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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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a chaotic scene unfolding in north philadelphia when a man barricade himself inside a home what police say did he moments before the standoff started. plus he was supposed to get passengers to philadelphia safely. instead he was taken away in handcuffs. what may happen next to the american airlines pilot accuse of being drunk. it has not happened since 2009 villanova makes their way to the final with the victory over kansas. the is what next up for the team as they gear up for saturday's big game. i will go earlier in 2009, they will take the whole thing like they did in 1985 and sue serio so aptly pointed out last hour beating georgetown. what do you think about that. >> i'm all behind home. i hope they do good day it is monday, march 28th, 2016.
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>> thank you. >> i miss the philadelphia weather. >> yeah. >> i really missed that. >> yeah, right. >> it is just kind of fun not only rain but the wind. >> the wind, that is right. >> national weather service has issued a wind advisory but it doesn't go into effect until 2:00 this have a noon. remember when we said when rain ends the wind will pick up. we did see places with 50 miles an hour wind gusts this evening. just be aware. but first, the rain, and here comes streaming in from a coastal storm and then another one out to the west. it will will take a little will while for this all to get out of here. we are seeing heavier downpours in new castle county, lancaster county, parts of the chester county a and light rain in philadelphia at the moment. because of that rain we have reduced visibility to two and a half miles in wilmington and atlantic city. 3 miles in dover. allentown. we are down to 5 miles at philly international, socked in the mountains, 47 degrees with the 9-mile an hour wind.
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sunrise at 6:51. we are saving sunshine for later on in the the day. temperatures in the chilly 40's. thirty-five in mount pocono. fifty wildwood. forty-nine in dover. so, we have headed to about 65 . rain will taper off after lunchtime, and then the wind, 40, 50 miles an hour wind gusts as we mentioned with that wind advisory in effect. sunset time 7:22. that does it, i forgot to make my egg salad today, but it is egg salad day, i will go home and take a picture of it the later on because it should have nice colors from the hard bowled eggs from yesterday. >> how about we all meet at your house later today. >> i will go buy some bread. >> deviled eggs yesterday, um, good morning everybody. 5:02. good morning everybody. egg hall add at sue's house. everything is wet, one of those yucky monday morning starts. and it will be a rough go this morning. so factor in some extra time. some kid still are on spring break. some of the school district
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still have the day off. so that should keep things lighter but for most folks, it is backup and out as you get backup and out on the day after easter. live look at 95 with the rain. tough to see lane markers through the construction zones, so, look out on 95, 202, 422, if you are watching us down the shore as sue mentioned getting hit hard with some storms along the coast, wildwood, up up avalon. market frank for el just started rolling their trains. instead of the standing out in the corner in the rain we will ride the train this morning. philly international will probably have some delays throughout the morning rush hour because of the weather conditions. and, so far, so good on the the blue route, no problems on the pennsylvania turnpike, and the extension, looking good, and no problems coming in, on 422, from royersford, and today is the day in warrington where they will shut down county line road on the bridge, over little will neshaminy creek. they have a weight restriction, last couple of weeks, repairs will get made
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today or start to get made today so watch out for a rough go with detours through warrington this morning. the chris and lauren, bank over to you. developing overnight chaotic scene in north philadelphia end with the man barricading himself inside a home. philadelphia a police say a 19 year-old started shooting. eight people were inside including three children. that man ran down the street to his own home where he barricaded himself inside the home on the 3400 block of north 16th street. this is a 19 year-old grandfather who eventually let police inside to arrest the teenager. no one was hurt during the incident. american airlines co pilot suspected of being drunk over the weekend could be charged today that pilot was scheduled to fly to philadelphia on saturday. steve keeley live a at philly international with more on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: after just what happened in brussels last week the transportation security administration, the tsa, already has plenty to be on the alert for, with terror, but plastered pilots are also now on their radar.
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one pilot scheduled to fly here to philadelphia was so visibly impairing going through airport checkpoint around 6:00 in the morning up in detroit, that a tsa agent notified authorities who then did two sobriety tests on the philadelphia bound pilot who was then jail bound. and passengers who took this picture at the plane's window and all of her fellow passengers got the shocking news that the flight was canceled, because their pilot was drunk. >> we're waiting to get the flight, everything was fine and then all of a sudden they come over, the speaker and they say, something the to the effect of like the co pilot, like chair is messed up in the cockpit and we were like, okay, and then it was a 15 or 20 minute delay. so we were just waiting. i saw my mom, she was taking pictures because we saw a cop car roll up and we found out later it was a co pilot arrested and we were told to get off the plane and they told us our flight was
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canceled. >> drunk drivers, they may take lives of, you know, a couple people when they make mistakes. he could have taken lives of at least hundreds of people. >> reporter: we may learn as early as this morning pilot is being formal willly charged and may also learn that he is from this area, it is philadelphia a that is an american airlines hub, three out of four flights in and out of here are on american, 3,000 employees live in the philadelphia area. pilot's identity was in the released over the weekend, only that he is from pennsylvania and born in 1955 which means he is 50 or 51 years old. faa rules state that the pilots cannot drink at least eight hours before a flight. they recommend in drinking for pilot the 24 hours before a flight. the guidelines, for how much you can drink, and have on your breath, weigh more strict than drivers, drivers, of course, .08. limit for pilot just .04 will likely get whatever his reading was on the sobriety
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test along with the charges today. >> man, all right, steve keeley. we will see what happens. thanks much. a mother and sonnies recovering this morning after a domestic dispute on easter sunday send them both to the hospital. police were called to the 800 block of fallon street in west philadelphia a yesterday. for a man who was arguing with his wife and teenage son, when police arrived they said the man had already stabbed his wife, twice, and his 13 year-old son, three times. >> when i came out of my block the cops had already been there and they were there talking to the guy and he was saying that his wife had just stabbed him with something you know, they had him in handcuffs and the blood was kind of like running down his arms. >> the man was arrested. his wife and son were treated for their injuries. police say they were not life threatening, chris? we will take you overseas now at 5:07. death toll stand at 65 and more than 300 wounded after a bomb blast in the park where
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christians were celebrating easter in pakistan. break a way facts on of the taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack. the explosion happened near the main gate of the park that had children's riding on swings. the christians celebrating the easter holiday were crowded in the area where this bomb blast hit. many of those who died are women and children. >> unaudible. >> schools, businesses in lahore will be closed. chief minister in the province where this bomb happened, declared three days of mourning. he pledged to bring the bomb tours just advertise. it was a tense scene at a memorial for victims have of tuesday's terror attacks in brussels. protesters clashed with police in the belgium capitol. hundreds showed up to the large makeshift memorial in honor of those killed. riot police used water cannon
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toss disperse protesters and anti immigration and anti government activist were shouting anti isis remarks. >> it was a very difficult police operation because lots of families were here, on the plaza and we have some difficultity to find them. >> security remains tight at makeshift memorial honoring 31 people killed in tuesday's attacks. airport bombing suspect wearing a hat in that surveillance photo now reportedly is in custody. authorities conduct several raid in belgium cities yesterday, which the federal prosecutor's office say are connected to a federal case regarding terrorism. police in italy arrested an algerian man wanted in belgium for his alleged involvement with fake id's used by those suspects used in the brussels and november paris attacks. 5:10. villanova marches in the final four on saturday claiming a victory overtop seeded kansas. the yeah, is there reason to
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celebrate. team is preparing for their big game against oak a dave kinchen is live at villanova wherever one is asleep after a ton of celebrating over the weekend, dave. >> reporter: a lot of partying in addition to the easter celebrations, one more reason to celebrate. i'll tell what you in a way saturday night victory was practice forville know of, practice cutting nets down. they did that. they are hoping to do that again in houston, of course but you could say that those shock waves the minute they were felt in the game. even through the buzzer after the buzzer saturday night. wildcats punching their ticket to the final four for first time since 2009 beating number one seed in the region, kansas, 64-59. but the numbers really, get more interesting when you look at the fact that they shot 40 percent, only 40 percent there and only four for 18 from three, but the defense was on fire. archie, chris jenkins and josh
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hart scoring 14-point and they brought home south regional final trophy back to kansas for easter sunday greeting from students and fans. >> so nice to be home, and so nice that everybody came out on easter sunday to enjoy this, this one for a one day, and once we get back to practice we will be focusing on the next game and trying to get berth this shows how great our fans are. nova nation, you know, when we start practicing, scouting oklahoma a, everything is there, and good up to this point. it all goes behind us and we will focus on oklahoma. >> reporter: of course, looking at the celebrating there. villanova getting ready for oklahoma and must travel to houston and, of course, north carolina and syracuse will round out the final four. we have a final four here. brackets, i don't know about that. it doesn't matter at this point unless you are that one person with the perfect bracket, somewhere in the universe. >> yes, parallel, as you said. is bernie sanders about to
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make a come back in the race for white house. big wins he picked up over the weekend. plus lawmakers and labor union reach a deal to raise the state's minimum wage in california, how much more workers in the golden state could be bringing home. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes.
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change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. we're off to a messy start this morning. there is a rot of green on radar on our side of the country, you have to go up to michigan though to find it in
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the form of snow, that precipitation, so it is a couple of systems heading our way and we have got pockets of heavier downpours that are moving into chester county, lancaster county, northern part of the new castle county in delaware and atlantic county in new jersey and our jersey shore points getting heavier rain in upper dublin, trenton here in philadelphia rain is still on the light side but not the for long. we will see heavier downpours heading our way, within the half an hour, 45 minutes, and through see heavier rain around cape may county, milford, dover in delaware. so, nobody will escape this rain today, eventually though we will warm up in the mid 60's, if we call that warm, it is a nice day, temperatures wise but as that happens, we will watch out for wind gusts as we will show new this future cast that by 3:00 o'clock it is 30-mile an hour wind gusts, 34 in dover, and then we are seeing wind gusts in the 41, 43 miles an hour range by 5:00 p.m. the as soon as rain end then we will get ready for the wind. if you weren't having a bad
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hair day already, the wind will whip it all around later this afternoon. right now we're seeing temperatures in the 40's. fifty in dover. and wildwood, only 35 in mount pocono, to get us started, now the average high is 57, and we will manage 60 degrees both saturday and sunday even with the lack of sunshine on sunday. sixty-five is where we are headed today once the sun does come out. sunny and cooler tomorrow with a high of 58. wednesday looks pretty good, with a high of 60 degrees and then the rain will return on thursday, but we should get it out of here in time, for the weekend. but we do have some chillier temperatures, in store for the weekend as well. is there your weather authority forecast, and it the is so messy out there, bob kelly. >> just one of those yucky monday mornings, rough start, rough day with the rain. here's an example, we have that spray coming up off the cars in front of you there. a good wiper monday we will call it. 309 near the turnpike, it is 42. coming in toward the city. some schools still are on spring break, and so today could be a little bit of the
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lighter morning rush hour, and, some of the school buses are parked, in the up land, chester school district, it is still, on spring break, one of many, the falls bridge, reopened, that is good news, between the kelly drive, and the martin luther king drive. didn't get a chance to use this much over the weekend because they have regattas and shut downs at both of the drives but for morning rush hour you will good to go. the friday was light. really first full workday we will get a chance to use the falls bridge. philly international the in delays at the moment but because of the weather we're probably going to see some delays, so check with the airline before you head on doubt to the airport and mass transit looking good, chris and lauren, back over to you. the g.o.p. candidates taking a break from the campaign trail for easter sunday but the race for the white house is not stopping entirely. to the candidates, appearing on the unday talk shows to outline their stances on foreign policy. "fox news" correspondent garrett penny has more from washington. >> reporter: g.o.p. candidates
5:18 am
may be off the campaign trail this weekend but after terror attacks in brussels national security and foreign policy are front and center. on "fox news" sunday texas senator ted cruz shot back at president obama for criticizing him this week when cruz suggested we patrol muslim communities for radical individuals. >> it is saying barack obama attacking me when he got back from going to a baseball game with the castros celebrating and toasts a communist dictator who murders and tortures his citizens. >> reporter: cruz blames hillary clinton and president obama for allowing ice toys grow with the weak foreign policy plan. >> this policy of weakness and appease. the did his not work and american people are tired of it. they are tired of the demoralizing and lecturing. do you notice, obama and hillary are more mad at me then they are at isis or terrorist murdering us. >> reporter: donald trump said he doesn't think europe is a safe place to visit right now and criticized president obama
5:19 am
for wanting to allow more refugees in the u.s. after the attacks. >> we're allowing thousands of people to come in here. nobody knows where they are from. nobody knows who they are. they are coming here by the thousands. the let me tell you something we will have problems, just as big or bigger. >> reporter: trump and cruz are tied in the latest national "fox news" polls with the trump holding a narrow lead. trump is ahead by more than 270 delegates. next primary contest for the republicans is april 5th in wisconsin where 42 delegates are up for grabs. in washington i'm garrett tenney "fox news". on the democratic side big weekend for bernie sanders. the vermont senator picking up wins in three western states saturday earning victories in a last contact, hawaii and washington state. sanders says his campaign has the momentum. >> i will not deny, for one second, that we are still remain the under dogs. but we have come a long, long way, you will to have concede in the last ten months.
5:20 am
we have a path towards victory. >> all right. to the under dog point, sanders will need to win 67 percent, so 23rd of the remaining delegates and uncommitted super delegates through month of june to win his parties many in nation over former secretary of state, of course, hillary clinton. let's go to california where lawmakers and labor unions reached a tentative agreement that the state's minimum wage will increase from $10 to $15 an an hour. it will go before the legislature as part of the minimum wage bill that stalled last year. proposals for the deal aim to increase about a dollar per year, and until $15 is reached. that is likely between the years 2020 and 2021. months before it is set to opened national museum of african-american history and culture drawing criticism over the exhibit on bill cosby. it recognizes his work in entertainment but it will not address the sexual assault scandal so says the new york times. curators say thinks work should stand alone. cosby's a cuesers say the
5:21 am
decision is insulting. the muse seem is set to open up in september, on the national mall. all right. still ahead today is last day for pennsylvania answer who want to register to vote before the april 26th primary. what one presidential candidate is doing right here in philadelphia a, to help the caution. and now that villanova has made it to the final four, jay wright and boys in blue are talking about saturday a's big game. good day is turning 20, this friday a april 1st is our 20th anniversary. come down between 7:00 and 10:00. we will have a big celebration of the month of april. mike and alex will be live streaming for 20 straight hours, on friday, starting at 1:00 p.m. they are going to be sick of each other. we will have a big announce. friday to celebrate a all of you, who have been with us for all of that time. >> as we head to break here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck to you.
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good morning i'm sean bell. the wildcats, shocked the world, ruined brackets beating number one overall seed, the kansas jay hawks and before they go to the final four the kansas had to celebrate. they came back, to big cheers yesterday. the players, congratulated as they got off the bus, they can
5:25 am
celebrate now but it just gets harder from here. they will take on oklahoma in the semi finals and they will definitely be ready. >> now to enjoy this, this one for a day, once we get back to practice, we will be able to focus on the next day of the tournament better. >> we're in the done yet. we have a couple more games left. we will hopefully, try to finish our season off on monday. >> this is something we have didn't doing all year. moving on to the next game. so we are on the biggest stage. thomas soon as we start practicing and scouting oklahoma. >> they are looking for their first championship since 1985. look is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. we have a game time to plan your weekend. villanova will take on oklahoma at 6:09 on saturday. couple hours later syracuse verse north carolina at 8:39, or 49, it says there. either way it is around 8:30 hour. >> yes.
5:26 am
>> winners go to the national championship. >> check shredder's e-mail to see exactly what time. >> yes, 39 or 49. >> it will be 8:39. >> well, we said it right, got it wrong. >> college to pro basketball nba's best team golden state the warriors met up with the league's worst team, the sixers. >> we thought we were going to get blown out. look at this, it was 20-17 in the first quarter at least. yeah. warriors put this one to bed in the second quarter. warriors stayed perfect at home. think about that, perfect at home. they beat sixers 117-105. next on deck is a home game tomorrow against the hornets. they played charlotte, you know, that is their home court. still ahead sue is tracking rain and wind moving in our area here's a live look at the parkway she will have more on your complete forecast. and a at 5:26 chaotic scene unfold in north philadelphia when a man barricade himself inside a home and what police said he
5:27 am
did moments before the standoff began.
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he was supposed to get to philadelphia a safely but instead taking away in handcuffs. what may happen next to this american airlines pilot accuse
5:30 am
of being drunk. >> today is last day for pennsylvanians who want to register to vote before the april 26th primary what presidential candidate bernie sanders is doing here in philadelphia to help that cause. it is monday, march 28th, 2016. chris murphy, this is earliest you have been up in a week from spring break. >> jet lagged i got a few hours sleep but this did not the get past me in my lack of sleep. >> what? >> you and buddy, kind of match today, i think. i'm a little color blind but it looks like you are matching. >> buddy has on his rain slicker. >> yes. >> yes. >> i just want to see how close the color is. >> well, we will just wow. look at you two, so cute. >> yes. >> you are adorable as they say. >> so temperatures in the 40's and 50's, best advice from bus stop buddy toys bring rain gear today. look at all that rain on radar kind of heavy, and new castle
5:31 am
county delaware, delco, chester county, lancaster county, i never heard that one before, but i just made that one up. 3 miles visibility. i don't even have a good excuse. i slept the whole way home from baltimore yesterday. oh, i was driving. just kidding. okay. quarter mile visibility in mount pocono, this morning. bit of the breeze a at 47 degrees, roads are wet out there. you will need extra time this morning. and sunrise 6:51 and right now we have temperatures that are mostly in the chilly 40's. a few 50's down to the south of news dover and wildwood and plan on a high of 64, 65 degrees today but 40-mile an hour wind gusts later on after the rain end, and the wind will pick up, that is your easter monday forecast from the weather authority. seven day it is just a head, bob kelly is here, right now, good morning. >> good morning.
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you have been giddy all morning long. i don't know what you have in your coffee cup here. there is a lot of lipstick, we will pass that over there. i'll have a double. good morning, everybody. 5:32 on a monday morning. i think we're all, it is check late. i mentioned, the only good thing about getting up at 2:00 r easter you can grab samples from the kid easter basket without getting yelled at. live look at i-95, a perfect example of what is a head. don't wear good shoes or worry about the hair, it will be a bad hair day, this is i-95, heavy rain and then it will cost that ponding and we will fine the blocked drains the hard way this morning. give yourself some extra time to get where you are going. take it easy. speed will be reduced naturally because of the weather looking at roosevelt boulevard. south jersey same deal, 155, 42, look at the work zones, i say it all the time, the drainage grates in all of the
5:33 am
construction zones, they are actually located in the travel lanes. so you are driving through those puddles, the ponding, and that is the way it is on the work zones, even like i-95 between cottman all the way down through girard. philly international, we will have some morning delays, so check with the airline and give yourself some extra time but mass transit, so far, so good. chris and lauren, back over to you. >> thanks very much. we have breaking news out of belgium. belgium prosecutors are hoping that three people are charged with participating in terror activities. >> evidently they were among 49 people, detained during sunday searches in brussels. it was a week after the terror attacks there, of course. we will keep an eye on that, throughout the morning. happening today american airlines co pilot suspect of being drunk over the weekend could be charged today. >> he was scheduled to fly out of a plane from detroit to philadelphia saturday but that did not happen. steve keeley, what did happen? >> reporter: well, with the news break nothing brussels again today you can bet that the terrorist certainly on the mind of travelers, and
5:34 am
everybody working here at the airport but now, add this, plastered pilots also, to the thoughts and talk here at the terminal, and don't be surprised to hear two updates on this case today, that the the pilot will be formally charged and we may learn the pilot is from the philadelphia area. because american airlines merged with what was, philly a's biggest airline already u.s. airways, which had seven out of every ten flights out of here and thousands of its employees faced here in philadelphia too because it is a main hub cities for americans. this is one of the pictures taken out the window of that philly bound flight, on saturday morning in detroit as the pilot was arrested after failing two sobriety tests before the scheduled 7:00 a.m. take off. >> i happened to glance outside the window and i saw just a police car, and i thought wow that is odd. i said there is a police car right outside of our plane. i said wow. about five minutes later, i saw them, actually taking the
5:35 am
pilot, around the side of the car and hand cuffing him. >> he is supposed to be you know on a airplane and it is supposed to be safe and then you have someone drunk while they ride a plane. that is, that is just crazy. >> i honestly just could in the believe it, i was speechless, that something like that could happen and he could get that close to the aircraft. >> that first picture from one of the passengers, while still on the plane and then after they got taken back off the plane, this second picture, after they got off, the philly plane got canceled, taken and tweeted by a a passenger with the caption when your pilot gets drunk your flight gets canceled and you have been up since 2:00 a.m. for now all that was put out about the pilot taken you have the plane is that he is from pennsylvania and born in 1965 which makes him 50 or 51 years old. f a aa rules quote no person may operator attempt to operate an aircraft within eight hours of consuming alcohol or blood alcohol level
5:36 am
of just .04, or above, and that is, way more strict then the the standard for driving, which is .08 or above, and recommendation, chris and lauren from the federal aviation administration for all pilot is don't fly if you have been drinking 24 hours, before that scheduled flight. >> all right, steve keeley live for us a at philly international airport. thank you. today is last day for pennsylvanians who want to register to vote or change their registration before the april 26th primary. >> governor tom wolf started a on line voter registration system available through vote state voters will weigh in on republican and democrat inning primaries for president and big party nominees for u.s. senate, u.s. house, state attorney general and state legislature. anyone who want to be part of the voting process must be a u.s. citizen, a resident of the state and their district for at least a month and at least 18 years old. senator bernie sanders is trying to round up pennsylvanians. his campaign staff will hold a
5:37 am
voter drive at the university of pennsylvania. yesterday his team met with volunteers, in center city to kick off the series of voter registration drives, with stops scheduled at colleges all across the city. 5:37. still a head, we know after cade owes are good but are we throwing away most nutritious part. how you can get more of the good stuff in your body. mystery beauty treatment.
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5:39. there are many health benefits to eating after cade owe but you could you be throwing a way the healthiest part. >> it cannot be the skin, right. you cannot eat the skin that would be disgusting. it turns out 70 percent of the antioxidants in after cade owes are in the pit. >> the stone. >> that big stone. >> so slippery. >> right. >> flying across the counter every time you grab it. researchers say the seed or the pit can help lower cholesterol and help fight off, bacterial diseases. so you really need one of these. didn't you have bronchitis. it could have saved you. i'm not a doctor. not yet. seed can be blended down into a powder and then added to a smooth i. >> okay. >> taste is strong, so experts recommend mixing it with certain dairies, taylor spinach to hide the flavor. have you ever tried the pit. >> i will, and i will report back. >> is it solid? i have never seen inside of one of these pits. >> they said you can blend it down.
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>> i'm's afraid it will ruin my blender if i will try it. >> that is true. >> new study reveals people sweet tooth craving isn't a cause of the sugar addiction but a want for calories instead. >> researchers from yale showed when people, would choose foods high in calories but with the much taste compared to food that had more sugar, they found dopamine is released in response to calories, in the sweetness. >> that is interesting. let's talk about calories. >> there is good news for people who love mcdonald's breakfast. >> fast food chain is expanding all day breakfast menu starting to day chain will start selling popular mcgriddle sandwiches in another 1,000 location as cross the country. this comes after a successful test run at some of its stores in oklahoma. so the all damien you is working. still ahead it has not happened since 2009,ville know of makes their way in the final four with a victory over kansas. big daddy grammys here to tell us about the chances to win
5:42 am
the whole darn thing, straight ahead. oh, yeah. >> too late for us. >> it will be at harrah's, fox 29 crew, power 99 personalities but you have to rsvp if you want to come to the party. do it on line fox you have until noon march 29th.
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happy birthday lady g a aga who turns 30 today, dirty 30. she became -- she bike came first recording artist to sole copies on seven line. the since releasing her debut album in 2008 she has won multiple grammy award. >> well, what is her real name. >> well, stephanie angel ina germin ona. no wonder she changed to gag a a. >> yes. >> big daddy graham. >> you are so money. >> no i'm not money. i was asked if i needed anything. i said i could go for a cup of water. this is what i got. i'm a five-year old at the doctor's office. >> yes. >> what, you want me to go. >> i want to you swallow.
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>> i said funny things too. >> yes. >> yes. >> well, we're trying to and they didn't put up the full swing. vince vaughn from the movie swingers which put him in the map in the mid 90's, he was so good in chef too wasn't he. >> his best movie. >> it wasn't. >> wedding crashers. >> it wasn't remake of psycho. >> that was bad. >> anytime he does anything serious i don't like it. true detective was terrible when he took it over. >> yes. >> all right, good morning. >> yes. >> blah, blah, blah we will get this out of the way, until what he get the stuff we really care b. >> a low pressure system heading our way giving us a very messy morning. high pressure will build in, later on today, but it will be very, very windy and it will be cooler, after that. so, here's all of the rain spreading in. heavier rain moving into philadelphia, delaware county, chester county, we will zoom in, the areas to the northern
5:47 am
areas is still light around trenton. we will see heavy downpours to the south of us and across the river around west deptford, springfield, delaware county getting steadier rain as well, jersey shore, delaware beaches, and thinks all with us, throughout the rest of the morning. now by lunchtime people will be seeing the beginning of the even of the rain and we will probably get in the low to mid 60's, chilling down in the lower 40's, tonight the but look at these wind gusts later on in the 30s, 35 miles an her range by 3:00. in the 40 miles an hour range, after around 5:00 o'clock so we could see win gusts as high as 50 miles an hour and that is why national weather service issued a wind advisory that kicks until 2:00 and midnight tonight. that is how long we expect it to stay pretty windy. temperatures in the 40's right now. sixty-four by the end of the day. fifty-six by tomorrow and then close to 60 by wednesday. we're even warmer on thursday, but we have have some rain rolling in late in the day, and then it is raining on
5:48 am
friday, as well, and cooling off for the first week end of the april, april fools day friday, bob kelly. >> break up was another vince vaughn movie, vince vaughn and jennifer aniston. i agree wedding crashers was a good one. hello south philadelphia, hello schuylkill expressway right here near south street. it will be ayuky morning rush hours. for get about the the hair, put the good shoes back in the closet. here's a live lot at bennie. police sipping here. i saw this guy leaving south jersey. something is going on here on the philadelphia side on the ben franklin bridge. maybe they got another basketball player going too fast over the benny coming into downtown philly there. the first train out of the gate from philly to wilmington running with about 57 minute delays. hopefully that is not an indication of how rest of the morning will go. on the new jersey turnpike, on the northbound side, just watch out for a disable, right at the on ramp for exit number
5:49 am
three, that is black horse pike, 168, watch for delays, this morning at philly international, all weather-related. pack your patients. get down there early. the mass transit looking g chris and lauren, back over to you. okay, madness continues, this march, for villanova. >> big daddy graham is here it is madness. >> villanova. >> bob had a comment about my cup he said i'm a the not too many years away from when they will put my pills from a cup lick this thank you, bob, thank you very much. >> villanova, was that great. >> it was just so fantastic. and. >> did you have jayhawks winning that game. >> i did, i did. >> i had them winning and unfortunately team picked to win the whole thing on my bracket they are playing on saturday and that is oklahoma. i under estimated the defense that villanova plays. they play amazing defense. here comes defensive player of the year, arcidiacono, what an
5:50 am
amazing college player he is. he comes up with a big steel here with six seconds to go in the game. they is, right there, my gosh, i love that kid, such a great player. being rewarded. four year player. getting to go to the final four. it was terrific. >> true home town hero too. he grew up here. >> his dad went to villanova, and played football for villanova, by the way, you are wondering why i'm wearing the same shirt. only blue shirt i own. i wore it on friday, and they won. i got to wear it again. >> i'm superstitious that way. >> you can wash it but just can't have it dry clean. >> friday, i'm supposed to wash it on saturday. >> you do what you want to do. >> they will go on saturday, and he has become player of the tournament. i could careless about syracuse ape north carolina.
5:51 am
>> but do you think we would pair up against best if villanova gets past oklahoma, who do you want. >> syracuse. >> at the moment i think north carolina is the best team in the tournament. at the moment. that could change but at the moment the north carolina would i rather play syracuse than north caroline, i would. >> team comes home yesterday to a big welcome back. >> wasn't that cool. >> yes. >> it was nice. don't forget, there you go, i mean i am's saying this is all about. and ryan turns 22 on saturday. >> really. >> it was his birthday. >> now the game of his life and it is his birthday. they is right there. and again he is mr. nova with his dad going. one of the announcers referred to jay wright as his father figure. i said wow, back off on that, his father is in the stand his real fat are and his real father went to villanova and played with howie long as a
5:52 am
matter of fact. he was co captain with him. i got the to get in a quick little flyers thing here. there is a great racing on right now, flyers play tonight against winnipeg. they can need every win they can get. is there eight games left, they have one up, on detroit. they are a tiny bit in the driver's seat. but they have to win them all from this point on. >> you have a big event coming up. >> well, actually i'm doing a show for my brother-in-law. owns a restaurant in rehoboth beach, called the hooked seafood and martini bar. of course what is going on big game so we will not start the show until nova game is over. fit is scheduled to start at 8:00. i said i'm not going on until that game is over. so they can get watch a game there, show will even, we will wait 15 minutes. >> game should be over about
5:53 am
8:30. >> yes. >> ratees. >> big daddy, thanks for coming in. >> appreciate it. >> a six year-old with a lot on her plate the but her trouble aside this easter how she helped over 200 people in need.
5:54 am
5:55 am
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good morning, welcome back. on this monday morning. you won't believe who was behind a easter dinner who served 200 people in wildwood yesterday. it was a six year-old girl, with autism. dawn says that her daughter a list a came up with the idea after seeing a tamly at the store who couldn't afford groceries. they teamed up with a local restaurant and area charities to host a free dinner for anyone who with go without or had no one to share dinner with. >> from that point he started wanting to donate food to different food banks and to be able to help and then she a says mommy, i wish we could just feed them. >> yes. >> i'm having in a long time. >> you wanted to help them and you have been feeding them today. >> yes. >> reporter: what have they been saying to you. >> thank you. >> what a great kid. they had a huge success. few dozen volunteers served $10,000 worth of food. next up on good day chaotic scene unfold in north
5:57 am
philadelphia when a man barricade himself inside a home. what police say did he moments before that standoff began. bernie sanders about to make a come back in the race for white house. big wins he pick up over weekend. what his campaign is up to in our area today. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
5:58 am
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for the love of dog. the final four, villanova
6:00 am
wildcats prepare for the sooners, sooners, then later. it is this saturday. the one challenge coach jay wright says it is wildcats must overcome, off the coast, this time. plus to day is last day for pennsylvanians who want to register to vote, before the april 26th primary. what presidential candidate bernie sanners is doing right here in philadelphia to help out the cause. >> i can hear people saying is there a programry coming up. look at this, folks, look at radar, oh, yeah, this is what i would like to say on a day like today as we come back the to the studio, good day, everyone it is last monday in march, and i know it is a monday but at least weather is miserable. >> yeah that helps a lot. >> so i completely forgot, sue serio,al he can, bob, did march come in like a lamb. >> it was very lamby. >> supposed to go out like a lion, with wet weather. >> thursday is last day of march and


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