in the prime time debate. donald trump will be center stage because he is top of the polls. standing next to him will be ben carson who has continue to gain popularity a among republican voters and carli fiorina made it to the main debate stage. she rock it in the predebate. >> in the kid table, yes. >> she spent the weekend campaigning in new hampshire. meanwhile the the four lowest
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polling candidate will appear together in the debate earlier, what do you call it kid table debate and that will be earlier wednesday. well, meanwhile thousands are expect to turnout today to see donald trum in dallas. but trump can also expect to be met the by protesters. dallas, of course is a heavy latino population there. they are upset over his rhetoric over illegal organization. the march is organized by north texas chapter of the league of united latin american citizens. the group called trump's stance divisive and racist. it is tonight, monday night football. you have to love monday night football when they moved the game up, and your team is playing at 7:00 in the evening. not 8:45 or 9:00 o'clock. >> good timing for us. >> first regular season game and it is coming to the studio. >> that is g. cobb. >> you smell nice. >> thank you. >> yes. >> mike smells nice too. >> it is only because of you
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sitting next to him. >> yes. >> we want his smell. now you can leave. >> thank you go eagles. >> before you go, how about last night's game, two of our rivals, the the cowboys and giants played each other. how about that tony romo comes through at the end of the game. >> he pulled it off. >> the guy made some throws. he is showing that he can carry them by himself. he didn't have dez bryant in there, their running game wasn't a as dominant. >> which was if he drops the ball, i got to do it again. >> picks it up and throws it. >> you have to give it to tony. he is getting better with age. he seems to be very poised in those situations but giants blew it. >> this should have, look at the clock, what are you guys doing. >> and now you have got eli and the colts saying, it was both of our faults. >> you have to play well. >> you want both to lose but they cannot both lose.
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>> the other thing, the the quarterbacks yesterday, mariota. >> my goodness. >> you see why chip wanted him. >> what did he do. >> he made history. >> marcus. >> four touchdowns. >> were they all throws. >> they were all throws. >> magnificent game. you can see that he has the ability at this young age to be able to throw the ball like that against a pro defense. very impressive. he will do nothing but get better. >> that was first in history. >> yes. >> one of the quarterback. >> fran from back in 1961. >> one of the best. >> yes. >> lets talk about our quarterback. before we get to sam though, do you remember in the first preseason game when terrell suggs, yes. >> terrell. >> it is terrell suggs. >> yes. >> he going for bradford's knees. >> karma yesterday he was out.
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>> a achilles tendon tear. >> right there do you see him grab back there. it is over. he is done for the year. hate to see that happen to such a nice guy. >> you hate to see it happen to him. >> karma. >> he went after sam. okay, sam, you have to step it up. do you think he watched that mariota thing. >> you better believe he watched it. >> i tweet that had. someone said that is okay, we expect sam to throw more touchdowns in the first game. >> nick wasn't bad either, you know. >> well, the rams. >> nick foles they beat seattle. nick foles with the touchdown pass, seconds remaining to tie the game. and then overtime they win it. >> nick. >> well, sam, top it, buddy five touchdowns, 450-yard good talk about pressure too did you see what sam did over the weekend. he got a tattoo for the eagles.
7:18 am
>> yes. >> it is 2016 super bowl on the tattoo on his neck. >> it says champions. >> we will find that for you. >> yes. >> no pressure on the guy. >> just a little bit. >> what will dough with that tattoo, they will come through and it will be all great. >> then he believes in the very beginning. we a all believe, right? this will be our season. >> timing, this is the the timing though, timing you see dez bryant went down last night. next week they will be playing against a cowboys team without dez bryant which is a great thing. timing is all there. nfc seems to be down. seattle is hurting. the the door is opened and now it the is time, these guys got to walk through the the door play mike they are capable. i want to see them knock atlanta out first half, obliterate them. you have guys over there telling jokes in the second half. >> this guy. >> maybe a smart guy then. >> look at that. >> this is the year. >> super bowl, 2015.
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>> here's for you. this is a space where you can hide it. i guess he can have a scar. >> he has his neck out. >> yes. >> putting his neck on the lynn there. >> g good to see you thank you. >> get it done, now is the time. >> get it. >> here come sue. >> we have a look at temperatures throughout the the region which could be a a lit built of the shock. it is sweater weather out here this morning because we have had all of our temperatures in the the 50's, and it is kind of breezy out there as well. so a little bit of a nip in the air, and a reminder that autumn is just around the corner, but it is not here just yet. we've got 76 degrees for a high temperature today, and for your holiday, rosh hashanah and 83 tomorrow. now we're getting back in into summertime temperature. mid 80's on wednesday, thursday, friday. by then the humidity will probably be back as well, and then into the the first part of the weekend it looks pretty good, eagles game, as we talk about on sunday, and we have a chance of showers, so, more
7:20 am
details, about your weather, coming up but it is looking great. >> we are dealing with sun glare. 7:20 exactly as we say good morning to the blue route. 476. all brake lights heading southbound combination of the sun glare and volume as you head down in toward route one. sun splashed ben franklin but not bad at all here, lot of the schools have the day off because of the jewish holiday, so we're seeing some light volume in the neighborhoods this morning. alive look at the benny coming into downtown, heading in to new jersey, that right lane block, the shift of the construction over to the eastbound side. later on this morning we will jump in the news van, head for breakfast. lil beezz in the train station, a really cool spot along jenkintown road. we will be out there in glenside beginning at 9:00 a.m. mike and alex, back to you. did you know that kids are 51 more likely to be victims of the identity theft. why going back to school could make them a victim. we will tell you how to prevent it from happening to your child.
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here's last nights lottery numbers.
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so cute. we're all ready for football. tanner looks nice and comfortable and warm. >> i thought he was wrapped in the dollar bill but that is an eagles blanket. >> that was your dream. >> it it was just september out of the room for dunkin' donuts coffee. >> well, you have got to have that. >> well, we're getting, ready for eagles taking on the fall conditions tonight. you are getting ready for the the game, use the the hashtag fox 29 good day. >> new research found identity theft, is slight thely terrifying here. the it says that children are 51 times more likely to be victims, then an adult, of identity theft. it makes sense. they're not used to having credit card and stuff, maybe just going to college for the the first time. >> here's where it gets interesting, is there a link with going back to school here.
7:25 am
>> right, so, the the number 51 times more likely for a kid to be targeted by identity theft thieves comes from carnegie melon university out with new research. for parents, how is this possible. i file income taxes for my kid. my kid doesn't have a credit card, no bank account. how is this happening? when you are born you are given a social security number and with that social security number all of the thieves need to do is use it. credit reporting agencies don't check age with the social security number, and they can take out loans in your kid name and sometimes you don't know bit, until the kid turns 18, they apply for that credit card or that college loan and then there you have it. how do you know. what are the the signs their child is at risk. well, number one, they get a bill in the mail. >> it is not junk mail but a real bill. >> yes. >> but, you go through mail so quickly. i they things out all the time thinking it is junk mail.
7:26 am
that can be a legitimate bill. also, call experience. the reporting agencies and say, i will give you my child's social security number can you see if this number has a credit report that has been ran in the past. that is when damage has been done. >> also, you have this social security number that is written down, keep them safe guarded. when you are giving information to the school, we're all heading back to school, make sure the school keeps that information safe as well. just because it is a social security number tied to the minor does not mean it cannot be used. >> makes perfect sense. hey lauren, are you a football fan. >> yes. >> the team, giants or the jets. >> well, i have to say the jets and i have to say the mets because those are my husband's teams, so it is more him i would probably be giants and yankees. >> don't trade your allegiance because of your stinking husband. >> i know. >> it is much easier. >> it the is easier, just to
7:27 am
keep the peace. >> let's go jets. >> sorry, honey. >> mets are doing great this year, so you know. >> mets are doing really good. really well i should say. we will see you again tomorrow. did you hear about this, a philadelphia police officer stops by a star bucks in center city and has to use the the bathroom. so, women behind the counter says no, that is for paying customers. well, now star bucks ace apologizing, we will tell you the the whole story. and this morning quincy is talking to a legend. he is talking to doctor j. >> that is big. >> well, you know, kicked off his inaugural julius irving golf classic and i talk to him about a lot of things and who does doctor j think the most dynamic player in philadelphia sports is today. we will find out coming up.
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eagles. >> yeah. >> wow. >> all right. >> we are getting ready here. >> you are in mid season form. >> fantastic. >> yes. >> what is the recording to be, guys. >> thirteen-three. >> how are you doing, ladies. >> hi, swoop. >> look at him back there. >> and thank you for all of the treat, one of the sponsors was dunkin' donuts. we have to talk about them every day. eagles doughnuts. >> got to have that eagles green. >> that would be a pizza, but that is a pizza. >> yes. >> not from dunkin' donuts. >> but eagles. >> it looks good. >> look at that. >> a amazing. >> yes. >> nicely done. >> we have a show to do but thank you for. that hang around for a little bit. >> all right. >> there is other news this made a little bit of national news and i'm not sure what is going on here. we will try to get to the bottom of this uniformed
7:32 am
philadelphia police officer said he was denied access to the the star bucks bathroom the one over in the macy's store at 13th and chestnut. he was not a paying customer. if you are not paying for the coffee, you cannot the pea. >> lauren, he is going off on facebook. the thousands of people are looking at this. >> the alleged incident happened in the center city star bucks right near macy's at the 13th and chestnut in the facebook post the the officer says woman the at the counter told him that the rest room was for customers only. she denied him key code. he politely asked her again. her answer did not change. he believes that it happened as a reflection on of how negatively cops are treated these days. some people are surprised that the officer was turned away. >> it is just not right. they work hard to protect us. they got our backs. you have to go to the bathroom, you have to go to the bathroom. >> fraternal order of police getting involved. they plan to fire off a letter to star bucks today asking for them to review their policy.
7:33 am
>> we don't go to work looking to hurt anybody, looking to take anybody life. we are looking to protect you in the the community. that is all we ask in return is courtesy back? star bucks corporate office sent a statement to fox 29 saying we want everyone on visits our stars, even to enjoy their visit this customer's experience is not consistent with the welcoming, friendly environment we strive to create for everyone. meanwhile the officer's facebook post gaining some steam on line. somalia people vowing never to vice that it location ever again, mike and alex. i'm reading some of the comments here. man, people are going off. >> well, yeah. >> they are upset bit. >> well, what was the political statement in the middle of his facebook page there. >> well, he starts it off. he says so i walk in the star bucks at 13th and chestnut in full uniform and asked the young blonde liberal, behind the counter if i can use the public bathroom. people weren't happy with that because you started off with stereotypes in the post.
7:34 am
but, most people come to his defense. his office is a police car, cruiser, so he is around town all day. he has no where really to go. >> i have been to the star bucks at the eighth and walnut every morning, five years, then i switched over to dunkin' donuts coffee and is there a transit officer and he is in there every day. if he want to use the bathroom he uses the the bathroom. >> i see it all the time they use the bathroom. >> so anyway, all right. thank you for that. sue. >> i don't get it. >> me either. >> my first job in baltimore at a bakery. we were told we love the customers, the cops, you treat them well. >> if you need them, you want them to come back let him pea. >> bus stop buddy, he is flying eagles fly. he has his sweat shirt on this morning. not all kid are going to
7:35 am
school today. today is rash hashanah, but we made bus stop buddy work no matter what and long sleeves shirt is a good idea today. we are giving you a nine out of ten with all that bright sunshine at 59 degrees. we have a 14 miles an hour pleas and rain has moved to the north. so we expect a high of 76 degrees today, gusty breezes making it feel cooler, breezes gusting up to maybe 25 , big difference from a week ago when labor day got to 90 degrees. we will talk about a warm up in the seven day forecast, just ahead, bob kelly, a little brisky out this. good morning, malvern. live look at 202 near 401, folks northbound between west chester, malvern, we are dealing with the construction zone in the sun glare this morning. a live lot at bennie, not bad at all. our jewish friend have a holiday. philadelphia public schools system is off today. a little lighter then normal especially in the
7:36 am
neighborhoods, coming into philadelphia a, south on i-95, just about a half an hour from woodhaven into downtown. that is construction squeeze, a little sun glare around your curve, conshohocken curve there, about a 24 minute trip from conshohocken to downtown. we have a new traffic pattern, for the the lansdale folks, for the gang entering and exiting the the lansdale interchange at the pennsylvania turnpike. and the the crews put that into motion over the weekend. a clean up crew probably at least the next week or so as a result of the huge water main break from saturday. the hunting park avenue between fox and wissohickon. also has septa bus routes the one and a r on the detour. later on today a midday jam, northbound i-95, they will be working here near the girard point double decker bridge. keep that in mind during the midday. back over to you. >> thanks, very much, bob. so, the eye am kate season finally, did kate and kris kiss and make up? the the touching moment from that season finally we will recap. we are getting pumped for our eagles they will take on
7:37 am
the falcons tonight, so, show us how you get ready, cape may, love the picture of the kid. kid need to get pumped up too. everybody getting ready for the game. send us pictures. we have a pep rally going on here in the studio. hi, ladies. ♪
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] we're having a viewing party. fox 29 with power 99, q102, wdas and mix 106, what a collaboration, we are hosting empire premiere party. it is at harrah's philadelphia and you are invited. all you have to does rs vp, we want to know you are coming and fox but you have to do it the by september 22nd and you have to be 21 years old and be sure to dress to impress, and your best empire fashion. we will want to see cookie, or luscious lions, bring it together and we will party like the lion is here. i have seen, you know, the the first episode of season two. >> i know you did, sat the day night. >> let me tell you, it is
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good. >> i was like my gosh, i have really missed this she. >> if i partied like luscious, willie end up in jail. >> luscious is in jail, they have a lot of free luscious signs up. >> does he get out in the first episode. >> we will talk bit. i'll give you details about the premiere in new york in just a bit. >> okay. >> season finally of i am kate was last night. we saw how caitlin and ex-kris jenner ended that tense meeting. >> start hanging out together. >> sure. you can come over for a drink. >> shopping. >> let's not get carried away. >> no. >> i just want to get a place where it is comfortable, for us to share celebrations together. >> let's move on. >> there we go. >> what will you do with this selfe. >> okay. >> of course, in this world how do all conflicts even.
7:42 am
>> selfies. >> afterward they say they have a shared goal keeping family together is the main thing and series ended with a name change ceremony attended by other transgendered men and women where the former olympian took the name caitlin marie jenner. >> yeah. >> kiss and make up. >> yes. >> selfie. >> all right, then. >> lets get to quincy. >> yes. >> because i want to hear from doctor j. quincy, what is up. >> yes, i talked to doctor j this weekend, he has a inaugural golf classic this weekend. does he think sixers will make playoffs. find out the answer coming up next.
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pocono mountains at 7:45 on a monday morning. the hard to believe labor day is just one week ago but what a difference in our weather. our weather word for today, we have a cooler morning then what we had gotten used to last week when we had another heat wave. gusty breezes coming up throughout the afternoon and it will eventually be getting warmer. so, start off with where we are, with our name, for tropical cyclones. we have gotten up to the h's in the 2015 list with henri
7:46 am
last week. we are watching for formation of the ida will it be in the gulf of mexico? maybe. but more likely this storm in the middle of the atlantic off west coast of africa will be ida before the week is through. high pressure building in as yesterday's rain leaves us. that is le pressure to the north of us and with this system to the southwest of us we're right the in the middle, call that pressure gradient and wind gusting to 20, 25 miles an hour this afternoon. these are cool temperatures in the 50's this morning except for wildwood at 63 degrees. wind at 14 miles an hour in some cases gusting up to a little bit higher. we have breezy, sunny for today ape 76 degrees, a very pleasant avenue but then we will warm up a little bit. in more 90's in the seven kay forecast for foreseeable future. eighty-three tomorrow. eighty-five on wednesday. by thursday, friday humidity starting to sneak back in the weather pictures but stay
7:47 am
great with high pressure in control all the way through sat the day a at the very least. sunday we have a few showers in the forecast for our eagles home opener, but we will see what happens, bob kelly, things can change. >> we have sun glare and a accident to change your commute time on 422, this is a live look eastbound police are not even on the scene yet here eastbound just past the saint gabriel's curve. look at the sun glare at that dash game level there as you can see the shadows cast by the sun as you head eastbound leaving royersford or collegeville a delay, and southbound i-95 look at the right here hit and miss, lighter volume then normal in the city. i necessity philadelphia public schools have off with the jewish holiday this morning. so some lighter then normal volume on the philadelphia aside, coming from south jersey, north on the freeway stacked up from the atlantic i expressway to 295.
7:48 am
just your normal rush hour. then later after the rush hour from 9:00 to 3:00 they will being with on the girard point bridge. anyone coming will toward the the city expect delays at 9:00. otherwise we are looking good on the bridges and mass transit running with no delays, mike and alex, back to you. >> doctor j is in town. doctor j is in town. >> very cool he is doing a lot of celebrating too. >> big weekend for him. quincy harris was there. >> quincy, what is up. >> we will talk to doctor j about everything, from the sixers, joel embiid's return and will sixers make playoffs much more. this weekend kick off inaugural julius irving golf classic. >> play a little will golf and share in the spirit of giving because this is a fundraiser. >> reporter: event includes a youth basketball clinic, star studded black tie and tournament. the the doctor still has to work on his game. >> i smack a few out there on the golf course, every now and then in crunch time but the
7:49 am
driving part of the game has really hit me and. i've been a inconsistent driver of the ball. >> sixers are also fixing things too he said sixers fans shouldn't give up on the injured joel embiid. >> he is telling me how good this kiddies, and how skilled he is. that is a big piece in terms of getting back to the play offs. if that is not there, probably won't make playoffs but can give the fans a a lot of excitement. >> who is one of the most exciting, sports the athlete playing in philadelphia right now thaw are checking out. >> i will take inner lens. >> there was some games that he played last year that were truly outstanding. >> doctor j an added the the
7:50 am
sixers have a ton of promise. it has been a tough month with the passing of moses malone and darryl dawkins. >> darryl was beloved by everyone and i don't think he ever met anybody he did in the like. i have never really seen him say a harsh thing to anybody and we played together for six years. but when we lost him, he was coaching kid, teaching, raising a family. just hard to leave people behind that really loved you. >> i caught up with doctor j on saturday, you know, of course, moses a malone passed away. this is what doctor had to say about moses malone. >> moses was the the ultimate teammate. when he started sweat willing, it was on. as soon as he showed up in the locker room he was already sweating. i mean i had major moments with him which, helped to
7:51 am
define my career and my championship run in 1983. >> you know, it has been a tough, week for, tough month, for the sixth isers, i should say but they are trying to get through and today they are ending the doctor j golf classic but the weekend was a good weekend, guys. good weekend. >> yes. >> pretty excited. >> the gala yesterday, the the last evening at rittenhouse hotel was gorgeous. thanks, quincy. >> it is also, that was basketball but it is also football. i want to you know i am a diehard football eagles fan, 6:55, i will be watching the game. but there is another powerhouse in philadelphia, i will be the at the high school work out with these high energy athletes. they have lost five games in the the last three years. that is next hour. >> can't wait to see that. also a a lot of people in
7:52 am
town for doctor j's event, vivica fox, cedric the entertainer. >> dough now hoe was here on friday, i think it was friday, tyra banks. >> she was here. >> yes, and christie teagan was with her. how did you know that. >> i don't know, i'm angry. >> they didn't invite you. >> no. >> they have a new talk show. >> after a dre an greener, some say greener, he was on, entourage, big time star have of entourage. >> well, he is getting backlash about a tweet over weekend. >> what he said about 9/11 that has people upset. >> people were flipping out friday. m, i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said that about your hair. it's not stupid. (ding) find hair salon. wow. yeah, that's right. (siri voice) ok, jack's boutique is nearby.
7:53 am
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7:54 am
i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank.
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7:56 am
today is my son's 16th birthday can i get a shout out today. >> no, we don't do shout outs. >> she didn't put his name in. >> happy birth the day. >> well, happy birth the day. >> well, okay, lets get into this thing that happened friday which was 9/11 of course. >> the actor adrian greener. >> yes. >> he is getting backlash. >> reminus who he is. >> he was on entourage. on friday he put up a tribute to the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. >> he is one on the left clawing his face he included another group in the tribute that has some saying inappropriate on the 14th year since the the attack. >> he starts off by really well. >> yes. >> so, the 2,996 americans died in 9/11. then said, all right to the rip to the 1,455,590 innocent iraqis who died during u.s. invasion for something that they didn't do. he link to it his twitter account and other twitter
7:57 am
users. they criticized him. but he took the the post down. now, in response, it was one viewer who said that sure was a slap in the face to the 9/11 victims. but when you are a second tear actor, it's i need attention time. >> a little slam in there. >> nice job, cower, real conviction you have, deleting your post and all. >> it is just not the right time to bring up, whether you a agree with the war in iraq or not. >> yes. >> not on friday. >> focus on the what happened and family affected and all of the lives of the first responders. >> we know that the terrorist were saudis, pennsylvania majority of the highjackers were saudis, not iraqis. >> on that day, just a different focus. >> a texas cheer team. >> are you all right. >> i'm all right. >> just checking. >> okay, sure. >> what are you looking at. >> we're doing the the show he keeps looking at something, what are you looking at. >> another cheer team.
7:58 am
>> i just want to thank, the philadelphia a cheerleaders, because the game tonight they dropped off a calendar and they autographed each page for me. >> wow, look at the that. >> i asked her, because this cheerleader is not here. is she all right. she hurt her back. it looks lake she has back issues. i suggested domes pills. >> maybe ben gay. >> sure, if i had to, i could help her with that. >> and they said she's fine. she's resting comfortably. >> she doesn't need your help. >> of course, big game is tonight. another quick reminder, don't mess around with dinner and all that stuff because the game is a at seven. >> do an early dinner. >> and not nine. >> set up tray tables and watch while you are eating. >> i love to eat ape watch football. >> a texas cheer team, created a routine, commemorating, 9/11. >> so even included original a audio into their song.
7:59 am
>> like from the first responders. >> yes. >> dispatch. >> here. >> ♪ at one point, you you hear dispatcher, from 9/11, mix in the music, interesting. this is lumberton high school will cheer team, and then they used their pompons to spell out u.s.a. as lee greenwood. >> a a lot of people like it. they put it up on line and they got 20 million hit on it. >> that was an interesting
8:00 am
touch. >> what do you think bit. >> ill a's go witt. >> it seemed nice at the end. >> very nice. >> good damon september 14th, 2015. >> miss georgia. >> there she is, miss america. the miss georgia wins the coveted crown but not the only beauty queen that we're talking about this morning. the apology to vanessa williams three decade later. >> and, late for work? ladies, your beauty routine may to be blame, how you can speed it up in the bathroom. five products. >> plus, strike the pose, the the new eagles cheerleaders, swimsuit calendar is out, and i have my copy.
8:01 am
the bird will prior to take on the falcons tonight. >> yes. >> ♪ >> and no, your eye are not deceiving you this wedding dance is one for the books, the the group falling under his bride's spell how he pulled this off. >> you ever see that magician chris. >> yes. >> that levitation stuff. >> magic. >> nine. nine. >> it is on page nine of the calendar. >> no i'm talking about the weather. >> that is right. >> well, there is weather depict on that calendar. >> nobody looks at that part of it. >> it is a nine. out of ten today. a green nine. everything eagles to day. we are so excited about the start of the season that bus stop buddy has his jersey on for kids going to school
8:02 am
today. when go to work or not, you have to be prepared for a bit of the a cooler start then what we got used to last week. 59 degrees is our current temperature with 13 miles an hour wind and rain moved to the north of us, it will be sunshine, all day long, very bright out there this morning. no more muggies, sun and included throughout the the afternoon, high temperature with the gusty breezes, of 76 degrees. that is your weather authority forecast, hi one kelly. >> 8:02. we will begin with breaking news as far as mass transit, service has been suspended on september's wilmington line because of police activity, centered around the prospect park station. it sound like someone has been struck by an amtrak train. so, amtrak services, south of philadelphia, suspended, as well as all trains on the wilmington line, again, centered around the prospect park station and we will keep an eye on the scanners and keep you up to dayton that.
8:03 am
an accident 422 eastbound police finally arrive on the scene here right near the saint gabriel's curve. you can see shadows and example of the wick sun glare out there. septa lanes i-95 not bad here. moving nicely past cottman but we have a delay at girard and in problems coming in up and over the bridges, mike and alex, back to you. an icon, basketball legend, one of the most beloved athletes moses malone passed away yesterday at 6o we did not know the cause of death just yet. moses, helped bring sixers that big championship, in 1983. by the the way, that is where he predict four wins in a row, four, four, four, four. but i think they won four-one. he was also mvp of that series. >> his nickname was chairman of the board because there wasn't a rebound he could not get. he was named one of the 50th greatest players in nba history. >> one of the 50 greatest
8:04 am
players in nba history. how about this a threat to the pope over the weekend. home land security is saying they have stopped one threat against the holy father before his trip. he land in cuba a week from tomorrow. >> yes. >> but they went give details about when or where, when it comes to the threat but the threat was credible and was concern about the pope's safety. security precautions are underway here in philadelphia a fences are up on the parkway. did you hear this queen of soul will be serenading pope francis during his visit. the philadelphia inquirer is report ago this aretha franklin is on the line up of the artists performing at festival of families saturday afternoon september 25th. >> we will be right there of course for the the event during the pope's visit. watch them live here on fox 29. miss america, a lot of people are talking about this. >> ladies and gentlemen, miss
8:05 am
georgia. >> she's no longer miss georgia, she's now miss america. but there really was another moment that stole the show last night. everybody was waiting to see vanessa a will yams. >> um-hmm. >> so, they apologized to vanessa williams. he apologized for how the organization handled a scandal in 1983. >> let's start with the scandal for people who are younger, lauren johnson, what happened in 1983. vanessa williams. they put the crown on her. the next morning they took it off of her. >> yes, she was first black woman to win title of miss america. she won crown in 1983. her reign lasted ten months before she had to resign. publication that got nude photos of her taken before the the pageant and published them after she had won. so, when she resign many say the organization pressure her on give up her title. last night the ceo did this.
8:06 am
>> thirty-two years, you have lived your life in grace and dignity and never was it more evident, then during the event of the 1984 when you resign. although none of us, in the organization were involved then, on behalf of today's, organization, i want to apologize, to apologize to you, and and. >> vanessa graciously accepted at apology. >> so un expect but so beautiful. i did the best as i could as my reign of miss america, in 1983. on behalf of my family, my mother in particular, vaughn
8:07 am
edward who orchestrated this entire thing to bring me back and your leadership, integrity and you bring this pageant back to what it ought to be. i love you. i love the girl. i'm so honored to be back. >> let's go judge a contest. >> she returned to her seat and helped pick the next miss america who by the way, came from georgia. >> yes. >> they took her crown. >> yes. >> but it was against the rules. do you think he would apologized to her if she didn't become world famous. >> you are saying it is only because of who she is why she apologized. >> it sound like a ratings grab. i met her many times. >> they cannot say they took her crown. they didn't take my crown. i resigned. i always have the the crown. i have always had it. i never went a away. >> i believe, it was another
8:08 am
african-american who took over for her, i believe her name was susan charles. >> yes. >> thank you. >> she's suegle. >> very close to my name. >> owe original. >> thanks, lauren you you are welcomed. >> lauren. >> yes. >> good bye. >> eagles take on the falcons tonight on monday night football at the georgia dome. >> so the first monday night football match up, our guys coming in with three preseason wins under their belt. a lot of new faces on team a lot of high expectations for sam bradford, also running back demarco murray, and ryan matthews and wide receiver nelson agholor. we will see if the the new team will be effective enough to make fans forget the loss of nick foles, shady mccoy and jer may maclin. >> it begins tonight. >> they played 16 games this season, sportswriters from the daily news all weighed in on what they thought, what am i trying to say.
8:09 am
look at all of them, you don't see 19 in there. not 19. there is even a dude, up toward the top, 13-three. thirteen-three. >> i like the way it sounds. >> we will see what happened. >> after the buffalo bills beat the the indianapolis colts yesterday, shady mccoy had an instagram fun at spent of his former coach, chip kelly. >> it is interesting because it is nfl report shore had instagram fun witt. albert green posted this photo and you can see is there mccoy, trent cole, todd herremans who both signed with the colts in the off season. nfl reporter gear said that shady flagged him down to snap a photo of the three former eagles and said get the a picture of the chip kelly rejects. >> so, the the reporter posted it saying that this happened, shady didn't post it. >> with you shady supposedly ran are over there and said take the pick. i guess, and then he said please use the term chip
8:10 am
kelly's rejects. he didn't have to, the reporter but he did it for shady. >> yes, he did it for him. >> if anybody in trouble in indianapolis because who was it the trent cole had a pretty big smile on his face after losing. >> that is true. >> i know fans weren't like that very much either. >> we will check whatever their indianapolis paper is called and see if he is getting backlash. >> maybe seeing his former teammate made him smile and he just escaped the sadness of losing, you know. >> yes. >> the tragedy. >> well, maybe you saw it too. >> what? >> what is today's date. >> september the 14th. >> yes. >> we saw the very first christmas commercial over the the weekend, on television. >> what. >> why one retailer, guess who it is, is making a look at the holidays already running christmas commercials. >> my goodness. >> but are you late for work this morning, ladies and trust me i necessity why the beauty
8:11 am
routine. every time it get you, right? we will tell you how you to speed it up in the bathroom. >> hi ana. >> hi. >> look at the that camera there. >> five products, right. >> yes. >> that will slash that time in half.
8:12 am
♪ ♪
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at some say it is refreshing, some say it the is too chilly but it is in the 50's, pretty much every where, fabulous 50's although we have reached 60 in millville, new jersey and 63 in wildwood. factor in the wind and it is on the cool side, 13 miles an hour wind in philadelphia 15 miles an hour in wildwood. now that the sunnies up we will see those wind, pick up a little bit. sunny, breezy today with a high temperature only reaching the mid 70's, 83 degrees for tomorrow and 85 on wednesday and we will stay in the mid 80's all the way through saturday. sunday's home opener for eagles we could see a few
8:15 am
showers but we will work on that forecast between now and then. in the meantime, bob, you better have your shade ready for your trip to glenside this morning. >> we're going to glenside, at the train station. we have services suspended here on the wilmington newark line because of police activity near prospect park station. this is impacting all trains, south of of philadelphia, not just for septa, but also for amtrak services, again all real rail activity suspended here south of philadelphia with the police investigation. it sound like, someone was struck by an amtrak train near that prospect park station. we are going to the ardsly train station. we will go to lil beez z the at jenkintown road in glenside. we have a crash on the ramp from girard to head south on i-95 in the cities fishtown section. alex, back over to you. >> bob, you don't know anything about this but for us ladies, i necessity how it goes.
8:16 am
you are running late because you are trying to get your face together to make sure you you look nice. part of the beauty routine. let's blame it on the beauty routine. imagine being able to cut that time if half. so fastest way we can according to ana. >> we can up our beauty game for sure. >> yes. >> is that all it takes, so this is good. >> especially on a monday morning. i had some issues this morning myself. it is not easy. >> what are we starting with. >> we are starting with, this gradual tanner but it is in the shower. >> yes. >> typically would you put this cream on your skin, for eight hours, and you are sticky, you are sticking to yourself the entire day. this is a cool innovation. you put this, cream on your skin, you are showering, you turn off the shower. put this on for three minutes. rinse it off and go. it will start gradually tanning you you have single day depending on how long you want to use it for.
8:17 am
just a little innovation. it does take eight hours to develop or you get surprise in the morning. you do it before you go to bed and surprise you don't necessity what you will look like, it is orange, brown you are in the sure. >> i'm not very familiar with tanner i would think it would be more orange. >> it is nice because it doesn't stain your shower. that is what i was worried about. my sure will be orange and a mess to clean. >> no, all good. >> i'm a fan of lip gloss. we have to keep gloss on. >> i'm more of a mack girl but i wanted to see fit worked. it worked so much so i had to wash witt soap, a scrub, watch it with soap again. >> thinks lift and shine gloss i. you put this on. >> i like the name. >> and you layer your lip gloss over it and supposed to help your lip gloss stay on for about eight hours. >> eight hours it works. >> i could not take this lip gloss off. >> it keeps it from feathering.
8:18 am
it has peptides in there. >> yes. >> that is so true. >> so do you let it dry first good let it dry for 30 seconds or so and put your lip gloss on. >> let's talk nails. >> thinks a new innovation. overnight nail mask. it has vitamin b5. it is very syrupy. awe reply it before you go to bed. it will strengthen them and condition them. be fine and have your really cool, new hot new oil in town. it is from africa. it has, refreshing properties. the great way to replenish your nails as we move into fall. >> my mother loves putting on nail polish f she has natural nails, and then next day she can paint her nails. >> yes good it has to go underneath. >> what is this? i feel lick this is a cool. >> how cool is this? >> we were talking about this a few minutes ago. if you do air brush make up it is a humongus, sometimes a
8:19 am
30-pound air compressor, machine and makes this loud noise. >> it is so loud. >> yes. >> we would do it every morning at my last station. >> this is cool. this is from tempu. it is air that came on the market. it is cordless, hand held so you can apply your air brush make up, yes. >> pretty quiet. air compressor is inside so what you do too is you can swap it out. so you take out this pod and put on a pod for blush, you can put on a pod for bronze era and highlighter. this is 195. >> yes. >> we love air brushing because it makes you look flawless. >> yes. >> too many layers of make up on. >> is that what you use every morning, mike is that why you use flawless. >> i use my hand. >> when i work at our network in new york they air brush you
8:20 am
>> can you feel it. >> so you can see, it is a a very fine mist over your face. >> a a lot of these are at old style or sephora. >> no excuse know. >> none. >> none. >> thank you so much. >> mike, you have to look filetless in the morning. >> moving on. >> i don't know what he is doing over there. >> a moving moment, sewedders breast-feeding their babe is in uniform why the photographer offered to take this special photograph. but first a voice like no other, you may soon be able to see whitney houston concerts, well, sort of, way late singer is set to go on a world tour soon, we will tell you how coming up next.
8:21 am
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
8:24 am
8:24. exactly on a monday morning. >> so everyone is talking about this photo. >> yes. >> and videos too. >> so, woman breast-feeding. >> yes. >> while in uniform. >> they are soldiers. >> so military moms posed for a photo nursing their babies. a el paso photographer who served from 1997 through 2001 took a photo and posted it on their facebook page. she was so upset that she pose he had it again. ruby was inspired by new nursing rooms at army post of for the bliss in el paso, texas and it a allows active duty moms to serve their babies a and their country at the same time. >> i get it, serve their babies, and their countries. >> facebook took that down. >> come on, people. >> i love it. >> 8:24. >> if you are planning on having more than one child you better get started sooner rather than later, right,
8:25 am
mike, more than two children mike. >> if you want to have three, three children in our lives, the dutch, yes, researchers over in holland say woman who want three children should start having children by the age of, 23. >> twenty-three. >> but even if you just want one child you should not delay, the the process, past 32 years of age, for a the ninth are 90 percent chance of fertility just drops after that. researchers say while they don't want women in their 30's to panic, they say they hope that the calculate or will make it easier for women to make decisions about career and family. >> really. >> well, listen to this, that is over in who will an, the the netherlands. the average age of child birth in the united states is now 25. >> how are they saying this makes it easier. this is the problem, pressure,
8:26 am
you better get that clock, my goodness, you better get it together. that is not making it easier. >> doctors say, probably shouldn't put it off. >> but sometimes it is in the about that. >> that is true. >> if you have other things in your life. >> i know. >> i know. >> easier, really. >> so you are behind schedule. >> yeah, i know my schedule. >> are you going to have three. >> i don't have time for it now. >> you will have more children and i will just be the the aunte to them. >> let's do it. >> hello, cheerleaders. >> they are still looking at the calendar, mike. so we have to talk to them about the steamy hot photos. >> and where these pictures were taken. we are sending you pictures too dressed up in your eagles gear. use the hashtag fox 29, good day. >> yes. >> look at her. >> so cute, she's ready.
8:27 am
junior madison everybody ready too. all part of the eagles nation. the send more picks.
8:28 am
layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that's how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat. hello, sheep?
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a philadelphia police officer, roasting a local star bucks why he was not the allowed to use the the bathroom at a local coffee shop and the controversy that it is brewing right now. >> i heard roasting and brewing that was nice. that is the the groom, floating, how do they do that. >> that is not possible. >> well, it is not. >> but he will ab lot of fun on the honeymoon. >> mike. >> all right. so it is that time of the year. eagles cheerleader swimsuit calendar is now on out.
8:31 am
>> and mike cannot take his eyes off of it. >> her back is not injured. she's just fine this happened at xfinity live, you know, they debuted the calendar and then signed autographs for a long line of individual. >> yeah. >> they also modeled, these swimsuits they are eco friendly. i don't know, but they are eco friendly swimsuits. >> they are very friendly for me. >> yes. >> and of course we have some cheerleaders here. hello, ladies. >> hi there. >> name and town. >> sage from medford, new jersey. >> slow down to get a tight shot of you. >> look into the camera there. >> wrong camera. >> there we go. >> i'm from medford, new jersey. >> hello sage. >> hello. >> i'm marryel from medford, new jersey. >> because they are twins. >> okay. >> hi i'm a alycia marie and i'm from hershey. >> from hershey. >> i'm victoria from garnett valley. >> garnett will valley.
8:32 am
>> i'm jessica from downingtown. >> and hello. >> i'm allie from bucks county, pennsylvania. >> hello, allie. >> congratulations, ladies. >> now my month, my birth month is july 3rd, who is july. >> the the twins. >> now bill hartongue can you get a shot of this. i was concerned but, does your side hurt here, what is wrong. >> i'm doing great. >> just getting some rays, working on my tan. >> where was this. >> this is in liver use maya, mexico. >> how long were you you there. >> we were there for about five taste, and we participated in community involved. we visited different schools with disabilities. we were able to do some extreme activities such as sip lining. we were participating in that. scary but fun. >> is this a working vacation. >> it was incredible. getting to go to mexico with your best friends and spending
8:33 am
time, we donated a bunch of items to a local school and got to hang out with the students. it was a magical experience. >> how many hours does it take to put together a photo shoot like this. >> so we start, right in the morning early in the morning. >> how early. >> i would say about 1:00 a.m. >> to get that good morning sun, you need the sunrise to go to sunset. >> it is amazing you ladies can look this good at 4:00 in the morning. you have to give me some tips here. >> not everybody, of course, we could not get everybody in the studio. say hello to everybody on here. how many members of the the squad. >> thirty-nine of us. >> thirty-nine. >> do you guys get to pick out your own swimsuits. >> yes, they are eco friendly bikinis as were you saying before. it is part of the go green effort that support the eagles mission. >> were they eco friendly. >> yes. >> bio degradable.
8:34 am
>> they don't dissolve. they last every where throughout the suit. >> they do not dissolved. >> are they edible. >> no. >> definitely not edible. >> really. how much is the calendar. >> it is $20 and buy it at any philadelphia eagles pro shops or philadelphia >> are you ready for the first game. >> yes. >> it is the stinking cowboys, well. >> well, it this the we have monday night football. >> that is there you are here. >> you have to cheer tonight. >> yes, our first home regular season home game thinks sunday against cowboys. >> i think that is a night game. >> it is 4:00 p.m. >> 4:25. >> congratulations to all of you. >> thanks, ladies. >> we like to say the game starts at the 4:29 because of fox 29. >> and hoist best running back on the team number 29. >> yes. >> and then our eagles, and quincy is asking fox.
8:35 am
>> bus stop buddy has someone's jersey on? doesn't he look so cute? you cannot forget your shades and the sun screen as well a lot of kid have off school but not everybody. temperatures are mostly in the 50's this morning. we are giving you a nine out of ten in weather by the numbers. current temperatures, 59 degrees with 13 miles an hour breezes out of the west. we are heading to a high, not of 746. >> oh, no, it is not that hot. it is going to be 76 degrees as our high temperature. yes, 76 degrees. wait a minute, well, we are working on that. you know what i'm talking about. 76 degrees. it will be quite a bought full day. we have breezes gusting up to 25 miles an hour at times. here we go. wait a minute, wait for it. wait, 76 degrees.
8:36 am
>> this is just one of those days. >> have a coffee and cream doughnut there. >> lets go outside at the schuylkill, too much tomato pies, west on the schuylkill, an accident in the tunnels under 30th street station engine 16 on the scene there and that is causing delays leaving south philly copping into town. service suspended on the wilmington newark line because of the police activity, a person struck by an amtrak train near the prospect park station. so that is reason for septa suspension and amtrak service impacted so between philly and washington actually not running at the moment in that stretch. i-95 not bad at all, little sun glare, pack your shade heading out of the front door, mike and alex, back over to you. well, a voice like no other, you may soon be able to see whitney houston in concert, sort of. way the late singer is set to go on a world tour.
8:37 am
how do you feel about this. i'm getting tweet about this tour here. ♪ ♪
8:38 am
with the new chase freedom mobile app, you can simply redeem, pay, and go. the new chase freedom mobile app. the card is for the essentials. the cash back is for the fun. chase. so you can.
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8:40 am
we installed a new camera look at the art museum way in the distance there. >> it is a beautiful shot, that will be pack with people. >> ben franklin parkway was design after the road in paris. it is a beautiful thoroughfare just like that is, in paris. sure, we will be right back. >> we will tell but whitney houston. plans are underway to bring the late whitney houston back to the stage in the form of the hologram.
8:41 am
other talent has done this hologram u.s.a., same company that brought you true pop, in california, they announced they will make a plan with the singer's estate to create a hologram of whether it high houston. >> they want to put something together for the the web as well as a live show to tour the world. >> i would go see it. >> you you would. >> i miss her so much. >> i would see her, would i see luther vandross, i would see tina marie. >> michael jackson. >> i just got a couple tweets, that says this hologram tourist a money grab and highly disrespectful, let her soul rest in peace, don't do it. there is different views. money is going to her family. >> family signed off on it. >> i guess it is okay with them, it is okay with me. >> when does empire premiere. >> twenty-third, wednesday the 23rd, we are having a party. >> empire cast members came to the saks fifth avenue at new
8:42 am
york sim i's fifth avenue knew. >> it looks like the clothes came straight from the set. all empire theme and windows will be on display at sachs in new york through october 7th. so stars say fashion plays a big part in building their character because of course like cookie, her fashion choices everyone loves cookies fashion choice. >> there is gabby. >> she is the sister on the show, yes. >> becky. >> she plays becky. >> and lee daniels. i see a lot of people there. >> terence howard was there. >> were you there. >> i didn't go to this party. this was right before the premiere. they went to the saks fifth avenue event. >> and then they went to carnegie hall in a little bit, i'll recap the vip party and everything else. >> receipts do the same thing in the philadelphia away. fox 29 with power 99, q102, wdas and mix 106 hosting an
8:43 am
empire premiere party, at harrah's, philadelphia, you are invited. >> all you have to does rs vp at fox by september between the second. you must be at least 21 years old. >> that is a a casino and is there alcohol. >> we want to you come on your own empire, a tire, do you like how that rhyme. >> i will go as cookie. i have some leopard skin pick out president. >> i will be luscious. >> why not. >> here's quincy, he will be there. >> guys, you know i'm an eagles fan and panthers fan. i'm here with the panthers and work out with them coming up next.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
we love photos through facebook and twitter. look at this tweet, he is ready for eagles, eagles nation. check out the the the pant, you can see pig skin pants, it is so cute. and looking at griffin, probably griffin, he is ready with his game face on. griffin being a dog and everything, his game face looks like his regular face but he is looking tough.
8:47 am
for those falcons again tonight. >> look at our weather, today, a few weather word, for you, cooler morning then we have experienced in a while, with all of those temperatures we had all morning in the 50's, gusty breezes with us all day long. and will be getting warmer in the seven day forecast as we will see in a few moments and that is how we get a hold of sue serio fox 29 on twitter and facebook. fifty-eight reading. fifty-two in pound pocono. we have reached 64 degrees in wildwood. it it is a cool, comfortable temperature range in the 50's right now. rest of the day, looks terrific. seventy's for today but 80's for rest of the week, will alex, possibly warming up and getting more humid by friday and saturday. looks good. >> yes, you say it looks good then it looks good. >> i did say that. >> yes. >> everyone is hyped up about tonight's eagles game including members of the football team, they are in
8:48 am
germantown right now, hey, quincy. >> hey, what is going on alex. imhotet is known for basketball, foot the ball and academic as well. i have the athletic director here. >> welcome. >> thanks for letting me check out the football practice. you guys come in super early for this. >> coach comes in the the morning and has our students work out in the morning, depending on where they are academically. some of them he has done sat prep in the morning, and also has some doing study hall will depending on where they are academically. >> they are playing right now. >> one thing that people know, basketball program, girls boy, some players went to d1 schools in philadelphia. >> we're excited about that. >> and position them academically.
8:49 am
>> yes. >> and athletes in general, some of the best students. >> we're proud of have have what they have done both on the field and what they have done in the classroom. >> we have some of the kid right over here. these guys are all seniors. they are all going to d1 schools what school have you you committed to a school. >> my name is tyler grand it and committed to air zone university. >> i haven't committed yet. >> how many schools. >> six. >> chaka, 2016, penn state commit. >> 2016. >> wow. >> 2016. >> you should go to temple. >> class of 2016 i'm's not the committed yet. >> i'm in the committed. >> thirty schools. >> andre myths i'm in the committed. >> how many schools. >> four. >> i will battle you next hour, are you ready for this. >> yes. >> are you ready for it. >> you better be ready. >> i will battle these guys in football practice. you better be ready next hour, back to you alex and mike.
8:50 am
>> thirty schools. >> wow. >> that is amazing. >> i don't get this. >> so the groom is following under his bride's spell, do you see this? my goodness. he is going low. no hand. my gosh. we will tell you how he pulled this off. i have to know. >> it doesn't look real.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
so cute. thanks for sending that in. let's get this wedding dance. we have to check this out. >> he is a magician. >> um-hmm. >> so it is magic, yeah. >> so they decided to wow their wedding guests he and his wife with a gravity
8:54 am
defying first dance and their wedding day was magical, so take a look at this magic trick. >> yes. >> ♪ >> wow. >> is there a hardness. >> it doesn't make sense. >> do you want to necessity how it is done. >> but magicians cannot tell their secret. >> it remind me of chris angel, that magician, he will walk up in front of the crowd and levitate, float off the ground. >> crowd was shocked. would you think that the crowd would see if there was some trickery. >> magicians watching the show know exactly how it is done,
8:55 am
please tell us do you think they will tweet it out. >> no. >> they would be banned. >> lets get back to the story that happened in philadelphia over the weekend. all these tweets, about a philadelphia police officer, at 13th and chestnut. >> why he wasn't allowed to use the bathroom at this local coffee shop.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
you can tell kit california kline is in the control room. look the at the new camera. pope will be on the parkway. >> love it. >> new camera. it looks like it the is on the basilica, shooting down the parkway. we will get all of the action. >> yes. we know exactly where it is. >> it is monday, september the
8:59 am
the 14th, i cannot tell you, if you have in the been outside yet, it the is fantastic. >> i can't wait. >> there is a chill outside. >> you have been outside. >> i was outside earlier. >> yes. >> i was cold but i have been doing this show, i don't know how you feel how it like right now. >> i walk cheerleaders to the vehicles. >> did you open the door. >> i laid down my coat. >> no, you didn't. >> even though i didn't have have very much on. >> empire fans, season two premiers on september the 23rd, we are giving you a sneak peak because they had a big premiere party, in new york city. >> yes. >> and we were there. >> miss georgia. miss georgia, now new miss america but how she answered one particular question that is getting her a lot of attention this morning. the q and a before her winning moments. and soup with collar
9:00 am
greens, the unusual but delicious new paring, for new year. >> when i think rosh hashanah dinner, i think of a barbecue joint. no, this is really weird take on jewish food. >> delicious. >> well, look at that, moths a ball soup with collar greens and that is just the beginning of the stuff we will make out there. >> it does sound good. >> just taste it, don't cook it the. >> i love that motza ball soup. >> center city star bucks is under fire over the weekend. a police officer went in, a philadelphia cop, went in full uniform, had to go to the bathroom and use the rest room and somebody behind the counter said you didn't buy any coffee, so you cannot use the rest room. >> the alleged incident had at 13th and chestnut. the officer sounded off about his experience in the facebook post saying a woman at the counter told him that the rest room was for customers only and denied


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