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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 6, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ national champions land back at home. villanova hanging on to their trophy and their piece of history. ♪ >> fans lined up on overpasses and packed into nova's football stadium to show their support. >> wildcats roll on the campus as heroes with one message for fans. >> nova? nation! >> we love you nova nation! (applause). right now a whirlwind 24 hours for notify in a nation the team finally home with a well earned title of national champions. good evening, i'm iain page. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. lucy noland is too much name we have live team coverage of the wildcats incredible homecoming tonight. you can definitely feel the love from the villanova family. shawnette wilson spoke to one man with a very special relationship to the team but let's start with chris o'connell live on campus tonight and chris, what a welcome home. >> reporter: it sure was,
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dawn. ncaa men's championship basketball trophy has new home here in delaware county tonight. the villanova wildcats fresh off their national championship arrived back on campus to throngs of wildcat faithful. villanova head coach jay wright arrived back to campus to hero's welcome. >> i say nova you say nation. ready. nova! >> nation! >> reporter: nova nation filled villanova's football stadium hours earlier bought today it was all about basketball -- >> good to see you guys. thanks for coming out. >> reporter: and all about the villanova faithful. >> our student section is the best in the country. you guys stick with us every year. no one deserves a national national championship more than our students and our fans. >> classes were canceled as last night's on campus celebration continued well into today.
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>> what do you think of this reaction? >> amazing. amazing. >> reporter: one by one players took to the stage and thanked their fans. >> this is something nail ever ever be able to take away from us so go cats. >> we appreciate the nova nation for all the support throughout the years and especially this year. >> thank you for everything. 2016 national champions. >> as they brought the hardware home to the mainline, they also bring a lifetime of memories for an entire campus. >> chef, what's it like. >> amazing. >> and for the coach winning his first national championship villanova's second it didn't quite hit him until he walked into the stadium filled with fans. >> it was really cool. >> we couldn't see from the street how many people were out there. and when you walked through there and just saw that sea of people it was impressive. >> reporter: get used to this. ncaa national champions cats win, yes, they do. now, this party isn't over yet. the city of philadelphia schedule link a parade for the villanova wildcats friday
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afternoon in center city, of course, fox 29 will bring it to you live. iain? >> chris, thank you. our national champions landed in philadelphia just after 5:00 this afternoon. the plane rolling under an arch of water thanks to some airport fire engines and then the plane door opens and jay wright the head coach followed by his players including team co captain ryan arcidiacono waving the villanova v in the air. finally they got on the bus hadn't police escort down 95 and the blue route to adoring fans back on campus. >> once at villanova one of the first people to congratulate the team, the team bus driver. he was standing right there as they set foot on campus again to fired up crowd. fox 29's shawnette wilson is is live there tonight. that bus driver expected the team to come back with a trophy, didn't gentlemen. >> reporter: did he, dawn. he made that perfectly clear. he says, when the team left and as we know at this point the team delivered making everyone
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including john mills their bus driver proud. the ncaa champion wildcats arrived back at campus welcomed by an excited nova family. as the team got off the bus, the loudest cheers came from john mills the team's bus driver. part of the big villanova family. he couldn't wait to pick them up from the airport. take look at the emotional hug he gave to some of the players. >> i told them don't come back unless you bring a trophy back. they said we did. that's i went when they got off the plane. we did it. you made your promise. it was good. it was nice. >> reporter: mills was visibly proud watching the team get off the bus with the trophy. he gave most of them a pat on the back. he says even in silence during the rights to the celebration he could feel how proud everyone was. >> it was nice. pleasant. it was quiet and i know they were excited in they hearts. it was pretty good.
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pretty good. >> reporter: it's clear from the turn out that nova's win is not just for the team but for the entire community. >> i've been with them for three years. so, you know, like family. >> reporter: and back here live, so we almost didn't get an interview witness bus driver he wanted to do it but was hess tan he didn't want to steal the joy and all the attention away from the players. iain, he spoke about them almost like a dad would speak proud of his sons. so very nice guy. proud win tonight. we're also celebrating. >> all right. thank you shawnette. he was certainly proud. he should be. head coach jay wright did want to make sure to capture incredible moment at today's celebration with the team and the fans who cheered them on all season. >> we're going to get twitter shot right here, okay? can you do this with us? >> face this way. face this way. come here. against this. >> i love it. >> a little bit of coordination but he got all the fans to get behind the team for a picture with the national champs their trophy and nova nation wright
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tweeted the picture out with the simple words nova nation you are the best. >> of course, the celebration is far from over. the university teamed up with the city of philadelphia to throw a parade for our champio champions. it's this friday in center city the fun starts at 1:00 o'clock at 20th and mark streets. the parade will work its way down to dilworth park. philadelphia mayor jim kenney says the city of philadelphia is happy to offer venue for the parade although the school is outside the city limits. >> the original big five always included villanova, villanova, temple, say jeez, lasalle and penn, and that's part of the family. we're looking forward to being the host of this fine group of young men and young athletes. >> kenney says villanova will pick up most of the tab for the parade but he also says the parade is a win for the city because people will spend money at city businesses while they are in town. there are so many moments to see from last night's championship game. just head to our website there you can find
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interviews, a photo gallery as the entire delaware valley celebrates villanova's victory. >> on your radar right now temperatures are dropping fast. many are back out in their winter coats tonight. some even wearing hats and gloves in university city and you really can't blame them. it's been a cold and blustery day. and it's only going to get worse as we take look at allentown oh night. already down into the 30s. it's going to get even colder before you walk out the door tomorrow. kathy, it's going to feel more like february than april. >> absolutely. i was just thinking last night at this time the game was still going on. hasn't even been 24 hours. it's just amazing. looking at a clear sky. cold just like last night. the difference is, there's not much wind. as a matter of fact, the whipped is light in most locations so temperatures will fall very quickly. 38 already in philadelphia. 22 in the poconos. and in atlantic city it is 33 degrees. so falling fast. that freeze warning in effect right now until tomorrow morning at 9:00 o'clock. temperatures falling into the
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20s and we are looking at any tender vegetation plants, tulips, lillies that may have popped will be in jeopardy overnight tonight this is a hard freeze and many of those beautiful pair trees, we could see some of those losing their flowers as well. future temperatures show tomorrow morning the poconos 18. the temperature in philadelphia 27. 26 degrees in trenton come the morning. our forecast low for the morning in the city of philadelphia 28 degrees. the record is 24 so very close to record cold that record was set back in 1982. coming up we'll talk about more rape in the forecast even some thunderstorms so getting back little bit of warmer weather. the parade forecast coming up for your friday and also you won't believe this, some snow showers possible over the weekend. doesn't make sense. just not right. >> it's not right, kathy. all right. make sure you're ready for the cold and snowflakes with your weather and traffic authorities. for any problems out on the roads to the newest forecast bob kelly and sue serio will have
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you covered tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. two people riding on septa bus are hurt after a car hits the bus and then takes off. it happened around 1:00 this afternoon right near germantown and chelten avenues in germantown. septa tells us a car hit the bus, but then drove away. we don't yet know the extent of the injuries of the two people on the bus. work crews are being interviewed today about sunday's deadly amtrak crash in chester, delaware county. investigators say a camera shows a backhoe positioned on an active track when it was struck by a train. two construction workers were killed and dozens of people on board the train were injured. officials are now trying to determine why the equipment was on the track in the first place and who was authorized to be there. the ntsb says the train was traveling within the speed limit and that emergency brakes were applied, five seconds before the accident happened. you decide 2016. the polls have now closed and wisconsin. fox news projecting bernie sanders has won the democratic primary finishing ahead of
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hillary clinton for the republicarepublicans senator tes your projected winner pulling out a head of over donald trump. cruz had been hoping to slow down the frontrunner's momentum and he got what he wish for. all eyes will be on new york where voters will hit the polls on april 19th. a four-year-old girl with her mom and big brother when she's mowed down by a guy who doesn't stop. >> there was no car in this hit-and-run. what put this four-year-old girl in a body cast. plus, walking down a local street in the morning when a woman is grabbed from behind. strange hand covering her eyes. what the man threatened to do if she screamed. and a nine month old child found wandering alone just feet from a deep swimming pool. neighbors called police where they found that baby's mom 45 minutes later. it's call the dream park along the delaware river attracts crowds from all over but a new study questions the safety of the soil for people and animals.
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is it a health risk?
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♪ a terrifying morning for a woman in queen village. police say a guy came up behind her, put his hands over her eyes and threatened to shoot her. this all happened just before 7:00 in the morning a few weeks ago on the 700 block of south
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foururth street. that man is still on the loose. possible o*l on fox our dave schratwieser spoke to that victim much he's live in queen village. dave? iain, police tell us this was crime of opportunity. it happened around 6:00 45 in the morning here in the 700 block of south fourth street. tonight the victim tells us she was attacked from behind. >> for this 24-year-old woman who was simply walking down the 700 block of south fourth street in queen village, it was a morning she's not likely to forget any time soon. >> he put a hanover my eyes and a hand on my back. >> reporter: we agreed to conceal her identity as she describe the 6:45 a.m. rob breach surveillance cameras were rolling as the suspect approached her from behind. >> he tried to get me to calm down and then he threatened to shoot me. >> reporter: suspect continued to struggle with her then took her bag and ran off. >> i think the second that you see somebody and you feel somebody is on you you know
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what's happening. >> reporter: investigators say this was a crime of opportunity the suspect took the young wom woman's pro laptop, wallet, tepp dollars in cash, credit cards and her id then fled. >> fortunately, as a woman living in the city you're a target, and also unfortunately there are people who have more desperate needs than i do. >> reporter: victim escaped without any serious injuries. threatened gun point robbery that this queen village neighborhood on edge. police say there haven't been any other robberies like this in the area in recent weeks. they want the public to check out this picture of the suspect pulled from surveillance video. >> we put video out there hoping somebody can recognize this individual and perhaps give us a tip before it can lead to pattern before this guy strikes again. like a very intense like wave of emotion and fear. i hope they catch him. i hope that he doesn't do it to other people. >> reporter: that's what police are trying to prevent. no one else will get hurt in situation like this.
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victim did not get injured in this situation. she says, the robber appeared to be scared and even apologized as he fled with her belongings. if you have any information on this suspect, you can call south detectives. dawn? >> all right, bizarre, thank you, dave. delaware state police need your help tracking down accused of serial bang robber. authorities are trying to find 19-year-old tamara segal. police think she is behind three bank robberies in new castle county the most recent yesterday at the pnc bank along naamans road in claymont. police say the woman hasn'ted a note to bank teller demanding money but she took off empty handed. governor christie is taking big steps remove lead based paints from homes throughout new jersey. the governor says he's adding $10 million to help tackle removing the paint from homes owned or rented by low income or moderate income families. that resulted about $20,000 per unit to get rid of the lead. >> we're going to continue to do the programs we've done before and what i'm announce dag, we have located another $10 million
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in funds that are available win the current fiscal year budget and we'll make those available on top of the funds we're already spending. >> the governor addressed recent proposals to test all water in state schools for lead and says the full scope of the problem is still not known. a great place to live and play, work and pray those are the words written on a gloucester county borough seal ton night some say that motto needs to go saying it violates separation of church and state. fox 29's bill anderson with mo more. >> they ought to keep their nose out of our business roar report clayton new jersey is a small borough in gloucester county. it's a quiet place, not used to controversy that now finds itself in the middle of a national debate over the separation of church and state. >> the borough of clayton has church and a cross on it and their motto is a great place to live and play, work and pray. >> reporter: the seal is all
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over municipal haul and their website and national atheist group says that a cross on the seal and this word pray violates the constitution. >> including a religious symbol on the seal and having religious motto sends the message that the borough prefers religion christianity all over other faiths and non rely john's. >> as i walked through town and spoke to residents there was a uniter sentiment about the seal. if you don't like it, maybe clayton isn't for you. >> i don't see how come over all these years somehow now becomes an issue now. >> it's our privilege to have on our logo what we have. you don't like it, if you live here, then leave the town. >> reporter: at a recent council meeting clayton decided that they would not remove the seal. but now perhaps due to legal ramifications the mayor council president and administrator all refuse to comment and the solicitor simi zen us a statement saying i'm respectfully declining your
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request for interview on this matter. given the potential for litigation over this issue, no public comment over the borough seal will be made by me. the freedom from religion foundation told me it doesn't matter if all the residents support the seal. they believe it's illegal and they'll fight to ban it if necessary. we want to know what you think. should this seal be banned and removed? you can go to our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly. in the newsroom i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. well, some future musicians getting the chance of a lifetime today. >> grammy award winner why clove was making a stop in trenton new jersey to issue spyer young students. a today the students will not forget any time soon. musician stopping by the foundation academy charter school meeting with some young musicians. wyclef is a new jersey native and says he hopes to show these students that hard work can pay off in the end. >> it's important that these
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kids, man, okaylectct to okay, man, what we doing, you know what i mean, like they playing drake, yes, you can do that. you can be the dope yesterday violinist and still win. >> good advice much he's currently working on his seventh studio album. crews try to pull a child out of a well but they don't have much luck watch they final hal to do to get this little by guy to safe teach stranded at sea a lone when man got knock off his sailboat. >> looking at my boat sailing off on auto pilot i can see my tether and my live jacket still hanging off the back of the bo boat. >> what he was forced to next to save his own life. howard? >> the heroes are back in town after a night on top of the world of college basketball. hear from the players and the chances the head coach jay wright going to the nba? that
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will be coming up in sports. now, with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. hey, good evening everybody. through the overnight till about five, 5:30 tomorrow morning, the vine expressway will be closed both directions between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. it's all part of that reconstruction of the vine street overpasses and for the next month and a half, get ready for a bumpy ride on the kelly drive. the repaving project started on monday. they're going to do it all during the off peak hours but nonetheless, you want to try to reroute over to the martin luther king drive or schuylkill expressway to avoid delays during the midday. we'll see you bright and errly we kicic
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now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ dramatic video coming out china tonight showing firefighters rescuing a young child from well. this all happened last thursday after the three-year-old fell into the well while she was paying in an empty courtyard. the responding firefighters tried reaching the toddler several times but couldn't. finally, they managed to hook the child's happened with a rope and the child was then taken to the hospital and expected believe it or not to be just fine. mississippi's governor signed a law that allows
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businesses to refuse service to gay couples based on the employer's religious beliefs. law allows churches religious charities and privately held businesses to decline services to people believed to be viola violating september beliefs. other states have considered similar legislation and today north carolina got hit with big consequences for passing a similar law. pay pal just canceled its plans to bring 400 jobs to north carolina after lawmakers passed a law restricting protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. the california based company says it is canceling its planned expansion in charlotte because of the law. a startling discovery by neighbor in an arizona apartment complex. >> a nine month old alone next to the gate of a pool. it turns out the baby was able to somehow open.latch to the family's first floor apartment and wandered out alone. neighbors called police and officers were on the scene for 40 minutes before the nine month old's mom noticed that the baby was even gone.
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22-year-old jasmine guiterrez was arrested. >> hopefully the bottom line is that the nine month old is safe, and being well taken care of. >> get this it's the second time the same mom was arrested for leaving that baby i wasn't attended much he is in jail on $950 bon. the baby is with the state's department of child safety. a four-year-old girl with her mom and big brother when she's mowed down by a guy who doesn't stop. but there was no car in this hit-and-run. what put this four-year-old girl in a body cast. and called the dream park. along the delaware river an tracts crowds from all over. but now a new study questions the safety the soil for people and animals. is it a health risk? >> kathy? >> here we are at the beginning of april and we're talking about challenging record cold with clear skies and light winds. temperatures will be plunging into the 20s setting off a freeze warning. we'll talk about how quickly things will
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right now at 10:30 nova nation still on cloud nine hours after a nail biter buzzer beater and fans partying in the streets on campus. many were lined up to stock up on their villanova gear in stores near nova's campus can barely keep up with the demand. >> i want to head over there. fox 29's bruce gordon found out what everyone is paying for. >> reporter: the university store at villanova wasn't big enough for the crowds of fans eager to buy a piece of college basketball history. you might say these were motivated customers. nova! this is the best day of my live! >> i have the final four shirt. i have sweet 16 shirt. now have i this shirt. getting all of them. >> reporter: got the whole collect. >> yup much. >> surreal. you got to have it. you got to show your pride and this is something we'll remember forever i love it. >> reporter: the first 5,000
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t-shirts at 30 bucks a pop were driven over from a new jersey print shop by dawn by midday mediums were all gone. >> now i want all new stuff. 2016 shirts and everything. just so exciting. >> reporter: basketball like most sports is a game of inches. jenkins for the championship. >> missed jenkins jump shot an overtime loss and the school store would have been empty on this day. instead, the place is packed and this is just the beginning. >> we had a million dollars over product to hit the store as the week progresses. >> reporter: a million dollar dollars. >> a million dollars worth of product. >> you expect to sell all of it. >> at the rate they're buying the t-shirts today i don't think we have enough. >> reporter: in the days ahead you'll see a womens line of championship gear plus the usual array of pennants and caps and hats if it can be worn, held or stared at, slip a wildcat logo on it, watch it fly off the shelves.
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>> just having that v on gives you so much pride and it makes you so energetic to be a part of this whole villanova family. >> reporter: that villanova family may be decked out in blue and white over the next few weeks as for the merchants, well, they're seeing green. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> that they are, bruce. remember celebration continues on friday with a big parade to celebrate the team and national championship it takes place in center city it will begin at 1:00 in the afternoon starts at 20th and market streets and ends at dilworth park. foss 29 will be there live for all the fun and act. a four-year-old girl in a body cast tonight after she was run over by a bicyclist. >> her mom says the guy then took off. she took pictures of the kids play in the maryland last week minutes before the crash the girl's mom says she heard a cyclist ring a bell from behind so they all stepped to the side of the trail and that's when the cyclist ran right into little
3:32 am
caylee. >> the bike ran over me and my mom -- >> did it hurt. >> it was a red mean bike. it hurt so bad. >> it was red mean bike. how did it hurt a lot i'm sure. >> it hurted so much. >> aww. >> too bad. caylee has a broken thigh bone she's expected to be in that body cast for six weeks. her mom is begging that cyclist to come forward and police are still investigating. >> what a shame. on your radar night some cold temps out there kathy orr. >> very dawn miss dawn talking about the wind really dying down to nothing. the skies are crystal clear. low humidity that's why we're getting static in our hair and that means temperatures will fall really fast overnight. so it's if the kids want to wear the shorts to school if they're allowed tomorrow not the day. thought right now in philadelphia. the high for the day 45 degrees. wind out of the north northeast
3:33 am
at 8 miles an hour. it's 22 degrees in the poconos. 32 degrees in pottstown. 38 in the city. look at millville. clear with light winds only 28 degrees. to the north through new york and also through new england cold temperatures. 20s in albany, see rah cues and buffalo along the new york state through way. boston freezing with temperatures falling fast. high pressure is the reason why. this is an arctic high and slowly going to move toward the southwest we get in that return flow over the next couple of days temperatures will be slowly be warming up much wednesday a dry day but very cold start to the day and by thursday this area of low pressure will be moving in with not only some rain but some wind and even a few rumbles of thunder. so our next chance of rain will be thursday. when we look at the rain amounts, we'll look at that gfs model the american model. european model getting closer in precipitation with the latest run of this algorithm. over a half an inch inch in both models for your thursday. mainly late morning into the
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afternoon. in the city overnight, challen challenging record cold. the record is 24. we're going for 28 degrees. in the suburbs 23 degrees. a freeze warning overnight through 9:00 a.m. on wednesday. by the afternoon 54, winds gusting to 20 miles an hour but this is a southerly wind so at least we're going in the right direction with a warm wind some afternoon clouds in anticipation of the showers and thunderstorms on thursday. parade weather looking decent for your friday. right now it's looking dry when the parade starts at 1:00 p.m. skies will be mostly cloudy, 48. by 3:00 o'clock partly sunny. with a temperature of 51. a mix of sun and clouds by 5:00 p.m. the temperature fifty seven on the fox 29297 day forecast. showers especially heavy in the afternoon for your thursday the high 62. cooler forty four friday in the 50's for the parade. doesn't look windy. saturday would bring a few rain or snow showers believe it or
3:35 am
not. i can't believe i'm saying that s word today. sunday chilly air with morning lows in the 20s afternoon highs in the 40s. >> kathy. >> really like today. then monday and tuesday gradually getting warmer. i'm hoping that is a better trend the long range models keep it on the cool side through at least mid month to possibly the third week of april. >> wow. i was out walking today and the wind was really brutal. >> really all about the wind. when you don't have the win it's more comfortable. >> exactly. >> scary turn for the driver of this suv when the road opens up and swallows them. what happened just before the massive hole started to open good stranded at sea loan when a man gets kicked out of
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>> an suv takes a nose dive into a sink hole. this happens on the eastern side of las vegas. water leak had weaken the asphalt on the street. the 6-foot sink hole swallowed the front end of the suv which had to be removed by a tow truck. fortunately, the driver and her four children who were inside were not hurt. in your money wal*mart says hatched a plan to sell cage free egg. the company will only sell cage
3:39 am
free eggs in all of of its stores within the next 10 years. the retail giant says the move improves the welfare of the hens used by its suppliers. wal*mart says it will maintain an affordable price for the eg eggs. >> baskin robbins has a new flavor the month. if you haven't seen it yet they just announced sour patch kids flavor for the month of april. in a post on instagram page it called sour patch kids red berry blast quote roller coaster of flavor. it's red raspberries and marshmallow ice cream swirled with sour patch kids candies in the mix. sounds awfully sweet. only available for a limited time. a vacation off the coast of puerto rico turned into harrow ordeal for a michigan man. >> seven hours before finally landing on some dry land. david thompson says he was sailing 60-foot boat when he got knock off by a huge wave.
3:40 am
tree toyed put on his live jacket that was tethered to the boat but the strong waves kept him from pulling it away eventually he got separated from the boat and life jacket. thompson says he spent the next seven hours swimming and floating until he finally made it to a beach resort. >> on to the sand finally. yeah, that was quite a feeling. like i made it. i'm alive. i think after something like that you always look at life a little bit differently. >> thompson says thoughts of his family got him through it. he spent self days in the hospital before heading to back home. it's called the dream park along the delaware river. it attracts crowds from all over. but a new study questions the safety of the soil for people and animals
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♪ they call it the dream park. it's a sprawling south jersey park along the delaware river that attracts crowds from across the area. but a lawsuit filed in federal court and new study on the soil used to bill the park is raising questions. now top environmental expert are battling back and forth about possible health effects from the soil on people and animal. dave schratwieser takes a look
3:44 am
at the controversy want these new studies might mean ♪ >> reporter: love loves the dream park facility in hogan township more than dave kenna and his wife lolly. >> we love it. everybody here loves it. >> best relaxation i ever had. it beats cruising. it beats just playing around on the beach. there's something about a horse, you know what i mean? >> reporter: he's a retired new jersey state trooper and iraq war veteran he and lolly purchased two horses last november blue scene here with dave and dues scene here with his wife. they board them at the dream park at a cost of $20 million it was built. >> i love it here. it's great for them. they take really good care of them. >> reporter: you look forward to coming here every day. >> absolutely. if. >> reporter: what's the best part of your day. >> being witness horses and my wife. >> reporter: the kennas and
3:45 am
dozens others train, board and ride their horses here. they enjoy the huge outdoor indoor training site in gloucester county and all the facilities the park has to offer them. and their horses. >> but now the new field township couple is concerned to hear that the very ground their horses walk on may pose a risk. a new study by researchers at johns hopkins university school of public health shows 3 million tons of soil used to build the massive park along route 130 may pose a risk especially to those who frequent the park on a regular basis. >> it's somewhat concerning. i mean it's the first i've her it. i would never have thought. >> reporter: the new study was just filed in federal court obtain by fox 29 investigates. it's part of on-going lawsuit filed by the delaware river keeper network against soil safe, a local firm less than mile away from the park. >> they were trucking a lot of
3:46 am
dirt here. >> reporter: according to the lawsuit, sale savory moves harmful chemicals like benzoapyrene or bap from contaminated soil. the study says because hundreds of truck loads of soil from soil safe were used to construction the park, quote there may be a potential for eminent and substantial hell risks your construction workers at the park and children visitors here ". >> for yourself, concern for the horse. >> everybody involved. we spend a lot of time here. >> reporter: river keeper 93 work filed a lawsuit two years ago. the study was conducted using soil safe's own sample pulled from soil treate treated that te massive company site along the delaware river. the study says the soils also contain arsenic, beer little yum, cadmium, lead, nickel and bcb's but the main concern is benzoapyrene. >> that's definitely concerning. good to know. >> in its late lawsuit sale safe takes in truck loads of contaminated soils from all over
3:47 am
the region including the massive newtown creek super fund site in new york city. trucks go to the site every day. once the material is treated and tested at the facility, the company says it's safe enough to use even at a park freaked by children on a regular basis. >> but i'm sure some of the other borders have their kids that come out and play around in the area. >> reporter: does that concern you a little bit. >> sure. >> what's your thoughts. >> just the health of everybody. the people, the horses. >> reporter: soil off officials and their lawyers would not comment on the john hopkins study for this report. site its citing on-going lawsu lawsuit. but court documents and other public records obtained by fox 29 strongly challenge the study. in fact one environmental expert said it was an erroneous and misleading report. in fact, soil safe's lawyers hired an expert toxicologist whose report they say thoroughly
3:48 am
rebuts any claim that the engineered phil used at the dream park is creating any human health or ecological risk at the facility. the soil safe expert says that doctors who wrote the johns hopkins report quote failed to apply generally accepted scientific methodology and you've the wrong soil samples to draw their conclusionsns. the expert went on to say, the concentrations of chemicals of concern to the plaintiffs do not exceed and may well be below the stringent health protective standards mandated by the new jersey department of environmental protect. >> i think we'll just have to wait to see what it turns up. >> reporter: the johns hopkins study contends that because of the levels of bap in the soil, "the cancer risk was estimated to be higher than the acceptable cancer risk identified by both the us environmental protect agency and the new jersey department of environmental protect. but the soil safe expert says the soils used at the park quote
3:49 am
pose no unacceptable risk to human health. workers at the dream park are repped by the united steal workers union local four in deptford. park employees who work 40 hours week, 50 weeks a year there may also face elevated risks from the soil at the park. union officials told fox 29 they are investigating and would not comment further. >> of course we want it to be safe for them especially they're here all day. >> reporter: yes. >> they graze as you can see. yeah. it's a big deal. >> reporter: soil save officials and their lawyers declined our request for on camera interview as did offici officials for the delaware river keepers network but experts from both sides will be back in court for questions and depositions in the coming week. as this court battle continues on. in camden, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> all right. howard what's up in sports? >> not much, right?
3:50 am
>> nothing. >> let's go. >> sixers we're in line for all-time nba record. guess what? they fouled that up, too. and the heroes are back from the national championship. hear from the heroes and the head coach of villa
3:51 am
♪ [ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities.
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>> nobody stopped them last night all of that stop. the heroes are home. villanova came back from their national championship win last night and got back but not total reality. jay wright said when you block off route 95 with a police escort during rush hour, it's not reality. but they finally arrived back on campus to thousands of people at villanova stadium. they are the champions of the college basketball. what made this villanova team better and it says a lot about players staying in college through their senior year and it helped nova at half time. >> when the coaches came to the locker room door, daniel stood at the door and said, we got this. arch and i got this. they closed the doors and the coaches were outside the door. we could hear daniel yelling in
3:54 am
there and we came and in everything was taken care of. >> there's so many people just wishing me congratulations. got so many text message tweets and instagram posts and everything like that. it's surreal and i hope, um, some philadelphia sports teams will be able to win a couple titles t the next couple of yeas so i can go sport them. >> arch you'll be a grandfather. the stories will appear about the possibility of jay wright getting nba head coaching offer. there is already been one story speculation and i asked jay wright about it and it doesn't sound like he's going anywhere. >> i love what we do here. i love that we can graduate players and that we can win basketball games and that we have a culture that people are into more than just winning. i'm real happy and i think i've learn over the years i don't know if the way we do it works many other places. >> nba? >> yeah. i see -- it seems very simple to me right now. >> he ain't going anywhere.
3:55 am
the sixers fouled things up. they can't do anything right. they won't set nba record for losing. they can't even win the right way. they wouldn't tonight and will now not have the worst record in inform ba history tying their own record. to the wells fargo center. ish smith to cannon for the three. sixers led by 20 against new orleans. new orleans obviously didn't show up for this game. obviously joel embiid may play in about five years. who knows what will happen there. sixers beat a terrible new orleans team 107-93. the eagles introduced another new offensive lineman today. his name is instead of fan wisneski he sign one year contract and made for seasons with oakland came from jackso jacksonville eagles need a right guard he likes another position better he started all 16 games that was at sent for jackso jacksonville. >> played both and very
3:56 am
comfortable at both. today if i had to may a game i'd certainly be more comfortable because that's what i played the last self years but i'll be working pretty at guard the next couple of months make sure i'm comfortable there as well as center. >> hate to break the news to him jason kelce is the all pro center. >> and great day at villanova. a little cold. that's kathy's fault but other than that. (laughter). >> it was fantastic. >> sorry i couldn't help you out. >> you look pretty cozy. >> my feet are still freezing. >> all right. thanks for watching the full hour of entertainment news coming up tmz, dish nation, chasing news and the simpsons. does we're back at 4:00. sue serio and bob kelly have you
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning, 4:00, and all eyes on the race for the white house two, democratic candidates making a stop right here in our area this morning. we'll tell how and how that could affect our primary in pennsylvania. >> and walking down a local street early in the morning when a woman grabbed from behind, strange hands covering her eyes, what that man threatened to do if she made a sound. >> novanation still ramped up from the big history making win. where the wildcats plan to party like it is 2016 later this week. >> ya. >> parade? >> we need good weather to be outside for a parade, though, lauren dawn johnson. >> that's true. good morning, it is april 6, 2016. should we party in philadelphia? or should we party over closer to villanova?


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