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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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you know, reminder we are still in the winter months, live radar showing system sweeping through our area bringing snow and it will stick around through the morning. sue's full forecast, just seconds away. flakes started falling overnight. this is the scene just hours ago in new castle county, one of the first places to see snow. can't make out much there in that shot. also this morning a gruesome crime carried out at a local restaurant what detectives found inside while the place was opened for business. unaudible. >> race for white house, heat up, exchanges between g.o.p. candidates in their 11th debate. good day everyone it is march 4th, 2016. lauren johnson was very extra teening nick taking this three day weekend sue serio a good week toned get out of town. >> at least for start of it.
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we may have something saturday night if you are thinking of going on the saturday night. we will talk about that coming up. in the weather by numbers we will give you a four because it is slow go out there even though this isn't a big giant storm it doesn't take much to make a mess. i say this a lot but it looks like heaviest snow falling to the south of us. rain further south of that. it is a snow thing for all of us but lighter further north and west. the that is where we expect light's accumulation. there is a coating on your car because it started off overnight. 31 degrees feels like 23, cold out there, it the will stay cold throughout the morning, probably low freezing or just around freezing. 6:29 your sunrise time, visibility is a problem in reduced visibility in wilmington, atlantic city international, pottstown, trenton, only 3 miles visibility at philly international. our temperatures in the 20's to the north of us, 21 in mount pocono. around 30 in wildwood,
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atlantic city, wilmington delaware just below freezing in dover. we are expecting coat to go an inch north and west around 95 and northeastern maryland, one to 2 inches. 3 inches could fall further south then that. 40-degree high temperature. sun will be out. we do expect things to clear up quickly after the snow end and for us in philadelphia it is late morning. that is when winds will pick up and we will get a blustery after afternoon but wind calm down tonight with a low of 29 degrees. so that takes care of friday, and yeah, that is a reminder, it is friday, weekend is almost here, bob kelly. >> makes things better, when you hear friday. >> yeah. >> good morning. leave that shovel at home and make sure you get the brush, snow brush or broom to clear the light snow off of your vehicle before you put it in park and roll out this morning. here's a live look the at i-95 southbound jammed up working
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your way in toward cottman avenue with an accident. i-95 in delaware county major roadways treated, snow sticking to the grass surfaces. the here's a live look at that accident scene southbound i-95 at the cottman avenue. they have pushed everybody off to the right and only left lane squeezing on through, steady snow falling here, live look, at 295 but look what is happening snow not sticking to the major roadways, crews with a combination of brine and salt, object to keep roads wet, major roadways wet, untreated roads, secondary roads are slippery. bridges are income down to 35 miles an hour this morning. some of those less traveled roads that first step you you hit when you walk out the front door garden state parkway north bound an accident at tuckerton, septa says watch for slippery platforms and some possible delays across the board throughout this little tough
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pain in the neck kind of snow storm this morning, chris, back over to you. lets talk weather, a few flakes in washington township, new jersey signs winter isn't quite over just yet. steve keeley, now you have been on the move down the shore all morning. wait, i know you have been working out what does that scale say. >> reporter: this storm has been weighing down on me this whole winter is this the heavy snow or light stuff, steve. >> reporter: this is getting heavier as flakes are getting bigger and i'm not talking about mike jerrick either. this scale actually works and this is getting beaten up in the weather. we are antique shopping before the sun comes up on our way to the jersey shore. do you hear sue and bob say, snow on untreated surfaces. look at white horse pike, no problem, treated surface. this is what they are talking about when they talk about
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untreated surfaces, they are talking about couches, love seats, chairs. it the is going to accumulate on your couch if it is outside. look at that lovely red velvet couch. that is an untreated surface. by the way, sue i know you were wondering what will we put in our front yard to let everybody know who we are. how about a big duck statue. a big statue of a duck. look at the that. >> even in foul weather it looks good. >> there is a baby duck behind it so that would make this the mother ducker here. >> yes. >> but who even commissions, you know, mr. artist i want you to make me a big, heavy, concrete duck statue. anyway we will wrap up, with
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that i guess, let the me see what else we have. we have hot tubs here, which is in the really a hot tub but bob if you do your breakfast here is your original shredded whole wheat biscuit. bob, off lot of antique shopping to do if you are not doing st. patrick's day thing. snow is still falling. we will see he he from other hidden beautiful locations on our way to the new jersey shore, for the last snowstorm we hope of the winter 2016. >> steve, thank you. great. he ace a lot of fun this morning. the lets take a live look at trenton, shall we? we want to remind you over at the parkway, okay, not the trenton parkway, no, that is ben franklin parkway through the city of philadelphia, pool. by the way you can down load our fox 29 weather app and search the from the apple and google play stores. at 5:06 on this friday
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morning we have to turn to a developing story a and it is gruesome. out of south philadelphia, violent scene where a woman was found brutally murdered. dave kinchen is on this one for us, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the police are strike this as a violent bloody scene here at fifth and washington in south philadelphia a at chinese and vietnamese restaurant. philadelphia police say lee's cafe and bistro was opened for business when a 911 call came in around last night, reporting a 54 year-old woman found dead in the kitchen which is the basement. police say there was a major fight between victim who worked as a cook and the attacker. the sources say victim was working with another person prepping food where people were waiting upstairs in the take out room and also dining room in the top floor. at some point someone went downstairs to see what was going on and that is when discovery was made of the victim. police tell us that they interviewed five customers who were inside the store and also
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four workers inside the restaurant around the time the 911 call was made this he were all taken down to homicide to be interviewed. police do not have a clear motive in this case and they are looking for surveillance video, this area along washington street a lot of businesses and homes, lot of surveillance cameras so police think they may be able to get some video, some clues and try to solve this mystery at this point, back to you. all right, dave, thank you you. wrightstown, new jersey elderly woman died overnight in the house fire. fire happened around 1:50 on francis street. fire fighters found body of the the nine two-year old woman in the back bedroom as he died of smoke inhalation. the it took fire fighters 20 minutes to knock down flames. in word what caused that fire. a gruesome discovery inside a home in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. police say owner was cleaning out the vacant property when they found a woman's body. police say body had been there for some time, southwest detectives, they are now investigating with the medical
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examiner. thieves pull off a daring smash/grab in the high end clothing store in rittenhouse square, this morning they remain at large. security cameras captured how they pulled off the heist early saturday morning, this happened at vince on the 1700 block of walnut the street. trio grabbed everything off the racks that they could and they were in and out in just minutes. >> that is craziness like how did that happen? how did they getaway with that so quickly. >> usually these smash and grabs know and they pinpoint what they will get. they go in, grab it and then get right back out. >> vince is very expensive. police believe that the crooks and two men and a woman, they cased the store before hitting it and they got the away in the light colored sedan parked right by the window. three u.s. congressman from pennsylvania are demanding answers from the the nave bye groundwater contamination near naval air station in both bucks and montgomery county. congressman patrick meehan, mike fitzpatrick and brendan
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boyle are writing to the department of navy after reports of illness that he is stem from groundwater contamination near the former naval air warfare center in warminster and former air station joint reserve base in horsham. high levels of the toxic chemicals compounds were found in public and private water wells near those sites. congressman want to know how they were detect and when and also want to learn what steps were taken to report to resident. we will keep an eye on that. this is politically related, you decide 2016. >> president of the united states... >> unaudible. >> bunch of yelling, one of the most heated showdowns to date, the final four g.o.p. candidates taking stage last night in detroit for their 11th debate this election season that comes just days after donald trump dominated picking up seven of 11 states
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on super tuesday. >> i was a half million votes higher then him, i was a million votes higher then marco. 1 million vote. that is a lot of votes. >> trump's thriving delegate count more than 300 so far making last night one of the the last chances to derail the trump train, ted cruz, who is running second to trump making it clear there are more alternatives to the billion air businessman. >> i understand the folks who are supporting donald right now you are angry, angry at washington and use this angry receipt rick but for 40 years donald has been part of the corruption in washington that you are angry about. >> next on deck for g.o.p. candidates several primaries happening tomorrow, more than 100 delegates up for grabs. alaska's famous iditarod famous dog race gets underway
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but lack of snow may have them saying slush instead of mush. different weather problem back here at home as we look into olde city, snow has found its way in the area. live look down market street. ♪ ♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at to get a guaranteed discount.
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you see a lot of rain if you it is snow, snow, snow.
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as we told you yesterday, with this being a southern storm, the center of the the low is not on top of us but we will get outer edges but that is enough to make a mess as we get more in the time of the morning rush and for a lot of folks to get started early we have to leave early in southern delaware, and southern new jersey where snow is falling heavily, it is piling up. for us it is mostly a coating to an inch, maybe 2 inches in southern spots with a bands setting up but it the is light snow in the metro area and wilmington, delaware this morning. future cast shows the snow continuing, and by 1:00 it is easing up. by 9:00 it is finish here in philadelphia and still snowing at the shore. that snow will continue through ten, 11, even noon when it starts to leave us as
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low pressure system moves out to sea. that is it for that. the wind will pick up as high pressure builds in and it will be close to the departing low. that means a windy rest of the morning and afternoon. winter weather advisory continues until 9:00 in philadelphia, until 1:00 in cape may county. as storms exit east. it is a cold one all day with the wind picking up, early on, and mostly cloudy skies and 48 e will get more saturday night into sunday morning but then, it is dry all the way through to wednesday and by wednesday, temperatures have warmed up into the 70's. next chance of rain after the weekend will be on thursday. so not a big storm but it looks like we have a big mess, what road is this, bob kelly. >> this is i-95, sue, 5:17, coming up, on 5:17, live look at i-95 in the cottman avenue
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work zone. they are just about ready to pull accident, vehicles involved in the crash out of here. the it happened about an hour ago in the construction zone. i-95 at cottman. just an example but it is not amounts but it is timing as road are wet but even when we get wet roads we can certainly have some problems. sometimes these types of storms are the wheres because they don't have that big visual effect of it is snowing, there could be slippery, slow down, so crews were out all day yesterday putting down brine and salt. not a plug operation. this is just a salting operation to keep major wet down to 35 up and overall of the areas where bennie, walt whitman bridge, speed restrictions. all of the majors have been treated, you'll fine slippery spots on the on and off ramps. they are never treated. less traveled road, secondary roads, side street, that front step, garden state parkway an accident northbound at tuckerton.
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septa says look out platforms will be slippery this morning. watch for possible delays not only on the trains but on the buses, weather delays down at philly international and we are getting ready for st. patrick's day even walter the doggies all set with his irish hat ready for parade. send us your pictures put them on facebook, twitter, instagram and use that hashtag fox 29 irish and show us how you are getting ready for st. patrick's day but for the big parade which is a a week from sunday on the parkway. we start off two to 3:00 come down, join us whole gang from fox will be there in the parade broadcasting here on television and then rebroadcast it gannon st. patrick's day thursday march 17th, chris, back to you. murphy a's and kelly's have to be at that. >> we're in the front row. we will continue to keep an eye on the road as is bob all morning long. the let's bring jennaphr fredrick in the mix. you are heading toward wilmington, jen. >> i am we're still in the the
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city in south philadelphia, parked at a light because that is how live television goes we are on columbus boulevard at christian street exit. i can tell you this, this is what you are seeing. it is what kathy orr, sue serio predict that the the snow would come down but because the roads are basically sort of kind of warm, it is not going to stick. this is what we're seeing both on your city street as well as your major their fares. i came in from montgomery county and do you see that jeep with some snow on the wheel well, that is what you are seeing. you're seeing a dusting but only thing i had to do was get in my car, turn on my windshield wipers and that is all of the snow. it wasn't sticky, icy, not too much of it. so they call it a nuisance storm in montgomery county and south philadelphia, it is not even a nuisance, chris but we
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will have more coming up. >> sound g scott williams just called and he wants a shout out next time like kathy an sue. famous dog sled race starts in at lah contact. that is not going to start the ididrod from starting in anchorage. fox's hill willry vaughn has the store friday anchorage. >> disappointing to all of us, i'm sure, at this point. >> reporter: iconic ididrod dog sled race might get stuck in the tracks. there hasn't been enough accumulation in anchorage, last contact where the start of the ididrod begins. with no snow on the ground it makes it impossible for the dog sled to move. >> we didn't want to shorten the race but the option, only other option was to take ate way from the city of anchorage and that is not what we wanted. we wanted it here for our fans here. >> reporter: it has been one of the warmest winters on record in alaska's largest
5:21 am
city. organizers have been collecting, storing snow outside anchorage in case it didn't snow in time. now alaska railroad trains are shipping seven train cars full of the white stuff to the city. >> we are sitting on the ground up there in fairbanks. we fill them up, 350 cubic yard of snow. >> reporter: is there still snow for remaining miles of the competition from anchorage to the city of nome but snow pack is still below average. even though race is expected to go on, officials are shortening the ceremonial start from 11 miles to just three. >> the decision was made yesterday. two hour meeting with municipality agencies and municipality has bent over backwards. they have harvesting every flake of snow since november and hiding it for to us make this a all happen. >> reporter: fifty-eight dog sled teams are expect to take part in the race which begins this saturday.
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hillary vaughn, "fox news". next up in sports sam bradford speaks for first time since signing his new contract with the eagles. find out if he really wanted to stay in the city of brotherly love. you will love these numbers if you have them.
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you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
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sam bradford into talk about his new tiehl with the eagles. there are not many fans that dislike psyched, biggest reasons fans are the not and should not be unhappy is length have the deal. only a two year deal. the if the eagles don't like coming season for bradford they can get out in one season but there are a few that still don't like the deal. the listening to bradford at the news conference he made it clear he always wanted to come back to the eagles. the most players would have wanted more than two years but brad forward says stability is key to success. so why sign before free agency. >> this is where i wanted to be. obviously there was some change, some turn over but i think we have a great group of guys in that locker room. i really enjoyed my time here last year. >> not a good night for flyers to the wells fargo center dunn one to nothing in the second to the second worst team in hockey, edmonton, gostisbehere
5:26 am
with the turn over, taylor hall scores, edmonton beat flyers four to nothing. bad loss. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. brutal loss. all right. a family food fight why owners of the cheese stake franchise tony lukes are taking each other to court. take a look at that. live look, as snow find its way in the the area after the break sue has your forecast, been keeping an eye on the roads for you.
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we are tracking a round of winter, we are looking live now at the radar, and we're looking at delaware. and we will keep an eye on. that homicide investigation underway where, they found a man lying in the street. it is march the fourth, 2016, lauren dawn johnson has the friday off, and getting out of town was brilliant, sue serio
5:30 am
taking a day weekend because weather is crummy here in the delaware. >> even though it is not a major snowstorm we will see a mess out here. snow boots and winter fear is on. so wind chills are in the teens and 20's. the most of our actual temperatures are in the 20's but there is not a lot of wind right now. probably as soon as snow end, winds will pick up but we do see various intensity of snowfall as we look throughout our area and the heaviest snow is to the south as predicted yesterday. it is cape may, atlantic counties and cumberland in new jersey and lower two counties of delaware getting heavier snow but we are seeing snow flakes falling in philadelphia just not that much, and we have a break in the action here at fourth and market street the right there at the bus stop but it is, a case where some of the slippery conditions will be out there, 31 degrees, 23 is the wind chill, sunrise at 6:29 about an hour from now but we won't
5:31 am
see sunshine to start. we have poor visibility, thanks to that snowfall, so, that will cost you some extra time. so will clean off your car, so if there is best advice we can give you, take your time. we have a coat to go an inch north and west of the city, one to 2-inch's long that i-95 corridor as well as burlington county, new jersey and then maybe higher accumulations to the the south. we're seeing more heavier snow. so it is off to the snow start with temperatures in the 20's. we will make it to 40. sun will eventually return and wind will pick up through lunchtime, and it calms down and will be a cold night tonight the but it will be dry. that is your weather authority forecast for friday and we cannot emphasize enough bob kelly clean off the whole car. >> the whole car, leave the shovel in the garage or basement and just grab either the broom or brush and make sure you get light snow off of your car, clear the whole thing off before you roll out.
5:32 am
here's route 47 just outside have of wildwood, rio grande here an example of the snow, steady snowfall this morning but what you are noticing it is sticking to the grass but not to the major roadways, major roadways have been treated and object is to keep majors wet. we have an accident north on 295 at sloan avenue same spot we had that nasty accident yesterday north of hamilton square. the lets go to the neighborhoods a live look at aramingo and frankford and the philadelphia side and let's bring in charlie metzger from penndot. good morning. >> good morning bob how are you. >> doing good. what other things are the crews seeing here. we have a live look at a steady snowfall but it noise the sticking to the road surface. >> right now crews are finding roadway surfaces wet and clear. we have been working since yesterday to make sure that we're ahead of the storm.
5:33 am
we salted yesterday and we have over, nearly 200 trucks out right now that are, just patrolling making sure that we're getting any slick spots that are being reported but we're well ahead of the storm and we're not expecting much out of it. >> charlie, this is a nuisance storms i guess, not enough to kind of make it stop and say wow, it is snow and slow down but it is, just enough to make things slippery. >> we just want to remind motorist to take your time, leave a little extra time, extra caution because even though it looks wet and clear, motorist might experience a slick spot but just take your time and you will get where you are going. >> charlie, thanks very much. hats off, jelly doughnuts to the penndot crew out there are for what is hopefully last snow patrol of our 2016 season. we will check in later this morning. charlie metzger on the phone from penndot there as you can see the roads are wet and that
5:34 am
is object, keeping those roads wet, the brine that was put down yesterday, salt that the crews are putting down again today in the neighborhoods and on the majors so far, no problems reported. we have had an earlier accident here on i-95 at cottman avenue. we have a salt crew crossing town again putting down that layer of salt on top of the brine that was put down yesterday. all of the speed have been reduced, whitman, ben franklin, bet thecy, tacony palmyra, take it slow, septa in the reporting any problems but watch out for slippery platforms and minor delays. everybody will be slower today because of the weather. also weather delays expect down at philly international, check with the airline before you head down there, just a slight bit of snow at the airport can set us back sometimes a half an hour. garden state parkway northbound an accident near exit 58 near tuckerton and all of the major roadways have been treated but the slippery on and off ramps will catch it
5:35 am
and less traveled roads, neighborhood streets, secondary roads, roads that the school bus will be out there picking up little kid certainly will be slippery, chris back over to you. >> this is not severe more nuisance. >> yes good steve keeley down the shore checking out conditions in new jersey. hi there steve. >> reporter: hi there chris, we're in egg harbor sit and just like bob and sue are saying it is sticking to the the grass surfaces but not stick to go route 30, white horse pike where you see the speed limit is being adhered too which means 15 over the limit. that traffic light coincidently philadelphia avenue. look at the big spotlight right ahead here. you can see how much the snow is falling here in atlantic county about 15 miles from the shore. we are in peterson's services center opened since 1926 and the guy that works here quite a sculptor. he has a little plow truck here that he made from spare
5:36 am
parts of the cars and he has a doll that looks like karen hepp driving the plow. here's one of the competing stations anchors here with that robotic delivery. let's show you the talent of the the guy here in peterson services center, new jersey up north has a statue of limit but here in south jersey we have this statue of liberty. look at this heart work, chris, a sculpture of used metal and car parts, kind of cool, um. we're near philadelphia avenue and the producers is wrapping me and i have to fly now, getting where i am going here, chris murphy, we also have a rocky statue not just at the art museum but here in egg harbor city. the pretty good work here wouldn't you say. >> look at those abs, that is good. stallone has never looked so good. >> yeah. >> great artwork. >> can't knock that out. >> at a service center, chris. >> steve keeley, thank you,
5:37 am
sir. >> yep. >> as always, we appreciate it. lets head to allentown, pennsylvania. real quickly you can see there is no snow on the ground there. where do we rang this year snowfall rise? just about 26.2 inches so far this year, compared that to two winters ago when we had 68 t that bad, 40 more inches two years ago. lets take a quick break we will have your top stories coming up at 5:37 in just a minute and straight ahead gruesome crime at a local restaurant. what detectives found inside while the place was opened for business.
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we have a violent scene, inside a restaurant where a woman was found brutally murdered. body of the 54 year-old woman was found inside lee's bistro and cafe just after 9:00 last night. she was discovered in the basement with a knife wound to her neck. detectives say there was evidence of a violent struggle. the authorities say victim is a cook in the the restaurant but haven't released her identity. a suspect has not been named. philadelphia police are investigating a homicide after a man was shot in the head last night. this happened on the 7500 block of mailing street the in west oak lane the just before 9:00. victim a 39 year-old man found lying in the street with the gunshot wound to the left side
5:41 am
of his head no weapons were recovered. no arrests have been made. 5:40 family members from the tony luke's cheese stake empire have filed mutual lawsuits against one another. this is a family feud. the family says bolt is over franchise issues. tony junior who has been the face of the operation for years and runs a number of the tony luke's franchises is a accused by his father tony luke and brother of breaching contracts. they claimed that he owns them, or owes them more than three million-dollar, for franchising venture that produced 26 new restaurant. court battle could result in the original philadelphia and wildwood restaurant losing their name and signature flavor. what a mess. the former, driver and chief of security for pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane could have prison in his future. earlier yesterday, patrick rocco was sentenced to three to six months behind bars for illegally accessing e-mails to
5:42 am
keep tabs on the grand jury investigation in the the kathleen kane. that investigation led to perjury and other charges against the attorney general. rocco, right the now, free, pending an appeal. a frightening health care for a local radio host, wip's big daddy graham, you know him really well here at fox 29, so he had hiccups, for 41 straight hours. his ordeal straight ahead is in the studio. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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as predicted it is annoying, just not a major storm but it is coming during the morning rush hour which makes it, an annoyance or nuisance, we have been using that word too. heaviest snow to the south of us, because the center of the storm is to the south of us but we're still seeing snow, as far north as the lehigh valley, very light, but it is there and it could be just enough to make you slip, so just take your time, but heavier snow is piling up to the south of us, here is philadelphia where we are seeing light snowfall at the moment. here is some of our so far snowfall totals and in seaford delaware somebody measured 4 inches of snow, 2 inches in cape may, medford, new jersey only a inch, less than that in new castle delaware and in philadelphia we have managed a measly .3 of an inch of snow so far. this continues through the next couple of hours in philadelphia and it will continue to pile up at the shore. it looks liken have after the
5:46 am
snow end by 9:00 in the city, it is still snowing at the new jersey shore, delaware beaches as well and that continues all the way through noon and then whole thing is out of here maybe wrap around flurry end of the afternoon but nothing like what we're getting now. winter weather advisory continues until 9:00 in philadelphia, until 1:00 at the shore as the snow end from west to east. the estimates they are not that impressive. maybe 3 inches or more in some of those spots where we have seen 3 inches or more like southern delaware but temperatures will remain cold throughout the rest of the morning so make sure you have enough layers on and you you allow that extra time. wind out of the north east, they are not too high yet but wind will be picking up as soon as that snow end. we have a 40-degree high temperature today, tricky travel, and this morning, 47 and dry tomorrow. little bit of precipitation could be a little will bit of rain and snow. not very much.
5:47 am
the it is saturday night and early sunday morning and dry through rest of the weekend and through wednesday of next week and what a dramatic warm up, just 71 by wednesday, bob kelly. >> looking good, sue you good morning. 5:47. one thing you will need when you head outside the front door forget the shovel, sue was mentioning some snow totals. the those snow totals accumulating on the grass surfaces, major roadways looking live here, the old marlton circle back in the day when 70 and 73 we had to flip around again right over here in marlton by the old olga's diner. road are wet. they have brine down and salt dunn but wet road could still be slippery and still could be, giving us some trouble here this morning. 202 and stump road, we get steady snowfall but once it hits the ground obviously just keeping the roads wet, and, the secondary road,
5:48 am
neighborhood, side streets they were not treated so that is where things could be slippery. we have a fire in glen mills just off of route one here concord and station road, accident north on 295 up in sloan. majors again we will see slower than normal speeds this morning, just take us a little longer then yesterday, 422 and 202, look out from the work zones like here on i-95 where we had one accident on i-95 at cottman avenue as we start to see the jam in the camas we head southbound down towards the girard and across town on the vine street expressway. we had a salt crew go through there heading over to 30th street station. back over to you. last week, wip sports radio host big daddy graham. >> that is me. >> battled a serious case of hiccups. we are so glad you are here. the those hiccups lasted more than 40 straight hour. >> they are still going on. >> how long has it been. >> eight days. >> eight days you are not hiccupping right now. >> but that is your water
5:49 am
bottle just in case. you went back on the radio overnight after the first time in a week. >> in a week, i had a co host, who did the show with me or i might not have done it. look, the big fuss has been made over this but the people of chester battled my cancer and cured me and i have had surgeries there they want me to get word out. i never get hiccups. next thing i am hiccupping uncontrollably for days what are you supposed to do about that? i don't know. everybody has a cure, drink water, hang upside down it the is always a cure out there. >> what are doctors telling you. >> i go in there and it turns out it is not the hiccups, help me out. >> it is a fib. >> it is my heartbeating. >> so i'm back at jefferson today. the fact was if they cannot
5:50 am
exactly prove the hiccups caused it but there is a good chance there was a correlation between the two that the intense hiccupping episode out of control was nuts. i just kept hiccupping and i'm going say what man goes to the doctor for hiccups. >> you think it is little. >> it ended up being serious for me. >> i know when you and i spoke, you hadn't slept in three days last i spoke to you on the phone. >> you cannot, you just hiccupping all the time. hospitals are in the the greatest places in the world. nobody ever driving down the street and says lets go to a good place for a vacation, lets get to the hospital. >> i'm glad you brought up that. we men are not inclined to seek medical attention. >> your arm has to be hanging off and blood shooting out. >> your wife is not the too happy with you. >> not at all you should be
5:51 am
home resting right now. >> no, i should have been home but you know, i have the big show saturday night at tropicana with my partner and wanted to get my feet back in the water. i love doing what i do. i haven't work in 35 years. everything i do is fun, stand up comedy, talk radio. i love doing what i do, but look, i promised jefferson this, whenever you think you got something that is a annoying but goes on for days, get it checked out. that is it. that is what they want me to tell everybody. that is why i'm sitting here this morning. >> are you nervous. >> i am nervous, i'm nervous because i'm back down jefferson to day and anything heart-related scars the heck out of me because i'm a horrible either. i just eat the worst foods, always did. >> will you change your lifestyle. >> it is going to have to.
5:52 am
>> what is your message then to these tough sports listeners you have every night, big burlily dudes that don't want to speak medical attention. >> i found out i had cancer by accident, through in help of my own by accident i found that out. that is never going to happen to me again. there is no need for to you find out stuff about accident. there is a i doctor around the corner from you somewhere, there is a hospital around the corner from you somewhere. i'm not making i big deal out of this thing but hey, get it checked. i got two beautiful daughters and a wife who likes me half of the time good. >> that is rare you have a wife that likes you. >> you are not hiccupping right new. >> no, i'm not. >> i want to you talk about your show tomorrow because it is a big one coming up. we're hoping you don't hiccup through that show either. >> i do too, with dom herrera,
5:53 am
biggest stages in the country actually, 2,000 seater. we do it once sometimes twice a year. that was another reason i wanted to get my feet back in the water by coming on tonight just big daddy good you you look no worse for the wear. i know you have been going through quite an ordeal. will you update us through twitter and everything else what is going on with the doctors and jefferson. >> i got the a new thing, i opened my window and yell. >> like in rocky. >> yes. >> yes. >> hey, my man. >> i wish you the best, okay. >> thanks for sharing with us, important message to get across. >> big daddy graham. >> still ahead helping local teens look their best for their big day, dresses, accessories and make up we will tell you who is making it happen for free.
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welcome back, thanks for the philadelphia police athletic league girls will get help searching for that perfect prom dress this is prom boutique set up at pal center in north philadelphia the last night. girls from pal centers around philadelphia got everything from dresses, shoes, and to make up tips, even nail polish head of their big day. it helps relief financial burden for their families so their daughters can have their special day and it was all for free. next up, race for white
5:57 am
house gets down right dirty, exchanges between g.o.p. candidates and their 11th debate, plus a live look outside in olde city as we tracked this storm.
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5:59 am
this is a wussy snow.
6:00 am
it ace anything. you know what i'm looking forward to next, monday, tuesday, wednesday in the 60's and 07's. but we will deal with this, it is friday, come on, don't get down. well, another smash and grab in center city, this time at vince on walnut. why police are calling suspects professionals in this one. do you realize you're probably first person in american history maybe even world history to make a yoke about your, you you know what, on a debate stage? >> oh, man what has happened to us. despite senator marco rubio sizing up donald trump and apparently this woman wants to as well, the businessman made it clear to americans he has no problem, if you know what i mean. the interesting comment the donald made during last night's g.o.p. debate. it has come to that, we're talking about hand size. good day, it is friday,


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