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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a little slush also some icy concerns as those temperatures in philadelphia are still below freezing. and we have a frozen ground. we've seen on average one to 3-inches across parts of the area. but those temperatures have really been critical. also, take look at the current airport delays at the philadelphia international airport we're dealing with icy runways out there. a little almost hour and a half at philadelphia. you can see 30 minutes around newark as well as jfk. but take a look at that transition zone coming up. also, look at the visibilities. still reduced out there so certainly a slow go on this president's day evening. as far as what's happening, you can see several colors on the map. we're looking at the snow far to the north. but the pink, that is the freezing rain and the sleet and then the green that is the rain where temperatures already have risen above freezing. little egg harbor. toms riff, atlantic city, sea isle down to cape may and wildwood. but in around the philadelphia area, look at that pink.
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we're starting to see some freezing rain as well as some sleet. so certainly icy and dicey out there. in fact take a look at the cut off time for the winter weather advisories. 10:00 o'clock around the philadelphia area. south jersey. 1:00 a.m. as you move toward sections of the lehigh valley and then 4:00 a.m. for sections of the pocono mountains. so we still have some concerns and kathy has team could have ratch continuing right now with a look at those temperatures. kathy. >> all going to be temperature dependent as you know, scott. we're looking at numbers that are going up. first south jersey of course seeing the rain. take look at the current temperatures. right now through south jersey, 39 in wildwood. 29 in philadelphia. that's an improve many with an icy mix the warm air is a lot of it has to make it to the surface and it's having a tough time doing so. but little bit later op this evening it will be warming up and this will change to rain. so by the tomb we make it to 8:00 p.m. philadelphia still a mix. by 9:00 o'clock, still seeing a little bit of a mix along the i-9i-95 corridor notice the
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precipitation tapering off to the north and west through pottstown and reading. we'll see it tapering off as well mixing with rain everyone see as mix to rain by midnight and by 7am, 51 degrees in philadelphia tomorrow morning and it will be dry. heavier rain will be moving in tomorrow afternoon. so additional snow far to the north and west. a coating to an inch. transition zone slippery spots some roads and sidewalks driveways of course parking lots will be icy this evening between seven and 10:00 p.m. we'll be changing from icy mix to rain in the philadelphia area. by about midnight you should see the transition through the lehigh valley and finally in the poconos. the big story, scott, will be the rain tomorrow. and i know you have more on that coming. >> that's right, kathy. as we expand the view, take a look. we're dealing with the system right now. but the tail end of this system that will be moving through tomorrow with flood concerns along with those rising temperatures. the timing and everything you
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need to know coming up. back to you. >> of course, scott, we're keeping our eye on the roads as the weather change. >> our chris o'connell made his way from philadelphia all the way out to chester county live in kennett square for us right now. chris, how are the roads? >> reporter: not good iain. but not terrible either for from what it could be. the snow we saw most of the day has changed over to a freezing rain, and actually, as it's falling at this second seems like it's a rain out here. but don't let that fool you. talked to many drivers who say the nighttime rush hour is still slick. in a word -- >> treacherous. >> it may not be a blizzard but it sure is enough to cause a nasty nighttime commute. the snow that fell in early afternoon changed over to freezing rain in chester county. freezing windshields as it fell. >> it's very icy. i just had to stop and, um, get all the ice off my windshield and windshield wipers because it
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was accumulating too much and made it hard to see. >> reporter: penndot plows along with local crews were busy trying to stay ahead of what was coming down. most primary roads were slush filled. second day carry roads still untouched by late afternoon. property managers like mike, says it may ab long night ahead. >> things are starting to ice over. the truck, the rain on the truck is starting to ice over. so the roads might start turning oh to ice. sleet didn't last that long but it is raining now. >> reporter: wendell rochester drives for living. he's been out on the roads all day long. he says he wouldn't be out here if he didn't have to be. >> get your butt home. that's all i can say. serious. because it's nothing to be playing with out there. >> reporter: and right now you are looking at kennett square, baltimore pike, route one, where you see traffic is slow going but just very slow sloppy out there. but we can tell you black ice is a huge concern as you heard that plow guy say, and we're just
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looking at the temperatures right now. i clock the temperature in kennett square was about 25 degrees about two hours ago. it's now up to 27. so you see these temperatures rising but again don't let it fool you if you don't got to be here tonight stay at home. of course it will get warmer tomorrow. hopefully it will be better, guys. >> good advice, chris. thank you. stay ahead of any winter weather by downloading our fox 29 news app. it's like having our meteorologists available at the touch of your a button search for it in the apple or google play stores. radnor police say two villanova university students are under arrest after 3lsd overdoses on campus. police say 18-year-old justin yim freshman was dealing the l lsd. authorities say villanova public safety officers were called to a campus building friday night for a different student acting strangely. investigators say that student appeared to be under the influence of drugs and was arrested after he assaulted police. later that night, authorities say two more students overdosed.
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officers later discovered drugs in a large amount of cash inside yim's dorm. he's now facing a long list of charges. villanova releasing a statement saying the university is fully cooperating with police and quote those found responsible will be held accountable. villanova holds all of its students to a high standard and has deep and continuing commitment to achieving an he educational community free of substance abuse ". developing tonight in frankford, street encased in ice a couple of days after a fire ripped through six properties on griscom street. the weather is not surprisingly complicating the fire investigation. brad sattin is in the neighborhood and, brad, you were on scene saturday as well right after that fire tour through. >> reporter: lucy, we were. we can tell you conditions at least temperature seems to be improving getting warmer here. but yeah when we were there on saturday, there were upwards of about 120 firefighters putting out this fire. right now just a hasn't full. we see one truck, we saw a few of the firefighters actually on a roof here putting out some hot
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spots but there's not much really going on now. as we kind of zoom in here you can see joe's auto body shop. that is where the fire started. had a chance off camera to talk to joe earlier today. he tells me that at one point he heard a pop prior to the fire. but he doesn't really know what started it. more than two days after this fire started and they were still spraying hot spots this afternoon. fire fighting in bitter cold temperatures creates spec tech scenes. so much water used to put out the sick alarm fire that cars are frozen. the side of this building buried in ice. and look at the april side of joe's auto body where the fire started. owner joe west not up to talking on camera but tells us he was having breakfast inside the building when he heard a circuit breaker pop saturday morning followed by smoke and with 29 miles an hour winds this images captured by neighbor vanessa lawson. >> all of that's gone. >> reporter: she says joe who had no insurance has been a friend to everyone.
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>> he's well loved around here, and everybody is heart broken for him. >> reporter: and for another friend whose entire life was on this block. >> he went to work. he had a home. now he don't have home or a job. >> just like so heartbreaking. i can't -- it's so hard. >> it's sad. it's horrible. especially stores, we shop at all the stores are messed up. furniture store just came last week. that's gone. >> reporter: firefighters and utility crews out again today in the snow a sudden gas leak had pgw digging into the street. the area still not safe for business owners to return to see what they can salvage. virginia hughes worries if the past is any indication, her neighborhood may have taken a permanent hit. >> i think they're not going to be rebuilt. because this church that was on orthodox it was torn down. they're not done with that yet. >> i hope they rebuild. the way things are, don't look like it.
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>> reporter: well if there's any bright spot at all it is this apartment building which is i would say less than half a football feel maybe 50 yards away from where the fire started everybody is back inside. they obviously have electricity and they weren't impacted nearly as much as the six or seven businesses were. cause of the fire still under investigation it's something obviously one of the questions the fire marshal is still investigating to night. iain and lucy. >> brad, thank you. a house fire in delaware county stepped one man to the hospital. now investigators are trying to figure out what started it. firefighters were called to the 500 block of strathmore road in havertown around 10:00 this morning. crews got there and found heavy smoke and fire in the rear of that home. firefighters sevenned the first floor found a man unresponsive. he was taken to the hospital. there's no word on his conditi condition. it took crews over two hours to get that four alarm fire under control. delaware state police found a truck belonging to missing airman from dover.
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his family reported him missing last wednesday. state police turn his truck from yesterday. search teams are now cohning the canal for any sign of the airman and looking through the truck for evidence. police say this remains a missing person' case. police in atlantic county, new jersey, say they nabbed the guy who assaulted a person and then made a false 911 call to try to throw off the responding police. hamilton township police say they got call around 3:00 this morning for an assault in the area of cologne gardens. short time later, investigators say they got a 911 call reporting a drunk mail with 95 at a nearby wawa. cops say it turns out the man wanted for assault carl pointdexter made that false report in an attempt to divert police. it didn't work because he was arrested as he tried to get on a bus. it looks like the mystery solved after hundreds of students became sick on local college campus. but the health officials are still telling students to do something to keep all of this at
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bay. >> heart stopping video of a driver making really bad decisions. police want to fine the person who did it and they already know something about what was happening inside this car when lives were on the line. howard? >> the nba trade deadline this thursday afternoon. there's real possibility the 76ers will be making a deal. and the phillies team so different this year. that one of the coaches told me he doesn't even know most of the players. hear from larry bowa coming up in sports.
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tampa florida police are trying to track down the people in this car who they say were showing off and there by dangering others. passengers in nearby cars couldn't believe what they were seeing. one pulled out her phone and took what you're seeing right there. that driver in the white car as you can tell stopped in the middle of the road starting doing doughnuts. cops are now looking for the four teens that were inside that car.
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don't know why right torments night we know why 200 students however at ursinus college became so sick and you can blame the norovirus. >> school administrators in montgomery county health department confirming cases of highly contagious virus. bill anderson live in the newsroom for us tonight. bill the college now stepping up those cleaning efforts. >> reporter: they have to, iain. you know every time we mention the 200 students had got sick, i feel the need to put that in context. more than 200 sick students at the small school means that one out of every eight students on cal pus was sick. clearly that was problem and now we at least know what caused it. the virus that led to two-day cancellation of classes and over 200 students at ursinus college getting ill has been identified. in a press release the montgomery county health department identified norovirus often arrived to as the stomach flew as the cause. it's a pretty common virus but students on campus their experience was far from common.
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>> starting getting all these e-mails seeing the things on twitter, facebook, all of the kids saying that they're sick. they're going to the hospital, and just kind of got me worried. >> reporter: virus can be highly contagious. wreak havoc on your stomach and inn says tins but usually a fast-moving virus. ursinus students said it was bad but it was really short lived. >> it was tough. but definitely over exaggerated when you look back because eight to 12 hours that's really not that hard to withstand. >> reporter: health department believes the virus is now under control but offers basic preventive tip. wash your hands, wash fruit and vegetables and disinfect contaminated surfaces and hopefully you'll be safe from contracting the norovirus. hopefully. now the mood on campus was an interesting mix. because they have identified the virus making people sick but they still don't know who or what started spreading it on campus. even so, the health department believes with information and prevention everything is now under control.
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so lucy at least there's that. >> that is true. bill anderson, thank you so mu much. all right. everybody talking about the weather right now. i was driving my daughter to the airport, car right in front of us 95 south spun out and was facing us. that wasn't fun. people please be careful. >> scott. >> slick out there. that's certainly right, lucy and iain. icy and dicey out there we're seeing all types of precipitation. we have the snow, that's well to the north and west now. the lehigh valley, the pocono mountains. but look. right around the philadelphia area, the i-95 corridor, we're looking at that pink much that's the sleet, the freezing rain, and then look at what's happening down the shore all rain right now. so we'll zoom in a little clos closer. you can see west chester little bit of a wintry mix as we move into chester, lower merion, conshohocken, norristown up to doylestown right now looking at that mix. trenton you're mixing as well as we move toward the moorestown area, gloucester, moving down to clayton looking at some of that freezing rain as well as some sleet. so we're looking at the potential especially north and
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west of philadelphia by early tomorrow morning up to maybe .20 of an inch as we move toward allentown as well as rea reading before we see those temperatures go completely above freezing. so how much snow have we seen across the area? look at seaford, delaware, little over 4.5-inches of snow. cape may courthouse, new jersey, 2.1. plymouth meeting about 1 inch. as we step outdoors, take a live look outside of our studios you can see that shine so we're watching out for little bit of a glaze out there. because temperatures are still below freezing. we have 29 right now in philadelphia. that wind, that's important still out of the north and east so locking in some of that colder air at the surface and talking about feels like temperature of 19. so where are the temperatures above freezing? take look at millville now 33 degrees. we have 38 in atlantic city and look at wildwood already 41 degrees. but still below freezing along the i-95 corridor and north and
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west. so as we go hour by hour, we'll continue to watch the atmosphere warm changing that wintry mix over to rain around philadelph philadelphia. but it lingers little bit north and west. then take a look at what happens as we continue through the overnight and then tomorrow when we have to deal with heavy rain. by midnight we're still looking at some pockets of some sleet, some freezing rain the lehigh loom valley and pocono mountains. by early tomorrow morning, likely just some light rain across the area as temperatures tomorrow morning at 7am will be right around 50 degrees in the philadelphia area. then a midday soaker. take look at all of this heavy rain moving in around lunch through the early afternoon. maybe even a rumble of thunder as those temperatures warm and that energy moves its way toward our area. so we're looking at moderate to heavy rain from lunch through early afternoon tomorrow. frozen ground will equal some run off so watch out for that along with ponding on the roads.
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reduced visibility will be a concern and once again there could be a thunderstorm imbed so take look at these estimates for rainfall. we're talking over an inch philadelphia. trenton maybe up to 2-inches once you move toward sections of the pocono mountains. so for tonight, the wintery mix switching over to rain after about 8:00 o'clock around the philadelphia area. temperatures will rise and then look at that high temperature for tomorrow. 59 degrees. so much milder but once again, we're looking at that flood threat with the frozen ground and the run off. temperatures by wednesday, 46 degrees. a little chilly as we move toward thursday, 40 and then sun and clouds friday, 44 degrees. then look at the upcoming weekend. yeah, it will feel like spring. we're talking 58 on saturday. 54 degrees sunday. and a rain chance not a snow chance as we move toward early next week. >> what difference. >> thank you, scott. um-hmm. >> all right. well i won't even have to worry
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about it. >> you'll be in florida. >> i'll be at spring training. >> playing golf. >> poor guy. >> it was cold down there last year. >> relatively speakly. >> 70 degrees. >> relatively speaking. >> suck it up up here. (laughter). >> 76ers do before the nba trade deadline this thursday? i think a deal will happen and the phillies team is so different not many know the players without a score card i talk to larry bowa about all the new players coming up in sports.
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♪ the nba trade deadline is this thursday afternoon at 3:00. now in jerry company al angelo is running the show for the sixers i would not be surprised if they pick up a player and not go down to sam hinkie road which was a disaster. just picking you draft picks. two players that are -- checking sixers are checking interest are boner lense noel and jahlil okafor. they can't play on the court together and they know it. stay tune. last night was the inform ba all star game. it's become a flat out joke. nobody plays not defense any defense. players don't even try to defense a play and the 196-points scored by the west most ever in any nba game despite over times shows players just trying to show off their new sneakers. to toronto.
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>> one of the greatest to ever play. >> door rant. >> here's wall working the point. >> it's a four on one. >> with the slam. >> it's a joke. it's a joke. phillies spraining training is here. pitchers and catchers report wednesday to clearwater this team is so new i don't have a clue who most of the players are. i talk to larry bowa and he doesn't have a clue either. i talked to him this morning on the radio. >> guys are walking in today. i had to introduce myself. i have no idea who they are. i'm serious. >> did they know who they were. >> they came up to me and i said sorry, i don't recognize you because we got a whole new locker room. >> all right. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you back here at 10 cooling.
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♪[ music ] >> deborah: his final hours. >> inside the el presidente suite. where supreme court justice antonin scalia's body was found. and mystery over the pillows. >> they say he was found with a pillow over his head. >> then the disgraced former governor whose scandal inspired the good wife. has it happened again? >> what we learned about the young woman who says she was choked by the ex-governor. >> and first time ever. three swimsuit models sharing


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