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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 13, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> the irresistible urge to pull out your hair from the root. >> it is a shameful thing. you don't know why your doing it and cannot stop. >> reminds me. >> lost and found in newark airport. you won't believe the wild stuff that gets left behind. >> back for the 3rd annual state of the state red carpet. >> come on. >> i am in front of the camden county superior courthouse after the arraignment of a man charged in the murder of his three -year-old son after a lengthy thorough 50 day investigation. the hearing was to inform david of the charges against him and to set bail. charges of first-degree murder and endangering the
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welfare of a child. revealed by the prosecution regarding the alleged crime. they stated it would have been impossible for three -year-old to end of three quarters of a mile away from his home and end of next to the cooper river because he was just in his pajamas and stop -- socks. twenty-two with a 17 -year-old girlfriend who had posted on social media blog she had been made for children. cause of death was revealed as violent homicide through exclusion. they could not tell how but expects the nation was mentioned during the prosecution statement. there is more to talk about on the case. the next hearing date will be announced shortly. if you have any comment please tweet me
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@chasingrohan and let's continue the conversation. bill: start us off. >> this video posted on the facebook page of the shelby township police department and michigan. police responded to a domestic violence complaint. when they arrived coming at them was a white car with a man on top of the hood. they stopped the car. >> luckily no one was hurt but both brothers were arrested. >> jessica. >> police are looking for this man. the suspect approached a
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nanny who is pushing a stroller. insisted he needed to keep the baby. followed her inside of the home and made off with an empty stroller. they caught the guy. >> whitesboro new york. decided to keep the allegedly depicting a white man trying to strangle and native american. further discuss. bill: just wrestling. >> that is the narrative. >> the irresistible urge to pull out your hair from the roots and in extreme cases eat it. i chased trichotillomania to the township were met with louise and her 43 -year-old
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mother. she told me about her journey. >> design and manufacture high-end fashion jewelry. >> at the age of 35 she had her own business and got married. and everything fell apart. business fell apart and she lost it. at the same time she was getting married and lost her entire identity. when she lost a business she did not know what to do with herself. >> it's a shameful thing. thing. you don't know why your doing it and can't stop. i didn't find out what it was until after. >> not at the extreme.where she aided but would lookthe look for the course is tearing her head, especially white hairs and pull them out. her husband did not know what to do. >> he was concerned. he looked up information,
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and it was kind of vague and there really wasn't a lot out there. >> finally she found a solution. she gave her scalp prosthetic. >> it comes from italy. the way it is made, it's like a contact on your scalp because it is made so perfectly to fit flush to your head. >> human hair attaches to the scalp. that has really changed your life and made a difference. >> i feel like more secure with it on and more complete , like i, like i can go out. i am not a stressed over my appearance. bill: happy she is able to get help. it seems like that is only part of the problem. the mental issue. beyond just covering up the problem. >> amazing things my completely break them down.
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people start ripping out there males by poking out there faces. you have to take the time to go and get help, get therapy. because much more further, the mental problem that you have that you need to hurt yourself. >> the serious part, pulling out her hair. that reminds me of cutting. it is a little bit scary they have to do that to feel something. i hope she gets the additional psychiatric help she needs. >> brooklyn public library. >> at the airport this holiday season. good news, it is possible to get it back. >> a forgetful person's paradise.
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a look at newark airport tsa lost and found. a 1515 minute drive from the airport and you will find every item. >> if you leave it in the tsa bucket tickets found brought here. >> delivers items daily. >> helpful if they would to the business card. >> as soon as they go home. >> keys, cell phones. this season lots and lots of coats. the more interesting item of the day, a lot of cash. thousands and thousands of dollars left in the tsa been
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>> the last 45 minutes and there was some identification with it. i was able to make the phone call and we were able to locate the passenger. >> among a handful of workers trying to reconnect travelers with these items. >> the photo based upon his description full we will go back and review and locate, imagine in the make arrangements to get this back. >> the owners never called. well, those items are transferred to pennsylvania. tsa tells me they don't take a profit, but when it comes to loose change the department makes a pretty penny. justin 2014 uncollected loose change amounted to more than $600,000 for tsa. >> good stories every day. >> tell me, are you missing
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anything from your holiday travels? i would love to help you find it. be sure to go online. ♪ >> checkout operation black. a chaotic video released by mexican authorities, and attempt to capture drugs are l chappell. -- drug czar l chappell. >> mall that they were able to capture alive. democrat and ruzicka was sworn in as the new assemblyman. [applause] a plasma physicist, the tightest race in new jersey.
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he will serve alongside republican assemblyman. >> we now know. appeared on good day new york. >> say something or do something. >> back for the 3rd annual state of the state red carpet.
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never in the history of the world have we seen anything like what we're getting ready for, the greatest war in history. and russia will be there, ezekiel 38 and 39, china will be there, revelation 16:12 and is the one that leads this horrendous battle i just mentioned at the euphrates river where isis is now. watch jack van impe presents.
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♪ >> michelle. a fire broke out sunday night. >> the building is on fire. >> i got my three kids and we bounced out. >> not today. >> back for the 3rd annual state of the state. i'm jillian. this is going to be a big day. >> it is not just about the state of the state of new jersey.
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on our government today. >> for now he will toss over. was that president christy or governor christie? >> one thing is clear. new jersey got its leader back. >> he was in favor of a 10 percent sales tax? okay. zero votes. >> standing here just moments ago. >> new jersey is watching. >> smoke-filled backroom. >> the governor embarrassing legislators at times criticizing them. spending by cash-strapped government.
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>> a constitutional amendment to vote amendment. promising to send a hundred million dollars of anti- addiction efforts including a state prison in the process. they had back to the campaign trail tomorrow. resonates well with voters where it is known to have a high substance abuse problem. you tell me, which did you see today? tweet me and tweet the show. ♪ >> every time i pass this hallway here i look for that red carpet. >> people have stepped up their fashion game. >> i have not.
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that does not mean others may not have taken on the challenge or tried to do a little something fancier. >> i know ray lesniak. i think you should brace yourself. >> the lieutenant governor. >> because -- >> what do we got? >> giorgio armani or nothing at all. >> i don't know what he means. >> it seems like it is really selling out.
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128 was a café. there is something about it. >> you wonder how much of it is spontaneous. different kind of applause. opera class. and sometimes you get tired. give the other hand. the opera clap. sit on your seat and clap when you are obliged to clap.
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then you have the enthusiastic phony as it often is. and then sometimes the reaction from the other party is not so polite. >> if republicans can read new line and there is says applaud loudly yes. >> has anyone ever been sued? >> no one wants to build governor when the state police are in the room. >> you always hold out hope. >> from 20 years ago. >> i was four. >> you were four. >> so was i.
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>> whether political institutions. >> good to see you. it's over there. >> i can't walk the right carpet. >> we just need more women. >> what really well. everyone was excited. >> looking forward to seeing us. everyone wanted to be here. >> absolutely. a lot of pressure.
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>> right here at the statehouse. >> thank you. >> there committee investigating bridge gate has been shut down. >> entertaining and funny.
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♪ >> our hot #for today was #things i say but never do. packing my lunch are staying in relaxing. >> workout, been saying my whole life. bill: what is a new one.
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>> i one for tomorrow is breakup season right before valentine's day. is time to break up when. bill: i can only imagine. >> and then your answers. bill: time to break up when. ♪ >> the legislative committee investigating bridge gate has officially shut down as of noon on tuesday. where are the key players? january 2014 and now it's over sort of. two major federal trials pending. david wells he has moved on to greener warmer pastures. he moved to florida. bill: is going to testify against us to former.
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he led the committee investigating to find out what does he think governor christie has would it take to be president. >> here is the reality. the two possibilities. how do you pointed people they had absolutely no control over which is scary when you did know which is even scarier in either incompetent or not telling the truth. >> we also talked about the possible waste of taxpayer dollars with the investigation. >> they million plus and counting that the governor spent for report. >> entertaining and funny they are not going after
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hillary. ♪ >> they had the euthanize the dolphin found swimming in a new jersey river. bill: they don't want to look bad. >> the poor dolphin was sick. ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. good morning, i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. the arctic chill is already descending on the delaware valley. we will be waking up to wind chills in the single numbers to the north and west of philadelphia wind chills below zero. we will warm it up only to 30. so this cold air will be with us throughout the day wednesday. rebounding in the 40s thursday. mild friday. watching our next storm system bringing rain maybe even a chance of wet snow n
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