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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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so, are we any closer to knowing the cause of the derailment? good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm iaian padge. >> i'm lucy noland the man at the center of the investigation engineer brian boss tee and. tonight bruce gordon got first look at exactly what bostian said about that fateful night. >> yes, lucy, transcripts of pair of investigators interviews with brandon bostian were among 2200 pages of investigative material released today by the ntsb, the transcript suggesting bostian's memory improved greatly when re interviewed months after the crash. >> investigative documents released by the national transportation safety board show no signs of malfunction in the train, its brakes, the tracks, or the signals on the night of the faith al crash. but lawyers representing some of the 200 passengers injured say comments made by the train's engineer, brandon bostian, is suggesting he is to blame for the tragedy. says robert? >> what we've learned is the
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problem was brandon bostian, and the problem remains his changing story. >> in a interview with investigators, three days after the crash, bostian says, quote, the last memory i have is approaching and passing the platforms in north philadelphia. but six months later, in a second interview, bostian says a couple of prominent scenes have now come back to him. and remembers accelerating and then realizing a mistake applying the brakes. it was too late. amtrak train 188 was traveling at more than twice the post dollars speed limit, when it hit a sharp curve at frankford junction, northbound, out of 30th street station. the train left the tracks and landed in a mangled heep killing eight passengers and injuring 200 others. bob hewett was among those injured. >> i broke over 20 ribs. i think it was 27 rib fractures in all. couple of small spinal fractures. hip fracture, my entire head was split open. >> when we spoke to hewett back in november he was unaware of bostian's second
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interview and improved memory. >> how can you just not remember? how can you drive a train at 106 miles an hour and not know what you are doing? >> bostian's admission that he accelerated the train seems to suggest, as some have theorized, he was simply tragically unaware every his location heading for sharp curve. but the lawyer who represents hue set seizing on the difference frost bostian's first interview to his second. >> we believe that his inconsistent story speaks volumes about him and his credibility and livability at trial. >> that of course is civil trial. no guarantee bostian would testify. the ntsb reminds us that no conclusions have been reached as to the cause of the crash. the material released today is simply the raw material and will help them reach that conclusion, likely to be announced sometime this spring. iaian? >> all right, bruce, thank you. tonight amtrak also investigating how a mysterious object hit a train traveling through philadelphia last
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night. passenger taylor lauren shared this picture of the acela express train. the object heavily cracked the train's window. it hit the train as it passed through philadelphia's bridesburg section, not far from where the spot where amtrak 188 derailed last may. no one was hurt from last night's incident. >> temperatures are once again flirting with the 60s in many places. and all out romance in other spots, take a live look at center city, hard to believe today is february 1st, the question, are the temperatures going to stick around? meteorologist, scott williams tracking it for us. >> could be some rain hanging around, as well? >> that's right. looking at some rain right now. certainly those temperatures today, lucy, iaian, 59 degrees in philadelphia. it is going to go even higher with the seven day forecast. but right now, stepping outdoors, kind of damp and dreary, we are watching cold front move through. but look at the temperatures, still well above average. ooh right now, normal for this time of year is 41, the record high for today's date is 70. so that's safe. but look at ultimate doppler,
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lit up with pockets of showers, heavy rainfall in burlington, as well as ocean county, as we move just south of shamong, moving toward toms river, stafford, as you move down to barnegat, looking pretty wet. little bit of lull right now in center city. but off to the west moving into chester county right now around west goshen, west chester, downingtown, still looking at little bit of moderate rain. the front will be moving through real not hot lot of cold air behind t take a look at the high temperatures for today, 66, atlantic city, 62 in dover, we'll have the timing of heavier rainfall later on in the week, and when philadelphia could smash a record. back to you. >> all right, we'll see in you just a little bit, scott. remember you can always stay ahead of the weather with the fox 29 weather app. meteorologist just a tap away on your smart phone any time of day or night. download it in the google play and apple stores. three men burst into a store in the city's logan section, punched and stabbed a man, over and over, investigators
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are right now trying to find them. >> the tiny incident caught on store surveillance video, we warn you there is video tough to watch. >> this happened saturday morning, inside lucky garden chinese food, along 4900 block of north broad street. authorities say three men, one, armed with a knife, pushed 29 year old man, who was trying to leave the store, back inside. that's when the three guys attack. comes say they took his belt and watch and it has got people in the community appalled. >> what went through my mind, saw real bad footage every young guy getting beat on, real, real bad, like he didn't deserve it. it is a shame he got beat up like that. >> that stabbing victim is now at albert einstein medical center in critical condition. police say the three attackers drove off in a gray pontiac, pennsylvania license plate jz9n-9752. camden county police released surveillance video of vehicle that might be linked to deadly hit-and-run accident in berlin.
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we first told you last night that 55 year old john haze was hit twice friday night on tansborough road. first driver did stop to help. but as haze was in the road a second vehicle hit him again and kept going. haze died and police think that second vehicle might and dark colored sedan possibly a nissan, with new jersey license plates. >> gun on school property now has 18 year old charged. middletown township police say christopher brought the gun to neshaminy high school last wednesday. among the charges, he faces, is disorderly conduct and possession after controlled substance in cherry hill, new jersey, prosecutors now charge add kid that made a threat against cherry hill high school east. officers patrolled the campus early this morning, as a precaution, police say the threat made the rounds on social media, investigators aren't saying whether they believe that the threat was made by student at the school. in philadelphia, police evacuated port richmond school this morning, after maintenance worker found a threatening note. here we go again. authorities say it was on a
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locker at james martin middle school and that it mentioned blowing up the school. police gave the all clear just before noon. student dent make their way back inside. investigators are now trying to piece all of this together. a crucial day in court tomorrow for bill cosby, a judge is expected to decide whether to send the sexual assault case against him to trial. a dispute over immunity deal could stop the case from going forward. lawyers for cosby say the comedian had a deal with authorities, that if he testified, in the accuser's civil lawsuit that he would never face any criminal charges. but montgomery county's new d.a. says he's got no evidence of a past immunity deal in the 12 year old case. we will take closer look at the legal issues for you tonight at 10:00 and we will be following this case live starting on good day philadelphia tomorrow. the people of iowa are with a about to let their voice be heard in this hotly contested race for the presidency. you decide 2016, and we are bea to get our first official results in a long race for the white house. >> the iowa caucus gets underway tonight, means
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candidates making final push for those votes. fox's joel wald man in des moines, iowa, following all of thing. >> all right, so i know that you have got weather bearing down on you, as well. what's the mood like today, joel? >> reporter: lucy, iaian, good evening to you. obviously, there is an air of excitement in the air out here. people looking forward to getting out and caucus g, talk to a waitress when we had lunch today. and she said she hasn't caucus dollars in the past but was thinking about doing it tonight. 7:00 p.m. local time is when it all begins state-wide. >> tonight really is crunch time. all of this work, it is all about this. >> reporter: on the ground the campaigns are all working to mobilize voters. >> you know, really we're not finding donald trump's troops on the ground. they don't have an organization that is perceptible. >> political analysts are closely watching voters turn out saying big turn out could be a good sign for donald trump and bernie sanders. >> we will win tonight if the voter turn out is high.
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(cheers) we will struggle tonight if the voter turn out is low. >> heading into tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are running neck and neck in the polls. >> i'm so excited about tonight. knocked out 186,000 doors! >> but clinton is having to deal with the w distraction, headlines that 22 emails on her private server are now deemed a keeper by the federal government. gop race, the latest polls showed donald trump is slightly out in front. but in a close fight with texas senator ted cruz. behind them, florida senator marco rubio is lead willing the -- leading the race for third place. >> ted cruz is the front runner in iowa, we acknowledge, that but we work hard, we feel good where it will take us. >> you heard bernie sanders talking about importance of voter turn out. well, there is a cuff ball in all of this. a blizzard is heading toward iowa with about five to 8 inches expected in des moines, and a lot more across
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the state. guys? >> all right, joel, thank you. everyone is okay after suv barrels into a building in south philadelphia this morning. the accident left a big hole in the wall of this rehab facility on penrose avenue. police believe the driver might have fallen asleep at the wheel. >> all right, stay off this street. that's a message where officials and resident who are telling us the block is flooded. why officials are concerned that it could turn into a huge sinkhole. >> and you know how the old saying goes. you have better chance of being struck by lightning than -- don't tell that to two guys in australia. they have some very close call. it is coming up next. tom sredenschek? >> broncos and patters gearing up for media day. superbowl are 50. more concerns for the flyers. get ready to start the most important stretch of their season. coming up next in sports.
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>> people on one street in kensington dealing with this mess out front their front door. sent water gushing from the road. >> it is not only that disruption that has some neighbors very annoyed. fox 29's bill anderson in the news room. those neighbors help did not come quickly enough. >> they say they've been looking for help for some time, had limited success. now, they new bruce gordon's history of getting result, so they called fox 29. with bruce handling another story today, i went to see if i could help what neighbors say is their forgotten intersection. >> a suspected water main break, and flood, in the kensington section of the city, led fed-up residents to contact us, looking for help, for what they said was an on-going problem. >> we had a lot of problems
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with this contour begin with. now, our worse fear is is this going to cave in snow. >> the story actually got weird. we attempt topped find out the cause of the flood. residents told stories of people stealing scrap metal, possibly causing the leak, and come beating construction companies stealing tools and supplies. when i spoke to the water department, they were surprised by the allegations, but still focused on resolving the issue. >> this is the first i'm hearing of this. i've actually not been aware of other contractors stealing from contractors that were using. i can't really speak to. that will but i'm sure they'll be investigating hopefully with the police department. >> regardless of the cause of the damage, at tulip and east tucker streets, the water department was response i have, apologetic and on the scene within an hour of us reaching out to them, to address neighbors' concerns. >> we don't want to see customers going through any prolonged outages, for any unnecessary reason, so we apologize for that, and we will make sure we're out there until this is repaired today. >> neighbors came out of their homes to watch the repairs,
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and hope that their corner, that has been such a concern, will finally get the repairs it needs. >> we've been complaining about this intersection for the longest time, because again, we've had leaks from one year to the next. and it is like really eroding the grounds. what's it going to take? do we have to have disaster like huntingdon and tulip last summer? does it have to get that far, you know, what it is a problem, people need us to get out there and help. >> and she mentioned huntingdon and tulip. that's why they're so concerned, because that sinkhole opened in august, just blocks away. now, just before coming on the air, the water department called me and said the damage intersection has been filled, water heist been restored and scheduled repairs will continue, and hopefully give neighbors some peace of mind. zoe ann, we will keep looking into it. >> all right, bill, good job. you like getting results just like bruce, man, all right. so, incredible video reveals how close two men in australia came to getting -- how close they came to getting hit by
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lightning this weekend. take a look. (screams). >> you see that bolt of lightning missed them by just inches. that storm left more than 70,000 without power in sydney. that's what can happen. >> wow. >> dangerous. >> i tell you what, all right, fox 29 weather authority now. >> scott, you got all kind of blobs on the map. >> thankfully not tracking really heavy rain just yet. but that is going to be in the forecast by the middle of the week. take a look at ultimate doppler right now. this is front, cold front, that's going to be moving through. but, really no arctic air or frigid conditions behind it. we will take tour across the area, some of the heaviest showers right now in south jersey, another batch that will be kind of moving out of chester county, into delaware county, then eventually, back toward the philadelphia area, over the next half hour or so. >> pretty much gone, the snow,
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moving into central southern delaware, most snows for our area, happens to be far north and west moving toward section of berks county also lancaster county right now. we still have double digit totals left on the gown. but more melting, will take place, later on this week. take a look at the mess, as we move out of the four corners, into sections of nebraska iowa where the caucus goers are at tonight it, looks like they will be in the clear. but blizzard concerns overnight. look what's happening in our area. here is the front, there is the moisture tonight. all the of here. giving way to sunshine tomorrow, and of course, all eyes will be toward central and western pennsylvania, punxsutawney phil, groundhog day, tomorrow. chances are he will see his shadow, so it looks like we will probably have six more weeks every winter. by the middle of the week here is the front that will bring a lot of heavy rain, talking
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maybe rumble every thunder, in anticipation of some of the moderate to heavy rain, gwen that with the snow pack that will continue to melt, and yes, we are talking about poor drainage, street flooding, also, watching out for minor maybe even moderate flooding of the streams and creeks. so for tonight, looking eight temperatures likely above freezing, 35 degrees in the sit upper 20's in the suburbs. ooh degrees, that will be the high temperature for tomorrow. still above average, bay take a look at wednesday, iain page, that's not a typo, 56 degrees, the record for the date is 62. so likely smash that. but, it is a little bit after trade off. because we have some rain. we have some winds. likely over an inch of rainout of the system on wednesday. then thursday, drying out, 51, mid 40's, upper 50s upcoming weekends, maybe a wet snowflake or shower chance sunday night into monday. but doesn't look like we will
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have big coastal system to really monitor. >> all right, thank you, scott. action on the radar, a lofting in san fran. >> a lot of action and some late developing pictures you might not believe. superbowl drama already, minor bus accident, for one of the two teams on the way back from the superbowl practice today. and more injury concerns, flyers get ready for brutal two week stretch. the latest from the trainer areas room coming up next in sports. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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>> panthers and broncos have arrived for superbowl 50. for the first time ever, something to deal with more painful than plotting out x's and o's. media day at the superbowl, tonight, it moves to prime time in san jose. now, what would superbowl week be without a little drama? how about the broncos team bus involved in a minor accident, on the way back from practice today. broncos spokesman said there were no injuries. de marcus tweeted this picture and said, quote, to keep the day interesting, we have a small rec. looks like everyone is okay though. tonight here in our area, who's who in philadelphia sport. the 112th annual philadelphia sports writers banquet. monday the team usa hero carli lloyd, athlete of the year.
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>> great to come back to the philadelphia area, it is an honor to be associated with everybody. >> one of the teams flyers back at practice in voorhees this afternoon after the weekends all-star break-in nashville, fox will host monday montreal tomorrow night. wildcatter spots in the eastern conference playoff race. tomorrow starts with a brutal stretch. how about the flyers, play nine games, in the next two weeks? >> season right here, month of february amount of games in that short amount of time. >> this will be the most important stretch, in terms of being a playoff team or not. >> that is steve mason missed the last two games with undisclosed injury, today his back up, michael, he leaves practice early with a injury of his own. villanova coming after 15-point win over saint john's yesterday, good news today, wildcats up to number three in the latest ap college basketball pole. oklahoma, north carolina, villanova hosts crate ton wednesday night.
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check out this video today, final rounds of the weather delay golf open in california, so much damage from yesterday's storm, look at this tree damage. ski caps, instead of golf caps. nobody got to see this though, except watch on tv that's kj troy missing put on 18th for the tie. >> february 1st, the temperatures in philadelphia were warmer than they were in lahoya outside every san diego. >> 55 degrees, in san diego, panic, guys. >> no snow. >> probably third. >> that does it for us heir at 6:00. see you back here at 10:00. see you back here at 10:00. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] the show must go on. ♪ [ music ] vanessa hudgens performing through her pain. her dad dies hours before the big "grease: live!" tv event. >> there was no moment of hesitation. there was no doubt she was going on. >> and close call with the golf cart. plus, officer, pull over. >> the reason i pulled you over today, you were pushing 90 miles an hour. >> how she turned the tables on a speeding cop. >> i pushed 80 to try to catch up to you. i was still eating your dust. >> and sarah palin flips out. >> you guys brought me here to talk about iowa politics, not to talk


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