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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 10, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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mail. she was summoned to court with a 100 - $500 fine. >> guilty of what? guilty of saving a life. whether it's a human or an animal, it's still a life and now on chasing news we i'm not pleading guilty. i will fight it. didn't let the babies to die so we saved their life. >> then she received a summons for court. were talking about a 500-dollar >> it's illegal, you can't keep a squirrel. what was she charged with? >> she was charged with unauthorized use of wildlife. fine. >> these are squirrels, they're >> guilty of what? meant to live in the wild. they have a whole mechanism of survival. they love what it areas and underground tunnels. who is she to decide they should >> she was looking for love and met him online in january 2013. be jailed and put in her house. >> they were born in her house because the mother fell from a tree. he had a level of access that could tip her off to world events. >> the first idea, some people it wasn't one of those situations where -- >> she took the pregnant squirrel in? >> yes she took the pregnant squirrel in. in scotland. >> that was wrong. >> oh. >> china charity is trying to find a home for him who is a size of a toddler. >> they were chasing her down in >> chasing squirrels, what do court tomorrow to see what will happen.
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>> she won a been punished if you have which mark. she took a shovel and hit them over the head with it, but for caring for them. that's just something inherently squarely about that. [laughter] >> a woman from new jersey is being sued for rescuing to baby squirrels after they mother up handed them. three were in her care. >> a gorgeous has been meeting >> i spoke with maria and she with wealthy men and women and named them george and maria. robbing them of their rolex and cash. the woman accused is 19 years old. her name is alexandra martinez. the elected victim is >> she thought she was doing the 31-year-old michael, a financial right thing. >> it was a lot of work, like advisor a financial advisor. how it went down. having a newborn baby. they met up in a million-dollar feeding every two hours. we didn't want them to die. we saved their life. >> she was so excited by these apartment. she left at 3:00 a.m. and he little guys that she did what woke up a few hours later and most of us would do and put it on social media to share with her friends and family member saw that his cash, rolex and possession were missing. he called the cops and she was about george and lola and what their updates were and how they were doing. >> i posted them since they were born, on facebook, and everybody arrested. >> royal caribbean anthem of the seas has been a nightmare for 4000 passengers. they sailed straight into a
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looked forward to seeing their storm sunday night. we talk to a family onboard. morning video or morning thing >> the pool deck is right above us. you could hear the furniture sliding back and forth above us. with george and lola. you could hear glass shattering. at one point furniture started flying past our balcony into the you no, i didn't think there was any problem. at the time i never knew it was ocean. >> i'm so happy we are alive. illegal to have a squirrel. >> it was scary. >> she said she never intended to keep the squirrels as pets, >> guests will be back in cape but then all of the sun and, come halloween, two officers liberty on wednesday. from new jersey official wildlife were knocking on her door. >> they said we saw a picture on >> it was one of the biggest facebook. days of chris christie's life. you have a squirrel. they thought i had one squirrel. i said yes. >> she said she handed over george and lola. she even gave the officer her cage so they could transport the little guys and then she received a complaint in them the last four hours and he has not stopped for a second. he is campaigning all the way down to the wire. he is set to be the republican party nominee for president. i have been here since sunday night. i wonder if this could be his last 24 hours as a national figure. he knew it. in a town hall event outside manchester in a great orthodox church, he said told us a familiar story about his mother telling us how much she
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influenced him. people want to know why did you sit down and shut up ed get off the beach. >> it's her fault. she did not ever want to suffer in silence because she had something she wanted to say and she wanted to say it right then and say it right to you. >> afterwards we asked him how he felt. >> real good. >> uchitel during the townhall that the governor was drinking it all in because he knows, if he does not meet expectations, all of this goes away. the next morning, the governor had a hefty schedule of events going from holy places to volunteer centers to write here at t-bones great american eatery. christie again right here at this restaurant said he was going to take on trump at a time of his choosing. it becomes more and more dominant every time he utters it.
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>> you and i talked about the theory of why he's not going after trump. >> i really feel the governor is blowing up like a balloon and will pop him. >> it comes down to him and rubio and everybody knows that. are you getting that fueling there today? >> no, not at all. after he went to his campaign headquarters in salem and talk to volunteers before heading to the ballroom before finding out his fate. would chris christie's month and month of on the ground campaigning work question and. >> how do people respond to him? do they treat him as he could come in second or are they treating him as if this is it. >> it depends on who you ask. there were a lot of new jersey people here including tom k junior and there was a lady who hadn't voted yet and she's going rubio. >> when we talk to republicans in south carolina, there was a negativity based on the famous, sort of, hug that wasn't really a hug that happened with the governor and president obama right after sandy. have you heard anything about the alleged obama romance?
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>> a guy that i talked to in this restaurant said to me the terrorists attack sealed the vote for chris christie. >> he may have respect and new hampshire but he's losing respect in new jersey because were not used to a governor on blended knees begging and pleading. >> i take a little pride in the fact that the governor the state of new jersey, as credible of a canada as as he was for some time, politics is often compared to a bloodsport. the people who engage in it are like combatants of war than family members. but here, in the the chris christie camp, of all places, there is love. at the back of the stripmall when salem new hampshire, where cynthia hill will drive all the way from boston daily to help the governor put together his campaign. maybe it's fitting that on his very last stop of his new hampshire primary campaign,
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christie visited cynthia and the volunteers at that office and greeted her as family. >> he's the hardest worker of anyone i know. >> when i spoke to cynthia she became emotional about her thought of the future of the country. she feels governor christie is the only one who can solve those problems cynthia has worked a lot of primary campaigns. she's worked here and in massachusetts. she worked for both bush families and mitt romney and now she is on team chris christie because she thinks he is authentic. maybe it's worth noting that on a campaign of both sides of the aisle it's been dominated by anger and the people who are closest to chris christie and want him to be president want them because of their trust in him and their love for him.
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>> the nypd is searching for a man who sexually assaulted a woman and wrapped her over the weekend. a366 rolled woman was walking along the street when i'm man came up and grabbed her, threw her to the ground, robbed her and sexually assaulted her. he took $30. she was able to get away. he was less than 30 years old. he was about 5-foot seven. if you have any information call new york city crime stoppers. >> even on our darkest days, all you need are friends. monday night rohan reported on a story about a man in a dumpster. that one question be can a ten year friendship. he now has a place to call home and wants to say thank you. he wants to thank the guy who may have just saved his life. check out our facebook page for more on the story. >> it's also fat tuesday and we
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have all different assortments. >> really? >> it's unbelievable. >> there some more here. >> thankful. >> no respect. >> happy pizza day. >> that's ridiculous. >> he was looking for love and she got way more than she was looking for. he had a british accent.
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>> nassau county spa is out there with a $5000 reward for whoever threw this through this adorable puppy out of a moving car on saturday. it happened on bedford avenue around 7:45 p.m. the five-month-old puppy was so traumatized that wouldn't allow anyone to approach it. if you recognize the dog, he doesn't have a name and we want to call him chocolate about milk, if if you saw a chocolate milk thrown out of the car please call crimestoppers. >> it was a shame. i'm educated i'm single, i'm smart i have a great job. how the heck can i fall for this? >> she was looking for love and
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got way more than she bargained for. she met liam allen in january 2013 online peer they went on a date in february. she found herself falling for him. he told her he had never been married, had had no kids, was born in new jersey and had a british accent because he was raised in england. >> there you go. >> living in cherry hill new jersey, he worked for a british government for what michelle described as a glorified chauffeur transporting dignitary around. he had a level of access that allowed her to taper off to world events before they became public. >> he'd say there's something you'd hear about a couple days and sure enough i would hear about it. he would tell me about some warfare that was going on and when she had her baby, her first baby.
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they got more serious and she became how deep and dangerous her connections were. she decided to do some investigating of her own. >> it said william jordan. i thought this is very strange. maybe it's something for work, i don't know. i didn't confront him on it. i decided to google search the name and what came up horrified me. i found article after article about this man with his photo for child must less station -- child molestation and other crimes. i was so sick. >> it led her to his ex-wife in scotland. she read his book and gave facts
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about her current fiancé. she confronted him about his ex- wife in scotland. he said she was out to get him. he has 13 known children. she collected evidence to build a criminal case against him. william jordan was charged with sexual assault and theft by deception. michelle faced them in court and drop the charge of sexual assault. he accepted a plea deal and admitted to stealing money from michelle and was ordered to pay restitution. michelle plans to change the law to protect victims who feel they have been violated by sex by deception making his actions a crime. i reached out to his lawyer and said he would not like to talk to us about the story and is interested in moving on with his life. >> how many people make a story -- where's the line about
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criminal behavior in the guys mind. - a highly slippery slope. isn't every friday night hook up, to one extent or another, but sex by deception. >> it's about time that a woman stood up and said when guys lie to you and get you to sleep with them, if if it's a lie, jail them. why not? >> let's do it. >> the fact that love is blind, you said she was a single mother, looking for a serious relationship. you see what you want to see. there's ways to protect yourself on online dating. do it before you go on the date. or, you could be not so quick to sleep with the guy based on his background. how about that? >> you're married. you don't know what it's like out there. a single ladies, we know. it's rough. >> i would've checked on it.
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i was like no you wouldn't. he was a british accent, accent, he was hot, he had a cool job. come on. >> there's been a series of flashes in new york city. the guardian angels have taken their patrol underground. >> some of us work this train and some of us work the other train. >> the attitude of police officers in the community is very negative today, and and i'm sick of it.
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coming up next, is this the easter bunny? >> and animal welfare charity is trying to find a home for their furry friend
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so bill, some people in scotland may have found the easter bunny. and animal welfare charity is trying to find a home home for their furry friend, alice, who is a size of it toddler and
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seven months old. they have been put up for adoption. atlas was taken in when his owner could no longer care for him. the kicker is that people have --dash. >> some of you work a number train, some of you work this train. >> there's been a series in new york city recently. there flashes that have happened to subway riders. because of that the guardian angel have taken their patrol underground. tonight, i'm riding along with the guardian angels. the founder of the guardian angels, a non- armed violence prevention organization, was giving the volunteers their last direction before they got on the subway to do their patrol. it had been nearly 20 years since the guardian angels have patrolled the subway. now they've seen more violence on the subways and the 12
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flashings that have happened this year, they are are doubling down and going underground. >> the number of flashings have paralyzed people with fear. the horrible response of the police commission who blamed it on people who were sleeping but it had nothing to do with people who were sleeping. that caused a lot of people to attack social network and say boy, you need to come back to the subway with a vengeance. >> it was with a vengeance they have. they are out every night from seven pm till one am. as well is during the daytime, i met up with them during columbus circle. first in the trains. they made sure there was no nonsense in the train. they would walk through the train handing out their card. >> i don't really feel that a police presence might be helping, i help help that with the guardian angels here, more people gravitate. they might think negative thoughts. >> so far this year there have
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been 12 flashings. they have been on the train. however the mayor says they are getting safer. >> we are so in the business of trying to suppress this concept and somehow the safest city that's ever been, it's a contest, they lose the message to the riding public and the public above ground because people feel there is that perception of crime that's rising. things are getting more out-of-control and the administration seems to be oblivious about it and not want to deal with the problem. >> violent crimes are down in january, that's violent crime like murder. transit crimes are up, around 35% - way up. >> up in january, way up. >> the challenge is the climate of the police officers in the climate today is incredibly negative.
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you can't expect an anti- cop climate to have an negative effect. the guardian angels are here. i'm sick of it. >> he hasn't taken a sick day in over 12 years. how did he keep it together? >> it's harder when you're older. >> a guy behind the scenes where he has an entire ensemble >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> good morning. i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. we are in for a dry day. an early morning flurry is possible. otherwise, partly sunny, 39 degrees for your wednesday. an arctic blast moves in for thursday. another one saturday. and by sunday, we're talking about the coldest air of the season. brutal for your valentine with morning lows in the single numbers. morning lows in the single numbers. wind chills 15 to 25 below
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