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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 5, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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arcidiacono, for jenkins, for the win, yes. yes. >> chris jenkins for the win, yes. >> national champions. >> oh, baby. >> villanova national champions what do you think of that lauren dawn beyond son and how exciting. the it all came down to that buzzer beater. >> from the stadium to the streets along the main line students went wild, celebrating, that big, big win. good day everybody it is tuesday april 5th, 2016, what a morning it is, wildcats fans, waking up, champions after last night's big win,
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over north carolina a. >> ♪ we are the champions my friend ♪ >> isn't this exciting. social media, newspaper everybody react to go that buzzer beater game. lets look at daily news, the title, we win, look at this, with the picture we are the champions. >> how about this, thrillanova, thinks a taste of what is to come for people across our area, celebrate helping that huge wildcats win. we will talk bit all morning. the but first lets get to sue serio, sue, you stayed up and watched it all. >> yes, we were all on our couches, up the in the air, you could not even believe it because it is like a movie how it comes down to that buzzer shot at the end and then it was real life. so anyway that is exciting. not so much the the freeze warning, in effect until 10:00 . we all felt it when we came out the door, cold, cold temperatures in the lower
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20's, wind chills in the teens we will give you numbers in the a second. do you believe this? little bit of snow showing up in southern delaware, tail end of the cold front that came through last night. if you are down here in sussex county and watching us right now can you take a little picture outside your window because we would love to see what that looks like if you are getting snow maybe at delaware beaches. meantime it is partly cloudy for rest of us, you might get a flurry or two because it is a degree above freezing in philadelphia. 50-mile an hour wind makes it feel like 23 degrees, you will have a fight with the kid this morning because you have to bun will will them up at the bus stop. it is 30 degrees in allentown. we're below freezing every where else. twenty-nine in trenton. thirty-three in wilmington, dover, millville, close enough, and 34 degrees in wildwood. here's what it feels like, teens and 20's, your wind chills this morning, dress for the teens and the 20's, i know it is a not supposed to be
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like this it is april but wind are gusting 18, 23, 28 miles an hour out there. it is a cold one. it will stay in the 30's and 40's all day long. very chilly a afternoon with wind gusting to 25 to 30 miles an hour today. roller coaster ride will continue we will go up and back down again in the seven day forecast coming up. just a crazy take bob kelly. >> crazy day. >> it started, i saw flurries this morning in my coffee, i had to stop for a second and look up at the stop line and make sure i was than the seeing things being up late last night watching the game. good morning, 4:03. live look at 422 where they are still working this morning between 202 and trooper road, down to one lane, you can see cones coming into play there. speaking of cones we have them shut down on the vine street expressway, both directions, every night this week, part of that work zone between the schuylkill expressway and broad street. so coming into philadelphia, off of i-95 you will be push
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off at broad sleet. coming in on the schuylkill you can use spring garden or south street as your alternate. burlington bristol bridge set for an opening any minute now, and again, we will have a lot of activity again to this morning it sound like on the river, so be ready. go for that jumbo coffee. they have reopened off ramps and route 30 through villanova after the big celebration last night. we are good to go there the at least for vehicles getting out and about early this morning no problems on the turnpike or 202. mass transit all off to a good start as well. >> bob, villanova was looking to win second national title in program history. wildcats, last one, 31 years ago back in 1985. lets pick the game up in the second half. >> we shall. look at jay wright, post, calm, cool, collected. will we show highlights with ryan arcidiacono? okay let's hear from jay
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wright. >> i cannot even imagine last night what they were feeling. >> yeah. >> look at how calm, cool and collected is. that is interview to get all across the country today. >> here we go, taking to you houston for this big final four match up, of course, north carolina tar heels, such a good, dominant keep. i believe they had gone into this game with six national championships, we had one, in 1985. arcidiacono, find michael bridges for the dunk. tied at 44. under 302nd left, north carolina down three, marcus page misses, and gets it back. after twoville know of free throws, wild cat are up three and look at what happens here. mark page makes a miraculous, three pointer, right here, you you are thinking no, they tied it up. we're going to overtime. watch the last four seconds of
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game. >> jenkins three, to win it, he made it. >> there is rollie massimino coach of the 85 team looking on, michael jordan was in the crowd, the former tar heel, chris jenkins nails championship winning buzzer beater a and villanova wins in dramatic fashion 77-74. >> you know, we put a lot of work in, this team, and everybody has the confidence to catch and shoot. the so when arch threw me the ball, i went two step and shoot it up like i do in the streets. >> wouldn't you be emotional too. this morning we have team coverage from fans on campus to people all across our area lots of wildcats pride. we have to go here. >> let's start with steve keeley live in villanova where police were on call ready to deal with the fan frenzy out
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there, steve keeley what is going on at this hour. >> reporter: villanova can be proud of the mens basketball team and can be proud of the entire student population because maybe, this was the most well behaved championship celebration ever and maybe the fact that it is a catholic school in the wealthy suburb a couple of reason. you can see one of the cleaning trucks going by and there is not much to clean up here in the streets. the these guys are probably looking for the mess that isn't here, unless they have already cleaned up before i got here but maybe cold weather, with wind chills in the 20's out here and still blowing around pretty good, another reason but radnor police, latest post game stats, just three arrested, close to 20 people hurt, two enough to be taken to the hospital. there were a few fires set, maybe to keep warm, or resemble one of those student pep rally bond fires but compare the three a rests here at villanova with the ten
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times as many where the university of connecticut, won the ncaa two years ago on a late monday night celebration. there is your comparison. no comparing the phillies win with the basketball win. connecticut 30 arrests, villanova just three. you have to really look hard to find the odd beer can or beer bottle around here and chris and lauren i'm sure those only drank by seniors, over the age of 21 here at villanova. >> well, of course. >> real quickly steve, i will put this to you now. you mentioned phillies in the the 2008 championship where they had parade right down market street. do you have a parade down market street in philadelphia because you are in radnor township, what do you say. >> reporter: look we were so starved for a champion, we were for smarty jones a horse if he won a triple crown. i think the class of this school, and this team, and jay
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wright's cool demeanor which really added to the celebration here as well. almost like all of the kid took off the head coach they deserve a big thank you. if the the city is willing to show, some love, as we are tend to go do as the city of brotherly love, then i'm all for it the but expect it well behaved just as championship celebration was here last night. i hope. none of the looting we saw certainly after the phillies celebration. i'm telling you this is so nice out here, it is, you wouldn't even know they won the championship last night. all of the kid are back asleep, maybe some are catching up on their studies, knowing the villanova kids here but a very, very proud school right now and they have to be proud of just their team, and the way the kids acted afterwards. >> steve, thanks very much. appreciate it. just as steve was saying, we will be talking about this championship game for years to come. >> hopefully not another 31
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years. >> i know. >> lets go back to nova and dave kinchen, hi, dave. >> reporter: a huge, huge night and i can tell you it is a little quieter, we have been seeing a few villanova students walking around, people without any doubt who has not gotten any sleep but energy has been incredible here on campus. certainly reached that fever pitch last night especially that celebration at the buzzer. >> my father was a 57 alumni and unfortunately he passed away yesterday, all of the family intact, we're all fine, he had cancer and he was diminishing and we're trying to get him to hold on to the game. he knew what was going on. my brother, if you are out there, the camera failed me i didn't look for the camera but this is for you, dad you are a world champion, you are an ncaa chapel. >> that gentlemen is a life long villanova fan and he said his dad die on sunday.
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they tried to have him hold on before the the game but he could not the make it but juste lacing for his family, still and for so many fans, watching this game at the pavilion on campus watching that celebration and by the way, archie to chris jenkins and that buzzer beater and hey, they brought the house down. they didn't just win the national title but they took it from one of those teams that the road to the final four always runs through. this time unc, down in flames, baby this was an upset. it was beautiful. back to you. >> it was beautiful. thanks much. our coverage continues on line and of course on social media log on to fox and follow us on social media sites on updates on parade and other celebrations and other news. at 4:11 we do have to turn to this after the break, new you information about the amtrak crash in delaware county what officials told us happened moments before the deadly crash.
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>> he may have been calm but boy, did they pull off a big win. a all morning long we are celebrating nova's win over north carolina a more from the players and coaches coming up.
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we put a lot of work in, this team and everybody has the confidence to catch and shoot.
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so when arch threw me the ball, i went two step and shoot it up? chris jenkins talking about his winning, shot last night, and he made that buzzer beater, game winning shot to bring home the title for villanova. how exciting is that. he had point something second toss get the shot off, a winning shot at that. seconds before, there was just depression, like oh, no, tar heels tied this thing. we will go to overtime. sue, did you watch the game. >> i did, my husband was so happy to have someone to watch it with. there was that all day nap that preceded it. it was really exciting. little weather excitement out there if you will. flurries around bob kelly saw some out in the suburbs this morning. here is some to show you, upper hanover, montgomery county and a few in chester county around pottstown, berks county might be seeing flurries but look a at this,
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snow in bethenny beach, rehoboth beach, this looks like it could be accumulating snow out there from the cold front that came through but stalled south and that is where you are, if that is what you are seeing. now freeze warning, continues throughout the rest of the morning, until about 10:00 o'clock at least with temperatures in the lower 20's and wind chills in the teens which is what we're seeing and freeze watch in effect tonight through tomorrow morning, for more, cold, cold temperatures. two cold ones in the row, you have to cover up those plants if you already planted stuff outside, hopefully did you last night. thirty-three in the city. twenty in mount pocono. twenty-eight in lancaster. thirty-three in dover. wind chills are in the teens and 20's and that is the important part unless you are in the mountains where it feels like 7 degrees. so winds are coming directly out of the north in the wake of the cold front that brought us rain yesterday, and 15 miles an hour sustained in the city, but some places are
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seeing gusts of 20, to 25 miles an hour. that making it feel bit are cold and wintry this morning. the that is part of the roller coaster ride. you can see ups and downs. sunday was 47 degrees. yesterday was 65. today we will lose 20 degrees with a high of 45. we will inch back to 55 tomorrow, we are in the 60's on thursday but don't get used to that because then we're back in the 50's on friday: another cold day on sat take with highs only in the 40's once again, so whatever you have got today you will not have tomorrow, bob kelly. >> including your hat because that will get blown off you. >> 4:17. good morning everybody. crews are still out like right here on 422, down to one lane between 202, heading out toward trooper road. they are still working on the vine street expressway, between the schuylkill and broad street. it looks like right now eastbound lanes are still block, traffic starting to
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move here we saw a couple cars role through on that westbound side but coming in the city off the schuylkill use spring garden, south on 30th street until we open that up around 5:00 o'clock hour. last word from both septa a and amtrak is that they were still running with only two tracks through sunday's accident scene. we have 30 minute delays, on yesterday on the wilmington newark line, however, they were making all stops in both directions. we will go with that for the start of the morning rush hour, same deal with amtrak, only two tracks being used while that investigation continues. expect delays at pinch point here between philadelphia and wilmington. again, south of philadelphia, so even though new york may not be affect object all trains right here the speeds are definitely reduced through the crash scene from sunday. burlington bristol bridge slow in both directions, because of an early morning opening, so grab your jumbo coffee heading
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on out as we saw from steve's shot, they are cleaning up along the campus, not that much to clean up but good news is that route 30, through villanova is opened, the ramps to and from the blue route are opened. they have been closed last night for the celebration. later on this afternoon when the team returns i expect to see another celebration and closures in saint david villanova. chris and lauren back to you. we are learning more about the moments leading up to that collision involved with the amtrak train and backhoe in chester. amtrak workers scheduled to be interviewed today. federal investigators have looked at cameras on more amtrak 89 and recording. the lead investigators say video clearly shows construction equipment on the track as the train came barreling toward it on sunday morning. >> the engineer placed the train into emergency approximately five seconds from the end off the recording. speed at that time was
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106 miles per hour. the track speed at that location is 110 miles per hour. >> ntsb investigators did not comment on who was authorized to be on the track. the accident killed two workers, joseph carter, junior of wilmington. fifty-nine year-old peter adamo thewitch of chester county. thirty pass eveningers were injured. newly formed anti violence group, combats, violence in the city. this is video from the news conference held by philadelphia anti violence coalition yesterday in west philadelphia the group announced its mission outside, cousin danny's baron fifth second street a bar that is now shut down because of the nearby violence. the last week a man was shot the in the middle of the day on the 5100 block of market street. the coalition is made up of members of more than 48 similar organizations around the city and we met up with the vice-president, last night, at a meeting about gun violence. >> it is just back and forth. everyone is losing somebody
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but people don't step up and care until someone in your family or close to you dies. it is time to step up now and take back our neighborhoods. >> police say the 21 year-old man was taken to the hospital in critical condition. investigators are looking for the suspect captured on this surveillance video. frightening moments for children on this bus, in bucks county last night. officials tell us bus driver, experienced chest pains and brought the bus to the stop in the middle of i-95 in bristol. it is not clear how many children were on board but we're told in one was hurt. philadelphia police looking for two men who broke in the gas station in juniata park. it happened saturday morning at liberty gas station on the 900 block of east hunting park avenue. one of the men used a ham tore break open a gas divider. once the glass was broken the men took cash, cigarettes and entire display full of lottery tickets. if you recognize them give police a call. what a win by villanova last night, howard eskin has break down of how wildcats pulled this off next in
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sports. >> but first your winning lottery numbers. good luck to you. >> ♪
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what a basketball game, good morning, i'm hour eskin, villanova wins national championship they get out rebounded but defense won it for them. they blew a ten-point lead
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with less than five minutes but then they came back after what you thought would be heart breaker. lets take a look marcus page with north carolina down by three, double pumps, hits the show to tie it at 74. 4.7 seconds left. villanova runs a play they run in practice all the time. arcidiacono to chris jenkins who hits the show, villanova wins 77-seven 46789 let's hear from ryan arcidiacono. >> we know what play we were going to at the end of the game because we work on it every single day in practice. i wanted to be aggressive, i was going to shoe it, i heard someone screaming in the back of my head and it was chris. i gave to it him. the let it go with confidence. >> thirty-one years later villanova the national championship. allen iverson elect in the basketball hall of fame. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. talking about allen iverson how about this guy, right? michael jordan, the greatest of all time at the showdown in
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houston. former nba superstar played for north carolina and was part of their championship team in 1982. here's how he looked as just the winning point was being shot by chris jenkins, no. we will not see his face. there he is. how about this. >> is that what that is, a meme. >> yes. >> unc lost that game 77-74 against wildcats and social media could not get enough showing several meme of jordan's crying face this is what unc fans are like right now when you are scared to show your face because it might make a meme. >> i saw those, as soon ace woke up and was like i guess that means unc lost. >> i know. >> i and i both waking up at two we cannot watch the game that starts at 9:19. >> he was all smiles in the beginning. that is when we first saw him. >> he was all smiles were four seconds left in the game.
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>> yes, right. >> i think a lot of people were. fans across philadelphia poured out the on the celebrate, including students onville know of campus this morning we will take you back to campus to hear what is next for the cats.
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arcidiacono for the win, to jenkins, yes. >> what a shot. down to the final play. north carolina holds off the tar heels. >> we will show thaw shot from players, coaches, fans reaction, we have team coverage of it all, steve keeley, good morning. >> hey, nothing on the nova alert system about any classes being canceled but a tend answer at those early period classes at 8:00 a.m. may be what you might call sparse. >> yes, okay. >> good day everyone, tuesday april 5th, 2016, what a game. wildcats held off tar heels to win the ncaa championship. >> man, was it exciting. >> waking up, you know, how you have that feeling you over slept and you pick up your phone and all i saw was buzzer beater and it was just like wow. >> i went back to sleep. >> and bad meme of michael jordan crying. we're in good shape. wildcats fans were all deck
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out in navy, and we will have tons of team coverage and all of the excitement later. sue, we need something to brighten our spirits. this is worst weather we have seen in a while this morning. >> it is so coal, just crazy, makes you forget about the fact that we had spring sprung and all that stuff and flowers, of course, that maybe you planted already and these delicate trees starting to bloom in danger because of the freeze warning in effect for counties you see highlighted there. just add to it, the snow, in southern delaware, and last of the cold front, clears the area it looks like we are seeing, we might be seeing quick inch of snow down here in southern delaware, because it looks intense from the radar. let us know if you are up early looking out the window and you will be shock. 33 degrees. feels like 23. keep that in mind figuring out what to wear. you have to bring out winter coat again. 6:38 is your sunrise time. we told you don't take it to
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the cleaners just yet, that coat because these are your actual temperatures 20's and 30's, some just a degree above freezing but feels like seven in mount pocono. eighteen in reading and lancaster. eighteen in wrightstown. twenty-three in wildwood w these 20, 25 miles an her wind gusts it makes it feel colder then it is. we will see some sunshine today but it is what we are calling deceiving sun shane because it will be in the 40's, 30's and 40's all day long and wind just enough wind to make it feel colder. so that is your tuesday but don't get used to this either, it will warm up again, then cold again and then warm up again, you get the drift bob kelly. >> i got the drift, i got flower ties this morning out there getting my coffee early on. i had to look up in the overhead street lamb top confirm. that they are out there and penndot crews are still out the here as well but it looks like they have just opened up both directions here of the vine street expressway. it had been closed throughout the overnight the next couple
4:33 am
nights for early starters and folks work ago this third shift there you have to deal with this closure between the schuylkill and broad street. any minute now we are waiting for an opening at that coney palmyra bridge. the it is working its way downstream. pennsylvania coney palmyra set for 4:35 was the official opening. the wilmington line, again, expect delays this morning as they slow down past sunday's crash scene, only two track is available here, south of philadelphia, and the same deal with amtrak, again, waiting on whether or not that will change for the rush hour, we will go with what the last word was, expect delays south of philadelphia, and for the morning rush. everything is reopened on the campus of villanova, that is good news and they will be repaving kelly drive all this week. watch out for delays after the morning rush hour, chris and lauren, back over to you. villanova looking to win the second national championship. they won it 31 years ago back
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in 1985. >> we were overdue, lets pick the game up in the second half. wildcats down when lie an arcidiacono finds, they is, he will find mike bridges for dunk. we are tied. the under 302nd left. north carolina down three. marcus page misses, gets it back. villanova two free throws, wildcats up by three. and this sets the stage for what many are already talking about the best five seconds in history. marcus page makes a miraculous three pointer off balance here. game tied at 74. all right. and here we go setting up the win with the the buzzer beater. here it is. >> jenkins three, to win it, he makes a three for the win at the buzzer. cats win it all, cats win it
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all, 31 years later villanova is the champions of basketball once again. >> it was that exciting, chris jenkins nails champion winning buzzer beater villanova wins in dramatic fashion, final score 77-74. >> the last five seconds started with marcus page shot, unbelievable shot. daniel went for a loose ball and just unbelievable and great player and great competitor but we drew up a play or we know what play we were going to the a the end of the game because we work on it every single daly in practice. i wanted to be aggressive. if i got a shotty would shoot it. i heard someone screaming in the back of my ear and head and it was chris, i just gave to it him and let it go with confidence. >> hear what he said, they practiced that play all the time and then it paid off. it was the same day, that we had allen iverson,
4:36 am
mr. practice, being induct in the hall of fame. >> you know, why do i have to practice? well, there is why. >> there is only one allen iverson, who doesn't need to practice. >> fans are around the city were celebrating villanova's huge win, of course. >> little will rowdy at times. lets go to steve keeley live, where crews were ready to deal with the frenzy, steve, good morning. >> reporter: i didn't go to villanova but i feel will like one of the kid because i haven't slept all night either. there are some kid still awake here. a couple sweeps and couple of hundred range and one of them chris jenkins in that video he wears number two. i wrote number two makes philly and nova nation number one. coming back to the live picture let me tell you how catholic kid in the suburbs celebrate. here's one of the discarded beverage containers they drank two leaders of coke because they want to stay up all night. difficult open it, it is not milk with anything.
4:37 am
it is pure coca cola. that is how you celebrate. chris flannigan, the lieutenant you see on tv with the glasses and mustache who lead radnor police where we are and where campus is, just three arrests. now compared that to other college celebrations after ncaa mens final, two years ago, the state in the northeast 30 arrests, ten times as many arrests. year before in kentucky, louisville, 23 arrests, and when louisville won it. so pretty good numbers forville know of, maybe all time best numbers for fewest arrests after an ncaa championship. there was some fires coming back to the live picture and that is the nova assign you will notice a fire extinguisher. not many college kid put out their college fire. that is how well behaved villanova are and has been and classes not canceled as far as we know. they will make it to class and probably ace their little pop
4:38 am
quiz they will get. >> i think a all of the students there at villanova may be taking a page out of jay wright's book which is to have some class. there you go. steve keeley, thank you. >> hard to imagine students got any sleep last night with all that excitement. >> with all of the celebrations went well in the morning, of course, game ended after what after 11:30. >> yes good lets get back to the campus and dave kinchen, dave, how are things there. they look quiet at 4:38 in the morning. >> reporter: there is a few people just drifting back from parties going into the dorms here but who needs sleep when you had a major celebration which is still going on inside and that raw energy and that celebration really starting at the buzzer. >> villanova students deck out in blue and white, watching
4:39 am
the ncaa title game on the campus pavilion, screaming, jumping around just like 1985. last time wildcats brought home college basketball champion ship they were partying all across campus and around bryn mawr. last night the reaction was inn tense. >> great day to be a wild kathy love this school and i love this team. go nova. >> the kid are great. i knew they were going to win because i seen these kid, two or three hours before the game, dressing and stroking and coaching that goes into it is unbelievable rorrer report life long villanova fan with the connection to the team. by the way it wasn't just winning a national title will but winning a title, through one of those big teams that everybody hates, or at least most people know, usually duke or kentucky, unc, going down in flames. by the way as we come back out live here, one of the things
4:40 am
we will see today is clean up on campus, beer cans like this one, littered about so guess what a lot of probably some people still nursing or recovering shall we say overnight right now, and we are seeing those people going back in the buildings, dorms and what not. party still continuing for a lot of people. >> i don't know how they focus on their studies they are so excited. just great news. dave kinchen thanks very much. we will have coverage throughout the morning. >> we are covering some other big store thinks morning, man accused of firing his gun at his fiance's x what was inside a fish tank that set this guy off.
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district attorney seth williams says his office decided into the charge former eagle will lesean mccoy for his involvement in the bar brawl earlier this year. that brawl happened inside recess lounge back in february and left two off-duty police officer hospitalized. prosecutors say that the fight happened over liquor with the officers ordering four bottles of $350 champagne but after interviewing 27 witnesses, prosecutors say that the story got fuzzy from there. >> we had no sufficient evidence to necessity who initiated. we were able to conclude that people were being justified in trying to protect their friends. so for all of those reasons,
4:44 am
i'm very satisfied that we did the right thing. >> the decision in the to press charge december not sit well with fop president john mcnesby sent out this tweet saying what is the deal (a separate statement mcnesby called him a sees on ticket hunting district attorney who refusing go to do his job. police union said it will ask state attorney general kathleen kane to look in the case and possibly take civil action. now to some other stories making headlines this morning a pennsylvania man in jail accused of opening fire during a fight over a pet hermit crab. police arrested three two-year old mario masonnet sunday night. it started when masonnet and his fiance were standing outside their home and their fiance's ex-husband was dropping off their son. masonnet and ex-husband started to argue about the pet crab the boy was carrying in the fish tank. police say he fired at the man's car, then pointed the gun at him. hes charged with aggravated assault. in montgomery county a
4:45 am
driver is facing numerous charges in connection with a hit and run crash that killed an elderly woman. you can see aftermath of the crash here at the intersection of 40-foot and welsh road in the hatfield area on friday morning. prosecutors say that that kiehl johnson went through a red light and slam in the car driven by 80 year-old shirley russell. russell a's car flipped as she died at the scene. prosecutors say johnson just kept going, but then he returned to the crash area an hour later and was arrested. investigators say he was driving on a suspended license and without insurance. a bill to place limits on abortion in pennsylvania has made it out of the house committee. the house health committee voted 16-ten in favor of the propose aal that would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks. the current law allows abortions up to 24 weeks. if this bill becomes law abortion after 24 weeks would only be allowed if needed to save the mother a's life. meanwhile tensions rising over the future of atlantic
4:46 am
city. the state of new jersey has filed suit against the city, lawsuit will prevent the atlantic city friday make going a payroll payment friday because governor chris christie says the city owes its school district 34 million-dollar this comes two days before city council planned to vote on converting workers to a 28 day pay period to keep the government functioning. the governor says it is the only way to fix atlantic city's finances. >> when you look at this, the simple math tells you you that even if we to nothing, they would have the money to make these payment in may or june for the school district. >> governor christie said the atlantic city government has been unwilling to crackdown on police and fire fighter expenses. neshaminy high school say one of the students have whooping cough. they have siblings that attend mapel point middle school and because of that the district notified all parents.
4:47 am
whooping cough is contagious for those who are not vaccinated. of course, they react to the game winning shot pie chris jenkins and villanova, gets a win. wildcats, at buzzer beater that had them going crazy vo: president obama endorses
4:48 am
katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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yes, snow on ultimate doppler radar, it is clearing out of delaware, but it looks like it probably accumulated a a little bit while here. plus we will zoom in north of the city and some of the suburbs you may be seeing some snow flurries out there this morning, bob kelly did, there is some flurries in pottstown, skippack, upper hanover and to the north toward easton and then this snow that is fallen down in bethenny beach, ocean city, maryland, rehoboth is getting flurries right now. so this is the deal, reelingly cold outside and that cold front that just came through last night, that is the reason. so we still got a breeze warning in effect until ten this morning and then later tonight it is a freeze watch for, again cold temperatures that could mess up things if you have already planted if you like to plant things in the early spring. 33 degrees in philadelphia and wilmington 206789's to the north and 30's to the south.
4:51 am
the this is important part the wind chills are in the 20's, teens, feels like 11 degrees in mount pocono. so that is july's need your winter coat. wind are blasting down from the north at 15 miles an hour sustain, some wind gusts are 23, 26 miles an her depending where you are this morning. our average high is 60 degrees, we have seen to be bouncing around on either side of it. yesterday was 65, not bad but we did have the rain. today in rain but 45 degrees and snow flurries this morning. fifty-five tomorrow. sixty on thursday, 52 on friday. saturday is really cold with some rain possible in the morning and then look at monday for the phillies home opener which hopefully will go better then yesterday's game, it looks like we may have decent weather at least for that because we have all gone to phillies home openers, bob kelly. >> really bundle up. >> sometimes, the rain, it is
4:52 am
a 4:00 o'clock game in the a afternoon. on monday. good morning, on this tuesday, 4:52 exactly looking live at the schuylkill expressway. right near blue route 476. they had ramps from the plea route to saint david villanova blocked overnight. everything is opened. on and off ramps are set. lancaster avenue open. we're ready for morning rush hour. they are opened here on the tacony palmyra quick tug both caused a stoppage on both sides a few moments ago. we are good to go. no problems on the pennsylvania turnpike from philadelphia bensalem over to valley forge and vice versa about a 23 minute trip all together. looking good from west chester heading in through malvern on 202. it will be an uneven surface for next week or so and paving operation on the kelly drive, they are not going to work during the morning or afternoon rush hours. otherwise, around the clock, that repaving project underway. they began yesterday here on the kelly drive. maybe hook up with that martin
4:53 am
luther king drive or use schuylkill for rest of the week, again during off peak hours is when we will see closures. later on today right after the rush hour northbound i-95 they are closing the bridge street off ramp from 9:00 to noon due to bridge inspections. the septa, amtrak everything back to normal throughout that crash scene and right now running with no delays, chris and lauren, back to you. keep hearing stories of fans pouring out in the streets last night when they got a chance to celebrate villanova's big win. >> our chris o'connell was on villanova's campus the moment have after the buzzer beater. here's what he saw. >> reporter: this celebration will continue through the night here at campus of villanova university. thousands of students spill out on lancaster avenue moments after last seconds particular off the encloses beating north carolina in a bus are beater and this is the result. craziness the campus of
4:54 am
villanova lancaster avenue hut down for hours. you can see it is quite the celebration. it looks like we are seeing people throw bottles and what not but for the most part it has been a celebration mood mainly because of these guys, tactic california units called in from all over the area, montgomery, delaware, philadelphia, bucks county, hopefully keeping things calm through the night but as you can see it is just a celebration have of mega proportions here on the campus of villanova university you guys. >> all right. it has been a wild few hours, after the villanova wildcats won, we had crews out to capture reaction and we will share those with you coming up.
4:55 am
4:56 am
4:57 am
arcidiacono to jenkins for the win, yes. yes. seventy-seven-seven , four much more still ahead.
4:58 am
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villanova with archie tea ago know with three seconds. he gives it to jenkins, for the championship. >> now we have a hero chris jenkins hits three-pointer with 12th left on the clock giving villanova their second national title and jay wright's first of his coaching career. >> we have a end of the game situation play like that, we put tonight arch's hand, it is arch's job to make a decision. chris told him he would be open, arch made the perfect pass and chris jenkins lives for that moment. >> and a moment that we will relive throughout the morning, and throughout the year, probably chris jenkins, forever the heroville know of we


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