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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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quiet reaching the ground but don't be surprised to see a passing flurry. the current wind gust close to 30 miles an hour pretty much everywhere. they may die down a little bit overnight tonight. but still gusting by tomorrow morning. so teens and 20s now. this is what it will feel like by tomorrow morning. down to about zero in philadelphia. five below in many of the suburbs to the north and west. so that wind continues but it does die down but as that happens we're looking at a little more snow and big weekend storm we're watching here. we'll have update on that with a complete seven day forecast coming up. >> all right, dave, thank you new coach of the philadelphia eagles is here. it looks like the new defensive coordinator is here as well. doug pederson landing at philadelphia international airport earlier today. he then hopped in car and headed to the novacare complex in south philadelphia. pederson is no stranger to philly of course he was a quarterback for the birds back in 1999. most recently pederson was the offensive coordinator for the kansas city chiefs under andy reid. fox 29 was there as the new
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defensive word coordinator arrived in town tonight. we'll hear from our new head coach in eagles news conference live tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 right here on fox 29. developing right now, philadelphia police say john brock the man wanted for shooting at the station house homeless shelter sunday has turn himself in. investigators say he killed one man and shot another inside the north philadelphia shelter early yesterday morning. brock was a resident at the shelter for two months but employees asked him to leave friday. when they it say he was intoxicated and broke compare few. at a news conference he specifically targeted the victims. >> happening now gas prices at the lowest levels we have seen in years. the average gas price in new jersey and delaware now both blow $2 a gallon. with oil prices now below 30 bucks a barrel, those prices could continue to fall. fox 29's chris o'connell in turnersville, new jersey, you'll find some of the cheapest prices in the area. chris?
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>> reporter: yeah, you'll want to come here iain. over the past 10 years, every time i've done a news story at a gas station, we've been telling you how high gas prices are. well, not these days. we're here at the gas oil plus in turnersville. take look at the big board up there. $1.47 a gallon among the cheapest in the entire area and the good news, prices may keep going lower. $1.47. okay, time to fill up. >> reporter: what is going on at the pump? >> this is awesome. i love the gas price going down. better for my wallet. >> reporter: filling up these days actually become a pleasure. especially in jersey where the price for gallon of gas is the lowest it's been in years. and they pump it for you, too. >> i'm happy. why wouldn't we be happy? down 60%. what do you think -- what are we owe that to? >> reporter: the answer is simple supply and demand. oil production overseas and in
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the us has doubled in last several years. leaving producers with a glut of unrefined oil. the big winners, motorists who are cutting their gas bills nearly in half. >> probably about $30 and now it's been about 20. >> reporter: according to aaa the average price for a gallon of regular gas is 2:08 in pennsylvania. a buck 81 in delaware and just a dollar 75 in new jersey. and it's got a lot of drivers wondering what they'll do with the extra cash. >> more money in your pocket definitely. >> get to go out and shop now. >> reporter: experts say prices of gas will continue to drop through the month of february. which could bring us to some of the lowest gas prices we've seen in the last eight years, lucy. so fill her up. >> i did. i actually was in jersey and i did do exactly that. i was so happy about it. thank you so much, chris.
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a new jersey tavern dating back almost 250 years has gone up in smoke and flames. a fire at the hill crest tavern in bridgeton start the before 5:00 this morning. now these are pictures sent to us by a viewer as firefighters battled that inferno. despite the efforts of multiple fire companies to try to say the century old building it is a total loss. what was left of the building eventually collapsed. this place has meant a lot to this town and it's been here for -- i've been here 22 years. been coming to this bar for 22 years and just -- it's tough to see it go. >> it's not yet clear what start the the fire. fans of the historic tavern spent the day sharing memories on the bar's facebook page. ♪ for many americans martin luther king holiday is more than a day off from work or school
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much it is a day of service to others. in philadelphia, a record 140,000 people spent this day helping others in all kinds of ways. our bruce gordon just back from the signature event at girard college. live in the newsroom now. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, the king day of service is a chance for folks to put that day off to good use, but the man behind the event wants you to know it's about more than a day of good deeds. place was packed with voluntee volunteers. men and women, young and old, of every race, creed and color. each with wasn't goal, spend this martin luther king holiday serving others. they wrote letters to the president, to elderly shut ins and to military veterans. made hats and scarves for the homeless. they created id badges for young children and built bird houses for folks who received homes through habitat of human. >> this idea of doing something for somebody else a nice feeling. >> it's a great feeling. it's awesome. >> reporter: more often, there's the rub.
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nowhere is the king day of service bigger than in philadelphia. the event's founder organizer knows communities cannot grow unless volunteers commit to year round help. to that end says todd bernstein -- >> this event creates a level of energy and enthusiasm that inspires people to wanted to more. >> reporter: this event included civic engagement expo at which service organizations made their pitch for these holiday helpers to become so much more. >> we have seen partnership that is were established on king day turn into, um, you know, year round efforts, so i'm certainly encouraged by that. >> reporter: encouraged by the work of organizations like the divas ministry group. they create gift baskets so called baskets of blessings for homeless youth, victims of domestic violence and other who's would simply appreciate a kind gesture. jeanette davis is in charge. >> it's actually a lifestyle. i'm here to serve.
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to serve the community, serve the people in the community dr. martin luther king set a standard and his standard was to serve other people. to serve god and to serve other people. >> reporter: if you're interested in helping your community beyond this holiday on year round basis, go to we will link to you the sites that can make it happen. lucy? >> all right, sounds good, bruce. volunteers also busy today in camden county. this group spent martin luther king injury today lending a hand at the feud food bank of south jersey in pennsauken. last year the group helped 200,000 south jersey residents with food assistance. prosecutors in camden county need your help finding a missing 29 year old. sean green of somerdale hasn't been seen since january 5th. he lives along the 300 block of north white haas of horse pike. detectives say he was wearing a green jacket and blue jeans. if you've got any information, call police. police in sussex county, delaware have arrest add man for his sixth dui. officers pulled over 51-year-old
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william terry of bridgeville after police spotted him traveling 78 miles an hour in a 55 zone. police say once they stopped him they found out he was drunk. he's in jail tonight because he can't post bond. one local township is seeing results from a program that tries to put an end to drinking and driving with a touch of a button. the program is called evesham saving lives. and it uses an app a lot like uber but it's free. evesham and voorhees residents can sign up for it. if you've had a bit too much to drink all you have to do is click and somebody will pick you up from the bar. easy as that. officials say it's had a major impact on the number of dui's in the township. >> but the dui's of evesham residents leaving evesham bars since we started this in september it's down 83%. >> mayor brown says the program doesn't anything to taxpayers because private donations are footing the bill. some of those donations are even come coming from the bars themselves. collectors love getting their hands on these but some of these canes have sinister
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secrets. how they're getting some folks in serious trouble. >> some stores are making it easier than ever. where you can skip the check outlines coming up. hello howard. >> hello. all right. the eagles will officially introduce their new head coach doug pederson tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. we'll carry that. i'm hearing more names about the sift tan coaches being lined up. and the 49ers were denied interviews with three of the eagles coaches. all of that will be coming up in sports. for the girl scout meeting...
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another big loss for the music industry. eagles are now confirming that glenn fry has died. we've just learned fry died of complications from rheumatoid flights, colitis and pneumonia. he had been fighting the ailments for several weeks. fry was 67 and a along with doug henley and others found the eagles known for life in the fast lane, hotel california, the list goes on and on.
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he also barged out sol low artist in the '80's with the hit the heat is on. >> tsa issued a new warning and if you happen to use cane to get around it might affect you. security officials say they've been confiscating a lot of antique canes lately. fox's tom fitzgerald explains. >> reporter: during the holidays a lot of people travel around through airports but for people who need canes to get around, well the tsa is telling folks that they may be holding a hidden danger they know nothing about. they look like ordinary antique canes but there is more here than meets the eye. >> that meets the eye. >> reporter: these are a few of the increasing number of sword canes confiscated by the tsa at airports across the country. >> these are considered artfully concealed weapons and you can get arrested. >> reporter: turns out years ago, it wasn't uncommon for a cane to have a sword, 95 or pick hidden inside. either for protection or practicality. these days for the stylish
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antique canes are fashionable accessories on e-bay and amazon. >> if you're using an antique or gently used cane purchased at a garage sale antique shop or a consignment shop -- >> problems gotten so bad tsa had to make this video urging owners of used canes to check there's doesn't have a sword inside. >> so we're advising people to inspect and you can be pretty surprised what you might find. >> reporter: that surprise usually comes when tsa x-rays find the blade. the result the owner either has to surrender the cane on the spot or go back to the ticketing line and check it at baggage. and yes, while sword canes are odd they are unusual. if you somehow manage to get one passed security they're considered a weapon. you could wind up getting arre arrested. >> all right. now you're for warned. what if you could go grocery shopping without aim lesley roaming aisles or waiting in long lines they're so fun. microsoft partnering with a
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number of grocery store chains to make that and more a reality what they call the grocery store of the future. the goal is to use technology to change the shopping experience. some of the most popular programs so far is skip a phone based app used by garr writ pee tee's supermarkets in pennsylvania much it let's customers up load their shopping list and get a map showing them where each item s they can bag and scan as they go skipping the check outline. i know that you iain page would like to skip the wind chill in the fox 29 weather authority. >> i would. i don't like single digit temperatures. i really don't. >> single digit wind chills. put you in the express line for this, iain. >> thank you. sipe right through. >> another whole day unfortunately. that wind will form normally dice down overnight. not the case tonight. these are the actual air temperatures. 18, 22. a lot of teens and 20's when you factor in the wind this is what it will feel like tomorrow morning. on roar your skin. bundle up. the wind continues to gust over
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night tonight. it will be gusting tomorrow morning as well. zeros for a wind chill. not the actual temperatures that's wait feels like down below zero in the north and western suburbs look at mount pocono 12 below for wind chill and slightly above zero. it does improve a little bit this is as the temperatures warming up pretty gusty the wind chill into the teens by tomorrow night, the wind will start to be dying down just a little bit. see it's still gusting 30 miles an hour or higher but overnight tomorrow night to wednesday morning, the wind begins to taper off. there it is dropping down a bit by wednesday at noon. so the wind dies down wednesday but then we're watching a storm approach that could give us a little more snow. out tonight maybe few flurries coming down this a little haze there. that's light snow falling from a few of these clouds van waiting before it hits the ground but picked up by ultimate doppler tonight. so maybe a few flakes around. that gusty win coming across the great lakes it cree rates lake effect snow showers and some of that moisture make it all the
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way down here to physical. but that's tonight and tomorrow. this is the area we'll watch wednesday. little area of low pressure will quickly move through. it's very very dry but there could be enough moisture to give us a few light snowflake coming down wednesday this is after 10:00 o'clock and between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. wednesday to thursday. timing this at night some of that snow to create a little coating or maybe about half inch of snow so that's untreated surfaces. very very light amounts pick up by the computer forecast but a few areas could see accompanying of snow early thursday. brush it off your cars or slow down little bit on the roads could be a little slippery. let's focus on weekend storm here. big storm developing cold air is in place thanks to high pressure up over eastern canada. and looking at a number of forecast models here this is the european often very reliable big storm off the coast of north carolina. american forecast model pretty much shows the same thing. when you get similar solutions here, you're confidence get
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higher. and the track of this storm looks to be perfect to give us some areas heavy snow little closer to start to see that mix complicating things little bit. but very more and more likely here what we'll with this weekend storm developing friday and continuing saturday. so it's still five days a way. want to plan on watching updated forecast maybe not having to change your plans yet but certainly keep that in mine here throughout this week. there's potential for heavy snow and some areas could see that mixing and depending on the track that could limit the snow amounts. so want to watch how the storm develops. a ways to go. five days a way. and once it moves out of the pacific across the pacific northwest then you start to get really good idea on how this will shape up next weekend. this is how it shapes up tomorrow. gusty with wind chills down below, near zero in the morning. temperature 15. only to about 25, 28 gusty wind continues not as windy by tomorrow night. that's where it calms down a bit. snow at night. that's tomorrow night. tomorrow into thursday morning i
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shall say wednesday night into thursday morning. then we see a mix sun and clouds on thursday. we'll watch for that weekend storm here developing friday continuing saturday, clear out on sunday. >> still a maybe though because a lot of things could change, right? >> a lot can change it's looking more and more likely. i don't want to say maybe. more likely. >> all right. >> promises. >> here we go, how war. >> it's only monday. i mean, i'd like to check back in wednesday. >> wednesday is g that's a good date. >> why wouldn't we check in wednesday. >> we'll talk about it wednesday. you're right, iain. >> we'll check in. i'll wait until thursday. >> the new head coach doug pederson arrived in town today. and the set up some of his coaching staff. one of those coaches alive this evening at 30th street station. some other coaches are being hired. i'll run it all down coming up in sports.
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♪ okay. with the kansas city chiefs loss in the playoffs on saturday doug pederson can officially now become the head coach of the eagles that will happen in 2:00 p.m. news conference where they will announce pederson tomorrow at the novacare complex. all right. doug pederson arrived from kansas city late this morning at atlantic aviation at philadelphia international airport. he arrived with his wife jeep knee. doug pederson went with andy reid to kansas city three years ago to become his offense you have coordinator.
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and during the season, he did start calling some of the plays. doug was the starting quarterback for the eagles in andy reid first coach of the in '9'99 he became a coach with the eagles in 2009 and came back to a familiar building and said hello doo to the president don schmolenski. pederson was the offensive coordinator under andy ride with kansas city. frank reich fired by san diego will be his offensive word farther. in a statement team oniony they are said doug is it a strategic thinker, compelling leader and communicator. we believe he is the right man to help us achieve our ultimate goal. and arriving at 30th street wayne within the hour jim schwartz. he was defensive coordinator with buffalo. the last season he work with the league officials he will become the eagles defensive coordinator under doug pederson. i'm also told the eagles denied chip kelly and the forty nineness their requests to
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interview defensive backs cory you know. undl any of the. and jeff stout land, and dave fipp. also told that former eagles wide receiver greg lewis will come back as eagles wide receiver's coach. sixers playing matinee new york this afternoon. to madison square garden. overnight time. sixers down by 18. the sixers tie it again in the first overtime much that's robert covington. with the three. but in the double over time lang stop galloway formerly out of saint jed. 119-113 the knicks go on to beat sixers. but that's small poe at any time toes compared to what else is happening. >> they're mall poe at any time toes happening anywhere. considering what else is happening that is small poe at any time toes. a lot of moving parts. more coaches announced and i guess doug wants to have at least two or three of those guys there tomorrow during the news conference. >> it will be interesting. >> speaking of moving parts all
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about moving parts right now. >> the wind is moving pretty good here tonight. zero tomorrow morning. that's a wind chill. so certainly bundle up because it felt like that this morning. could be even colder tomorrow but look out wednesday night. little bit of snow and then look out this weekend. >> a lot of moving parts to that forecast. >> yeah. >> we'll stay tune for that. >> i'm with how war. wee check back in thursday on that one. >> be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00 go toe to toe with a heckler a nascar driver so fed up he hospital ands in the stands to get in the guy's face. washer riffs deputes are admitting about the fight. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] she's not going. >> i will not be at the academy awards, and i won't be watching. >> jada pinkett smith's oscar boycott. then cinderella amy. she lost her shoe. >> will you marry me? >> and mrs. ted cruz and the police report. >> the painful rough patch in her life only now coming to light. >> then, mom slain. by a daredevil punk. his sick defense that is outraging her son. >> she was duct taped, and thrown away like a piece of as


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