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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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♪ right now on fox 29 at 6:00 remembering a fallen hero. one year ago today philadelphia police officer robert wilson was killed during a robbery attempt while buying a game for his son's birthday. good evening, everybody, i'm joyce evans. shortly after wilson's murder then police commissioner charles ramsay said the surveillance tape of the deadly ambush showed an act of bravery by wilson like he has never seen before. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in north philadelphia tonight where vigil for sergeant wilson just ended shawnette. >> reporter: joyce, this vigil was a mix of emotions as you can
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imagine many gathered to celebrate sergeant wilson's life remember his smile and dedication to the job but also a lot of tears were shed. as we take a look at some video what was very emotional scene as balloons were released here by people gathered in memory of sergeant wilson during the vigil outside the 22nd district. it was held today because it was march 5th last year that he was gunned down during attempted robbery at a north philly game stop. as his fellow officers in blue stood in formation, city leaders gave words of comfort. sergeant wilson's sister spoke tearfully about her brother and the dedication of other philadelphia police. >> for everything that's going on i stated before he was a man behind a uniform. he chose a profession. he chose to make that decision to become an officer. to protect. officers including him they're people. lives are precious and uh-uh
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can't decide to take a life. >> reporter: back here live she went on to say that they gained the wilson family a large family getting so much support from the philadelphia police department and other members of the community and behind me inside the 22nd district a gathering somewhat of reception is wrapping up for friends and familiar. back to you. >> thank you shawnette. pretrial hearing is set for later this month for the two brothers accused in the killing of sergeant wilson. prosecutors say carlton hips and ramon williams here fired several shots inside that game stop store. hips was shot in the leg by wilson's partner as he tried to get away. williams was caught inside the store. turning now to your fox 29 weather authority, a chance of snow, dave, warren, are you telling me snow? >> just brush it off. that's what you'll have tomorrow morning. just a little bit. so really not much. i know that's about it. could see a coating mainly light
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snow this will be after midnight tonight. if you're out this evening don't worry about it grab the coat. it's been chilly all day. barely above 40 degrees today. we hit 42 down to 41 now. a light breeze out of the southwest at 7 miles an hour. roads should be fine even though we're talking about little bit of snow because the temperatures they are above freezing except for mount pocono but most of the moisture will be staying to our south. these are the numbers now. just a little colder in the surrounding suburbs. dropping down to about freezing by tomorrow morning. does not look too impressive right now on ultimate doppler. moving into the dry air. this is where it is now, this is the computer forecast. it will track this thing overnight tonight and it picks it up at 7:00 o'clock. the clouds begin to increase and thicken up a little bit. it really starts to fall apart as it moves east. by 4:00 o'clock in the morning, maybe just a light rain or snow shower by about 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning anything if that is done and it's clearing out by tomorrow evening. so just a little bit. mainly some light snow after midnight. we say mainly light snow because
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it could start initially as a little bit of a mix before the air gets cold enough for it to be all snow. non paveed surface a little bit of coating. brush a little bit off your car tomorrow morning. it's clearing by tomorrow afternoon. and not quiet talking about the big warmup yet. that comes monday and it continues for much of the week. those numbers are in the seven day forecast. that's in just a little bit. joyce. >> thank you, dave. n ocean county, police arrest a man who they say forced the school lock down. steven wise charged with criminal trespass. he was on the grounds at washington street elementary school in toms river that was on thursday without having a reason for being there. officials say although wise was not near any children, his being near the school alarmed staff and the school was put on lock down. wise told police he was just passing by the school to get to some place else. the search is on for an armed robber hitting south jersey convenience stores. fox 29's jennifer joyce has
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surveillance video that police want to you see. >> reporter: bold, brazen and on the loose. police say this man armed with a black handgun believed to be behind a series of 7eleven robberies in south jersey. this one happened on evesham road in gloucester township. a total of four robberies in three days last month prompted police to put out these surveillance images. here's a look at the suspect hopping over the check out counter with a box cutter in hand. at a store on white horse pike in magnolia. pay close attention to the footwear police confirm the suspect is wearing two different shoes. >> it is scary. i mean i feel, yorks want anybody to get hurt. >> reporter: eileen stops by this 7eleven on browning road in bellmawr every day. it was the first store in a series to be hit. in this case, police say the robber didn't show a weapon but did force the clerk to hand over cash. >> it's too scary. too scary. >> usuausually this town is, you know, not too much crime.
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>> i think it's crazy people spend so much time doing wrong things instead of the right things. >> reporter: everyone we talked to said this is the first they're hearing of the robberi robberies. they plan to be careful especially knowing the suspect hasn't been caught. >> i try to be aware of my surroundings. >> any of these convenience stores i never go at night. >> i'm surprised to hear it. let's face it it could happen anywhere. >> reporter: if you recognize the suspect seen in the surveillance footage or if you have any information about these robberies, call the camden county prosecutor's office. in bellmawr, new jersey, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. firefighters quickly knock out a house fire in kensington. the fire broke out around 12:30 this morning on west street. the house was vacant but neighboring properties were evacuated during the fire fight there. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. in north texas, a community comes together to honor a fallen officer there. thousands attend add public memorial service today for
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officer david however from the you'll list police department. at least 12 different law enforcement agencies came out to pay their respects. however was killed tuesday in a shootout with a suspect who place say was high on meth in public park. and it was one month ago today that 12-year-old stanford harrell link tragically lost his life running back inside a house that was on fire. he did it try to save his father from the flames engulfing this norristown home. his father did get out alive, but the young son did not make it back out. now his grieving family is talking only to fox 29. joanne pileggi with the story. >> i don't know any other kid that would have took that chance to run into a house with flames burning to save -- to save his father's live or his mother's
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life. >> oh, god. >> reporter: from his bed in rehabilitation hospital in havertown 58-year-old san toward harling can't take the pain. the memory, the vision, the smell of a fire that claimed the life of his 12-year-old son last month. >> my wife was screaming. she was screaming like w is man-man? where is man-man? he went back in the house to get you. >> reporter: in a twisted stroke of time san farther's son whose nickname was man-man ran out of the burning home in norristown with other family members. but realized his father who had just gone through hip surgery was stuck on the second floor. >> i remember them saying, unless he ran back into the house during the time when i was jim pink out of the window. >> he was a brave kid. he was my hero. >> reporter: four week after this fatal fire, the elder sanford is waiting for yet another surgery to repair the
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injuries from jumping out of the burning home. his wife and other children living in a hotel room. >> taking one day at a time trying to find somewhere to live. we don't have nowhere to live. we homeless basically. >> his memory now resonates well beyond his community. thanks to this remarkable act of heroism. >> reporter: sanford the third was recognized as hero when congressman boyle issued a proclamation on the house floor. >> i'm proud of my son. very proud. >> sanford, i love you and you will always be my special hero. >> the family's gofundme page is still active. they can use the help. they lost everything they've now rented an apartment in norristown but they still need a new home. fire officials have not yet released what started that fire. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 a stolen fire truck careens out of control on a residential street and leaves
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behind a trail of destruction. why neighbors consider themselves lucky tonight. plus, heading out to dinner this weekend? police are warning you. you better watch your back. how you can lose so much in just a matter of minutes. also, these sandals lighting up the internet. it's not the heff fee price tag for these designer shoes that got people talking. the sandal scandal is coming up. sean? >> joyce, villanova wrapping up their regular season against a big east arrival. last time they played georgetown it was close. this time not so much. nova getting it done against the hoy i didn't say later in spor sports.
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♪ >> a stolen fire truck in northern island leaves a trail of devastation it plowed into a row of parked cars before crashing into the front yard of a house this morning. a teenager and a 66-year-old man are under arrest. police say they were speeding in that fire engine in the -- with the lights flashing when it was all over eight vehicles and a house were damaged. witnesses say it could have been far worse. >> this could have been a very different situation if it wasn't at 4:00 o'clock in the morning. if this had been when there were more people about it could have been absolute carnage here. thankfully very few if any injuries. >> police say it's not clear why or how the fire engine was stolen. there was also damage to the firehouse from the break in. 44 people are infected in the break out of a mysterious
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bloodstream infection in wisconsin. disease detectives are investigating. but the source of the infection is still unknown. fox's iris perez has the story. >> reporter: in minnesota, we haven't had the same experience that wisconsin has had with this disease. it's name is as strange as the outbreak itself. elizabeth king ya a bacteria found all over our environment. >> this is an organism that can be found in soil, in water. >> reporter: now bacteria the cdc suspects is behind a blood infection outbreak. >> this is a very serious and complex situation. >> reporter: a mystery disease detectives now work to solve. wisconsin strain of elizabeth king ya has infected 44 people across 11 southern wisconsin counties since november. 18 people in wisconsin who tested positive for elizabeth king ya have since died. the majority infected are people over 65. those with already compromised immune systems or with serious
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underlying health conditions. >> the symptoms for this are very similar to other bacterial infections. >> reporter: symptoms can range from fever to shortness of breath, rash and cellulitis. >> we're certainly conducting surveillance and monitoring minnesota. >> reporter: what's confusing health officials, the infected have not had contact with each other. nor do they believe elizabeth king ya is spreading person to person. >> do you expect this to spread in minnesota? >> it really depends on what the source ends up being. >> reporter: unlike some in wisconsin, both of minnesota's 2015 cases of elizabeth king ya were much milder. >> our cases have recovered. >> iris perez reportin reportins tonight. >> in south carolina a teenager swipes his teacher's phone and cracks into her nude photos toes. now that student is facing charges. teacher leanne arthur says the student got in her phone when she left the classroom for a
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fit. he passed around the photos to to other people and posted some online as well. he's charged with voyeurism and computer related charges. >> he didn't offer any resistance. he didn't seem to be surprised that we came. there edit stored the photos of the teacher stored. he also had some other photos stored there from other people. >> after that, the teacher was also threatened by the school board with being fired for supposedly contributing to student delinquency. the teacher has resigned but she has the support of thousands who have signed a petition calling for her reinstatement. happening now, the eyes of the political world now fixed on michigan. the state playing host to two presidential debates this week. first, the republicans in detroit on thursday. followed by the democrats in flint tomorrow. all of this before primary voters go to the polls next tuesday.
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many political analysts see michigan as possible toss up and a gateway to other midwestern states. carrying a lot of delegates. fox's charlie leduff digs deep deeper. ♪ >> reporter: when you get down to it government supposeed to some basic things. water, roads, schools. when michigan the government can't seem to manage any of it. the people are angry. consider politicians both democrat and republican decided flint should help build a new water system. contractors got paid. politicians physicians got contributions and the people of flint got poisoned water. republican governor rick schneider is pedaling the unbelievable. he didn't know. the cleanup will cost million of dollars we don't have. detroit public schools run out of money next month thanks to cratering end control many and graft. politicians aren't talking about revamping standards and curriculum. they're talking about clawing
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the taxpayers for half billion dollar bail out they can't afford. in the meantime, those same politicians both democrat and republican voted to spend millions of public dollars to build a pro hockey arena that could have been used for the detroit public schools. >> michigan's unemployment rate dips again. >> reporter: employment has rebounded in michigan but it's mostly low-paying stuff like wiping old people's bottoms. the car companies are doing better and auto workers recently got pay raises. in exchange for agreeing to more factory jobs going overseas. detroit recently emerged from bankruptcy and now a wholefoods in downtown. and that's good. but there's still a gigantic hole of basic services in the neighborhoods. and that's bad. so the people of michigan look to washington for answers. but it seems just as rotten there turns out they knew about flint's water in washington, too. and no one said a word.
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>> it sure doesn't show it to me. >> reporter: this election is about special interests versus the public interest a future for our children or fortune for a few. it goes beyond party politics and sound bites but that's all we ever get. the candidates are coming to michigan to debate and that's great. it's nice to be considered something more than a punch line to national joke. come to michigan to talk but talk like politics is cheap. maybe it would be better if they just came and listened. because it's not too late in america. >> and still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, a little girl with a fashion emergency calls 911. the way the sheriff's department responded that will make you smile. plus a local man's fight for independence and how you could help him win that's coming up. ♪
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♪ >> dozens of passengers are hurt after the engine of a water taxi explodes. the blast happened in bangkok, thailand. when the boat was pulling in to dock. a total of 65 people were hurt. they had varying degrees of
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burns. investigators don't know yet what caused that explosion. a little girl in south carolina called 911 because she needed help putting on her pants. two-year-old aaliya was home with her grandfather when she made the call. he says he had no clue until law enforcement showed up at his door. the responding deputy says the little girl ran up to her saying she needed help. deputy wasn't angry and she actually did help the little girl. >> hard things we have to do all day long. to have a little girl running up to the front door asking me to help her put on her pants it was the highlight of my day and i loved it. >> well, her mom says she's spoken with her baby girl about calling 911 when there's an emergency. but she didn't realize how much she actually understood it. the chief at space x announcing the next launch has a very good chance of nailing its landing. they are optimistic even though
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last night's rocket launch failed to successfully land a booster on a barge. the chief tweeted he quote didn't expect this one to work but next flight has a good chance. he wants to retrieve and reuse boosters to save time and money. and still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, america loses one of its most beloved authors. what inspired him to write the novel that captivated readers and hollywood. dave? >> ultimate doppler looking at rain and snow right now. here's where it is in western pennsylvania down through west virginia and virginia i'll show you where it's going to be tomorrow morning when you wake up and step outside much that's all in the forecast next. ♪
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when it comes to the fithings you love,. you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. ♪ the author hyped -- you're looking live now before we go to this next story. okay. now we're here. the author behind the best
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selling novel prince of tides and the great santini has died at the age of 70. pat conroy drew upon his abusive childhood in the years he spent in south carolina for most of his material. fox's bryan llenas has look back at pat conroy's life. >> reporter: pat conroy died friday night at home in beauford, south carolina surrounded by friends and fami family. the 70-year-old nounsed last month he was battling pancreatic cancer. the beloved american author is best known for fix works like the great santini, the prince of tides and other best sellers like the lords of discipline. in all his books sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. his readers fell in love with his deeply personal style of writing. each of his novels were handwritten influenced by his troubled up bringing in south carolina. at the hands of abusive father living in afraid family. conroy once said in an interview with vanity fair "one of the greatest gifts you can get as writer is to be born into an unhappy family" pat conroy was
6:29 pm
born on october 26th, 1945 in atlanta, georgia. he was the eldest of seven children. he grew up in a military family attending 11 schools in 12 years much his father donald conroy was a military hero who pat says physically abused his family forcing pat to a 10 the sit at a bell south carl state military college much his brass military up bringing inspired his first novel the great santini his father's real life nickname. the book initially enraged his family but then brought piece between his father and him. four of conroy's novels were made into hollywood movies two were oscar nominated films including 1979's the great santini starring robert duvall and most successful book the prince of tides in 1991 starring and directed by barbara advice san. in a statement streisand said in part -- pat's language was poetry.
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he wrote sentences like a incantation. he observed every nuance of human behavior and doug deep down to the truth, presenting it in all its glorious sub born complexity. in new york, bryan llenas fox news. >> the philadelphia flower show gets under way for another year. the event officially getting underway today at the pennsylvania convention center. this year's theme, honoring the park service which inspired exhibits over the nation's monuments and other historic sites. beautiful out there. the park service is celebrating its 100th year. the flower show ends on marc march 13th. it's still kind of chilly out there for your weather authori authority. but if you go inside look at those flowers, dave warren, makes you feel better. >> get inspire. >> you going? >> i might bring the kid. they're going through a butterfly stage right now. there's a butterfly petting soon there. >> i go every year. >> as long as they're out of the
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spider stage, i'm tired of hearing inn see wincey spider. >> i like butterflies. >> butterflys and warmer weather that's what we'll talk about. you'll get inspired. you'll have to wait for to us see a little more snow. few showers in west virginia. this is all pushing east but really falling apart as it moves a little farther east. and that will be the trend here. now look at these temperatures they're above freezing except forge mount pocono they will be dropping overnight tonight but it's been so warm so anything that falls could initially be some snow but it should melt on the roadways. unpaved surfaces your car might have to brush a little coating of snow if that off the surface tomorrow. so that's the only chance we're looking at. here's where it will be by 5:00 o'clock in the morning a lot of it staying to the south. it will be holding off until after midnight tonight and then a few showers it starts to break up by about eight or 9:00 o'clock. warm up and lingering shower in the form of rain mostly in the morning.
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it clears out by tomorrow afternoon. we'll look at sunshine there in the afternoon. so a few showers with temperatures right about freezing maybe a degree or two above. little sunshine up to 44. 46 with few clouds not quite as cold tomorrow night down to 42 degrees. so it's not the warming trend we're talking about tomorrow. it starts on monday. here it is. big storm coming in. pulling up a lot of warm air. these temperatures will be jumping up into the 50ss, 60s even close to 70 over the next few days. the start of the week at least. now, this all begins to push in monday so we could see a few showers here monday night or early tuesday as the temperatures climb into the upper 50s and 60s. 70s ahead of this cold front whether there will be rain coming in. look for a few showers maybe even a thunderstorm as this first wave of rain moves through. on the up trend, it's slowly start tomorrow up to 46. then we're close to 60. close to 70 and hitting 70 degrees there on wednesday. then things get complicated here.
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these will be the storm tracks by thursday, friday, saturday and sunday an active pattern and going right along this area here up from texas and right across the great lakes. now the trouble with the forecasting the temperatures in the areas of rain will be timing each and the storms try to bring up warm air initially and as they move through, they could bring some cold air in from the north. so we could see big fluctuations in temperatures. you have to to look at the timing of this closely because periods of rain off and on late this week, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday looking into next weekend because we see the time change, the days will get longer. sun goes down an hour later and big parade next week. let's start tomorrow. 46, early shower. warping up on monday. 60s and 70s. it gets a little trick dee key. areas of rain coming through. we can see one on thursday with rain likely temperature will drop bit. a little cooler on friday. maybe a few showers saturday and then we'll try to bring that warm air back on sunday but
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we'll certainly keep an eye on the temperatures and the typing of the rain late in the week. for right now one thing looks definite wednesday is the day we peak at 71. >> 40s, 50s, 6070s, we start heading back down. >> no ide 80s, 90's yet. >> why not. >> then we'd be in trouble. >> yes, we would. thank dave. >> a six-year-old boy is working hard to make sure foster children have new pajamas. why he's so passionate about pj's making a difference in young lives. plus, sandals that cause more than two grand. you're looking at them but that's not why they're raising eyebrows tonight. the sandal scandal that has the internet a buzz. ♪
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♪ sandals by dolce and gabanna causing controversy. they were unveil as part of the designer spring summer collection and appeared on the website for pre order. the problem, d and g called them slave sandals. after complaints from customers from cities all over came in the name has since been change toed to decorative flat sandals. if you like them, better start
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saving up. retail price is 2,395 bucks. well you heading out to dinner this weekend? you might want to be careful where you hang your bag. fox's larry yell land has a look at how fast you can lose lot. >> reporter: whether they're worn over the right hip, the left hip, the right shoulder, or the left shoulder, there's one sure thing about women and their hasn't bags in chicago. >> we do carry big bags. >> reporter: those big bags are big targets for thieves. >> check out this security video from a near north restaurant on wednesday night. customer had hung her purse on the back of her chair. a male customer appears to reach into the purse with his left hand while his companion attempts to shield him from the view of others nest restaurant. shortly after the couple leaves, the victim receives a text alert that her credit cards have been tapped for $4,000. that's when she discovers her wallet has been stolen from her purse.
6:39 pm
she spoke to me but asked that we protect her identity. >> it was up to about $4,000 within 20 minutes. so i could tell this wasn't their first time doing it, and they were likely to do it again and, you know, they obviously had a smooth operation going. >> reporter: police say when dining women should keep their purses in their lapse or in clear sight. women i talked with seem well aware of the risks. >> always try to, you know, keep it in my own eye sight because i do get nervous, you know. >> always keep your stuff closest to you. peak sure the zippers and everything are turned closer to you rather than the audience or people you're around. >> reporter: these professional pickpockets don't just hit restaurants this security video from a high rise shows a man in a white shirt entering a revolving door ahead of his victim. once she's inside, he jams the revolving door while the man in the black sweater reaches into the woman's purse and grabs her wallet. >> that was fox's larry yell land roaring for us tonight. well still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 he battled a
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debilitating disease his entire life. now this local man has a new fight for independence. how you can help him get the service dog he says will open so many new doors for him. ♪ >> coming up tomorrow on good day i'm karen hepp. bill, what are you doing? >> we have super model coming into the studio. she's very very attractive. >> she's going to be here because of the flower show. we'll be talking about that, also, get your um on. meditation is so helpful and some of the tips and tricks. >> um. >> see you tomorrow. patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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♪ a local man has spent his entire life battling a debilitating disease. cerebral palsy forced him into a wheelchair years ago. now, he's hoping for a little independence and he believes a service dog will help him achieve his goal, but the costs are overwhelming. fox 29's bill anderson spoke with the family fighting for him. ♪ >> reporter: joe fitch is 30 years old. he loves pets. >> everywhere i look i see them. >> reporter: he's a huge football and wrestling fan.
6:44 pm
>> the big show. >> reporter: joe also had cerebral palsy since birth. he has a strong desire to be independent and that led to joe wanting a service dog. >> joe, tell me why you think you need a service dog. >> i think it will, um, help me. >> reporter: his mother told me although his communication can be challenging, his mind is sharp. ♪ >> reporter: he wants to be self sufficient and began researching service dogs that can help him with that independence. >> ultimately, the goal is for joe to be independent as independent as possible living alone, living in a situation maybe with a roommate or something, but just as independent as possible. so the dog can help that happen that would be great. >> reporter: after extensive research, the family found a service dog organization that they were comfortable with. that's when they found out service dogs costs thousands of dollars money they just don't have.
6:45 pm
undawned joe began the process of raising the money with a gofundme account. >> this one is $10,000 of a donation which joe has been working really hard and he got the foot hold in that but he does need help with that. ♪ >> reporter: on his own, joe began reaching out to everyone from politicians to celebrities. he's a huge eagles fan. so he tweeted them. he loves act and wrestlers the rock so he tweeted him. but so far no luck. >> you tweeted the rock? >> yeah. >> reporter: then joe tweeted us. we want totter see if we can help him spread the word about his gofundme page and help raise the money so that he can have both a support system and a companion. >> it's just a companionship. just having a responsibility, somebody to take care of, somebody to, um, to just be there for you. these dogs are pretty amazing. >> reporter: so far joe has raised nearly 2,000 of the needed $10,000 and his hope is
6:46 pm
that people watching will share his page on social media. make a small donation if possible and help give him a chance to in his mother's words no longer be trapped. >> joe loves to travel and we do travel, and i think it would enable him to, you know, get out there and see the world and see, you know, the country the way he wants to see it. >> bill anderson fox 29 news. >> well some local public figures put it all out on the dance floor in a special competition today. that includes our own quincy harris. okay, quincy. the independence mission school held the dancing for the future stars ballroom dancing competition. the fundraiser helped support education for kids from disadvantaged neighborhoods. that's our quincy. well young boy in california is going above and beyond to help foster children. fox's amber lee tells us what he's collecting for them.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: each box contains new pajamas. >> i think we ordered 20 of this kind. >> reporter: with the help of his mom and little sister, it took just about a month for walt sutton to collect more than 200 pairs of pajamas. his goal is to bring joy to foster children. >> it has super man. make their life better. >> reporter: started the drive on january 23rd. >> i collected my first 31 pajamas from my birthday turning six. >> reporter: friends for mew pajamas so he can give them to foster children. what pajamas because they're cozy, comforting but more importantly -- >> they might not be able to take their toys from mace to place. so at least they'll be thankful they can take their pajamas from place to place. >> reporter: walt learned
6:48 pm
about the art of giving from his family. his mother worked for mon-profit and his grandmother volunteers her time helping foster childr children. then he saw this commercial. >> everyone can be a foster parent. >> but anyone can help a foster child. >> wall is sad foster children don't have what he calls a forever home. >> they have go to a different home and then a different home and then a different home. >> reporter: the kindergarten also asked his mother to help put his donation drive online. >> i hope people will watch this and have that same feeling in them that one person can make a difference. >> reporter: so far he's already raised over $1,300 and surpassed his original goal of 185 pairs of pajamas. but he wants to continue. >> people will start doing more things as much as they can giving up money for me to keep on getting more things for
6:49 pm
foster children. >> reporter: walt says there are lots of foster children who need help. >> more childs will become foster childs. i know they'll need clothes, t too. >> what a sweetheart. well the lehigh valley iron pigs fans are getting ready for the baseball season. it's national pig day and in celebration, single tilt tick games or single game tickets went on sale today and it's attracted a big crowd. the event also includes give aways and clubhouse tours. sean? >> joyce the phillies back at it again in spring training and their number one pitching pros spec having a rough day but villanova wrapping up their regular season against georgetown. coach jay wright talks about his senior getting a standing oh vague. sports is up next. ♪
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♪ the regular season for college basketball is wrapping up for the major conferences. one final game before the conference tournaments kick offly villanova already wrapped up the one seed in the big east tourney but they have one final game left against a rival team georgetown before post season play begins. let's head on out to the wells fargo center. this game was tight back in january. not even close today. already up 25-six ryan arcidiacono with the great no look pass to josh heart. nova up 21. now in the second, arcidiacono with another steal right here. gets his hand in the lane.
6:53 pm
tacket all the way for the easy layup. and finally georgetown trying to get back in it with full court press. that's not going to work. guess who, archie with a little layup. easy one. he gets a standing ovation as he comes out of the game. this senior has seen it all. after the game, him and jay wright talk about that great moment. >> i don't think i said anythi anything. i was just kind of in shock because i was surprised and that my four years here is done at the wells fargo center so it was pretty special. >> he's meant everything to our program but philly kid and you had your college -- edge end your college career walking off the floor of the wells fargo center to a standing ovation if you grew up in philly not much better than that. drexel looking to be in the second round. five wins all year coming into the tournament. hofstra having their way early and often. three ball by bernardi. later in the second they work it
6:54 pm
around green triple right there. hofstra had nip, threes on the day. drexel falls 80-67 ending their season with embarrassing six and 25 record. in atlantic 10 st. joe's what's going on right there. they lost 78-70 to end their regular season. the hawks are limping into the a10 tournament with two straight losses. not good because before you knew they were in. now not so much. they have to within a couple in the a10 tournament just to be considered to be ncaa tournament team. now this morning training down in clearwater it's early but the phillies have been seeing good things from all their young and up and coming stores. maikel franco with back to back games with homers and aaron al tear with a homers. today was a very very rough day for one of their potential big big-time stars and that's aaron
6:55 pm
nola. the guy the phillies want to be their future pitching ace struggled right there troy tulowitzki in the first smashes one to left centerfield. blue jays up one-zero. michael saunders smacks one to right center. this was just too easy. nola struggling and he's supposed to be your ace coming into the season. young star not an ace today. two innings, giving up four earn runs on four hits. and one walk much the phillies loses nine-six. now, only thing the sixers are worried about at this point is the draft. we know they're not going anywhere and nerlins knoll, okafor staying out not playing much. hopefully getting number one draft pick gets them ben simmons but what it doesn't get them is a point guard. they don't have one. in comes baron davis the 36-year-old former two-time all star trying to make some sort of come back and guess what, he
6:56 pm
actually looks pretty good. better than the point guards we already have. playing for the -- still with hop twos hands. that guy in and out, no knee z still getting it done. look at this. he tries steph curry. pulls up from 30 feet and nails it. b diddy still with some bop. i like it. okay. he's had eight points, four assists in just 19 minutes. after the game baron tweeted, felt good getting back on the court. happy to be playing again. first game back will be even better. look at that. baron davis just an old guy getting back out there. i know a lot of people -- >> how old is he? >> nba years he's old. and those knees are about 55. okay? so knees is the problem. listen i know a lot of guys are sitting on their couches saying, 76ers i can still play for that team.
6:57 pm
i bet you dr. jay comes back. a bunch of those guys can come back. >> let's check in with that weather really quickly little more smo. >> little more snow. but spring like temperatures. numbers climbing up into the 70s by wednesday. that's the peak. then a little cooler with rain off and on thursday, friday and saturday. we watch for that. be sure to check us out at 10:00 o'clock. we'll have more on the one-year anniversary of the death of officer robert wilson. family, friends and fellow officers coming out today to remember the fallen officer, and as donald trump lead slipping away for the republican nomination? the front runner losing one key state already today. we'll have complete results tonight at 10:00. and that's going to do it for us this saturday night at 10:00 -- at 6:00. we gotten clock to go. your live lottery drawing is next followed by tmz. see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. come on with us. ♪
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