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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 23, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, it is 4:00 this morning on the fox 29 morning news, an ugly discovery on the university of delaware, nooses found outside a campus building. plus the word meeting of family is underway, now three days from the pope's visit to philadelphia. soap, we will show you how police are pulling out all of the stops to protect the pontiff. why some native american groups are furious over who has been selected to become a saint. >> how they plan to make their voices heard in washington, d.c. today. good day everyone, it is wednesday, september 23rd, 2015. thanks so much for waking up with us. sue serio, good morning, nice morning out there. >> it is, and we're moment away from what you ask? the change of season. yes, the autumn equinox just
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few minutes from now. well, 21 minute to be exact. because the change of season happened, look, it is hanging down here like crazy. all right, and i've got some important information to impart, too. here we go. all right, oh, thanks. well, now i fix myself. anyway, september 23rd, that's today. 4:21 a.m. well, that's 20 minute from now. that's when fall officially begins. sorry about that. what does that mean? it means the sun is directly over the equator, and it means that we have equal day and equal nights, just about the same, and from here on in, we'll get longer nights and shorter days. so, that's the deal with the fall equinox, the autumnal equinox, if you will. weather headlines for today, cloudy and cool morning to get you started but mild start to the season. it will be warmer today than it was yesterday. of course, we will give you
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update on the papal weekend forecast, we've got no rain to show you on ultimate doppler. 63 degrees right now, 65:49 your sunrise time. temperatures, oh, in the 40's in mount pocono. it is a chilly one up there, only 50 in pottstown, 59 in wilmington, 63 degrees wildwood. fox cats has a hi, not bad for the first day of autumn, 80 degrees, plenty of sunshine, 58 tonight, and it will be on the cool side. that takes care of your wednesday forecast. everything is pin where it is supposed to be, bob kelly? your turn now. >> there you go, pin up. good morning, everybody, 4:02 on this wednesday morning. you know what that means, it is hump day, no problems at all coming in on the schuylkill expressway. we've had light overnight construction, crews out, there and there is no one at all between the king of prussia interchange. coming into downtown, good to go, if you are getting up, getting out. live look, the vine street expressway, and of course the ben franklin parkway, which is still closed, and will remain
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closed through at least machine day to vehicle traffic. so anyone typically uses the drivers, mlk drive, push off on to the vine, if you came on the kelly the rough one, because you are forced to make the left onto fairmount avenue into the neighborhood. the big changes for today is that the no parking zones are awfully end forced now t looks like a ghosttown when you drive around center city today. did couple of spins around the block to see what it look like this morning, they have some of the big tresses around independence hall, obviously, that's going to be the check point for the pope on saturday when he is here at independence hall. keep in mind no parking in the colored zones here, old city, portions of downtown, from city hall all the way up through the art museum circle. they towed all of those cars last night. they'll continue to tow the vehicles that park there during the midday. 295 construction right here
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near your 42 freeway in bellmawr, otherwise in good to go, no problems on 95, and mass transit looking good as well with no delays. cringes, back to you. >> 4:04, racist display found on the university of delaware campus now being treated as a hate crime. going to jennifer joyce on the u del campus in newark. good morning, jen. >> reporter: good morning, chris. well, three bent hangers made out of also twine were found on the other side of mitchell hall last night. they are investigating this as a hate crime as you said. university of delaware student said she and group of student held peaceful black live matter protest outside of mitchell hall. about 24 hours later she and other student stumble across this, nooses posted at the same site of the protest. university of delaware police confirm that they are investigating and they are asking student to call them if they saw anything suspicious.
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acting university president nancy target released a stayed: we're both saddened and disturbed this deplorable act has taken place on our campus there is hateful display stands in stark contrast to monday night's peaceful protest and discussion. we com comdemn this despicable action, ask everyone in our community to stand together against intolerance and hate and the black student union has post add protest this afternoon at 4:30, in addition, the acting president says there will be campus wide gathering, still getting those details together. chris? >> jennifer joyce, we'll check back as we get more details. thank you develop. meantime new for this morning, 43 year old recovering after getting hit by a train early this morning. officials say it happened just before 2:00 a.m. around keystone and levick street in northeast philadelphia. now, they say, he was taken to hahnemann, and is doing fine aside from a broken arm, and cut. world meeting of families is underway as you well know, opening ceremonies was held yesterday afternoon inside the
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pennsylvania convention center. a choir welcomed the more than 17,000 pilgrims representing more than 100 countries during town of course for the event held once every three years. this year's theme, love is our mission. the family fully alive. participants are excited that the week will end with a visit from of course the pope. >> the pope is coming here t i can feel the whole place, feeling of love, blessing and some tranquility. >> a great family from different part of the worlds. feel the church in one country. >> each morning begins with mass at the convention center followed by keynote address and smaller break-out sessions on the day's topic. security plans that have been in the works for so long are taking effect. the signs are up all around us, especially, here in old
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city and center city. fox 29's steve keeley live at independence mall with the very latest on that, steve. good morning. >> reporter: it is getting harder for us every day to stay out of everybody's way as they try to do their jobs and set the set i up for the pope visit around the clock. so we've got fork lift all around us. where we decided to go is independence hall, where the pope's going first, and we are at fourth and arch street and fifth and arch street. this is going to be i'm told one of the 24 areas that is going to have a security check point. meaning, this is going to be the super secure area for those even with those tickets walking to see the pope's speech here. so, you don't see it yet, but it will look like a stadium turnstile i imagine with a lot of security officers checking a lot of people as fast as they probably k so the streets may be clear here on arch street, right at sixth that you are looking at there, right next to all of the federal buildings. but you can bet that set up will go as soon as these
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streets shutdown friday, and get that security check point. so 24 checkpoints, 71 different law enforcement agent cyst according to the head of the secret service, all combining forces and also combining all their strategies, and all their kind of way of talking in this modern age, to keep everybody straight about what is going on, and of course, they'll tell you the agency number 72 is the american people that sees something say something tax sign is all so much the place around here, along with warnings on what you can't take to this independence hall speech saturday. meantime, let's go to some video. here's what dave schratwieser found last night watch looks like plane flatbed trail or park on side street not far from the parkway. what dave learned, one of the things they will talk about, and acknowledge, even though they're not talking about most of their strategies, is what this thing is. and go watch what it does in this youtube video, this thing will stop a truck bomb.
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it has been used use in afghanin and iraq. that is demonstration for you on youtube about how it can stop a speeding truckload dollars with explosives. so, they are ready for anything out here. according to the police commissioner. >> few things in place to ensure everyone's safety, not just the pope but everyone. he is on the ground in d.c., monitoring that, so now it is just waiting for him to get to us saturday morning, and we will be just fine. >> it seems like there is a lot of things happening. there is all kind of new signs being set up all around the neighborhood. there is big yellow signs that i have seen go in with security perimeter nearby, then they are clearing all of the cars out. we had to park far away. >> how does that make you feel, all of that security? >> feels pretty good, as inconvenient as it is, i can understand why they are doing it. >> so david beach, head of the secret service here in philadelphia, happily talking to the media the last few days, and saying the bottom
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line is we want everybody to come, and we juan everybody to feel relaxed, and we want everybody to enjoy themselves, and not worry about the security as much as we will. we will make sure you're safe but again, always helps if you're just a person and you see something out of hand, something that just doesn't look right, there will be plenty of law enforcement officers both in uniforms, out of uniforms, that you can say tug on their sleeve and say, hey, can you check that out it, just looks something wrong with that guy i am looking at over there. maybe see what you think because you are an experienced law enforcement officer. something is not making me feel real east. >> i we saw homeland security officers with bomb sniffing dogs crawling through this area yesterday. >> the pope arrived yesterday afternoon at joint base andrews where the first family greeted him on the tarmac after meeting with the president this morning, the pope will need a prayer at saint matthew cathedral with us bishops. then this afternoon pope francis holds canonization mass at the basilica of the
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national shrine of the immaculate convention. it is the first ever canonization mass on us soil. >> some controversy swirling around his plan to confirm saint hood on father sarah, who is credited with bringing con thole civil to the new world. history shows that sarah baptized scores of indians, made them live and then labor at the missions and then punished those who tried to flee. some native americans say he ruined their culture. >> father cerra, created -- >> they're going to glorify this person for what did he to our people? common sense! you don't have to be an einstein to know this is not right. >> how much, add vaux can't for his saint hood say canonization is to blame for the autrocities, some plan to hold protests during the canonization. >> the office of attorney
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general trying to figure out how to comply with state supreme court order to suspend her law license making her ineligible to practice law. spokesperson for the attorney general's office says, the court notified kathleen kane yesterday morning that the suspension would not take effect until october 21. kane fighting her perjury obstruction, and other charges shall for allegedly leaking investigative information to a reporter. her spokesman says the office is functioning normally, lawyers discuss wag changes must happen. 4:12 the time. the abortion debate in conditioning shows no sign of ending. coming up: we'll tell you why the fight could soon lead to a government shutdown. plus, could we be closer to finding out what is in hillary clinton's missing emails? the fbi has reportedly recovered them. ññ
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>> good morning, welcome back. bruce springsteen, 66 years old today. yes, the boss. i know he hates that, the boss. >> he doesn't like it? >> we love him though. happy birthday, bruce springsteen. tweet me @chrisfox29. tell me what your favorite springsteen song is, we'll try to get it on the air for this morning. >> he seems a humble soul who doesn't include the bossy title. never met the guy. anyway, can you tell? yes, well, six minutes of
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summer, i guess five minute of summer now, here's what is happening. there is the earth. there is the equator, the sun at about 4:21 is going to be directly over the equator. and we will have our autumnal equinox. then what happens is the sun starts to go, the strongest race of the sun go to the south of us. we get short days and longer nights as we head into wintertime. so, that's what is happening moments from now. so we've been talking about this all week, our concern about this low pressure system, that will just be kind of lingering off the coast, pesky, annoying, wasn't for this, high pressure would be in control, all weekend long, we would have perfect forecast. but we have to watch this storm. it is predicted to go little further north. looks like it will definitely spread clouds into the area. with the high to our north, we will be inbetween the low and the high. we will probably get some decent winds over the
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weekends, but, we will probably not see any showers on saturday, looks like there is a chance of a shower on sunday. so, plan on temperatures for the papal weekend, and all of the events that we have on the parkway here at independence mall, plan on temperatures that will be in the mid seven's, and a lot of cloud cover. on sunday, might want to make sure you have your rain poncho with you just in case. here's what's happening. we have the showers lingering off the carolina coast. we no longer have any rain to show you for today. we had some yesterday out to the west, we look at the future cast, things look fine through today, through tomorrow, we have just a mix of sun and clouds, so couple of real decent looking days with more sunshine than we saw yesterday. by friday, though, here come the clouds from the coastal storm. will we see the rain from that coastal storm? that's the question. and again, the models aren't in complete agreement about this, but looks like there is a chance on saturday, maybe a greater chance on sunday, some showers around. but you will have to hold on to your hat over the weekend, as well. 44 degrees in mount pocono.
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that's the chilliest we've seen this week. sixty-three in the city. fifty in pottstown and allentown, 53 reading and lancaster, 61 degrees in wilmington right now. winds are generally on the calm side. we have 9-mile per hour breeze in the city. as we look back over the past seven days, we have been in the 80s all last week, last time we hit 08 was sunday. 70s the past couple of days, looks like today, first day of autumn, back up to 80. and about 82 degrees on thursday. then that cooler air moves in with the clouds, over the weekends, so, again it, get cloudy on friday, and it stays cloudy on saturday and sunday with temperatures in the 70s, both days. but really for the first day of autumn, it looks like we warm up a little bit from yesterday, bob kelly, and that's a good thing. >> that is a good thing. good morning, everybody, 4:18. kind of quiet. everything is open. if you are come nothing philadelphia, or moving around town, the only closure, right now, is the ben franklin parkway. show you more about that in a second. right here looking live, king of prussia, no problems along
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202, and the schuylkill expressway. i-95 locking -- looking good bucks count my downtown, even from the delaware state line coming north, you're in good shape. benny it is open and ready for business this morning, no problems at all, coming into or out of the city. there is some construction and some debris on the pennsylvania turnpike, between lansdale and mid-county. there is some debris on the southbound side, and then a work crew up near quakertown. south jersey, not bad at all, no problems as you work your way up or down 295, there is the normal construction right here in bellmawr, no problems on the freeway, as you come into the city. mass transit, the market frankford line, still using shuttle buses. one rolled past us here on market street, downtown, but otherwise the buses, trains, trolleys, off to good start, again, the parkway, remains closed both directions to vehicle traffic from the steps of the art museum, all the way up to the cathedral. so if you come in on the drivers, that's when you are diverted off behind the art museum. pushed on to the vine street
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expressway, forced to make that left on the fairmount avenue, into the neighborhood. chris, back over to you. >> traffic related when you come to the fork in the road, take it. the pa g of yogy berra, talk more about that in just a minute. first we turn to politics, republican presidential candidate ben carson, now backpedaling from comment he made about his belief on having muslim president. on sunday he mentioned, that he was against it. well, yesterday, he said the comment were taken out of context. he says he will support a president of any belief, as long as he or shear put american values and the constitution above any religious beliefs. republican presidential candidate donald trump stops by the late show. trump defended for a border wall. he side-stepped cobert's question when asked president obama was born in the u.s. trump told colbert he is done talking about that, would rather talk about jobs, veterans affairs. two then joked about new york's subway rat, the interview was pre-taped, and aired last night. >> the fbi has reportedly
4:21 am
recovered hillary clinton's personal and work row late dollars emails from her private computer server. the colorado technology company that managed the is her have i was authorized by the clintons to hand it over to the f.b.i. company official said he had no knowledge of it ever having been swiped or wiped clean. now, a source connects it with the investigation says it is unclear how many personal emails were recovered, meanwhile the democratic presidential candidate clinton has denied sending or receiving emails marked classified. >> all right, so when you head to the atm, there is a big mistake most of us are evidently making, that concern us into target for would be robbers. just waiting to pounce. plus the eagles zero and two starting off the season, coming up malcolm jacobs talks about sense of urgency for the eagles as they try to get back to their winning ways.
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end sacral. encyclical.
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>> monday night attainted happen list, hard to believe jets 02 and zero. zero and three is a big hole, so is there urgency for the eagles? >> it is when you try look at the big pictures. you start to look at the season holisiticly, you start to panic little bit. you never want to start zero and two. but, when you look at it from, you know, a small stand point,
4:25 am
every game you go into, you try to win. all we can do is focus on this week, we want to win this weekend, so there is a sense of urgency to win that game. so this week is no more than any other week. >> flyers pre-season last night to the wells fargo center, shane, on the power play, two goals on the night, flyers beat the rangers five-three. and the phillies playing it out in miami. pete mccann on with new contract, one year deal, and cody asche hits two homeruns, phillies beat miami six-two. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> and a sad day for baseball fans, yankees legend, yogi berra has died. the the museum made the announcement early this morning, the nine the year old was a three time mvp and an important part of the record, ten word championship yankee teams from the 40's, 50's, 60s, the catcher was a 18-time all-star, was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1972, in his later years devoted most of his time to
4:26 am
the yogi berra museum. we all have that in mind when you take it to the fork of the road. either way he got to you his home, so it really wasn't inaccurate. of course he had so many yogiism. popular restaurant, it is too crowded. if you have one, tweet us @chrisfox29. yogi berra will be missed. pennpenn state want to honor the trooper killed in the line every duty watch big task remains ahead for the school to do so. plus, it is not easy being green. in fact, it could even get you suspended from elementary school. specially if you're wearing the wrong shade. we'll explain coming up.
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good morning, 4:30, a hate crime investigation right now underway in the university of delaware campus after nooses were found hanging outside of campus building. fox 29's jennifer joyce will have live report in minute. first, the pope has busy schedule in d.c. today. we'll look at his agenda. is bill cosby gearing up for legal fight? why he's reportedly shopping for defend attorney in philadelphia. >> and, good morning everyone, it is wednesday, september 23rd, 2015. i'm chris murphy, lauren johnson has another day off. sue serio is here looking at the weather in advance of the pope's arrival. and coming up.
4:30 am
welshing i guess, a day of fall. >> it's here. as of 4:21 this morning, the season change. we had our autumnal equinox. did you feel different? >> so many minute about nine minutes into the season, i guess, all of the leaves will fall off the trees immediately. >> we can say so long to summer, officially, and what we have going on, satellite and radar, few clouds here and there, but generally, it is a clearer night than nights we've had previously. so it will be cooler, especially in the suburbs. now, it is 63 in the city,. >> temperatures range from chilly 44 in mount pocono, to 57 in trenton, 50 in pottstown and allentown, those temperatures probably dip into the upper 40's, before they go
4:31 am
back up again after sunrise. >> so here's your planner for the day first day of autumn. cooler start specially in the suburbs we had yesterday. mostly sunny skies, all day long, high temperature around 80, 81 degrees, we will be automobile to call that autumn sunshine throughout the day. so, enjoy it, it will be little brighter than it has been, little warmer than it has been, of course. the question is what's it like over the weekend? we'll have that answer for you coming up. hi, bob kelly. happy autumn. >> back at you. you always remember where you were when a certain event happened. >> right. >> okay? guess where i was when autumn clicked in at 4:21? >> do we want to know? >> yes, i will be happy to tell you. >> okay. >> sue and i were at the station coffee machine upstairs. >> that's right. i'll never forget it. >> we don't have -- we should have gotten an picture of us getting our caffeine fix for
4:32 am
the day. >> mow so a picture that the coffee machine was actually working at 4:00 in the morning. >> a miracle. >> exactly. 4:32, we got our coffee, and let's g live look at the blue route. no problems at all up and down between mid-county all the way down to 95. the benny, looking good, four lanes for your driving pleasure, into downtown, and here we go downtown. vine expressway, everything is open. the only closure, right now, is the ben franklin parkway. now the parkway closed, so anyone using the drives, or the ones that will be most inconvenienced right now, so use the martin luther king drive, you come up to the art museum you can push on to the vine street expressway. all of the off-ramps are open as of today. things will change later on. but, the kelly drive open this morning. when you get to the art museum, you're forced to make the left into the neighborhood. the important change for today is that all of the no-parking and tow zones are in effect. they cleared old city last night. i know steve's standing by to give us more details on.
4:33 am
that will so if you come into center city, you notice it looks like a ghosttown, plenty of on street parking. but you can't park there because the tow trucks are ready to take you out of there, and put you out into fairmount park again. so just keep that in mind. if you are coming into downtown today, chris, back over to you. >> bob, thank you willment debate over abortion could lead to government shutdown. budget deadlines looming. so republicans want to use the negotiations to de fund planned parenthood. all of this while senate democrat block a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. fox's kelly wright has more on this. >> it is simply about protecting ten fingers, ten toast -- ten toes, and one beating heart. >> the debate over abortion continues to take center stage in congress. this, as senate democrats block a republican effort tuesday, to ban late term abortions. >> provides no exception for
4:34 am
when the physical health that the mother is at risk of serious harm. >> there are seven nations in the world that allow abortion on demand at 20 weeks in the fifth month of pregnancy, and we want to get out that far club. >> meantime, concerns are growing that a fight over planned parenthood could lead to a government shutdown at the end of the month. a number of republicans are demanding the health provider be stripped of federal funding. >> planned parenthood is a organization that's been caught repeatedly, and how on video trafficking and fetal tissue have aborted children, and it is an outrageous practice. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell scheduled vote for a thursday that would keep the government operating through december 11. but, it would also block planned parenthood's federal funds for a year, something democrats are expected to oppose. >> you have to ask yourself at some point: what is the goal of the republican leadership in the house and the senate? you would think the first goal would be to keep our
4:35 am
government running and yet now still facing a republican shutdown. >> president obama has urged congress to do what ever is necessary to avoid a government shutdown. however, he has promised to veto any bill that de fund planned parenthood. kelly wright, fox news. >> time now 4:35, a rape display on the university of delaware campus, university of delaware police say that three bent hangers and twine resembling nooses were found outside of mitchell hall, and it happened after some student held a black live matter protest. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live on campus, and will bring us update coming up in just a little bit. but first pope francis will meet with president obama today at the white house. the pope arrived yesterday afternoon in joint base andrews, after meeting with the president, the pope will lead a prayer at saint matthews cathedral with us bishops this morning, then this afternoon, pope francis holds the canonize ailing
4:36 am
makes at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception, first ever canonization on us soil. meanwhile tomorrow he will address congress. >> coming up. why bill cosby is reportedly shopping for defense attorney here in philadelphia. for life...
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good morning, welcome back at 4:38. billing cosby looking for defense attorney here in the philadelphia area. that's according to the philly inquirer. they say attorney edwin jacobs
4:39 am
claims he was contacted by bill cosby's agents, about revisiting a montgomery county investigation from 2,005. this is the sexual assault complaint made by former temple employee, andrea. montgomery county da he is reese a vet at this fuhrman, would not confirm if her office planned on re-opening that investigation. we'll keep you posted. meantime, brian williams returns to the air to cover the arrival of pope francis this time on that msnbc. he was suspended without pay for six month, and lost his spot as lead anchor on the nbc nightly news. >> here in new york, in a short time pope francis will arrive in this country for the if i time. the head of the global catholic church of over a billion members, holy father to nearly 70 million catholics, here in the united state. >> well, you are going to hear that voice again. williams is now the msnbc breaking news anchor. he admitted embellishing stories while covering the war
4:40 am
in iraq in 2003. we'll see if he has any credibility left with the viewers. chris christie has some advice for the leader of new jersey's national guard. he says shape up. the new jersey governor, republican presidential candidate, gave air force bringing dear general michael -- says he would like to lose weight so can he meet his requirement. christie's staff tells me washington post, the governor, was unaware the pentagon had been reprimanding him about his weight and avoidance of fitness tests. >> officers in abington township montgomery country changing the way they process tickets. the e-ticket programs cut down on time and paperwork by sending tickets to directly to the judge's office. the violators still receives a paper copy that far ticket, officials say this system will eventually be phased out through all pennsylvania police departments. 4:40 is the time. next, it is not easy being green. in fact, it could even get you suspended from elementary school. specially if you're wearing the wrong shade of it. we'll explain coming up. >> plus, what you are doing
4:41 am
wrong at the atm. the mistakes we all make that can turn new a target for thieves. just waiting to pounce.
4:42 am
4:43 am
just happened. change of season, in case you just woke up, and you missed it, were you moments away from experiencing the autumn equinox. it happened at 4:21 this morning. fall began. we'll have to put that in past
4:44 am
tens now. what's that mean? it means the sun is directly over the equator, as we have explained it here, and so that is the equinox, which means, equal knocks. so what it really means is equal day, equal night. it is pretty close to the same amount of time for day and night. but, then, as the sun angle goes a little further south, below the equator, that is when we get longer nights, and shorter days. most of us don't like that very much. but what can we do? that's what happened. so, now we look ahead to the weekend. the pope came to america yesterday, he will be here in philadelphia, on saturday, and sunday, and this pesky low pressure system is messing up our ability to really accurately forecast this weather at this point, for sunday, so watching this coastal storm, and we will keep an eye on it, as it moves a little further north over the weekends, gives us a possibility of a slight chance of showers on saturday, and maybe a greater chance of showers on sunday, also, the
4:45 am
winds will be picking up, as well. so we don't need to show you now on ultimate doppler. looking ahead the rest of the day today, the rest of the day tomorrow, we see whole lot of sunshine. but boy friday afternoon, the clouds start bubble in from south to north. we have the possibility of a shower here and there, to the south of us, now, that is significant because the other big thing that's going on this weekend is at the shore, it is irish weekend in wildwood. and for folks that are headed down there, you better have your rain gear, or if you are ooh he ' just going to stay inside and have some fun at the drinking establishments, then you'll be okay. put that delicately. 44 degrees in mount pocono, 50 allentown and pottstown, 63 here in the city, it is 52 out in lancaster. we will be watching for some fog this morning, we don't really see any yet. winds are just enough to prevent the formation of fog in the city. we'll watch north and west of the city to see if any fog decides to form. that could be an issue for us
4:46 am
today, after all of those 80s last week, we had the cooling trends, that started on sunday, when we got to 80 degrees. we in the 70s monday, tuesday, looks like we will be back up to 80 or at least close to it today. should be pleasant day, decent amount of sunshine, tomorrow looks pretty good, as well. then the clothes roll in friday afternoon. we go back to the 70s, that's where the temperatures will stay for the weaken. so, again, we are going with mostly cloudy skies, both saturday, sunday, but be aware of the possibility of a shower or two, especially, if you're planning to attend the papal mass on the parkway on sunday. there could be a few showers there. so, we'll just keep an eye on the situation, bob kelly, and get better handle on it every single day. >> and make sure you have a fash on recall papal poncho, 4:46. good morning, live look, i95 in delaware county. no problems at all right near route 420. actually big question, folks had yesterday, got couple of times, is 95 going to be open
4:47 am
through the weekend? yes, 95 is going to be your major roadway that will be open through philadelphia all weekend long. the only closures of 95 will be the ramps to and from center city, broad street, and washington avenue. but 95 north and south is going to be your way to go if you're traveling through the weekend here with the pope in town. no problems here on the roosevelt boulevard, as you come down out of the neighborhood. good morning to bellmawr. live look here on the 42 freeway, looking good as you work your way in toward 295, some construction still out there, that bellmawr interchange, but, actually, now here in the neighborhood, germantown and washington lane. 295, no problems leaving north jersey, traveling down through moorestown, cherry hill, again, you have that new traffic pattern, as you approach the 42 freeway, just keep in mind, too, with the ben franklin bridge closed over the weekends a loft extra
4:48 am
volume pushed to the walt whitman bridge. and there is a new traffic pattern, there, along 295, and the freeway, the only closure this morning is the same deal as yesterday. the ben franklin parkway, closed to vehicle traffic, from the steps of the art museum, all the way up through the cathedral, and logan square. so, martin luther king drive, you are push on to the vine street expressway. kelly drive, you're going to be pushed off into the neighborhood, at fairmount avenue. unless you want to go into the neighborhood, i would just use the schuylkill expressway today. and avoid that whole detour. because in center city today, and through the remainder of the weekend, the no parking zones are if place here, along all of the city street. if you are coming into the city, give yourselves some extra time, play it safe, chris, and just park in one of the parking garages here downtown. chris, back over to you. >> bob, isn't it weird right now to drive around center city? there are no cars on the side of the streets. >> it is like a ghosttown here this morning, yes. >> specially at this hour. bob, thank you. hey, atm crimes are at their
4:49 am
highest level in 20 years, in fact, up several hundred% just this year. so, are you making yourself a target? fox 29 weekends' karen hepp has what you need it do to protect yourself. >> a senior citizen, in her sunday best, it is wailing atm bandit in frankford. a woman robbed in chinatown. a man held up at gunpoint in lawncrest. all of these victims were attacked at atm's, have i lent and scary. but thousands in our area are also being ripped off from guys like this crook. wanted foray tapping skimmers, machines all over center city. here is a thief, actually in the act of load ago skimmer. >> skimming is the biggest problem with the atm's. >> debit card compromises at bank atm's up 175%, just this year. and get this, more than 300% at non-bank machines.
4:50 am
that's the highest rates in two decades. so what do we do? security expert fred says eyes up. >> always look around, make sure there is nobody around you, nobody following you, nobody suspicious in a car that has interest in this particular machine. i'm not talking about a half hour surveillance, i'm talking a quick 30 second glance. >> pick safer machine. he recommends 24-hour convenience stores with constant traffic. anything behind a few doors, that helps, too. lots of light, and eyeballs, bad for criminals. corners aren't great, neither are those strip malls. and this guy behind a bush, serious lip, just go someplace else. next, give it a good once-over. the first thing to do, make sure there is no type of little pin hole camera watching me. because they're going to be face down looking, when you hit your code, they'll be looking at your code that you punch in. >> now, place with the machine. go ahead, get a little physical. >> i'll yank, when you put your card, in i'll just yank on this black plastic or the
4:51 am
metal f it is loose or jiggles at all, walk away from the machine. the other thing touch the keyboard. before you do anything, touch the keyboard. if the keyboard's loose, that's something detached that shouldn't be there. >> if it checks out, use it, but get close to cover the key pad. so no one can see you or photograph you punching in your code. seems like a lot, but you can do it all in just about a minute, then mover away quickly, expert say don't check your receipt, don't count your 20's, and don't fumble for your keys. if there is a problem, call later. they're not going to argue with the machine anyway. right now, companies are race to go try to create some new cards that had the computer chips in them to make a lot more difficult for thieves to copy them and create new cards in order to drain your account. but the atm operators, they're if the going to be responsible for fraudulent charges for more than a year from now. so, until then, and always be vigilant to protect yourself and your money. i'm karen hepp "fox 29 news". that's good advice, all right, coming up on 4:52, two
4:52 am
local end in i roll school student suspended over wearing the wrong shade of these colors. here's what's going on. the girls attend a school in winslow township. eight year old carly, on the right, wore the proper green, her twin sister wore the wrong shade and got suspended. and another boy was suspended yesterday from the same school for not wearing the right shade of blue. cord together dress code, shirts have to be dark green, navy blue, or white. >> i got suspended for wearing the different color. they wanted me to wear. the principal told me that i don't have to stay here and i could leave. >> i said, well, it was my fault. i bought the shirt. i was assuming that the same shirts that they would last year was okay this year. >> the poor little carly. the principal said you can leave. the district would only say our information about her suspension is incorrect.
4:53 am
well, we'll try to get an update on that one for you. 4:53. penn state trying to raise scholarship honoring state trooper killed in a ambush at last year's barracks. corporal brian dixon was gunned down outside the blooming grover barracks in the poconos in september of last year. as you well know. state police arrested eric frein after 48 day manhunt. he's pleaded not guilty. dixon was honors graduate of penn state's administration every justice program. that will degree is now called criminology. donor pledged $25,000 matching gift in hopes others will donate the same amount. that would be enough to award an annual scholarship to a criminology major. >> a joyful noise in philadelphia tonight. >> ♪ >> this instrument will be big part of the mass, pope will celebrate on the parkway this sunday, and this or organ comes from very special place and special history.
4:54 am
the special story next.
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> local business making shooter music is filled with grand your. cunningham pianos in germantown, providing high tech special organ for the event. the type the the pontiff prefers, because it sounds like the real thing t has been around since 189 # one, 124
4:57 am
years, the pope wanted his organ. coming up next at 5:00 live on the cam puts of the university of delaware where hate crime investigation is underway after nooses were found hanging.
4:58 am
4:59 am
♪ ♪ with the new chase freedom mobile app, you can simply redeem, pay, and go. the new chase freedom mobile app. the card is for the essentials. the cash back is for the fun. chase. so you can. >> newses found hanging outside campus building at the university of delaware, now hate crime investigation is underway. plus the word meeting of families is underway, and
5:00 am
we're now just three days from the pope's visit to philly. we're going to slow you how police are pulling out all of the stops to keep the pontiff safe. how some native american groups are furious over who has been select today become a saint. how they plan to make their voices heard in washington, d.c. today. good day everyone, it is wednesday. september 23rd, 2015, i'm chris murphy, with sue serio, and bob kelly. on this wednesday. hi, sue? >> you know what, we should say and probably think of it more often, welcome to philadelphia to all of the folks who are here from out every town for the word meeting of families. glad to have you here. now you can say were you hearing during the change of season. how exciting. yes, fall is here. it happened this morning. you can see how exciting our lives are when this is our big party excuse of the day. autumnal equinox happened at 4:21, this morning. yahoo. all right, here's your satellite and rate after picture, happy to tell you, you will have a beautiful day today. for whatever activities you plan. 62 degrees right now. 7-le


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