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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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showing this. that is weird. people from that show. >> the guys surviving life. >> we are showing that because they will be in our studio. >> they are so nice we showed it twice. >> where you will see them all tonight for free. >> yes. >> remember that one dude was in the hang over. >> yeah. >> he played doug. >> yes. >> so, what is her name. >> karen. >> karen. >> do you know it a as national weather person day. >> yes. >> so that is why we're treating our dave warren. >> hi, dave. >> hi dave. >> that is special to a massage. >> sue. >> look at where they are rubbing next. >> he is rubbing his butt. >> what is going on. >> it is cats meow, or is that dave meowing. he is enjoying it a little too
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much. >> i think it moved, seinfeld. >> by the way, karen is here, to kind of promote the fact that we're all on saturday and sunday mornings on "good day philadelphia". starting at 7:00 o'clock. 7:00 to 9:00. >> you guys are such a big part of the show. we have a whole cast. the big news is you have been asking for it time and again. i see you tweet it, facebook it, can you go on earlier and stay on longer because weekday show, cats meow is earlier. >> so we will go from 7:00 to 9:00. easier both days saturday and sunday. it will be all of us, the whole gang saturday and sunday. >> we will see you tomorrow morning and sunday, super bowl sunday. we saw this video of an orangutan pick ing out which team will win, right. >> yes. >> he is in the cage and it pick the panthers. it jumped on this helmet there. so we have our own situation here in the studio. there they are.
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>> yes. >> line up here. >> there you go. we have a tortoise. >> is what your young man. >> jacob. >> watch where you are walking. >> yes. >> oh, no. >> did you pea or did you turtle will pea. >> it is turtle or tortoise. >> it is a tortoise. >> there is a different. where are you from. >> i'm from browns mills, new jersey? where do you get to school. >> i go to school in williamstown. >> and then we have a panter, look at this. there is a panter. >> is that a panter. >> that is not a panter. >> it is a baby panter. >> she's representing. >> carolina panthers are in the super bowl. that is a panter. >> okay. >> is what your name. >> my name is casey. >> who is this. >> this is my cat available for a adoption,. >> really. >> second and arch street. >> nice kitty. >> she's awesome.
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>> panter. >> yes. >> that is a panter. >> of course, denver broncos are in the super bowl. what is your name, sir. >> justin. >> you brought a big bronco in, right. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> is what the bronco's name. >> sheby. >> cute. >> so here's the idea, ladies and gentlemen. we will put these animals down here on this block and then they will walk over to the two logos, the carolina panthers here on the left, i will get my big head in here now, see. >> yes. >> we have panthers logo, you have your broncos logo. so whatever logo they park their little button, that is going to be the winner of the super bowl. are you okay. >> i'm fine. >> i thought that was a snake. >> no it is our cameraman's cable and he has a big table, for sure. >> let's start with the tortoise because we can million thank for about an hour.
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put that dunn right here. >> does the tortoise have a name. >> tornado. >> i love that name. >> this is action packed television here. start moving. and he just barfed . >> and they put let us down on the bag. >> and go over there. >> it is in the green room. >> no. >> go get your bag. >> he is going over to you. >> maybe you can be like the tortoise and the hair, you be
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the hair. >> yes. >> go down away there. >> this will take a while. >> so we will go back to the show, ande what happens with the tortoise. >> we may have to go right to the lettuce. >> well, let us pray. >> halfway down. >> yes. >> it is half time. >> yes. >> bring your lettuce. >> okay. >> put it in between the two logos, slap it right between the two logos and put your tortoise, and move it closer, right there. >> mike is a patient man. >> i have no patients. >> put your lettuce in between. >> here get on the other side of the logo. we want him to see you. >> come on. >> now lets put this microphone right by you. let me know, when he comes to
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you, and if he gets near. >> we have movement. >> we have movement. >> let us know. >> it will take a little while >> let us know. >> you are so good, mike, so funny. >> i'm losing my head. >> all right. it is almost as entertaining as the game, we're talking about, the touchdown dances, that players do when they get in the end zone. cam newton famous, taking some heat for some of his celebrations, but, the dab about to do it, and then boom. >> right there. >> he does a great dab. >> he is dabbing, yes, sometimes he does other things. >> yes. >> the dab on. >> let's go way back in time, karen hepp. the icky shuffle, he played for the cincinnati bengals. that was a pretty good one. >> yeah. >> finger in the air. >> you can do that one.
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>> alex holley was a big fan. certainly not a giants fans but you like victor cruz dance. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> here we go. lose it, all right. >> it is a salsa a. >> yeah. >> work them hipps. >> i always enjoy it. >> what about the dirty bird, jamal and are son, here we go. that is a good one too. >> karen, we cannot go without. >> to, to, to. >> he was so much fun. >> terrell owens, over the middle. >> he change his all the time. >> remember when he got out the pen. >> he took a sharpe out and sign a football. >> what about neon dion sanders. >> prime time. >> wow high step it in the end
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zone. >> he is at the 40, 30. there he goes. >> of course he didn't do anything there. >> and, there is sanders at the 30. >> oh, yeah. >> do you know where this guy ended up. >> where is he now. >> he is a at an nfl executive, in the office, in new york city. >> oh, my gosh. >> can you imagine if our executive did that. >> i have sign jim driscoll act like that. he sometimes when he goes out to run much. >> is that what it looks like to you. >> yes. >> how is the tortoise doing.
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>> welshing tell you what, put him right between, facing the window, right between the logos. >> right there if he moves either way. you got it. if he moves either way. >> he is moving now. >> yes. >> way, stand there. i don't want him to be influenced by you. >> that is true. >> he is moving now. here we go. let the me know when he touches the logo. so close. he he is sidestepping it. >> i'm calling it broncos. >> broncos. >> he is been trying to go right all morning. maybe he is right-handed. >> that is his move, he goes to the right. >> he didn't even touch it. >> go back. >> do an instant replay. >> he never touched it.
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>> i believe, that there was a claw, on the corn are on have that logo. >> we need a replay. >> hey milky way wilke. >> yes. >> our camera, he never broke the plane. >> i believe he did. >> if we can get a editor to show that back. i believe his claw was on the logo. >> never broke the plane, we don't have definitive proof. >> let's prove it. >> i'm trying to move long and get rid of this tortoise. >> we have other animals we are trying to get to. >> oh, geese. >> what am i doing. >> well, they are saying if you had to do a touchdown dance what kind of dance would you company. >> i like the idea. so if you had a to do a touchdown dance, what would it look like. >> we will think of our own and mike will do it. >> let's clean the tortoise poop off the floor so we don't fall down. >> i have already done it. >> it is over there now.
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>> it could be dirt. >> that is just dirt. >> wait, he has gone the other way, he may a actually decide for the other team. >> well, let's do that, stop the mom shaping, that is plea on facebook from one frustrate wood man tired of being criticized for feeding her kids, fast food almost every day. >> we will show you page alexis cunningham, here from australia. >> cute. >> her kid eat mcdonald's for lunch. she does not appreciate being judged. she cannot stand pressure that other mothers put on her. >> wait, lets get to the overhead camera. >> let's go to the video camera. >> yes. >> told you. >> wow. >> we have proof. >> he is on. >> we had to wait for it. >> does this overrule the claw the on the broncos. >> yes. >> because he was that. >> he always turned right. he was just turning to get there. he said this is definitive
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proof. >> all right. >> is that why you are upset. >> no, i want panthers. >> so one of the three has gone with the panthers. we will try with the other two. >> i want a replay. >> maybe we will get it. >> who will be next, panter, mike. >> we will go with the panter next. >> lets get back to this woman feeding her kids fast food and she admitted it on facebook. >> for lunch. >> you know what happens you go, you get everything out. she said there is no right way to feed your kids. it is only what works for the family. she said she's thrilled a as long as they are fed and she said, many mothers around the world they should be a able to relate to this. the post has been shared 17,000 times in less than one week. >> i don't love it. i think fast food is completely fine. we all do it. we know we all do it. i try to aim once in a while. fit is every single will day. >> it is just not a good idea every day. >> they want to eat frenchfries and nuggets. i have to keep putting out, i
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start first with the vegetables and then with the pre teen and you have this they want all of the carbs. but you'll see me in the drive through. the it is in the like you won't see me but not every day. >> i have to admit my kids loved mcdonald'sy loved it for the toys though. i would get whatever i tell this story we can't get to this mcdonald's. we went there. they didn't have a toy. we went to this one. they said we were out. i just wanted the toy. >> that is what my girls did, every time they saw mcmack, pull in there see what toy they have. >> then you can see how many you need to get. >> remember the monopoly game, you had to carry forward. >> they still do monopoly game. >> yeah. >> we have returned toys before. because we already had that one. >> you can't have the same, no, you have to get a different one. >> someone's says can you check on the bag and make sure it is not this. >> my granddaughter we were at 12th and mark. we went to the please touch and stopped at mcdonald's at 12th and market what was the
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deal. >> what was she looking for. >> she was looking for a certain toy. >> i can't remember. >> whatever the movie or hottest movie right the now. >> anyway i talk to them. >> it is good to be mike jerrick. >> number one stunner. >> my rs vp. >> can we get any closer. >> all right. >> let's talk about eating pretzels. >> we love pretzels in the city, right. we will have them at the super bol party. >> you know they will be a at the super bowl party. >> chris murphy is up at philly pretzel factory in mayfair. >> he loves food. >> i'm drooling. >> this place has been pack this morning, guys. the it is one of the biggest weekend of the year for philly pretzel factory. this whole super bowl. have you ever been behind the scene where they make them? here's the deal. thinks an active, factory. this is the original right here in frankford in mayfair dine's cross, in northeast
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philadelphia. and the president marty farrow is here to join us. >> good morning. >> you guys are hopping. >> we're always busy. >> thinks in the hopper. thinks how it all starts. >> yes, this is how we make the dough. basically very simple recipe. really good flour, yeast, and it all goes in the mixer. the dough comes outlooking like this. we push it through and it pushes it back at the other end. >> you twist them. >> you are the manager. >> how are you doing good look at your hand work. >> watch how good she's at that. >> watch that. >> to show you how easy this is, let maine just try my hand at this. how do you do it. >> grab this one. >> then what do you do. >> hold it down and it has to move out. >> amy, thank you, anyway.
9:16 am
>> let's go back. >> please. >> speaking of dough, marty. >> you guys sell how many pretzels in your 150 stores leading up to the super bowl. >> super bowl sunday is busiest day of the year at philly pretzel factory. on sunday we will be in the millions in pretzels sold. >> this is not just any oven this is a rotating oven. >> large rotating oven. we take pretzels directly on the stone themselves. in some cases we put them on pans but these guys are 550 degrees. this can be perfect for a good pretzel. >> one of the things about bringing pretzels to the super bowl party a and your dip trays, party trays, there is no allergy issues with these. there is no peanuts or anything like that. look what you made for us. >> thanks very much. >> you do this specialty football thing. >> we do custom shapes. every thing is hand twisted. whatever you want we can make for you you like a football, name, letter, we will do for
9:17 am
you. >> well, lets go check out party tray. >> i will go grab the football. >> i will leave this one here. let's he just dig in. party time, guys. >> who do you want to win, denver. >> denver at this point. >> go panthers. >> chris, thank you. >> i had no idea the number one seller, what is it? super bowl sunday is the biggest day of the year. >> it makes sense it makes sense, take all of the pretzel nuggets and dip them with cheese, mustard. >> like a cheese stake pretzel. >> oh. >> it is national, be nice to your weather person day. >> we're always nice to sue. >> where is this guy from. >> this is louise, he is from joseph anthony in springfield, delaware county. >> this is wonderful.
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>> i just met him outside on the street we were lying to you. >> he is doing a great job of faking it if that is true. >> can we squeeze a forecast out of her. >> just read among yourself. we have snowfall totals here mount laurel new jersey it is up to two and a half inches of snow. i don't even care. >> yes, i do, close to 2 inches of snow in mount holly and port penn, delaware. over an inch in barnegat i know that total is rising, pennsauken a as well. there is where the snow is and where it isn't. it is moving out of philadelphia. this is right on schedule, we say in the 9:00 to 10:00 o'clock hour it is leaving philadelphia, that is the case but still snowing hard in cape may county, this morning. so we will keep an eye on that and probably show you much higher snowfall totals then what we just showed you seven day forecast has 40's, today, the sun comes out later on,
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and 45 tomorrow, 50 on sunday. guys, that is the seven day forecast. >> all right, sue enjoy. >> we have breaking news out of new york city, really bad. live shot of a deadly train collapse. cameraman put his camera down. they are probable waiting to do a live shot with our sister station in fox five in new york. here we go. he put his camera down because he is in the doing a live report. let's leave this up. deadly crane collapse, this is near the world trade center. what is the exact location. >> we are looking at the a tweet from fdny and thinks at 40th street lower manhattan down by wall street area and west broadway in manhattan. we know that one patient has been confirmed dead there the at scene and two who are serious. we do not know if they are construction workers, or people in the vicinity. >> we do necessity that the
9:20 am
call came in around 8:24, this morning. and there are conflicting reports saying how many people are injured. some say 15 people. that is new york times reporting that. we do know one person has been killed in this. >> it is amazing how they build these sky scrapers. we have so many cranes going up philadelphia, huge cranes over by 30th street station. it is a amazing, yeah, the big shaft that they put up and crane and april rat to crawl up in. >> i will show you this one picture this was found right down middle of the street. it is not like it fell in the construction street. it fell right down middle of the street. >> it damaged some cars. >> this could be civilians that were in the vicinity, it went down. we will do a real picture. a will guys for that. >> we will send that picture to the control room so you can see it better and take you back to insuring after the break.
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we have breaking news out of new york city, the boro of manhattan tribeca section of the city, it is 57 worth street which is just below canal street, thinks a live shot, and somebody has died in this. apparently a train fell right down in the middle of the street. >> injured seriously and they are still checking to make sure in one else may have been trapped when the crane came falling down. >> we know at this .1 person is confirmed dead, two critically hurt. fox five in new york is reporting five other people hurt. you can see crane there are cars under the street but at this point emergency responders are trying to check to make sure no one is trapped inside of the car. >> look at the sides of this crane which is not unusual. we have these in philadelphia too. they go up 40 or 50 stories. >> to see it in this way it is a show.
9:25 am
>> building is going upright behind 40 worth. i will check on that to try to confirm whether or not a crane was here, and we just don't know that for sure right now. >> she mentioned 60 hudson that is a new building up in the tribeca a a section of the city, very expensive part of the machine hat on. >> interesting because i have never seen a crane collapse down the lane of several blocks, so this one looks like it goes down several blocks. here's an area shot. >> this is shot of philadelphia, we have so many new buildings going up and look at those cranes. somebody has to crawl up in the cab of that crane and work high in the school. i don't know if i could do it. one of those cranes i believe they are building a a new condo in tribeca has collapsed on the street. so many crushed cars. do you have anymore. >> look at twit tore see if i can get anymore information you bring up a good point that the fatality would be the person that was crane operator. he had a very significant
9:26 am
crane collapse that happened in the past you made me recall, that happened in manhattan. >> remember they had the dangling crane that was there for over a week around 56th and eighth avenue. it just dangled there. >> so many new developments on this one that we will stay on top of. >> let's come back in two minutes.
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curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
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welcome back everybody, new show on fox, high, everybody, welcome to philadelphia. >> let's go down the line. who are you? >> i'm charlie saxton from philadelphia, pennsylvania. >> yeah! >> what's the name of your character on the show? >> kneel. >> who are you? >> dustin bart of detroit, michigan. >> oh, just trying to turn you
9:30 am
toward the camera. we look together, though. >> oh. very good. >> good to have you. >> get out of here, go, go. >> who are you? >> megan, montreal, quebec, canada. >> canada in the house. wow. >> jeff, from london, london, g. >> london, england. >> and james, from lost ankle will he, california, baby. >> calli. >> yeah, call i. >> what's the name of the show? >> cooper bear sky. >> whether is it on? >> dunn days 8:30. >> the long word i title but here it is right there. >> in the house tonight. >> for those who haven't seen it yet, try to explain it to me real quickly. >> just a lot of fun. >> and it is 20 millennials living together? i'm trying get through life. >> no, not 20 of them. it is just the ones you see here, and -- >> twenty year old, millennial
9:31 am
type? >> (laughing). >> yes, about that period of time, right after you graduate college where you're told that you're supposed to have your life together and know what you are doing, but his actuality you really don't. >> much better. >> comedy action adventure just really good fun. >> you really want to see the horse, don't you? >> really want to. >> jen ooh begin oh, look at you. >> i know what you are talking about. >> you want to pet it? >> maybe we should play genuine. >> careful. >> pet the pony, end up with a restraining order. >> so what we're doing here, this is a bronco, right? and it will go down to the logos, and which ever logo it steps on? >> it will win. >> yes.
9:32 am
>> okay. >> who do you want to win the game. >> i don't care. >> you really don't care. >> really don't care. i have no horse in the race. see what did i there, i'm out. >> you are the main man. >> it is actually a pony. >> best day of my life. >> why the long face? >> oh. look got the shoes on. >> i didn't even notice that. he's got shoes on. >> he has shoes on. >> okay, let's go back and play the game. now, what's light pack exactly? >> light pack is a simple mechanism or tool or something that you can use to make your life easier, and worth living. >> i remember if you are going to vacuum the dirty carpet, you put cinnamin on the carpet first? then suck it all up? >> freshest ends. >> really? >> yes. >> if you want to cut -- use
9:33 am
dental floss, or cake, so you don't mess it all up. >> plant don't cut the cheese. so how is the show going? >> great. >> good reaction to it? >> really good. >> what's the reaction that you have been getting? >> reaction we've been getting people are relating to it on all, across all fields, no matter how old they are, people are just enjoying the fun and the action and the ad venture, and then adventures we're getting into. >> you guys going on college tour? >> why. >> what do you do? >> we screened two episodes. >> here go. >> q and a? >> do a q and a after with college kids, or who ever comes to the screening, and they're really fun. >> we get real pushing up at these screenings, we like to have a good time. >> yep, asian screening center to the at 4:30, it is free. >> over on filbert. >> three 99. >> do you have rsvp.
9:34 am
>> rsvp beforehand. >> hey alex, let's go to that. >> how about it? >> come over, join us. >> hey. >> and i love how isn't in the show the crazy situation, you are explaining how you guys ended up here in the show? >> exactly. >> much like this show. something crazy going on. >> what are you trying to say about our show? >> it is great. that's what we are saying. >> hold on now. >> oh,. >> battle. battle. battle. >> listen, though, we're kind of even match here, let's be honest. >> oh,. >> oh, i didn't mean it like that. oh, you make it worse. >> all friends here. all friend here. >> you two look great together. >> he does this to every guy. don't take it personally. >> philly. >> the people from philly don't watch our show it means they really don't like philly? >> true. good point. you must watch this show.
9:35 am
>> got to support. >> you all get along? >> in real life? really? >> who is the weirdest of the five? >> justin. >> didn't even any it. >> justin? >> takes one to know one. >> oh, good one, good one. >> good luck with this show. >> thanks. >> do you have wash your hands. >> back on valentine's day. >> february 14th, 8: 30, right after the simpson's. >> nice. >> come tonight. party. fun, fun, fun. >> i'm taking somebody's light pack. >> well the horse took over the green room, see? you want to go pet that horse? >> is it a horse or a popey? >> oh, my gosh. >> all right, woman petting horse. >> see the horse, what do you want, laidy? >> she really good looking. >> mike, you got to stop asking young laid toys pet the horse. >> oh. >> pet my horse. >> dude. >> that's his line. >> let's get out to quincy.
9:36 am
>> quincy, what's going on? >> you guys sounds like the studio audience on married with children. a loft fun in the studio. i'll at fox shop ryan, wrd, having big party, superbowl party. we're going to discuss more whether we come back after the break. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever.
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>> so there she is. i met her last year, i think second place last year, but won at the wing bowl, what i am talking about, so wing bowl 24, that's molly. >> do you think she would come in tomorrow for good day so we could get her in for tomorrow's show maybe? >> i am quite sure, i think she will be here for most of the weekend. last year she went over to sugarhouse, probably headed
9:40 am
over there. so she won. how many wings did she eat? >> 429 wings. >> wow. >> and then, remember, she won it all in 2014. she was like hey i'm back. >> and then second place, guy named patrick, second place, he ate 408. >> see, they keep going back and forth. last year he beat her, 444 to 440. she was like no, i got this. >> by four wings last year, she came back, won it all. by the way notorious bob. >> the local winner, he ate 306 wings. >> and then they gave away cars and motorcycles, i think a wingette gets a motorcycle oring. >> they have wingette of the year. >> yes. >> congrats, million. >> i it is fun. >> how about tomorrow you come in and dot interview with her. she is casino of cute. >> okay. >> no, i'll be here. i'll be here. >> so i'll be there.
9:41 am
>> all right. superbowl sunday, it wouldn't be super, it wouldn't be super without paying a visit to brown's shoprite. that's where quincy, one of our sponsors, we love them. >> yes, we do. they're having a big party, here, having big party going on today. we have sarah right here. how are you doing? >> doing great, quince. >> i. >> brown street. >> we are broad g wrd, only african-american station in the state, partnering with brown's shoprite, doing hoagie making contest in celebration of the superbowl, coming sunday, and partnering with shoprite, until 1:00 p.m. and we are partnering with four family-owned businesses, hers, deitz and watson, amorosso's, canada dry, and they are all working with us
9:42 am
to do and interesting inter-active event. four community organization that is will compete to win a feast for 20 for the superbowl. and it is a fire station, a police station, a school, and a church. we will be on site at 12:00 to do this hoagie making contest, and then we will haves a feast for 20 available for an average every day listener, or anyone who is shopping here at shop rite today, can win a feast for 20. and so we're really excited to be embedded in the community today, to interact with all of the folks here to talk all things football, and superbowl today, so, and we want people to come out. >> am i allowed to just come on down, watch there is can i hop in? i would love to hop? >> please, come, come, come. we want to be come down. they can listen to the broadcast or a ten the broadcast, they can watch the hoagie making contest, they shop, there are a million things to do. we just want people to have a good time and get in the
9:43 am
spirit of the superbowl. just come down and join us. >> thank you, guys. we're having a good time here. jennifer, frederick, i know you're out there having fun, as well. >> yes, i am at john hancock school, they are very he can very excited. who are you guys excited for? >> come on back, having great time. cory, cory!
9:44 am
9:45 am
welcome back everybody, we
9:46 am
are running out of show here, it is will the 456789 we have two logos on the floor of our studio, panthers and broncos, there they are, so we have three animals, turtle, a bronco, and a panther here in the studio. so the turtle tried it first. i believe the turtle touched, there is slow-mo replay. does the turtle touch that logo? >> did not break the plane, i'm saying the turtle was just making a slow, oh, you know what? the head is over. >> that's fine, you just have to break the plane, you don't have to come down in the field, you have to break the plane. because i am going with football rules. any part of me gets over the line, like my head gets over it, doesn't have to be where my knee is down, it is what breaks the plane. >> here is what we will do, we will leave it up to the twitter universe, okay. >> then the turtle on live television, went over and actually pooped on the panther logo. >> to me that's a signal. >> so which team should be awarded? do the head break the plane of
9:47 am
the broncos, or the turtle then went over to the panthers logo, sat on it, and pooed on it. >> so let's go to the panther now live to the studio. and we will put the panther down. >> okay. >> and here we go. ladies and gentlemen. >> i'm going to walk in front of this camera. maybe not. rupp ready? >> sure, just put him down. >> yep, let's make sure we get this shot wide enough here. >> ready? >> let's see the whole floor. >> that tail is flicking. >> oh,. >> she is ready to go, what's her name? >> her name is naomi. she is from paw's, ready for adoption. >> hi, name roam. >> i which team will win the superbowl? go. >> or don't go. >> casino of like the turtle. >> trying to figure things out. >> no there is way. >> don't get near the bronco. >> okay. >> yes, yes, no. oh. >> she is scared. >> okay, put her around the
9:48 am
column. >> oh, my goodness. >> right there. >> she doesn't want to leave you. >> awe. >> well, just, why don't you walk toward the logos? >> oh, she is curious. >> naomi. >> she is a kit. >> i that's true. >> well, we'll just got to keep an eye on him and see what happens. >> she likes corners. >> okay. >> okay, so, superbowl sunday, we have two players, one for the broncos, and one for the panthers, who grew up in our area, went to high school, went to grade school here. >> this guy is cory brown, also known as philly brown. >> jen, at a pep role. >> i at cory brown's elementary school. >> his elementary school, everyone say hi. >> hi,. >> and they are very excited. they love cory. okay, and believe it or not, there are some people that were here, but he was in fifth
9:49 am
grade. so first of all, good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm grade. this is his fifth grade picture, you say even in fifth grade, we have the tile he made, he was super focused on football. >> absolutely focused on football, yes. i am a lunch lady been here 19 years, and so i supervise lunch and recess all of. that will when it would be time to go outside, he couldn't wait to go out. here he is right here. >> he had to be the the first one to play? >> yes, that group along with miss sharon kline, the flag football coach. >> poor teach hers to play flag football against thens them. >> i coached against cory brown, senior at cardinal o'hare, a i coached archbishop wood high school, beat our team that day single handedly. >> he single handedly beat the team you. >> should have got out there. you look like you could play. >> here is the thing, he went to mentally school here. we have this tile. every fifth grade here comes through the school makes this special tile. you can see even in fifth grade i was pretty focused on football. are you ready to give us a
9:50 am
little bit after cheer, ladies? okay, so, let's have a cheer first of all. ladies and gentlemen, john hon cock elementary cheerleaders. >> give me a c. give me an o. give me an r. give me an e. give me a y. (cheers). >> what's that snell. >> cory brown. >> i love it. now we need to see our dancers get on up. okay, you are the principal of this school. how much does it mean to these little boys and girls that they can like actually see if you work hard, it pays off? >> oh, they see it every single day. specially when we're dealing with the child themself. every fifth grader gets a tile in here. we have actually had families who had to pull their kids out to go to an another state or city and said can we still
9:51 am
make our tile before they leave. so they know hard work pace off. >> who are you rooting for in the superbowl? >> obviously the panthers at this particular point. >> i love it. >> they are amazing, thank you for letting us intrude. >> thank you so much. >> let's give the panthers and cory brown a hand cock wish for all the best. a hand cock wish for all the best. yeah! yeah cory brown. >> and there he is, there is cory. what a touchdown, 80 yards or something in the playoff game. man, he is good. go cory. okay, let's get back to the cat here, the cat is closing in on a logo, i mean, the panther. >> okay. >> come on, panther. >> oh,.
9:52 am
>> panther? >> this is like wrangling cats. >> herding cats. >> look at dave warren. >> a lot happening here right now. >> we'll keep an eye. >> friday on good day. >> keep an eye on the panther, we'll come right back.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> the panthers moving around again. >> wouldn't you know it? right inbetween. >> no, wait. he's coming back. >> oh. >> right down the middle. >> she will come out? >> i think she was by the broncos logo by a whisker? you. >> want the broncos.
9:56 am
>> well, oh, shear she comes. >> we don't have all day. we have got to get to the bronco. >> common. oh. common. common. here we go. >> oh, geez, okay, by the way, twitter has spoken, and the tortoise chose the panthers, karen. >> well, some people are saying it is still up for debate. >> okay, no decisions here. let's dot bronco. why don't go down there. >> this is khibee. here we go. >> look at the shoes. >> stand between the logos please. >> alex, release the leash. >> oh, hold on, okay. >> oh,. >> of course he'll go to the broncos, i get it, i get it. >> all right. >> thank you. >> don't you love the shoes? i can't get over the shoes. >> has got shoes on, horse shoes. >> fashionable, okay?
9:57 am
so that's how many, what, two for the broncos, one for the painters. >> well, karen is it okay if we go two for broncos then? >> i thought the cat, you know, maybe by whisker when she sort of leaned over to the broncos, did you catch it the second time around. >> by a whisker, nice. >> all right. hey, a thousand dollars to give me a time, q, in my here. so give me your prediction. who do you want, who do you think will win. >> i think the panthers will win and i want them to win. >> i'll be rooting for the panthers and i think they will win. >> i want to see several dabs, too. >> we all win, we're going to leggo land one of your favorite places and universal, so that's where we will be on the plane. >> you're not watching the game. >> we'll watch it,. >> who is going to win? >> i'm with the panthers good day starts at 7:00 tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m., we'll be there. are you? you bitter be. we will be up. >> see you tomorrow. puffs knows winter...
9:58 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> wendy: my girls always turned out. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: touchdown! thank you! thank you for watching our show. [ cheers and applause ] i'm wendy.


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