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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 29, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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report that a temple university student, has been sexually assaulted our steve keeley will have lateness a live report. and police in new castle will county a say they have no idea who destroyed this cemetery, who resident ruining the plots and why. good morning jenny joyce. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. we know thousands of people came to center city to see the pope so why are so many businesses reporting losses, after the fact? we have talk to many restaurant who are not happy post papal visit. lauren and chris. >> good day, it is tuesday, september 29th, 2015. >> you said that with such sincerity. >> i do feel sorry for people who were stockpiling all these
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supplies, and their employees and then now it is like we have left overs and we have to throw out food. >> the head catering people, sue serio, who said they have 2,000 sandwiches they are trying to get to philabundance but they are not opening up until today like so many other businesses opening backup, on tuesday. >> so i guess the post papal analysis will continue to today and we will talk about post papal changes in our weather. things that will be changing over the next couple of days that will really impact your life. so, we're starting out with today, mild start to the day, it is almost summery out there, 69 degrees is our current temperature. we have a 3-mile an hour wind. we have 90 percent relative humidity and sunrise at 6:55 this morning as these days get even shorter. we will see a lot of cloud cover and rain around us, and eventually, that rain will come to us. most likely, tonight, into
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tomorrow the heaviest of the rain from the system. at the moment we are not seeing any rain in the viewing area out toward harrisburg we have some showers around. nothing just yet but i would have umbrella and rain gear with me today especially going out early and out all day long. now visibility is an issue in a few places around trenton only 3 miles. half a mile in wrightstown around fort dix, we have reduced visibility in millville. half mile visibility in dover, delaware. there will be foggy spots this morning, abe as you try to travel around. we have really mild temperatures for all have of almost the end of september, 70 degrees in reading. sixty-eight in pot town. sixty-eight in trenton. mid 60's in at atlantic city, 70 in wildwood. it is a mild, soupy start to the day. 82 degrees for a high temperature with some showers around, mostly coming later on in the afternoon. 70 degrees is the overnight low with some heavier rain rolling in. and then we will talk about
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the the rain for tomorrow, and we have to talk about our latest tropical storm, joaquin, we told but yesterday, it looks like it will impact us, probably, possibly this weekend. we will talk all about it. we have a lot of weather to talk about. >> we have a lot of pay backs for that nice weekend we have with the papal visit. good morning, everybody. 4:03 on a tuesday morning and today expect major jammos. everybody is back to work. everybody is going back to school. papal visit is over. cruits are back at work here. here's i-95 near cottman avenue interchange. penndot had postponed construction, for the papal visit. so they got a couple of days they have to make up. now they will get knocked back with the rain so 95 northbound watch out for a work crew out near cottman avenue. a live look here at some of the poor visibility along the i-95 corridor, as sue mentioned. keep that in mind. mack sure your fog lights are on. we may have some delays because of the poor visibility
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at philly international this morning. no problems on the bennie working your way up and over into downtown. clean up continues here on the ben franklin parkway, between the steps of the art museum, and logan circle. also very end of both kelly and martin luther king drives right here at the back of the art museum. still some local detours there, coming in on the the drives. they are working eastbound on the schuylkill expressway this morning down to only one lane as you work your way in toward spring garden, and then i-95 northbound, as sue mentioned some poor visibility working your way up toward philly international. if you have a flight out of the airport we will check with your airline to play it safe. otherwise mass transit, septa buses just a few are still being detoured around the art museum with the clean up. chris and lauren, back to you. we have breaking news we're hearing reports that a temple university student has been sexually assaulted. >> also this reportedly happened just off campus, steve keeley live at the
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scene. steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, temple university sent out an alert just past midnights to student and staff telling them that philadelphia police are investigating the the sexual assault and armed robbery of a female temple student in an apartment building here just barely after campus. this looks like a tiny alley way as we look straight down and you can see that jeep park on the street to give you a sense how wide or not so wide but you can see the the new apartment buildings here, it is well lit despite being a dark alley. we are two blocks south of the heart of the temple campus at cecil b the more but one block off broad and it is a small block. after this alert went out everybody is wondering what are the the details? well, there are no other details. no idea if this was a break in while the student was asleep or studying or if the student was first, out here on the street, and then forced inside with the weapon and worse of all yet no description of the attacker. philadelphia police will be putting out as many details as
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they can because as soon as they arrived, they are trying to at least talk to the victim but of course, victim of the sexual assault, sometimes, and no, no matter way of dealing with it yet how to even talk sometimes. so they are probably with her at the hospital and waiting for her to get better and a rape kit to be taken and then maybe trying to get some kind of description of the attacker. as soon as they get it, they will pass it on to us and we will pass it on to the viewers. >> thanks for the the update, steve. developing right now, police investigating a triple shooting in feltonville. one of the victims is a child. two women in their 20's and eight year old girl was shot in the 5,000 block of the street. now, this happened just before 9:00 o'clock last night. all three are listed in stable condition this morning. police reportedly know the suspect and they necessity who this person is but they have yet to make an arrest. that person's relationship with the schick tim has yet to be release. who would go to the
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vandalized grave stones. that is what police are trying to figure out. >> look at the damage done to the cemetery on mink dale, delaware. you can see headstones toppled some broken in half. new castle county police got the call about the damage sunday morning. neighbors say it has happened here before. they called it disrespectful and disgusting. >> it doesn't make any sense. they probably won't catch them and that is a shame. >> it is criminal, i mean really kid just have no respect. it had has got to be kid. i mean you wouldn't think an adult would do that, right? >> police don't have any leads. they will ask anyone in the area with home security cameras to call them. they want to look at that video to see if it the can give them any leads in this case. philadelphia business owners balancing the books from the papal weekend. >> for many it has a great effect on their bottom lines but it wasn't all thanks to the visitors to our city. jennifer joyce is now live with more on this, hi, jen.
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>> reporter: good morning, lauren and chris. if you need any proof, here it is, in the storefront, lots of merchandise, stacked up at places like this star bucks at 13th and chestnut. near all of the action but why no business? thousands of people came to the city to see this man, the leader of the catholic world, pope francis, those who stood on the side of the streets for hours to catch a 52nd glimpse of his holiness were excited but the the experience was described as powerful. but if you weren't one of those people packing independence mall or parkway chances are you levittown or you left and stacked up on groceries or camped out of the house and avoid anticipated crowd and road closures. forget any economic boom. any businesses city wide are reporting losses of 40 to 50 percent of a regular weekend day or night. >> we have barricaded in the way. no one was walking around the barricade to come in. the security down on market street they had a barricade blocking the whole sidewalk
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and people didn't know that they could come to the businesses and they were standing there like bouncers, intimidating people to the point people would just think they needed tickets even to go visit businesses. >> their priority was get to a, and see the pope, and, you know, they just weren't spending money. >> we ended up, i would say down 30 to 40 percent over a normal saturday in this store and the other store and then sunday similar disappointment. >> reporter: well, our chris o'connell also talk to the owner of pete's famous pizza just south of the parkway where business was as hot as a brick oven, lines like they have never seen before maybe that was due to their location, type of food, convenient of the quick slice on the go without spending a large chunk of change, who knows, but you will hear that side of the story in the next hour. lauren and chris. >> thanks very much. city a's reflecting on what worked and what didn't
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work during this historic weekend. city leaders a say this massive event was mostly a success. >> by the way, we work. >> we did work. >> bob, by the camera, didn't work. all right, figures show just about 860,000 people turned out for mass on the ben franklin parkway's practicing his golf swing. that the is way down from the predict 1 million people or more. marries blaming, news reports that suggested that attendees would face massive inconvenience for scarring people away. >> i think, you know, the true brutal honesty here is, i think in so many instances the reporting of the information that we put out because we don't write the stories, we give information. i think the reporting on any number of aspects of this was detrimental to the mind set of many philadelphians and others. >> so, it is our fault. >> wow. >> we report what he says and
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our reports are the problems. others say lack of communication, coordination from government agencies and mayor promised to report into reports, wait reports, of massive backups at metal detectors that caused some mass confusion. >> terrifying for a pair of sisters when an armed man climbed through a bedroom window. a guardian angel shows up just in time. who is it? we will tell you.
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good morning. >> friends, you know who this is. >> we are friend. >> i know this song because someone i met, some friends, yesterday, not on the ben franklin parkway but right outside the station. >> what were their names. >> kathy? >> what friend. >> so we're all friend together. we will show you the picture of sue, kathy and i out front later. >> was she chatty. >> she was. she was, i loved her attitude because she said she didn't get to see the pope but she stood in line. she never got to see the pope. but i'm still happy to be part
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of it. >> that is cool, yeah. >> and then her special cheers to fans out front. today is national coffee day n honor of today several companies will be offering free deals for a cup of joe, this includes crispy cream and our sponsor, dunkin' donuts, will be here giving away free coffee right outside the studio starting at 7:00 a.m. come down for a free cup of joe and you might meet new friend. >> i have had six cups already and i'm sweating profusely. you are speaking so rapidly. >> yes. >> we have a new tropical storm. this formed last night. we told but this disturbance
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yesterday and that it probably would become a tropical storm. it is joaquin, near the bohamas right now with you what we're concern about is the the potential track and this is what we call the the cone of uncertainty. it is pretty wide this storm could go either way but one of the projections has it pretty close to us, by saturday. this with 65 miles an hour wind could really impact our weekend, not only here in philadelphia, because you you see we're in the cone but especially at the the jersey shore. so potential impact from this storm could be, nasty weekend at the shore, again, the cone of uncertainty, could have it out to sea a little further as well but it would be toward the end of the week and weekend we will start to look for wind, 40 miles an hour, tidal flooding and possible beach erosion. preview of coming attractions but we have got rain coming way sooner than joaquin and we have to talk about that. we saw clouds on the satellite radar picture and we see more cloud throughout the rest of the morning but looking out to the west, plenty of rain that is heading our way and by five
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or 6:00 o'clock it is in our area. it could be wet, drive home, with a lot of rain drops and heavier rain rolls in late around midnight into early tomorrow morning. we will be dealing with this at least through early part of our fox 29 morning news, tomorrow, with a very heavy rain, potential flooding with that, maybe a break in the action about the middle of the day but then we're not finished because here comes more rain later on but tonight, late tonight into tomorrow morning it is a period of very, very heavy rain. get ready. it is unsettled on thursday but doesn't look too bad and then we have to start factoring in joaquin. heavier rain tomorrow will be north and west of the city, one to 3 inches of rain, possible thunder and heightening and localized flooding and the poor drainage areas. the that is tonight into tomorrow. so basically two round of rain that we're talking about this one and then the the one over the weekend. so let's put all that together in the seven day forecast. we've got one more warm day
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and then get ready for all that rain tonight into tomorrow and then get ready for a chill because by thursday and friday we are talking about high temperatures that are only around 60 degrees. so we've got this really cool air. and folks on facebook were saying i don't want warm weather anymore, i want the fall. be careful what you wish for because it will get chilly as we get closer to the weekend. maybe getting backup to around 70 by sunday and machine of next week. but we have a lot of unsettled weather on the way and you are right, bob kelly, we are paying the price for the nice weather on the weekend. >> 4:18 on a tuesday and i think we will see we're definitely going to see pay back today. god bless you for all of the traveling chances. lack of traffic jams that we had over past couple of days, folks have had a couple days off yesterday, we had zero as far as rush hour goes. kid were all off from school. everybody is getting back in the groove today. everybody is back to the
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office. all of the schools are back opened. the pope is back in rome. so expect delays, all around the the board today. usually happens after that first day back. here's a live look at i-95 northbound heading in to girard avenue. leaving center city that left lane still block. all of the overnight construction crews were out in full force last night. i-95, the the schuylkill, 422, hey, who took i-95 in northeast philadelphia this is an example of how thick the fog is, i-95 near cottman avenue. you can barely make out headlights for vehicles there but then we will come back into center city and we will see shot on the ben franklin parkway where clean up, continues here for the next couple days from the weekend. some septa buses too are still on a detour around the parkway, around the the art museum and right now coming in on the kelly drive you're forced off at fairmount in the neighborhood. there is still no access to that airport circle so allow some extra time, that will be a rough go for morning rush
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hour, chris and lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks very much. coming up at 4:20. president barack owe back a and vladamire putin met last night for 90 minutes. the first face-to-face encounter nearly a year. yesterday obama criticized russia's continued aggression in ukraine. >> we recognize the deep, complex history between russia and you crane but we cannot stand by when sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation is violated. >> reporter: president obama and putin disagreed on how to handle will the crisis in syria. president obama wants the the syrian president replaced, putin warned it would be a mistake. two sisters came face-to-face with an armed inn truther in her home, one woke up to the intruder climbing through the bedroom window. >> he whispered and said i am going to kill you. he started to punch me in the stomach. he said he would go downstairs to get your little sister. >> how scary.
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>> police say robert burger began a attacking both girls and started stabbing one of them. she told the attacker thaw can kill me but don't hurt my sister. that is when she saw another person on the stairs, coming at them. >> i saw an officer, and he was our angel. i could see his eyes. he was so professional, and so calm. i said officer, he is going to kill maine. >> it turns out, he was able to runaway for help. the officers shot and killed the intruder. both, sisters are recovering from their injuries. 4:21. the eagles, head into week four with the redskins, with a player being added to the injury list that is already, too long, and he is out the entire season. don't worry, it is not darren
4:22 am
sproles. >> good, good. >> also good, winning lottery numbers. check those out. bless you.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles have more injury problems. i'm told codey parkey will be put on jury serve with the groin pull. and offensive lineman andrew gardener may be out for the season with foot surgery
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needed. darren sproles did something for the first time, in 50 years. sproles had a punt return and rushing touchdown in the same game twice in his career. the the last player way gayle sayers 50 years ago. >> i have never been around a guy and i have been a lot of guys that practices as consistently and hard as darren does every single day. that is the way he is built, way he is wired. we always talk about you go to your level of training. what you see on sunday on darren is what we see every single day whether it is walk through or whether it is practice. it is an amazing thing to watch. i wish more players would emulate it. >> flyers continue to marathon of the preseason hockey at madison square garden. penalty shot in overtime by rangers, they beat flyers three-two. flyers had a two to nothing lead. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. i have no idea, why new orleans let him go a couple of seasons ago for us to get him. he is a shining star the last
4:26 am
two seasons for eagles. >> sometimes those moves never makes sense. >> that one didn't. backfired for new orleans for sure. winning football not elections is what tom brady is focused on. >> trying to stay out of the political ring, what he is trying to do. people jumped to conclusions about brady's pick for president, when trump hat was spotted at his lock inner gilette stadium. and when brady said it would be great if donald trump his buddy what's electric president. that wasn't an endorsement. brady admits, they are friends but some say the nfl star is a way off and confesses to not keeping up with politics. so why talk about politics. he said he is unfamiliar with the issues. then why talk about a guy who is all about winning because of issues. when it does become more informed or when he does he will make his decision based on that and how he feels. >> not who his friend are. >> really find out that tom brady threw donald trump a
4:27 am
little cash. >> he doesn't need any. >> not at all. brave decision to remove her breast made headlines for weeks, effect the new study made on breast reconstruction surgery.
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police say a female temple student has been sexually assaulted abe we have an update in a live report. for so many, cancer requires surgery but is it always safe? new group is exploring access, and afford built. good day, it is tuesday, september 29th, 2015. it is also national coffee day. >> so for those who don't drink coffee what do we celebrate today. >> you celebrate decalf. so, i got a text. >> a tweet. >> from space i old broad, can he we say her twitter handle there she said good morning mike is pumpkin topped off with french vanilla. i love seasonal flavors. >> i love when star bucks say hey we will start serving pumpkin spice and this year it is real so i wonder if it has a different taste. >> we will need somebody to weigh in on that. via social media, most expedient, and i believe there is going to be some dunkin' donuts folks outside.
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>> free coffee, later on at fourth and market. make your plans now. anyway it is a very summery kind of tropical morning. 69 degrees our current temperature. 3 miles an hour wind. not much of a breeze at all. 90 percent relative humidity. 6:55 our unrise time and we have got showers around, and just nothing in the viewing area, at the moment. but it is close. we have showers out in state capitol of harrisburg, kind of edging into berks county, at the moment. even though it is in the raining new if you are going out and you are out all day it would be a good idea to have that rain coat with you. three-quarters of a mile visibility in trenton. so we have some pockets of fog, not hot pockets, but pockets of fog. although it is warm out there i'm distract. in millville has three-quarters of a mile visibility, half mile in dover. you may run into fox. it is a mild one. seventy in allentown and reading. 68 degrees in wildwood. and 70 in wilmington.
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thinks a summer start in the day. believe me just wait another day or two and you will feel like autumn for sure. if you like warm temperatures you will like today's 82 degrees. we have a increasing chance of rain as day goes on and possibility of the pop up thunderstorm two or as well. we have been getting ready for soaking rains coming up when they arrive in a few minutes, not to mention, a although we will, is there a new tropical storm and this one could impact our weather over the weekend. it is tropical storm joaquin, so bob kelly, the latest on all of that is coming up. >> anyone else at home, dying for a hot pocket right now. >> me and my pockets of fog. >> aren't they the best, do they do i breakfast hot pocket. >> pup that puppy in the microwave, bam we are good to go. 4:32. live look at the schuylkill expressway, everything is opened for business this morning and i expect some major jammos for morgue rush
4:33 am
hour. we had zero rush hour yesterday. a lot of folks took the day off, kid were off from school, but the pope is gone and everybody is back to work and back to school today. give yourself some extra time, just be ready for those delays today. live look at 42 freeway, headlights in towards philadelphia on the construction zone is. here's an example of the fog and haze we are dealing without here this morning. this is a live look at ben franklin bridge, in problems on the roads coming in but the fog is hit and miss down to zero visibility. ninety-five near cottman avenue. depending upon where you begin and end your trip we could have poor visibility issues this morning. we are still cleaning up here on the parkway, and portions of center city around independent mall. so watch out for possible detours, and some of the septa buses are detoured but police are saying they are allowing traffic on the kelly and martin luther king drive this morning but parkway itself is is still closed, as they clean up that staging and possible
4:34 am
fog delays at philly international today. if you do have a flight scheduled out this morning i would check with the airline to play it safe. that could be a problem not just for the morning but throughout the whole day. no problems up and down blue route as you roll in and out of the delaware county looking good on the schuylkill, coming from montgomery county, i-95 in good shape. 422, some fog delays as you work your way from collegeville in towards king of prussia mass transit looking good. chris and lauren back over to you good thanks very much. we will follow that breaking news. an investigation in the armed robbery and sexual assault happening right now. >> right now philadelphia police are working with temple university security and officials, steve keeley is on with the very latest, steve. >> reporter: this is philadelphia police handling this alone here they alerted temple police soy they have that suv on this. this is on carlisle street which is an alley. we have learn address temple university police has been given let them know where this happened was this building under construction on
4:35 am
carlisle. chris will walk with me down jefferson street and look at it, it is just steps from one of those emergency call panic buttons but she could not run because this was an arm robbery which tells you this person had either a gun or a knife. that is broad street in the distance. the chris, walk briskly, toward me, chris because i want to show how the temple university on campus, how just a block up broad street and see the the big high rise everybody can see from center city and temple sign there. so dad sad news again this alert went out after midnight, chris and lauren. we have no details or description but i can bet we will get one real soon. >> thank you, we will check back. unimaginable find for a mother now her daughter's boyfriend facing charges of killing her. >> this is horrific story. nothing short of it. a 25 year-old delana, mom found her dead in her bensalem apartment. police arrested, 29 year-old andrew messnor.
4:36 am
her body was in the bathtub. investigators are not saying how she died or why. philadelphia, a man is in yale for stabbing his girlfriend to death. police say he stabbed his 20 year-old girlfriend multiple times in her face and neck at a home on the 800 block of solly avenue in the fox chase section of the city. police say a child was home at the time, when they arrived, details are still coming in. whole foods has announced layoffs of more than 1 percent, as employees in their stores, why the grocery store chain says they are letting those employees go. ññ
4:37 am
do we have anymore chips? [off screen] fellas? uh, sorry. we were day dreaming. about that vip tailgate and game tickets? uh yeah! and that pre-game sideline experience...
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exactly. or even eagle season tickets! [shouting over crowd] how do you know? you both have the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, the eagles instant game with top prizes of $50,000. and second chance prizes, including season tickets. [both sigh] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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angelina jolie is an oscar winner and goodwill ambassador for the u.n. >> but it is her own medical journal that i resonates with women. new stud friday australia found news of her breast removal and reconstruction surgery boosted awareness about those procedures. >> the the mother of six had both of her breasts removed in 2013 after her announcement there was a 4 percent increase in the number of woman who knew the surgery is possible. and, 11 percent jump in the number of woman aware reconstruction can be done using a women's own tissue. more than 80 percent of the 50 million-dollar diagnosed with cancer worldwide this year will require an operation. the new commission examined the state of the global cancer surgery found that fewer than a quarter of them have access to safe, affordable surgical care. in countries with low incomes as many as 95 percent of
4:40 am
cancer patients do not receive basic cancer surgery. whole food has announced layoffs in about 1600 workers in the next eight years. company says it is looking to lower prices and keep up with competition. whole food say it anticipates workers whose jobs are cut will find other jobs, from open positions across the the company, or from new jobs that will be created by more than 100 new stores that are currently in development. if you are getting married, get ready to spend big buck. average couple now spending $30,000, at least, just to get married. >> don't over do it though because number one cause of divorce is money problem. so the the wedding planning site, the knot, that figure is up about four and a half percent since 2013. that is in the even including the cost of the honeymoon. 55 percent have of couples surveyed said they did not factor in the honeymoon costness to their overall budget. >> we know that the average cost of a wedding is around
4:41 am
$31,000. that is what couples are ponying up for their wedding days but they are doing tonight all different ways. for example 31 percent say that they set their budget right away. 50 percent of bride, said that they were the primary person in charge of the managing their finances for the wedding day. >> i love it. it is not just the bride and groom spending more for weddings. the average guest says they are spending about $673, for gifts, clothing, and travel to attend those weddings. >> it is expensive. i just went to orlando to a wedding. it starts costing money. i am telling my friend i will be cheap and frugal because i don't want to spend money like that. >> don't say cheap. evidently, i'm cheap. my mom, she watches on line from california every single morning and he end me this particular i note there only thing you can make up is
4:42 am
saying i love you. she ended with i love you. let me read to you what the particular i note a. on tr you said i was cheap but i'm just thrifty. cheap means buying low quality, thrifty is me. watching my expenses. and then she affixes to the sticky note a little clip out from the dictionary, highlighted, the definition of thrifty. >> way to go, mom. >> watch what you say good we will be right back.
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you know who that is, don't you. >> that is queen b. >> queen b. >> come on. >> you are talking about girls, girls. lets take a look at this picture of the girls, myself, you serio and our new friend, kathy. >> isn't he cute good sue you and write having a identify walk chat and kathy noticed sue and she got so excited. she went up. we are taking a picture. we're putting it on tv and we are posting it on social media. >> did she go see the pope. >> no, she was sad because he tried to see pope but she could not get in the mass. a lot of people got turned away. i loved her attitude. she wasn't complaining. she said i'm happy to be a part of this. >> yes,. >> she had souvenirs. >> so she didn't get to see
4:46 am
the pope. did she blame the mayor or did she blame the media. >> she didn't blame anyone. >> he had a good attitude, right lauren. >> super sweet. >> that is right. >> check it out good thanks, for stopping by. >> all right. sue, it is really humid out there. >> it the feels summery, very soupy kind of day and there air lot of cloud around. we may see sunshine to start the day but not too much. we do have have radar on the way. advice is have that rain gear with you for later than because here it comes, rain up from the south, accompanied by a cold front. eventually those two is tells will meet up and between tonight and tomorrow it will be a wet end of the month. we will see a lot of rain, around our area by the time we will get started a at 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. the real heavy rains will start later on tonight and then moves up toward north east.
4:47 am
we will have more in the way, that system will stall and it stays unsettled. so it looks like the heavier rain will fall north and west of the it i, again starting late tonight and into tomorrow morning with one to 3 inches of rain possible and there could be even higher amounts in certain places. thunder as well, and a localized flooding, in areas of poor drainage f you live in one of those you know what i'm talking about. now we have to talk about tropical storm joaquin that formed last night a weak tropical storm, minimal tropical storm at 40 miles an hour wind but look at projected pass of this storm. it is near bohamas and headed due north by moses mates but this cone of unearnty is pretty wide still but it has it near us in the middle of the weekend. at day into unday with 65-mile an hour winds. not too far from the jersey shore and delaware beaches. this could have impact on our weekend weather but we have a lot of unearnty but we wanted to give you a little bit of an
4:48 am
advanced warning. we have this mild temperatures. it is warm, humid outside, 69 degrees in the city. seventy in wildwood. zero seven in wilmington delaware. you don't to have bundle up today just like yesterday when we ended up with a high of 83 degrees. we will be right around that today and once that cold front comes through early tomorrow morning that is it for mild temperatures. we will probably get an early high of 75 degrees tomorrow, and then 60 is all we will manage on thursday, we may not even manage 60 on friday. we will get back into the upper 60's and 70's by the weekend but if you want some cool weather, it is on the way but you may be sorry you wished for it because it will be extremely cool after that cold front comes through. a little hazy and foggy bob kelly out there. >> it is. we will have poor visibility i think throughout the day as you roll out of the driveway this morning. good morning to downingtown, live look at downingtown
4:49 am
interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike. we're dealing with some fog and damp roadways out there as well. so, depending upon where you begin and end your trip we could have fog, horns blowing, no problems up and over the benny as far as vehicle traffic goes but we will deal with some fog and today we're certainly going to see the return of the traffic jams. yesterday was a really light rush hour. past couple days have been upside down with the papal visit. kid are off from school but everyone is getting back in the game this morning. back to work, back to school and jams, live look at the boulevard, no problems at all out of the northeast heading into the schuylkill expressway. that is over left over work crew on the pennsy turnpike right at the fort washington interchange. they are till cleaning up portions of the parkway, mainly between the art museum steps and logan circle the inner drives are block. some septa bus routes in that area are still on a detour but police say they are letting traffic in on both the kelly and martin luther king drives. the that is good news.
4:50 am
the with the fog and poor wrist built most likely will come fog delays at philly international. keep that in mine. check with the airline before you head down there. i-95, not bad at all but again, watch out for poor visibility as you roll up toward the city. chris and lauren, back over to you. the daughter of the late actor paul walker, is ewing in connection with the deadly dent that killed her father. >> the 16 year-old meadow walker claims in that out that the manufacturer is at fault for walker's 2013 death. suit claims the car, marketed as a street legal race car, lacked proper safe guard to protect people inside that car. walker was trapped inside that car after it crashed and the car then burst into flames. meadow is seeking unspecified damaging from porsche. national stair hey den pentiair hoist experiencing postpartum depression on the series. she says it is an issue that need to be talk about more
4:51 am
because is there a lack of understanding about the condition. she has a nine month-old daughter with her fiance. nasa's discovery of flowing water on mars could be a complete game changer. >> owe experts have known about sources of water on red planet for years but mars or either found evidence of the liquid water on the the mars slope and salty water and that could mean at minimum microscopic life on the surface have of mars or just beneath it. >> did life arise on mars once and can we find out? we have lots of clues about that story, and discovery we will talk about today, really is most exciting because it suggests that it would be possible for their to be life today on mars. >> this discovery is ram pink up enthusiasm for nasa's manned mission to mars with the ryan spacecraft. we will give you a an in depth look at. that that mission timetable is in the 2030's, but this could
4:52 am
speed that up, lauren dawn johnson. >> wow. >> we all know men are from mars. >> a and that new movie the martial comes out this week. do you think this is time. >> yes. >> standing tall after years of guarding the jersey shore what you can do to pay back lucy, the elephant. >> women are from venous. >> yes. >> don't see eye to eye.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
we're talking about lose think morning. she has stood guard a a along the jersey shore for years and now lucy, not the diamond or elephants, they need your help. >> okay. iconic elephant in margate need about $58,000 in repairs. executive director says work need to be done on the carriage that sits on her back, and she need a new coat of paint. so far grants, donations have been able to help cover some costs and they hope to raise rest of that money by selling t-shirts on line: >> are the. >> if you'd like to buy a shirt we have put a lincoln our web site at fox and click on that, seen on tv tab. >> it would be cool to have one of those. mother's string band looking for a fresh young approach find one of those at the art institute of philadelphia. >> fashion designers have a big challenge and they came through. they had to design a captain's
4:56 am
costume for the overbrook string band. their instructors say their students put the heart and souls in the project researching the polynesian theme pick by the string ban. designed by briana bailey won and now bailey a and veteran al buena will create the costumes together. >> places me where suit can be enhanced and, the student, and actually, behind the scenes, bringing that to life. >> so what makes a good mummers costume? captain says the bling, seek win,s the flash, it sound is like you should have sue serio help with you that. she loves the bling. the city is reflecting on what worked and what didn't during the historic papal weekend. why city leaders say it was mostly a success and what didn't work was our fault, the media's fault.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
well, less than five hours ago, a female temple student just steps from one of these emergency panic buttons was rape, armed, robbed just off broad street right around the corner from where you see headlights on tiny karl lyle street, steps from the temple campus, chris. sad details there horrific details from this story,
5:00 am
steve. a mother comes home to find her four year-old with autism with a bruised, bloody mouth the injuries that have the baby-sit's rested. officialness new castle county are trying to figure out who left a cemetery looking like this. police have in clue but people that live there say they have their suspicions. good morning, jenny joyce. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. we know thousands of people were in the city to see the pope, it was all very exciting but why are so many businesses reporting major losses after the weekend? we will talk bit, coming up next. all right, thank you. good day, it is tuesday, september 29th, 2015. >> almost the end of the month. >> i know. >> so we're a month from halloween. >> exactly right, 31st, halloween night. halloween is on a friday night. >> saturday. >> yah, mischief every where but of the safe and good kind. >> we will get six out of ten in the weather by the numbers and it is sum


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