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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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investigating the death of the person found inside a home, how a local college might be linked to the case. and don't be alarmed if you are seeing red today, as baseball fans, gear up to watch the phillies face the san diego padres in the season home opener. and there is a a new boss taking over 76ers what co-owner josh harris says about his decision to bring in a new face even before sam hinkie, quit. good day, it is monday april 11th, 2016, sue serio, i totally forget to wear my red today. >> that is all right, you have blue and sometimes phillies wear blue with red. they have those blue shirts they wear with the red trim so we're okay. we're excited because it is baseball opening day. we will go with the five out of ten because i think it will be a half and half kind of day with this half being the rainy half. cross your fingers that works out because we have an awful lot to show you on ultimate doppler radar. it is not heavy rain most of it the but to the north you do
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see, some frozen precipitation, up there around the mountains, for us, it is warm enough to be just rain thank goodness not a repeat of saturday, it has 46 degrees for you at this hour. 11 miles an hour wind, and it feels like 41. not a big wind chill either. sunrise is at 6:29 this morning. twenty-nine, our favorite number. so we only have 34 degrees in mount pocono but rest of our temperatures in the 40's this morning. so anything you do see will be rain and all of our wind coming out of the south so that means we will have a milder day then the chill that we had over the weekend. it wasn't child sun take high managed to make it to 50 degrees with the sunshine but morning was really cold, 62 is your average high and that is just where we will be today with the rain in the morning and hopefully with the sun peeking out in the a afternoon 54 degrees overnight with some more showers. more on the fox future cast coming up. here's bob kelly with the now
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cast. >> 5:01. lauren's good she has white pants on and a red cough east cup. >> boom. >> it counts. >> we have red and white there. we have it going on. good morning. 5:02. we have an early morning crash on the vine street expressway against the ramp from the eastbound schuylkill, to the vine expressway, that is a sharp curve and i always think about this happening to me when i come in and roads are wet, that slippery ramp. this fellow is spun around smashed in the concrete barrier. so only the one lane is opened working your way in to philadelphia, on that schuylkill expressway, again, it is ramp from the schuylkill, to go east on 676, coming into downtown. otherwise roads are all wet, 95, little damp, you can see glare in the head lights. just be careful on the curves, on and off ramps, in problems in south jersey, 42, 55, looking good, septa kicked in
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a new timetable for a all of its regional rail lines so be ready for that. two home openers today, phillies at 305. soul at 7:00. there will be unusual traffic patterns for folks heading to the ballpark and then when that game is over as that crew exit, bam, instant traffic jam with the soul crowd coming in. plus your normal monday afternoon rush hour. lauren, back over to you. developing this morning, so many questions after a person is found dead inside a west conshohocken home. dave kinchen is near the scene with more this morning, hi there, dave. >> reporter: that is right, lot of questions here from residents on the 200 block of morehead avenue in west conshohocken after a body was removed here from a home over the weekend. west conshohocken police are not releasing much information right now as investigation is ongoing. but we are told that the incident happened at a home rented by college students. neighbors say there was a party on this street held by
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some college students but that nothing had actually gotten out offhanded. so there are just a lot of questions as to who this person was who died. we are hearing it is a young man probably in his early 20's but again, authorities are being tight-lipped on this because the investigation is continuing, at this time. the residents saying that they saw some people crying at the house, after the body was removed from there but again we're checking with authorities and hoping to learn more this morning as this case unfold, back to you. >> dave kinchen thanks very much. >> shooting in oxford circle has a man in extremely critical condition at temple university hospital. this happened on the 2,000 block of castor avenue. late yesterday evening, philadelphia police say that the 41 year-old was shot in the head, no arrest yet they are still investigating. philadelphia police trying to piece together what led to a deadly shooting in olney. police were called to north american street where a man was found injured at the hospital, doctors discovered
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he had been shot and he was later pronounced dead. police saying that the suspect tried to rob an elderly person in north philadelphia fired a shot at an off-duty police officer before the officer shot and killed him. a spokesmen says off-duty officer saw a man with the handgun robbing the victims, this is 2:30 saturday afternoon. the officer identified himself or suspect who dropped the weapon after a short chase the suspect shot at the officer, the officer return fire, and the man was pronounced dead at einstein medical center. jurors will resume deliberations in the trial of the the two philadelphia police officers charged with wrongly beating a man who has since died in the separate incident. thirty-one year-old sean mcknight, 28 year-old kevin robinson accused of beating 23 year-old naji riveria during may 2013 traffic stop. the officers said riveria tried to get away after running a stop sign. they mistakenly thought he was running drugs and chased him. prosecutors say surveillance video contradicts those allegation that is riveria
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attacked them. the riveria died in a separate incident in december after being shot touring a street fight. the phillies, fresh off their weekend wins against the mets played their home open they are afternoon. baseball fans getting ready all over our city. our very own steve keeley is live from south philadelphia as crews get the park ready for opening day, hi there, steve. >> reporter: lauren, you asked me if i was ever at opening day before and i was and i have done this story before. i remember saying that this statement before: good thing they have the game at 3:05 instead of the 3:05 p.m. instead of 3:00 seer he 5:00 a.m. because it seems like weather on opening day when we are previewing it is always worse then it is at game time. boy it feels like about game seven of the eagles season out here, a cold brisk wind. we had a little rain and that has cleared out of here but that wind is probably going to stick around and that will make it an interesting game for people that like offense. this is already a hitters
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ballpark and a strong wind to left field means it is a power hitter's ballpark for sure to today. look around outside. before you go in at 12:00 o'clock they have got this block party. it looks like a minute a muse. park. so fun before you even go into the stadium. no hurry to rush in but if you are going to go in gates opening up at 12:35, two and a half hours before game time so you can see bat practicing which will be fun if it is very windy. phillies batting practice at 12:43. they will get 20 minutes exactly if you are wondering. the then san diego padres get batting practice and padres took some batting practice shut out in the first three games of the season and then part of their fourth game they set a all time railroaded to start a season scoreless but then they scored 29 runs in the next two games. they are two-four. this will be an interesting game. both teams starting to play well after starting the season zero and three. new lets she you another team
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that did pretty well yesterday despite strong wind and cold weather. this is navy leap frogs. they have made appearances before and they are making another return appearance. also from san diego coincidently like the padres, all they they say they are not rooting for padres but they came in yesterday to do a test drop out of the the plane, as they dropped off first pitch of the season. >> jumping out, 30 degrees, plane is 140, little chilly but definitely worth coming to philadelphia to jumping in the stadium. >> it was awesome being able to see philadelphia from downtown above the sky it is majestic. it is honor to do this for the navy, home owner for phillies. it is hard to put a number on it. >> reporter: jesse hartnett, the philadelphia police officer shot, wounded back in january took three bullet to his left arm, well, he will she how strong that armies in his recovery and she his
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strong right arm as hees there out the first pitch today. lauren, the fun and festivities don't end there if you are a fan of music, you can walk into the stadium with the cardinal o'hara high school marching band from springfield pennsylvania. they will lead the fans still outside at quarter after two in the game and if they sound familiar to you? they also, played for the pope at the airport when i was you the there cardinal o'hara high school marching ban. they will get the same send in that the pope got as a welcome in and if that is not enough, lauren, i know sue serio, mike jer rick like that guy. they will sing god bless america for seventh inning stretch. >> man, there is in reason to miss opening day with all that excitement steve keeley. >> i know, it is probably a sellout. there is probably a few tickets as there always is for standing room only and always on tv for opening day but it is spring, phillies are starting again here at home and everybody is in a good
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mood no matter how bad the team will play. >> steve keeley thanks very much. here's more great knees for fans looking to share a ride the two ballpark to celebrate phillies home opener. uber offering $2 frat fares on uber pool to the opening home series. that is less than the price of your third inning hot dog. things can get expensive out there. big changes for philadelphia 76ers, the team has a new boss, that is good news, right. new president and general manager is jerry colangelo, son brian, you probably remember last wednesday evening, sam hinkie gave his resignation, sixers co-owner josh harris had already made a decision to bring in brian colangelo before hinkie quit. >> we didn't really release sam. we spent many months chatting with sam about how to move the franchise to the next level and we felt that we all agreed that bringing in talent to
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make the organization better, to allow it to build stronger relationships in and around the league to a how to us build a winning culture, to bringing in someone to help lead the organization. we all agreed those were all good things. we could not agree on how to do that and specifically and who the person was and so sam decided to leave. >> later this morning than sports in a minute, how the new gm plans to move this team in the right direction. we're all happen bye that. 5:11. shooting and killing former saints star is being held, on a one million-dollar bond. how eagles player malcolm jenkins is honoring memory of his teammate the and friend, will smith. plus a car collides in the local home ape just misses a woman lying in bed. what witnesses say driver did right after that wreck.
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we have a look at ultimate doppler raid a air and we have plenty to show you. we have a few dry slots, as well, and light rain, moving through and it is spotty on and off. and probably just enough to need the rain gear. in deluge that we can find. if we're up toward mountains. we are seeing frozen precipitation where it is colder and close enough to freezing, could be a little tricky travel around hazel ton, around mount pocono and
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places well to the north of us here in philadelphia where we will see spotty showers, on radar and that will be the case on and off throughout the rest of the morning. not a real big dramatic rain, just enough to annoy you on a monday. as we look at the future cast as we go through rest of the morning at 7:00 with more showers around and it is a drippy morning rush, by 9:00 o'clock. it is dry and anything else that is trying to come through is staying north and west of us. let's hope that continues to be the case. by three or 4:00 o'clock when the phillies begin their first home game of the season, at least, we're on a big two game winning streak now, so we can be optimistic about that. new at 5:00 in the morning tomorrow we will see actual cold front coming through and we can get heavy downpours touring the morning rush on tuesday. it is looking good, for the tuesday phillies game, it is a night game and we will be finish with the rain bye then. that is your future cast, and put it together in the seven day. we have showers and maybe some
5:16 am
sun later on, by tomorrow, there are showers around and again, most of it in the early part of the day and then a nice stretch of weather, wednesday, through friday, where we will see temperatures seasonal and plenty of sunshine. by saturday and sunday we are talking about a bit of the warming trend. after the snow on saturday, bob kelly, we will take it. >> you ain't kidding. what a difference a day or two can make, 5:16. a lot of mud in the front yard if you let the dogs out to do their business here this morning. if you are heading out to do business on i-95 southbound watch for the road. they are wet. you can see glare here on i-95. we already had one accident in center city this morning. the 76 eastbound ramp, to the vine street expressway, that sharp curve there somebody got spun around and smacked in the concrete barrier. stenton 422 eastbound all lanes are blocked at old swede roth. septa has new schedules in play for regional rail line.
5:17 am
keep that in mind, make sure you have right timetable for morning rush hour. the phillies home opener, two home owner though, today, we have phillies at 3:05. sole tonight at 7:00. we will have unusual traffic patterns today, game, packed house, block party, opening up at noon, the gates open up at 12:3:51 pitch at 3:05. real jam will come when the game is over at 5:30 those folks start to leave, instant rush hour for evening crowd and the soul crowd coming in for their home owner, at 70:00 . try to avoid south philadelphia during that change overtime and pack a snack and grab a big pretzel for the ride home, lauren, back over to you. police in deptford are investigating an accident that left a car overturn on new jersey 55 just north of the exit 58. this happened right before midnight leaving road closed overnight. we're in the sure anyone was injured in the accident but right new we do know all lanes
5:18 am
have been reopened. bensalem police looking for a driver of the car that barreled right through the wall of the house narrowly missing a woman inside. shockingly no one was seriously hurt when that car crash through the garden shed, threw through the air and smashed right through the home at corner of the knights road and monroe avenue month. man and her husband were asleep inside. they say two men in the car told them to call 911 and then they ran off. >> we could have been dead, but by the grace of god we're still here. that is all that counts. >> woman was taken to the hospital for observation, that couple was in the process of renovating their home to sell it. police say missing driver may have been impaired. lets talk about national news this morning cia director john brennan says his agency will no use water boarding or other enhanced interrogation techniques even if a future president orders them carried out. he won't allow it. republican presidential candidates donald trump and ted cruz suggested they might
5:19 am
not continue president barack obama's ban on water boarding. man accused of shooting and killing former saints star will smith is being held on one million-dollar bond. police say that cardinal heyes shot smith in the case of road rage on at day night. twenty-eight year-old reportedly rear ended the ex-defensive end's suv, two got out, exchanged words and he pulled out a gun and started shooting. thirty-four year-old smith died at the scene, his wife was shot twice in the leg and was rushed to the hospital. yesterday afternoon, eagles player malcolm jenkins tweeted word cannot express how much i miss my teammate and friend. will smith with a heavy heart, i'm pray hard with my wife and family. jordan spieth has carried out one of the most shattering duties of his young duties after collapsing in the final round of the masters yesterday, spieth slipped the green jacket on new masters champion danny willet, 28 year-old won by three strokes taking advantage with spieth put two balls in the creek and
5:20 am
made a quadruple bogey seven. wille to t was all smiles having just become a new father and now masters champion and only second englishman to win the green jacket. u.s. secretary of state john kerry visits memorial will to hiroshima atomic bombing earlier today in japan. kerry, code by foreign ministers of the g7 countries delivered a message of peace in hope for a nuclear free world. secretary of state is now the most senior american official ever to visit the site, about 140,000 japanese people died in the bombing attacks, in the final days of the world war two. new details this morning in the wake of the belgium terror attacks, suspect had originally planned to attack paris a second time, but instead they rushed to attack brussels because french investigators were too close. in further details were revealed, this comes after friday's arrest of the terror suspect mohammad abrini, but
5:21 am
the father of salas abdeslam spoke for the first time to the media. >> i am very sad. i do in the necessity how children can be put into this evil. i really don't what is had happening in their head. >> both france and belgium warn it is in time to relax despite these recent arrests, terror threat level still remains high in both countries. prince williams expressing his grief over the hindu temple fire that left more than a 100 dead in south india. 105 people are killed in that massive fire, and officials think it was all sparked by fire works, thousands were actually pack inside the temple when fire broke out, police say a a spark from one fire work set off separate batch of fire works this he were stored inside that complex. fire spread quickly trapping people inside. 5:21. competition sure to heat up, as both democrats and republicans eye empire state.
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latest coming up. but first your lottery numbers. vo: president obama endorses katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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all eyes, in insuring as we get closer to the primary and with delegates, to offer in the empire state things are sure to be heated between all of the presidential candidates. fox's molly line explains.
5:25 am
>> reporter: tensions are rising as both democrats and republicans prepare for a possible contested convention. hillary clinton still is unable to stop bernie sanders momentum. while ted cruz remains on donald trump's tail. new york billion air on sunday slammed the g.o.p. delegate process. >> system is corrupt. it is worse on the republican side because i'm up millions of votes, on ted cruz. >> reporter: following his victory in wyoming and his seventh win in a row, sanders hopes to extend his hot streak in new york. >> one of the differences, between secretary clinton and myself is a pretty important one. it is how we raise money, for a campaign. >> when you listen, to either donald trump or ted cruz, say the really shameful, and offensive things that they say, they are all so dangerous but they're in the really held
5:26 am
to any standard of reality. it is an alternative universe that they inn habit. >> reporter: trump and clinton are showing strong leads in insuring and pennsylvania but latest "fox news" pole shows trump and clinton tied, in a keystone state hypothetical head to head match up. >> you talk about hillary? i mean the worst. the worst. you saw what bernie said, they are starting to get angry at each other. >> being president is more than just making speeches. being president is more than just whipping up a crowd. >> reporter: on thursday clinton and sanders will battle it out in brooklyn at latest democratic presidential debate just five days ahead in the insuring primary. in new york, molly line, "fox news". 4:26. burglar hits a burger joint hits in d.c. and what the man was after and it was not the cash.
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happening right now on fox 29 morning news police in west conshohocken investigating the death of the person found inside a home, how a local college might be linked to this case. do not be alarmed if you are seeing red today baseball fans gearing up to watch phillies face the san diego padres, in the home opener. it is monday, april 11th,
5:30 am
2016. lets talk about this in manayunk people spent their sunday chowing down at the spring street food festival. the event along main street featured 75 food vendors, as the kick off of the neighborhood restaurant week. starting to day you can get great deals at participating restaurants all around the city, through the the month of april. weather was picture perfect, sue serio. >> it was chilly but whoever organize that event was glad they didn't have saturday weather, they missed it by a daze because that would have been, inhibiting, shall we say if we had snow on sunday. it was bright, sunny even though it was chilly. today we expect to be warmer, but you do need your rain gear this morning, bus stop buddy, of course, wearing your phillies cap today but waterproof jacket because there are showers and clouds around this morning and mess of our temperatures are in the 40's. is there radar and you can see way up to the north, maybe a tiny bit of frozen precipitation, what we are
5:31 am
seeing but more rain coming through throughout the rest of the morning rush. it is 46 degrees with 11 miles an hour wind out of the south, 6:29 your sunrise time, 50 was a high yesterday but with the breezes it felt like it was in the 40's. sun was great but we should be at 62 and that is where we expect to be today for phillies home opener and hopefully we will get the rain out of here. >> out of here, by game time, abe then maybe we will see a few peaks of sunshine. it will be windy at the ballpark today, keep that in mind as well. tonight, showers return, in the overnight hours with the 54-degree low temperature. more on that coming up in a few. play ball bob kelly. >> i saw steve mention it could be a home run derby with the wind if it keeps pushing out toward outfield. here's a live look southbound lanes of i-95 at bartram avenue off ramp, this fellow here disabled, dead in the water in, lights on. luckily he is right under a street lamp but we're holding our breath here and
5:32 am
hopefully get a penndot arrow truck or officer there before this guy gets smack from behind here, again, southbound i-95 near bartram have avenue approaching the airport. south southbound i-95 out of the northeast looking g roads are wet and damp. rain has been moving through. watch it on on and off ramps. live look a at 295, rolling through mount laurel, new jersey in pottstown, 422 east all of the lanes are block at old swede road because of the crash, right before we get into pottstown at route 100 over the weekend, septa made changes on its regional rail lines. a new timetable, just minor adjustments for the summertime. the just make sure you are ready to go this morning. rain this morning could lead to possible weather delays down at philly international, if you do have a flight scheduled out and heading down to drop someone off, to pick up, and make sure that they are on schedule. if you are coming in the cities to day or coming through the city, for the ballgame or heading home after
5:33 am
the game just keep in mind the kelly drive, repaving it, not only kelly but also area around city hall. you really want to watch for those exposed manhole covers that left folks with flat tires last week. otherwise bridges are fine and in delays on mass transit. back over to you. developing this morning a very disturbing discovery when a body is found inside a west conshohocken home, investigators now left with so many questions. dave kinchen near the scene on morehead avenue with more this morning. hi there dave. >> reporter: good morning a lot of questions here in the 200 block of morehead avenue. we know a body was removed from a home here over the weekend, west conshohocken police are not releasing much information right now but we are told that the incident happened at a home, rented by college students. we have no idea what school they may have gone to. neighbors say there was a party on the street housed by some college students but nothing that got out offhanded. we're told we are continuing to check with police who are often tight-lipped under
5:34 am
investigations like these especially if they are hatching to be working with the d.a.'s office which could be a standard procedure here. a body, of young men we're told in their early 20's removed from the home on the 200 block of more head avenue in west conshohocken but we have a lot of questions here, more questions then answers and we will get those answers as the morning progresses. back to you. >> dave kinchen, thanks very much. police in new jersey try to find a missing pregnant with man and they need your hurled. char lean harold was reported missing monday but vineland police say she has not the been scenes for three months. harold his to five months pregnant wears a red rig and a number of tattoos on her chest and hand. she had several piercings on her face if you recognize her and you have any information, you are asked to call police. police are looking for a pair homaged an elderly man inside their own apartment. eighty year-old victim says these two were standing in the glassboro apartment when he came out of the bathroom. he says they snatched money right from the pants pocket,
5:35 am
police are looking formicaal graves and the woman right now. they say graves used to be a neighbor of the victim. philadelphia mayor jim kenney lending his voice to gun control add row dates hoping to make a difference all across the u.s. mayor spoke at a rally yesterday in city hall that was held by a group of cyclist affected by the sandy hook tragedy. cyclist known as team 26, riding to washington, to raise awareness about gun violence. along the way, they hope to build support for mayor. >> is there plenty of guns in this country and in one was taking any long rifle as way to see children hunting down children in the city. without the guns all you have is a fist fight. we can recover from the broken nest or black eye. can't recover from the gunshot. >> they participated in a ride from connecticut to washington for the last three years. back in december 2012, 26 people were killed when a
5:36 am
gunman started shooting a the a connecticut elementary school. there is a new boss taking over the the 76ers, next in sports in the minute how new general manager plans to move the team in the the right direction. remember take weather authority with you, every where you go with our fox 29 weather app. see live radar and alerts to your phone, and app and google play stores. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
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the sixers finally got sick of hinkie, finally made right move sam hinkie is out, brian colangelo is in. yesterday he talk about moving forward in the right direction. >> i really want to make sure that everyone understands that this is a transition from this measured rebuilding process to sustainable winning. that is what is important to establish here. >> sixers in overtime down by 1ish smith pulls up with a three, he doesn't go and get the board but reject. ish would have one last shot at it, and, then no. they fall, first so many opportunities. 109-108. to baseball phillies getting their second win of the season begins mets, odougal herrera stepping up big with the long ball to the right in the sixth inning. his first home run of the year. phillies win five-two. their home opener tonight will
5:40 am
be 3:05 against the padres. that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell. philadelphia finally has a playoff team. flyers picking up a big win saturday securing a spot taking off pressure of the make up game with the islanders. flyers got a chance to rest their beg name stars including steve mason, captain claude giroux, despite not playing with their guys they managed to beat insuring five-two. team off until thursday when they play washington capitols, in the first run of the playoffs. washington finish the year with the best record in the league but flyers and capitols split regular season series, each way, two games. sean just said this phillies comes home on mini winning streak. they beat mets saturday and sunday after losing first four games of the the season. aaron nola on the mound today. they will play padres at 3:00 this afternoon, hopefully in front of the sold out crowd. >> 5:40. the first born are achievers,
5:41 am
middle child always feels neglected, it is kind of belief their child's personality can be linked to the birth order. now surprising research showing it can also influence their well-being.
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and, and, it may seem
5:44 am
warmer but, you know, 42 degrees to start is a little chilly. >> anticipating freezing weather in april. are you kidding me. curve ball people participating in the philly love half mar then for a good cause, event is, to help raise money for none in profit big dog, huge cause and shared with the fairmount park conservancy. we caught up with the first female and she said more challenging race then we expect it to be. >> you know, the hills up there, i had no idea how big they were. >> last year portions of the proceeds benefited fill school district, official charity partner of the run. sue serio, you were somewhere benefiting what. >> delco spca benefit. >> yeah, rescue on the runway, we had a great time in aston,
5:45 am
delaware county and it was bigger event then last year because that raised even more machine toy help all of the animals that they rescued at delco spca. phillies play the padres at the 3:05. we should be rid of the rain by then. we may see sunshine and it will be 62 degrees when the first pitch is thrown. the right now though, we have got rain and it looks threatening, and if you are getting to the park early to maybe tailgate a little bit you may run into rain drops but we are hoping things will clear out by then. tiny bit of frozen precipitation around, the mountainous areas. best advice to have the rain gear. at times you may not. maybe driving to work you will be able to run in the office and avoid rain drops but they will be around throughout the rest of the morning.
5:46 am
cloud cover, through lunchtime. around three or 4:00 we might see filtered sunshine through clouds but it does look like we will be dry, and then showers return by, tuesday morning, and we will have have a rainy morning rush, again but we will see heavier downpours tomorrow, during the morning then we will today. and then everything moves from northwest to south east, it is gone by game time for the phillies tomorrow because we have had an evening game on tuesday. that will work out pretty well if we had tickets to one or the other or both. 46 degrees in philadelphia 43 in reading. forty-five in dover. it is warm enough all we're getting is rain unless you are in the mountains and wind are coming out of the south and that bode well for a milder day then what we had yesterday. 18-mile an hour win gustness wildwood. 62 degrees is our average. we were way below average over weekend were 43 degrees, a high with that snow on saturday, 50 yesterday, and today we will beat that with the seasonal high of 62.
5:47 am
it is cooler with that heavy rain and cold front coming through on tuesday and then a really nice stretch of weather, no more of the s word, in the seven day forecast, just seven is the only s word we're using there and then maybe by sunday we will get to 70 degrees. bob kelly, that is more like it. >> see that worked last week. >> yes. time out. >> exactly put you in the time out. >> 5:47. heading out, you need extra time to get where you are going road are damp. we also have this disabled on the ramp from i-95 south to bartram avenue. head up good thing we have a police officer here, guy dead in the what ther with in lights on at all that good news. out of the northeast philly in problems or delays. we will see unusual traffic patterns today because we have it is opening day, in philadelphia, phillies baseball 3:05. we have block party starts at 12:00 noon as we saw from steve down there they have a
5:48 am
big old ferris wheel. they have live band, fun, takes the kid get them down there early, gates opened up in the park at 12:35. you can see batting practice. we have navy guys coming in on parachuting and first pitch is at 3:05. if you are heading down there give yourself extra time opening day is always crazy. it is an all day event. when the game is over, probably around 5:30 or so. bam, interest extant traffic jam but trying to get in the stadium is soul football fans as they open up across the street at 7:00. so big pretzel for the ride home and pack your patients there as well. they are still working on i-95 near 896 in delaware and septa kicked in a new timetable this weekend for all of the regional will rail lines. so make sure you are good to go and expect some delays this morning in philly international with the weather. i had aid great event i was
5:49 am
able to kick off yesterday, it was the 5k, at gwynedd university,. >> i said good morning everybody. we are live, getting ready to kick off our... >> good time yesterday morning, talk about a great day, the fourth annual 5k walk and run on the campus there, of gwynedd mercy university. great day, a lot of fun, even the mascot was out there, lauren yesterday morning. >> you know from the eyes up you look like jay wright, i'm just saying. >> in this morning's your money, passengers the atlantic city international airport they are not too happy. it started late last month. limited number of tsa officials leaving security checkpoints only manned until 8:00 p.m. passengers said that mean they have to come to the airport hours before their flight departs to wait in long security lines. some people have enemiesed
5:50 am
flights because there is in the enough screeners when they get there too late and there is no screeners tsa said in a statement they have adequate staffing and budget and staffing is built around the flight schedules. new service in washington state may allow to you live out your dreams on a temporary basis. reaching out program operate like other car sharing services. the users can choose their car all have of them offered up by car owners, who might not be using the car for some period of time for some reason like when they are on vacation and earn a little will extra cash. the price tag, $25, an hour. a new study tested thousands of children and found older children will have hay fever and food allergies compared to the younger siblings. parents protect older kids for more germs while younger children were more exposed.
5:51 am
california has become the third u.s. state to make birth control available to women without a doctor visit. new state law allows form cysts to distribute self administered contraceptives without a prescription but it is not exactly over the counter women requesting birth control will be required to fill out a health questionnaire and discuss different options with the pharmacist, supporters say the new law makes bit control more accessible to women but critics argue it send the wrong message to those teenage girls out there. >> for those people who do not know i grew up in the city of philadelphia. yes, yes, i did. when i started doing stand up there was no bigger star than will smith. that is why tonight he is taking home mtv move a ward highest honor, i'm talking about the generation award, people. >> kevin hart presents another philadelphia native will smith with the mtv generation award
5:52 am
last night at mtv movie a ward. the group moanly island performed the songs before he accepted that award. he recorded his first album at 17 years old and that he was in the business, for 30 years now. >> kanye west new album life of pablo hits number one on the music starts. >> he is ripped and bankrupt. how does that happen. >> it takes top spot, and, life of pablo would be available on tidal but then announced you could get it on spotify and apple music. seems to be confusion for janet jackson fans. she announced last week her unbreakable tourist on hold while she plans her family. her concert promoter live nation says you can get a refund a at point of purchase, but there are some reports that venues are refusing refund because tour hasn't been canceled. fit is not canceled they
5:53 am
cannot offer refund. youngest jackson was supposed to perform in atlantic city on june 11th. 5:53. burglar hits a burger joint in washington d.c.? what police a say that want as after and it was in the cash. dot but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution
5:54 am
and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread."
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[ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
5:56 am
wilmington delaware, 5:55, 46 degrees outside, this story, has a lot of people talking. police are on the look out for thief in washington d.c. but this guy, didn't take cash or anything else valuable? do you see him in the video. he snatched a burglar after breaking in. surveillance video shows him, he followed a delivery room in the five guys restaurant while closed. he decided would fire up the grill, took himself some food, oh, and answered a phone call while there, helped himself to the soda and then just left. police say in cash or other items were stolen. they are now offering a $1,000 reward, for any information, leading to this man's arrest. calm and cool. >> today home opener, take me out to the ballgame. baseball fans gearing up to watch phillies face the padres in the the season opener. the at home. plus man's best friend, good
5:57 am
for your help, find out the way doctors say your dog, can help you stay healthy.
5:58 am
5:59 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. what clues they have to go on this morning. and a driver slams right into a home narrowly missing a woman, missing inside, hear
6:00 am
what the home owner did,. >> the boys are back in town so lets play ball, what do you say we are taking you live to citizens bank park, to show you event leading up to the phillies home opener, this afternoon. good day everyone, it is april . >> good morning everybody. >> we have it, of course, wearing our red and blue for the phillies. >> blue and red. >> that is right. >> yes. >> we go well together. >> yes. >> also national pet the day. send us your pictures of your pet using the #good day 20. we will share them throughout the morning. we expect to see pictures of diamond. >> i should have brought her in. >> well, didn't we have enough of roofus when we did the 20 hours. >> we cannot get enough of roofus. >> plus if you don't have a pet, i did rescue on the runway with the delco spca and we have great animals up for a caption there. >> you may be able


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