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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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cold, all of a sudden, hitting you. >> joe: ken rosenthal, what is going on with encarnacion? >> ken: he hurt either his finger or knuckle and getting a precautionary x-ray right now. >> joe: so they went with smoak. he fouled out. now the inning is in the lap of colabello. home run in the division series. he's got seven hits this postseason. one tonight. chopped. zobrist. inning over. madson into and out of trouble. the jays have stranded seven and trail by three. out of the park.ason, t-mobile t we've doubled our 4g lte coverage
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pepsi wild cherry. explosively cherry. >> joe: tonight's telecast sponsored by pepsi. the offerings soft drink of the mlb. up above, tonight's aerial coverage brought to you by directv. now part of the at&t family. as we go into the bottom of the eighth inning with kansas city leading game one 3-0, you see the attention paid to
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salvador perez after the top of this eighth inning. getting hit on the back of the left hand on on the follow-through by donaldson. but able to continue. the new pitcher, fourth of the night for toronto, is latroy hawkins who is in his 21st year in the big leagues. >> tom: and still throwing mid-90s. >> joe: he announced this is it, his final year. swinging at the first pitch is escobar, why wouldn't he, strike one. >> harold: i know he is saying that's it, you but he lives in the dallas area. i would not be surprised if the rangers say, latroy, come play another year. who knows if he wouldn't do it. he's had an incredible run. >> joe: that hits escobar. >> harold: and it starts. >> joe: considering what we showed you coming on the air with the little back and forth
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and the dustup 2nd day of august, there is more read into th that. you could hear first base coach rusty kuntz saying, "thank god for the pad." it looked like it may have gotten on the back of the left arm where he wears that brace. >> harold: latroy and escobar on the way down, he said, are you okay? and escobar said, i'm all right. maybe trying to diffuse it a little. i don't know. >> joe: ben zobrist takes a start. >> tom: are you trying to start something? >> harold: i'm saying we have a long way to go in this series. >> tom: i thought you were saying, my bad. >> joe: the point is when you have that happen and then everybody is expecting something, it happens, even unintentionally, people read into it. here is one shot over the head
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of donaldson. what a try by tulowitzki. two on, nobody out. first hit of the night for zobrist. >> harold: nothing you can do on that play. if tulowitzki grabs it, i don't even know if he has a play. couldn't hit that any better. hit right in front of the plate. a little short hop. you can call it a kansas city chop now, huh? it used to be a baltimore chop. >> tom: i talked to latroy in the locker room before the game and he showed me what glove he has. that thing is so old, he doesn't know how old it is. i think we have to do carbon dating to find out. best guess, eight years old. it has three rips in the palm of the glove. >> joe: here is cain. strike one. >> tom: it's only i think i have two more weeks left in this glove.
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look at this glove. >> harold: that's great. >> tom: and it's become so floppy. you saw right there, the ball just didn't stick in there. >> harold: he's been used to that for a long time and breaking that glove in. >> joe: it looks broken. two on, nobody out. a chance to blow it open for kansas city in the eighth. that is into right. bautista is there. tagging is escobar. he stays put. tonight's trivia question sponsored by maytag. which team holds the record for the most consecutive league championship series games won? the answer? not the yankees. it's the orioles with ten. between '69 and '70, the orioles swept the twins, '71 orioles swept the a's and '73 orioles won the first game of a five-game alcs.
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they eventually lost to oakland. prior to 1985 which was the matchup between these two organizations, the lcs was the best of five. '85 the first year they went to the best of seven. now two on, one out. as the royals are three defensive outs away from their eighth straight lcs win. >> harold: yeah. you know what? it's interesting watching lorenzo cain you saw his reaction he is upset. i think it's a situation where he moves the runners because that is in his arsenal. then you come up with hosmer and morales and that infield is drawn in. you want to play where a grand slam doesn't tie you or beat you in a situation. adding that other run and putting those guys in that position changes the rest of this game out. >> joe: davis will take over in the ninth inning. what is, right now, a three-run
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game, as eric hosmer waits. he is 0 for 3. he reached on an error his last time. hawkins first came to the big leagues in '95. big swing. strike one. >> harold: still bringing it. i want to go back to this real quick, joe, because we saw the left-hander, that one lefty already. he has already been used. now you have hosmer, morales, and moustakas coming up. and cain can handle the bat. all right, i'm ton. >> joe: cain flied to right. the runner stayed put. 2-1 from hawkins. ripped into right. back at the wall. off the top of the wall. one run scores, escobar. they hold zobrist.
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it's 4-0. >> tom: i think hosmer is surprised this ball didn't get out. absolutely barreled up. just off the top of the wall. >> harold: a heck of a play by bautista, because this is two runs. zobrist is running hard on the crack of the bat. he knows that ball is not going to be caught and bautista got it back in and saved a run. >> joe: but an rbi double for hosmer. 4-0 game. infield in. morales flies one to left. making the catch is revere. tagging is zobrist.
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5-0. >> tom: boy, the tack-on runs, so important. joe maddon, the cubs manager, calls them jug runs for jugular. going for the jugular late in the game. three run lead and becomes a five-run lead. >> joe: i think that is one spot where the royals are better and that is at the dh compared to a year ago. morales had a big year. three home runs in this division series. he's 1 for 3 tonight with now a sac fly. >> tom: totally agree. a much larger margin for error. offensively, a better team with morales and zobrist coming aboard late in the season. >> joe: hochevar is getting loose in their bull pen.
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>> harold: no need to use davis if you have 5-0 lead. >> joe: and a day game tomorrow. >> harold: great point, great point. >> joe: moustakas, one ball, one strike. official caps, hoodies jackets and more. celebrate with your favorite team at the shop. popped into left for revere. the inning is over. but two more runs put on the board. a 5-0 kansas city lead.
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golfer (to caddie): so what do we think? commentator: a lot on the line here. caddie: guys, what do you got? shot link official: 167 to the pin. blimp pilot: winds 8 knots out of the west. joe: every player's gone long today. commentator: (whispers) joe... caddie: great. vo: take a more comprehensive approach to advice. caddie: it's the 8. vo: that's the metlife perspective. see how a metlife premier client group representative working with a team can create a truly diversified portfolio to help grow and safeguard your assets. vo: that's a beautiful shot. >> joe: t-mobile wants fans to share their passion. be part of the biggest seventh
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inning stretch. post your photos and videos with #the big seven and #contest for a chance to win tickets to world series game four. a beautiful scene with the fountains down below. this place, they have had fun all night. right now, the royals pitching working on a three-hit shutout, as we play in the ninth. 5-0 game now. hochevar is going to take over here in the ninth inning. as we said, wade davis gets to sit this one out, at least at this point. >> harold: your point of being a day game was dead on. the recovery time. now have you that closer who is going to be fresh if you get in that situation in game two if they can close this out right here.
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>> joe: strike two. >> tom: joe, i said when you play toronto, you defend the home run. tonight, the royals have defended the extra base hit. toronto, only four times this year without an extra base hit. none in the last three months. >> joe: 2-2. >> harold: i tell you what has impressed me is the fire power in which they have gone about it. volquez threw 68 fastballs. 55, 95 or higher. herrera, eight of his eight pitches were over 95. madson, 10 of the 11 over 95 miles an hour. that's bringing some cheddar at you. >> joe: left side. off the bat of tulowitzki, moustakas. one away.
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tomorrow, another great day of mlb postseason action. game two of this one between the blue jays and the royals. the winner of this game looks to take a two games to none lead on their way to toronto. coverage of alcs, game two begins at 3:30 eastern, only on fas fas. fs1. . fs1. . fs1. fs1. batter now navarro, takes ball one low. >> tom: toronto blue jays is the best hitting team in the major leagues. you tell me in the eighth inning no one in the lineup is beat by velocity and command, i wouldn't have believed it.
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>> harold: the command is what has blown me away tonight. they had a great game plan. living on the corners. you don't always execute. if you miss, the ball comes back over. they haven't missed most of the night. >> joe: left side. another one for moustakas and he kicked it. that will be an error on the kansas city third baseman. he made 12 during the regular season and navarro is on. what is on the line right now is the royals are going with their fourth shutout in franchise history during the postseason. the last one coming, game six of last year's world series, 10-0 win over the giants behind yordano ventura.
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he will be pitching tomorrow. one on, with one out for pillar. strike one. follow every pitch of the postseason with at-bat. the number one app for live baseball. stay connected with highlights and replay reviews, scores, pitch tracking, live radio broadcasts and more. download the at-bat a.m. right now. pillar for two. he has to lean back for ball one. >> tom: that was another catch by perez with some pain attached to it. >> harold: when that ball ma moustakas missed has now got davis up. >> joe: this blue jay team was only shut out five times all year. again, by far the top scoring team in baseball in 2015. they have just three hits tonight.
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that is to short. escobar. that is one. can't get them both. >> harold: wow. that was pretty. >> joe: what a night escobar has had tonight. >> harold: what i like about this, you're playing for outs right now, right? he knows he has a play on that ball and trying to turn two. but the best part of it was he got the out. but that was pretty. >> tom: they do it every night and all points of the baseball field. defense, spectacular. especially the range, the athleticism of this team defensively, the best in baseball. >> harold: he made a play like that last postseason very similar to that ball. >> joe: the early word on edwin encarnacion, one on, two out here, is the x-rays were negative, but he has a ligament strain in the middle finger, and
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they are listing him right now as day-to-day. so you say negative, i guess in a way of a break, but a ligament strain is no small issue for the middle finger. >> tom: especially for the bottom hand of a power hitter. >> joe: big ddh who popped 39 home runs couldn't make it through game one. here is goins. flyball into left. this one belongs to kansas city, as gordon squeezes it. it's a 5-0 royals win in game one. a three hour, 15-minute game.
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salvador perez homered in this game. he did his usual fine job receiving and he caught the starter and the winner for kansas city, edinson volquez, who showed that good velocity, guys, kept the ball away from the right-handed thump of the toronto blue jays lineup. that ball never ran back. he deserved the win here tonight. >> harold: he showed great composure. i thought the blue jays did everything they could with their hands full to try to disrupt his rhythm. we watched that a couple times. such a key conversation when eiland came out and said, use your fastball. they did a nice job executing the game plan, tom. >> tom: to me, toronto saw a volume questio volume questio volquez they had never seen before. velocity and keeping the ball out of the center of the zone, toronto never got on track. >> joe: in the fourth inning, salvador perez went deep.
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his third home run of this postseason. and that made it 3-0 at the time. the royals win it 5-0. and he is standing by with erin andrews. >> erin: lets get to the hand. how are you feeling? >> i feel pretty good. it hit me my finger right in the middle right there. i don't know if it's major or not but we will take home a couple of picture inside is what the trainer telling me. good thing i finish the game. >> erin: good thing you finished the game. take some pictures. we talked and documented during the game you were physically ill in the alds. you hit a home run. how are you holding up? >> i don't know. you know? i love the game. i just like to play. i prepare myself a lot to be in
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that situation so i can't miss it. >> erin: how much fun was it watching edinson volquez tonight? the guy was throwing so hard tonight. what was working for him? >> he keep the ball down. down away, everything. pretty aggressive tonight. >> ken: go get those pictures done on that hand. thanks. >> gracias. >> erin: gracias. joe? >> joe: salvador perez can still smile. they are smiling inside this stadium where the royals and their fans celebrate 5-0 win in game one. coming up after the short break, more postgame from our studios in los angeles.
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welcome to the postgame show. we are brought to you by chevrolet. glad to have you on board as the royals take game one of the alcs over the blue jays and dominating pitching performance tonight. pete, you said before the game you like kansas city. did you like volquez and his performance? ." volquez was throwing strikes and keeping the ball down. we have been saying this how long we have been on the air, frank? good pitching stopped good hitting and it did that tonight. >> it did. let's talk with him on to the ballpark with our ken rosenthal. >> sixth inning, edinson, back-to-back walks to start it and 37 pitches to finish it. how did you get through it? >> i think i got more experience now how to pitch in that situation. i was able to throw the ball what i wanted after that two
11:29 pm
walks and get out of that inning and that was big. >> had you ever thrown that many pitches in an inning and how did you feel after it was done? >> i think it happened to me before. like i say, you know, i've been through that before and i was able to throw more strikes and it was a great game. >> your fastball tonight averaged 95 miles per hour. it's been creeping upward every start. what is going on? >> i think adrenaline. the fans give me a lot of energy, i think. see all of the fans and calling my name and calling me eddie, eddie, eddie! i was like, come on, i have to do it for them and i did it. >> eddie, thanks a lot. kevin, back to you. >> all right, kenny and eddie. oh! the splash! >> that's why you like to play at home. >> they got kenny on that one. you know what? eddie is as they call him there. he came into this game 0-3 in his postseason career with 8.5 e.r.a. and this was a different guy tonight.
11:30 pm
>> he was dominating tonight. he had his fastball and it was >> larry flynt is attacking hugh are starting to give up on it. that threads the outside corner. that one may be a lilt off but he got him to look away and bautis bautista did not like that call. he got his eyes looking out there. it allowed him to make this is a mistake but because guys sometimes you look too far outside and you give up a pitch. >> toronto offense is if they are going to win. 3 for 30 tonight and excellent starting pitching from the royals. we said in the back room if the royals pitch above average and tonight it was excellent, they can beat toronto. >> an interesting point, pete. we were talking about kansas city's rotation. what do we expect coming into the postseason? they were average. now volquez, cueto thot


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