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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 28, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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♪ right now on fox 29 news at 6:00 o'clock, it's starting to a lot like the holiday season in center city philadelphia but it sure doesn't feel like it. christmas village at love park officially opening on a mild 60-degree day. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. there is some light rain falling in some spots. but you might want to get out end yao these temperatures because changes are a coming. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is here now with those changes. kathy. >> dawn, what an afternoon. temperatures soaring into the 60s again on ultimate doppler you can see clouds and a few sprinkles the good news is if you've already seen the rain north and west of philadelphia you won't see that much more. later tonight focused through south jersey and delaware. take a look at these temperatures. thanksgiving day 64. friday black friday 66.
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today 62. and this is what dawn is talking about. a downward spiral for sunday and monday as far as the temperatu temperatures concerned. right now it's 58. so far in philadelphia nothing measurable in the way of precipitation just light showers in the wind is calm. elsewhere temperatures falling fast in the pocono mountains 39. no doubt they'll be making snow tonight. wilmington 58. millville stepping out a few showers tonight and 59 degrees. as you plan possibly a trip to the airport tonight, a few passing showers. the temperature around 56 degrees. by 9:00 p.m., clouds and mild. 54 degrees. by the 11:00 o'clock hour a few scattered showers temperature 52. this rain will linger into tomorrow and two more days of rain coming this week. it will ab different start to the month of december. more on that witness seven day forecast later in the broadcast. dawn? >> all right, sounds like we need to keep our umbrellas handy. kathy. the warm weather is certainly bringing a lot of people out to enjoy what the city has to offer. the blue cross river rink is open and as i mentioned just
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minutes ago the christmas village also open for business. that's where we find fox 29 sabina kuriakose live tonight. sabina? >> reporter: hey, dawn. i am out of place in my warm jacket here. we have hundreds of people out here minute link shopping and eating at the christmas village. it is all lit up. people are shopping for presents, of course. christmas is in the air. but of course as you mentioned there's something decidely unchristmas like about the weather. it is cool, pleasant out here a light jacket is really doing it for most people. it's not the kind of weather you're usually doing the holiday shopping in. it's a nice reprieve before the real chill of winter sets in. >> oh, my god, how lucky. how look key, it's beautiful. this is my first time here. ♪ >> awesome. today. beautiful. took my jacket off earlier. a little misty out here now, but actually going to hang out here for about another hour, you know, it's nice. very beautiful day.
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>> reporter: it is turning into a beautiful night as well. you can see all of these folks out here. i can tell you the smell of food is in the air and making everybody hungry. the kids are having a great time. it was a little drizzly early on but it looks like that's cleared up into a really nice night, dawn. back to you. >> looks very festive, thank you sabina. at least 40 people are looking for a place to stay tonight after an early morning apartment fire in bethlehem. flames breaking out around 1:30 this at the sherwood pines apartment. firefighters arriving to find heavy smoke and flames from one of the buildings there. one resident was taken to local hospital for smoke inhalation. other than that fortunately no serious injuries. firefighters however say there is major damage to this complex. the attic area showed a lot of smoke coming out of the eaves in that area. fire was coming out of the first floor. going up the side of the building much the building has extensive damage. i'm not sure if anyone will be able to be until in that building today. may not be for while.
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one resident tells a lehigh county newspaper she had electrical problems right before the flames broke out but officials have not yet released an exact cause. developing to night, a day of mourning for one colorado community. deadly shoot tag colorado springs planned parenthood clinic yesterday leaves three people dead and nine others hospitalized. fox's will carv in colorado springs with new information about the suspected gunman. >> reporter: investigators continue to work a huge crime scene community members are sp spinning their saturday in mourning. colorado springs many gathering together at a local church. >> we're here to honor the lives of those who, hooks were killed yesterday by domestic terrorist. >> reporter: authorities say this man, 57-year-old robert lewis deer went on a shooting spree with assault rifle for more than five hours friday at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. three people were killed including 44-year-old police officer garrett swasey a husband
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every father of two children, a six-year police veteran. nine others were injured and rushed to local hospitals including five police officers and this victim shot at in his car one of at least four people now out of the hospital. >> he was aiming at me. i just hit the gas and he started shooting. i was looking at his face. the shots came through the glass. i started bleeding. >> reporter: meantime deer whose in police custody is described by neighbors as a loner from north carolina. who avoided eye contact but seemed to have few religious or political leanings. authorities are still looking into a possible motive but the mayor of colorado springs says people can make inferences from where it took place. president obama issued a statement condemning the attack and mourning the victims but also saying "we have to do something about the easy accessible of weapons of war on our streets". local and federal authorities searched dear's property today but they're being tight lipped about what if anything they found. dear is expected in court on
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monday. in colorado springs, will carr, fox news. we have learned the name of the driver killed in a fiery crash on the atlantic city expressway. 39-year-old joseph crawford was behind the wheel of the car that crashed into the egg harbor toll plaza in hamilton township yesterday morning. that car burst into flames. crawford lived in atlantic city and was reportedly on his way to work at a pennsylvania casino. the cause of that fiery crash is under investigation. slaw is using economic leverage to punish turkey for shooting its military jet out of the sky. fox's john huddy is in jerusalem with more on the rising tensions between these two countries. >> reporter: russia launched a financial attack on turkey targeting both countries trade relations in what has been a dramatic and tense military and political drama this week. today russian president vladimir putin signed the decree for temporary ban and restrictions on turkish imports and labor
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contracts between turkish and russian companies and turkish nationals working for russian companies. president putin also called for a ban on charter flights between both countries and russia has suspended its visa free travel arrangement with turkey both clear shots at disrupting turkey's tourism industry driven in large part by russian tourists. the move comes just hours after turkish president said his country was quote unquote truly saddened by the downing of the russian jet and that and these are his words we wish it hadn't happened. really the closest to an apology that we've heard so far. still both turkey and russia have taken hard line stances refusing to admit any wrongdoing on thursday putin said the attack was a quote treacherous stab in the back by turkey. that it was driving relations with russia into a dead end. adding to the military concerns russia deployed its s400 missile system to its western syrian
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base just 30 miles from the turkish border. but it's not military action or the political fire storm that may be driving relations into a dead end but now money. with that said turkish president requested a meeting with vladimir putin on monday at the climate conference in paris. putin didn't take a call from the tougher wish president earlier this week. we'll see if he take the meeting n jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. still ahead on fox 29 news tonight at 6:00 black friday not what it used to be. why researchers say traditions are changing fast when it comes to shopping. local shoppers walking away from the malls. they sayre they're fining at small businesses that just isn't for sale anywhere else. plus, half million dollar heist. how unarmed robber managed to walk away with bags full of cash. and no one invited this guy to thanksgiving dinner but he showed up any way. the hard time one family had getting rid of this unwanted
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guest. sean? >> dawn, nittany lions taking on michigan state trying to end the spartans hopes at a championship game in the playoffs. penn state out of the their weight class in this one much that's later in sports.
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♪ the cherry hill mall was packed on black friday but looks can be deceiving. across the country, black friday sales at brick and mortar stores dropped a lot compared to last year. here's a look at the numbers released by research firm trim shopper track. black friday shoppers spent
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$11.6 billion in 2014 yesterday 10.4 billion today 10% drop. more americans mr. hunting down deals on theirs computers. online sales jumped more than 14%. now the black friday 2015 is in the books, it's time to talk about small business saturday. fox 29's jennifer joyce spending the day in chestnut hill where shoppers found so-called mom and pop shops have something very special to offer. >> i'm taking three these home. >> reporter: fran of west chester is shopping local in chestnut hill. >> keeps them in business. keeps us getting novelty items like these. >> reporter: it's small business saturday. >> thank you. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: which generates a nice push for these independently owned stores like robertson's flowers and events a family owned staple in the community for 88 years. >> a lot of customers have been coming here they're whole lives, and even especially this time of year people come into our store
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and they say we've been come hearing since we were kids. we love to look around. >> reporter: shopping small has become a tradition for many like christie who consciously avoid the the malls this weeke weekend. >> you get to know the people who work in the stores. you know, for example, the papery i've seen them for the last 20 years, and people remember you and it's just a nice feeling. a nice atmosphere. >> reporter: down the block 10,000 villages, a not so small business, but one that supports artisans from developing countries by selling their cra crafts. >> so we work with the artisans to make sure they're paid a fare wage and can support their families, send their children to school be in a safe working environment. >> i have a few fences that have small businesses. i think it's great there's a day that we can support them. >> reporter: marsha sharkey of the chestnut hill business district says the support is needed all year long. >> yes, it's so important to support our small businesses. our independent retailers much
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this is their living. this is what they do. day in and day out. >> reporter: sharkey is predicting a solid season and it starts now. with the spirited mummers, of course, oh, and free parking on wednesday nights and weekends at six lots along germantown avenue. if you didn't make it out for small business saturday, that's okay. chestnut hill has a number of events going on through the end of december including live music and parades. a number of attractions to get people out here and supporting local businesses. in chestnut hill, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. a thief walks away with more than half million dollars outside of a michigan casino yesterday morning outside the greek town casino in detroit. the investigators say the crook was dressed as a security guard and walk right up to an armored van taking bags of cash. no weapon was shown though, no one was hurt. police are checking nearby surveillance cameras hoping they caught a glimpse of the thief. about 60 area children will be ready for the cold when they head outside this winter thanks
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to the alumni chapter of a local fraternity. alumni members of alpha if i alpha have been raising money since accept to buy coats, gloves and hats for local children in need. they raised more than $3,000 through gofundme page today they accompanied the children from west philadelphia, kensington and chester to the burlington coat factory in center city. children went home with a coat that they pick out themselves. one that will keep them warm all winter long. a taste of tibetan culture in rittenhouse square. animal tibetan bizarre wrapping up at the philadelphia ethical society. the event showcasing handmade crafts, delicious food and authentic goods. philadelphia has community of about 150 tibetans according to event organizers. there's ground-breaking research in the art world to help the blind experience the world's most famous paints in a whole new way. douglas kennedy tells us how knew digital technology is giving new meaning to having a feel for art.
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>> i'm not allowed to digit or feel it. >> reporter: that bible went -- ed went blind when he was 11 years old and for 50 years has missed many things. >> but one of the greatest things you personally miss is being able to see pictures and experience art? >> yes, sir. the big thing i'm not able to seat prints or the pictures or the subtle tease at all and when i ask people -- what is this of they give me their interpretations and what they see. >> reporter: it's a loss live magazine photographer john olsen found unbearable. exactly why he invented 3d photo works. >> over the past seven years you've used advances in nur row plasticity to turn some of the greatest works of art into these 3d prints? >> our process is designed so the world's blind can enjoy art photographer the way those of us who are sighted can enjoy it. >> reporter: the blind, for instance, can feel the locks on the mona lisa or actually touch the waters of the delaware.
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smashing against george washington's robo. >> cool. >> reporter: emotional experience for many who previously had to rely on subjective descriptions of art and mixtures. >> this is amazing. >> it really made me feel like i was genuine the experiencing something that i'd only talked about. >> reporter: your hope is that every museum in the world will use this technology to create displays for the blind? >> our prints to the blind represents far more than just art. it represents independence, freedom and equality. >> reporter: equality bible believes will brighten a new world previously in darkness. unfortunately, for the blind, human beings often communicate best with images. >> yes, sir. and with this we have the freedom to do the exploration ourselves with not anybody telling us what they see. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: allowing him and others to make their own
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decisions about what's good art and what's not. in new york, douglas kennedy, fox news. pretty amazing. still ahead on fox 29 news the rush to save wildlife from a dangerous oil spill. the powerhouse behind a leak that's causing a sting next. plus it's not a fad or a diet for millions of americans. it's a daily battle. why some say so much publicity is actually hurting people with celiac disease. >> i'm done being scared. >> you if you ain't scared you ain't alive. >> that's my family.
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>> it was so innocent. so touching. >> skip it. >> pixar teamed with wyoming office of tourism to encourage people to visit wyoming because a lot of parts of the movie are inspired by locations that are actual until wyoming. >> oh. >> do black people live in wyoming. >> i thought i never heard of any. >> this might be the first time i said wyoming twice. (laughter).
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♪ pope francis is in uganda today as part of his six day african tour. the pontiff paying respects to ugandan christians who were buried alive rather than denounce their faiths. he look at statutes. later pope francis receiving huge welcome at a gathering of thousands of ugandan young people. people cheering and holding up children for the pope to bless as he made his way through the crowds there. >> clean up crews are hard at work in charlotte north carolina as a oil leak spilled a thousand gallons of oil into a creek there. dozens of animals are being helped but many more are still in danger tonight. >> reporter: jennifer gordon at the carolina water foul rescue cleaning up dozens of
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animals she says are covered in oil. >> i picked up a duck at first and it was burning my hands. so it's pretty toxic. >> reporter: animals are being pulled out of little sugar creek which runs alongside the popular greenway trail in up town. the oil spill happening tuesday. covers more than 4 miles of stream and is being traced back to the nascar plaza building in up town where somehow 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel leaked from a generator and washed through a storm drain into the creek. investigation is underway on how this all happened. but meanwhile -- >> you can actually still smell the diesel fuel in here pretty good report roar there's concern at the creek where birds and fish are already dying from the spill. >> i've seen people with their kids out playing on the rocks in the water touching the rocks and trying to find things underneath the water. >> i come down here a lot with my dog and it was overwhelming so i called 311 to report it. >> reporter: jj justice says what's most alarming there are no signs or anything warning
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people of the polluted water. even while the county says this water should definitely be avo avoided. sections of the creek are around the very popular freedom park. >> look how many people are out here today. they have no clue what's really going on and all the animals in the water really realed sat. >> reporter: cleanup is happening both at the creek and at the rescue. the water foul says the message moving forward is simple. >> we need to get the word out and let people know they need to stay out of the creek then need to stay out of the water. >> the water foul rescue team says so far the spill has killed 10 ducks and eight turtles. still ahead on fox 29 news tonight at 6:00 change changes e slopes what a major resort is doing to make conditions safer for skiers. kathy? >> in weather we're talking about few scattered showers out there right now, dawn, but a cold front is pushing through so the focal point of the showers later tonight will be from philadelphia south and east and all of this rain will be pushing through lingering into tomorrow morning. what does this mean for any
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travel or end of the weekend plans? we'll check that out with the seven day coming up.
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♪ christmas season officially begins in one of the world's holiest places. vatican representative known as the custodian of the holy land visiting the church of nativity in bethlehem today. this tradition mark the beginning of the festive season of advent christians believe the church is it's birthplace of jesus christ. president obama is preparing to leave for a two-week un conference on climate change and republicans on capitol hill are already working to block said federal dollars from supporting global climate efforts. they argue the president should instead be focusing on terror. fox's molly henneberg with the story from washington. >> reporter: republicans are concerned that the president may not seek approval from the senate for any new international climate change agreement.
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president obama has indicated that the u.s. plans to give $3 billion to the united nations green climate fund. money that will go to developing countries to try to help them reduce carbon pollution. which the president says will be a strong message to terrorists. >> next week, i will be joining president hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children. >> reporter: some senators insist that the president needs approval from lawmakers before signing on to or pledging billions of dollars in an international deal like that. >> i want to make it clear to the administration as well as to foreign diplomats across the globe who are looking for us dollars which is the linchpin of this conference without it senate approval, there will be no money.
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period. >> reporter: democratic senator joe mansion from the cole producing state of west virginia joined other republicans in urging the president to allow the senate to quote exercise its constitutional roles to approve any agreement that comes from this meeting in paris. earlier, a group of senate republicans sent a letter to the president saying "we support international dialogue on global environmental problems --, our constituents are worried that the pledges you are committing the united states to will strengthen foreign economies at the expense of american workers. they are also skeptical about sending billions of their hard earned dollars to government officials from developing nations ". but the obama administration says the green climate fund and u.s. financial support for it is a quote clear priority for the president. in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. as we continue to enjoy our above average temperatures, this holiday weekend, it's a much different story elsewhere in the united states.
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national weather service issued ice storm warnings in parts of texas and central oklahoma. reports say up to half i of ice is expected to accumulate in some places. this adding to the dangerous conditions that have hit the area since thanksgiving. roads are already very slick officials telling residents to travel only if absolutely necessary. and now to the fox 29 weather authority where we have enjoyed yet another mild day, kathy? >> trifecta three days in the 60s and tomorrow will be much different we'll be cooling down wet to start as well. you knew it had to went sooner or later. it's been a beautiful day today. the high temperature in philadelphia made it to 62 degrees. but look at the temperature trend. sunday we lower the temperature in the lower 50s and we slowly climb back up. right now in the city it is 58. 52 in pottstown. but look at the blue contour. this is the cold air that will be moving in. 44 in williamsport. 43 in syracuse new york.
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what 25. cold front moving through not through philadelphia just yet. when that gets to the south of us that will be the focal point for most of the rain later on tonight. take look at the future cast. if you live in the philadelphia suburbs and the rain has ended for the evening, you're pretty much will be over at least for the evening. but then more will move in during the overnight. right now the rain focus through south jersey and delaware. look what happens, though, we see some rain lifting back up into the suburbs by sunday morning. and then all of this pushes south over the course of the day on sunday we end up with sunshine i think we'll have the rain overnight pretty much everywhere and then into the morning hours. but by tepp, 11:00 o'clock in the morning, it should be gone. here's our cold front that will be moving through the region during the evening an area of low pressure helping to push more moisture toward us during the early morning hours of sunday. by monday, high pressure builds in and this is going to bring us a dry day. this system to the south. watch what happens an area of high pressure develops along the coast by tuesday bringing us more rain and then this front is
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a storm for wednesday. so we have three opportunities for more rain and here they are. first tomorrow very good chance of rain. 60% chance. rain is likely. monday high pressure notices down from canada dries it out but cools it down. then tuesday afternoon rain and wednesday a rainy day. a stormy day possible al little wind as well. for tonight, 46 in the city. 42 degrees in the suburbs. passing showers this evening getting steadier more widespread overnight. the normal low is 35 for this time of year. so you can appreciate that warmth. seasonal day tomorrow. the temperature 51. the showers will end late morning. then it turns partly sunny but the good news not much wind the win out of the north about five to 10 miles an hour. as you plan your day heading out the door possibly bringing family to the airport, bring the raincoat. it will be wet. if you're going for morning walk you'll need a hood temperature 47. by the midday hour sweatshirt outside, 48 degrees it should be drying out. some sunny break in the afternoon. by the din are in hour partly cloudy and the temperature
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46 degrees. on your seven day forecast, a rainy start to the day on sund sunday. then we dry it out. clear, cool, but comfortable on monday as everyone goes back to school and back to work. tuesday afternoon showers so most of the the day is rain free. happening toward the dinner hour and then you have your rainy day wednesday. good news is by thursday, fair weather high pressure builds in. so we dry it out thursday. with a high of 52. seasonal friday. but it will be cool with a temperature of 53. morning low of 37 and sunshine and dawn by neck saturday, we'll be talking about 50 degrees for the high. some 12 degrees cooler than it was today. but, remember, tuesday is the beginning of december. so it's supposed to be cooler. this is just average. wednesday get a 60-degree day. we're expecting the month of december to be above average with temperatures staying in the 50s for the most part. >> we can't complain. it was holiday weakened. >> it was great. >> it was wonderful. >> didn't have to worry bout
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weather. tonight after the football game we'll talk about travel if you'll be heading out tomorrow. >> thanks, kathy. >> you bet. stelai head thanksgiving dinner guests that no one invited. where the snake showed up and why it was so hard to get rid of this guy. plus, turning senior citizens into technical pros. why one company says teaching grandma to text is so important for the young and the old.
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♪ this 6-foot snake gives florida family quite a story to tell around the thanksgiving dinner table this year. the snake showing up on the family's front porch. fox's evan lambert reports getting rid of the big guy wasn't easy. >> reporter: this snake i saw his head was as big as my fist. family gets an unexpected visitor this thanksgiving. this guy a nearly 6-foot boa constrictor was curled up on the porch of don myers saint pete home wednesday. at first he didn't believe his screaming daughter. but when he spotted the snake for himself, he called 911 right away. >> i see small snakes out here quiet often but never anything like this. and he was right over there in the corner and he was big.
6:39 pm
very big. >> reporter: vernon yates with wildlife rescue rehab showed up. the snake had slithered under a shed. >> getting him out from underneath the shed was a problem because the shed was so big there was no way to get to the middle of the shed where he was. he just kept staying in there and he wasn't going oh come out. >> reporter: he cut a portion of the floor out and dragged the animal to his cage. >> snake pretty ticked off at that point and trying to bite anything that moved. >> reporter: yates said it's likely the boa is an escaped pet. its owner could face citation from fwc. for now he's keeping the snake at his facility until someone claims it. meanwhile, don and his family are a little more worried about going outside. >> i come out here sometimes and i like to just enjoy the yard, you know, soak up a little sun, put some stuff on the grill, but i'm definitely going to have my eyes over my shoulders from now on. >> yates says if someone can prove they own the snake, he'll hasn't it over. if not it will be used to teach
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children about snakes. still ahead on fox 29 news, it's not a fad or diet for millions of americans. it is a daily battle. why some say so much publicity is actually hurting people with celiac disease. good evening i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson. if you heard avenue bud tee project this is a girl from our area helping to safe lives and this is going across the entire country. >> cyber monday is coming up obviously people want to shop. we'll keep you safe when you decided to it. >> and great news. >> what's that. >> no eagles game. >> happy sunday.
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♪ a new start up company is hoping to bridge the divide between generations. teaching our nation's seniors thou use tablets, smart phones and social media will reduce isolation and help them to better connect with younger people. fox's jonathan serrie takes a look what the company has to offer. >> reporter:. >> i phones and i pads have pretty good cameras in that. >> reporter: it's a common complaint. seniors having trouble staying in touch with their children and grandchildren. >> you can't reach them on the land line. you don't know where they are. they're always somewhere
6:44 pm
unavailable sometimes their choice. >> reporter: that's where jane ratcliff comes in the an la entrepreneur created the no non-profit blew hair technology group to teach seniors how to use smart phones, tablets and other gadgets. >> how many of you text in here? >> if they want to stay in touch with their kids and grandkids, they have to learn how to text because that's how people communicate today. >> how easy is it to learn this technology. >> not easy. not for me. because i didn't grow up with computers. it's a whole different language. >> reporter: the instructors and volunteers take extra time to translate high-tech concepts into terms relevant to this generation. >> when we talk about pod casting we really say, go back to the 40s what we had primarily what radio and you turn the radio on and you'd list stone radio show that's exactly what pod casting is. >> blue hair technology uses volunteers as young as 12 years old to help seniors during class. the non-profit also accepts
6:45 pm
donations. you can learn more about it at just look under as seen on tv. great idea. it's just about time to hit the slopes in in the northeast and popielarski resort in maine is spending a lot of money to keep skiers save this year. in march, seven skiers were injured at sugar loaf when a chair lift malfunctioned and started to move backwards. the resort says it spent more than a million dollars making improvements. equipment has been replaced. the brakes on seven lift lifts e been upgraded an aging lift was removed. in your health tonight, it's a disease that strikes millions of americans as a result you would think it would grab all kinds of headlines yet most of the people who have it don't even know it. this disease can make eating a simple slice of bread harmful in a dozen different ways much 10 years ago bruce gordon introduced to us celiac disease through his daughter alexa. tonight a follow up. the good news, and the bad. >> reporter: big apple offers
6:46 pm
a broad menu for a 24-year-old young woman with celiac disease. >> we went there when we were coming to look at school. >> reporter: i should know. i'm her father. >> it it's not something that's on my mind nearly as much as it was. i kept it to myself, and then i just got -- i was very depressed and it made me feel worse about it. >> reporter: that was alexa a decade ago several years after she was be lated diagnosed with celiac. as i reported back then lexi small intestine was damaged every time she ate anything containing gluten. protein found in wheat, rye and barley. >> happy birthday lear lexi. >> reporter: birthday cake we happily served her we were unwittingly poisoning our own child. the damage had stunned her growth. it became noticeable when she was very young. it made her susceptible to a host of other major health risks. >> in those days grocery
6:47 pm
shopping was a nightmare. mom's palm pilot was put to use to research just about everything that went into the cart. >> 20 ounces for $2. lexi's bread is 16-ounces for 4.59. >> reporter: gluten free foods were scarce, expensive and -- >> bad and -- the food was never of a particularly high quality. >> reporter: today, gluten free foods are a multi billion dollar industry and growing each other. tasty alternatives use rice flour, tapioka and other wheat substitutes can be found in almost all main stream supermarkets. prices have come down and the taste has improved. in a major city like new york where lexi now lives, there are gluten free options of all kinds. but even in smaller towns shopping and mealtime are no longer awkward, embarrassing. no longer in endangering her health. >> a lot easier. >> reporter: at the but at the ambler based celiac national
6:48 pm
foundation for celiac awareness it's still a big problem. >> gluten free food is not enough and they need celiac disease to be taken seriously. >> reporter: the walls of the foundation are lined with cartoon images depicting the issues facing those with celiac. one of them caught our eye in it a restaurant customer asked if a menu item is gluten free? the waiter rolls his eyes and thinks to himself, oh, no, not another one. the cause of the irritation -- >> celebrity zatioon of the gluten free diet. >> celebrities have over the past few years gone gluten free. not because they have celiac. for these celebs it's a dietary choice. the result, lots of headlines going greg the term gluten free you'll get 98 million hits. celiac disease, generates just 5 million. >> what it does, it takes the emphasis off celiac disease as being a serious genetic auto
6:49 pm
immune disease. >> foundation's website puts the focus back on the disease and it offers training to those on the front lines of this battle, food service professionals. understanding where gluten may be hidden is a real challenge. soy sauce, salad dressings. >> they don't understand celiac or if they believe their customer is simply indulging a fad diet with a request for a gluten free entree, they may not take seriously their responsibility to keep their offerings free of contaminants. >> if you communicate verbally and visually you will minimize your mistake. >> one particle of gluten will set off that auto immune reaction and every time we eat out, we put our health in to the hands of the food service professionals, went want them to take our disease seriously. >> alexa takes her celiac seriously. she's researched her disease and knows what to look for on label want to ask for at a restaurant. >> no one else is going to look out for that you way. you have to be in control of what you're asking for. you have to be careful, and
6:50 pm
speak up for yourself. whether it's in a restaurant or with a group of friends or your family. it's common aft oftentimes but it's necessary, it's for your health. >> reporter: sure is. the foundation says far more people with celiac are being properly diagnosed these days but it's still the case that most with the disease remain unaware go to our website we'll link you to the information that could save your health. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> temple temple has a must one begin if they want to be in the american championship game. coach matt ruhle talks about playing uconn and a penn state has a chance to rule and go to the big 10 championship game. did they play the role of spoiler? that's next in sports.
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>> flyers get to fly under the radar with the eagles and sixers being so bad no one is talking about them being at the bottom of the standings. to night they're trying to get just their third, two-game winning streak of the season. first period, dylan, with the hard hit on nick schultz. schultz left the game with upper body injury and someone had to pay for that. that someone was -- schenn gets in with him. for some reason no one calls his thug much that's another issue. second period matt read with a nice pass to sim ponds who finishes with the score. flyers go up one to nothing. simmonds with the shot, sean with the rebound and score. that put them up two to nothing. the flyers go on to win, three to 0o penn state eligible for bowl but today's game against michigan state will be their biggest of the year. a chance to play spoiler to
6:54 pm
michigan state's chances to play iowa in the big 10 championship game. first quarter, christian hackenberg trying to make play. that's not really there. over throws the receiver in the end zone. that could -- that was how hackenberg's day would go. spartans drive straight down the field. 29-yard td pass wide over rj shelton. michigan state takes seven-zero lead. second quarter, he finds carter. he fumbles it. cox picks it up and he's off to the races down the side lines weaves through all the traffic. that's a 77-yard touchdown return. the spartans are currently up 55-16 in the fourth. that score makes this game a moot point. ohio state michigan now out of the championship game. elliot complained about not getting the ball enough. he got it plenty today. that's a 66-yard run. elliot had 30 carries, 214 yards
6:55 pm
works touchdowns. fourth quarter perry putting in work on the ground. that's a 17-yard td. he had three of those. 139 total yards with his legs. ohio state had 369 total yards after not running the ball enough last week. they beat michigan 42-13. in just a few minutes temple will take on uconn for the right to go to american conference championship game. houston beat navy 52-31 yesterday to clinch their spot and south florida beat ucf44-three to make this a must win situation for the owls. temple loses to south florida will go to the championship game. temple lost to south florida earlier this year in a huge upset. uconn hasn't been very good but you can't look ahead to the championship game. coach matt ruhle knows not to underestimate anyone. >> if we make it about senior day, if we make about are we ever going to play at home, if we do this, we get that, we win
6:56 pm
10 games we won't play well. if we make it about we have a chance to play football against connecticut, a team that beat us two years ago and we beat last year arc team that is talented, tough physical. if we make it about the actual game, then we'll play well, and then you have a better chance at getting the things that come along with winning. >> this is -- this isn't supposed to happen any more. you have to freshman smith with the steal. and the dunk but the glass shatters. he misses the dunk. you want to shatter a glass you better go shack with it and make that dunk. come on, kidder. what is that? wide open. you missed the dunk and then now no one can play because you shattered the glass. >> oh. >> something you can't brag about. usually you can but you can't. come on, kid. you're not shack diesel. he didn't even get up that high. >> no. he was ahead of himself. >> like shatter the glass. does that even happen any more. >> shatter proof glass. >> how do you not have smatter proof glass. >> that's like '80's.
6:57 pm
dawkins. >> exactly. dawkins. >> i remember, hey. >> all right. well, we have breaking news to tell you about out of west philadelphia. five people are hurt after they are hit by car on the 4900 block of parkside avenue. this happening just a short time ago. we are told that a woman and two children are seriously injured. two other people suffering minor injuries. we have a crew on the scene and we will bring all the details tonight on fox 29 news after the game. that is our news on this saturday night. your live lottery drawings is next. followed by pack 12 college football. we will see you back here after the game. enjoy your night and thanks for watching. ♪
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