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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> gus: the celebration continues at stanford, as the cardinals defeat notre dame in spectacular fashion 38-36. gus johnson, joe klatt, what a game. >> joel: how about that. i'm still trying to take in what we just saw. there was a team, i would be remiss if i didn't start with notre dame. their season, you think about the injuries that they have had, what they had to deal with, and to be in this position with a red shirt freshman quarterback with stanford on the road 4 of the last 5 games.
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you think they might run out of gas. all of the credit in the world to the fighting irish. they had a wonderful season. unfortunately, it ended two points short. they're not going to be in this college football playoff. and then six lead changes? and the senior, kevin hogan, this guy has had such a unique career following andrew luck. he comes, in loses his father last year, guy plays with the weight of the world on his shoulders. and he played his best games of his career in his 34th win tonight, in his last home game here at stanford stadium. he was really terrific. i thoment he was calm in the pocket. he picked up some first downs with his feet. then when it was on his right shoulder or nothing, to get the ball down the field in order to give ukropina a chance at the field goal, he made the play. he made the play. kevin hogan, was tremendous tonight. >> gus: all right, so kevin hogan, age to really scratch
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out his nickname "gritty" a gritty performance, as stanford wins the football game. our molly mcgrath had a chance to catch up with kevin hogan after the game. >> molly: kevin, your final game at stanford stadium, and it's rivalry game, over a team that you grew up cheering for and your father's alma mater. where does this win rank in terms of career moments? >> number one all-time, number one of all-time. to come out here on senior day against an amazing notre dame team. and fight to the end. they went out with a score, 30 seconds left, but that's the way the game went. we figured whoever had the ball last was going to come out on top. made a great catch and ukropina ice in his veins. >> molly: this game always ends in dramatic fashion. you beatly good notre dame team. what does this say about what you can accomplish moving forward, head noogs the pac 12 championship game and beyond? >> just means we have to keep stacking them.
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we got two in a row, we have good team next week at leave eye stadium. but just -- levi stadium. we'll keep it going. feels good to get this trophy. >> congratulations, kevin. >> thank you. >> gus: stanford wins the legends trophy as they defeat notre dame. up next for the cardinal pac 12 championship game against usr. -- usc. 38-36 the final, an instant classic as stanford comes back to beat the fighting irish. next we will be in indy for the big 10 championship game, number 4 iowa takes on number 5 michigan state for a conference title and a possible playoff berth. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox. that wraps it up from here in stanford. for joel and molly, i'm gus johnson saying so long.
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we are! fox sports!
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>> police say four people including a six and two-year-old were struck crossing parkside avenue at 49th street. party goers say the victims were all members of the one family. the party was a 75th birthday celebration for their grandmother. >> what can we do? our prayers go further than we can. physically. >> children's shoes left at the scene. party goers say this is the 1996 dodge ram van that struck the
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family. you can see its broken windshield. police say the 77-year-old driver stayed at the scene. >> relatives say the van was attempting to go around a car that was double parked when it hit the family as they stood in the center median. the driver tells police he didn't see the victims. 25-year-old woman and a 30-year-old were rushed to penn presbyterian hospital. child victims taken to chop the two-year-old's mother was holding the child were both were struck. >> we just believe god. we believe in healing and we believe he'll bring the children through. >> reporter: and tonight, members of that family split between being by the bedside of the child victims here at the hospital and adult victims at penn presbyterian. very very sad. now, police are not saying, v not said yet whether the driver of the van will face any charges. dawn back to you. >> sabina, thank you. happening now philadelphia sports fans finally have a reason to sell basement temple owls beating u don night 27
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27-three. it's the first 10 win season for the team since 1979 and the owls clinched a spot in the american athletic conference championship next saturday. they will face the houston cougars in houston sean bell with reaction to to tonight's big win coming up later in sports. on your radar tonight, cooler temperatures and rain. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is in tonight witness details. kathy. >> dawn, right now not lost green on the screen but it is coming a few scattered showers out there with clouds as cold front pushes its way south and as we widen out you'll see the rain to the west of the ohio valley moving through especially philadelphia south and east during the overnight and through the morning hours. so if anyone is catching a flight or hitting the road tomorrow morning to go home, they will definitely be affected by the rain. right now 51 in philadelphia. 47 in pottstown. 35 in the pocono mountains. you can see where the front has been and the cold air will be pushing toward the south. now, during the overnight, we do expect the rain to be pushing in
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from the west and filling in. by 7:30 in the morning the suburbs light rain, philadelphia south and east pockets of heavy rain and this yellow from baltimore/washington pushing right into philadelphia during the morning hours but the good news is, it will not last all day. we'll have little bit of sunshine before sunset. in the city overnight frick. in the suburbs 42. with passing showers that will become widespread overnight. in the meantime, we have storm warnings from the dakotas all the way to dallas. some snow, some sleet and in freezing rain we'll talk about how this system could impact our weather in the next several days coming up. dawn? >> all right, kathy. extreme weather that kathy just mentioned create something dangerous scenes like this one. you're looking at oklahoma city where ice is causing trees and power lines to snap. much of the city is without power tonight. the freezing rain and strong winds are being blamed for several fatal accidenaccidents and there is dy flash flooding warning in texas. fox's janice dean with a look at
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this dangerous weather. >> reporter: with ice coating everything from gas pumps and toss signs chilled chilled dress texas earlier saturday slow-moving storm is being blamed for more than a dozen deaths. the system heading out of texas saturday but hitting several states to the north with ice and rain create something potentially deadly driving conditions. it's all part of the same stormy weather moving through parts of the plains and midwest through thursday. at least three people are dead after flash flooding in texas where 70-year-old woman was swept away in her car friday in fort worth. rescue teams were out searching for her saturday. >> she started to lose control of her car and went off the edge of the bridge. she made a phone call to a family member. >> reporter: another victim a33-year-old woman, was also killed as flash flooding washed her vehicle off the road. >> she didn't call him until she was already in the water and the water was rising around her car. >> reporter: meantime, out west a cold snap in recent days with a dip in temperatures in many areas including the san
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francisco bay area. >> electric blanket, heater, and i've got like plea three layers on right now. >> reporter: this as icy condition persisted saturday in parts of oklahoma and kansas. authorities in kansas blaming icy roads for four traffic deaths near wichita on friday alone. white in central and southwest oklahoma broken ice covered tree limbs downed power lines and cut electricity to more than 60,000 people much at least seven people had to be rescued from vehicles and in flood waters in northeast oklahoma on saturday. including three small children. in new york, i'm meteorologist janice dean, fox news. >> at least 40 people are looking for a place to stay tonight after an early morning fire in bethlehem. flames breaking out around 1:30 this morning at the sherwood pines apartments. firefighters arriving to find heavy smoke and flames shooting from one of the buildings there. one resident was taken to local hospital for smoke inhalation. other than that however officials say fortunately there were no serious injuries.
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firefighters say there is, however, major damage to that complex. >> the attic area showed lot of smoke coming out of the eaves in that area. fire was coming out of the first floor going up the side of the building. the building has extensive damage. i'm not sure if anyone will be able ton until building today. may not be for while. >> one resident tells a local lehigh county newspaper that she had electrical problems right before the flames broke out. but officials have not yet released an exact cause. we're learning more tonight about the man accused of of a terrible shooting rampage inside a colorado planned parenthood. the shootings in colorado springs yesterday leaving three people dead and nine others injured. police say this is the gunman. he is 57-year-old robert lewis deer. he's described by neighbors as a loner from north carolina. he's accused of of using assault rifle to go on a shooting spree at that clinic. he surrendered following a five-hour standoff with police. one man was shot as he sat in
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his car. >> he was aiming at me and i just hit the gas and he started shooting and i was was looking at his face and the shots came through the glass and i started bleeding. >> 44-year-old police officer was killed. he was a six year veteran of the police force and the father of two children. dear is scheduled to appear in court on monday. upsetting story tonight out of california. police are looking fort person who buried a baby alive. the newborn was found buried under asphalt along a bicycle path yesterday in compton. police responding after they received calls from people about a crying baby. officers found the little girl under the asphalt somebody rubble. she was in a blanket and cold to the touch according to authorities. the little girl is in stable condition tonight at a hospital. police still trying to figure out who abandoned the child. well today is small business saturday and as fox 29's jennifer joyce tells she spent
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the day in chestnut hill where shoppers found so called mom and pop shops have something extra special to offer this holiday season. >> i'm taking three of these home. (laughter). >> reporter: fran of west chester is shopping local in chestnut hill. >> keeps them in business. keeps us getting novelty items like these. >> reporter: it's small business saturday. >> thank you. >> her row christmas. >> reporter: which generates a nice push for these independen independently owned stores like robertson flowers and events a family owned staple in the community for 88 years. >> a lot of the customers have been coming here their whole lives, and even specialsly this time of year people tell me they come into our store, oh, we've been coming here since we were kids. we lost to look around. >> reporter: shopping small has become a tradition for many like christie who consciously avoid the the malls this weekend. >> you get to know the people who work in the stores, you know, for example, the i've seen them for the last 20 years, and people remember you and it's
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just a nice feeling. nice atmosphere. >> reporter: down the block, 10,000 villages a not so small business but one that supports artisans from developing countries by selling their crafts. >> so we work witness artisans to make sure they're paid a fair wage and can support their families, send their children to school, be in a safe working environment. >> i have a few friends that have small business that is do -- that you know i think it's great that, you know, there's a day that we can support them. >> reporter: marsha shark coast chestnut hill business district says the support is appreciated. the needed all year long. >> yes. it's so important to support our small businesses. our independent retailers. this is their living. this is what they do day in and day out. >> reporter: sharkey is predicting a solid season and it starts now. ♪ >> reporter: with the spirited mummers, of course, oh, and free parking on wednesday nights and weekends at six lots along germantown avenue. if you didn't make it out for small business saturday, that's okay. chestnut hill has a number of
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events going on through the end of december including live music and parades. a number of attractions to get people out here and supporting local businesses. in chestnut hill, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> definitely a great place to stop during the holidays. black friday 2015 a bit of a disappointment for brick and mortar stars. sales were down compared to last year. here's a look at the numbers released by research firm shopper track. black friday shoppers spent $11.6 billion in 2014. 10.4 billion yesterday. a 10% drop over last year. more americans are hunting down deals on smart phones, tablets and desk tops. online sales jumping 14%. still ale head a pennsylvania boy' as mazing recovery. how doctors managed to pull off what many are calling a miracle. after the child lost his arm in a freak accident. plus philadelphia like you've never seen it before. where you can experience this
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million dollar view coming up. sean? >> temple in a must win game against uconn. if they win, they advance to the american conference champio chap game. the owls give one of their best performance of the year. highlights later in sports.
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♪ >> nobody likes an invited guest showing up to thanksgiving especially one like this. 6-foot boa constrictor dropping in on florida family's thanksgiving dinner. homeowner says his young daughter spotted it on their front porch screaming at the site. dad got a look for himself and quickly called 911. >> i see small snakes out here, quiet often, but never anything like this, and he was right over there in the corner, and he was
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big, very big. >> wildlife rescue crews came to take the big guy away but it wasn't easy. the snake slid under a shed. the crews had to cut the shed floor out so they can get to the snake. they put him a in big cage. snake is likely someone's pet. >> a thief walks away with a half million dollars outside a michigan casino at the greek town kaseen in a in detroit. the crook was dressed as security guard and walk right up to an armored van taking bags of cash. no weapon shown, nobody hurt. police are checking nearby surveillance cameras hoping they caught a glimpse of the thief. a pennsylvania boy is back home after a three week hospital stay. surgeons had to reattach his right arm after a freak accident outside his clarion county home. seth apell was helping unload fire wood when his arm was severed just below the shoulder
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earlier this month. paramedics packed the arm in ice and doctors at children's hospital of pittsburgh spent eight hours reattaching it. the sixth greater is now recovering at home. his parents say they're very thankful for their son's amazing doctors. >> they can't say definitively well he'll have full function but we're trusting god will give him what he needs and whatever this we'll be more than grateful because i thought he wasn't going to have an arm at all. >> seth is expected to remain on an iv for the next couple of months. he is hoping to get back to playing baseball as soon as he's able. philadelphia's newest at attraction offering a look at the steve brotherly love like you have never seen it before. the observation deck at one liberty place opening to the public today. it's called philly from the top. visitors head up to 57 stories to see breath-taking views of the city. take look. beautiful views of the ben franklin bridge, city hall, all
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from 883 feet in the air. the deck is open 365 days a year from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. ringing in the holiday season today in camden county. pennsauken township kicking off the most wonderful time of the year with its 35th annual holiday parade and fox 29 was there to catch some of the excitement. the parade made possible by the township's business who's help to cover the costs of the annual tradition. about 60 area children will be ready for the whether that had he head outside this winter. always thanks to the alumni chapter of a local fraternity. alumni members of the alpha phi alpha raising money since september to help buy coats, gloves and hats for local children in need. they raised more than $3,000. not bad. through gofundme page dan they accompanied children from west philadelphia, kensington and chester to the burlington coat factory in center city. children went home with a 40 coat they even got to pick out themselves, one that will keep
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them warm all winter long. on your radar night you might need that coat, kathy. >> um-hmm. things are going to change very quickly around here. take look at ultimate doppler. you can see the rain moving along a cold front behind it the air much cooler you see the storms to the west that pink is freezing rain. huge trouble out through the plains and you can see the mild air through the mid atlantic and the cold highlighted in blue that is moving our way. so we will not see severe weather from that storm out west but we will be feeling the cold that is behind our cold front. take a look at the temperatures. thursday thanksgiving 64. black friday yesterday 66. today 62 and we are on our way down but to more seasonal levels as far as the temperature is concerned. 51 degrees in philadelphia. but look at the cold to the north. 3030s in williamsport. upstate new york. 30s. 20s in canada this is all pushing south and by tomorrow morning, it will be much cooler but i think that cold air is going to lag behind the front.
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you'll take a look at that in the forecast. future cast shows tonight a few spotty showers. the heavier rain moves in during the early morning hours. by 7:00 a.m. a few scatter thed showers to the north and west. i-95 corridor south and east gets the brunt of this rain. so if you're flying out tomorrow morning hitting the road early, even up that i-95 corridor, toward new york, new england you will be hitting the rain early and then all this gets expressed to the south by noon most most of us are dry. still clouds for philadelphia to the north and west the father north you go the more sun you'll be seeing and then all this pushes southward most of us will be seeing some sunshine before sunset even through south jersey and delaware. so here comes our front. moves on through. then we see some drying conditions late sunday and into monday. high pressure will keep cool monday but at least it's dry. this front sags to our south and then tuesday we have to watch developing area of low pressure. it will bring rain tuesday into tuesday afternoon and evening. and then another system moves
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our way for wednesday. so a double dose of rain coming during the work week. so for your sunday, we have rain, a dry monday and then a wet tuesday afternoon and evening and a very wet wednesday. after that, we dry it out. for tonight, frick in the city. 42 in the suburbs the rain becomes more widespread overnight. 51 for your sunday. the showers end by late morning and then skies become partly sunny. as you plan your day we're looking at temperatures to improve raincoat early, sweatshirt by the lunch hour. during the afternoon, breaks in the clouds and then partly cloudy by dinnertime. on the seven day forecast, yes, a big cool down monday only 48. by wednesday it's wet but it's mild 60. then temperatures staying around seasonal levels in the 50s right through next weekend. next week at this time we'll be talking about temperatures at least 10 degrees cooler than they were today. >> we've been spoiled. >> yeah. we really can't complain. >> it's almost winter.
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>> exactly. >> sean bell, lots of college football to talk about. >> that's right. a couple win and you're in situations and college football. the nittany lions tried to play spoiler to michigan state and temple needed to beat uconn get to their first ever american conference championship game. they provided one of the best performances of the year. that's next in sports.


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