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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> could you go to jail for facebook posts? the post that could land in you jail. >> millani a on marriage, donald trump gets in huge fights on the campaign trail. >> i will tell him. i would not say oh, maybe he should not hear t i am telling him. >> but does he argue ever? >> mad done, a, why new york
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judge is scolding the couple over their custody walt. he says get it together. >> express yourself. new campaign to change emojis, promote girl power. >> ♪ power ♪ >> jenn fred is here. >> hi, jen, how are you? >> look, can we go back to this real quickly? nobody got on twitter yet and tell me the big power -- tower over in university city call the schuylkill yards, 20 year project, 950 feet. how many stories does that translate to? there must be somebody -- >> 30 feet a floor. >> what? >> 40 feet a floor. >> is that right? >> yes. >> oh,. >> okay. >> 40 feet. >> okay. >> i'll work on this. >> or -- i know. >> 17 feet a floor? >> big difference. >> forty? >> i did 31 floors i scaled
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down that building, it was a skyscraper. there was a 40 number in there. i wonder what it was. >> one-story would be what, 12, 15 feet? >> twelve, 15 feet. that's what i said. >> i'll dot math while you guys read this. >> millania says she and donald trump never had a fight in their entire 20 year relationship. so whole she and donald trump, yes, they don't always see eye to eye, never had full blown argument. >> if i don't agree with something, i will tell him. i would not say oh, maybe he should not hear it, i'm telling him. >> she also said she would be a perfectionist when it comes to being first lady because that's what she is now. should donald trump win the presidency, yes, she will take everything very seriously. >> they will have gold toilets, in all of the bathrooms of the white house? >> instead of chicken in every pot, it willit, would be a chin gold-plated pot. >> goodness. and trump also the subject of some late night fun.
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>> what's wrong? >> talk about that, though? >> you've been together for 20 years, really, no argue (. >> like he's traveling a l she is staying at home looking fabulous. >> true. >> well, marcell owe says not fighting equals not really married. >> door even says never had a fight with my husband. we don't argue either. once or twice we agree to disagree. i don't take it for granted. wonderful relationship. >> i can see the silent treatment. we've never had a knock out, i'm just -- stop it. stop it. >> i wish would you give us the silent treatment. >> carla says oh, please. if you don't fight or argue with your partner then you have no back bone. >> really? >> alley says, did you already read hers? i think disagreement are a part of any healthy relationship. >> how? >> i think disagreement is different from a fight. we've all been in someone's house where the husband and wife are sniping at each other. you're sitting there going --
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>> i get embarrassed. >> i think what she is talking about is like i'm in the going to have the gold carpet, whatever she is talking about. >> the worse. >> i love her ac accident where is she from? >> i'm not sure. >> staff? >> we're getting on tech any call tis watch exactly is a fight. we all know what a fight is. >> ya! >> okay, mike? it is like going back and forth. going back and forthment like to me, what you are talking about, that can almost count as a fight. >> sue serio, ladies and jed? >> from slow vein ya. >> of course. >> is she a slowvac? >> i guess. >> well, i decided here two different people, value two different opinions, right? how is it possible to like not -- >> listen, i want me fiancee to agree with everything i think. >> do you? >> ya, i kind of do. >> but if he's like we're going to -- okay, let's go.
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we'll have a kid. okay, let's have a kid. >> that's what kay said. they don't argue because she always goes with what donald says. >> because if she doesn't she's out. >> she knows what happens. have you seen march low lately? >> how many time has trump been married? >> a thousand. >> no he hasn't. >> marla maples with was his second. i have advantage a, ivana, ivanka is the caughter. >> yes. >> now millania. >> that's only three? >> i feel like i've read somewhere though that like some sort of disagreement or fighting, if you do it the right way, appropriate way, can be healthy. otherwise somebody's not saying what they are really feeling and you guys are just sweeping stuff under the rug and just going through life and one day it will go boom. >> what's the longest relations you've ever been in? really? let me tell you what happens. right around four and a half years, there is a lot of sweeping under the rug. >> really, that's how you move forward? >> or just give up. >> i know what will happen. we are are going to his house for thanksgiving.
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>> okay. well, you guys are schooling me, all right. i'll start sweeping. >> get a broom. >> does your dad like your husband? >> you've never heard the story when i got engaged? i was like hey, long story, anyway, we called my dad, before christmas, do you have send another card, steve and i got engaged. is he there? no congratulations. no anything. is too far there? ya. so i give the phone to steve. and my dad says you know i have lots of frequent-flier miles and i told you i would fly you anywhere in the world if you ever got into this situation. >> he was advising him not to marry you? >> yes. >> wow. >> wow. >> steve's own grandmother, gee gee, bless her heart, she said, honey, unless it is three car art, you should be out of there. >> was it three karats? >> no. >> and you're still there. you have a wonderful relationship. >> of course we do. >> this donald trump guy, is the subject of some late night fun. >> so good. >> this is jimmy fallon, par odd i his tuesday victory
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speech. jimmy loves to do trump? >> i want to thank governor chris december for his unblinking support. he's my mega me. thank you, mega movement you can go home now, mega me. good boy, good mega me. >> marco rubio said he intends to stay in the race. how do you feel about that? >> i don't get this guy. he keeps getting investigate at this speeches. he wasn't won a thing. he is like that guy that brags about being three numbers away from winning the powerball. i have more important things to focus on, i've got bigger fish to fry. chris, that's a figure of speech. >> fish to fry. he said the presidency isn't the only thing on his wish list. >> i don't want it just win the president i i also want to win the last season of american idol. so text trump to 10112. together we can make american idol great again. cue the music.
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>> make american great again. >> oh, i rounded off to 10 feet per store. >> i okay. >> so it would be 95 stories tall. >> ninety-five stories tall. >> jennifer says though that she thinks it the 87.7 stories high. >> okay, around 90. >> similar. >> the bottom line is the helicopter fries below. but that was the thing when we were repelling that got me, when i was on the 31st floor, the helicopter was down lower. and they're flying above the art museum. at regular helicopter height. >> i hear you. you know when i lived in the st. james building on the 17th floor, the medical helicopter that landed on top of jefferson hospital it, would fly by my window. could you see the pilot. i would wave to him. >> did you have window coverings, i hope? >> no, no. well, you could pull the blind down. >> okay. >> but you wouldn't? >> no, i wanted everybody to
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see all of this. >> oh, really? >> is that the dance would you do? >> really? >> okay. so let's get into serious topic. girls send over 1 billion emojis per day around the world. but it turns out, it is not really, i don't think, especially young women, are not represented very well with these emojis. >> so now, new video from the always brand drawing attention to the gender based holes that are in in emoji world. >> formally pink. >> yes, pink, girl. >> no girls in the profession emojis unless you count being a bride a profession. >> i've got rock climbing, biking, playing basketball. >> what's the deal with that. >> except for the surfer, that one is a girl. >> nope, just a guy with long hair. >> i want to see a female
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wrestler. >> i would like a female soccer emoji. >> i would make girl emojis, girls lifting weights going in the gym, girls biking. >> a girl teaching people how to play drums. >> there should be a lawyer girl, a detective that's a girl. >> you agree? they're slutly right. i didn't realize that all of those emojis like police offers requires all guys. >> not even professions, the other day, we were like we should go work out, running emoji but that's a man. i didn't realize, where is the girl? no girl running one. >> skiing, all of the sport, all guys. but again, the lipstick, the lipstick thing is like pretty, but no what you actually do. >> well, here is your deal. they are created by a guy, a man. >> a nerd in his mom's base (. >> probably. >> so they should -- there is the guy that makes emojis. >> sixty-three year old, in charge after committee that
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comes together to decide what is going to be the next emoji. >> mark davis, that's his name? well, the simple solution is you get a bunch of people of all ages, and both sections, and have them come one ideas for emojis. >> well, the group that comes together to decide them, connoisseur yum. >> right. >> and so a loft volunteers, they vote on which emoji add. >> tech people. >> yes. time thal did this. and they said, basically, what they use to base on like what the ridder are for the emoji, my computer just died, so -- >> words that people are using and texting, like let's go, let's go running, stuff like. that will it is interesting, though, that he -- can you imagine if someone were would have told him 25 years that that would be his job? just the look at him. he looks little older, whatever. >> emoji maker. >> you will be the head emoji maker. >> they said they didn't know it would catch on so much and it would be a big deal. but here is the thing, remember back before, when all of the emojis could only be a certain color, well, why can't
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we have different color emojis, they that, well, what about more shades, not everyone is just one shade or the other. so they did. that will so maybe once they hear people talking about this we will see more girl emojis. >> i'm sure. >> isn't that what society is all about? >> what? >> start here, and you expand? you learn. and then this is a simple -- >> caveman, then cave woman, then they had a cave dog. >> is there a limit though on how many emojis you can put on that phone? think about it, when go through, do you have scroll? >> but they get rid of all of the crying emojis. i only need one crying emoji, one -- >> no, those are very important for me. okay? you have, no, the crying emojis are crucial. >> i don't need the ten times. >> do you have break it down. you have the one crying, but then they are smiling. some crying because i am laughing so much. then you have the one like a slight cry. my eyes are tearing up. then you have the one oh, my gosh i'm just devestated. know, those are very important. i use the crying emojis lot. >> for the -- >> the angry crying one.
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>> why? >> like one like river coming down. >> let's get rid of the gun one, knife one, the bomb one. >> don't get rid of the poo! >> you like that? >> the pile of dog poo. >> you know, laundry jane has a watch, so pretty, cupcake emojis, all of these different emojis, every third one is a movement i said laundry what's that? >> she said a hershey kiss. >> see? >> seriously, really crying, it is a river. then the one next to it, oh, i'm laughing so hard i have tears. >> you need the first three, then you're good. >> those other two, look at the second one. >> the one far right i'm really sad. you can see the tears coming out. >> here is your problem. >> i feel everyone every these. >> you will have six cats. >> i have a question. i'm going to wait until we're back on camera. >> my camera is to sue right now. >> why is it always on sue? >> you don't want to see me up controls. let's be honest. when i was explaining the crying emojis, i was going to face, but i didn't have a
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camera. >> why are you crying so much? >> you know. it is life. right? sometimes in life go through things. >> you but need -- >> i just want to be able to express them appropriately through emojis. >> see? right now. >> is she doing that instead of actually crying? >> exactly. the emojis keep the tears from falling, sue. >> okay. but then there are happy tears. >> and that's a reflection. >> in real life? >> why are you calling me a mess? >> you need to know this if you didn't know it already. there is snow coming tomorrow. >> what? >> yes, it will snow. it is still winter, until march the 20th, that's first day of spring. and it is proof right there. winter weather advisory kicks in at 10:00 tonight. and goes until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. what to expect? temperatures around freezing, snow sticking on non-paved surfaces, basically, a slick boarding -- morning rush. we'll get probably one, 2 inches in philadelphia, of snow. that is.
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yes, temperature 40 degrees, very quiet, calm today. messy morning tomorrow. quiet and calm saturday. a messy morning on sunday. but at least it will be sunday, no school or anything. look at the warming trend, we get into the middle of next week. >> wasn't that a 71 earlier? did you change it? to 72? >> yes. >> it get better and better. >> i'll take it. every degree counts. >> i have a feeling next tuesday, i'm going to be getting sick. >> oh, no you won't! drunk lights of orange juice, lot of vitamin c. >> parent, be careful what you post on line. your children could sue you for all those pictures they find embarrassing, especially, on facebook. >> so, in france, parent could face jail time, or pay a hefty fine, for posting pictures of their children without their kids, consent. yes, their kids have to consent to it. >> all right, we've swapped out jen's here now, now we have jennifer brant, who is an attorney. what exactly is your field?
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>> well -- >> privacy law? >> family law. >> family law? good to see you, jen. >> i could talk about anything. >> this must be just bull. bs. are parent really going to go to jail over in france for posting picture of their own kid? >> well, apparently that's what the law is now saying. so, that parents have to be very careful about what they post, when they post it. >> mike? >> and thank you, and that their kids could come back some day and sue them. >> well, we are talking about the pictures, mike knows about them. ones they post naked in the bath with the rubber duck. >> i i had plenty of those. well, my parent taking pictures. >> you? >> yes. >> do you want to see it? >> sure. >> how about about at the break? >> or my dad oh, i'm going to send this to your first boyfriends. >> that's the thing, even here, we have talked about it here before. about what you put out on the internet can really go viral. >> true. >> so you have to be very, very careful about what you post. and you don't want to post
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those embarrassing children of your children, because it can come back and haunt them t could come back and haunt you some day. >> oh, jen. >> like i wish i could have taken my mom to court. >> talk it out. you know, people just need to be minds full about what they post on the internet, what they think might be private really might not be private. and i say it time and time again. i tell clients that all the time. you just really need to be careful what you're putting out there. you don't want to put nude picture of your children in the bathtub. >> no. >> i mean, you just want to use some common sense. >> look at me. >> i'm looking. >> through your hair. >> no one is going to jail in the unite i had states for doing there is are they? >> our laws are not that way right now. but laws are catching up with technology. and i think there is a movement toward being more mine full about more and more cases, of images being taken.
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>> zero. >> we don't have an image of social media, children coming back i didn't like this. >> well, french police are saying okay, sexual preditors out there, also could be psychological problems from you posting these things, and your kids, well, it is your parents who made you the way you are. you come back to mom and dad, hey, because of you doing this, i would not have these issues. >> i think it would be hard to justify damages, unless somebody was really somehow -- >> all right. i'm board with that. >> we'll move onto madonna and her ex-husband guy rich any court. they're battling and now this judge up in new york says you two better get it together when it comes to your 15 year old kick rocco, or i'll settle it for you. >> that's right. >> what are they arguing about? >> well, they are arguing over custody and where rocco will spend most of his time. we had talk previously about madonna using the internet, posting pictures of rocco, that were -- that he didn't like, that the child didn't like. he is saying madonna is very controlling, that she is
9:19 am
difficult, rocco is saying woe rather spends time with his dad. and it is really going to be, now, madonna apparently is going out and saying on social media how much she lovers her son and is using social media in some ways. >> so guy lives in london? madonna still in l.a.? >> yes. >> and the problem is they had a deal, but then it fell apart. >> that's right. >> come on, seriously, you need to get this together. >> right. that happens pretty frequently people always try to make an agreement, especially on custody issues when dealing with a child. but the courts are there if you can't agree. >> i think that's what's going to happen now. the child is older. not talking that a little boy here. he is a teenager. >> he is 15. why can't they just decide, i want to live with my mom or dad. >> he will definitely have some say in it at this point. he will definitely have the ability to come out and say i prefer this or i prefer that. but, you know, the idea of custody laws and what's best for children is really to spends time with both parent. >> hopefully the judge will make good decision. >> jen, you're the best. >> you're the best. >> you're the best.
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>> you hang up first. >> both the best then. >> so we can look at pictures? >> yes, in fact, while we are look at make pictures of me as a baby we'll take you to the brandywine valley spca, animals that need to be adopted now.
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>> flu called the brandywine valley spca. they're helping more animals than ever. >> at 1212 phoenixville pike in west chester, hear sounds that make you smile. >> you'll also see some animals, who need forever homes. brandywine valley spca formerly the chester county spca has lots of dogs and cats just waiting to be adopted. >> blue here was born from a stray animal, came in, was
9:24 am
pregnant from delaware county. >> blue made a litter, old enough, to put on the floor for adoption. >> brandywine director of operations, also introduced us to glenn, three year old pitbull mix, who was, unfortunately, hit by a car, had a really bad leg fracture, and had to have one every his legs amputated. >> he's now a tripod. he is absolutely as sweet as can be. loves other dogs. >> and also ready to be adopted. >> as are all of the beautiful animals that can be found at this animal rescue, shelter and veterinary clinic. >> if anyone is interested in adopting they can come to the shelter open tuesday through saturday. >> they can also call our main number: (610)692-6113. >> and last, but not least, brandywine valley spca has a timely campaign that you should know about. >> for saint patrick's day adoption special march 12th to the 17th, all of our large
9:25 am
dogs over 40 pounds have 17-dollar adoption fee. >> calling it saint paw-tricks day. get it? seventeen, because march 17th is saint patrick's day, large animal, just $17, and the reason they changed, mike and alex, and jen, is because they expanded their outreach, used to be the chester county spca, now they include delaware county, and the state of delaware. so, they're saving more animals, than ever. and i bet you'll find your best friend there. >> i like when they name dogs glenn. >> yes. >> glenn, come over here! >> great. >> okay, chris murphy is not particularly good at eating really hot spicy food. >> really? >> so he's the perfect victim for this next seg many. >> oh, no, chris! >> ♪ hot hot hot ♪ >> who knew. i like spicy foods. these are some of the best chefs, we're in collingswood, new jersey, and we will
9:26 am
preview some like it hot. oh, these are very hot. put these peppers into these foods. all kinds of italian food, indian food, and nachos that i've already dug into. come on back, as i challenge myself to the spice yes, sir food you could ever ingest. >> ♪ >> i think you got t
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i have to admit i don't like hot food i would rather lick that -- >> oh, my god. >> that meat loaf. >> really. >> i hear ice cream is good. >> now i'm not into temperature hot but i'm talk about spicy hot. we have hot spicy food in collinswood where chris murphy is, hi there, chris.
9:30 am
>> hi there guys. some like it hot, one of the best movies ever with marilyn monroe and the food that is what they are calling this restaurant week, coming up the week of the 18th. we have three of the chefs from collinswood here and six different restaurant represented by way of these dishes here as well. these nachos, thinks from the pop shop. let's introduce you around the table. this is rakish from indy blue restaurant. mark smith here. we have chef noonzio's. >> thanks very much. >> the idea here is you will try to blow me away with spice. let's talk about what you did first with your indian dish. unaudible. >> all of the spices over here, and made into powder, and this will be spicy. >> is this really spicy. >> yes, it is really spicy. >> what do you think, chris. >> it is more tasty then spicy. it is fantastic.
9:31 am
>> thank you, sir. >> chef noonzio, italian food typically isn't spicy but you did some fresh made moths rel. yes, fresh made mozerella and spicy, it is chile. >> yes. >> so be careful, very spicy. >> this is brushuto, can you cut that for me. yes, as i am serving it up there. mark smith, we will get to a tortilla press in just a minute but what is idea behind some like it hot creating this restaurant for the first time. >> we thought it would be a nice innovative way to add a little bit of fun to the typical restaurant week these days. and, we talked among chefs and said what can we do to make it different from every other restaurant week and decided it would be spice. >> speaking of the heat, it is now hitting me. at first i'm good and now it is hitting me.
9:32 am
>> yes. >> so you are from italy. >> yes, i'm from italy. >> when did you come to new jersey. >> in new jersey, i came in like 12 years ago a. >> your restaurant was here for 12 years. >> where is philadelphia. >> philadelphia... >> i'm kidding. >> that is good too. >> yes. >> mark smith, tell me about what you have done here. >> i did our appetizer course, for restaurant week so you can try some things. this is chipotle chicken and chihuahua cheese with a chipotle mayo. if you want spices on this one, it is in the mayo. >> yes. >> it is in the mayo. >> yes, bring it on. >> chef wouldn't do this. >> he might. >> and then -- across the way we have our, mexican shrimp cocktail and that is spiced up, with some chile, and, and,.
9:33 am
>> what is this. >> it is a fennell sausage stuffed long hot, and, long hot. >> you think of that as filling. >> a a lot of spice there and, we have really nice little dessert course too and it is from right across the street and it the is, a hazel nut, and pepper. >> you don't think of dessert being hot but for some like it hot in collinswood, the 13th to the 18th even dessert is hot, guys. how good is this. >> this is my mouth, by the way. >> it will be a blast. >> it is in flames. >> better get some milk or some bread. >> or some beero. >> yes. >> really. >> how much fun will that be all week long. it starts 13th. it is here, the new trailer, for the new ghost busters remake. >> i can't wait to see this. >> lets take a look. >> roll it.
9:34 am
>> okay. >> it seems peaceful. >> my name is erin gilbert doctor of physics. >> that is in every crack, very hard to wash off. >> it is an all female cast. >> yes, the guy behind bridesmaids and melissa a mccarthey movies the funny ones, he is the one that decided he needed an all female cast with all these people. he is neighbors with melissa mccarthey in chicago. loves kristin wigg. >> is leslie jones in this. >> yes. >> she sure is. >> july 15th. >> this better not the compete with my movie that i'm in. >> yes, i know, what was the movie. >> independent day. >> you were a reporter. >> don't tell anyone your role. >> she's in a movie. >> yes. >> we can say it. >> many.
9:35 am
>> well, i don't know of any. >> i mean a real movie. >> okay. >> so then we both haven't been in a movie. >> anyway. >> if you'd like to put us in one. >> she will be an alien in independent day. >> you know, it is thursday, you know what that means don't you? we have breakfast with that guy bob kelly. >> yes, bob eats. >> bob. >> and a drink. >> hi gang good morning we are getting a fill up here this place this morning is two for one, not only do they have fantastic food, but take a look at the view out front to keep the kid busy, we're live from medford, new jersey help we come right back.
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this winter, you have the power to heal. because your purchase of vaseline intensive care lotion, supports the vaseline healing project. join us to help millions in crisis heal their skin.
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good morning, everybody, you know what i like to do on a thursday morning we pick a different spot and we come for breakfast, right. well, good morning, medford, new jersey. >> good morning. >> we are here at the pad i wagon cafe part of the flying w restaurant over here in medford, new jersey. if you are like me when you take kid out to eat you've got about five minutes until crayons and the place math just doesn't do it to keep their attention. take a look at this view. when you come here you get a chance to sit right up against the windows, there is a runway, for the the planes,
9:40 am
private planes that come in and out, sky fox lands over here, they have got some helicopters. i met i girl going out for her training obsession you see planes coming in for a landing, take off. during the summertime they have a fantastic pool will that is actually shape in the form of an airplane, and a tiki bar. what time does the tiki bar opened? i think they have already been at the tiki bar over here. come over here, jared. i want to say hi to patty who invited us out. what are your hours, breakfast and lunch. >> eight to 37:00 days a week. >> cool. lets go down the line and show us what we have here. >> this is our eggs bendik with our home fries. >> bob kelly special, right. >> yes, bob kelly special. >> and then there is a new omelette we put on the menu, fiesta omelette, with pepper jack cheese, salsa, jalapenos, sausage and those are potatoes owe ryan which are topped with peppers and onions.
9:41 am
>> little irish in there. >> yes. >> thinks our croissant sandwich, egg sandwich, any platters come with the choice of the home fries or fresh fruit cup this looks fantastic. >> but that is our pancakes, you can get it top with fruit, plane, whipped cream, in the whipped cream and same thing with the french toast, topped or not topped. >> you guys are here, you know, 24/7 all season long. >> yes. >> and -- >> seven days a week. >> seven days a week. >> and when does a pool and tiki bar and outside opened. >> the the pool opens up for a weekend and then in june it is opened, for the summer. >> wow, what is so cool again you are right up against the windows, for when the planes come in for a landing, something that will keep kids busy. everybody give a wave to everybody a at home there, flying w, patty's cafe over here in medford, new jersey. someone who i know knows all about trying to keep kids busy when they come for breakfast our own jen fred.
9:42 am
she's in the studio now with the mom squad, jen, back over to you. >> fox 29 mom squad but we are playing a little will fear factor. how young will you let your little one go on a play date without you there. when will you let little guys use a knife. come on back we will tell you what the moms say and what one of our favorite doctors has to say two.
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to take on the mom squad we
9:45 am
are testing your fear factor, okay. i have some moms that have hand picked, i have a scary situation. we have a psychiatrist, who councils parents and kids, and we will ask if we're on the right track if we explain each scenario. so here's how it will work, i will ask some moms about a scenario and then i will say at earliest age which will you allow them to do. i don't know if you can talk about preschool or then we will talk about would you let your child do tonight kindergarten and then elementary school age, you know, first through fifth grade and then middle school. okay. i would like to introduce all of the ladies here. we have doctor tony foster, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> mom of two, and a psychiatrist. >> yes. >> okay. >> karen hepp, mom of three boys and torey, you know her, love her, mom of one little precious guy, 18 months. >> yes. >> what we're asking is fear factor. there was a recent article in parents magazine that said we are all too afraid of what is
9:46 am
going on. do you a agree we are too afraid. >> i do agree. when we're afraid it makes our kids a afraid. >> they can smell it. >> they can smell it, taste it if your watching they will move slow. if you are afraid they will be even more afraid. >> yes. >> picture day she's worried they are in pajamas. >> yes, that is okay. >> so here we go, first scenario we will have a drop off play date where you send the kids and you are not going to whoever, drop the play date off at someone else's house. torey, karen and i will say at what age would you do that in the earliest. i will begin by saying i did it in preschool. i felt like i knew preschool moms well enough, it was scary for me because brody had severe food allergies at the that point. torey, what is the youngest we will do it. >> elementary school. >> she has an 18 monther, mom of three. >> kindergarten. >> drop off and leave. >> birthday party i'm in the around, something happens, your problem.
9:47 am
>> yes. >> what do you think. >> i do preschool. because i do feel comfortable with the parents but i can understand kindergarten because you know families at the schools. elementary school is a little too late. >> why would she try to go over. >> they are all having play dates, having fun and your boy will be at home because his mom won't let him play. >> come and bring wine and talk to mom. >> here we go this happened recently, using a knife. and, people say sharp knife, butter knife. my camera guy he hurt himself with the plastic knife when he was little. >> i don't know it is mike the crazy guy. >> i will say for me, i have let me kids have a knife until elementary school. even kindergarten i wouldn't let brody orlandry have a knife. >> don't say no.
9:48 am
>> seriously. >> i will go preschool, with a plastic knife, and baby cuts themselves. two-year old. >> fit is in the plastic nave from ikea, i agree because they play with play dough but real knife i would say elementary school. >> elementary school. >> my god i'm failing. >> middle school. >> you will be in mommy's basement forever, i'm sorry. >> other thing that happens in this area is going to day camp. you go today camp. for me, that was preschool because he was already going to preschool. i felt like it was same kind of thing. >> i a agree. >> preschool. >> yeah, yeah. >> overnight camp. >> overnight camp when they tell you they are ready. >> yes. >> so this is a real interesting one. >> elementary school, with all of her friend from school, they all live together, and she had a brawl and she's going back this year. >> yes. >> walk a couple blocks down
9:49 am
the road like maybe they are going to a bus stop or something, i can tell you, that for us, it will definitely will be middle school because we have in the let brody do it yet and he is in fifth grade. he has gone down the street the but i stood in the driveway and watched him walk. karen, walk a couple blocks. >> kindergarten, they come home from the bus by themselves. >> yes. >> elementary school. >> this is to the bus. >> okay. >> i don't know if they are walking around neighborhood i would say middle school. >> last one, i need to go shopping, and i'm saying like a cvs or something, i leave the kids, in the car and tell them to sit in the back seat, and don't climb in the front seat. i say elementary school and i have done it, and when will you leave the kid in the car but you go in the store. >> i think it works because i would say elementary school because i meet kindergarten. >> yes. >> sweating them and say don't
9:50 am
get in the car. >> yes, elementary. >> i say he will meantry too. >> so philadelphia is one of 19 states that has laws, a against leaving children in the car. >> pennsylvania. >> really. >> under the age of six. >> but we can do it after the age of six. >> after the age of six you can leave them unattended. >> yes. >> karen hepp, torey, thank you. we have known her since before she was married. thank you so much. you gave great advice. overall we should be less fearful. >> definitely less fearful. we all turnout okay and our parents let us do everything. there were no seat belts, no car seats. >> you have known karen a long time, is she perfect. >> she's perfect. >> yes. >> i have a question for quincy as well, i know quincy is not so worried about some of these things.
9:51 am
>> no, i'm not worried about anything, i'm not worried about nothing. but guess what you guys should be worried because i'm dancing, this saturday, dancing for future stars and my guests, renee and we will come back with some steps. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. ♪ >> anyone can dance to this song. >> yeah. >> quincy's got 48 hours to get this done he will be dancing for our future stars, competition at crystal tea room over there in the wannamaker building. >> dancing to george benson. >> quincy. >> yes. >> it is time. >> i'm ready, getting ready, we have some great dancers right here, renee, we need everyone to vote for us,
9:55 am
dance, number, vote for quincy. we are raising money for kids, independent mission schools, i'm a product of, look at the how i turnout, help out kid, vote for me. renee, what are we about to do. >> about to dance for education. we need it. we want to you vote for it. so we have a few more days to vote. >> and, this right here is all for education, we run this ten or 15 minutes ago. >> here we go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> here we go, bring it in. >> hey, hey. >> wow. >> go quincy.
9:56 am
>> now, one, someone here do it. two. >> lisa, one. sascha. sherry. lana: jackie. >> yeah, let's go, quincy. >> we're waiting for your solo. >> well, we did the whole thing. >> you want to see my solo? you come saturday night. >> okay. i'm such a tease dance for vote for kids, everyone great dancers right here. look at that dance, right here, 30 minutes ago. >> thanks, good luck, saturday
9:57 am
night. >> thank you. >> we should go and support him, saturday night. >> yes. >> by the way, did you see they are making this big have movie, and rock dwayne johnson is in it. guess who they just signed. >> who. >> the hulk. >> i don't know if the world is ready for both of us, are you ready. >> i'm rocking the hoff, i was born ready. >> born ready. >> there ain't no bay without the hoff, bay watch, get ready, world. >> would you go see that. >> i would go see it anyway. >> david hoff is in there. >> my favorite stat is he did worldwide concert the night of the o.j. simpson chase in the broncho in germany, supposed to launch his singing career. in one saw it. >> he is still big in germany that film will come out may 2017. >> hang around because after a few commercials wendy williams
9:58 am
will join us. it will be good today. >> yes. >> snow later.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. yes, i'm about to fall. hi, everybody. thanks for watching our show. [ cheers and applause ] >> my cohosts, my studio


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