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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 3, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the future of awesome. >> right now on fox 29 news at 6:00 severe weather at the jersey shore. take a look at this. the high tide and strong winds sent a house crashing into the bay in north wildwood and residents are bracing for more flooding. >> hurricane joaquin still posing a threat. it is southwest of bermuda and it's getting stronger as we speak. good evening everyone, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm joyce evans. it's been a rough couple of days for the jersey shore towns and they are not out of the woods yet. we have team coverage tonight of this dangerous weather. fox 29 meteorologist ike is live in ocean city. we'll begin with dave warren right here in the studio. >> yes, more problems tomorrow. we've seen high tide. this is the tidal gauge one of many along the coast. it peaked at the moderate flooding and now it's on its way down but expecting another high tide after midnight again tonight and then 12 hours after that. this flooding will continue through tomorrow.
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these wind gusts do not want to die down. still out of the northeast 40 miles an hour in atlantic city. wildwood no longer reporting wind gusts there, the sensor is down, we have wind gusts about 35 miles an hour in philadelphia and it gets a little less to the north. coastal flood warnings remain in effect. now, we are seeing a high tide along the delaware river, 6:44, maybe just minor flooding along the tidal section of the delaware but it's the high tide along the coast there, 1:10 a.m. and 1 1:27 p.m. coastal flood warning remains in effect. future wind gusts show there is a little improvement maybe by tomorrow evening. throughout the day again we're starting to see that northeast wind but look at the wind direction starting to change and die down by sunday night. that could be a sign of things to come. certainly more flooding sunday. just moderate flooding. it improves on monday. send your pictures to fox 29 weather and we'll show them on the air. like to see them all coming in. there's rain to talk about, just a few passing showers.
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wider view shows a few light showers, not that steady heavy rain like yesterday. it will continue tonight just a passing shower. look at it start to clear a little to the north, though. that's a sign of things to come. some improving weather. finally the wind will be dying down and the temperatures will be warming up. into the 50's now. not much change. overnight tonight 55 in center city, cool in the north and western suburbs. a low tied early this evening and then after midnight month are flooding way temperature of about 65 degrees. latest on the hurricane and more on the flooding in the seven-day forecast a little bit later. >> dave, thank you. of course we have been showing you video and images of flooding at the shore for the last two days and there's more rough weather ahead. for much of the east coast. fox 29 meteorologist mike masco live in ocean city tonight. mike it doesn't look like it's getting much better out there. >> no, we're getting smacked around, beaten down this evening in ocean city up and down the jersey shore and into delaware it's been all about
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the winds, not one day, try three days across the region. at times the winds are around 15 to 20 miles per hour but every now and then they pick up ferocious. 40, 50 miles an hour at times. you'll see added surf up to the back of me here, five, 7-foot waves. it's a nasty, nasty weekend down across the jersey shore. take a look at some of this video we shot for you. look, it was really not all bad for some. it was a wind whipped day at the beach. even if that meant walking backwards to fight the wind. some afraid of the elements others outer for a little family bonding time cruising the boardwalk. >> oh, it's kind of windy. >> reporter: yeah. >> i was riding down the boardwalk and i started going backwards because of the wind. >> reporter: just a little wind and rain, this doesn't scare you from going for a nice bike glide no, it's just a little cold out. >> people came down from new york and philadelphia. i think people get curious to come and see what it's like to be by the shore when a storm is arriving. >> reporter: yeah, curiosity
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is the thing. now, it wasn't all fun and games for others. the moderate floo flooding has n a threat. middletown township, this home stood no chance against the powerful wind surge that filled grassy sound. fortunately no one was home none injuries reported. back out live, look at this, this is an angry congestion many locals are calling it. in shore five to 7-foot waves. looking at our buoy observations 15 or better foot waves and this is not the tropical system,'s the tropical system as dave said several hundred miles to the south and east of us. it's a nor'easter. what is it? it's strong winds and an abnormal configuration of the jet stream, all causing this. we are going to come back tonight at 10 o'clock, talk more about this bay flooding. that's a serious threat. driving through the region guys seeing a lot of local
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roadways going from roadways to rivers in some cases. we're live in ocean city tonight, mike masco fox 29 news. >> thank you mike. you can track hurricane joaquin at plus you'll find new information about the flooding at the shore and images of that damage. just go to >> breaking news right now in philadelphia. police say that they have found the person who was behind more than a dozen armed robberies near drexel's campus. their suspect a 14-year-old boy. investigators say he's been charged with 15 different robberies, all within the last 30 days. police say the teen targeted mostly students on and around drexel's campus. detectives say they had a difficult time finding any clues about the robber. that is until this surveillance video helped officers track him down. >> it was a challenging case for us and we were able to get that piece of information on the 30th, we put it out right away to the media.
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we thank the media for getting it out for us. officers saw the bike, the male and the clothing he was wearing and immediately recognized that was the person in the video. >> the district attorney has yet to decide if the 14-year-old will be charged as a juvenile or an adult. philadelphia police say they are also looking for two others who they say helped the teen in some of those robberies. >> to a developing story in afghanistan now. an investigation is under way to determine if an american fighter jet bombed an international volunteer clinic in northern afghanistan. the charity doctors without borders says 12 of its staffers are among the 19 killed in that attack this morning. there were a little more than a hundred patients and staff members inside the clinic when the bomb hit. dozens, dozens are missing this evening and there has been intense fighting between u.s. backed afghan troops and the taliban near that clinic since thursday. >> police in chester delaware county investigating a deadly
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overnight shooting. officers responding to the scene on the 1400 block of ruth el bennett place just after midnight. according to reports that is where police found a person shot dead. right now the search continues for that shooter and police in deptford township new jersey investigating a murder-suicide that leaves a husband and wife dead. investigators say the husband called 911 around 8 o'clock this morning saying there had been a shooting inside his home on the 200 block of idylwood way. when officers arrived on the scene, they say they found the 67-year-old man and his 72-year-old wife dead. their identities have not yet been releaseed. >> a wilmington man is in jail tonight after officers found 2 pounds of marijuana inside his car during a traffic stop. officials say they pulled over 26-year-old russell monroe after he had been seen driving erratically wednesday night along route 273 at the newark. police say a check of his car turned up more than $5,000 in
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drug money and 2 pounds of pot stowed away in the trunk of his car. he's in jail tonight unable to make a $10,000 bail. and still ahead tonight on fox 29 news at 6:00, homeowners fined for flying the american flag. >> and they're furious, ready to fight but their protests quickly silenced. the battle over the red, white and blue next. >> plus, protecting breast cancer survivors from another life-threatening disease with just one breast. a medical break through that will help save some lives. >> george washington is usually a team to look over but they played the eagles well. both games last year were decided by three points and their ground game was key. tom brown will talk about stopping that back field later in sports.
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130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here.
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i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... >> ♪ >> taking a live look right now at the ben franklin parkway. it's kind of a dreary night but the fountain looking beautiful. it's pink for breast cancer awareness month. another chilly and windy day in the city. if you were outside you know and the grounds saturated from yesterday's record setting rainfall. and obviously leading to all
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kinds of problems overnight. we have been telling you all about them. a large tree crashing down on second street between jackson and snyder streets. he was in south philadelphia. a few vehicles also damaged but fortunately no one hurt. a similar scene in north philadelphia, large tree blocking the 3500 block of north sydenham street for most of the night. fox 29 meteorologist dave warren working on your seven-day forecast and of course he's going let us know when we can speculate some better weather. >> prayers continue going out to the small college community in oregon three days after a gunman opened fire on campus. the mother of one of the nine victims at umpqua community college is speaking out about her son. jason johnson was taking classes turning his life around after completing a rehab program through a local salvation army. he was killed one week before his 34th birthday. his mother says the shooter killed the dreams of a man who was only trying to better
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himself. >> he wasn't perfect. he'd be the first one to tell you that. well, maybe not. but he wasn't perfect and he knew it. but he was trying to be a better person. >> well, witnesses say chris harper mercer demanded the victims state their religion before he opened fire. he killed johnson and eight others allegedly before dying in a gun battle with police. the investigation into the shooting continues. >> residents in one utah neighborhood gathering at a meeting of their local homeowners association to discuss the right to fly the american flag. but as fox's jeff mcadam tells us that meeting was abruptly canceled. >> due to circumstances tonight's board meeting is canceled. >> we have a right to fly my american flag and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. >> reporter: emotions ran high. erin wanted to address a fine she got in the mail for flying
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her flag. her issue was even listed on the meeting agenda. looking around the room board members decided last second to cancel. >> just because she was not going get her way she's going to shut it down. outside a lawyer for the hoa says the board wasn't running from the issue. >> the board wasn't here. >> reporter: the neighbors like joanne think differently. >> and vicki's flag is there. >> reporter: she says things have started to heat up lately and she should know, she's on the board. she says until a few weeks ago the majority of people on her street flew the flag. >> after the last board meeting we were leaving and two members of the board and a resident here said they were tired of looking at the flag and what's the flag rule. and something needed to be done about it. >> reporter: and something was. a number of residents were issued a $75 ticket saying all exterior decorations must be removed within 10 days following the holiday. please remove your flag from the common area. >> it is not a holiday
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decoration. people have died for that and there's no way that that's a holiday decoration. we have a right a-constitutional right to fly our flags. >> reporter: the president of the hoa agrees but says residents should only fly them in uncommon areas like backyards or driveways or on any holiday. >> on holiday events. what we're trying regulate is that when they go up and when they go down. >> in other news tonight workers are preparing opening of south jersey's newest medical marijuana dispensary. more than 100 patients selected compassionate alternative treatment center ahead of the bellmawr facility opening on monday. the general manager says the dispensary is prepared to serve 1800 people. people will be able to choose from two dozen medical marijuana strains. so far nearly 5300 patients have registered with the state's marijuana program. >> and an 11-year-old crime fighter became the youngest person ever to win an outstanding citizen's award in
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her minnesota community. now, tonight she's being recognized for not one but two heroic acts. fox's jack highberg explains. >> reporter: at just 11 years old thalia williams is the youngest to win the outstanding citizens ward and if you think this is some sort of stunt think again. last year she stood by her father as he was viciously attacked by this man vincent walker. >> he knocked out the light above so it was dark and he maced him and there was just a lot of noise and i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: she never left her father's side and as it would turn out her presence and memory would help put walker behind bars. then just weeks later, as things were finally getting back to normal, thalia again found herself saving the day. this time, it was a soda bomb someone had left on her street. >> on the side of this
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sidewalk there was a two leader bottle of soda with balls of tinfoil in it and some sort of liquid in it. >> reporter: thanks to her minneapolis police were called and the bomb safely destroyed. her parents are the first to admit their daughter is special. >> we had strangers to us that were on the jury that approached us and complimented us on thalia's poise. >> how about that. congratulations to her and now the young crime fighter says that one day she would like to become a prosecutor herself. >> a deadly explosion rocks a new york city neighborhood. the mystery investigators are trying to unravel at the scene. >> plus, tired of waiting in line at the grocery store? coming up, new technology that will get you on your way fast. how it works and why some don't like it. >> ♪ >> this week is the walk starring joseph gordon levitt. in 1974 a high wire artist
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phillippe petite recruits a group of people to help him realize his dream the walk between the trade center towers. >> you going. >> oh, i'm going to take it but i need a drink so we need to go to the sip and see. >> all right,er. >> yeah, i'm going to see it. you going to sit on one side and you going to sit on the other side. we can grab each other and scream. >> porsche can pick us up in her car. >> yeah, got a big old trunk for gary.
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>> ♪ >> one person is dead and three more are hurt after a fiery explosion rattles a building in brooklyn, new york. fire officials say the blast lifted the facade off a three story facility. it took more than a hundred firefighters to get the flames under control. no word on exactly what caused the explosion. city officials on the scene this evening trying to get a look at the damage and figure out just what happened here. >> a virginia man accused of killing two college students may be spending the rest of his life in jail already and he hasn't even gone on trial yet for those murder charges.
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jesse matthew was convicted yesterday of a sex assault that happened in 2005. he was handed three life sentences for that. he's still facing murder charges in the case of the university of virginia student hannah graham and virginia tech student morgan harrington. family and friends pleaded for leniency saying matthew was raped as a child as families of the victims watched everything from right there in the front row. morgan's mother said after court that jesse matthew has caused everybody pain. >> i am to hear his mother's teem screaming in the courtroom. i've heard that same ugly gut sound coming from my mouth when i heard my daughter had been killed. >> matthew's trial in the hannah graham case is set for july. if convicted, he could be sentenced to die. >> the vatican has dismissed a priest from his post in a holy
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see office, all this after he came out of the gamo came out a. he's worked there since 2003. he recently told an italian newspaper that he's gay and this week he held a news conference with his partner and other gay activists in rome. >> to be in life with another person who loves. this is the will of god. for our life. also for my life. >> well, the vatican responded saying the priest dismissal has nothing to do with his comments on his personal situation but it says the interview and the planned demonstration was "grave and
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irresponsible." >> a cargo ship caught in the eye of hurricane joaquin goes missing. the desperate search on the high seas, that's next. >> we still have the wind and the rain but eventually all of this will be clearing out. get ready for the sunshine and warmer temperatures. i'll show when you in the seven-day forecast. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> hurricane joaquin may be staying out to sea at the moment but parts of the east coast are still getting slammed with wet weather and high winds. this video is from south carolina this morning the governor there declaring a state of emergency thursday evening. parts of that state have been hit by nearly a foot of rain. and delaware beaches also getting pounded by heavy rains and rough surf. this is cell phone video sent to us from a fox 29 viewer at bethany beach. you can see the rough surf chopping away at the dunes. route one between dewey and bethany is shut down right now due to flooding there. an active u.s. coast guard and nasal search under way in a search to locate a missing cargo ship. >> the ship had 33 crew members on board when it disappeared in the middle of the hurricane.
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the crew of the o if. arrow recorded that it had been take on water but the flooding had been contained. the coast guard says it has not been able to establish any contact with that ship. >> the concern was they became disabled right in the vicinity of the eye of joaquin. so, they were in a very dangerous situation. they were disabled. we knew they were listing. so, all day yesterday we tried to establish communications with them. we have not been able to do that. >> well, the ship was headed to san juan puerto rico from jacksonville, florida, when it ran into trouble. >> and now to your fox 29 weather authority and boy, we have just had to deal with days and days of rain, winds. the jersey shore really getting hit. >> there's days and days of sunshine, though. >> good. >> in the seven-day forecast. >> when are we going to get them. >> not until we deal with some more of this type of weather. some more high tides to get
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through. high tide happens about -- i'd say about seven hours ago, it happened first along the coast and you see that water going all the way up to the dunes. the back bays in wildwood, roads became rivers there. that water just comes up and then drops down slowly. it didn't really get much higher than the last high advertisement it leveled off a bit but still moderate flooding expected again. so, we have this coastal flood warning continuing. the next high tide 1:10 a.m. along the coast, later in the back bays. 12 hours later, a little over 12 hours later, 1:27 tomorrow afternoon both these high tides will see coastal flooding. minor tidal flooding along the delaware today and then tomorrow afternoon so the coastal flood warning remains in effect. windy everywhere still. wind just not dying down as breezy gusting to about 30 miles an hour, a little higher along the coast. up to 57 today. didn't feel that warm, though. that cool northeast wind at 23 miles an hour makes it feel a little cooler. a few passing showers. not completely dry but certainly not like the rain we
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saw yesterday. these are very light showers, maybe some patchy drizzle. they're moving through the area and they continue to come in from the east. so, if you do head out tonight no matter where you are you could just see a brief passing shower, not the steady rain. there's some relief. just starting to see a little dry air come in from the north and western suburbs throughout the night tonight and tomorrow it really doesn't make much progress south but it's there. the clouds are beginning to clear up. that is the first hint of sunshine. that wind will continue so the warnings continue as far as the coastal flooding goes but there is some relief. temperatures are a little cooler to the north and 43 in mount pocono, just about 50 in allentown, 55 in philadelphia. only dropping into the mid to low 50's overnight tonight. let's talk about joaquin. hurricane joaquin, these are recon flights that go by. one came through late this morning and look what it picked up as it crisscrosses through the eye of the wind of 163 miles an hour, that was the peak wind so it raised the category there to a four, almost to a category five
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storm. right now it's a four. the track remains the same moving to the northeast. it might bend a little to the north but between sunday and monday passing right by bermuda there pretty close and then rapidly accelerating into the north atlantic so it continues to stay out to sea. as far as our weather goes, we are seeing a break from the wind. there's the hurricane but it's high pressure that is centered over eastern canada, these pressure lines so close together that difference in pressure from the low to the south really not the hurricane so it gave us that persistent northeast wind. over the next 48 hours the low moves off the coast, the hurricane moves out, the high weakens so we have sunshine but we don't see these lines close together. this is by tuesday and here is the relief. this is what we've been waiting for. the wind direction changes and these numbers drop dramatically. so, really no more coastal flooding after monday morning. it will really start to improve throughout the day monday and by tuesday, things are much better. you see that in the seven-day
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forecast from 60 to 64. it's still cool, still breezy. it gets a little better on monday with a hint of sunshine but there it is on tuesday, a nice break. the pattern finally breaks down. we're back to where we should be as far as temperatures go. mid to low 70's, lows into the 50's. a nice day on wednesday with bright sunshine. cut the lawns. it's wet, it's cool. they've been growing so you get to be able to do that this week once everything dries out. maybe a few showers on friday as it gets just a little cooler next weekend but this is just a passing storm, not a big pattern that sets up like it's been here the last four days where it causes all these problems. >> but you were saying you haven't seen winds like this at the shore in a long, long time. >> you don't see a northeast wind like this for four, five days, especially when it's this strong. so, this is really unusual. >> yeah, but the 70's are returning. >> they're back. >> whoo-hoo! >> we like the sound that of. >> yes, we do. >> still ahead tonight protecting breast cancer patients from another life-threatening problem. >> the new research showing a
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deep breath could be the secret to preventing heart disease. that's next. >> plus, new technology changing the way you grocery shop. the new system that could cut the time you wait in line. sounds good. >> ♪ >> check out on the fox 29 facebook page from your phone. breaking news, updates, news chat with your favorite fox 29 personality. download the app and start following now.
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>> ♪ >> october is breast cancer awareness month and aria health in frankford is celebrating by holding free cancer screenings. the hospital will be offering the breast cancer screenings throughout the month for uninsured or underinsured women. mammograms are also available for women who qualify. you can preregister on aria's health web site. doctors in california may have found a simple yet effective way to help reduce the risk of heart disease in breast cancer patients. >> as fox's maria dunn tells us it could be as easy as holding your breath. >> reporter: the risk of heart disease is much greater in women who find breast cancer in their left breast following radiation and now doctors are finding that holding your breath for 30 seconds can actually limit radiation exposure and limit
6:37 pm
that risk. >> when you're ready begin a big deep breath. >> reporter: it's not difficult for most of us to do, hold our breath for 30 seconds and though simple it's a technique that's helping more women protect their heart while they undergo radiation treatment for breast cancer. the first patient to use the deep inspiration breath hold method just completed her last treatment at sharp barn heart cancer center. >> i know that's not the way my body feels. >> reporter: 36-year-old schoolteacher selena lopez is the first to use the technique. she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast late last year. >> i was scaredly i heard the word cancer and i'm only 36 and i was just floored by it. >> reporter: the preschool teacher underwent chemotherapy and then she received radiation. doctors s & p many zapped the cancer despite its dangerously close proximity to her heart. but to protect it doctors had lopez hold her breath for 30
6:38 pm
seconds at a time. >> when we first started they had me practice with a stopwatch to see if i was able to hold my breath. then they were telling me that that's how the procedure was going to go. >> reporter: oncologist dr. phillip zetner says separation created by inhaling limits and creates enough space to protect the heart from the radiation. >> there's no doubt that this is reducing the dose to the heart for sure and that the main aspect of the heart is that really one of the main arteries for the heart is the left anterior descending which is right in the hot zone. >> reporter: lopez did it for more than 30 days and had her last treatment on tuesday and doctors say she and her heart look good. >> i just want to look forward to just my daily routine hanging out with my friends and my family and doing things like that and having the energy to do all those things that i used to do. >> reporter: maria dunn, fox news. >> still ahead on fox 29 news tonight, you watch cookie on fox's mega hit show "empire"? and you know she'll do
6:39 pm
anything to protect the people she loves. >> she surely will. and a local woman may not have that flare but she's got that fight to rise above incredible odds. how this one tough cookie is now fighting for others. it's next. >> we're going to have a special guest. we'll have caitlin roth. she went red now. >> sold us out. she's in d.c. right now. >> plus also a way to get your kids to eat their veggies. see you tomorrow morning at 8:00.
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>> ♪ >> season two of the smash fox hit "empire" is in full swing and audiences are loving it. now while lucious is all locked up, cookie is taking charge and making moves again. and fans of "empire" admire how she fights back against all odds to put her family out of despair and on the way to success. and there are some tough cookies in our area who may not have that tv cookie flare but they've got the guts and that cookie drive to beat some
6:43 pm
incredible odds. >> ♪ >> my name is tracy johnson. >> and she's got an incredible story of struggle. >> exactly. >> and triumph. >> the kid really treats you if they don't know what you have. >> she has dyslexia. >> it's real. it's a real issue. >> it's an incurable likely inherited reading disorder that could prevent the brain, even highly intelligent people like tracy from converting written letters into words you can speak. >> just a bunch of jumbled printer. >> it made going to school shear hell. >> but i always knew you a smart but it was hard especially when they're telling me that you're not. that was the most heart wrenching growing up and adults telling me that i was dumb, telling me that i was slow, telling me i was lazy or stupid. >> teased taunted isolated and never diagnosed. she was tossed into the wrong special ed classes but she learned tricks to get herself through.
6:44 pm
>> i used to try to use little things to kind of get around reading out loud. coverup artist, that's me. >> but trying to get into community college was no joke. >> i remember sitting in the psychology lab just breaking down saying i can't do this. i can't do this anymore. >> she took a job cleaning and often thought of suicide. >> i just figured, okay, this is it. this is my potential so i ended up just working for awhile and getting jobs, that's how i ended up cleaning for the school system and years went on and i said i can't settle for this. i can do the work. i just need the proper help. i need the tools to do it. >> tracy got tested for dyslexia but by then, she was in her mid-20's and searching for the right help. >> ♪ >> i saw her reading about the fourth grade level. >> certified reading specialist judy mazer has been working with tracy for about 16 years. >> even i can scan it in and
6:45 pm
e-mail it to you. >> she still is. >> i can send that to her. >> she now has a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master's in special education and she's working on a second master's and she was just awarded an honorary ph.d. in ministry. >> number one, if you never knew what faith s-you will now know what faith is. on this side these are just some additional facts. >> dr. campbell and tracy have joined forces through a reading clinic to get information, hope and resources into the hands of parents and children who are the least likely to be tested for dyslexia. >> the southeastern you intervene the sooner you can get help. >> we need a verb mal our mind to remember which way that d is going and which way that b going. we have to slow down and think about it. >> tracy volunteering her time to help adults like keith harris attending the world congress on special needs education recently meeting at
6:46 pm
temple in philly. >> you will never see a course in college directly teach, the teachers about dyslexia. >> almost cried watching her film back there. >> this is what i wrote up today. >> see if you can read that. >> let's see. >> she also showed us she's not cured. >> tough cookie, tracy johnson overcomes taunting and testing. >> but she has learned ways to cope with her dyslexia. >> not mentally unstable. >> i did what i had to do. >> she shares all kinds of learning tips like recording instead of writing notes in class, then transcribing it later at her own pace. >> very time consuming but that's what i had to do. >> she offers contacts and resources through her nonprofit group vessels of hope. >> thanks again, everybody. >> yes, she's a hit with this crowd. >> this class is very
6:47 pm
inspirational to me and i can take it home to my daughter and maybe show her. >> tracy has turned down some really good paying jobs to give away what has taken her so long to learn. >> because i'm called to give back. there's no way that i'm going gain all this knowledge and not give it back to people that i know need it. >> yeah, i'm glad you enjoyed: thanks for coming. >> she is one tough cookie. >> that was wonderful. >> thank you. thanks for coming. i appreciate it. >> she is amazing and we have listed some resources for that you may help at myfoxphilly -- i should say well a little wind and rain not nearly enough to stop some super heroes of all sizes from making a difference today. >> that's right. the philadelphia zoo hosting the third annual superhero 5k run and 1k walk. hundreds of people donned their capes and coats for a very worthy cause. look at some of these folks. looks great. the nonprofit behind the race
6:48 pm
two, help abused and neglected children in our area and who better of course to help cook offer the run at the zoo than good day sue serio and my coanchor joyce evans. i didn't see your cape and coat there, joyce. >> we had the coats. >> okay. >> and the hats. >> it was cold out. good for you. well, a grocery store chain in texas rolling out new technology that could shorten wait time at the register. sounds good. well, not everyone on board with the change. fox's bridget spencer gives us a quick look at fast scan. >> reporter: some are calling it the future of grocery store checkout lanes. fast scan has made its debut at the wake line agb plus and customers are loving it. >> quick and fast. >> the two lane of towers do a 360-degree snapshot of the product. it allows customers to place items any kind of way. >> customers have having a good time playing with this new register. they can lay their product upside down, all over the
6:49 pm
place. >> reporter: when it comes to people losing their jobs hgb says that won't be the case. cashiers will still be stationed at the end of the lanes to accept money and deal with any issues. >> this is all about more time spent with the customer, letting our cashier do what they love most which is visiting with our customers. >> reporter: gina say the buzz about the machines on facebook and decided to stop by. >> it was very easy. you place everything about a foot apart and then you put the little thing at the end and it tells it it's the end and that's it. >> i've had a lot of customers tell me it's the way of the future, something different, something crazy, new. >> reporter: not everyone thinks it's a good idea. some feel technology could be going too far. >> we're dumb enough to kind of accept it and eventually it takes over. >> reporter: other stores across texas have already begun testing fast scan out. hgb says if feedback goes well they'll put more in stores across the state. bridget spencer, fox seven news. >> players on offense for the eagles think they're pretty close to being good again but
6:50 pm
washington's defense is no joke. you'll be surprised here how good they actually are and since they're going for their fourth straight win, their o isn't very good, they've shown flashes. that's later in sports. >> martian starring matt damon. >> mark watney is presumed dead after a crazy storm and is left behind by his crew but watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone and must figure out how to stay alive. >> oh, that's easy. >> ♪ >> no matter what happens, tell the world, tell my family that i never stopped fighting to make it home. >> i want a ticket to this one. i'm into this. i like seeing when a hume assemblyman put out there and they have to persevere and like survive.
6:51 pm
>> i'm not really that much into space movies but i don't know if i will see that movie because matt damon is not one of my favorite characters. i don't know the way he did liberace. >> you don't like space movies? your shirt says otherwise. [laughter] ñ?hn
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> ♪ >> the eagles getting ready for washington. should be a win. there's no way you should lose to a team owned by daniel snyder that has kirk cousins at quarterback not if you're a playoff contender at least but there is some cause to worry about the run game. they're fifth in the league in rushing. matt jones and alfred morris can run the rock. the eagles run d has been good but it hasn't faced a ground attack quite like this. >> yeah, we've been good against the run but i'm not beating my chest we have two losses and one win. we've got lot to improve on.
6:54 pm
obviously we want to continue to do better against the run. as i said, we've got a big challenge with the redskins run game probably the strongest run game we've faced this year. they're always fresh, always running hard. >> washington's did he first has also been a bright spot. i know it's only been three games but they're second in total defense. they have guys like ryan kerrigan, chris culver players who made the pro bowl and couple that have been to the super bowl. sam bradford can't be sloppy or they'll definitely take advantage. >> they're second right now in total defense. their front is active. it seems to me that they get their hands on a lot of balls. fairly similar to atlanta in that their scheme isn't really complex but what they do they seem to be really good at.
6:55 pm
>> before the game kicks off at 1:00 check out "game day live" at 10:00 a.m. garry cobb, dave spadaro howard eskin and myself will break down the game and give you keys to victory. following will be fox sunday at 11:00 previewing all the action throughout the league. to college football saturday penn state starting to rebound after their upset loss to temple in week one. james franklin starting to look like he has a little clue on offense. going for four wins in a row taking on army in the third quarter army hanging in tight. 13-seven, christian hackenberg finds a wide opened mike for the 33-yard td. nittany lyons up. army still staying in there though. fourth quarter ab shower keeps it himself right up the middle down the side line. penn state doesn't have the athletes to catch him. that's a 56-yard td, 20-14 penn state. army has a shot to win the game at the end but final
6:56 pm
possession, fourth and five, sherr can't find anyone opened. penn state has a victory 20 to 14, fourth win in a row. three games left in the season and they need to win just one to void their first 100 loss season since 1961. third inning phillies down four i've oh. cody asche find as huge gap in center. that's a triple for asche. march. now we got to the top of the sixth, gordon a stolen base, carlos ruiz usually on point
6:57 pm
>> be sure to join us tonight for fox 29 news. a half naked man on the run and causing a lot of trouble. hear from homeowner who says she saw the pantless man in her backyard and she couldn't believe what he was doing. much more on that tonight after the game. that will do it for this saturday night at 6 o'clock. your live lottery drawing is next. >> that's followed by college football, arizona state and ucla. we'll see you right back here after the game.
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