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tv   The Holy Father in Philadelphia  FOX  September 27, 2015 4:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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purposes salt this game away. >> john: i couldn't be more impressed with chip kelly, with this philadelphia eagles team, because there was a lot of people thinking, you know what? you heard the whispers already. not even whispers. if his game doesn't translate to the nfl. they came to play and they answered a lot of the naysayers. only one win, but that will go a long way giving them some confidence moving forward. >> kevin: time out by the jets. we were talking about the state of this team. and johnny said you have to try and keep perspective and make sure guys stick together. but he said more importantly you've got to win. >> john: exactly. when i was joking about the thing with pope francis being in philadelphia, them having to come. sometimes that's the best. there's so much negativity about how they play. get out of town. they went to monmouth college as
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team and practiced thursday, friday, saturday. hung out at night having dinner. sometimes that's the best thing. it's really worked for them here today. >> kevin: the one guy who enjoyed that was miles austin. he went to school there. but it's a good point. they got away from all the negativity, got away from that for a little bit. here's mathews. over a hundred yards for ryan mathews. and a jets time-out. you know, there's only one place on television where bad is so good. "gotham" rise of the villains. catch a new episode tomorrow right here on fox. like to welcome those of you who saw the falcons improve to 3-0 with a 39-28 win over the cowboys. here with the eagles looking to wrap up their first win.
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>> john: blocking to give sam bradford time. a huge punt return, kevin. he made five people miss on the tackles. look at the distance. that really spurred the eagles all day long. >> kevin: they needed it. you know, just gave him a little life for sure. and you talked about chip kelly. the thing about this, the nfl can just swing so totally in one week. here are the jets, they're 2-0. come down to earth with a relative thud this week. now the eagles who everyone was ready to write chip kelly off and coach football, now they're 1-2 and they've got the redskins next week who look pretty awful against the giants. boy do things change in one day. >> john: we just saw a picture of demarco murray not out there today. >> kevin: that'll be a fourth
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down. jets will call their final time-out. so the eagles today with 123 rushing yards. they came in today with 70 total. you're right, without murray. i still don't know that we've seen the full name complement of their offense. what do you think of the offense overall? >> john: i think you're right. they took care of what they needed to take care of. it started with the run game and production on first and second down. negative plays had to be eliminated. jason peters, we saw it when we talked to him. he was angry. he didn't like the way they played the first couple weeks. they controlled a good defensive line in the new york jets and credit to them. >> kevin: for sure. and give credit to ryan mathews. wait a second they've got murray and mathews and sproles. pretty smart signing right now.
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jets are out of time-outs. here's kerley. looking to make something happen. and he gets tackled up around the 49 yard line. coming up next after the game, the state farm post game show. get you around the league with some of the highlights. obviously told you the falcons beat the cowboys. good one between the panthers and saints. bengals trying to go to 3-0. and the colts are back in front of tennessee in what looks to be a wild game. they were on the verge of going 0-3. patriots only scored 51 today. they had an off day. and how about the vikings? after a monday night opener against san francisco where they looked just out of sorts, an impressive win last week. and now 31-14 today over the chargers. 3:02 to go. jets still anning around but they're out of time-outs now.
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fitzpatrick going to dump it across. puts his leg in the ground trying to find a way to balance. that's a nice move. so the eagles try to finish this one out and hold on. and who do they have coming up? again, the redskins next sunday in d.c. certainly a division rival but a winnable game. then at new orleans who is in danger of going 0-3 today. and then the giants. a couple divisional games in there. >> john: when they started 0-2, their division, no one was taking and running with it. a huge win today. we saw the stats about going 1-3 not good. >> kevin: the cowboys today even though they got out to a quick start, they lost romo and bryant. the redskins didn't look so good. take advantage of your
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circumstance, i think, for sure. our entire crew here from metlife stadium in northern new jersey. along with john lynch and pam oliver, i'm kevin burkhardt. eagles trying to finish this one out. 24-15. got time. going to throw it to powell. incomplete. >> john: the eagles defense has done a tremendous job of keeping ryan fitzpatrick off balance all day. knocking down balls, different coverages in the back end, mixing man a enzone. they've done a really nice job. this defense should be applauded for their work. they played a ton of snaps in the first two weeks of the season. could have had a lot of excuses to break it down. instead they've stayed together
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and played well today. >> kevin: third and ten for the jets. pressure. fitzpatrick spins away. powell on the far side gets out of bounds. now you're looking at a fourth down and about eight. >> john: eric rowe, the rookie challenged twice on deep balls comes away with a pick and another incompletion. nolan carroll played well. you see thurmond come down with the interception in e the game. >> kevin: jets trying to stay alive. it's not over. trying to make it a one-score game. it's a 53 yarder for nick polk. the punter will hold. kick is up. and it is good.
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keep thinking this is over. they're out of time-outs but there's still a chance. the jets down seven. eagles haven't been able to salt it away on offense. >> john: i think you've got to attempt the on side. you mentioned no time-outs. they'll get one stoppage of play with the two-minute warning. but ipg i think to give yourself a chance, you've got to get the on side kick. much harder these days without all allowing. they still are kicking. >> kevin: down seven. 2:34 to go. out of time-outs. i'm with you. if they decide to kick it off, if they hold to a three and out, they would get the ball back. that's aal task. we'll see what todd bowles
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decides. the kicker and the punter. both in the game for the jets. and quigley. >> john: brandon marshall. >> kevin: if they're going to do it, what side will they on side kick to? duel kickers. who's going to kick? they do a little fake a roo and it doesn't work. ajirotutu falls on it for the recovery. >> john: ajirotutu doing a nice job staying down on that ball bringing it in.
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>> kevin: going for all kinds of misdirection there. didn't bounce far enough away. 2:32 to go. jets out of time-outs. got the two-minute warning. but one first down would likely do it. here's mathews. continuing to add on his total of 104 yards and counting with that carry. when asked if this is a must win, he said it was. the fans are tough, but we're known for witting and it's a grind city, right, man? >> john: a grinding grit city. connor barwin, he said i don't like saying that but it's pretty darn close. you go to 0-3 and it's really tough. they put out your best efforts.
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>> kevin: two minute warning. philadelphia trying to run out the clock on the jets. ♪ verizon has backup generators for most of their towers, so they're ready if the power ever goes down. (bird screeching) i wonder why they save those backups... and not just put them in the regular rotation. i bet if they just had the chance, some of those backups would really shine.
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no matter what happens, a reliable network has your back. >> kevin: coming up next after
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the game, the state farm post game show. two minutes left. jets out of time-outs. eagles up seven. if they get a first down, game is over. if the jets hold here, they could get the ball back with about 30 seconds left. but they need a touchdown length of the field so they need some help. a lot of it, as a matter of fact. second and eight for philadelphia. mathews again tries to get to the edge, dragged down in bounds. so the clock will run. >> john: the one thing ryan mathews needs to do is get two hands on the football. he was carrying it loose right there. no reason to. get two hands on the football, get down the field. he's had a history of fumbling that you chronicled, kevin. >> kevin: third and six the eagles will take it down as far as they can. first down will end it. if not, the jets will still have a chance for a miracle. and they're going to take it
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down and looks like call a time-out here with a second left on the play clock. taking as much time as they can. john, these jets came in 2-0, right? and the defense was phenomenal. they were allowing 8.5 points a game. some really good points about the jets. today defense has not been as good. offense has been out of sorts for the game. what's your evaluation? >> john: the defense is certainly not dominant yet. you've got to earn that right. i do think this defense is going to be one of the best defenses in football when it's all said and done. i said in the open also, i'm concerned about this offense. they haven't shown me enough. and we saw them get exposed a little bit as they got behind. they were missing eric decker, but when they get behind, can they catch up? they've been able to kind of manage the game. well, that doesn't happen all the time. you've got to put points on it. i think that's the concern moving forward. can they keep up with people
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like new england who put up 50 points on a regular basis? >> kevin: so here we go. this will be the game. third down and six. a first down will seal it for philly. we get a flag on philadelphia. at least i think it's on philly. >> referee: illegal substitution. often had 12 men. five-yard penalty, still third down. >> kevin: welcome those of you who watched the panthers beat the saints 27-22. the panthers are 3-0, saints 0-3. jets out of time-outs. third and 11. and we get movement and we'll get another flag. and that'll move the eagles back
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again. >> referee: false start. offense number 86. five-yard penalty, third down. >> john: we've seen some sloppy football this year. this? coming out of a time-out. you have 12th in on the field and then jump off a false start. those kind of things can't happen. it doesn't hurt them because the clock, but still field position, we talk about the 30 seconds the jet wills. >> kevin: it shouldn't even be a question right now. the eagles have let it be. now it's third and 16. they'll give to mathews try to run some clock. flag again. mathews gets hit. and this stops the clock here which is huge. let's see what the penalty is. >> john: looks like they're going to have it on the defense.
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>> kevin: our referee trying to sort this out. >> referee: illegal use of hands. hands to the face. defense number 98. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> kevin: game over. >> john: wow. quinton coples right here. working against riley cooper. excuse me. against the left tackle matt tobin. you see the hand up in that face, just a critical mistake when they couldn't have one. >> kevin: the jets hung around and made it interesting, but chip kelly's eagles are back from the dead. they did what they had to do. they were 0-2 coming in. but today they exercised a lot of their demons by running the football and getting that first
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win. >> john: they outplayed the jets. sometimes you luck into a win. not at all. >> kevin: ryan fitzpatrick, too big of a deficit to overcome. they were down 24-0. and they made ate game, but it wasn't enough as the eagles pick up their first win in one of those weird anomalies. they've never lost to the jets. 10-0 all time in their meetings with the jets. sam bradford wasn't relied upon much today, but he did enough to help his eagles team pick up the win. that guy darren sproles one of the heroes. we'll come back to metlife stadium and wrap it up. sproles the big hero today as was the eagles "d" as t
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the pope is coming to philadelphia.
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what a momentous weekend. i'm lucy nolan. >> and i'm iaian page. let's listen in to this mass as it continues. ♪ it would be better for him if a great millstone were put
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around his neck ♪ ♪ and he were thrown into the sea if your hand causes you to sin ♪ ♪ cut it off ♪ it is better for you to answer in two like names then with two hands to go into into the unquenchable fire ♪ ♪ and if your causes you to sin, cut it off ♪ ♪ it is better for you to answer then with two feet to be thrown into gahana ♪
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♪ and if your eyes convince you to sin, pluck it out ♪ ♪ better for you to enter into the kingdom of god with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into gahana ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ organ music playing ]
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>> lucy nolan along with iaian page and we have father dan with us in the studio. tell us what we're watching right now. >> right now the gospel has just finished and of course we're now going to hear the homily of pope francis. >> a powerful and thought-provoking image. images which challenges but stir us with enthusiasm. in the first reading, joshua tells moses that two members of
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the people are prophesying, speaking god's word without a mandate. in the gospel, john tells jesus that the disciples had stopped someone from casting out evil spirits in the name of jesus. and here is a surprise. moses and jesus both rebuke those closest to them for big so narrow in their thinking. would that all could be prophets of god's word, would that everyone could work miracles in the lord's name. jesus, instead encountered
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hostility from people who did not accept what he said and did. for them, jesus's openness to the honest and sincere faith of many men and women who were not part of god's chosen people, seemed in tolerable. the disciples, for their part, in good faith, but the temptation to be scandalized by the freedom of god who sends rain on the righteous and unrighteous alike, my passing bureaucracy officialdom and inner circles threatens the authenticity of faith.
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since it must be vigorously rejected. once we realize this, we can understand why jesus' words about causing scandals are so harsh. for jesus, the truly intolerable scandal, because this consists in everything that breaks down and destroys our trust in the working of the spirit. our father will not be outdone in generosity and continue toss scatter seeds.
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he scatters the seeds of his presence in our world, for love consists in this, not that we have loved god, but that he loved us first. that love gives us a profound certainty we are sought by god. we are -- god waits for us. it is this confidence which makes disciples encourage, support and nurture the good things happening all around them. god desires for all his children to take part in the feast of the gospel. do not hold back anything that is good. instead, help it grow, jesus says.
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to raise doubts about the working of the spirit, or to give the impression that it cannot take place in those who are not part of our group or who are not like us, is a dangerous temptation. not only does it block conversion to the faith, but it is a perversion of faith. faith opens a window to the presence and working of the spirit. and it shows us that, like happiness, holiness is always tied to little gestures.
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whoever gives you a cup of water in my name, jesus says, a small gesture will not go unrewarded. these are little gestures that we learn at home, gestures that we learn in the family and that get lost amidst all the other things that we do daily, but they make each day different. these are the little gestures done by mothers, by grandmothers, fathers, and grandfathers, by children and siblings, they're little signs of tenderness, of affection and compassion. are the little gestures of the warm supper we look forward to at night, of an early lunch or breakfast awaiting someone who gets up early to go to work.
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they're the gestures of home. like a blessing before we go to bed, or the hug after we return from a hard day's work. love is shown by little things, by attention to the small daily finds which make our life always feel like we're at home. faith grows when it is practised, and it is shaped by love. that is why our families, our homes, our true domestic -- are true domestic churches. these are the right places for faith to become life, and for life to grow -- for faith to
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grow in life. jesus invites us to not hold back these little miracles. instead, he wants us to encourage them. to make them grow. he asks us to go through life as our life presents itself. encouraging all these little signs of love as signs of his own living and active presence in our world. this actions that we are invited to participate in, leads us to ask ourselves, how are we trying to live this way in our homes? in our societies? what are we doing to live this
4:35 pm
way in our homes in our societies? what kind of world do we want to leave to our children? this is a question that we cannot answer alone. it is the spirit who challenges us to respond as part of the great human family. our common house can no longer tolerate sterile divisions. the urgent challenge of protecting a home includes concern of bringing all of the human family together in the pursuit of sustainable and integral development. for we know that things can
4:36 pm
change. may our children find in us models of communion, not of division. may our children find in us men and women capable of joining others in bringing to full flower all the good seeds which the father has sewn. pointedly, yet affectionately, jesus says if you then who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly father give the holy spirit to those who ask him. how much wisdom there is in
4:37 pm
these few words. it is true as far as goodness and purity of heart are concerned, we human beings don't have much to show. that jesus knows that where children are concerned, we are capable of boundless generosity. and that's why he reassures us. if only we have faith, the father will give us his spirit. we christians, the lord's disciples, ask the families of the world to help us. many of us are here participating in this celebration, and this is in
4:38 pm
itself something prophetic. a kind of miracle in today's world. this world tired of inventing new divisions, new forms of brokenness. our disasters, would that we could all be prophets. would that all of us could be open to miracles of love for the sake of your own family and of all the families of the world. and i'm talking here about the miracle of love. and in this way overcome the
4:39 pm
scandal of a narrow petty love, mistrustful, closed in on itself and impatient of others. and i leave you with a question. a question for each of you to answer. because i said "impatient." in my own home do we shout? or do we speak to each other in love and tenderness? is that a good way of measuring our love, how beautiful it would be if everywhere and even beyond
4:40 pm
our own borders, we could appreciate and encourage this prophecy and this miracle. let us renew our faith in the word of the lord, which invites our families to this openness. it invites all those who want to share the prophecy of this covenant, of man and woman, which generates life and reveals god. that he help us to participate in this prophecy of peace, of tenderness, and of family kindness. that he help us to participate in the prophetic gesture of
4:41 pm
caring tenderly, patiently and lovingly, care for our children and our grandparents. anyone who wants to bring into this world a family which teaches children to be excited by every gesture which is aimed as overcoming evil, a family which shows that the spirit is alive and at work, will encounter and find our gratitude and appreciation regardless of what people, religion, or region to which they belong. may god grant all of us to be
4:42 pm
prophets of the joy of the gospel. of the gospel of family and of the love of family. to be prophets and the lord's disciples and may god grant us the grace to be worthy of this purity of heart which is not scandalized by the gospel. may it be so. [ applause ] >> everyone is asked to observe following the homily. so to meditate on the mysteries announced in the word of god.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and now you have heard the homily of pope francis at a mass for the masses. celebrating in front of an enormous crowd here on the
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parkway. >> father dan of course has been with us all weekend. share with us your insight on the message we just heard from pope francis. >> i think that pope francis has focused his homily on the family, but he also pulled in cleverly other things, care and sustainability for the planet, talking about our home both our domestic home and the nuclear family and the way in which we're caring for our home, the planet, as well as we need to think beyond our borders as a global family. it was very clever how he pulled in the many themes he's been addressing. beautifully done. >> father dan, he really did bring this full circle at this mass which is wrapping up. this incredible world meeting of families. the eighth one. and your selections on this as a whole, when i walk through the crowds, i'll tell you, an enormous percentage are from
4:46 pm
around the world, father dan. >> yeah, i know. in fact, after the homily, asking for that silence, there's hundreds of thousands of people there taking a moment of silence, you can animal hear little children crying. it was a beautiful moment. i think only someone like pope francis could get a crowd to be that attendive and that focused and pray together. beautiful. >> you know we've talked about it and we've heard about it really the whole time that he's been in washington, new york. he's talked about tolerance, he's talked about love and he talks about mercy. >> absolutely. those are things that we have to be able to understand each other. it's interesting how he got into the little deeds, love is shown in small deeds, very practical. domestic churches, we bring in a way -- concerned about any
4:47 pm
number of hours in our family as well as for the whole community. very well done. now of course we have the -- the universal prayer. >> it is. i'm looking at the program. i am not catholic myself but i am so captivated by this mass and all i've seen this weekend. i hear from people of all faiths saying they're motivated and they have somehow or another had a fire lit in them by a man who was captivated the world. >> we hear this lovely music in the which we take in this space that was a festival last night but now is a sacred space for hundreds of thousands. and i think we've been able to really be able to experience
4:48 pm
this. 45% of americans have some connection, 20% of america is catholic. so i think he really is having a larger impact than just beyond the catholic community without a doubt. and this is a wonderful way in which he's been sharing his faith, the catholic faith, with the whole nation. especially at this culminating event, this mass at the end of his incredible trip. >> father dan, talk to us about what this means for you. you're from this area. you went to st. joseph's. here you have the holy father really in your backyard. >> he was in my backyard today because i was at st. joseph's university when he arrived and came right in front of our statue to bless a statue. in dedication to that document.
4:49 pm
a beautiful statue and he wanted to see it. and he also wanted to bless it. so there he was with all of our students singing around him and delighted to see him. that was a beautiful moment for me, i want to let you know that this jesuit hope who i'm extremely fond of is now right here on our campus. >> i think we're finishing with the musical. >> let us turn to our father in heaven and ask him to have this.
4:50 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ for all the members of the search assembled here in philadelphia and through our whole world ♪ ♪ that they may come to know more fully that the law of the lord represses the soul ♪ ♪ we pray to the lord ♪ lord rejoice and hear our prayer ♪ [ singing in spanish ] >> those most troubled that they may be harms of communion and
4:51 pm
prayer, always speaking the truth and living in the love of god. we pray to the lord ♪ ♪ lord hear our prayer [ singing in foreign language ] >> especially for the appointment over the earth, especially in those --
4:52 pm
♪ lord hear our prayer >> we come to you as your children, your only devoted son, we ask you, your compassion -- joy to our hearts, through christ our lord. >> amen.
4:53 pm
♪ ♪ >> we've just heard the prayers of the faithful in several languages. this is the preparation of the gifts and it will be done to a piece of music that looks like it has been produced locally by artists here. the presentation of the gifts
4:54 pm
will be carried up by several members of the community. it looks like several families will bring up those gifts representing from families from all over the world.
4:55 pm
>> the representation of the world meeting of families as we look at this beautiful procession of gifts to the holy father.
4:56 pm
>> will dip the bread and wine, and of course the holy father will offer those gifts and offer each of them god transformed the bread and wine to the body and blood of christ.
4:57 pm
♪ ♪
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4:59 pm
>> he washes his hands, the deacon, he will bless upon all preparing them for what is now going to be the consecration of the holy eucharist. >> brothers and sisters, my sacrifice and yours may be. >> may the lord accept the sacrifice at your hand, for the praise and glory of his name, for our good and the good of all
5:00 pm
his church. >> this our offering may find us, with you, through you it will spring or blessing maybe open before us. through christ our lord. >> amen. [ speaking foreign language ]
5:01 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] ♪ ♪
5:02 pm
♪ ♪ [ speaking foreign language ] >> your holy indeed in all creation rightly gives you praise. all life, all holiness comes through you, through our son jesus christ our lord, by the working of the holy spirit. from age to age you gather a people to yourself so that from east to west, a perfect offering may be made to the glory of your
5:03 pm
name. therefore, o lord, we humbly implore you, by the same spirit graciously make holy these gifts we have brought to you for consecration, that they may become the body and blood of your son, our lord, jesus christ. at whose command we celebrate these mysteries. for on the night he was betrayed, he himself took bread, and giving you thanks, he said the blessing. broke the bread, and gave it to his disciples saying. [ speaking foreign language ]
5:04 pm
[ bell ringing ] >> when supper was ended he took the cup, again, he gave you thanks and praise. gave the cup to his disciples and said: [ speaking foreign language ]
5:05 pm
[ bell ringing ] ♪ ♪ ♪
5:06 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] >> endured for our salvation, his glorious resurrection and ascension into heaven, and ready to greet him when he comes again, we offer you in thanksgiving this holy and living sacrifice. look, we pray, upon the oblation of your church and recognizing the sacrificial victim by whose death you will to reconcile us to yourself, grant that we who are nourished by the body and blood of your son and filled with his holy spirit may become one body, one spirit, in christ.
5:07 pm
may he make of us an eternal blessing, an eternal offering to you so that we may obtain an inheritance with your elect, especially with the most blessed virgin mary, mother of god, with your blessed apostles and glorious martyrs. and with all the saints on whose constant intercession in your presence we rely for unfailing help. may this sacrifice of our reconciliation we pray, o lord, advance the peace and salvation of all the world. be pleased to confirm in faith and charity your pilgrim church on earth with your servant francis, our pope. and charles our bishop, the
5:08 pm
order of bishops, all the clergy, and the entire people you make our own. listen graciously to the prayers of this family whom you have summoned before you in your compassion, o merciful father, gather to yourself all of your children scattered throughout the earth. to our departed brothers and sisters and to all who were pleasing to you at their passing from this life, give kind admittance to your kingdom. there we hope to enjoy forever the fullness of your glory through christ our lord. through whom you bestow on the world all that is good.
5:09 pm
♪ ♪ >> at the saviour's command and formed by divine teaching, we dare to say: ♪ our father who art in heaven
5:10 pm
hallowed be thy name ♪ ♪ thy kingdom come thy will be done ♪ ♪ on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread ♪ ♪ and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us ♪ ♪ and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil ♪ >> deliver us lord we pray from
5:11 pm
every evil, graciously grant peace in our days, that by the help of the masses we might be always free from sin and safe from the distress as we await the blessed hope and the coming of our savior jesus christ. ♪ for the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours ♪ ♪ now and forever >> lord jesus christ, you said to your apostle, peace i leave you, my peace i give you. look not on our sins but on the
5:12 pm
faith of the church, graciously grant us peace and unity in accordance with your will you live and reign forever and ever. >> amen. >> the peace of you be with you always. >> let us offer each other the sign of peace.
5:13 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:14 pm
>> behold the lamb of god. behold him who takes away the sins of the world. blessed are those who called to the supper of the lamb. >> lord i am not worthy that you should enter nd my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed. >> as you can see now, communion
5:15 pm
is now being distributed. this is an incredible feat. the archdiocese has planned this entire distribution. possibly 1,500 priests will be assisted by communion assistants, folks will carry a papal umbrella, whether it's rain or anything else doesn't get in the way. they will go to every section as much as possible to offer the body of christ, the blood of christ will be offered in the cup only to the clergy who are there celebrating, they will be a huge number of volunteers there, at least 200 of our st. joseph's students who have been trained just this morning, they got down there at 8:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m. to get trained by security, and also be trained the communion assistant that
5:16 pm
they are making this incredible stop that this liturgy happened. so many people working together to make this an absolutely beautiful and sacred event. >> father dan, iaian have been sitting here on the risers and have been watching one private after another eucharistic minister. >> 860,000 is the estimate. >> that's an incredible feet to be able to offer communion to that many people and to keep it solemn. as you can see each priest has an assistant escorting him with an umbrella. >> it is really quite a sight. one of the things that i've just absolutely floored me about the celebration of mass was the
5:17 pm
woman named charlene. she is one of the lead cantors at the basilica of saint peter and paul and she was chosen to do this only a scant few weeks ago, can you imagine, father dan, to being her, to be able to do this with pope francis? >> it's quite moving and the fact she sung that beautiful song, that song was produced here in philadelphia and she sung it beautifully and we all sung it together with the choir in order to allow us to enter into this beautiful eucharistic prayer. >> it is a dream of a lifetime for charlene who has sung national anthemes in stadiums
5:18 pm
but this is something complaintly different. talk about the communion offering. where do they go? do they have stations already set? >> they do. i think for all of the events the parkway had been divided up to all these sections. it had been care dpli orchestrated a an assistant to enable them to offer communion to as many people who wish in that particular section, they wish to come forward. i don't think it's an easy accomplishment, but there are great markers all over the parkway that allow you to know each section as it's available. >> it's an incredible sight and the other sight we have from our vantage point is people are taking videos and they're taking pictures and trying to capture this historic epic moment out here. >> i agree. and we were just commenting here in the studio that there were the sign of peace. when do 800,000 americans and
5:19 pm
other visitors exchange a beautiful and quiet, gentle kind of sign of peace to one another? you can't capture that on a video. you just have to be there to experience it. and those who have really sacrificed to make their way to philadelphia or to make their way down on the parkway, i think they're experiencing that full and deep beautiful experience that they've been looking for. >> this is so true, father dan. i think you capture it in your heart is what you do. i'll tell you even up here on the risers, media of all faiths, media from around the world, everybody stopped and basically gave the sign of the peace to each other. and it was a really moving moment. >> regardless of what faith you may have, that sign of peace is what we're looking for. and something he's been talking about certainly to the united nations, and as he said in his homily, those little gestures enable us to be who we're called to be. and that was one gesture that became a collective of the small gestures that was just a moment,
5:20 pm
a real moment, it was just all possible. >> you talk about the small gestures -- it's just beautiful to be able to see this. but father dan you talk about these small gestures, and of course pope francis in his homily said the little gestures make a big difference in our lives and the lives of our families. and of course the world meeting of families, this basically caps off quite a celebration for this past week. the eighth meeting of the world of families and i would imagine all the organizers must be very, very happy. >> i'm sure that they're finally seeing the, it was so much work as i mentioned, there's a few offering communion on the parkway, from media, pennsylvania. but you can see so many of their efforts have finally paid off. and believe me it was not easy. and this has gone on for over a year or more, the last few months in particular have been
5:21 pm
rounding up the folks to be able to do all of this. even as recently as about three weeks ago, we got a call at st. joseph's to ask for more folks to help with the communion in that final push for volunteers and i got 300 kids to sign up within 24 hours. it was amazing. they all wanted to be a part of this. it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> i imagine that everybody at st. joseph's must be proud of all those involved. we're talking an estimated 1,500 priests and i would like to repeat that because it's just an enormous undertaking here. >> it is. it's incredible to be able to organize this. and those priests had to get up at like 5:00 in the morning and go to i think it was villa nova where they would begin their journey down to the parkway and go through all the screenings they had to go through. it's been a long day for everybody involved but it's now coming to a full beautiful
5:22 pm
capstone to this great trip of pope francis's, right here in philadelphia, right in front of our art museum, celebrating the freedom of religion and the way in which we can express that religion in this most grand and beautiful way. >> which is of course what happened yesterday at independence mall which is of course why pope francis decided this is where he wanted to address the world. and i just think it was a beautiful moment as well, that the lectern he used was the same lectern that abraham lincoln must have cowered over and john f. kennedy. >> and pope francis cited abraham lincoln as a great american, one of the four americans he focused on, abraham lincoln, martin luther king, as figures who are an example to us. so for him to finish that last talk address on issues that we should be concerned about, use that lincoln podium to be able
5:23 pm
to offer that in front of that, that was a very american event there. it was fabulous. >> you know father dan as we see, we got some information. the chalice used is from st. john newman. >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear you. >> oh, sorry. i know there's a lot of noise up here. the chalice used is from st. john newman. >> that's the newman chalice. that's remarkable. for the mass they must have had a special chalice. an important bishop for the building up of this archdiocese and his shrine is not too far away from the parkway. many people make journeys there to offer prayers for his intercession to god for them. >> i don't know whether you were
5:24 pm
able to see it, but it was this remarkable moment when pope francis, in his popemobile, stopped right in front of the basilica cathedral of saints peter and paul, and he went to that beautiful grotto where all the ribbons were, with all the prayers on them. just astounding. >> it was. that's of course in a personal devotion to him that he brought back from germany to argentina. our lady of the entier of knots. a grotto constructed by a boat maker. people have been tying on their prayers and hopes. we were writing those prayers just our staff and faculty we were there in the summer along with some folks we were hosting on our campus. children from camden and some students.
5:25 pm
the whole installation is sort of made of these prayers. it's beautiful. and i'm sure he was very moved by this new expression of that old devotion that he has been promoting for many years. many years ago he gave a picture to the archbishop, and they met at some meeting and he shared that little image with him and that's something, it's not a bad way to sum up this trip of his where he's thought about all these particular issues like when he was at the prison today, he said we all make mistakes. we all have our knots to untie and we need to be able to help each other with those. >> i love the way his tone is, father. he's always -- his tone is always very subtle. and even when he's asking us to do something or step up, the tone is subtle and gentle. >> you're right. even some of his critics have
5:26 pm
mentioned, pope francis has this way of challenges you without putting you off. it makes you go home and think maybe i ought to be thinking about this. people talk about small gestures, people have started living their lives more simply because he really did offer the insights today about a throw-away culture, to be really be conscious of that. >> you know, it's so interesting. >> father dan, continue on. >> that we might want to consider our own -- he doesn't do it in a way that's fingering wagging. it's an invitation and that's very much his style. it's a way of not just the tone but invitation. >> it's the humbleness over and over again that just grabs me. at the correctional facility, you talked about him being at the prison. it was amazing when he was talking about washing the feet,
5:27 pm
because he has washed the feet of inmates. and he talks about how all of us need to be washed me first. always puts himself back into that human perspective, in fact shoes being called a super hero or a star. >> when he became pope he said i'm a big sinner and yes i accept the job. i'm not a superman or anybody. but i will take this on with god's grace and my faith that god gives me. and he spoke to the prisoners like that. i'm one of you, we journey with you. i was very moved when a prisoner said some think we're the scum of the earth, and to just have the pope come and meet us and treatise as something better, that's what the pope says. we should invite everybody no matter what their past has been, to a different future and to a future together. >> oh, it is. he's saying prison systems should care for wounds and he's talking about the wounds of the
5:28 pm
soul. >> absolutely. the music has stopped and i think we might, i don't know if communion has finished or if they're shifting into another song, i suppose. because they do have quite a lynn -- line-up of songs. >> there are still people trying to get into this mass. they're stuck at some places. there was an estimate of 860,000. >> this is just incredible. >> it is incredible. they have filled the whole station. there are folks overflowing the perimeter of the designated area on the parkway. i myself got stuck on a couple of bridges before i found a bridge to get across the river to be able to make it here today. and it is a really -- it's amazing. i think a lot of people got pulled into pope francis's message and visit here to philadelphia and said hey, i need to be here. now we're beginning the song of taste and sea. they just finished the song gift
5:29 pm
of finest wheat which was written for the 1976 eucharistic congress which also featured the visit of pope paul vi. the song was written for that eucharistic congress. in which they had some very famous now sainted individuals who gave addresses. now we're doeg doing taste and see the goodness of the lord. very typical song that's done in communion time in catholic communities. and of course you can see there's a beautiful choir singing it. >> it is beautiful. and you know, i wanted to get back to the humility aspect of pope francis. and lucy has talked about it. we've seen it since he's been the pope. i know you can speak to it, that really comes from his jesuit background. >> i have to say jesuits are not always known for their humility. all the more reason for us to be
5:30 pm
humble, i think. but he's especially humble jesuit. but he's somebody who has always had that as a great virtue of him. you can talk to jesuits who have known him for many, many years, that has always been his great virtue, willing to be able to chip in and jump in and do what he needs to do. when he came on campus, he came in the simplest way. he just walked on, and when he was walking out he saw all these students in a big glass dorm and he stopped and of course waved to them and there's something so warm about him. or last night when he was talking off the cuff for 25 minutes. i felt like i was back in my italian-american neighborhoods i grew up in and one of my favourite uncles was talking to me, about the struggles of family life, the ways in which we do struggle and yet we can be hopeful and we can go forward in joy. >> i loved his sense of humor
5:31 pm
when he said what time is mass tomorrow? >> he knew what time it was. >> i thought that was beautiful. >> it was a brilliant moment. >> you're talking about family and how he is off the cuff quite often, father dan. one of the things that grabbed me from this morning when he was talking to the bishops, it was really fun. he was talking about how mothers come up to him crying saying my son isn't married yesterday and my response is well stop ironing the shirts of 33-year-old men. >> kick them out. tell them to take care of themselves. you're right. he has those great kind of folksy ways of bringing home to us -- this is practical life and or last night when he says i have employees in the vatican and they look like they're tired with bags under their eyes i ask and they tell my my child was crying all night and he said i'm not a married man so i can speak romantically about married life, but nonetheless i'm with you in
5:32 pm
your struggles. and i should say supporting you in the same way you might be praying and supporting me. >> he says that all the time. i also know that italy, quite often when he runs into somebody, he always tells them to call him by tu we are now friends. tu of course is the informal you. that says so much about him. >> sometimes when he calls people he'll say i'm father jorge. he won't use all the titles he's received since he's been a priest. he mentioned that too in his homily. he said to the bishops today. we should be more like the cornerstore where everybody knows the customer not just some big supermarket that's professional and beautiful. we can hear some talking i think. >> holy communion. so to praise god in your heart
5:33 pm
and pray to him.
5:34 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] whenever we proclaim his death. forever and ever. >> amen.
5:35 pm
>> your holiness, your eminences, my deer brother bishops and all the many thousands of friends who filled the parkway, this has been a week of fellowship and blessing and a papal visit dedicated to the beauty of the family. none of us will ever forget these days for the rest of our lives. there aren't enough words to thank all of you for being here, to share in god's love and to give god the glory for the success of the world meeting of families. i need to try. philadelphia has a very big heart, and is full today with gratitude, with confidence in each other as children of a loving god, and with hope that today will begin a new spirit in our city and in our church.
5:36 pm
we owe a huge death to mayor nutter, governor wolf, former governor corbett, all the generous city, state and federal workers who helped us make this event even possible, a special thanks to all of the wonderful donors, sponsors, world meeting co-chairs, staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly to bring this celebration to fruition. [ applause ] thanks to all my brother priests and bishops, religious and all who traveled and sacrificed to be here. and finally thanks to all of you here tonight.
5:37 pm
the families who light this parkway with your world and your love. most of all, holy father, thank you for lead us in worship and in the life of the church. thank you for bringing your spirit to our city and to the world. may god bless all of us, and may god lift you up in your ministry for many years to come. thank you, holy father. [ applause ] >> most holy father, thank you
5:38 pm
for being here with us. to conclude the world meeting of families in philadelphia. for all of us, those here present and all those around the world who have followed us, this beautiful boulevard, benjamin franklin has become like the road -- and as you spoke to us of the beauty of family, the hearts of our families very truly burning within us. and now we have broken the bread of life at the mass, just like the disciples, we recognize that
5:39 pm
jesus is truly present among us. he has opened our heart, our eyes, and pushed us to go all over the world, to light the fire of love in all the families of the world. families in philadelphia, for more than one of the countries have shared six days that truly the church is family people. an extraordinary people of
5:40 pm
families. these people. that must be family love for more family world. god's dream from the first moment of creation has been to make all peoples into one family. our family rich in diversity, like the coat of many colors that jacob gave to his son joseph, a garment made beautiful by the richness of its different. from our meeting here in philadelphia, we are learned that we must make our own this dream of god.
5:41 pm
yes, god gives us and our family, the families the gift of participating in his dream. after this bishops in october, the jubilee began. and next december 27th, during the feast, the jubilee of families will be celebrated in all the diocese of the world. the doors of all the cathedrals and shrines will be opened, but at the same time we must open the doors of our own and our hearts to welcome our brothers and sisters who are in need of
5:42 pm
love. this is the prophecy that all families are called upon to fulfill and in this way each family will become a sanctuary of mercy. from philadelphia, the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection, the city that is -- the liberty bell, the family bell is filling out, calling families to welcome the stranger, conform the afflicted, in the company, our sisters and brothers, in difficulties and joys. holy father, all families here present, pledge now to answer the call. [ applause ] .
5:43 pm
and now families, it is a great joy for me to announce that the holy father has decided that at the next world meeting of families will be held in 2018 in dublin, ireland. [ cheers and applause ]
5:44 pm
holy father, acceptance is our first step on the journey to dublin and on the people to families we tread the pilgrim road with you. now we be with you in spirit as you return to rome where in a week's time the bishops will begin. we pray for you. and all the fathers share with them the joy and the dream of
5:45 pm
these people of families. yes, it is a new spring for family and -- families to bring the gospel of love and not family -- as a sign of the five families from five continents, will each receive from you 100,000 copies of the gospel of luke that they will distribute to the poor of their own cities in the cities. han va na for the americas, for africa, europe and for
5:46 pm
australia. in addition, one more family has come here to philadelphia damascus in syria. this family will go back home next week but they don't want to go back empty handed. they too will have the gospel to give to families who live in bombardment. but we also want to give them what we have collected at this mass. from the thousands of generous families you see in front of you, that money will be used to buy heating oil for houses. this gift is a sign of our love
5:47 pm
and our closeness to these people and for the city that we said the first moment of the mission of the apostle paul. may peace come soon to syria and to the world. that's why, holy father, we thank you very, very much for your presence and for your words. thank you. [ applause ] >> we just saw that the wormed meeting of families now will be held, the next one in 2018 in dublin. and at that time we saw that archbishop mentioned that, the archbishop of dublin came forward. the pope of course embraced him
5:48 pm
and gave him some instructions and he of course hugged and embraced the archbishop sort of the passing of the baton, has been accepted to be hosted in dublin. now of course this families have come forward for a greeting to the pope, that particular family of damascus going back to a war-torn difficult country where a special blessing and a special task the pope has asked them to do where people are living very much on the edge. >> something that has torn at the heart of pope francis as you mentioned, he has spoken out about the pride of christians in the middle east and the persecution about how all nations need to open their arms to the refugees. >> these look like the families who will be receiving the copies of the gospel of luke.
5:49 pm
but you're right. he has this incredible sense to keep track of all the ends around the world. and i think he's very sensitive to the idea as the bishop of rome, as the pope. can he make a difference there. he had asked for early days of fasting for peace in syria, particularly in syria. i think he's conscious that if he can play a role, he will. it's something that's not lost on him. the power of his office, the way in which he's a symbolic pastor. especially those lives suffering in crisis. >> we want to talk about these crowds. we've been talking about the estimate of 860,000 and we get reports that people are still stuck around 10 street trying to get into this mass. we're right here where it is, but i think as we all know the months leading up to this were a lot of work, but i'll tell you, after yesterday and today, i
5:50 pm
think philly hit it out of the park. >> it was fabulous. i really feel like everything was well organized. maybe a few little glitches but i came back from the festival of families last night walking across spring garden street and it was kind of a calm exuberance. it was like a moment in time where people were sitting around jumbo trons seeing the ending of the concert, it was the ending. everybody was in their best selves in a place of incredible calm and serenity. >> i'll tell you these crowds have been the nicest crowds. i saw a girl saying i got the greatest video of the pope. i can't wait to show you. these are the conversations that
5:51 pm
i have been hearing little snippets of and it's been so refreshing. >> you're right. when i was at the festival of families i had to wait and people started up conversations that simply became personal, became deep, people sharing their faith, in their lives with each other. there was a way in bhi people trusted and were open with one another that we don't specifically see when we're rushing through our day. >> are we about to hear the apostolic blessing? >> i think so. this is the final blessing. >> always be with you. >> bow down for the blessing. >> may bless you, make you always holy and pure in his
5:52 pm
sight. and teach you. and ever endure you. through christ our lord. >> amen. >> and may the blessing, the father, and the son, and the holy spirit come down on you and remain with you forever. >> amen. >> go forth, the mass is ended. >> thanks be to god. >> bless you. you all, thank you very much for your participation and for your love for the family. and i ask you pray for me.
5:53 pm
don't forget. [ laughter ] [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> we see the end of this incredible liturgy, a whole week on the part of the holy father in cuba, in washington, d.c., new york as well as here in philadelphia. what a way to finish. this incredible celebration with over 800,000 maybe even more who
5:54 pm
are there just enjoying the presence of the pope, the real presence of jesus christ in the eucharist as well as the paternity and solidarity that he speaks about, whether they're catholic or of some other faith or no faith at all, i am sure that the pope is on the parkway walking out with a sense of their better selves of human family and great potential to be what they're called to be. because you can see this incredible song as they exit and this will probably take a while for the procession to leave. >> i tell you, father dan. it has been grand and personal all at the same time. because he mixes in those moments of deep reflection to please pray for me. and then everybody laughs and everybody applauds. because this is a man who says hey, i need a prayer just like everybody else. send one up. >> you're right. that's a great way to describe
5:55 pm
it. it's grand and personal. i love that. because that's exactly how pope francis is able to be a leader. he's not shy from those gestures that challenge up to large goals at the same time he always does it in an incredibly personal way. he's been saying that since he was made pope. please pray for me. he said please take a moment to pray for me. he's been doing that all along as a leader. he understands he needs those prayers, as we all do. >> the choirs have been amazing. it's like an angelic chorus. >> absolutely. >> they've been practicing and preparing for this. that again is a lot of work. all the music that's been collected, to coordinate people from so many different churches to become part of this grand
5:56 pm
choir. >> oh, and father dan, here she is. charlene who is a cantor at the basilica of saints peter and paul. she just found out a scant few weeks ago that she had been chosen to do this. and iain was talking about hitting things out of the park. she hit it out of the park today. >> i'm sure this is a highlight of her career and i'm sure we'll see more of her. >> when you look at that right now on your screen, this is why philadelphia wanted this. they didn't want lincoln
5:57 pm
financial field. bruce gordon talked about it yesterday. could have had it with some jumbotrons, but this is what they wanted this. they wanted it at the center of our city with almost a million people out there, this is what we will remember, among other things, for so long. >> and it's open. and father dan, let me just tell you a small story that happened. i'm not sure that you heard about it. because iaian it could have been in an enclosed stadium. but they wanted it in this open area. so this is what happened. there was a tent above the orchestra and the people on the parkway did not have the tickets to be able to sit right in front of the stage. that tent blocked them from seeing the people's pope. so they were chanting, "take down the tent." let the people see the pope. so what did the world meeting of families do? they took down that tent. and so the people could see their pope and so the pope could see his flock and then everybody
5:58 pm
started chanting "thank you, thank you, thank you." because they are a polite crowd, father dan. >> that is wonderful. and even when they decided to set up the altar, they realized that the bishop's hats would block people's views. they arranged it so they were off to the side. and i thought well good for them. that's another way of the small things that allow us to embody what pope francis talks about, small gestures of kindness that build up to something greater. >> speaking of that, the collection today, we understand father is going to syria with the damascus family. >> we have dave schratwieser right now on the parkway. amongst the 800, almost 900,000 people, maybe more because i understand, dave schratwieser, people have been trying to come in still. >> they were. the estimate i heard by the way
5:59 pm
was 860,000. one of those incredible moments on the parkway was when the pope made his trip around in the popemobile you saw him stop multiple times to kiss and bless babies that were brought to him from the crowd. we have one of those incredible moments. we spoke to his parents right after he was blessed and kissed by the pope this is a huge blessing
6:00 pm
>> we had impromptu visit at st.
6:01 pm
joseph's i saw all these people bringing their babies and some of them were my former students. did you bring your baby so you can get close to pope francis? he loves children and people bring their children struggling with all kinds of disabilities. i was moved by that. people hoping for that blessing. as we saw the keating family when the pope first arrived. that family was so moved by the fact that the pope just came over and greeted their child. absolutely amazing. >> in fact, mary coating a sister said best day of her life. >> no doubt about that. >> let's back out to the ben franklin parkway now. stand by we understand chris o'connell is out there somewhere. chris? >> reporter: hey, guys. i'm at logan circle. a couple reasons why it makes this place, back on octobe october 3rd, 1979, this is where pope john paul ii said mass. more than 30 years ago. well, today, pope francis made that circle around logan circle.
6:02 pm
take a look at the crowd, of course, a roar of the crowd as he rode around in the pope mobile around logan circle significant he stopped by the cathedral basilica beforehand to bless the grotto of prayers and just again an mazing site. these people came from all over the world, came from 150 countries to be here, and the only hiccup as dave was saying is lot of people it was tough to get in. 860,000 estimated many of them could not get in. for us it was about a three-hour wait to get in to one of the security gates, but many people just frankly couldn't get in. but on the parkway itself, historic, historic event as these many people get to go see the pope for the first time. get to go see a papal mass. most of them seeing it on jumbo trons. there were 40 jumbotrons up and down the parkway.
6:03 pm
but that didn't matter. most of these people just to be in the presence of the holy father was good enough for them, and as you see, many of these people now leaving the parkway to begin making their way home. this is where communion was given out. hundreds and hundreds of priesting from all over the archdiocese literally circled logan circle giving out communion as a catholic i was one of the lucky ones to receive communion. it was a special moment to receive communion at a papal mass, but right now, a lot of smiles as people go home as they just witnessed a once in a lifetime event. and that's a papal mass. guys? >> all right. chris o'connell, thanks so much. incredible day. what an incredible scene out there on the ben franklin parkway. >> oh, it has been. father dan, who is joining us from the studio, i want to talk a little bit about the difference pope francis from a lot of the other popes.
6:04 pm
it's been since the 1830s you and i discussed that we have had a pope from a religious order. which means that he like you took a vow of poverty, and that's just kind of an entirely demeanor, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. being from religious order you take a vow of poverty and sometimes in charge and sometimes you're not in charge. he hasn't been trajectory he's been going from one promotion to another promotion and pope francis has had experience of many different tasks he's taken on. both a teacher, jesuit, being a professor at a seminary, running the seminary then becoming auxiliary bishop, archbishop, and now becoming the pope. so he's had a varied career a little bit different from other types of priests who might be on more of that track where you just kind of get one promotion after another. living in religious community where he has those vows of poverty and obedience. diocesan priest from the other
6:05 pm
bishops that would work with h him. >> absolutely. here's a man that was almost on the fifty seven of retirement and you were talking about that, iain. >> exactly. he was 76 years old when he was elected pope. but of course god had other plans for him. >> yes. indeed. >> pope francis will depart about 8:00 o'clock tonight for rome and he'll depart from atlantic aviation. that's where we'll find our bruce gordon. bruce? >> reporter: guys, we're out at the airport right now where all of this will come to a magnificent end. pope francis will head from the parkway ultimately to an indoor venue here at the airport where he will meet with some of the world meeting of family officials, other dignitaries including vice-president joe biden, and his wife the governor and his wife, the mayor and his wife. then, they will come outside here for the final goodbye. the final farewell. we'll point our cameras best we can over in this direction here. you might be able to make out on the horizon there, that is the
6:06 pm
cardinal o'hara marching band. they have the honor of giving the last musical tribute to pope francis before he heads out of philadelphia on his way back to rome. you see a small crowd of folks there beyond the kids in the marching what happened. we do not expect at this outdoor venue for anyone to make any kind of a statement. the pope may take a brief moment or two to interact with the crowd. there will be no formal speeches of any kind. not from the pope himself, not from vice-president biden. this event is the official goodbye from the united states of america. and that explains vice-president biden's participation here. when the event here ends at about 8:00 o'clock, it will be wheels up, pope francis will climb i was bore that bowing 777 american airlines flight at about 8:00 o'clock. it will be wheels up. it's about a nine-hour plus flight to rome. of course, the six-hour time difference so it will be late morning, monday when pope francis arrives back home after
6:07 pm
an absolute whirlwind trip to the united states. of course, the several days in cuba. then washington, d.c., new york, and philadelphia. as you said a couple of minutes ago, lucy, this was a trip that involved lots of big moments with big world leaders, and also many tender moments with young children. babies and other kids and that was the moments really that tugged at your heart strings. every time you saw this pope reach down to kiss or caress the forehead of a young child, there were lots of folks who were tearing up and for good reason. this was a moment of magic for a lot of folks especially those who got a chance to see the pope on these many what weave we've referred to assort of papal parades when he would go through the streets of washington and then new york and of course now here in philadelphia waving to the crowd, slowing down occasionally to interact with a small child or a baby handed to him from the crowd, and it was just absolutely wonderful to see it. you mentioned the crowds.
6:08 pm
if in fact that 860,000 number is more or less accurate, it will certainly reflect the number that is far less people, far fewer people than city officials had predicted. they were talking in the neighborhood of a million and a half people. ultimately that probably doesn't matter. the picture postcard shot that the city officials were hoping for of that jam packed ben franklin parkway will look as good as it could possibly have look. frankly, sometimes if the sun was out too much, that almost ruined the shot as any photographer will tell you. so they got the picture postcard shot that they wanted in terms of the city. there will be plenty this is philadelphia there will be men to complain about including business lost from restaurants and other local businesses large and small because of the airtight security. there will be continued grousing about that security and i will tell you that i asked mayor nutter some days ago whether they felt like they had enough magnetometers that is metal detectors, enough stations, around the parkway to get people
6:09 pm
in in a reasonably timely, reasonably efficient manner. he assured me he had been assured that was the case. it sounds like from what we're hearing that that was not necessarily the case today and that there were some issues getting people in and in a timely fashion. it took folks far longer than it probably should have to get them threw those magnetometers. that's a shame obviously because folks who traveled long distan distances to get here certainly didn't want to miss the action of that big papal mass on the parkway while standing in line. it sounds like it may have been a case frankly we've all scene it, you go to the stadium, everybody goes to one entrance, the other entrances would have been fine to get into but people don't necessarily know to do that and they wind up standing in long lines to get in. so, again, 8:00 o'clock tonight it's wheels up after some brief ceremonies indoors with the officials, outdoors the hand shake, the hugs, the kisses, up the stairs the pope will go. and off he will go to rome after what i'm sure city officials will describe as a spectacular successful world meeting of
6:10 pm
families. guys? >> well, bruce, you're right. it was spectacular. i think philly got what they wanted. you talked about it last night. the parkway was beautiful today. it look spectacular. with all those people there. about 860,000 people. the pope just celebrated mass here about 860,000 people. then trying to get communion to all those people. just logistic klee that was impressive went saw the people out with their yellow umbrellas to give communion to overate hundred thousand people. just incredible. but bruce talk about this. you've been with the pope since tuesday in washington, d.c. he went to new york and now here in philadelphia. and we've talked about it before. give us a little bit of a take away of this pope' message and what it's been over the last several days. >> reporter: thank you. >> all right. we lost bruce gordonly we'll get back to him in little bit women want to get out to fox 29's dave kinchen at st. joseph's university. dave? >> reporter: iain, this was an
6:11 pm
incredible moment here on campus at st. joseph's university. i'm going to step out of the way. i want to show you this statue that was blessed hours ago by pope francis. this is a statue that commemorates relations between the jewish and catholic religions, and people and this was a surprise visit on campus, an unscheduled visit and of course the entire campus was joyful. >> during the making of campus of st. joseph's university as pope francis honors a statue dedicated to inter faith celebration, senior nicholas, was part of the group welcoming the holy father in this unscheduled appearance. >> it's unreal. i was saying earlier there's cloud nine and then this feels like cloud 10. i'm not sure if it will get any more real from here. but, um, i'm sure it will get much easier to process. more or less when he approached me i thanked him for coming to the united states, i thanked him for coming to the university.
6:12 pm
i told him that we will pray for him and you know we hope he prays for us, and he assured me he would be. >> outside on city line avenue, thousands watched as the pontiff passed by in his iconic fiat on his way to say mass on the parkway. but the quick glimpse spoke volumes to those we talk with. >> just to see him drive by, like the school spirit everyone was dressed up. >> that was so exciting. once in a lifetime opportunity. so excited he came down and saw him. >> what did you think? >> good. >> you're nodding in approval, right? >> reporter: she approves as well. meantime, jet witness proud that's the word here from the students with the sign right there in the dorms you can see it at sent joseph's university the pope loves his school so much he was here four times this weekend. students on campus say that the pope drove by three times yesterday but three times was enough he came by pope francis
6:13 pm
did again today and again blessed the statue here and just a wonderful wonderful day here a lot of excitement. back to you guys. >> all right, dave, incredible story. of course, we know the pope wa wanted to see st. joseph' you've he is a jesuit and that is a jesuit school. father dan has been talking about that all day as well. dave, thank you so much. you know what, is there a story bigger than the pope? no. a story that's maybe number two here in philly y, that would be the philadelphia eagles. eagles finally got a win today. they beat the jets up at metlife stadium they finally won game and our shawnette wilson is live at chickie and pete's in south philly with eagles fans. shawnette? >> reporter: did you actually say they finally won game? yeah, they did. >> i did. >> reporter: yeah, and they it's all true and the pope is in town. all true statements you just made. we're live at chickie's and pete's where fans were celebrating today. the eagles win, of course, the first win of the season on a very big weekend as well. check it out. right here at chickie's and
6:14 pm
pete's pope francis this gentleman wearing a t-shirt here. now, you said you did watch the eagles game, correct, my friend. >> correct. >> reporter: did you watch the mass, correct? >> yes. >> reporter: um, who are you credits wig with this one? is it the coach? is it the players? is it the pope. >> the pope. absolutely the pope. >> reporter: how do you feel about the win today? >> i can careless about the win. as long as the pope went on with his show, that's all that matters. >> reporter: what do you feel about them having the mass and the papal coverage on in a sports bar? do you think most people welcomed that? >> of course. i'm catholic. so absolutely. i'd rather watch than the eagl eagles. >> reporter: all right. okay. i like that. we're so glad they won, though. let's come over here and talk to this guy. he's been here since the game was on. while it was off. the mass came on. you stuck it it out through it all. how you feeling today. >> we stick it out much that's what we do. we're eagles fans we stick it out till the end. >> did you think they were going to win today? i know they were playing the jets and the jets haven't really beat.
6:15 pm
>> we're not scared of the jets. we're not scared of any team in the nfl. we're ready to go. we'll turn it around. aft this game we're ready to go. >> were you pleased to see that the mass was on today after the game went off people didn't clear out. some people stayed and they watched. >> yeah. we definitely pleased to see everybody with the pope covera coverage. it's good for the city. >> reporter: good for the city. i asked this gentleman, i ask you as well whom do you credit with win, the coach, the players, the pope? >> the pope. he definitely brought the city together today and sam bradford pulled it out. and we got the w. >> reporter: do you think they sense a little -- zen a little prayer off to the pope? >> yes, i think they definitely won because of chip kelly. chip kell sal good pope. he's the pope of the eagles. >> reporter: all right. thank you -- >> he's the pope of philadelph philadelphia. oh. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. he's on chip kelly's side. that's because the eagles won. again, nerve good zero spirits here. watched the game. we have win in and also people still celebrating the pope here in philadelphia.
6:16 pm
back to you guys. >> all right, shawnette, thanks. actually a double blessing because the cowboys lost today. all things are right in the nfc east now. >> exactly. >> i don't know that you've mentioned it or not. it was very interesting the pope was wearing green today. eagles green. he was going to wear that green anyhow part of the hole whole mass celebration. >> absolutely. >> we can call it eagles green today. it's been quite the day for the pope. he started off at a chapel at saint karl charles borromeo seminary went off to curran-fromhold prison got a beautiful chair from the inmates and then he came to the parkway. let's take a look back. ♪ ♪
6:17 pm
♪ >> the father, the son and the holy spirit. ♪ >> love is shown by little things, by attention to those small daily finds which make our lives always feel like we're at home. ♪
6:18 pm
>> wow! celebrating mass for the masses truly so many people on the parkway. >> yeah. in fact we have estimates about 860,000 people. for more on that, let's head out to our own dave schratwieser. dave? >> reporter: iain, we're right here at 20th and the parkway. i'm going to give you a look see right now. we talked about the crowds leaving in a mass exodus right now. unofficial very unofficial estimate was 860,000 people on the parkway. could be more, could be less. a lot of factor that is go into. i'm sure the mayor will tell us officially what that was. a big part of this everybody has been talking about for weeks now, has been the security. you can see swat trucks and am mored vehicles and things like that still on the parkway here. they're from delaware county ones you're looking at right now. so the security piece of this has been huge thing. i stopped by police headquarters today to talk to deputy commissioner richard ross about how things have been going so far this weekend.
6:19 pm
he gave us this estimation. go ahead. >> give us a progress report on the weekend so far. >> well, things are going great from our standpoint. the crowds are wonderful. people are happy out there. they're giving officers and troopers high fives and everybody is seem to be joyful at this point in time. >> reporter: security arrangements so far, how are they working out? >> as planned i think. obviously, we did a nice dry run on saturday, and ironed out lot of glitches, but on d-day it really work out nicely, and for us we're going to be out there today and we are looking for nice, peaceful day. >> reporter: the pope moving around on the parkway in the pope mobile like that, that's going to happen again today before the mass. is that the most tense time for law enforcement right there? >> yeah, it is. but at the same time it's awesome. when you see how happy the crowds are, how they cheer him on, and just how they get into the moment, you can't help get caught up in that a little bit and still got a job to do, and we couldn't be happier with all law enforcement partners the
6:20 pm
troopers, the national guard has been great, obviously our police officers always do wonderful job. so things are gelling very nicely for us right now. >> reporter: checkpoint situation around town how is that working? some of them have come down in old city. the others are still up obviously near the parkway. how is that system working so far? >> well, i mean, like anything we do it's got to be fluid. so we have to be willing to adjust on the fly. there's some things that we're going to continue to look at so far it's gone well. i mean obviously when you're talking about something of this magnitude they'll be some folks that are going to be a little upset but for the most part it's for good reason. the world has changed in the last 15 years or so. so let's be honest. a lot of things we have to do differently than we wouldn't have done years ago. >> reporter: people talk about 1979 and we didn't have all the security in '79 but he we also are post 9/11 here so it has to be different. >> it has to be different. i think the people recognize we're doing everything possible to reduce and minimize the inconvenience to everybody involved, it's not going to be perfect. this is why we said from the
6:21 pm
outset, you know, everybody is a stake holder in this even those who recognize maybe inconvenienced. there's a bigger picture here, and it's good for the city and we're going to continue to do everything to make the city look good. >> reporter: that was the idea to make the city look good. some complaints today about the checkpoints. folks waited a long period of time at those checkpoints. i want to say this. the tsa agents who were working those checkpoints did a phenomenal job today. moving people quickly. they were checking bags. checking individuals. moving those lines as quickly as possible. if there was some part of a problem here, i believe there weren't enough checkpoints. now, i don't run that. i'm not a security expert from my observation i don't think there were enough checkpoints open from 1:00 up until the mass at 4:00 that's why the lines back up plus a lot of people showed up at the end of those last three or four hours. so there are some things that have to be ironed out with that. but nobody should take this out on the tsa agents who worked
6:22 pm
that checkpoints that i've been through. they were working quickly, efficiently trying to move people through. same for the secret service, sing that will have to be look at they'll trouble shoot that and see if they can do little bit better. no major incidents that we're being told about on the parkway tonight. at this point from what we're being told the pope is now moving towards the airport. where he will have a meeting in one of the hangars at atlantic aviation before he bore his plane and heads back to rome but right now here at the parkway, mass exodus of people heading home. you guys? >> you know what, i might add to what dave schratwieser is saying. the tsa agents were incredibly courteous. they came in from all across the nation to work on this. you know one of the things he was talking about having more checkpoints they opened one at 20th and callowhill which was originally just for ticket holders but they said we better open this up to the public. so they were trying. >> they were trying. >> so many people. i mean, again, if we an estimate of 860,000. >> that got in. >> and we heard there were thousands more trying to get in. you can understand just massive
6:23 pm
amount of crowds trying to be a witness to this historic event. >> oh, yeah. father dan, of course, you are a witness to history. i understand that at st. joseph's university there's that impromptu visitation by pope francis and that maybe perhaps some of your folks were up in trees did i hear? >> there were some folks in trees. i had to get a few students out of trees that's one of my jobs at st. joseph's to protect trees and make sure students behave. it was amazing. to the point lucy you were just making about that whole campus was immediately secured by every level of law enforcement working evident lesley with each other. that was an off the grid. it was not a secure location. they turned it into a secure locate overnight. so the incredible number of law enforcement officers active throughout this whole city to make this whole thing work and peak sure we have the safest possible experience for everybody including pope francis. but everybody else as well. but there were some students in the trees, is that what we're looking at? >> yes.
6:24 pm
>> the president -- >> we got the picture up. >> president said dan we may need your help if we have to most students and later on someone from the secret service was trying to move them and he had a bull horn and i said maybe i ought to take that bull horn and if you need help. >> you said you night do a better job, father. later on they offed me a job. i wasn't sure if it was the secret service or state police. i think i'm not going to take that. >> you are going remain the jesuit that you have. i got you that scenery minded me out of out of sound of music when the children were up in the trees hanging out. a good vantage point for the kids. i can understand wide they'd do it. >> absolutely. >> i would have done something like that. you would have been yelling at me, i know. >> even us in the media hering when pope francis came by before coming to mass here, we're talk bowing people in the media, were running to take pictures and video and we cover lot of things. >> i was. >> i was one of them as well. you can capture history we cover lot and we knew it was a historic moment we wanted to be a part of. >> i have to say, fat dan, you were talking about security, and
6:25 pm
iain, the layers of security to me is just phenomenal. we're not just talking secret service. we're talking boards borders and cuff toms. we're talking state police. we're talkin talking swat from s counties. every single layer you can imagine we got it here and they all work together well. >> they d i think, you know, we've talked about there may have been some problems get through checkpoints because of the massive amount of crowds, but you know i think if you look back at these two days and i culminating today, i don't think the city could have put on a better more spectacular more impressive spectacle with an open parkway that had almost a million people on there with monitors and pope francis here, i mean it was an incredible scene. i don't think they could have pulled it off any better. >> the joy, father dan, just the joy was amazing to witness. >> absolutely. what an incredible sense of exuberance. people were exuberant or had he had serenity about them. i was moved by the people really more than anything else. at many of the events i was at. >> talk about historic events
6:26 pm
and we all know about when think you are where you are when certain things happen. pope john paul was here in 1979. we run into people here this week that remember that like it was yesterday. >> bruce gordon would be one of those folks. honestly he's at atlantic aviation right now because from what i understand the pope is going to be heading off to atlantic aviation as we speak. pretty soon pulling up there into a hangar. bruce gordon, what do you know? >> reporter: well, it turns out i met a couple of new friends here. the entertainment for this evening when the pope does his farewell here at atlantic aviation, this is marie. >> yes. >> and elizabeth. >> yes. >> reporter: all right. so you are both members of the marching band at cardinal o'hara high school springfield, delaware county. i understand you found out you would be performing for the pope's farewell back in august at band camp just before band camp of tell me what goes through your mind when you realize you'll be playing for the pope? >> it's and the most exciting thing. i'm just a junior and it's just like wonderful experience for me in high school especially
6:27 pm
because so many other high schoolers don't get to do. >> if you were a senior it wouldn't be that big a deal but as a junior -- >> yeah. good. >> reporter: you first hear the words you'll be playing for the pope, what was the first reaction you had? >> i couldn't even -- i couldn't say anything. it was so shockin shocking. my heart stopped for second. it was an mazing opportunity because the pope rarely comes to america so i'm excited for it. >> reporter: you've seen and heard obviously some or much of what he's been up to during this past week and certainly the past couple of days. as you've seen this pope in action, what goes through your mind now to be able to be up close with him? >> he's an amazing man. like, made to be up close to the pope, like, it's rash. it's very rare. i think he's an amazing person. very kind, kind pope. i'm skeeted about that. >> reporter: let me get your reaction to all of this again right before band camp. you have obviously no idea this is going to be the announcement and you hear, guess what, you're playing for the pope. >> i actually started crying. so, yeah.
6:28 pm
so, um, maria was sitting next to me when i did start crying. it was just completely all inspiring. i'm a senior and i'm one of the student directors of the band. so just being able to say that i directed the band i conducted for the pope is absolutely ama amazing. and i'm one of the students that was given the opportunity to give the pope flowers if we are given the option to. then it's just -- there's no words for it real. >> reporter: i got to know. what will you playing? war the musical selections that you'll be choosing for this goodbye ceremony? >> we are playing shake it off by taylor swift and then we're playing happy from despicable me and we're also playing waving the flag the coca-cola celebration song. >> reporter: what went into choosing the music? >> well, our field show is shake it off and waving flags and then happy was a piece that we came up with because it is just a
6:29 pm
really fun upbeat song for a very modern pope. >> reporter: generally speaking the pope gets what you know, right? >> yeah. exactly. >> reporter: i'll put you both on the spot. can you give me a couple of notes of shake it off? >> sure. >> let's go here. i'll put the mike out and step out of the way. here we go. this is what the pope is going to hear at least a frack of what the pope is going to hear in just a little bit. we all set? >> okay. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: absolutely lovely, ladies. it is spectacular to be with you both. >> thank you. >> reporter: i'm guessing you'll be remembering this evening for quite awhile. >> yes indeed. of course. >> reporter: fair enough. i'll ask you both to come over this way a minute. i'll ask joel sanders by
6:30 pm
photographer to tilt over to the left as best you can, joel because we'll see -- keep going left, keep going, keep going off in the distance we can see some of the dignitaries have arrived here at the airport at atlantic aviation. the band members are in the for frowned ground. dignitaries in the background you obviously see the flashing lights. indoor ceremony where the pontiff will thank the dignitaries, the governor, the vice-president will be there along with dr. jill biden and some of the benefactor who's helped get this event off the ground. let's be very candid. this did not come cheap so a lot of folks who had to write a lot of big checks in order to make this event happen. they will be at that indoor event. then the pope will come outside and at that point it will be a final farewell again 8:00 o'clock wheels up and, ladies, i'm guessing you'll be waving to him as he heads off? >> yes. >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: thank you both for your time. again we'll be back here to consist all for you, guys. back to you. >> just amazing from the cardinal o'hara high school ban. so excited. i will say that i've been gets
6:31 pm
tweets from a lot of high school students i can't wait to learn about this at school. >> that's true. all right. let's bring in joyce evans inside the gesture of gratitude. hi, joyce. >> reporter: hi, iain and luc lucy. the vice-president has arrived. he's inside the hangar right n now. he is -- you can hear the cheers and now the pope has arrived. i can really see in front of all the people because they all have their cameras and their phones up, yes, they are here inside this hangar. he is here for a private meeting we're told he's going to have before he comes out and really addresses this group of volunteers and organizers of the world meeting of families and he will visit with some of the donors here as well. those had gave millions of dollars to help make this such a success. there is a child here who will also be blessed by the pope. are you guys able to hear this now? should i stop talking?
6:32 pm
>> we can. we can. actually we see them on the stage. so let's listen to the gesture of gratitude. (applause). >> we just wanted to say archbishop, thank you very, very much because if it wasn't for your yes, three years ago, to the holy father and the vatican, then the world meeting of families 2015 philadelphia would not have been a reality day. so thank you so much and god bless you and the holy father. thank you very much. >> thank you. (applause). >> thank you very much. >> thank you. we should save the applause for the holy father. okay? >> your holiness, archbishop p paglia, mr. vice-president, governor and mrs. wolf, mayor and mrs. nutter and friends, on the parkway a few minutes ago, i mentioned that this has been an extraordinary week for the people of philadelphia.
6:33 pm
but it's been equally important for those of you gathered here this evening from around the world and from the united stat states. none of this could have happened without the truly heroic evidents of bishop john mcintyre one of my auxiliary bishops, mr. bob, the president of the world meeting of families, mrs. donna crowley farrell executive of the world meeting of families, the leadership of the co chairs and committees of the world meeting of families, archbishop pgalia and his staff. please keep them and all of us in their prayers. we ask you holy father to bless these wonderful people who made the event happen. we want you to know once again that the hearts of the people of the city of brotherly love are with you. we hate to see you leave. we're so grateful that you came to our home, philadelphia. (applause) .
6:34 pm
>> mr. vice-president, distinguished authorities, dear friends, my days with you have been brief but they have been days of great, great for me and
6:35 pm
for you, too. please know that i prepare to leave i do so with a heart full of gratitude and hope to all of you and to the many others work so hard to make my visit possible and to prepare for the world meeting of families. i thank the archdiocese of philadelphia, the organizers and all the many volunteers and benefactors who assisted in in
6:36 pm
ways once more. (applause). >> i also thank the families who shared their witness. it is not so easy to speak openly of one's life. but their honesty and humility before the lord and showed the beauty of family live in all its richness and diversity. i pray that our days of prayer and reflection on importance of
6:37 pm
the family will inspire families to continue to strive for to see the church as constant companion whatever the challenges they may face. at the end of my visit i would also like to thank all those who prepare for my stay in the archdiocese of washington and new york. it was a particular moment for me to canonize junipero serra who reminds us all of called to be missionaries and i was also
6:38 pm
very moved to stand with my brothers and sisters of other religions at ground zero the place which speaks so power physical of the mystery of evil, yet we know that evil never has the last word. (applause). >> god's miracle plan love and peace, triumph over all. mr. vice-president, i ask you to renew my gratitude to president
6:39 pm
obama and to the members of congress with assurance of my prayers for american people. this land has been blessed with tremendous gifts and opportunities. i pray that you may be all be good and of the humor and material results entrusted to you. i was able to witness the faith of god's people in this country as manifest in our moments of prayer and evidenced in so many works of charity. jesus says in the scriptures, i
6:40 pm
say to you, as did you did to one of least of brethren, did you to me. a sign of your love for jesus and for your faithfulness to h him. so too is your care for the poor, the sick, the homeless and the immigrants. live at every stage and your concern for family life. (applause).
6:41 pm
>> in all of this you recognize that jesus and that you care for one another as jesus cares. as we leave i ask all of you especially the volunteers and benefactors who are seated with the world meeting of families don't let -- for jesus his charge families and brother family of society ruin life. may our days together bare fruit that will last generosity and care for others that will endure
6:42 pm
just as we have received so much gifts you've given. let us give to others. dear friends, i embrace all of you in the lord and i entrust you to maternal care of mary magdalen, patronness. i will pray for you and your families and i ask you please to pray for me. may god bless you all. god bless america! (applause) .
6:43 pm
(applause). (applause)
6:44 pm
>> pope francis in the gesture of gratitude as he heads off very soon wheels up to rome. >> exactly. supposed to be 8:00 o'clock and there he is again. look at this. these are moments. these are the moments that just,/what he's been doing all trip. indeed. >> and mingling with people there and father dan let's bring you in if we can. as we hear he's getting ready to depart give us sort avenue wrap up of his message over the these last few days. >> i think he gave us a great wrap up there in just those few words he offered to those folks who have really made this event happen here in philadelphia. of course, that summary where he talked about being missionaries all of us are called to missionary just like junipero serra he canonized in washington
6:45 pm
and that moment at ground zero we need to overcome evil and we can overcome evil. moving scene we saw at grandsire row with that incredible memorial there. he asked us all stobb stewards of both human and material resources i love how he includes that the human the personal he asked congress end asked us at the prison to remember the -- he asked us human dimension of immigration, the human dimension of those incarcerated the human dimension of all of us. he told congress don't be overwhelmed by the numbers we all need to be witnesses. witnesses of people here. he's a big believer in all of the years he's been bishop and a pastoral leader he believes that god's holy faithful can be trusted and we as leaders and bishops must trust their goodwill to go forward at the end he thanked the volunteers and benefactors. don't will the your enthusiasm for your own families and for the family of society die down. this morning he told bishops you are to be the rebuilders of
6:46 pm
enthusiasm. that was his task to the bisho bishops. you should pray and preach so that you may be rebuilders of an enthusiasm among the people you shepherd. so i think with his final blessing there he gave us that great summary of the many waves in which he has really touch us over these last few days. >> you know interesting, father dan, you were talking about his response to his mother when she found out that he was going to be going into the into the seminary instead of becoming a doctor. that his response to her was, i'm called to be a healer of souls, not a healer of people. so really as you were telling me the church to him is a field hospital. >> that's right. that's his image for the church that it's to be out there wherever people are suffering, wherever people are in need and to really encounter them. that's another huge word he uses this is about an encounter a listening he toll the bishops you don't need to use lost words to be good bishop to be a good leader. absolutely. that's his image. where to be where people are hurting and understand their particular situation as we solve the big problems. >> that's again we talk about
6:47 pm
being a jesuit you can speak to this. god's marines the jesuit goss out to the periphery and bring people in. absolutely much he's really touched i think the jesuit world of course which is a lot of -- we have 2.2 million students in schools that are almost every country of the world but here in the united states, we hosted i kept running into them all night long last night as i was traveling back from the festival of families these kids from any number of jesuit high schools hundreds of them. migrated here and the pilgrimage real toll see pope pope francis their jesuit education is so firmed by his values and the way he talks about being a jesuit or just the way he talks about being a christian because very jesuit approach. we at st. joseph's host add bunch of students from different jesuit colleges and universities and so jesuit world you might say is renewing that enthusiasm he's talking about where we're really allowing ourselves to have a renewal and a new focus of what we have to offer both the world and for ourselves. our own growth and development. he challenged by that.
6:48 pm
>> father dan has talk to us about the francis effect. so has our bruce gordon who's there at atlantic aviation right now. bruce, yet another stirring talk i guess you could call it from pope francis to the vips that are assembled there in the hangar. >> reporter: speaking of vip's more motorcycle police officers coming by us here. it is going to be the shortest but the most impressive parade you never saw. we've been told that in about five minutes or so, the pontiff will come from the indoor even that you just broadcast over to our location for the final goodbye ceremony. it's too difficult for to us pan our camera over, because of the angles we have here but i will tell you the cardinal o'hara marching band is penned up literally behind those bicycle rack fences ready to perform for the pontiff. dozens and dozens of vip vehicles are over at that indoor location that we just described you saw the ceremony there. they'll be heading over here. let me get out of the way and
6:49 pm
we'll show you that the red carpet has been rolled out quite literally for the pope's departure. a couple of minutes ago a gentleman was sweeping it free of the last little vestiges the leaves or dirt that might have been on it. of course little bit of a breeze out here. you see there's sand bags on it we don't want anybody tripping as they walk along that red carpet. pontiff will head up those stairs which of course are adorned with the logo of the 2015 world meeting of families here in philadelphia. he'll a as zen those stairs, hed into the boeing 777 american airlines jetliner and off he will go again the schedule calls for an 8:00 o'clock wheels up. by nine hour flight back to ro rome. s hour time difference so it will be late monday morning before he returns, and i will only assume and i think it's safe to do so, that the pontiff will want to get a little sleep on that long flight because it has ban grueling trip trip for him from cuba to washington to new york to philadelphia. every day jam packed with events
6:50 pm
large and small. moment that is were momentous and moments that tug at our heart strings as he interacted witness most vulnerable among us even after speaking to some of the most powerful among us a fascinating journey for this pope. his first ever trip to the united states and one i'm sure he'll remember for some time to come. i can guarantee philadelphians won't soon forget it as well. guys? >> you know, bruce talks about how he's just going non-stop but i'll tell you, a lot of the press core who travels with him they call themselves the vat pack, they're wiped after a long day but this guy still going. >> he is. >> pope francis is still going. >> incredible. 78 years young. >> right. >> let's bring joyce evans back in. joyce? >> reporter: yes, speaking of still going, he is going down what appears to be part of long receiving line i have ever seen. because we're behind him, we can't really see from our vantage point and from our cameras as i can see here who exactly he is greeting, congratulating, thanking them for the work that they've done,
6:51 pm
down at the far end you may not have been able to see he started off a group of bishops down there. some of the dignitaries that were not mentioned on stage were democratic candidate for mayor jim kenney. he's in the room. pat croce. he's in the room. congressman bob brady is in the room. but as i can look right now he's not along that receiving line as well as some other people who have been very supportive of this effort. here's a child as oy mentioned before i believe that child is at the end of this receiving line whom he will bless as he's done eight number of other locations that he has been throughout the city the past two days and in the other cities around this country as far as washington, d.c. and new york are concerned. the vice-president he did reiterate to him to pack along his friends, president biden,
6:52 pm
the vice-president has not spoken here and i'm not really sure if he will. i understand that he may have requested just a private gathering with him. he's in the room. i don't know that we've seen him on camera at all during -- >> we have. we have, joyce. along with dr. jill biden. >> reporter: yes. it's difficult to see from where i am. even though i'm up on a riser i'm still not tall enough to see beyond a lot of the heads that are in front of me but there are a number of people in this room who have come out tonight to hear the pope and to wish him farewell as he leaves our country. >> you know, joyce, you have covered many, many gatherings. this is a gathering of a different sort. when you were talking to the people assembled here in the hangar to listen to pope francis, what was the feeling, the anticipation level? >> i'm going to tell you she's are very powerful, very rich people in this room a lot of
6:53 pm
them are, as they donate a lot of money to help this happen. so some of them are volunteers who just work very very hard. volunteered their time there is a wide range of folks in this room. but really powerful rich people in here and they're just as excited as i've seen everybody else along the parkway in front of the basilica along market street lines along areas where the pope would visit or pass by in their blankets all night long. it is the same. the feeling is the same. the am of excitement is the same. it just perm me yates throughout the room. you can't miss it if you tried. >> it's incredible, joyce, because we've been here on the parkway the past two days and again there's almost a million people out there. what we can see on our screen right now evening you're there and i don't know what your vantage point there are people all we can see are cell phones, people are taking videos and taking pictures.
6:54 pm
>> reporter: that's right. >> these are incredibly important and affluent people. >> they are rich. they are powerful. sometimes people will say, hey, well, you know, they walk through the room, the air and all of that, not tonight they're in this room pushing forward just like anybody else has done to gain position so that they can snap their pictures they might be able to, you know, exchange a smile, hand shake if possible, whatever they can with pope francis. they're acting like everybody else in here. >> pope francis, you know, he look at these people as just people. they're like everybody else. because this is a man who could have had and had fact had a scheduled lunch with washington, d.c. you want powerful folks. what did he do? he went off and honk out with the homeless because that's where his heart is to help those who are less fortunate, joyce. >> reporter: that's what he's all about. we know it, and we've heard it from him. we've seen it from him.
6:55 pm
if did you not gather that from the past, you know, several days that he's been here, six days he's been here, you must have not be looking because i think he's the real deal. and he's made it known he's about the people, all the peop people. particularly for those who are suffering. those who are poor. those who have less. now you see him greeting the mayor right there exchanging a few words very close up. i don't know -- i can see it from where i am. yeah. >> we can see it from where we are. it was perfect. because they are right now mayor nutter is whispering some things in ear thank you so much from being here and we're so happy it work out. >> reporter: i'll bet. i'll bet. now he's at the end of that line. our cameras are positioned very high up and even they can't seem to get over the throngs of people here who have their cameras and phones as high as
6:56 pm
they can get them up up in the air. you can barely see him in that crowd. i'll tell you one thing, he's leaving this country knowing that he is loved here. there he goes. >> absolutely. >> i think he's going to do a quick private meeting back there. that's what we were told. we thought this was going to do it on the front end but he decided to speak first and now he's going to behind the curta curtain. then we shall see him come outside very soon and head towards bruce's location where he will get on the plane and say see you later. >> yup. bruce and a whole bunch of incredibly excited band members from the cardinal o'hara high school who have been practicing day in and day out. >> absolutely. let's bring father dan back in now. i want to to you to ask you this much i know the answer because i spoke with i was couple of months before pope francis got here. let's get back to the jesuit some of the jesuit themes again, and we were surprised everyone was really surprised that there was a jesuit pope and i know if we had asked you a week before
6:57 pm
the conclave if there was going to be jesuit pope what would be your answer? >> absolutely not. never. never in the history of the church or the world will there be a jesuit pope. veiled told that you. and the odds were against the jesuits. only one jesuit in the conclave it was jorge mario bergoglio. his chances of getting elected as a 75-year-old bishop, archbishop cardinal would have been minimal in my opinion. >> of course, there were other plans. i would say the holy spirit intervened. >> but ooh do think -- i do think that the cardinals in that conclave understood this man's leadership abilities and that the church at this time really needed this man not only to clean up kind of the bureaucracy and problems witness vatican and lots of other management difficulties but they needed somebody who was going to help bring the word of god and the message of the catholic church to a global audience in a it what that was going to be effective then pick it right. they understand this man has those skills. >> there you go. and what we're looking at on the screen right now we bring bruce gordon is that red carpet you
6:58 pm
were describing. we've got, of course, the members of the catholic church lining it up to that ramp going up to that american airlines plane that will take the pope back to rome. what are you seeing from your vantage point, bruce? >> reporter: we're seeing some movement now, lucy, by some of those vip vehicles clearly the event next door is wrapping up. you see the highlighte highlighn the for ground. the marching band from cardinal o'hara high school and the vehicles you see the flashing lights off in the distance there. are starting to -- starting to move and so it's pretty clear that the action is about to get underway here. we have been waiting it looks to me at least like this event we've talk all along about how this event has been so much on schedule right from the start. in fact it looks like there may actually be somewhat of an early departurdeparture here from ph philadelphia. that may give the pope time tinder act with some of the members of the crowd which would
6:59 pm
you wonderful if in fact that could happen. they do appear to be a ahead of schedule in terms of the official schedule for this eve event. again, we've been telling you all along this thing has been timed out to the last minute, and everything that is supposed to happen in a certain hour happens at a certain hour. so we may very well get a little bit of extra time to see the pope do what he loves to do and that is interact with the crowd. >> well we just saw the now famous fiat heading towards you, bruce. i have to tell you, this is quite the coo for fiat chrysler you've got that modified jeep rank blear that is now the pope mobile and then of course the fiat this italian-american company these days the seventh largest automaker in the world. fiat stock will go through the roof. >> the cars are now moving. it does loon like -- i was going to say lucy it does look like we have some movement there. at the moment they are traveling
7:00 pm
in the opposite direction. at this very moment they are specifically heading away from us but it's not clear whether that simply means they'll loop the building and come at us at a different angle. that may be in fact the case. the traffic i can see around this area off in the distance i can see roads are closed and in fact it does look like that's what's going to happen. that they have -- they're heading in the opposite direction. merely to be able to kind of loop around the riser area where we are, and then come around and my sense would be, again, i'm just guessing mirror at this point based on what i'm seeing, but it look like maybe they come at us from a different direction than we might have assumed. so it's very difficult to tell, because they are heading in the opposite direction at the moment. you see all of the church officials there. all the clergy arriving and setting up along that red carp carpet. we'll go now to the back entrance there of the airplane. that would likely be the traveling fresh. you mentioned lucy that vat pack
7:01 pm
that is the traveling press an sizeable press indeed. we saw at one point during this trip actually a news conference given by the pope aboard that airplane rather fascinating to watch that in action for those of us who have been in the news business much the left and right ails of the airplane lined with television cameras on tripods and folks asking their questions the pope basically standing in the front of the seating section and so that's traveling press there getting ready to board the plane. still unclear -- >> very interesting -- the direct of the motorcade. go ahead. >> i think you were talking about choreography, and this is core graphicked down to the t. i understand he might be meeting with the bidens privately, of course, vice-president biden lost his son beau recently and this has been incredibly difficult time as we can all imagine for vice-president biden and dr. jill biden. so i'm sure words of comfort from pope francis to this very faithful catholic family can only be moving and stirring and
7:02 pm
helpful and up lifting for them. >> yeah. >> reporter: absolutely. you mentioned before vice-president joe biden devout catholic and as thrilled likely as any of the vip's that you could imagine at this papal visit. so that would be a very special meet, you mentioned the recent loss of beau biden, and how emotional that is for the vice-president. he was on obviously late night television not too long ago speaking of it and it was a gut wrenching moment to hear him -- to hear him talk about the loss of his son and so it's not clear that that would be discussed but if it is, it would certainly be an emotional moment for the vice-president. >> absolutely, bruce. you know, we're looking right now at the screen. we've got the staircase up against the plane and look you that was you tack about 7:02 right now and they certainly do team to be running a little early, you know, of course according to the choreography
7:03 pm
that we have been provided with all week. but as you say it may give him some time to interact with some people along that route he may be meeting with the bidens privately there may be thing happening that we're not on schedule. >> father dan is with us right now as well. father dan, you see the assembled clergy standing in front of the stairs and what is going through everybody's heads right now as the pope the leader of the catholic church, leader of 1.2 billion catholics worldwide is about to bid them a due. >> i'm sure with many of those it's sort of sense of exuberance much great gratitude and of course maybe gratitude finally everything went off without a hitch and everybody had this wonderful experience. deep experience. pope francis isn't the only one going to rome. in a few days actually archbishop chaput will be leaving on tour on october 4th senate representing the us bishops i was speaking with him last week at the inauguration of our president at st. joseph' he has very little downtown before all of a sudden on plane to roam
7:04 pm
only to begin what is almost a 20 day senate meeting will take up these issues of the family explored at the world meeting of families but to really make some decisions about family life and especially with regards to the way of the church deals with family life. that will be a lot of work on has par. he will not have much down time. i'm sure he's saying goodbye to the pope only to see him in a few days actually. >> all right. father dan, thanks so much for the insight. stand by. we'll take a break. we'll continue right after this.
7:05 pm
7:06 pm
7:07 pm
♪ fox 29's coverage of the holy father in philadelphia continues. pope francis is now at atlantic aviation getting ready to leave the philadelphia area. >> quick recap for you. it has been absolutely perfect weather. though we had rain and wind in the forecast, thank you pope
7:08 pm
francis. the philadelphia eagles won. we are not zero and three. thank you pope francis. >> thank you. >> he has kissed baby after baby and made blessings everywhere. people are happy and been kind to each other for days now. and we have bruce gordon watching it all right now in atlantic aviation. bruce? >> reporter: yeah. we are trying to give you a shot as best we can as dignitaries and church officials line up along the red carpet. it's apparent that the events are about to get underway here. we're trying to give you a shot here as best we can of mon zero your vin chen company paglia. he's the head of the pontifical council for the family based in rome. a gentleman i got to meet and interact on our trips to rome. we're trying to pick him out of the crowd. it's difficult give given the circumstances here. let's widen out on our picture. i will simply tell you that he has been an integral part of the planninplanning of this event. again, this is -- think event
7:09 pm
the world meeting of families really is a part of and an event staged by the pontifical council for the family. the monsignor is a very lively, very vibrant, very personable guy. actually came to philadelphia some months ago and really ate up the local culture, was always ready to kind of be in on the joke on the philly references and so forth, and so really an interesting guy to be around. if you can see him in the distance i'll ask joel sanders to widen out the picture a little bit. it does appear that we have a motorcade of some sorts in the back ground there. not clear whether that is part of what's going to go on here. we'll know in second. and now it does appear that particular motorcade the police escort is going beyond the plane, behind it and off into the -- off into the distance. so we're to the going to worry about that. we're trying to figure out exactly what we're seeing here and it's not always easy.
7:10 pm
it's almost as we pan left again back to that red carp shot, it's almost like posing for family photo you got to get everybody lined up there. (laughter). >> reporter: that's like the old express hurting cats -- we're hurting church officials at this point and it's not easy. everyone wants to have their specific mace in line. everyone obviously would like to get a greeting arc brief touch of a hand and let's pan left again now about 80, 99 degrees, joel, and we'll see the warming up of the band there, again, that's springfield delaware county's finest. that is cardinal o'hara high school marching band. they're going to be playing a couple of selections for the pope as he heads out of philadelphia including the shake it off hit from taylor swift, of course, taylor swift a product of berks county, and there's a bit of local flavor there as well. a bit of local color there as well. we're seeing more dignitaries and volunteers from the world meeting of families arriving. getting into position.
7:11 pm
tension continues to build here. it seems like every time you're waiting for the pope, there's this air of tension, air of expecting something big to happen. again -- >> bruce -- the plan for him to be wheels up around 8:00 o'clock but it sounds like at least at the moment we may be a little ahead of schedule. we'll see how that plays out. >> absolutely. bruce we want to bring you back in to talk about the fact that pope francis may be meeting with the bidens privately. can you give us insight on what might be going on there? >> reporter: well, of course, as we all know, the vice-president' son beau biden passed away at the age of 46 of cancer not long ago. an absolutely traumatic event for the vice-president, of course, this is a man who lost his wife in a car accident many, many years ago. that story has been well told and so he is no stranger to
7:12 pm
tragedy. no stranger to losing members of his family and that we believe might be some of the basis of the conversation. getting more dignitaries arriving. it looks like we're moments away from the goodbye ceremony. >> bruce gordon reporting live for us from atlantic aviation as we await pope francis as he is about to go wheels up back to rome. you're watching fox 29 special the holy father in philadelphia. we are back in a moment. ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
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>> welcome back to fox 29's special the holy father in philadelphia. you're looking at shepherd one sitting there majestically on the tarmac at atlantic aviation awaiting pope francis. >> what a day it was on the ben franklin parkway about 860,000 people celebrating mass with pope francis. let's take look back at just a hitter rock day on the parkway. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> for love consists, not that we loved god but he loved us
7:16 pm
first. ♪ >> faith grows when it is practiced and it is shaped by love. that is why our families, our homes, our true domestic churc churches. these are the right places for faith to become life and for faith to grow in life. ♪ >> what day on the parkway and now look we have act on the tour mack. >> let's get back to bruce gordon. bruce? >> reporter: vice-president joe biden just stepping out of the limousine to greet some of the other diagnose any tears along the red carpet.
7:17 pm
we've seen movement now just in the last 30 seconds or thereabouts. among those on hand mayor nutter and this wife, donna farrell the executive director of the world meeting of families, congressman bob brady of philadelphia who famously or infamously snagged the remaining glass of water from the pontiff's speech to congress several days ago. brought it back to his office and drank from the glass to say, hey, i consumed water from the same glass that the pope used. posed for pictures with it and apparently saved some of that water as something to kind of bless his grandchildren with if i'm not mistaken. so kind of amusing moment there. but the vice-president there shaking hands with some of the other church officials. it look like he may be the first to greet the pope when he steps out of his vehicle on to the red carpet. and we're hoping and expecting the rest of the vehicles from the motorcade which are now being whisked along will not be blocking the view and we suspect
7:18 pm
that they will be in fact moved along so they're out of the way. as soon as we see that famous francis fiat, of course, a roar will go up in the crowd. fiat 500. now we've got a group of vehicles coming from the other direction and this is what i was suggesting earlier. that they were going to loop around quite a display here. look at all those flashing lights. the police cars, the philadelphia police officers on their motorcycles, a lengthy, lengthy motorcade these are philadelphia police cars, pennsylvania state police cars. a good 20 to 25 vehicles. a little bit of a log jam up front and as soon as that clears, it will enable the actual vehicle that is carrying the pope that fiat to come to a stop and it does look like in fact vice-president joe biden the official representative of
7:19 pm
the u.s. government here at this particular ceremony to be the first to greet him over on the right side of the screen the blond hair woman dr. jill biden. vice-president now shaking hands with some of the clergy along the left side of the red carpet there. dr. jill biden being walk along there as well. and as i said they might be the first perhaps they will be the last to say goodbye. per happen right at the end of that red carpet before the pope as sends the stairs. i must say there was a bit of a scare when we viewed the proceedings at jfk area port early saturday morning. you'll recall that the pope came over to the airport via helicopter from the wall street heliport. got out of the vehicle and when he came up the stairs of the airplane actually stumbled a couple times. it looks like the pope is right here now. here we go. right in front of the red carpet. there's the fiat the pope is now entering -- exiting the vehicle you see that familiar white cap. hopefully the vehicle will move along now and we're about to see
7:20 pm
the pope under acting the rest of the clergymen there and the fiat hopefully will move along. it does. and we're getting a little better view as the pope offers his greetings to the assembled dignitaries and church officials. this has been a marvelous trip for the pope, a marvelous trip for the various venues and of course philadelphians planning for this visit for so long and we mentioned donna krilli farrell awhile ago the executive director of world meeting of families the former spokesperson for the archdiocese of philadelphia. an interesting newspaper profile of her awhile back suggested that she had gotten really burn out in that job especially dealing with the issue of the priest sex abuse scandal. got away from the church for little bit but was called back to become the executive director of the world meeting of families and has thrown her heart and soul and many, many hours into this work. she's really been the face of
7:21 pm
this organization. whenever there have been televised news conferences about this event, she's been the face of it and in fact really had to do a fair amount of cheerleading after awhile. we reported that in several weeks leading up to this event. there was a real fear that early security scares were going to quite literally scare people away and that there wouldn't be nearly the crowds they were hoping for, and just about every news conference ended with, donna farrell saying, please come. buttons came out, i'll be there. the message was clear. don't be scared away. come out. you'll remember this for the rest of your life. if the tweets and photos and comments that we've seen and heard are any indication, people are going to remember this one for a long long time. the pontiff taking some time now to greet the dignitaries it does appear now the way this is all laid out that he will not have the time nor will logistics permit him to intact with the marching band or some of the other folks but who knows. that could change again we are ahead of schedule here but at the moment he's going down
7:22 pm
receiving line of sorts and on that left side it look like he's yet to reach congressman brady. but he will do that in just a moment. looks like mayor nutter and first lady his wife lisa nutter will be greeting the pontiff first mayor lady, i don't think that's right. something tells me i'm a little off on that one. >> it's okay. it could be a new title. >> reporter: the mayor's wife lisa. i don't think she's going to want that title the way i gum it up there. but unfortunately we've got a lot of folks kind of gathering around blocking the view just to a degree there. but again unmistakable white cap right in the middle of of the action as always. and it's a safe bet that anybody you see with a broad grin on their face is either just about to or has just inter acted with pope francis. absolutely. just been mazing to watch this play out. throughout the day you've seen this from washington, d.c. through new york city through right here in philadelphia.
7:23 pm
i don't know that you can see. we have a beautiful view of pope francis right now very close up. that broad smile on his face always it seems bruce he feeds off the positive energy of of the people he interact with. >> reporter: you're right lucy. the humility that we've talk about so much. i just -- i'm constantly struck by this notion of meeting the mighty and the meek and saying to all of them, pray for me. i've got an incredible job to do and i understand that and i understand that i'm just a man. and i've got an incredible responsibility, a weight on my shoulders and so pray for me. i need your help just as much as you need mine. a quick story i've been to rome twice for the station covering the run up to this event and it's kind of interesting in the bureau in which we work the fox news bureau there was a poster of sorts on the wall dating back to 2013 and on it is a feet array of the college of cardinals and in it are the, you know, numb nail size photographs of all the members of the
7:24 pm
college of cardinals gone into that conclave of course the question is which one of these men is going to become the next pope. and there is the photo on the top row about a third of the way from the left is jorge mario bergoglio date of birth december 17th, 1936 and his photo just like all the others. and there was a time obviously a day or so before that conclave where you could have shown a dart -- thrown dart and says who will have their live change for jeffer it turns out it was jorge mario bergoglio on that poster is a little circle drawn around his face in ink to say, this is the guy whose life has changed forever. >> i'll tell was, bruce, you talk about his life being changed forever. well, it seems like just so many people. he is changing their lives forever. threw his interactions with him. through the things he says. through the notions that he ho holds about his humbleness, his vow of poverty about leading a simple life and about how important the bonds of family
7:25 pm
are. yeah it rea really is fascinate. one of the more interesting things about all of this visit and the interactions and dave schratwieser and steve keeley brought some of those stories to us, the -- let's stop the motorcade for moment so that i can interact with this small child, small child may be dealing with a terrible disease and i'm going to interact with them. whether you believe in miracles, whether you believe in all of this kind of thing or not is almost unimportant. the people he's dealing with they believe. here opens goas the pope now up the stairs much this time apparently without any trouble. web he stumble a couple of times heading up the stairs as he departed jfk. no such trouble today. has to be he can haft the. he'll turn around give a final wave to the crowd. a big smile and with that he will disappear momentarily into shepherd one and the visit of pope francis to the city of philadelphia for the 2015 world
7:26 pm
meeting of families will officially come to close. >> father dan is sitting back -- >> remarkable. >> watching this. >> you must think that this is one of the crowning moments for this city and possibly for you. >> absolutely. as a jesuit and as, you know, someone who loves philadelphia this is such a great way to celebrate who we are and to feel blessed to really feel blessed by the presence of this wonderful witness. his gracious us in late at night after a grueling schedule over the last few days several days you can see his graciousness there. still shines through as he greeted all those folks. that one last look that they had for him was one a face to shine. up credible. >> father dan, if you can, what would be your wrap up end what is the pope's lasting message to philadelphia? >> well, i think to philadelphia it's both a celebration and affirmation of who we are, you
7:27 pm
know, the church here has been through hard times. archbishop chaput pulling them out of a financial and other difficulties, and i think it's a real affirmation of our progress moving forward but to become more enthusiastic about the gifts we've been given the faith we have and the way in which we need to share that. there's always that affirmation and yet gentle challenge that he gives us that calls us to do -- to be more. not necessarily to do more but to be more and to be better at what we're doing and i think that's very much part of his jesuit spiritual will the always looking to that greater that way we can do something more deeply or significant, that thing we call the ma gentleman's and i think he understand that is. small things that add up to great things. so it's that -- there's a challenge always mixed in with incredibly gracious and inviting presence. >> you're talking about his jesuit spiritual will the, something obviously as a jesuit you know very very well, father dan. when we were looking at shepherd one here, in the past, popes have had that first class cabin made in a way that it was
7:28 pm
comfortable for them understandably they're traveling all over the world. with a bed and with a desk and basically a nice private sweet. but this man said no, just let it be the standard first class and then before the flight so often he goes back to the back of the plane and talks to the press core that vat pack just to say hello. >> sure. he is not asked for any planes to be especially outfitted he's using italia or regular american airlines plain and in this case but no he uses -- now of course the seats are designed such a way you can really flatten them out and sleep so i think he will i hope sleep on his way home. but he can do that in one of those first class seats they don't put up a wall. even often american airlines or italia will put up a special wall between the sections. he hasn't asked for that. does he go back and talk to the reporters much the press core they spend a lot of money to be on that plane much to be invited to be a real honor you step up some some ways they may be paying for the flight. he may need to go back and say hello to them because they're
7:29 pm
important passengers as well. but they also are waiting for that great moment where he has become famous for his in flight post trip interviews and so i think every reporter on that plane right now is just dying that moment when he comes back or that several moments he's been known to talk to each reporter about their life and their family he loves that personal connection with them. because he really does -- he is concerned about that and as individuals. >> i don't know about you, iain but i'm still waiting for my and sight. >> we may be waiting a little while. >> there you go. (laughter). >> let's bring in bruce gordon again. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, as you can see, the red carpet is being rolled up as we speak. the vice-president departed just seconds ago. and the doors are closed at least the front door is closed on that boeing 777. marching band continues to play. as we tilt left and back a little ways from the red carpet, there's congressman bob brady with his hands up to his -- hands up to his face there
7:30 pm
looking into a bank of lights over in our direction. congressman brady part of the crowd of dignitaries sending off the pope in style. you've got to think that there's at least to a certain extent among some of these officials certainly the police among them a sigh of relief that this event has gone off largely without a hitch. again, some technical issues here and there. we'll tilt to the right now and show you archbishop chaput who is walking a he way from the airplane at this point. folks waving to the church officials and other dignitaries. you have to believe that among others the police are relieved that this went off largely without a hitch. the specifically from a security standpoint. what way to celebrate your birthday which was saturday for him, you know, what an amazing -- this will be a birthday he will not forget this weekend.
7:31 pm
>> you can see pope francis in the window. isn't that something? >> reporter: again the did you anything tears continue to walk away from the airplane. somewhat unfortunate that the pope did not have the time and logistics did not perm him to interact with the crowd here at all but again the schedule is what it is. the portable stairways are now being drawn away from the airplane. both doors are in fact clove. and we're going to hear those engines start to rev and growl in just a moment or two. >> bruce, what really familiar way for him to leave. there he is looking out at the window at the rest of us and being able to just wave goodbye on that last gesture, that last friendly gesture that is offering us at this point. it's just really -- everybody's heart is filled i'm sure as they
7:32 pm
celebrate a wonderful visit. even though, you know, again, he got us into some complicated stuff and talk about, you know, as the family we struggle and yet we can always look for those ways in which we can be our greater selves and i think his message is really resonating with every family i would imagine that's been a part of this trip throughout these last several days. it's a real wonderful way to be able to complete this trip that he's had with us. >> reporter: there goes the engines. they are -- they are starring to rev those engines. we'll see if we get a wave from pope francis to folks on the ground here on the tarmac waving furiously obviously does he not hear what's going on outside. he may see it if he look out the window. he's in the third window back behind that front door of the aircraft. >> he's pouring himself -- he's
7:33 pm
getting a little water there to rehydrate. yup, there it is. there's his water. i would need to hee rhee hydrate too after that trip. he's getting a little rei hydration much he's ready to roll. they put a newspaper in front of him. he's probably go read up on the neck activities. >> i think some of the most interesting things -- bruce, i was just thinking of karen the message he's been sending out over the last couple of days and one of the ones that resonates i think with so many people was the message what would you do? that was the challenge to us of course from st. katharine drexel from our area. who he referenced of course in that meeting over there at independence mall. that really struck a cord and then how he always thanking all of the women religious and specifically women and then children and grandchildren. how he makes -- grandparents how he made such a point to reach out and kiss all of those babies time and again and then to spend special time also with our senior citizens as well. then the moments today, we had
7:34 pm
so many surprises today everyone. it was so interesting with the clergy. we met before he had that speech at the seminary he met privately with some victims of clergy abuse and then he started right off at the seminary with that topic hitting into some of the hard issues and delving right into that and speaking to that audience and telling certainly the clergy and the people that were assembled they to prayer and preach and work with the families. so much things to think and ponder on that he really revealed to everybody over this two-day period. so short but so much was crammed into all of this. >> it will be interesting to see not only the catholic community but for all of us addressed congress, he add drove the united nations. she's are bodies that deal with very specific and wide sweeping issues and he gave them a lot to think about, too. again in his own gentle way but challenging a beautiful attempt challenging way that he was able to provide for that. there is i think this a lot of digestion of this.
7:35 pm
bruce, can you see anything more? are they getting ready to roll there? >> reporter: they are literally rolling out as we speak. the flashlights are being directed and there he goes. a hard right turn and that american airlines boeing 777 dubbed schep her one is starting to head away. sort of an iconic shot there as the plane turns in the other direction heading to the horizon so to speak. >> bruce -- >> reporter: really signifies this visit is over. >> he's getting are to do leave our area. in just a short time we also have super moon. such a day of so many up credible events. >> that's right. there's this fantastic moon if it weren't so cloudy we can see it but a sign something is different maybe. something special has happened for us and maybe to us. really gives us a chance to hope and hope again. >> bruce gordon back there at atlantic aviation right now. you said this was kind of summed
7:36 pm
up this whole weekend as we see the plane heading off in the opposite direction heading back to rome. i have got to think that pope francis must be exhausted. >> reporter: i'm sorry, trying to get a quick interview with the auxiliary bishop of philadelphia a moment ago. he is unable to do so. so i'm -- i hopped the fence here a little bit and i'm trying to get aggressive as i can without getting myself arrested or shot down here. >> don't do that, bruce. you get that interview. >> reporter: right. both of which would be bad way to end this viv. >> it would be very bad. i'll tell you, iain, as i was talking to a lot of the law enforcement here in philadelphia they said, oh, please, we don't want anything to happen on our watch. not that they weren't confident. they were very confident because they had trained for this. there had been great cooperation between all the multi levels of state and federal and local
7:37 pm
agencies, but they just didn't want anything to happen, and it went off without a hitch. >> it really pretty much did especially given the enormous amounts of massive crowds we had on the parkway today. the estimates 860,000 people today. then yesterday we of course the situation down at independence mall which is right near our station fox 29 and one what a difference it looked there. fourth and mark street where work all the time it was closed off. magnetometers and cattle shoots very different look but it was all necessary because we had to showcase this great city in this kind of massive event that i think, again, i would say overall, philly checked all the boxes and they it out of the park this weekend. >> absolutely. i mean, father dan has been sitting there and i don't know you terribly well, father dan, but i can tell you are thrilled i don't know belief. >> absolutely. as we're sitting here at the studio we can see parade of charter buses as everybody now leaves this incredible event. so 800 or more maybe a million people are now exiting the city
7:38 pm
of philadelphia in all kinds of ways but you can see the exuberance on their face. it's remarkable this line up up of people passing right by the studio. an exodus of elation i think. enthusiasm for that matter. >> businesses have got to be happy as well. depending on who you're talking 400 and $15 million economic impact all the way up to, you know, half boullion here in the city of philadelphia. much needed money and this is a good thing. >> absolutely. >> it was a week that or a couple of days, a weekend i should say that everyone was prepared and looking forward to, and we of course led up to it for months. we were planning and reporting and being a part of it final whole it happened this weekend, you know, i'll always remember this certainly. it was a weekend i think that a lot of people will always remember where they were, you know, for the world meeting of families. >> they will. >> in 2015. one of those things you'll always remember. >> father dan, of course, the
7:39 pm
pope as we have talked about numerous times the immigrant community very very important community to him. all communities but this is something that is near and dear to his heart want was so neat for me, i did a story with vietnamese family that this -- think visit meant so much to them because he was talking about how he knows people that pope francis visit, pope francis as the leader of catholic church has brought people back into the faith and in the archdiocese it's very diverse. 20 languages spoken. so mass is celebrated in 20 languagelanguages across philada just amazing father dan. >> i don't think the full catholic community understands how diverse the church is and the impact that has had on us because it's very quiet part of the church and the growing and really the life -- lively part of the church that i think you're right, that event at independence hall where he add drove the issue of immigration you saw him at his best, and at an issue that is as you said lucy very close to his heart.
7:40 pm
i think he made it very clear. he didn't want to come as though he's pounding us over the head with our responsibility as much as he's challenging us gently to rematch gin this. i think did he at the prison, too. let's rematch gin the prison system and let's imagine how we can make this better in a positive way. >> you're talking about the prison system, of course this morning he was at the curran-fromhold correct al facility, and it was really interesting to listen to the commissioner of the prison system. presenting the chair made by the hands of the inmates themselves in their carpet tree shop. this chair represents the beauty and talent within us all much this is what the economic are in was saying to pope francis, father dan. >> no, and that's, this idea of beauty and truth and goodness. when he spoke off the cuff last night at the festival of families and he talk about families the words he kept repeating over and over again, we live a beauty of truth and a goodness and he uses those three words very often in all of his addresses. because he's actually a big believer in this idea that god shares with us the full beauty,
7:41 pm
full truth and full unity and full goodness and we can participate in that. maybe in the in a perfect way by any means because we're all imper if he can we all make mistakes we can reflect that he was asking us as family members and even our struggles to really reflect that beauty and that truth and that goodness and that came through wherever he was actually but those are words he uses all the time as you mentioned, lucy. >> father dan, social media so large now and sort avenue part of the way that we live. we've had a lot of our viewers tweeting about the pope in philly and they get on our facebook page and they instagram pictures, and i think it's obviously a way to reach young people, and i know that pope francis has embraced this. he's on twitter and it's it's a way for him to really reach younger people that may be wouldn't have reached before this. but he is embrace the the social media. >> he has, iain. he's become a dominant figure in social media. incredible both on twitter, facebook his first year he was one of the highest trending
7:42 pm
topic even on the internet itself. i think part of he understands as a teacher you've got to communicate very clear ways the basic of what you need. you got to invite people in a positive way and that works with twitter and facebook to be frank i don't think really reads twitter or knows that much about it. he has i think some students who help him post his twitter account. he sends it over on little piece of paper and it goes out on twitter. but i think the way he communicates is so clever and usually quiet suss sink and easy that it picks up great on social media and people receive it and take it to heart. >> clever. one of things he said today at the chapel was that social media can't take over your life, and i just think that was such a great, you know, remark because so often we're stuck there on our phones and not interacting with everybody on a one to one personal level and so the pope was saying, don't let it take over your life. >> no, that's a big thing for him as well that interpersonal.
7:43 pm
we can't lose sense of the interpersonal and absolutely lucy. he says we don't want to be superficial. we want to have depth in our lives. be careful that as we communicate in small bites and do whatever 70 words or less, we nonetheless have meaningful encounters where we see ourselves as real person not just problem much not just numbers or statistics. he said that to congress and he's since zero when he says that to the bishops let's make sure we're not opting into a superficial will the. >> one of his tweets from february 14, 2014 deer young people don't be afraid to marry faithful and fruitful marriage will bring you happiness which bring us back, father dan torque what we touched on a little bit earlier today. when he was there in lower merion at saint charles borromeo seminary, he was talking about the mothers coming up to him crying saying my son isn't married yet and he goes i say to them, well stop ironing the 30's of 33-year-old men. (laughter). >> i know. that's another great asset he has.
7:44 pm
he's so practical. he gives real examples from real people's lives. partly because he inter acts and he takes note of what people struggles are. he's absolutely right. there's a way in which -- that's a big issue. honest to god it is an issue people can't afford to get married or to pull all that together or that everybody has all these kinds of precious upon them and i think he's acknowledging the reality of that, and yet at the same time saying at some point have a little faith and take the chance and follow your heart. follow your heart that something i think he wants to tell all of us. >> that's a way to reach younger people. i've known i learned to change little bit there and i think that's one thing that, you know, you hear young people talk abo about. hey, did you see what pope francis said want he tweeted because they follow him on twitter. >> oh, it's unbelievable. on campus i get students coming up to me quoting pope francis, telling me what he just said. we disagree on something, here's what pope francis says as if they're personal friends, and that father you need to pay attention to what pope francis is telling you.
7:45 pm
>> i was often it's about the environment. here's what should happen on recycling at st. joseph's university. well how can i argue with pope francis and you. you're both on the same page. >> really. (laughter). >> it's interesting. hears a 78-year-old man, 78 years old, and we were listening to one of the band members father dan from the cardinal o'hara high school band and they were saying, you know, he's such a modern guy. (laughter). >> i love that. >> you know what, lucy, i think he's such an old guy that he's modern. i don't know. it kind of comes full circle for him. honest to god he's very much himself. he's somewhat from a another generation and he's this -- he's like your favorite uncle that you just sit at the kitchen table and talk with. social media and his presence in the media on television comes across in that familiar with and it's just works with the media we have this high tech media communicates what i would call an old-fashioned familiar will the with this pope that's just works perfectly for leadership to be honest.
7:46 pm
>> well, he he can sides youth. he exudes energy and very soon it will be wheels up. i don't know whether you're watching the monitor. i assume that you are, father dan. >> sure. >> shepherd one about to take flight. >> it's about to go. again, this is obviously the end of this historic meeting to the us. what it means for me. 2.5 years ago i was in rome when pope francis was elected and there we see shepherd one is wheels up. so 2.5 years ago i was in saint peter's square even felt the energy of this new pope. we didn't know a whole lot about him to be frank. we learned he was the first pope from latin america he was the first jesuit pope and we've seen over the last two and a half years he has been inspiration and has really transform the world and his message of inclusion and love and mercy has touched everybody.
7:47 pm
not just catholics but a lot of people. for me it's been interest to go have followed him from the beginning. when i was over there in rome, he was not one of the favorites to become the pope and everyone was trying to handicap this race and no one thought that this man would become pope. i think message that speaks to me this man has really transformed the world and no one thought that he was going to be pope i really love his message of mercy and inclusion. >> you're right, iain. in fact when he was, become he was elected they have these little speeches they give to the whole conclave of fathers and he gave -- he had poof minutes he gave a 3.5 minute speech, and apparently what he said about renewal of the church moving forward with a gospel of joy and a church of mercy and compassion apparently that caught the hearts and the minds of those other cardinals in the conclave, and they knew that they needed this kind of a message going forward as a church if the church was going to 35 and in fact improve. so i think you're right. that absolutely was what swept
7:48 pm
up his moving forward in that conclave and becoming the neck leader of the rohan catholic church. >> on the tarmac right now our bruce gordon at atlantic aviation. you just saw shepherd one take flight, bruce. >> reporter: yeah, it's an amazing moment to see this all come to a conclusion, and i guess one of things i guess all of the officials around here are doing is finally ex hailing. it's been a long arduous task for some of these folks to plan this out, ton get this thing off the ground. a massive undertaking but one that was important for the city, for the region, for the catholic church in this region and throughout the world. these world meeting of families have become important meetings every three years, somewhere in major city in a world class city, philadelphia, obviously, fits the bill, and it's been really a fascinating time to see it really from start to finish. the initial invitation to the pope in the spring of 2014. all of the planning all of the preparation and to watch as close as i've been able to watch
7:49 pm
this pope up close and personal again mingling with the high and mighty and with the meek and the vulnerable among us, seemingly comfortable with both groups but much more happy to be around the young people nose who were vul neral ton em part impart a special message he's often able to do simply with smile an gentle touch of his hand perhaps a kiss on the forehead that means so much to these folks who look upon this pope as man of grace and a man of humility a man of god. it's just been honor an pleasure frankly to be able to cover this story from start to finish. guys. >> absolutely. i feel the same way, bruce. i had a front row to seat to history two and a half years ago and another front row seat today. it's incredible. >> chris oh can't is on the parkway intermingling witness crowds as well. chris, your reflections on the past couple of days here in philadelphia. >> reporter: first of all, what a difference a couple of hours makes. i was standing among 860,000 people a couple hours ago most
7:50 pm
of those people have now made their way home. we're seeing take a look at the parkway right now. it is empty. not -- almost a soul to be found around here. but i'll tell you my assignment over the this weekend luce cease and iain was roaming the crowd, getting a sense of the mood out here, and what i did find was this event really brought this city together in many different ways. it also if you're a catholic i talk to many catholics they're say this kind of rejuvenated their catholic faith in seeing pope francis come to their city, seeing some of those touching moments. there was also over the past year the archdiocese of philadelphia increased of vocations. people joining the nuns and the priesthood which is always a good sign. also, this is something the archdiocese needed. this is something that this archdiocese plagued bisexual abuse scandal really needed this moment to kind of begin to heal
7:51 pm
that. so i felt a lot of that from the people here and we saw many people standing in line for hours. people laying and sleeping on the parkway 12 hours at a time just to get a glimpse of pope francis, and that's a lot of what many of these people did. just got a glimpse. some of them may be saw him for about six or seven seconds as he drove by the parkway and that was good enough for them. they were stuck way back here trying to find jumbo tron to watch the mass on but it was really heart warming to see the tears of joy from some of these people just to lay their eyes on this man. in terms of personally, this my second time seeing a pope. i was 10 years old back in 1979 when i saw pope john paul ii saying mass right where i'm standing now on logan circle. so it was kind of twice in a lifetime for me just as special as a journalist this tops the
7:52 pm
list in terms of covering major stories having the pope covering papal mass in your hometown. so pretty special as a catholic as a journalist and as a philadelphian just being part of this remarkable remarkable journey, guys? >> it has been remarkable journey. i think for philadelphians much this is something once in generation for a lot of folks. >> absolutely. i'll just reflect quickly on the week. incredible week. i had a front row seat to history. >> we have. >> the city was ready. the city was prepared. the city wanted to showcase itself on the international stage for a great event and i think it did that. and i think it hit it out of the park, and i think it was -- it's a city that is passionate. it's one thing about philadelphia. you want to talk about passion for sports and for events and whatever it is, philly has passion. philly is tough and i think philly is also gentle and they showed that this week, and they were on a stage that everyone will remember this moment who was here almost a million people
7:53 pm
today on the ben franklin parkway for the rest of their life. so it was a pleasure to have a front row seat to this just epic historic event. >> i just feel like i've been blessed to be able to part of this whole thing. i've said, you know arc couple of times i'm not catholic, however, i knew of pope francis. now i feel like i know pope francis. i think that may be true for a lot of america. because you read the headlines but then when you see the interaction it's amazing. something i wrote on facebook was i like this man because he sleeps in a cos is a instead of a castle because he chooses a fiat instead of a limousine, because he would rather hang with the homeless versus lunch with lawmakers, this is catholicism top guy, and he is so humble. and he seems tow kind. he seems like a guy that not only, you know, talks the talk this guy walk the walk and might say not in red shoes in play black shoes, you know, it's just -- it's a mazing for me to be able to witness all of this
7:54 pm
and it's just been such a pleasure to be here. >> it has been. i mean, you know, today again was the culmination this is, take another live look at this just incredible scene with those monitors out on ben franklin parkway, and today we saw people shoulder to shoulder just standing there. it was incredible. >> it really was. father dan, this is your final thought. so please tell us what you're thinking. >> well, lucy, i agree with both you and iain it's been very moving for me and it's been not just monument and historical for me it's been personal. i agree with lucy. i've known of this man for many years as a jesuit. i spent a summer in camden working with his nephew. he was a delightful and wonderful guy and i got to know a little bit about his uncle who had just been made auxiliary bishop. little did i know 20 years later this man would be the holy father and i'd be here and having the privilege at fox 29 to cover him for, you know, the philadelphia community. but i mean so that kind of personal connection has grown into something that's really
7:55 pm
made it real for me. there were times during the weekend i cep thinking that's not a cut out. that's not cut out of pope francis. because the cut outs do really look live like. that's the real man himself in his simple way. i think that he's going to renew our enthusiasm and evident here in the catholic church but not only in philadelphia but around the country. >> many transformations this past week. some of them physical and for instance last night there was a concert stage behind us. then it turned into an altar and i look back here now, it's pretty much empty which is ama amazing i believe that hearts are filled. >> absolutely. you know i mean the people that were here today felt there was a special feeling you could feel the energy. you felt it all week and every time the pope -- papal motorcade was around you felt that and i think as you mentioned people today i think felt lived and they felt -- >> they have. >> moved and you had to. >> from cuba to d.c. to new york to philadelphia the holy father was here and now he's taken back off to rome. let's take a look back. ♪
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♪ >> this nation under god. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> for the family, the people, through our lord jesus christ your son. ♪ ♪ >> world meeting of families philadelphia 2015. ♪
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>> out rich religious tradition seek to offer meaning and direction. ♪ ♪ >> i wasn't worried that philadelphia wasn't going to love the pope but let's just say philadelphia was not too nice to santa claus. so... ♪ ♪ >> my faith has given me thible to be a good father, a good husband and most important al good person. ♪
7:59 pm
♪ >> sexual abuse of children these cannot be maintained in secret. >> give you a hand to help you rejoin society. ♪ >> the concern of bringing all of human family together in the pursuit of sustainable and integral development. ♪ >> for we know that things can ♪ >> for we know that things can change.
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